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Democrats are using an infirm 81-year-old
Joe Biden to defraud the electorate
Posted by Imright 4/21/2024 11:53:32 PM Post Reply
There was a macabre familiarity to the sight last week of a dead man in Brazil being wheeled into a bank by a greedy relative to sign a loan document. The woman is seen on social-media video talking to the corpse in the wheelchair while trying to hold up his floppy head with one hand. In her other hand she clutches a pen lodged between the dead man’s fingers as she attempts to sign documents to secure a loan of $3,250. “Uncle Paulo, are you listening?” the woman, named by CNN Brazil as Érika de Souza Vieira Nunes, tells the late Paulo Braga, 68. “Sign so you don’t give me any more headaches.
Trump Attorney Calls for Judge Overseeing
Hush Money Trial to be Dismissed
Posted by Imright 4/21/2024 11:39:39 PM Post Reply
Former President Donald Trump’s lawyers are calling for the judge overseeing his hush money trial to be dismissed, claiming he could be compromised. Trump attorney David Schoen lashed out against New York City Judge Juan Merchan, insisting that he has no interest in playing fair. Schoen pointed out that Merchan’s daughter works at a campaign firm serving Democrat clients, claiming he would not be impartial to the former president. “The American Bar Association put out a thing last week or so, saying that the lawyers should be standing up for these judges. I don’t have an interest in standing up for a judge who shouldn’t be on a case,”
Biden Regime Sues Sheetz Convenience Stores
for Discrimination ONE DAY After Old Joe’s
Embarrassing Botched Photo Op at a Sheetz
Gas Station
Posted by Imright 4/21/2024 11:36:22 PM Post Reply
President Trump is swarmed by supporters at fast food restaurants and bodegas where he spends a long time talking to them and reporters, as happened last Tuesday evening in Harlem. In contrast, 81 million vote getter Joe Biden stopped by a Sheetz gas station in Pittsburgh Wednesday afternoon and was greeted by total silence, save for one supporter who met him at the door with a hug. Video of Biden’s entrance shows two children and their mother seated, silently watching Biden, with the sound of the in-store music heard quite clearly over the small talk by Biden and the supporter.There were no cheers, no chants of “Four more years!” Just muzak.
UCLA study: Gay couples at greater risk
from climate change
Posted by Beardo 4/21/2024 11:28:51 PM Post Reply
A new study out of UCLA says same-sex couples are at greater “risk of exposure to the adverse effects of climate change” than straight couples. These effects include “wildfires, floods, smoke-filled skies, and drought,” according to a report from KQED. Same-sex couples disproportionately live in coastal regions and cities, which are more vulnerable to such disasters. They’re also more likely “to live in areas with poor infrastructure, worse-built environments.” Washington DC, which rates high for “climate risks” such as heat waves, floods, and “dangerously strong winds,” has the greatest proportion of gay couples in the U.S. San Francisco ranks second, and also faces a high climate change risk.
Biden gave Iran yet another win by pressing
Israel to go easy on the terrorist state
Posted by FlyRight 4/21/2024 10:04:06 PM Post Reply
With Israel facing overwhelming pressure from President Biden, its Friday retaliation against Iran was an exercise in minimalism. Jerusalem did cross one important Iranian red line, at whose mere mention the Biden administration has quailed. Bibi Netanyahu’s war cabinet authorized an overt attack against a target on the soil of Iran, which Israel had previously attacked only covertly. Point therefore made, albeit one that should have made many years ago. Beyond that, there is little to celebrate. Jerusalem’s riposte to Tehran’s massive April 13-14 missile-and-drone attack on Israel has solved nothing else substantive. Iran continues closing its “ring of fire” around Israel, which will likely now refocus on finishing Hamas.
Marijuana grow busted in Maine as feds
investigate trend in 20 states
Posted by FlyRight 4/21/2024 10:01:45 PM Post Reply
The high electricity consumption of a home, its cardboard-covered windows and odor of marijuana drew law enforcement’s attention to an illicit grow operation off the beaten path in rural Maine. The bust of the home with a hidden grow operation and seizure of nearly 40 pounds (18 kilograms) of processed marijuana marked the latest example of what authorities describe as a yearslong trend of foreign nationals to exploit U.S. state laws that have legalized cannabis for recreational or medical use to produce marijuana for the illicit markets in the U.S.
New anti-Israel tent city takes over Columbia
University lawn days after NYPD raid as
activists vow to stay ‘forever’
Posted by FlyRight 4/21/2024 10:00:16 PM Post Reply
A massive new anti-Israel tent city took over Columbia University on Sunday, just days after an NYPD raid cleared another intrusive encampment there and cuffed more than 100 protesters. At least 30 tents were sprawled across the Manhattan Ivy League school’s West Lawn along with piles of food and supplies as embattled university officials struggled to contain the growing crisis. The upheaval and threats to Jewish students have become so intolerable that a prominent rabbi at the prestigious school urged them Sunday to stay home — and university officials told them they could take classes online. “We are looking for our demands, and we are going to continue that,”
Former senior policy advisor to Obama
White House charged with child sex offences
in British court
Posted by AltaD 4/21/2024 7:29:57 PM Post Reply
A former senior policy adviser to the Obama administration has appeared in court in Britain charged with child sex offences. Rahamim 'Rami' Shy, 46, who co-ordinated the US government's strategy to combat terrorists from Al Qaeda and the Taliban, is accused of arranging the commission of a child sex offence, court documents reveal. He is also charged with possession of two category C indecent images of children and possessing a prohibited image of a child. Shy, a US citizen, who lives in New Jersey, worked for the White House under president Barack Obama and secretary of state Hillary Clinton, was arrested in late February by Bedfordshire Police.
Schumer Getting Rid of Mayorkas Impeachment
Could Affect Democrats in November and Beyond
Posted by Imright 4/21/2024 7:12:41 PM Post Reply
It was quite a memorable week for the Senate. With what narrow control the Democrats have, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) was able to spare impeached Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas from a trial. Although Mayorkas was impeached by the House in February, Schumer and his fellow Senate Democrats successfully dismissed the articles of impeachment. In doing so, it's not merely Mayorkas who is affected, but also vulnerable Senate Democrats up for reelection in 2024.
Photo: New York Home Depot Hires Guards
with German Shepherd to Deter ‘Aggressive’
Migrants and Thieves
Posted by Imright 4/21/2024 7:05:51 PM Post Reply
A Home Depot in New Rochelle, New York, is taking drastic measures to ensure shoppers are safe from “aggressive” migrants and thieves. The store now has two guards wearing MSA security hats and bulletproof vests patrolling the parking lot, the New York Post said Sunday. But that is not all. The guards had a German shepherd with them. (X Photo) One of the guards the Post talked with said the company entered a contract recently. However, he noted that they do not allow the dog to bite anyone and also detailed some of the reasons why they were hired.
MTG belongs on MTV replies
Posted by Big Bopper 4/21/2024 6:38:16 PM Post Reply
There are some things to admire about firebrand Marjorie Taylor Greene, sometimes dubbed “MTG.” After earning a Business degree from the University of Georgia, she and her then-husband took over her father’s contracting business. She quit in a few years and began serious CrossFit training and co-founded a CrossFit gym. After becoming interested in politics, she won a seat in the House of Representatives. It goes downhill from there. She ran for Congress as a staunch supporter of Donald Trump, and won, but he didn’t return the favor; he did not endorse here.
House Dems slammed for waving Ukrainian
flag in chamber of US House: ‘Disgusting’
Posted by OhioNick 4/21/2024 5:08:36 PM Post Reply
House Democrats have come under fire for waving the Ukrainian flag in the chamber of the U.S. House of Representatives during a vote to approve $60 billion in aid for the country’s defense. "Ukrainian flags fly in the chamber of the UNITED STATES House of Representatives as they vote to send more of your hard-earned money to a corrupt foreign regime," Sen Rand Paul, R-Ky., said in a post on X Saturday. "And just like that they shout ‘UKRAINE! UKRAINE!’ while happily working to secure Ukraine’s borders, not ours."
Supporting Israel is morally right and
politically smart
Posted by Hazymac 4/21/2024 4:19:34 PM Post Reply
Many Jewish Americans preparing to celebrate the Passover holiday are still mourning the tragic loss of their brothers and sisters in Israel, who suffered unspeakable crimes at the hands of Hamas terrorists on Oct. 7. Much trauma was relived last weekend when Israel suffered an unprecedented direct attack from Iran. Regrettably, as time has passed since October, the Biden administration has increasingly chosen to sympathize less with the Israelis and more with those opposed to eliminating Hamas. The White House’s reaction to Iran’s attack, immediately urging Israeli restraint, was likewise troubling. President Joe Biden’s initial instincts displayed on Oct. 10,
China reportedly ‘expanding rapidly’
in the backyard of the United States
Posted by Imright 4/21/2024 3:54:48 PM Post Reply
Just over 200 miles from the U.S. Virgin Islands, and less than a five-hour flight to Florida, the Caribbean island of Antigua is “about to be razed for a Chinese-run special economic zone.” According to leaked documents reviewed by Newsweek, the zone “will have its own customs and immigration formalities, a shipping port and a dedicated airline and will be able to issue passports. It will establish businesses offering everything from logistics to cryptocurrencies, facial surgery to ‘virology.'” “China, its state-owned companies and aligned private businesses are expanding rapidly in the island nation of Antigua and Barbuda and in other Caribbean countries in this strategic region long known as ‘America’s third border,’
Voices For a Return to God replies
Posted by Imright 4/21/2024 3:17:44 PM Post Reply
The need for a return to God is clearly evident in today’s deranged and dysfunctional world. It is a need, exceeding all others, that must be fulfilled in order to keep enemies of God from interfering with human life. Among them are men and women with top-heavy egos that make them apply their strength of mind and depth of soul to outplay the Creator instead of growing in wisdom. To the charge that raising voices against the excess of human tragedy in today’s world for having dismissed God is “irrational,” my response must be that intellectuals of that persuasion, having lost their way to the truth, continue to omit
Watch: Anti-Israel Protesters at Yale
Tear Down American Flag
Posted by Imright 4/21/2024 3:14:20 PM Post Reply
Anti-Israel protesters at Yale University tore down an American flag on Friday night as they occupied the campus in what Jewish students have called an act of intimidation against them and against the university. The video circulated on social media on Saturday and Sunday, with kaffiyeh-clad activists whooping and cheering as they tore down the Stars and Stripes.(X's, Videos) Many anti-Israel protesters also hold anti-American views, and have also targeted Christian symbols. The Yale Daily News reported: On Saturday night, more than 500 protesters gathered in Beinecke Plaza, and at 12:18 a.m., protesters announced that no arrests would be made that night.
BRAZIL AWAKENS: Hundreds of Thousands
Gather in Rio’s Copacabana Beach Against
Dictatorship and in Support of Bolsonaro! (VIDEOS)
Posted by Mercedes44 4/21/2024 3:08:47 PM Post Reply
It’s a picture-perfect Autumn Sunday Morning, the kind that makes Rio de Janeiro one of the most celebrated cities in the world, the ‘Cidade Maravilhosa’ (City of Wonders). On a day like that, it’s no wonder that people would flock to the beach. But today, many people are not going to the famed Copacabana to be lazing on a Sunday morning; instead, they are gathering in yet another MASS demonstration against the socialist tyranny, in defense of democracy and in support of former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro.
Russian-Backed Military Junta Agrees to
Release 1,000 US Soldiers After Biden
Promises to Abandon the $100 Million US
Airbase in the Country
Posted by Mercedes44 4/21/2024 3:05:54 PM Post Reply
Joe Biden already turned over the Bagram Airbase in Afghanistan to Taliban terrorists in September 2021. Biden abandoned Afghanistan’s Bagram Airfield after nearly 20 years in July by shutting off the electricity and slipping away in the night without notifying the base’s Afghan commander, who discovered the Americans’ secret departure more than two hours after they left. The Taliban quickly took control of Bagram Air Base, which is only 30 miles north of Kabul, on August 15th and released thousands of terrorists held at its prison. The Americans and Afghans left the Taliban military equipment, uniforms, rations and even sports drinks.
Warner: Military equipment will be ‘in
transit’ to Ukraine by next week if
Biden signs bill
Posted by FlyRight 4/21/2024 2:57:36 PM Post Reply
Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.), the chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, on Sunday said U.S. shipments of long-range missiles “will be in transit” to Ukraine next week as long as President Biden signs the foreign aid bill. “I hope once the President signs, we’ve been told that there is it is the President signature, making sure Congress does its job that these materials will be in transit by the end of the week,” Warner said Sunday on CBS News’s “Face the Nation.” “And on that schedule, what it will do is it’s clearly been the case that the Ukrainians morale has been great,
Speaker Mike Johnson Believes "History
Will Judge Well" Extending Warrantless
Searches and Giving Ukraine Unlimited Funds
Posted by FlyRight 4/21/2024 2:54:09 PM Post Reply
I’ve said this so frequently it almost becomes obscene to keep repeating it. Many of the most professional political class in Washington DC just flat out believe the echo-chambering bubble created by the intelligence apparatus inside the beltway. The Republican political leadership, in this case Speaker Mike Johnson, genuinely believes they are doing what the American people want them to do. I can say this with certitude, because I have looked at their eyes when challenging their assumptions and mindset, and I can tell they truly do not think they are lying.
Zelensky says the US is ‘not funding’
war in Ukraine
Posted by FlyRight 4/21/2024 2:52:27 PM Post Reply
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky reiterated Sunday that the United States is “not funding” war in his country, emphasizing that the U.S. is helping protect democracy throughout the region. NBC host Kristen Welker asked Zelensky on “Meet the Press” how long Americans can expect to fund the war in Ukraine, noting that there has been some strong opposition to sending additional aid to the country. Zelensky emphasized that Ukraine is doing the fighting and the U.S. is only providing the munitions.
'The Most Secure Election in American History' replies
Posted by 4250Luis 4/21/2024 2:43:40 PM Post Reply
What did the founders do? They committed an act of treason by signing the Declaration of Independence. They recognized at some point you have to take on the established regime when it is not only unjust, but when there is no lawful way to get it back on track. These matters frame our own nation. Texas had just filed its original action in the Supreme Court against Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin, and Michigan -- four swing states whose election officers had clearly violated election law in those states and with an impact that put Biden over the top in all four.
Columbia rabbi warns Jewish students to
go home, don’t come back to campus because
of ‘extreme antisemitism’
Posted by 4250Luis 4/21/2024 2:40:35 PM Post Reply
A prominent rabbi at Columbia University took the drastic step Sunday of warning Jewish students to go home and not return to campus because of “extreme antisemitism” at the Ivy League school. The dire directive followed yet another night of virulent anti-Israel protests on campus — which included one protester holding up a sign suggesting that students waving Israeli flags should be the next target of Hamas terrorists.” The events of the last few days, especially last night, have made it clear that Columbia University’s Public Safety and the NYPD cannot guarantee Jewish students’ safety in the face of extreme antisemitism and anarchy,” Rabbi Elie Buechler told students Sunday morning over WhatsApp.
A crush of lawsuits over voting in multiple
states is creating a shadow war for the
2024 election
Posted by 4250Luis 4/21/2024 2:38:27 PM Post Reply
As President Joe Biden and Donald Trump step up their campaigning in swing states, a quieter battle is taking place in the shadows of their White House rematch. The Republican National Committee, newly reconstituted under Trump, has filed election-related lawsuits in nearly half the states. Recent lawsuits over voter roll maintenance in Michigan and Nevada are part of a larger strategy targeting various aspects of voting and election administration. It’s not a new strategy. But with recent internal changes at the RNC and added pressure from the former president, the legal maneuvering is expected to play an increasingly significant role for the party as Election Day in November approaches.
Columbia Rabbi Urges Jewish Students to
Go Home as Protesters Openly Cheer Hamas,
Chant ‘Burn Tel Aviv to the Ground’
Posted by Dreadnought 4/21/2024 2:31:33 PM Post Reply
Pro-Palestinian protesters outside Columbia University late Saturday night openly advocated for Hamas terrorism against Israel, yelling “Burn Tel Aviv to the ground!” as well as other pro-violence slogans. Heated protests have roiled Columbia’s campus in the last week. New York City police arrested 108 anti-Israel activists on Thursday after the university’s president asked law enforcement to step in and break up the “Gaza Solidarity Encampment.” Dozens of protester tents occupied campus for over 24 hours, which the university deemed a safety concern and a violation of university policies. “We say justice, you say how? Burn Tel Aviv to the ground!,”
‘Public’ Radio isn’t Dedicated to
the Masses
Posted by OhioNick 4/21/2024 2:28:28 PM Post Reply
Is National Public Radio fair and balanced? Do they care what you think? NPR has a “public editor” to monitor listener complaints and concerns, but as we all know, the majority of their listeners are going to complain they’re not “progressive” enough. In 2021, Public Editor Kelly McBride appeared on Brian Stelter’s CNN podcast to praise NPR’s decision to allow their journalists to go to (leftist) public protests so they can “bring their full humanity to work with them.” When Stelter asked about NPR’s critics, McBride dismissed any conservative complaints about a leftist tilt because they are not “genuinely interested in improving NPR.”
The big money bankrolling the Left’s lawfare replies
Posted by Moritz55 4/21/2024 1:11:50 PM Post Reply
As Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s transparently political prosecution of former President Donald Trump began last week, it is important to remember that the former president is not the only target of the Democratic Party‘s campaign to use government power to silence political dissent. The Left’s efforts to intimidate conservative activists this month included Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) delivering a congressional subpoena to Federalist Society Co-Chairman Leonard Leo. It was voted on by the Senate Judiciary Committee last November without securing a single Republican vote. Durbin has not explained why the subpoena was not delivered for five months.
NYC high school soccer game canceled after
group of about 30 migrants refuse to leave
the field — even after cops showed up
Posted by mc squared 4/21/2024 12:34:36 PM Post Reply
A high school soccer game at a public field in East Harlem was canceled after a group of migrants refused to leave the pitch so the kids could play. “I directly asked them to leave and some of them kind of took it into consideration, but then four or five of them said, ‘You know what, f–k it, we don’t have to leave, we can do whatever we want,'” said Erik Johansson, the coach of the Manhattan Kickers 17-year-old boys travel team. About 40 boys from both teams showed up on Sunday, April 14 at Thomas Jefferson Park for the 5 p.m. match.
Exclusive: 700 Chinese Migrants Apprehended
at California Border in One Week
Posted by Imright 4/21/2024 11:31:06 AM Post Reply
An unofficial report from U.S. Customs and Border Protection reviewed by Breitbart Texas revealed that nearly 700 migrants from the People’s Republic of China (PRC) were apprehended entering the San Diego region in the third week of April. Since the fiscal year began in October, more than 26,000 migrants from the PRC have been apprehended. A CBP source, not authorized to speak to the media, told Breitbart Texas the number of Chinese migrants apprehended represents a more than threefold increase from the same time last year. The source told Breitbart that China is now within the top ten nationalities encountered by the Border Patrol along the southern border.
Columbia Then and Now replies
Posted by Hazymac 4/21/2024 10:01:20 AM Post Reply
Working for then Minnesota Senator Walter Mondale in the summer of 1969, I went to hear the late Allard Lowenstein speak to a large group of interns. Lowenstein was serving his only term in Congress before he was gerrymandered out of his district. Lowenstein asked us to go back to our campuses, do our thing in opposition to the Vietnam war, and “eschew violence.” He said the word “eschew” several times, emphasizing its Anglo-Saxon roots. The derivation is more complicated than that, but Lowenstein’s emphasis on it is why I remember what he said. In 1980 Lowenstein was himself murdered by “a deranged acquaintance,” as
‘Star Wars’ vindicated! replies
Posted by DVC 4/21/2024 9:59:02 AM Post Reply
I was in the United States Navy, embarked on a guided missile frigate, when President Ronald Reagan gave his landmark speech in 1983 introducing the concept of an advanced integrated weapons system to defend the United States and our allies from attacks from nuclear-tipped ballistic missiles. Reagan was a staunch critic of the doctrine of Mutually Assured Destruction, or MAD, which since the proliferation of nuclear weapons in the 1950s had been in place to in theory preclude the first use of nuclear weapons. [snip] Reagan was convinced that the Soviet Union would be unable to match the United States
The Kennedy Family Is Pretty Damn Gross
and Still Joe Biden Is Worse
Posted by Hazymac 4/21/2024 8:50:55 AM Post Reply
There wasn’t any woman a Kennedy wouldn’t take to bed. Mob boss girlfriend, communist spy, Hollywood actress, sister-in-law, widow, intern, whatever. And those are just the ones we know about. While the sex stories have died down with the passing of pants-less Uncle Teddy, the screwing continues in a different form: they now screw each other. No, not like that – they aren’t Ilhan Omar. They’re screwing each other in metaphorical ways, symbolic ways. There was a time when the Kennedy family stuck together. It was an admirable quality, that loyalty, even though it didn’t apply to anyone who married into the family. Well, ok, loyalty
Chicago is the DNC’s Kind of Town? replies
Posted by Mercedes44 4/21/2024 5:42:44 AM Post Reply
I’m old enough to remember the 1968 DNC convention in Chicago, and smart enough to see that Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson is no Richard J. Daley. So, as food prices rise with no end in sight, I advise you to stock up on popcorn before the August 19 convention in Chicago this year. As for the Democrats, I cannot imagine a scenario where there is anything but downsides for picking this site, this year. In case you forgot, the 1968 convention began with ominous foreboding. True, the mayor had done everything he could to prettify the city, including screening the stockyards with redwood fences,
Biden 'doesn't understand the Catholic
faith,' bishop says: 'I'm not angry at
him, he's just stupid'
Posted by OhioNick 4/21/2024 3:47:44 AM Post Reply
A Catholic bishop in Michigan weighed in on the discrepancy between President Biden's policies and his professed Catholic faith earlier this month, suggesting "forgiveness" for the president's "stupidity." Bishop Robert Gruss of the Diocese of Saginaw mentioned Biden during "Forgiveness as the Heart of Christianity," a lecture given on Apr. 5 at the Cathedral of Mary of the Assumption.
OMG: James O’Keefe to Drop Bombshell
Undercover Video Exposing Intel Officials
Posted by Imright 4/21/2024 2:48:03 AM Post Reply
James O’Keefe on Saturday said O’Keefe Media Group (OMG) will be publishing undercover video of intel officials. “If I publish the video @OKeefeMedia has of these intel guys, you all better have my back,” James O’Keefe said on X. Earlier Saturday James O’Keefe said elected officials are “afraid” of the intel community because they can use personal stuff as blackmail. “It’s time to expose the intel community on video,” O’Keefe said. “Elected officials are afraid of them because they could use personal stuff as blackmail.”
What Can Be Made Fun of and What Can't replies
Posted by Imright 4/21/2024 2:37:28 AM Post Reply
How odd the way humor in our society is unfolding. Christianity, white males, male sports, conservative women, conservative Black people, and conservative Supreme Court justices, among others are considered prime territory for late-night talk show hosts. Meanwhile, it is taboo to joke about Islam, Native Americans, liberal women, most minorities, and the trials and tribulations of many Leftist politicians. Consider the long-run theatrical play, “The Book of Mormon.” It is an award-winning musical comedy. With a first performance in 2011, the production irreverently portrays and lampoons the practices and beliefs of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, formerly known as Mormons.
Ukraine’s Zelensky ‘Personally’
Thanks Mike Johnson for $61 Billion Gift
from U.S. Taxpayers
Posted by Imright 4/21/2024 2:30:33 AM Post Reply
Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky said he was “personally” grateful to “Speaker Mike Johnson for the decision that keeps history on the right track” after Johnson shepherded a $61 billion Ukraine aid package through the House Saturday. The image of scores of Democrats waving Ukraine flags and cheering on the House floor as the bill passed will forever sting the conservatives from whose ranks Johnson rose, only to serve “I am grateful to the United States House of Representatives, both parties, and personally Speaker Mike Johnson for the decision that keeps history on the right track,” a gleeful Zelensky posted on X after the vote.them with the ultimate betrayal. (X)
Lara Trump sets internet ablaze with response
to podcast viewer who asked if she was
'as stupid as she appears to be'
Posted by Imright 4/21/2024 2:26:41 AM Post Reply
Lara Trump managed to handle an awkward moment during an episode of her podcast when she held a question and answer session with one viewer asking if she was 'as stupid as she appears to be.' Without missing a beat, Trump, who is the wife of Eric Trump, continued calmly and turned her likely rehearsed answer into a direct attack on the Democratic Party. 'Oh! This is a nice one, "Is Lara Trump as stupid as she appears to be?" What is it that—that's stupid? Let me ask you that, sir or ma'am. I am—again, I say this all the time, I'm just giving you information and the facts,' Trump responded.
Pro-Hamas Protests Rage Into the Night
at Columbia University
Posted by Dreadnought 4/21/2024 1:45:42 AM Post Reply
The ongoing protests at Columbia University heated up Saturday with approximately 200 demonstrators partaking in yet more anti-Israel, pro-Hamas displays. A notable incident occurred when a student was taken away on a stretcher and received medical attention from Columbia University EMS, a university spokesperson told The New York Post. A group of student protestors used black umbrellas and a tarp to obstruct the view of the woman as she was taken away on a stretcher. The exact condition of the student remains unclear. The charged atmosphere included "death to Israel" chants and police in riot gear clashing with the protestors outside of a locked university campus gate
It's Happening: US House Passes Landmark
TikTok Ban Amid Rising Data Security Concerns
Posted by Dreadnought 4/21/2024 1:43:27 AM Post Reply
The House of Representatives on Saturday passed what could be landmark legislation that would ban TikTok in the United States unless its parent company agrees to sell the video-sharing app to a U.S.-based company. Some have taken this development as a sign that it is “inevitable” that the bill will become the law of the land. The proposed legislation, which has its share of proponents and detractors, is aimed at preventing the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) from covertly accessing the data of Americans using the app. If it becomes law, it could become a pivotal moment related to government involvement in digital communication.
‘Moscow Marjorie’ Taylor Greene, GOP
rebels defeated as House passes $61B in
Ukraine aid package
Posted by Dreadnought 4/21/2024 1:18:39 AM Post Reply
House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) on Saturday crushed a putsch by far-right Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Republican rebels — pushing through a $95.3 billion aid package that funds the fight against Russia, the defense of Israel and resistance against China. Lawmakers in a rare bipartisan effort overwhelmingly approved the four-bill package, including one measure providing $60.8 billion for Ukraine. About 80% of that money will go toward replenishing supplies of US-made weapons and ammunition and other direct military assistance. Another $9.5 billion is in the form of a forgivable loan. The bill passed 311-112 with all “nay” votes coming from Republicans, including Greene who was hailed as “Moscow Marjorie” by
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