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The closest thing to a COVID 'cure'?
Eli Lilly's combination antibody drug
cuts the risk of COVID-19 hospitalization
and death by 87%, study finds

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Posted By: OhioNick, 3/11/2021 2:56:56 AM

Eli Lilly & Co says its combination antibody therapy is effective at treating mild to moderate cases of COVID-19. The treatment, a mixture of drugs bamlanivimab and etesevimab, was developed by Indianapolis-based Lilly and the Canadian company AbCellera. It recognizes the virus once a person is infected and attaches to it, preventing the pathogen from entering human cells, and therefore neutralizing it. In trial data released on Wednesday, Eli Lilly said the combination reduced the risk of hospitalization and death by 87 percent compared to a placebo. The results are an improvement of an earlier study of the combination, which reduced the risk of hospitalization and death by 70 percent.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: OBX Pete 3/11/2021 3:37:47 AM (No. 720438)
This news sounds almost as good as a cure for cancer. Certainly the best news we've had during the COVID-19 fiasco. I wonder if the "expert" Dr. Fauci will approve opening the country now or will he keep finding a reason to keep it closed. Only he and his buddies, the Chinese, know!!!!!
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Reply 2 - Posted by: DCGIRL 3/11/2021 4:59:43 AM (No. 720450)
The truth is, this virus is over!!! Fauci will n to let it end because it will kill his 15 minutes of fame and he is following the democrat party orders.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: Rinktum 3/11/2021 6:24:08 AM (No. 720478)
No premature celebrating. Democrats will need Covid-19/2.0 to keep us in line and in our homes to prevent communication with each other. They cannot have the great unwashed masses gathering and having discussions. It’s so easy to prevent the free exchange of ideas when there is a pandemic other there. Plus, the Chinese will be more than willing to produce another virus just as effective. Once democrats understood the value of the fear of a virus, I am sure they knew then they had a winner on their hands and you can get they will use it to their advantage. Democrats will always have another bogeyman virus just around the corner waiting to pounce. It has served them so well.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: Johnnie Barleykorn 3/11/2021 7:43:25 AM (No. 720513)
This is not news but more pabulum. ​Hydroxychloroquine has already proven to be an effective treatment but has been cancelled by the Marxists, an obvious sign that it is authentic and helpful (and inexpensive). ​Hydroxychloroquine is never mentioned anymore even though one doctor said she was able to treat dozens successfully. Communists hate simple solutions and would rather control the populous with lies and fear. The media is evil.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: Sorosisbehindit 3/11/2021 7:44:57 AM (No. 720514)
Look for Gates and Fauci to quickly come against it. Then watch the CDC, medical boards, pharmacy boards and doctors dutifully get in line.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: little guy 3/11/2021 8:00:29 AM (No. 720526)
Do they also use aborted fetal tissue to make their "vaccine" like Johnson & Johnson does??
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Reply 7 - Posted by: bpl40 3/11/2021 8:22:36 AM (No. 720546)
Unless Fauci and major Democrats have money invested there, it ain't going nowhere!
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Reply 8 - Posted by: czechlist 3/11/2021 8:24:01 AM (No. 720549)
#2 no offense, DCGirl, but Fauxi has had his 15 minutes and has stolen 15 minutes from thousands more.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: Dodge Boy 3/11/2021 8:32:47 AM (No. 720555)
Yeah, let's not get too heady about Lilly's new therapy. As impressive as it is, covid 20 will be coming soon. The chicoms, big tech, fauci, the dims, the msm, the deep state, and the globalists will see to it.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: petrichor 3/11/2021 8:36:01 AM (No. 720558)
I extend my sympathy to all of those who have taken placebos, thinking they were getting a cure.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: VELOX 3/11/2021 8:51:43 AM (No. 720576)
This is what the zinc did when combined with HCQ.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: udanja99 3/11/2021 8:57:24 AM (No. 720581)
Still not taking any “vaccine” or “cure”. No one knows what’s really in them. They haven’t been properly tested. It all happened too fast. If we can get a “vaccine” for covid in a few months why is there still no “vaccine” for the common cold which is, in fact, a corona virus? Why is there no “vaccine” for AIDS after 40 years? There are doctors who are now saying that in the near future people who have gotten the “vaccine” will start dropping like flies. And the excuse will be that they died from a new strain of the virus and not from the “vaccine”. I’m 68 years old but am healthy and have no comorbidities so I’d rather get the virus than the “vaccine”.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: walcb 3/11/2021 9:13:54 AM (No. 720603)
So much political coverup you can't believe anything anymore. One constantly reported stat is that there have been 527,000 deaths in the US from Rona but 2,500,000. That works out to 21% of the deaths worldwide have occurred in the US, you expect me to believe that? Also less than 5000 deaths in Chicom.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: LC Chihuahua 3/11/2021 9:49:28 AM (No. 720630)
Quick! We need a new variant! A new strain! A new hot spot! And it must be immune to everything we got, and... WE. JUST. CAN'T. STOP. IT. Panic! Panic! Lot that !!!!!! down!!! Why? Because some people have to milk COVID for everything its worth. The wealth and power that come with COVID are too much for some to resist. The greedy and power hungry love this.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: LC Chihuahua 3/11/2021 9:51:26 AM (No. 720632)
Sigh...I really did proof my previous post. Lot===Lock
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Reply 16 - Posted by: Zigrid 3/11/2021 10:24:23 AM (No. 720663)
No wonder nervous Nancy is so "nervous"... WE the people are waking up to the contrived control of the people by the lefties...especially fauci and The WHO...and of course china with the help of DC politicians and K street lobbyists... not to forget the fake media and the social media commie dudes...good to remember at times like this... if God is for you...who can be against you... WE don't know why this has happened...but I'm convinced God has a plan...
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Reply 17 - Posted by: NotaBene 3/11/2021 10:53:01 AM (No. 720684)
Monoclonal antibodies are our most effective new medicines. President Trump took the Regeneron monoclonal antibody and was up and about in no time. The epidemic is over. No way we had 500,000 deaths and zero influenza. Quarantine of the healthy was the stupidest experiment ever done with humanity; note that Chinese Communists never did it, just sent their engineered artificial virus over here. A New World Order will emerge from this infernal plan to get rid of our best president ever.
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Reply 18 - Posted by: PrayerWarrior 3/11/2021 11:06:22 AM (No. 720689)
We're still taking D3 and Zinc nightly as those real medical experts on Laura Ingraham's program suggested would be the safest way to protect ourselves from the Wuhan virus. No fears, no worries, God is still in control!
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Reply 19 - Posted by: HisHandmaiden 3/11/2021 11:46:50 AM (No. 720729)
We all have circulating tumor cells... just eat fresh wild fish 3x per week... I love my salmon leftovers on leafy lettuce salads, and your green veggies, and broccoli, carrots, asparagus, and shallots stir fry [w avocado oil] and top it off each day with your D3 [10K IU helped get rid of cancer twice, no chemo, and lots of prayer and walking Yorkie on our beaches 1-2 miles/day], B complex, probiotic, and zinc, with a fresh avocado each day, preferably on GF toast with lots of healthy garlic and EVOO and fresh lime! Yum! You can do it too! KAG
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Reply 20 - Posted by: leonardo 3/11/2021 1:17:39 PM (No. 720817)
Visit the website to appreciate the efficacy of Ivermectin as another powerful tool against the Sars-Cov-2 virus. If your doctor won't write that Rx for you, you can get it from Canadian pharmacies without an Rx. It just works.
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Reply 21 - Posted by: Deborah Grannet 3/11/2021 1:23:57 PM (No. 720830)
#12, the reason there's no cure for the common cold is that the 'common cold' is really not one virus, but a whole whole lotta viruses that are changing all the time... so it's not likely we'll cure 'it' anytime soon.
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Reply 22 - Posted by: cny 3/11/2021 1:53:53 PM (No. 720860)
If anyone has references about doctors saying people who took the vaccine will die, please post here. I'd like to read about that - trying to make up my mind about the 2nd shot, and whether or not my husband should get it, too.
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Reply 23 - Posted by: HisHandmaiden 3/11/2021 4:20:00 PM (No. 720987)
#22, this will help from Dr. Tenpenny, and for more details, research Dr. Shiva who explains with Systems diagrams... since cancer, no more flu shots, nothing into me that I don’t totally research and understand... KAG
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Reply 24 - Posted by: cny 3/11/2021 4:25:26 PM (No. 720990)
Thank you!
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Reply 25 - Posted by: DVC 3/11/2021 6:07:52 PM (No. 721083)
I am pretty sure that one of these two antibody treatments was used on President Trump and cured him in 24 hours. This binds to the spike proteins, which are the "keys" that the Wuhan virus uses to unlock cells and enter. With all their "keys" covered up, the virus is neutralized, cannot reproduce and is soon wiped up by the immune system. This is great stuff.
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Hunter Biden, who spent thousands of dollars on prostitutes across the nation, proposed a plan for them to unionize in a 2019 conversation that was on his leaked hard drive. The president’s son also asserted that he has been “telling strippers for 25 years that they should unionize.” In a March 2, 2019, conversation with an employee from Los Angeles’s Chateau Marmont, obtained by the Washington Examiner, Biden said prostitutes need to organize more. “You organize without even organizing in any traditional way,” Biden said. [SNIP] Whomever does this first will be running the largest union in the country.”
The Most Popular President in US History:
Biden’s 4th of July Speech Gets 10,000
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Joe Biden, the most popular president ever that no one cares about. Biden traveled to Michigan over the weekend and virtually no supporters lined up to greet him. Biden’s 4th of July speech got 10,000 views on the White House’s YouTube channel. Dementia Joe’s speech lasted 15 minutes and all he spoke about was the Covid vaccine. Biden said getting vaccinated is “the most patriotic thing you can do” – no wonder why nobody watch his speech.
Dems' crime surge – here's the reason
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Breaking news alert: National Democrats are suddenly worried about the rise of violent crime. We know this because they’re blaming the bloodshed on Republicans. The previous strategy, meaning before Monday, was a mix of denial and excuse-making, but it wasn’t working. How could it when thousands of people are getting shot and murdered, mostly in cities run by Democrats? Something had to give, and White House press secretary Jen Psaki tipped the new strategy when she concocted the notion that it’s Republicans who actually support defunding the police. Her fatuous attempt to flip reality on its head relied on GOP resistance to another multitrillion-dollar Biden administration boondoggle.
Independence Day: Marvel Comics Makes
Captain America Say American Dream
‘Is a Lie’
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Posted by OhioNick 7/5/2021 4:16:47 AM Post Reply
Just ahead of Independence Day, Marvel Comics featured a new Captain America issue in which the Captain slams the American dream as a false promise. The first issue of the new series, “The United States of Captain America,” by writer Christopher Cantwell, was published on June 30, only four days before the country traditionally celebrates its day of independence from Great Britain. As the issue begins, Steve Rogers — the original Cap — grouses about how America is built on “lies.” “I’m loyal to nothing. Except the dream,” Rogers says early in the issue. “Here’s the thing about a dream, though. A dream isn’t real."
House Sergeant At Arms ‘Slips Up’ & May
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The Acting House Sergeant at Arms appeared before a House committee and appears to have named Ashli Babbitt’s shooter. Timothy Blodgett, in an exchange with Rep. Herrera-Buetler during a hearing on Jan. 6 that appeared on C-SPAN, seems to have casually dropped the name. [SNIP] It is interesting that Blodgett names an “Officer Byrd” in the context of Ashli Babbitt’s shooting. An African-American Lieutenant Mike Byrd was reported by Roll Call as having once left his service weapon in a bathroom in 2019. “A U.S. Capitol Police lieutenant left his service weapon in a bathroom Monday night and the unattended gun was discovered later by another Capitol Police officer,” Roll Call reported.
South Dakota Governor: Biden Admin
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South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem said the Biden administration hasn’t provided an explanation for canceling the massive fireworks display at Mount Rushmore. President Donald Trump, she said, brought back the Mount Rushmore fireworks display after it was rescinded under the Obama administration, which cited environmental concerns at the time. “We had the fireworks at Mount Rushmore for years,” Noem, a Republican, told Fox News last week. “It wasn’t until President Obama came into office that they took it away.” Noem, who filed a lawsuit against the Biden administration, suggested that “political reasons” were behind the move to not permit the display.
Cacophony of boos and cheers as
England take the knee before kick-off
as Ukraine stay on their feet
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The England players were tonight greeted with a cacophony of boos, whistles and cheers as they took the knee before kick-off in the quarter finals of Euro 2020. Ukraine stayed on their feet as England continued with the Black Lives Matter gesture ahead of the quarter final clash at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome. Some speculated online that the crowd could have been booing Ukraine for refusing to kneel, but boos have thundered from Three Lions fans at every game thus far, irrespective of whether or not the opposition has joined England in kneeling. The disapproval for the gesture comes despite the repeated pleas of manager Gareth Southgate and the Football Association.
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Joe Biden Remains Hiding at Camp David
After Afghanistan Collapses; May
Address Nation in the ‘Next Few Days’
42 replies
Posted by Dreadnought 8/16/2021 12:14:31 AM Post Reply
President Joe Biden will remain hidden at his presidential retreat at Camp David through Monday, according to the White House, as the Taliban swiftly seized control of Afghanistan. The president’s daily guidance for Monday indicated Biden would remain at Camp David for at least one more day, with no public events scheduled. But a senior administration official indicated to reporters Sunday evening that Biden might address the country “in the next few days,” according to reports. It remains unclear whether Biden will speak from Camp David or return to the White House to deliver his speech, the reports noted. He was previously scheduled to remain at Camp David until Wednesday.
John Bolton: Afghanistan failure will
go down as ‘the Trump-Biden policy’
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Posted by Ribicon 8/16/2021 11:21:38 AM Post Reply
John R. Bolton says the calamitous U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan will go down in history as “the Trump-Biden policy.” Mr. Bolton, who served as former President Trump’s national security adviser, said in a Daily Telegraph op-ed that Mr. Biden’s approach to withdrawing troops from Afghanistan was “virtually indistinguishable from Donald Trump’s.” The former adviser, though, said Mr. Biden’s insistence that Mr. Trump left him with only two bad options—“follow Trump’s blueprint or else considerably increase US combat forces in Afghanistan”—is a “strawman argument” and “palpably false.” Mr. Bolton, who has been an outspoken Trump critic since he was pushed out of the White House
Fauci: Unvaccinated Need to ‘Put Aside’
Concerns of Personal Liberty
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Posted by ladydawgfan 8/16/2021 12:18:58 AM Post Reply
Chief White House medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci said Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation” that the vaccine-hesitant should “put aside” their concerns about personal liberty and recognize the “common enemy” is the COVID-19 pandemic. Fauci said, “What’s coming next is that we are going to have to continue to get people vaccinated so that right now, even in states in which you have a good relative proportion of people vaccinated, you have to get the overwhelming proportion of people vaccinated. But you also have to do mitigation. And that gets to the controversial issue of mask-wearing and the mandating of things mandating of vaccines,
George Takei says people ‘willfully
unvaccinated’ from COVID should
be last in line for priority care
39 replies
Posted by Ribicon 8/16/2021 8:45:10 AM Post Reply
Actor and activist George Takei on Sunday said that the “willfully unvaccinated” who refuse to be inoculated against coronavirus should be last in line for priority care. “The willfully unvaccinated who wind up in hospitals from Covid should not receive priority medical care over other very sick or injured people who are as much in urgent need of medical care,” the actor known as Lieutenant Sulu for his years on “Star Trek” said on Twitter. He followed that with, “Anti-vaxxers think they are owning us liberals by refusing to get vaccinated. But as the kids say, this is an epic self-own.”
Afghanistan will be seen as Joe Biden’s
defeat. And it may come back
to haunt him
38 replies
Posted by Dreadnought 8/15/2021 2:08:49 AM Post Reply
What will it take for Joe Biden to admit he is disastrously wrong about Afghanistan? The US leader struck a defiant pose last week. Sounding like a slightly desperate Olympics coach, he told Afghans it was their country. If they want it, they have to fight for it. In American politics-speak, this is called tough love. Without the love. Biden has more hands-on foreign policy experience than any president since George HW Bush. That doesn’t mean he knows what he’s doing. Opinion polls suggest his abrupt Afghan withdrawal has majority public support. That doesn’t mean Americans will remain indifferent as the carnage and misery mount.
Thousands Run At Kabul Airfield Amid Gunfire,
Horrifying Scenes Unfolding On Ground
37 replies
Posted by Imright 8/16/2021 3:02:24 AM Post Reply
Thousands of people were seen running for planes in countless videos posted to social media at the airport in Kabul, the capital city of Afghanistan, as the Taliban takes control of the country.Some of the videos were posted late on Sunday night and during the early morning hours on Monday local Afghanistan time.“Witnesses at the civilian domestic terminal said they had heard occasional gunshots and said thousands of people had crammed into the terminal and filled the parking lots, desperately seeking flights out,” The New York Times reported. “Late Sunday, the State and Defense Departments issued a statement saying the U.S. was working to secure control of the airport
Cheney: Biden, Trump both responsible
for ‘catastrophe’ in Afghanistan
37 replies
Posted by Ribicon 8/15/2021 3:22:14 PM Post Reply
Rep. Liz Cheney said Sunday President Bidens and Trump shoulder the blame for the unfolding “catastrophe” in Afghanistan. The Wyoming Republican and member of the House Armed Services Committee said during an appearance on ABC’s “This Week” the situation in Afghanistan was avoidable, and the fallout will tarnish the nation’s image on the world stage for years to come. “I think that, absolutely, President Biden bears responsibility for making this decision, but there is no question that President Trump, his administration, [former Secretary Mike] Pompeo, they also bear very significant responsibility for this,” Ms. Cheney said. “They walked down this path of legitimizing the Taliban, of perpetuating this fantasy,
Obama’s Former Ambassador to Afghanistan:
I Question Biden’s ‘Ability
to Lead Our Nation’
36 replies
Posted by Imright 8/16/2021 2:22:57 AM Post Reply
The fall of Afghanistan has shocked Obama’s former ambassador to such a degree that he is now questioning President Joe Biden’s ability to lead the nation. Speaking with The Spokesman-Review, Ryan Crocker, who served as Obama’s ambassador from 2011 to 2012, lamented that the Biden administration failed to see the Taliban’s swift takeover when preparing for the withdrawal from Afghanistan.“I think the direction was predictable; the trajectory was not,” he said. “What President Biden has done is to embrace the Afghan policy of President Trump, and this is the outcome.”Just a little over a month ago, Joe Biden rejected assertions that U.S. withdrawal would lead to
State Department calls for Taliban to
include women in its government
35 replies
Posted by Come And Take It 8/16/2021 9:58:05 PM Post Reply
Despite the Taliban's long history of oppression of women and iron-fisted rule, U.S. State Department spokesman Ned Price Monday urged Afghanistan's new leaders to form an inclusive government that had women in it. Price cited a United Nations declaration calling for "an immediate cessation of all hostilities and the establishment, through inclusive negotiations, of a new government that is united, inclusive and representative – including with the full, equal and meaningful participation of women."
Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin 'tells briefing
he is "beyond disappointed"
by Afghan army's surrender to Taliban
as Kabul begins to fall and
added: "You can't buy willpower."'
34 replies
Posted by Imright 8/15/2021 7:56:02 PM Post Reply
US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin reportedly said he was 'beyond disappointed' with the Afghan army's capitulation to the Taliban and added: 'You can't buy willpower, and you can't buy leadership.' The Pentagon chief is said to have made remarks during a call with other US government members Sunday, as the Afghan capital began to fall to the Taliban, its US embassy closed, and the number of American troops deployed there rose by 1,000 to 6,000. Austin and fellow intelligence officials blame the Afghan army for not opposing the Taliban in a more prominent way, FOX News reported.
Biden Refuses to Take Questions From Reporters
After Blaming Trump For
His Afghanistan Disaster – Will
Return to Camp David This Afternoon! (Video)
33 replies
Posted by Imright 8/16/2021 4:53:05 PM Post Reply
Joe Biden on Monday delivered a short speech on his Afghanistan disaster.After mumbling through prepared remarks, blaming Trump and the Afghan security forces on his botched withdrawal, Biden fled the lectern without taking any questions from reporters.Biden delivered the worst speech ever, said he stands by his decision to hastily withdraw from Afghanistan and admitted it ‘unfolded more quickly that he anticipated.’After blaming everyone under the sun, Biden quickly took off as reporters shouted questions.
Bombshell Report: Biden Refused to Listen
to Top Generals’ Warnings,
Pulled Out of Afghanistan Anyways
33 replies
Posted by Imright 8/16/2021 12:22:05 PM Post Reply
President Joe Biden is quickly proving that he is not only a threat to the safety of Americans, but he is also a threat to people throughout the world.According to a bombshell report, Biden refused to listen to the advice of his top military officials and decided to move ahead with the disastrous US pullout in Afghanistan.Biden allegedly overruled his generals who advised that he should keep 2,500 servicemen on the ground in Afghanistan to help with negotiations between Afghanistan and the Taliban. Instead, Biden decided to conduct a complete withdraw which led to a quick Taliban takeover who now control many US assets
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