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COVID Deaths Plummet, But the
So-Called News Remains Negative

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Posted By: Harlowe, 7/8/2020 2:05:16 AM

RUSH: Now, let’s get into some COVID-19 news and, folks, are you asking yourself what of any of this is true and what isn’t? It’s almost like the tale of two viruses. We have an entire group of stories that are about how much worse the virus is.(Snip)The number of deaths associated with COVID-19 are way down. It’s why they’re not being reported. The game here is to scare you into siding up with a new lockdown. They want you to hear all these brand-new numbers of cases as deaths. But deaths are down. The curve was flattened.


Hospitals are more crowded “mainly due to the re-installation of medical care for non COVID-19 patients.” ICUs are not overflowing due to COVID: “15% average ICUs, COVID-19 patients; 85% ICUs non-COVID-19.” In Texas, “90+% of ICU beds are occupied, but only 15% are COVID patients.” Rush posted a chart that used data from the European Centers for Disease Control that shows daily confirmed cases in the U.S. The top line is over 50,000 but the line at the very bottom, in black, shows the death confirmations as of July 6, 2020 and “it’s not even 200. This is the U.S. confirmed COVID-19 cases and deaths.”

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Reply 1 - Posted by: DCGIRL 7/8/2020 5:30:02 AM (No. 470829)
I knew this was coming. Just turn off the news that keeps preaching this crap. The murder hornets did not make people panic so they took COVID 19 out of the closet. Only the idiots are falling for this.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: Daisymay 7/8/2020 6:52:58 AM (No. 470854)
I have said this for weeks now. It's a scare tactic. Now the big thing is should we send kids back to school. Heck yes! They definitely should go to school. To learn. To socialize. To play Sports. To go back to a normal life! If you believe what Rush says, and I do, there is no reason for people to hunker down at home any longer. Get out of your Basement and go back to work! A lot of people have had to do just that during the whole Pandemic. They didn't get sick, so why are the professionals not doing the same. I see most of those at FOX still appearing from home. Why! Biden, he's going to have to come out sooner or later. Maybe he's afraid of seeing his Shadow! All this craziness has to stop. And people walking around in Masks! That is the herd mentality. Wear it if you go somewhere like a doctor's office or to visit in a Hospital, but I don't see the need while out shopping, walking or yes, I've seen some wearing them while playing water Volleyball! Get serious! Faui needs to have Duct Tape over his mouth for about six months so people can get back to a normal life without him throwing Smoke!
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Reply 3 - Posted by: TCloud 7/8/2020 6:55:42 AM (No. 470857)
The ultimate goal is to take this opportunity to commit an Economic Coup d' Etat on the West...count it!
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Reply 4 - Posted by: Speedypetey 7/8/2020 7:14:40 AM (No. 470868)
Everytime I hear some ignorant script reader or corporate advertising idiot state New Normal I shout an expletive. All viruses attenuate, big word for the serious faces on tabloid reading, but it gets breaks down spikes in the protein shell as it passes through the population. Doctors have been very late in accepting therapeutic protocols and many of the best outcomes was to have your well read advocate demand a course of treatment. Now if we can just get hospitsl administrators from being chicken littles and greedy when less that a quarter of their admissions are from China virus.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: edgar 7/8/2020 7:23:17 AM (No. 470877)
Evening COVID Porn, formerly the evening news, is unrelenting. The first 10-15 minutes of the broadcast is all about COVID 19 sensationalism. A person at (insert place that should upset you here > day care center, senior facility, a professional sports facility) "tested positive for the disease". I can't wait until December to see if they report the same way on the seasonal flu. The 'news' is so pathetic and is unwatchable.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: rytwng 7/8/2020 7:34:20 AM (No. 470886)
Three million have had the virus, they are either are over it or dead. Three hundred million don't have it.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: gop_guys 7/8/2020 7:35:39 AM (No. 470888)
It’s about two things; mail in ballets and ruining the economy thereby defeating Trump and conservatives in November. Of course every single life is sacred! But the curve is flattened. Now let’s allow herd immunity to take its course just like we did with SARS, MERS, & H1N1. Oh, whatever the next zoogenic virus is down the road as we play with these things in the lab!
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Reply 8 - Posted by: Red Jeep 7/8/2020 7:39:55 AM (No. 470892)
The ultimate goal of this lying about the Corona Virus and the civil unrest is to defeat President Trump this fall, period.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: Suzi 7/8/2020 7:50:20 AM (No. 470901)
I work in a very small hospital and spend some of my day doing pre-surgical calls. The new, added task is the pre-op COVID test. The schedule for these tests is packed. We're doing so many, we have to squeeze people in because we are so busy catching up from the shut down. We are a TINY hospital and had 140 total joint surgeries backed up. Inevitably, some are resulting "positive" (how many are false positive, who knows). I think of all the hospitals nationwide who are testing asymptomatic people. That's a lot of people. Plus, everyone who admits to the hospital gets tested too, regardless of symptoms. If they test positive, they are classified as hospitalized COVID. But we have only had a couple patients who are actually sick with respiratory symptoms associated with COVID. Plus, our COVID unit is in the ICU. The patients who are confirmed COVID are placed there. And the county has classified them as ICU patients, even though they aren't critically ill. So many different reasons that the numbers don't reflect what is really going on.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: Sorosisbehindit 7/8/2020 7:51:22 AM (No. 470903)
I just turned off the news and went to a better news source - all of you. Fox News was telling how there is a vaccine coming (which I will refuse), the schools may not open, and we might be wearing masks for years!!! I'll keep taking my vitamin D and washing my hands like I just chopped up jalapeños and need to change my contacts. But I'm done with this panicked society of whimps! I pity the idiot who thinks it would be a good idea to lecture this old lady about not wearing a mask.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: Historybuff 7/8/2020 7:52:37 AM (No. 470904)
Hospitals want to be full. They are a business. Not unlike airlines that want full planes.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: BeatleJeff 7/8/2020 8:00:26 AM (No. 470919)
How does it work? The libtard media amplifies anything it thinks will hurt Trump and completely ignores anything that would benefit his reelection chances.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: Lawsy0 7/8/2020 8:15:17 AM (No. 470936)
It works because we SAY it works. We need it to work and we plan on it working because that is what the Democrats need at this time in the election year. We have already sacrificed the futures of the Class of 2020 against their social betterment by the rite of graduation. Next we hope to do the same for every child to be enrolled in school this fall. We are going to stop it if we can. /s They hate our duly elected President that much.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: Urgent Fury 7/8/2020 8:19:04 AM (No. 470942)
We say nobody believes the media, but I see a high percentage of maskholes walking around. And driving. Alone.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: Strike3 7/8/2020 8:38:26 AM (No. 470973)
The biggest indication that this is all a scam was the exception made for the Antifa and BLM rioters. Now the COVID death counts are so low that there are more blacks shot by the day in their own neighborhoods by their own people than COVID deaths. The democrat propaganda machine needs to reread Joseph Goebbels' books because they are not very good at this. I can't help but laugh when I see a lone person walking around with a mask outside. They are convinced by the MSM that the virus is waiting around every corner to jump out at them.
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Reply 16 - Posted by: Mekkkk 7/8/2020 8:39:49 AM (No. 470978)
Thank you for explaining the truth
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Reply 17 - Posted by: cor-vet 7/8/2020 8:46:52 AM (No. 470984)
When all of the local government offices require masks or you're not allowed to enter the building to conduct essential business, and they tell you this is the new normal, you know they're not paying attention to the facts. It's hard to fight city hall, when you require something from them. Registered a vehicle yesterday, in a mask. After registering the vehicle and paying the fees, I'm told that there are no license plates available and they're not doing tests. I said, "I guess I can ride with out them" and received an emphatic 'no!' This was after standing outside, in a long line for over an hour, under the eaves while it rained, in masks, because only 4 people at a time could wait inside in the air conditioning. This is in South Louisiana. The workers were behind plexiglas shields w/o masks, but they were required for the applicants.
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Reply 18 - Posted by: starboard 7/8/2020 9:07:55 AM (No. 471002)
The test is flawed. It's picking up antibodies from a past flu and viruses like the common cold. If you're young ad healthy and have no problem. In fact, why should a healthy person even get tested? PBS and the other channels are hyping this way out of proportion. I have a couple of Liberals friends who are paranoid right now. I tell them to do what they want to do, but don't tell me what I should do. One of them lives in Florida and she loves ripping Governor DeSantis. Have you notice the states that are spiking are Red states that the Dems want to win. Arizona is important. How many hospitalizations are there and for how long? Are they on Ventilators? What about the thousands of protestors? Any of them getting sick? No because they haven't been tested. Like the saying "it's the economy stupid." This year "it's the test stupid"
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Reply 19 - Posted by: HotRod 7/8/2020 9:31:29 AM (No. 471035)
The democrats want the schools to stay closed down, so that the kids can attend the riots. The democrats want a maximum turnout at the riots to make bigger news and better optics for the left. More people to tear down monuments too.
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Reply 20 - Posted by: 3XALADY 7/8/2020 9:32:58 AM (No. 471036)
A couple of days ago was listening to Rush. He said the news says FL and TX are the ones with the highest number of cases. In reality, NJ and NY are the states with the highest numbers. 20 million will know that, the rest will know what is on the news.
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Reply 21 - Posted by: Dodge Boy 7/8/2020 9:44:42 AM (No. 471058)
At my household, we ignore the msm's tripe. Currently on another RV'ing trip in the Colorado Rockies where life is good and no msm. But, a little bit of cell signal.
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Reply 22 - Posted by: planetgeo 7/8/2020 9:52:28 AM (No. 471075)
The enemedia are back in full COVID scare mode. The network news are especially unwatchable with their alerts on "climbing cases" (big deal, deaths are dropping) and their months-old pictures of frantic ICU action. Every time I see one of their field propagandizers wearing a mask with not a person within a hundred yards of them I could scream obcenities. Every single person they interview is oh-so-scared. Every single Mom is terrified of sending her kids to school (the exact opposite of every single Mom we know who is beyond ready to get the kids to school). Enough! I'm ready to turn off my TV the same way Elvis did.
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Reply 23 - Posted by: mc squared 7/8/2020 9:57:33 AM (No. 471082)
There is a website that counts down the end life of Covid: 117 days. It's actually to election day, but coincidentally, they are the same date.
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Reply 24 - Posted by: DVC 7/8/2020 10:05:00 AM (No. 471088)
And when will we stop listing everyone who died with antibodies to this Wuhan virus, but with death clearly caused by something else, as a "Wuhan flu death"? The 'powers that be' are perpetrating a fraud on this whole thing with the "deaths" thing, and even then, trying as hard as they can to inflate the numbers, deaths are way down, by a factor of ten in some places. No more discussions of "deaths from Wuhan flu", only "cases". And notice that ALL of the states with the sudden surge in "cases" are on our southern border? Coming in from Mexico, apparently, all nicely pre-infected. Shut down the border entirely. Only if you can pay for and pass an 'instant test' can you come into the country. That isn't difficult. Stop letting diseased people enter the country.
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Reply 25 - Posted by: jerrodmason 7/8/2020 10:19:50 AM (No. 471116)
The data for Arizona (my home state) is illuminating. As of last week, there's a 1 in 4400 overall chance of dying with (not from) COVID. But if you're under 20, the number is 1 in 300,000. It's still only 1 in 27,000 if you're in the 20-44 age group. It's all a scam. Follow the money and the metaphorical money (power).
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Reply 26 - Posted by: little guy 7/8/2020 10:44:40 AM (No. 471150)
There are still millions of useful idiots running around and making noise. These descendants of Chicken Little are easily fooled and manipulated. They will loudly scream at you if you walk down the street without a mask, get too close, etc. The media is talking to them as this 10% can and will control the other 90% --- thus schools stay closed because 3 union reps for the teachers insist on undeliverable safety measures. Oddly, by keeping the total number of deaths low the numerator stays close to constant --- but better testing is showing a huge increase in "cases" so the denominator keeps growing. This means the "deaths per 100,000 population" from the Chinese bug have now plummeted to levels of normal flu cycles. And no one notices ... or cares!
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Reply 27 - Posted by: fairplay 7/8/2020 11:02:16 AM (No. 471187)
What about herd immunity? I heard about that!
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Reply 28 - Posted by: NotaBene 7/8/2020 11:56:10 AM (No. 471249)
Cultural Marxism turned Science political. The Leftists have marched through our institutions and corrupted them. Now the CDC is making outlandish requirements for school reopenings (per Trump’s Tweet this morning). Medicine was corrupted to defeat President Trump the Great. Doctors will not allow working or studying until November 3. Vote MAGAA.
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Reply 29 - Posted by: msjena 7/8/2020 2:49:16 PM (No. 471469)
120,000 deaths! Death rate falling. Never mind.
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Reply 30 - Posted by: Harlowe 7/8/2020 6:23:39 PM (No. 471621)
#14- Some of the people being insulted with the pejorative “maskholes” for wearing masks may be elderly with serious medical conditions who have no recourse but to venture out for groceries, medical appointments, or pharmacy prescriptions. Many of the aged know and accept the seriousness of COVID-19; however, many are keenly aware of and oppose the political and mainstream leftist propaganda but, due to health issues, concede to some prudent measures in an attempt to not become a coronavirus death statistic and add to the leftist propaganda. #19- Another possibility for keeping students out of schools may be to keep them “dumbed down.” The deprivation of worthwhile civics classes may be an indication of deliberate manipulation to keep American students from learning, among other subjects, the true history of this glorious country—as may be evidenced with the mobs and destruction going on in this country. Through the years, comparisons of educations provided in other countries seem to show their students excel more than in the States.
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Reply 31 - Posted by: jeffkinnh 7/8/2020 8:38:57 PM (No. 471789)
All this fake info is being pushed by the Left in a desperate bid to keep people scared and make Trump look bad. They are mixing antibody tests with positive virus tests and bumping the "new case" count. The death count is harder to fake and it is starting to plummet, just like most other countries. They are also trying to use fear to keep people from Trump rallies because he is so successful at them. The reality is, after a period of time, all countries show cases and deaths curving down and then plummeting. All the European nations are showing this pattern. Where testing is fully implemented, more cases may show up as asymptomatic, or minimally ill people are detected but the death count goes down. Over time, even the case count goes down as population immunity builds. The weakest have already succumbed and the remaining people have already fought it off or can handle it better naturally.
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Washington State suggests schools
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Posted by mc squared 7/9/2020 12:07:43 PM Post Reply
Washington state is considering a plan that would give priority to minority and disadvantaged students when schools reopen in the fall following months of closure during the coronavirus pandemic. Like most state chief executives across the country, Washington Gov. Jay Inslee shuttered his state's public schools earlier in the year as part of a coronavirus mitigation plan. States have lately begun considering how they will re-open their schools in the fall, if at all. Education officials across the country have proposed various plans incorporating alternating schedules, "cohorting" of students, and distance learning programs, while others have suggested the entire upcoming school year may consist entirely of virtual classrooms.
WATCH: Biden Can't Read Teleprompter,
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Even in perfect conditions with teleprompters to read from, Joe Biden still forgets what he's talking about. The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee is barely there. Appearing virtually at the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers' 2020 Virtual Political Conference on Wednesday, Biden appeared to be reading from a teleprompter when he repeatedly lost his train of thought. "Lonnie knows I believe this every fiber of being, we're opposed," Biden began confidently enough before he seemingly lost his place with the teleprompter. Biden then switched to platitudes about making "it happen" and illuminating "the path forward." "What I propose is, is, it can be done.
Biden says he would restore pre-Hobby
Lobby contraceptive mandate
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Posted by Harlowe 7/9/2020 5:56:35 PM Post Reply
Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden was one of many on the left to express dismay at the Supreme Court's Wednesday ruling that the Trump administration acted within its authority when it expanded exemptions to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) requirement that employers provide insurance that includes contraception, and promised he would return to an Obama-era policy should he be elected.(Snip)"If I am elected, I will restore the Obama-Biden policy that existed before the Hobby Lobby ruling: providing an exemption for houses of worship and an accommodation for nonprofit organizations with religious missions."
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Posted by Imright 7/9/2020 2:30:54 PM Post Reply
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell broke with the White House on Thursday and said the coronavirus pandemic may scuttle plans for the Republican National Convention. “We will have to wait and see how things look in late August to determine whether or not we can safely convene that many people,” McConnell said in his home state of Kentucky.The Republican leader did not directly answer whether he’s willing to skip the Jacksonville, Fla., gathering along with a handful of other GOP senators.“I think the convention is a challenging situation
Work begins on massive Black Lives
Matter mural outside Trump Tower
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Work began Thursday morning on the massive Black Lives Matter mural in front of Trump Tower. A stretch of Fifth Avenue between East 56th and 57th streets was closed to traffic as city Department of Transportation workers began measuring and stenciling the giant yellow letters onto the pavement with spray paint and tape just after 8 a.m.The Mayor Bill de Blasio-sanctioned mural will then be painted by local artists starting at 11 a.m., with Hizzoner expected to show up later.“I’m extremely proud to be here today. Black lives matter,” said retired Manhattan resident Ellen Myers, 70, who was among a small group of bystanders watching the mural go up.
More than 100 lawmakers urge the
Pentagon to ‘immediately’ reverse
Trump’s transgender military ban
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More than 100 lawmakers are urging the U.S. Department of Defense to immediately end the military ban on transgender troops put in place by the Trump administration in 2019. On Wednesday, Rep. Suzan DelBene, a Democrat from Washington, joined by 116 members of Congress, signed a letter addressed to Secretary of Defense Mark Esper and Attorney General William Barr calling to the end of the policy, which they called “an attack on transgender service members who are risking their lives to serve our country.” The move comes just weeks after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964
Philly has waived all citations
against protesters after they said
arrests violated their rights
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During the month of protests against police brutality in Philadelphia, more than 750 people were arrested for curfew violations, failure to disperse, and disorderly conduct. [Snip] “My decision to waive these violations is not a statement on the validity of the individual citations,” Kenney said in a statement. “Rather, it is a recognition of the core concerns that caused thousands to demonstrate on the streets of Philadelphia. In waiving these notices, I recognize that those issues are vitally important, that the pain of those marching is very real, and that their message — Black lives matter — needs to be heard every day”
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