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The Hidden New Danger in Joe Biden's Reign
of Error
Posted by SurferLad 1/16/2022 1:53:03 PM Post Reply
We haven’t even crawled across the first anniversary of his inauguration. But already pretty much everyone knows in their heart, if not their head yet, that Joe Biden is a complete and utter disaster as president of the United States of America. They may not admit it to others. See social media where even his supporters are struck mute by this silent realization. They may not acknowledge it to family or friends, so invested are they in their vote against you-know-who. [Snip] We are as a society coming to accept this amazingly incompetent president as endemically part of our shared national life.
Oh-oh, Joe Biden Has a Plan to Buy Putin
off From an Invasion of Ukraine
Posted by SurferLad 1/9/2022 2:51:19 PM Post Reply
Joe Biden has been so busy not handling the pandemic, not answering questions, and not getting his signature Build Back Better legislation through a Democrat Congress that he’s been unable to not do much of any value in foreign affairs. For better or worse, that ends this week when Biden go-fers meet with some of Vladimir Putin’s henchmen to discuss what the United States can give Russia to not invade Ukraine. Biden claims he expects Putin to give up something too. But the former KGB colonel is
I’m Not Overweight. You’re Overweight. replies
Posted by SurferLad 1/4/2022 10:21:29 AM Post Reply
Besides our erratic weather and president, few things get talked about this time of year more than body weight. Not mine. Yours. All the good intentions and dutiful miles of autumn jogging went into the dumpster with last weekend’s consumption of adult beverages and the previous holiday weekend’s meats, potatoes, beans, stuffing, gravy, and the pecan pie of Grandma Jennie, who’d have been crushed if you didn’t thoughtfully take seconds. At least. [Snip] So, are you overweight? Gallup asked Americans...
Who Could Have Predicted These Joe Biden Disasters? replies
Posted by SurferLad 1/2/2022 4:26:46 PM Post Reply
If you think about it, the beginning and end of a year is merely a calendrical coincidence, another month in an endless progression. The first week of a new year always feels fresh, full of promise, happy hopes, and optimism. Holiday memories remain warm. December’s bills have yet to arrive. New Year’s resolutions survive, for now. Alas, this year is different, tainted by the passive presence of a president who’s hopelessly lost in a mental fog that everyone except him can see. Ominously, including our opponents. Joe Biden’s guilty voters have gone largely silent on social media because
Inside the Chicago Democrat Machine: How
Precinct Captains Kept It Alive So Long
Posted by SurferLad 12/27/2021 2:03:09 AM Post Reply
American politics has not always been like today’s stale, zero-sum game of marathon maneuvers for advantage that leave forgotten voters out in the cold as hapless spectators. A game where photo-ops that seek media attention are considered tactical successes, over ensuring that specific services get delivered to citizens. For all its chronic corruption, patronage, and nepotism, the Chicago Democratic political machine has always interested me as an example of legendary political success. By 2030, its now-frayed and fractious dominance of the country’s second, now third-largest city will be a century-old. Like everywhere Chicago’s politics are changing now, of course, riven by
Biden's Next Failure replies
Posted by SurferLad 12/19/2021 1:24:04 PM Post Reply
Making predictions about most things in America these days is a fool’s errand. About football games. Basketball games. Congressional games. Joe Biden’s next embarrassment for media to ignore. [Snip] So, I’m not going to venture predictions about the next two elections that will set this divided country’s political course for years. I will venture to set the scenes here for these upcoming historic encounters and the factors to watch so you can make your own judgments as the months and pathetic pandemic projections roll
Americans' Willingness to Fall for Officials'
Pandemic Panic Is Clearly Fading
Posted by SurferLad 12/17/2021 9:26:53 AM Post Reply
For nearly two years now, federal doctors, medical “experts,” and media have peddled pandemic panic to Americans. At first, it worked, understandably. The coronavirus was unknown, invisible. No one knew anything. [Snip] Had that squadron of Washington folks been honest, Americans might still be generally understanding and obedient. That acquiescence, however, is changing drastically now and Gallup has just unearthed more facts as proof. But just as Americans are returning to pre-pandemic lifestyles and traditions (watch TV video this week of clogged travel terminals), they have also returned to their long-held fears of and concern over the top two, too-familiar killer
This Is Rich: Joe 'Where Am I?' Biden
Whines That Media Should Give His Many
Successes Better Coverage
Posted by SurferLad 12/12/2021 4:11:54 PM Post Reply
Most Americans can recall the overwhelmingly positive treatment that Washington and national media gave Donald Trump. You know, the careful explanations of his determined drive for walled security on the southern border. The sympathetic coverage for slashing government regulations and taxes on middle-class Americans to stimulate millions of new jobs and energy independence. [Snip] No, of course, you don’t remember that. There was none. Now, believe it or not, Joe Biden and his handlers have launched a concerted, behind-the-scenes proactive campaign to reshape the news coverage of his presidency because it is not sufficiently positive in their eyes
Bob Dole: Soldier. Disabled Vet. Senator.
Patriot. Kansan. Loyalist. American.
Posted by SurferLad 12/5/2021 6:07:16 PM Post Reply
Bob Dole didn’t die when a German mortar shell blew him into the crisp spring air of the Italian mountains in 1944, tearing apart his right side. He didn’t die when he lay in a foxhole there for nine hours, presumed dead. He did die 77 years later on Sunday, at the age of 98, peacefully in his sleep in the Watergate apartment complex where he’s long lived with wife Elizabeth. Presumably from the Stage 4 lung cancer he announced earlier this year. During those intervening years, this Kansas prairie boy who would be the last member of the Greatest Generation to seek the presidency, lived a life of
While Joe Biden Sleeps, Putin Prepares
to Grab Ukraine
Posted by SurferLad 12/5/2021 1:42:20 PM Post Reply
Joe Biden tried to make the best of the latest awful economic report the other day. Reading what he’d been told, the president claimed wishfully, “Our jobs recovery is going very strong.” [Snip] Making his latest false claim, the 79-year-old Biden looked awful and sounded worse. He reported his kissy grandson gave him a cold. So, sounds scientifically like neither was wearing a mandated mask. But Americans weren’t the only ones noting Joe Biden’s latest disturbing sign of weakness. The same day
Good News for a Change: Outside D.C.,
Conservatives Build Long-Term Successes
Posted by SurferLad 11/28/2021 1:30:52 PM Post Reply
While national media focus attention on Washington issues and political skirmishes, across the country, Republican governors and state legislatures are quietly building an enduring foundation of legislative districts, laws, state rules, and institutions that strongly favor the GOP in coming years and elections. This stunning matrix of Republican domination state-by-state reflects a growing voter preference for GOP policies at that level, dating back to 2010 and Barack Obama’s disastrous first midterm elections. [Snip] While media tend to focus on congressional redistricting, the GOP has been quietly designing state legislative districts that give them enduring majorities and political control, even if Democrats manage to get a governor’s
Do Not Fall for Joe Biden's Slick New
Oil Trick
Posted by SurferLad 11/24/2021 9:34:19 AM Post Reply
Joe Biden felt a need to escape the luxury of the White House for the holiday. So just before burning a few tons of jet fuel and emitting fresh carbon emissions on the four-hour flight to Nantucket, President Climate Change ordered the Energy Department to release 50 million barrels of oil from the nation’s precious Strategic Petroleum Reserve. He says his decisive action will help ease the gasoline price surge. Yeh, right. The only thing his PR move will do is get him