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The Lesson of 9/11 Is a Warning That Biden's
Declining Physical and Mental Ability
Could Get People Killed

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Posted By: Hazymac, 9/12/2023 8:02:04 AM

An old saying among the holders of our nation’s classified secrets sums it up: “You can lead policymakers to intelligence, but you can’t make them think.” Enter President Joe Biden. A president who has taken more vacation days to recover from fewer hours worked than any president in living memory. A man who is the barely breathing role model for the 4-day 32-hour work week that socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders is now advocating. A man who, in rambling, almost incoherent appearances with other national leaders, keeps referring to his aides as the people telling him what to do. Joe Biden’s cognitive ability, never great, has declined over the last year to

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Reply 1 - Posted by: NamVet70 9/12/2023 8:07:34 AM (No. 1554412)
The Afghanistan retreat should have been sufficient evidence of how this regime gets people killed. The real danger is the mindset of the tyrants behind the screen who are actually running the Biden regime. The world is a very dangerous place in which to leave your security to the whims of idiots.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: Msquared112 9/12/2023 8:27:23 AM (No. 1554430)
The new Iran deal will most certainly open the door wider to another 9/11. Biden should be arrested, tried and sentenced for treason.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: bpl40 9/12/2023 8:29:44 AM (No. 1554432)
The 13 service members killed in withdrawal from Kabul is just the beginning. There is Iran, N Korea, Taiwan, Ukraine and then there is Civil War II.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: LC Chihuahua 9/12/2023 9:47:19 AM (No. 1554487)
Has any other President been cut off by their own Press Secretary? Can imagine a few Presidents that would have fired their Press Secretary in response. No way this is normal behavior regardless of what Biden supporters say.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: mifla 9/12/2023 10:22:49 AM (No. 1554510)
Wars start when one country projects weakness towards its enemies. We look like roadkill to circling buzzards.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: NorthStar 9/12/2023 11:02:31 AM (No. 1554547)
They do not care! If the little people must suffer and die for their cause, so be it.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: The Remnants 9/12/2023 12:42:34 PM (No. 1554608)
How much mayhem has been caused by the open southern border? murders, rapes, assaults, trafficking of young children and women, automobile accidents, etc.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: bighambone 9/12/2023 7:46:35 PM (No. 1554857)
Recently Biden has been unable to say anything beyond about two sentences without reading from cue cards, but yesterday when Air Force One was being refueled at an Air Force Base in Alaska, Biden gave a 16 minute rambling speech that contained falsehoods without any sort of teleprompter being seen during the TV presentation. So you have to figure that Biden was reading text from some sort of teleprompter that was out of view of the TV cameras?
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The Hunter Biden Indictments Are a Ruse.
Here’s Why.
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It’s a true reflection of the sad state of our justice system that we have to be suspicious of anything it does. When we first learned that Hunter Biden would likely be indicted, I was skeptical and felt that even if Special Counsel David Weiss did indict him, it would be a ruse. Still, when the indictments came down on Thursday, it was hard not to feel somewhat elated—but that suspicion still nags at me. Seriously, does anyone believe that Hunter Biden will actually face any jail time? Would Weiss, one of the architects of Hunter’s ridiculous plea deal, actually put Hunter Biden behind bars? I don’t.
Hunter Biden's Lawyer Admits He Broke
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'Congressional Manipulation'
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Hunter Biden's legal team is clearly not happy about all the scrutiny, especially in the wake of a three-count indictment over a gun purchase. The younger Biden's top defense attorney, Abbe Lowell, sent a ton of documents to congressional committees on Thursday. As part of the submission, he included a cover letter that blasted House Republicans for their investigations into his client, according to POLITICO. The letter, which they published in full here, appears to be less of a defense of his client and more of a partisan attack. Hunter Biden's legal team is clearly not happy about all the scrutiny, especially in the wake of a three-count indictment
Ford CEO: We Won’t Give Workers Pay
Increases that Keep Us ‘from Investing
in This Transition to EVs’
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On Thursday’s broadcast of CNN’s “The Lead,” Ford President and CEO Jim Farley stated that he’s not opposed to giving workers pay increases, “But if it prevents us from investing in this transition to EVs and in future products like the ones we have now like a new F-150,” they won’t do that because they’ll go bankrupt. While discussing the pay raises demanded by the UAW in negotiations and pay raises for CEOs, Farley said that they have offered pay raises and are open to big pay increases, but the 40% that the UAW is asking for is too much and would put the company out of
SILVER ALERT: Have You Seen This Man? 4 replies
Posted by Hazymac 9/12/2023 1:22:24 PM Post Reply
Someone in Washington law enforcement needs to issue a silver alert for the man who used to be Joe Biden, who is currently play-acting as President of the United States and last seen wandering aimlessly around various events in India, Vietnam, and Alaska. And while they’re at it, maybe round up the Cabal that actually runs the “Biden” White House for elder abuse — and for criminal conspiracy to completely ruin a once-great nation. While Biden further embarrassed himself and the country during a two-nation tour of southern Asia, his team back home continued to chip away at the country’s security.
The Lesson of 9/11 Is a Warning That Biden's
Declining Physical and Mental Ability
Could Get People Killed
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Posted by Hazymac 9/12/2023 8:02:04 AM Post Reply
An old saying among the holders of our nation’s classified secrets sums it up: “You can lead policymakers to intelligence, but you can’t make them think.” Enter President Joe Biden. A president who has taken more vacation days to recover from fewer hours worked than any president in living memory. A man who is the barely breathing role model for the 4-day 32-hour work week that socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders is now advocating. A man who, in rambling, almost incoherent appearances with other national leaders, keeps referring to his aides as the people telling him what to do. Joe Biden’s cognitive ability, never great, has declined over the last year to
Exhausted 80-Year-Old Joe Biden Cut Off
by Karine Jean Pierre as Press Sec Moves
to End Train Wreck Presser in Vietnam (Video)
19 replies
Posted by Hazymac 9/11/2023 9:13:50 AM Post Reply
White House Press Secretary Karine Jean Pierre interrupted and cut off Joe Biden to abruptly end his press conference in Hanoi, Vietnam Sunday evening. Jean Pierre apparently acted to save Biden from further embarrassment in the gaffe-filled press conference that was bizarrely scheduled at the end of a whirlwind jet lag-inducing trip to India and Vietnam that wrecked the 80-year-old Biden’s body clock. Biden was so tired he told reporters, “I don’t know about you, but I’m going to go to bed.” The move by Jean Pierre to interrupt Biden in the middle of his speaking and abruptly end the press conference comes as a new book on the Biden presidency
Dems Aren't Coming to Take Your Guns...Until
They Are
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Posted by Hazymac 9/11/2023 8:18:45 AM Post Reply
Happy Monday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. (Snip) A common refrain we hear from anti-Second Amendment leftists goes something like this: “Don’t be ridiculous, we don’t want to take your guns.” It’s a way of dismissing our well-founded concerns that American leftists will, if given the chance, will become fascists who won’t hesitate to abrogate even our God-given rights. Yeah, we’ve met them. Of course, variations on the above line are always — yes, always — offered as part of a larger conversation in which they then say something along the lines of: “OK, not all of your guns, just the ones that we’ve deemed super extra scary.”
More Climate Fairy Tales 1 reply
Posted by Hazymac 9/10/2023 5:36:41 PM Post Reply
It’s been a good summer for climate activists who are pushing the false narrative of “climate change.” We had the Canadian wildfires with smoke drifting into other parts of North America. Then there were hotter than usual temperatures in many parts of the country (it’s summertime and I predict temperatures will drop this fall, winter and spring, as usual), followed by a devastating fire in Maui, and then Hurricane Idalia. Never mind that the fires in Canada might have been prevented if environmentalists had not opposed clearing underbrush and removing old trees. The same goes for Maui, along with better management of the fire when it first broke out.
The FBI massively erred about civilians
stopping active shooters
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Posted by Hazymac 9/10/2023 5:28:48 PM Post Reply
I’m one of those who believes that what stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. Sometimes, that good guy is a police officer, and sometimes, the good guy is a civilian. Leftists claim that the good guys’ contribution is so inconsequential that it doesn’t justify honoring citizens’ Second Amendment to keep and bear arms. New Mexico governor Michelle Grisham certainly agrees with that viewpoint. Leftists look to FBI statistics to support their arguments—so will you be surprised to learn that the FBI’s statistics are wrong? And, as always, that the error works to support leftist ideology and political positions?
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Posted by Mercedes44 9/18/2023 9:44:24 PM Post Reply
Here we go. The Clinton Global Initiative will launch a new network to provide ‘humanitarian aid’ to war-torn Ukraine. Of course. Recall, that Bill Clinton last year announced the Clinton Global Initiative will be hosting a leadership summit in New York in September after a 5-year hiatus. “This year’s meeting will focus on what it takes to keep going — to maintain and advance progress, in spite of the difficulties that arise, and increase our capacity to cross the divides and make common cause with one another wherever possible to build a stronger future for all,” the Clintons said in a letter to the CGI community.
U.S. asks for help finding missing F-35
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A U.S. fighter jet’s stealth abilities appear to be working too well, with authorities forced to ask the public for help finding an F-35 that went missing somewhere over South Carolina when the pilot ejected because of a “mishap.” Joint Base Charleston, an air base in North Charleston, said it was working with Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort to "locate an F-35 that was involved in a mishap" Sunday afternoon. The pilot was able to safely eject from the aircraft, an F-35B Lightning II jet, and was taken to a local medical center in stable condition, it said in a Facebook post around 5:35 p.m. ET. The jet was left in autopilot
It Begins: Australia’s Fifth-Largest
Bank Announces Digital-Only Transactions
– Will Phase Out Cash, Cheque, and Phone
Payments in All 80 Branches Starting Next Year
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Australia’s fifth-largest bank, Macquarie Bank, has announced its transition to digital-only transactions. Starting from January 2024, the bank will begin phasing out all cash, cheque, and phone payment services in its 80 branches. By November 2024, all in-branch cash transactions will be completely discontinued. “Between January 2024 and November 2024, we’ll be phasing out our cash and cheque services across all Macquarie banking and wealth management products, including pension and super accounts,” the bank said in a statement.
That Miserable Bag Of Goo Mitt Romney
Slinks Away Humiliated
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Posted by ladydawgfan 9/18/2023 5:22:22 AM Post Reply
I knew there was something wrong with Mitt Romney, really wrong, when my mom – a daughter of Pennsylvania’s steel mill country, but a dedicated Republican, told me back in 2012, “I just don’t like him.” Of course, those steel mills are all gone now, moved to China by guys who either were, or looked exactly like, Mitt Romney. Now he’s finally calling it quits as a senator, apparently by popular demand. His departure is cause for celebration. Mitt Romney is a bad person who pretends to be a good person. He is the blow-dried embodiment of everything awful about the Republican Party that used to be.
RFK Jr says he would ban fracking in 10-point
plan to tackle plastics pollution
21 replies
Posted by Skinnydip 9/19/2023 8:53:52 AM Post Reply
Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., while announcing his 10-point plan to end the plastics pollution crisis, said he would ban fracking. The process of fracking involves high pressure injections of liquid into underground rocks and layers to open fissures and extract oil or gas. The United Nations says each year, 19-23 million tons of plastic waste leaks into waterways, polluting rivers, seas, and lakes. [snip] The move would also drive the price of oil above $150 per barrel, while killing state budgets for energy producing states.
Hunter Biden sues IRS, alleges agents
tried to 'target' and 'embarrass' him
21 replies
Posted by Moritz55 9/18/2023 10:36:08 AM Post Reply
Hunter Biden's attorneys filed a lawsuit against the IRS on Monday, alleging that agents have "targeted and sought to embarrass" the president's son. Biden's Monday morning filing cites two major examples in IRS agents Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler, two whistleblowers who claimed the IRS mishandled aspects of its investigation into Biden. Biden's lawsuit seeks for the court to declare that the IRS "willfully, knowingly, and/or by gross negligence, unlawfully disclosed Mr. Biden's confidential tax information." In addition, Biden is demanding $1,000 in damages for "each and every unauthorized disclosure of his tax returns,"
A disturbing killing, and the media won't
touch it
21 replies
Posted by Magnante 9/18/2023 5:38:11 AM Post Reply
As I write this on September 16, the New York Times has yet to mention Andreas Probst, the retired 64-year-old California police chief brutally murdered on August 14 in Las Vegas. The initial silence is understandable. Probst was killed while bicycling at about 6 A.M. along a quiet road. The assumption was that he was the unfortunate victim of a careless driver who fled the scene. By August 31, the media had access to the video recorded in real time by the passenger in the vehicle. It is chilling. The driver and his companion, both males, had apparently stolen the Hyundai
Leftists call for ‘Meet the Press’
boycott, cancelation of new host over
Trump interview
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New “Meet the Press” host Kristen Welker is facing calls for her cancellation before her debut has even aired for giving a national television forum to former President Donald J. Trump, an unforgivable offense to the rabidly authoritarian left-wing thought police. Welker, who replaced Democratic Party shill Chuck Todd at the helm of NBC’s Sunday Morning flagship, sat down with the embattled 2024 GOP frontrunner for a wide-ranging interview, portions of which have already been posted to social media as teasers for the show, infuriating those who see free speech as an existential threat to their agenda of total societal control. Leftist cyberbullies took to X,
Sunday Talks – Senator Mark Warner Says
SSCI Bill to Block All Presidents from
Fourth Branch Classified Intelligence
Close to Completion
18 replies
Posted by Harlowe 9/18/2023 12:31:26 AM Post Reply
The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI) created the systems that permit intelligence weaponization. The SSCI is the organizational institution that supports the Fourth Branch of Government, the intelligence branch.[Snip]In this video segment below, notice how Chairman Warner leads off his remarks. Two flares triggered. First, you can tell by his response, that President Trump’s “classified documents” were exactly what we thought they were; evidence against those who constructed the Trump-Russia claims from inside govt. Second, notice how Warner now wants to block any President from controlling intelligence as defined by the Fourth Branch. This stuff is getting brutally obvious.
Biden is tenderly led out of swanky celeb-friendly
Italian restaurant Il Cantinori by his
daughter Ashley after president shut down
swath of downtown NYC and caused traffic
chaos to celebrate granddaughter Finnegan's birthday
17 replies
Posted by Imright 9/18/2023 1:02:33 AM Post Reply
Joe Biden's arrival in New York City caused traffic chaos Sunday night as he took his family for dinner at a swanky Italian restaurant frequented by celebs including Alec Baldwin. The president's Air Force One touched down at JFK ahead of the UN General Assembly conference next week, where climate change, poverty and Russia's invasion of Ukraine will be top of the agenda. But his first stop was Il Cantinori, where he enjoyed a meal with several relatives. They were believed to have been toasting his granddaughter Finnegan's 23rd birthday.
The Bay Area is still struggling to recover
from 'defund the police' (now they're
hoping Texas can help)
16 replies
Posted by Dreadnought 9/19/2023 1:01:54 AM Post Reply
Three years after “defund the police” became a BLM rallying cry, San Francisco and other Bay Area cities are still trying to recover from the brief popularity that phrase once had with mayors and city councils. San Francisco is still down hundreds of police officers and has come up with a new plan to attract more recruits: Go to Texas. The San Francisco Police Department is visiting four Texas university campuses through September as part of new recruiting efforts to find candidates outside of California. For the first time, police officer candidates will be tested outside of California, with a written test, a physical ability test and an oral interview.
Texas Church Holds a “Drag Sunday”
Service to Bless the Satanic Sisters of
Perpetual Indulgence Drag Queens (Video)
16 replies
Posted by Imright 9/18/2023 10:58:05 PM Post Reply
The Cathedral of Hope, the world’s largest LGBTQ-friendly church, hosted a “Drag Sunday” service honoring the satanic Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. While the churches argue that their actions are a step towards inclusivity, many conservatives see this as a blatant disregard for the sanctity of religious spaces and the teachings of the Bible. The Cathedral of Hope in Dallas is a liberal Christian church that is part of the United Church of Christ (UCC). The UCC is a socially liberal Protestant Christian denomination with roots in the Congregational, Continental Reformed, and Lutheran traditions. On Sunday morning, the Cathedral of Hope held a service to bestow blessings upon
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