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Rush to judgement? Three crucial questions
remain unanswered about Capitol siege

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Posted By: Harlowe, 1/13/2021 2:41:30 AM

One thing recent history has taught America is the first storyline of major tragedies or controversies is never the most accurate. Americans were told by the Bush administration that they were sucker-punched by a surprise attack on 9/11 by terrorists, only to learn the CIA and FBI had significant advance evidence of the plot and its players and failed to connect the dots.(Snip)Since the weekend, major bombshell revelations already have substantially revised the initial story of a spontaneous mob overrunning an unsuspecting Capitol police force.


On occasion Rush Limbaugh has used the expression “too smart by half” to describe a variety of circumstances which may be applicable to the tragic events that occurred on January 6th for which President Trump is being declared responsible. Mr. Solomon astutely raises three significant questions that need to be answered: 1) What did Nancy Pelosi know? 2) Was the siege planned or spontaneous? 3) Were there coordinators inside the building? The FBI and NYPD had warnings and/or suspicions of violence but the president, the White House, and the National Security Council were not formally alerted. Eventually, truth will out.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: DVC 1/13/2021 2:43:11 AM (No. 658837)
Fake News. Fake election. Fake riot. Stalin would be proud of the Deep State thugs and traitors.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: Boliver 1/13/2021 3:23:55 AM (No. 658861)
And what if this was planned and facilitated by insiders? And what if Nancy knew, and this was used as a starting point to try and cancel Trump and 80 million of his people? And even if the FBI/CIA/DOJ/Capitol insiders knew and did nothing to stop it ahead of time? It seems we are at a point where none of this matters or will ever see the light of day. Is the GOP going to do something other than a strongly worded letter? Just another incident in a long line of treacherous/treasonous events that are never resolved with any sort of justice. An election is stolen in the greatest country in the world and nothing happens for goodness sake. Not even the SCOTUS steps in. Hard to get excited when you know the outcome is a nothingburger.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: OBX Pete 1/13/2021 4:35:19 AM (No. 658876)
Of course the left wing crazies were in on the Capitol invasion. They probably instigated and helped finance the whole debacle as part of their plan to ruin Trump forever both politically and financially. The fraudulent vote for president was conducted and they got away with it. Now it is possible that a Republican/conservative will never be chosen again in a local or national election. None of the criminal actions by the dims during the Trump Presidency were brought to trial nor will they be. There doesn't seem to be any way to correct the situation........ just learn to live in the new USA. God help us !!!!
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Reply 4 - Posted by: anniebc 1/13/2021 6:08:25 AM (No. 658912)
Never mind about that fraudulent election and the fraudulent usurper about to squat in the WH along with the fraud congress set to rule America and Americans.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: NancyD 1/13/2021 6:17:20 AM (No. 658919)
I honestly believe that those for 3 questions that we will NEVER get answers. The media will NOT dig in and investigate, because they don't want to know. It much easier to blame Trump supporters. This all proves once again, Rush is right. They (dems/media) hate US as much as Trump.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: The Remnants 1/13/2021 7:10:51 AM (No. 658956)
FTA: "... And the official timeline of the events constructed by the New York Times through video shows protestors began breaking the perimeter of the Capitol a full 20 minutes before Trump finished his speech." That's a real clap-your-forehead - epiphany moment - MAGA people came to hear what the President had to say. Obviously, some "protestors" were not there to hear what the President had to say. Then, why did they come? (Someone should ask them that question.) How long would it take to get from where Trump was speaking to the Capitol building? 35 - 40 minutes? At best. Did any of those "protestors" who broke the perimeter of the Capitol - twenty minutes before the President finished his speech - hear any of his speech at all? I doubt it, but perhaps that was not their motive for being there. Hundreds of thousands of people of all races and faiths and incomes and nationalities came from all over the country and waited four and five hours on a cold January day to hear President Trump give them some encouragement that their vote meant something. They came there to see him. And so he laid out the case, and then he told them to march "peacefully" down to the Capitol where there would be a Joint Session of Congress to listen to hear both sides of the case. Did some swarm in when doors were opened for them? Yup. Did they have weapons on them to break windows or were they wearing helmets to protect themselves? I don't think so. Two different groups there. Those who chose to make trouble should be punished, but the amount of protection for close to a million people was practically non-existent. When Reverend King gave his "I Have a Dream" Speech in 1993 in D.C., there was a heavy police presence for 250,000 people - which is about One-Third the number of people who were present on January 6. Yet, there was no heavy police presence for close to a million people. If there was a heavy police presence on January 6, law enforcement could have weeded out the trouble-makers and we would have a typical ending for a MAGA rally - everyone going home happy - after making sure they left the place as they found it.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: Fosterdad 1/13/2021 7:36:58 AM (No. 658979)
Reichstag fire 2.0
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Reply 8 - Posted by: jinx 1/13/2021 7:43:49 AM (No. 658988)
I blame Nancy Pelosi for all of this. She is evil. This article will never see the light of day anywhere else. The MSM certainly won't bring any of it up and neither will FOX. Again, the American public will be in the dark while Communism takes over.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: walcb 1/13/2021 7:51:18 AM (No. 658999)
The point about the riot beginning before the Trump speech was over will be easy for the Dims (Juan) to counter. They will just say that Trump inspired the rioters to carry out the mission long before the speech was given. Another point: Just imagine how bad this could have been if a real terrorist organization was embedded. And if the Dims were complicit in this attack you know Trump would get the blame--it could have been worse.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: walcb 1/13/2021 7:52:48 AM (No. 659002)
Sorry, forgot to mention, John Solomon is one of the best.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: Rotten in Denmark 1/13/2021 7:55:20 AM (No. 659007)
So this was apparently ALLOWED to happen by the DC brain trust? My, my how convenient.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: Clinger 1/13/2021 7:57:49 AM (No. 659013)
And #4, since they had indications that something was up there must be a trail to who the real perpetrators are. Who was behind it? Had Trump been informed might he have altered his speech a wee bit perhaps telling real supporters not to get suckered into crowd mentality sparked by an ANTIFA set-up? The article does exactly what should be done by setting the stage for its position by laying out the litany democrat gaslighting. Yes, there's a pattern there.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: Frenesi1 1/13/2021 8:04:38 AM (No. 659027)
Insiders who helped are probably democrats, so we will never get the answers.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: udanja99 1/13/2021 8:12:37 AM (No. 659033)
#2, this time around, rather than a strongly worded letter, the GOPe is going to join in the purge and attack its own members. It has already started. I don’t know where we go from here but I do know that it’s going to get nasty. I keep thinking about the Joint Chiefs condemning everyone on the right and remembering what happened in 1989 when Romania’s Nicolae Ceausescu ordered his troops to fire on their fellow citizens.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: gone2pot 1/13/2021 8:25:38 AM (No. 659041)
You all stay in the paradigm that "exposing the truth" still has meaning, even after four years of proof that it has resulted only in more crimes because "exposing the truth" has been forced to be non-efficacious by the same people who are supposed to ACT on the truth. Barr, and Wray, the GOP, the courts, the Supremes made sure truth stayed non-efficacious. The Steele dossier was known WITH data to be a hoax, a few days after the 2016 election and made public January, 2017. What was the result? Over two years and 45 million dollars on a phony investigation based on a known hoax, an EXPOSED hoax, same with Ukraine, same with the stolen election. The truth about BLM and antifa coordinating with the Capitol Police is ON VIDEO, so it's already exposed. The timeline already exposes the coordination. Does that matter? Well, WHEN McQuisling helps the Marxists impeach Trump before the 20th, you'll have your answer but like all the "exposing," has resulted in the past, NOTHING will happen. Look up the word defilade. THAT is what needs to happen now because the biggest battle was lost. Advancing to the high ground without realizing the enemy's strength, is nothing but another Pickett's charge. Too, too many are racing for that copse of trees right now and are about to meet the Marxist's cannon fire.
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Reply 16 - Posted by: Dodge Boy 1/13/2021 8:35:13 AM (No. 659051)
Fourth crucial question - Have the antifa/blm thugs who led the break-in and were arrested as they attempted to exit the capitol building been waterboarded yet to find out who they took their orders from and what their orders were?
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Reply 17 - Posted by: Laotzu 1/13/2021 8:40:58 AM (No. 659055)
Facts never help Democrats.
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Reply 18 - Posted by: felixcat 1/13/2021 8:58:24 AM (No. 659088)
As I posted last week, just like Charlottesville when local and state authorities conspired to incite a riot, the same thing with the Capitol. And I am sick of hearing all these members of crying wailing about the horrific events that day when they have been silent about all the rioting this past summer. And will someone please put a sock in Peter Doocy's mouth and his lies about the looting that took apace.
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Reply 19 - Posted by: marbles 1/13/2021 9:09:22 AM (No. 659107)
Trump was supposed to speak at 11 he didn't start until noon and his speech ended after 1 P.M. His speech ended with a call for peace and a walk to the Capitol. At that time antifa was already at the Capitol and engaging in their dirty business
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Reply 20 - Posted by: 3XALADY 1/13/2021 9:20:23 AM (No. 659125)
I distinctly remember reading about how the democrats all ran for exits or dropped to the floor when people came into the area and the republicans were looking around, saying 'whut?' That tells me the democrats knew what was going to happen and were waiting for it.
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Reply 21 - Posted by: MDConservative 1/13/2021 9:32:32 AM (No. 659144)
Nothing is out of possibility in this Dump Trump effort. Fixing six states to ensure PDT's defeat - sure, we all saw it coming. Any "investigation" of this will go next to the mysterious laptop held by the Capitol Police. USCP's first mission is to cover up for 535 members of the House and Senate. UNIPARTY Leadership runs the place. Here is a simple fact: The two chief law enforcement officers on Capitol Hill are the Sergeants at Arms for each chamber. They and the Architect form the USCP Board. That board is privy to EVERYTHING USCP does and plans. The Chief of Police reports to the Board. Nothing is done without the Board's approval. So, what did they "approve"? The triad of the two SAAs and CoP are civilians now...and who's going to ask them?
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Reply 22 - Posted by: Zigrid 1/13/2021 10:17:17 AM (No. 659210)
Still wondering... whatever happened to nervous Nancy's laptop?...suddenly the news is gagged regarding her laptop.... I'll bet that a copy was made and President Trump has it...WE the people cannot count on anyone from DC...they are all in this kabuki theater...stealing and lying is the democrats game plan... no wonder they are still upset with the 2016 election.... they had it stolen for crooked hillary ... BUT... Americans elected President Trump...the best president in my lifetime... what were they afraid of?... to much sunlight on the rogue government departments?.. that's why General Flynn was attacked... he knew to much...
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Reply 23 - Posted by: columba 1/13/2021 10:18:53 AM (No. 659215)
God help us ? Why would God help a nation that "legally" murders it own children?
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Reply 24 - Posted by: Strike3 1/13/2021 10:34:26 AM (No. 659237)
We need to stop talking in terms of what is legal and what is true, even if backed by facts. True and legal is now defined by the democrats and the only way we are going to change that is to smash them unmercifully until they surrender. Every move they have made since the election of 2016 follows this pattern of lawlessness and treachery. Wake me when it's time to lock and load.
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Reply 25 - Posted by: mathman 1/13/2021 10:47:12 AM (No. 659259)
I guarantee that these three questions will not be answered. The narrative has already been written and agreed to at the alternative White House, operated by Valerie Jarrett. No changes to that narrative will be allowed. Big Business, Big Tech, Main Stream Media, and the Deep State stand together. Any attempt to ask these questions will be met with a hail of bullets. Death to enemies of the Deep State! The Big Lie: there was no election fraud. But proving fraud is impossible, since the Courts will not allow evidence to be introduced.
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Reply 26 - Posted by: The Remnants 1/13/2021 11:31:48 AM (No. 659332)
I was thinking, I bet a lot of those people who were jumping around and taking selfies in the Capitol building were thrilled to pieces to be inside someplace warm.
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Reply 27 - Posted by: TrueBlueWfan 1/13/2021 11:31:55 AM (No. 659333)
It has been completely swept under the rug that an unarmed woman was murdered. We keep hearing 3, then 4, maybe 5 or 6 now died at the Capitol Jan. 6th, but the causes of death are never mentioned. It has been a week. Surely someone knows how they died. I suspect most were heart attacks, but they want to blame Pres. Trump, even for the suicide of a Capitol police officer days later.
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Reply 28 - Posted by: weejun 1/13/2021 11:50:19 AM (No. 659374)
Totally agree, #2. And the height of frustrating hypocrisy: the FBI, who secretly engaged in seditious acts to unseat a duly elected US President, is now throwing the "full resources" of the department to ensure those responsible for these unspeakable acts are identified, caught and brought to justice. If you didn't believe just how far the deep state has been entrenched in our country, the reaction to this single event should remove all doubts in your mind. It is a high-water mark in our history, and we are on the slippery slope of a tyrannical, dictatorial government that insists on group think and total compliance to their wishes/demands.
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Reply 29 - Posted by: NotaBene 1/13/2021 12:34:57 PM (No. 659429)
Looked up defilade #15, means fortification, hunkering down. We lost a big battle. Elections are now meaningless and Gorsuch, Kavanaugh and Coney Barrett were wasted time. But we are here to stay and will never forget or forgive. This communist pantomime will pass like Chinese food.
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Reply 30 - Posted by: Venturer 1/13/2021 12:49:31 PM (No. 659441)
The burning of the Reichstag?
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Reply 31 - Posted by: red1066 1/13/2021 3:02:01 PM (No. 659608)
Every media outlet local and national has painted the Capitol Building siege as organized and caused by President Trump and the Republicans. Nothing could be further from the truth, not that the truth matters to the media. So all future references to this event will now be blamed on conservatives and the Republicans. Doesn't matter that Antifa and BLM idiots were up front and center carrying Trump flags and wearing Trump hats.
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Reply 32 - Posted by: RedWhite&Blue2 1/13/2021 5:00:38 PM (No. 659772)
RSA! RSA! Rigged States of America now.... It’s all rigged..truth..justice..elections..Covid We got rigged! And I’m waiting to see who’s on our side.. Perfect time for a “Patriot Party”...
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Reply 33 - Posted by: PrayerWarrior 1/13/2021 5:17:25 PM (No. 659803)
Those guys at Capitol with the horns on their heads were photographed last summer as antifa terrorists as they were rioting and burning down cities. Sorry, not Trump supporters. Probably the paid for thugs of the Kamala Harris bail bond fund outrage.
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Reply 34 - Posted by: JackBurton 1/13/2021 6:35:05 PM (No. 659920)
First of all...'tragic events'???? For whom. Not for democrats. This was their 'Reichstag Fire' moment. Cui bono?
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COLUMBUS, Ohio - President Donald Trump “poured gas on the fire” ahead of the occupation of the U.S. Capitol, fellow Republican Gov. Mike DeWine of Ohio said Thursday in his harshest criticism of the president to date. The president’s continued refusal to accept the election results, without producing any credible evidence of a rigged election, “has started a fire that has threatened to burn down our democracy,” DeWine said. “This incendiary speech yesterday, the one he gave preceding the march that he gave to the protesters, served only to fan those flames, encouraging the mob behavior that ensued,” DeWine said.
Dan Scavino Relays a Message
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Almost everyone around the MAGA community has clear-eyes on the strategies deployed against our assembly. We are -quite simply- not naive to years of institutional manipulation and gaslighting. President Trump, and by extension all ‘America-First’ supporters, are a risk to the alliance of global interests who seek power and money.(Snip)A Trump inspired new political party can/will wipe out the illusion of the Dem/Rep two-party system; specifically because much of the Trump movement consists of GOP base voters, former democrats, intelligent independents and brand new voters.(Snip)Quite simply Trump’s MAGA army is the ultimate political party.
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It’s often hard to understand the impact an event will have in the future when you are going through it in real time or soon after. Today’s storming of the Capitol, including rioting, is one of those real-time events about which I’m comfortable reaching some conclusions.(Snip)The fact that we have seen violent conduct from the left in recent years also directed at key institutions does not excuse it.(Snip) And yes, it’s possible (but not clear) that some of the violent rioters were outside agitators. Politics is not fair, and it’s never been more unfair than how Trump supporters are treated by the media.
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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) expressed concern that her own colleagues in Congress might have shared her location to the mob of fanatic Trump supporters while they were storming the Capitol last Wednesday. Ocasio-Cortez's remarks comes as other Democrats have sounded off on the possibility that some GOP members of the Congress abetted the rioters as they stormed the building. Lawmakers were instructed to head for a designated 'extraction point' to seek protection from the chaos, but AOC asserted that that wasn't really an option 'because there were QAnon and white-supremacist sympathizers and, frankly, white-supremacist members of Congress in that extraction point
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Far-left political pollster Frank Luntz had his day ruined when he was forced to tell Fox News about the results from his latest focus group.While Luntz was hoping that Trump supporters had jumped ship, that couldn't be further from the truth.In fact, Luntz's focus group found that more than 91% of Trump's supporters would vote for him again (we think that number is much higher). In addition, Luntz said that 78% of Trump voters believe that the election was stolen (as they should)."91% of those who voted for Donald Trump on Election Day would vote for him again. This is a poll that was done on Monday,
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Why AT comments are disabled 27 replies
Posted by Republic Can 1/14/2021 10:09:15 AM Post Reply
It is news to almost nobody who reads American Thinker that a political witch hunt is underway. Parties in and out of government are looking for excuses to suppress and destroy voices that oppose the left. Because AT lacks the ability to monitor comments in real time, and because our position that comments are a forum, not something that we publish, is being called into question, we can no longer publish comments.
Macaulay Culkin joins calls to get Donald
Trump cameo removed from Home Alone 2
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Posted by Ribicon 1/14/2021 9:58:55 AM Post Reply
Home Alone star Macaulay Culkin has endorsed social media comments demanding Donald Trump’s cameo in the film’s sequel be digitally removed and replaced with one of an older version of Culkin himself. Culkin replied to a tweet that asked “petition to digitally replace trump in ‘home alone 2’ with 40-year-old macaulay culkin” with the single word: “Sold.” Culkin then followed up by responding “Bravo” to another tweet that contained a comic edit of Trump replaced by empty space. Trump appears briefly in Home Alone 2: Lost in New York when Culkin, as its hero Kevin, asks him for directions to the lobby
Take Heart and Remember
Republican Advantages
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Posted by Magnante 1/14/2021 4:56:49 AM Post Reply
Despite the national focus on the political battles in D.C., the state election results provide very positive news for Republicans. Republicans increased their trifectas (governor and legislature control) to 23 states (24 with Alaska if they ever finish counting). There are twelve states with divided control, and seven of those have Republican majorities in the legislature. Despite the Democrat huge advantage in money and media support, Republicans increased their number in Congress and in statehouses. This gives the Republicans a deep bench of intelligent, honest, and capable elected representatives at the state and local level.
Delta bans MAGA passengers who heckled
'traitor' senators Mitt Romney and Lindsey
Graham and stops all firearms in checked
baggage on DC flights until after inauguration
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Posted by Imright 1/14/2021 2:55:26 PM Post Reply
Delta Air Lines has banned passengers who heckled Utah Sen Mitt Romney and South Carolina Sen Lindsey Graham ahead of their flights last week and will be prohibiting all guns in checked baggage on flights to Washington, DC, until after President-elect Joe Biden's inauguration next week.Romney, the lone Republican senator to vote to oust President Donald Trump after he was impeached, was on a flight from Salt Lake City to DC when he was first harassed by a Trump supporter while waiting on his flight.A second video showed dozens of people on a flight yelling ‘traitor’ at Romney, though he isn’t seen in that clip.
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