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Biden Regime Sues Sheetz Convenience Stores
for Discrimination ONE DAY After Old Joe’s
Embarrassing Botched Photo Op at a Sheetz
Gas Station

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Posted By: Imright, 4/21/2024 11:36:22 PM

President Trump is swarmed by supporters at fast food restaurants and bodegas where he spends a long time talking to them and reporters, as happened last Tuesday evening in Harlem. In contrast, 81 million vote getter Joe Biden stopped by a Sheetz gas station in Pittsburgh Wednesday afternoon and was greeted by total silence, save for one supporter who met him at the door with a hug. Video of Biden’s entrance shows two children and their mother seated, silently watching Biden, with the sound of the in-store music heard quite clearly over the small talk by Biden and the supporter.There were no cheers, no chants of “Four more years!” Just muzak.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: padiva 4/21/2024 11:41:21 PM (No. 1703744)
I like Sheetz. I feel safe there. I would not feel safe if biden was in the building. (The restrooms are nicer than Wawa or Turkey Hill.)
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Reply 2 - Posted by: Rumblehog 4/21/2024 11:47:17 PM (No. 1703749)
I guess the customers didin't give a Sheetz for Pedo-Joe.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: MaMe2 4/22/2024 1:16:50 AM (No. 1703765)
There has to be a joke with bathroom humor in there somewhere.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: MaMe2 4/22/2024 1:18:40 AM (No. 1703767)
There has to be a joke with bathroom humor in there somewhere.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: wilarrbie 4/22/2024 1:22:19 AM (No. 1703769)
Joe must have a little stenographer following close, taking notes: Have heckler arrested. Sue that guy. Bring the long haired little girl over here. Not her mom. DOG! Hit with motorcade. Make like accident.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: Lawsy0 4/22/2024 1:54:50 AM (No. 1703779)
Who started the lawsuit?
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Reply 7 - Posted by: chumley 4/22/2024 6:14:51 AM (No. 1703836)
I like Sheetz. Their gas prices are competitive, they have a better selection of beer than anywhere else locally, the tire air is free, and the staff are usually clean and personable. My kids like their hamburgers. I think I'll keep going there. They haven't ripped me off near as much as Biden has.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: Rotten in Denmark 4/22/2024 7:33:17 AM (No. 1703879)
Sheetz is a great chain of gas stations and convenience stores in PA and Maryland, at least. Prices are competing for gas and better than many if you use their CC and shopper program. Too bad the Bidenistas chose this store instead of a turnpike restroom to meet people.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: Oldenoughtoknowbetter 4/22/2024 7:55:29 AM (No. 1703892)
Humm. How many people that work in the White House have criminal records?
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Reply 10 - Posted by: franq 4/22/2024 8:52:24 AM (No. 1703930)
As I said, shakedown time. Sheetz is a privately held, multi-billion dollar family business. They didn't kowtow, apparently.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: Hazymac 4/22/2024 9:17:14 AM (No. 1703944)
And so the day after Brandon in his (expletive deleted) aviator shades spent two minutes moving about like a giant amoeba on rickety stilts inside a Sheetz, his totally politicized EEOC decides to sue the sheetz out of this corporation. Why did this song pop into my head: "That's What You Get for Loving Me"? Nice optics by the EEOC and Potato Head. What vile people.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: DVC 4/22/2024 9:38:05 AM (No. 1703963)
Traitor Joe has always been all about payback and has a mean streak a yard wide.
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Last November, Yevgeny (Eugene) Vindman announced he was running as a Democrat for Congress in Virginia's 7th Congressional District, an open and closely watched seat with Democratic Rep. Abigail Spanberger running for governor. His campaign was quickly off to a rough start, as his sister-in-law, Rachel Vindman, the wife of Alexander Vindman, had a particularly unhinged reaction to some skepticism from fellow Democrats. As we get closer to the June 18 primary, Vindman's campaign continues to flounder.Earlier this month, footage of Vindman's participation in an Alpha Phi Alpha candidate forum surfaced in which Vindman stumbled through a response about being Jewish
Cover-Up Eexposed: Judge Cannon Unmasks
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Judge Aileen Cannon on Monday ordered key evidence in Jack Smith’s classified documents case to be unredacted. The newly unredacted documents revealed Biden’s White House had direct ties to the Mar-a-Lago raid. The Biden Regime was also directly tied to Jack Smith’s investigation despite claims to the contrary from US Attorney General Merrick Garland. Before with redactions: Jack Smith wanted to hide the fact that the National Archives had several conversations with the Biden White House.
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Opening statements were underway in President Trump’s ‘hush payment’ trial in New York City on Monday morning. Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s top prosecutor lied during his opening statement and claimed Trump “orchestrated a criminal scheme to corrupt the 2016 presidential election” when he paid porn star Stormy Daniels to keep quiet about their alleged affair. Trump has denied the affair. Bragg’s top prosecutor who gave the opening statement on Monday – Matthew Colangelo – previously worked in the Justice Department (Biden appointee)
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Former President Donald Trump’s so-called “threats” should “scare every American,” twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said, asserting that a second Trump term would be like “having a dictator” in the Oval Office.
Controversies Involving Speaker Mike Johnson
and His Sons Resurface — From Monitoring
Each Other’s Porn Usage to Arrest of
His Adopted Son on Charges of Running
Illegal Cannabis Business
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Speaker Mike Johnson finds himself entangled in controversy once more, as past incidents involving his ‘adopted’ son resurface amidst legislative tumult. Last week, the House of Representatives, under Johnson’s leadership and his comrades, passed two “America last” legislations. Firstly, the House approved an extension of Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), a measure initially enacted following the September 11, 2001, attacks, in a 273 to 147 vote.
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Pope Francis commemorated Earth Day on Monday by warning that the planet is “falling into ruin” thanks to humanity’s failure to protect it. “Our generation has bequeathed many riches, but we have failed to protect the planet and we are not safeguarding peace,” the pontiff chided on X (former Twitter). “We are called to become artisans and caretakers of our common home, the Earth which is ‘falling into ruin,’” he declared, followed by “#EarthDay.” For the 50th anniversary of Earth Day in 2020, Pope Francis issued a similar indictment of humanity’s failure to care for the planet, blaming human selfishness for the ruin of the earth.
Minnesota Democratic state senator jailed
after being accused of breaking into home
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That’s not constituent service. A Minnesota state senator was arrested early Monday on suspicion of first-degree burglary — hundreds of miles from her home turf. Nicole Mitchell, a 49-year-old first-term Democrat who reps the Twin Cities suburbs of Woodbury and Maplewood, was taken into custody after a homeowner called police in Detroit Lakes — 220 miles to the northwest — to report an intruder, according to local reports. Mitchell, a former TV and radio meteorologist and a commander in the Air National Guard, was booked into the Becker County Jail, where she remained as of Monday afternoon, according to online records.
Columbia Moves to Remote Classes amid
Anti-Israel Campus Chaos
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Posted by Dreadnought 4/22/2024 11:34:59 AM Post Reply
Columbia University president Minouche Shafik condemned the “intimidating and harassing behavior” that has occurred on the New York City campus over the past several days and announced that classes would be held remotely on Monday. “Antisemitic language, like any other language that is used to hurt and frighten people, is unacceptable and appropriate action will be taken,” Shafik said in a statement. She further suggested that “tensions have been exploited and amplified by individuals who are not affiliated with Columbia who have come to campus to pursue their own agendas.” Shafik added that, over the coming days, deans and administrators will convene to resolve the “crisis” on campus
Cover-Up Eexposed: Judge Cannon Unmasks
Redacted Documents Revealing Biden White
House Direct Ties to Mar-a-Lago Raid,
Jack Smith Investigation
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Posted by Imright 4/22/2024 7:12:34 PM Post Reply
Judge Aileen Cannon on Monday ordered key evidence in Jack Smith’s classified documents case to be unredacted. The newly unredacted documents revealed Biden’s White House had direct ties to the Mar-a-Lago raid. The Biden Regime was also directly tied to Jack Smith’s investigation despite claims to the contrary from US Attorney General Merrick Garland. Before with redactions: Jack Smith wanted to hide the fact that the National Archives had several conversations with the Biden White House.
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Many years ago, I worked for Virgin Atlantic airline and was fortunate to be awarded a free fam pass on El Al airlines to Israel. I ended up trading the ticket away to another employee but I always regretted not taking this opportunity to visit the Holy Land because of my cowardice. At the time, it seemed like every week there would be a bus blown up or an explosion in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv and I wondered how any one could live in such a turbulent environment. I grew up in a poor tenement in Spanish Harlem,
A wheelchair-bound girl is beaten, and
we need to talk about it
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A recent video shows a disabled girl confined to a wheelchair being bullied at her middle school. She’s taunted, struck, and tossed around. Those watching and videotaping giggle hysterically. It’s horrible. It also shows sociopathic behavior that is increasingly normalized in America, especially among blacks. This isn’t because blacks are inherently sociopaths. It’s because the Democrat party has deliberately stolen from them the societal institutions that create decency. Note: I am not saying that blacks are inherently criminal, sociopathic, stupid, or whatever other words a Democrat would put into my mouth. To say so—to say that negative traits, values, and behaviors are tied to skin color—would be deeply evil and racist.
How Do You Solve a Problem Like Mike Johnson? 15 replies
Posted by DW626 4/22/2024 7:27:04 AM Post Reply
The Sound of Music was an iconic movie for my generation. We watched it at movie theaters when made its yearly appearance, then eventually on television. If you missed it, you had to wait a year until it was rebroadcast as there was no video on demand as there is today. It was a fun movie, featuring sing-a-long music, romance, mischief, and a realistic view of jackbooted Nazis destroying a beautiful country. There was no same sex marriage, no transgenders, no mention of global warming, diversity, wokeness, or any other message permeating current movies and television shows.
What a new US civil war could REALLY be
like: Rebel generals defect to Trump after
Biden outlaws 'terrorist' MAGA supporters...
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Far-right militias execute minorities.
Anarchy erupts. Forget the movie...
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Flanked by two marines, President Joe Biden steps out of the Marine One chopper onto the tarmac at Andrews Air Force Base to declare a national emergency. It's 6pm on January 6, 2025, 20 miles from Washington DC. 'Four years ago, on this very day, Donald Trump tried to steal democracy,' says the 82-year-old Commander-in-Chief, removing his Aviator sunglasses to signal the gravity of his point. 'He's doing it again, folks. We must stop him, no matter what.' From now on, Biden decrees, Trump's Make America Great Again (Maga) movement will be designated a terrorist group. The Trump-owned Truth Social platform will be shut down.
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