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Update: Taliban Releases Video of Fields
of US Military Vehicles, Piles of US High-End
Weapons, and Rooms Filled with Stacks
of 100 Dollar Bills Joe Biden Surrendered
by Joe Biden

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Posted By: Imright, 3/26/2023 6:28:16 PM

As The Gateway Pundit previously reported – Joe Biden supplied the Taliban terrorist organization and their Islamist accomplices with billions of dollars worth of US weapons, armed vehicles, helicopters, ammunition, and piles of cash. Rather than destroying the equipment before leaving the country, Joe Biden surrendered nearly $85 billion worth of US military equipment to the Taliban.(Photo) In fact,Joe Biden left 300 times more guns than those passed to the Mexican cartels in Obama’s Fast and Furious program. The Taliban later released video of the weapons Joe Biden left behind and the room full of stacks of $100 bills Joe left for good measure.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: Italiano 3/26/2023 6:30:59 PM (No. 1434015)
We'd all be well-advised to refrain from posting what we're all no doubt thinking...
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Reply 2 - Posted by: Dodge Boy 3/26/2023 6:48:16 PM (No. 1434021)
Ok, I'll keep my comment clean. Biden you cheater, great job in your Afghanistan surrender. What a total effing joke you are for allowing this travesty to happen. $85 billion in military equipment handed over to the tollybon. How brilliant, pal.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: TarAndFeathers 3/26/2023 7:08:44 PM (No. 1434031)
No. It didn’t happen. The MainScum Media and the Press Corpse haven’t reported it.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: itsonlyme 3/26/2023 7:20:49 PM (No. 1434040)
Defense Secretary Lloyd "EEOC Token" Austin still plugging away. Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark "Mischievous" Milley still plugging away. Secretary of State Antony "Bubonic" Blinken still plugging away National Security Advisor Jake "TheSnake" Sullivan still plugging away. Yep, still plugging away.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: Miss Ann Thrope 3/26/2023 7:24:24 PM (No. 1434042)
Wasn't there a least one military person to advise Biden to "spike the cannons"?
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Reply 6 - Posted by: MDConservative 3/26/2023 7:26:30 PM (No. 1434043)
Pallets of cash have been sent and distributed to warlords and other Afghan leaders for decades. Nonetheless...
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Reply 7 - Posted by: FL_Absentee_Voter 3/26/2023 7:29:33 PM (No. 1434049)
16,000+ Night Vision Goggles. So much for our battlefield bravado that "we own the night." I normally don't like Hoft's writing style but this time he can't tell us enough who the one individual responsible for this is.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: thefield 3/26/2023 7:30:26 PM (No. 1434050)
Seebees, rangers, green berates, and a few more military specialists. You have been challenged.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: billa57 3/26/2023 7:30:39 PM (No. 1434051)
Biden and Miley really aced that one heh! Oh! But Trump made us do it!
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Reply 10 - Posted by: rocket-j-squirrel 3/26/2023 7:33:35 PM (No. 1434055)
I could only watch about 15 seconds of this before I wanted to wretch my guts. Hey, Cotton A$$ Joe, you're doing a heckuva job keeping assault rifles from terrorists. It takes a unique confluence of stupidity, arrogance, hypocrisy, and bald-faced greed to become the most worthless pile of human excrement to ever pretend to be a leader of anything short of a flock of vulture capitolists pecking away at the once greatest nation on this planet.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: jayjeti 3/26/2023 7:40:57 PM (No. 1434062)
The Obiden administration oversaw the greatest embarrassment to the end of any war in U.S. history. Obama, who fomented Arab Spring because he's a closet Muslim and caters to them, has an office in the White House and he and Rice are the real presidents, not puppet Biden.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: Ida Lou Pino 3/26/2023 8:04:37 PM (No. 1434075)
FACT: Eric Trump removed two bars of hand soap from a bathroom in the private residence in the White House. Yes - - FACT - - and don't try to deny it!
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Reply 13 - Posted by: Californian 3/26/2023 8:05:56 PM (No. 1434077)
Maybe they will ship it to Ukraine for us if we ask nice.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: enemyofthestate 3/26/2023 8:18:49 PM (No. 1434079)
Video should be used in Republican presidential campaign ads 2024.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: MattMusson1 3/26/2023 8:22:14 PM (No. 1434080)
The Taliban have opened the largest Army Surplus store on the planet. The call it: Traitor Joe's
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Reply 16 - Posted by: ThreeBadCats3 3/26/2023 8:24:02 PM (No. 1434083)
The most articulate press secretary could put this unfortunate happening in proper perspective in a few moments if she wished. Those mentioned by #4's response are too busy managing present concerns and crises to be concerned with ancient history. President Biden and his second in command are far too engaged also.
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Reply 17 - Posted by: Lake Dweller 3/26/2023 8:25:09 PM (No. 1434085)
Won’t matter. Democrats worship Satan and will continue to until Orange Man is dead. Sick and evil.
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Reply 18 - Posted by: DVC 3/26/2023 8:36:24 PM (No. 1434088)
Way, way more than we'd need for supporting Ukraine.
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Reply 19 - Posted by: thatsomewhereplace 3/26/2023 9:02:21 PM (No. 1434101)
First poster says it all. I have another craw in my throat as hard and nasty as this piece. I despise those who are keeping patriots imprisoned in DC. That's all I can say...
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Reply 20 - Posted by: Encore 3/26/2023 9:44:17 PM (No. 1434114)
Looks ripe for a drone strike.
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Reply 21 - Posted by: Omen55 3/26/2023 10:14:30 PM (No. 1434127)
If this had been a GOP prez all of dem would be demanding impeachment.
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Reply 22 - Posted by: watashiyo 3/26/2023 11:44:34 PM (No. 1434157)
Those left behind military equipment will be used to kill Americans. BiteMe Diaper, and Panty Hose Miller has blood on their hands. Both should be tried for treason or at least be impeached ASAP!
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Reply 23 - Posted by: john56 3/27/2023 12:29:05 AM (No. 1434173)
Well, I have this positive thing to say. At least the Afghan/Taliban/Al Qaida folks are appreciative of Sleepy Creepy Crooked President Uncle Joe's largesse and gifts (compliments of the USA taxpayer).. A whole lot of people here in the USA ... and now that I think of it, in NATO and Ukraine, aren't as appreciative of the many gifts they've got from Brandon (again, paid for by the USA taxpayer).
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Reply 24 - Posted by: FJB 3/27/2023 12:35:14 AM (No. 1434177)
But some "Americans" still believe in China Joe and think he's been doing just fine.
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Reply 25 - Posted by: Cousair 3/27/2023 12:53:56 AM (No. 1434181)
Give me 24 A10 warthogs fully loaded and one pass would make them all sand
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Reply 26 - Posted by: 24tea@Mag 3/27/2023 2:10:20 AM (No. 1434198)
Leave it to Joe and his crew - what idiots!
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Reply 27 - Posted by: SweetPea3 3/27/2023 3:00:05 AM (No. 1434207)
Food for thought as you work on doing your taxes.
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Reply 28 - Posted by: Trigger2 3/27/2023 3:51:35 AM (No. 1434215)
It was done on purpose to help his terrorist buddies out. No wonder we don't have any military assets left.
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Reply 29 - Posted by: Rinktum 3/27/2023 5:17:27 AM (No. 1434229)
Worst leader in the history of this country. I refuse to use the word, President when referring to this illegitimate poser. Biden’s every act has been anti-American which is a claim to fame that no sane person can deny. He is the figurehead created by the radical left for one reason, to totally transform this country. Obama and his cabal put us on this track and they mean to finish the job.
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Reply 30 - Posted by: mifla 3/27/2023 5:50:45 AM (No. 1434237)
Stacks of $100 bills left. Should have told the American soldiers to help themselves to it before leaving. Remember this when your Congress critter tells you that you are not paying your "fair share".
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Reply 31 - Posted by: Strike3 3/27/2023 5:51:06 AM (No. 1434238)
Simply infuriating. Anywhere else, supplying the enemy with weapons and money constitutes treason.
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Reply 32 - Posted by: ARKfamily 3/27/2023 6:11:05 AM (No. 1434253)
#10, especially when you realize that George W. Bush and Dick Cheney have become such fans of Barack Obama and Joe Biden. Where it sickens me is how many soldiers lost their lives or became seriously injured only to have this happen. . .
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Reply 33 - Posted by: Kafka2 3/27/2023 7:14:18 AM (No. 1434272)
The disgraceful “bug out” from Afghanistan was bad enough, but leaving all that military equipment behind was inexcusable. Just think if even half of that equipment was transferred to the Ukrainian. They probably could have defeated the Russians by now.
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Reply 34 - Posted by: Red Jeep 3/27/2023 7:43:02 AM (No. 1434291)
What are Republican politicians waiting for? Impeach Bidum now!
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Reply 35 - Posted by: nerdowell 3/27/2023 7:57:05 AM (No. 1434310)
Curious, Biden leaving all those Benjamins behind. It would have been easy enough to put them on one of those planes, or else burn them. That was a bribe. I wonder, what for?
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Reply 36 - Posted by: udanja99 3/27/2023 8:08:15 AM (No. 1434325)
#35, I’m surprised that he didn’t have them packed up and flown to his garage in Delaware.
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Reply 37 - Posted by: Pammie 3/27/2023 8:11:13 AM (No. 1434329)
Marxists Democrats are complete F@@@tards! GEEZE!
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Reply 38 - Posted by: broken01 3/27/2023 8:29:47 AM (No. 1434346)
The whole Afghanistan still makes me so mad that I'll take #1 advice and refrain from what I really want to say about the Bumbling, Child Sniffing Biden regime.
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Reply 39 - Posted by: Samsquanch 3/27/2023 8:52:16 AM (No. 1434357)
Remember when Prez Demento said no-one would be held responsible?
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Reply 40 - Posted by: Muguy 3/27/2023 8:53:24 AM (No. 1434358)
Drone strike a la putting all the airplanes together so they would be "watched" at Pearl Harbor???
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Reply 41 - Posted by: WWIIDaughter 3/27/2023 10:37:22 AM (No. 1434414)
The ads for the 2024 election produce themselves. Now, if only Ronna and the RNC would take time out from celebrating "PrideMonth" and deliver what's real about our domestic enemies.
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Reply 42 - Posted by: mc squared 3/27/2023 10:55:39 AM (No. 1434443)
OK House republicans - what are you going to do about this? Can't get them back (unless we destroy the majority of it with drones) But we do have the man (men) who caused it.
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Reply 43 - Posted by: Trapper 3/27/2023 11:15:50 AM (No. 1434461)
With the benefit of the passage of time, steppinb back and taking a broader view of it, the Obama crew that runs Biden didn't just beat a hasty retreat from Afghanistan. They essentially CHANGED SIDES by leaving all that materiel for the Taliban. America reversed course, and went from a defender of freedom leading an ill-advised nation-building campagin,. to a major supplier of the Taliban. That is changing sides.
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Reply 44 - Posted by: Imright 3/27/2023 11:19:30 AM (No. 1434466)
It is curious that these photographs are not being shown all over the NEWS programs .... at least the few conservative outlets.....Wonder why?.....Fox, Newsmax????
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Reply 45 - Posted by: Zigrid 3/27/2023 11:26:40 AM (No. 1434475)
I'm at a loss for words.....
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Reply 46 - Posted by: Venturer 3/27/2023 11:39:36 AM (No. 1434496)
Some of us might think he did this on purpose. What we didn't leave in Afghanistan we are handing over to Ukraine.
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Reply 47 - Posted by: Trapper 3/27/2023 1:27:40 PM (No. 1434629)
If you are secretly bought, paid for, owned by, and joined at the hip with Communist China, might you deplete America's military capability by walking away from mountains of military hardware in Afghanistan, then send everything you have left to fight a proxy war with Russia in Ukraine, where both America and Russia fight themselves to exhaustian, leaving one global power standing, your Chinese Communist owners?
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Reply 48 - Posted by: TCloud 3/27/2023 1:54:14 PM (No. 1434670)
This Post: Self Deleted
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Reply 49 - Posted by: BigTimeTrumper 3/27/2023 7:07:07 PM (No. 1434969)
One of Top ten list of things to do when the rightfully elected POTUS takes office again...Trump make em go BOOM! Cleanup in Taliban Isle...Pay attention rag heads and Liberal Pants Pee ers.
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Reply 50 - Posted by: garyhope 3/27/2023 10:42:25 PM (No. 1435126)
Dumbo BiDUMB should be in prison or swinging fro a tree or lamppost in our nations Capital for this outrageous criminal giveaway to our sworn enemies. How many Americans will be killed some of our own equipent? Absolutely criminal, treasonous and outrageous. How did he get away with this? Unforgivable.
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The transgender school shooter who killed six people including three innocent children yesterday before being gunned down by police sent a message to a friend moments before the rampage, telling her: 'I'm planning to die today... you'll probably hear about me on the news.' Audrey Hale, 28, shot and killed three students and three teachers at The Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee, shortly before 10.30am yesterday. Audrey - who was transgender and also went by 'Aiden' - was then shot and killed by police.
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When Joe Biden ordered the chaotic, deadly withdrawal from Afghanistan in August 2021, he didn’t just leave behind our dignity, he also left behind billions in weapons and armaments. Although we’ve known that most of that equipment ended up in Taliban hands, new photos and videos are emerging showing just how much we essentially donated to the violent group. The Taliban has reportedly been busy repairing many of the vehicles we had intentionally sabotaged when we abandoned ship:
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As we reported earlier there was a horrible mass shooting at a Christian elementary school in Nashville. Six people were killed in the attack, three were children. The shooter was taken out by the police.A trans person, Audrey Hale, has been identified as the shooter. We may find that the story disappears quickly because of that. The police are working on theories for the shooting. As we noted there was a manifesto. The police are now giving some information about that. They’re saying that it was a detailed manifesto to attack the academy, that there were maps, and that Hale was planning more than what happened.
IRS Targets Twitter Files Journalist Matt
Taibbi! IRS Agent Showed Up Unannounced
to Taibbi’s Home on Same Day He Testified
Before Congress
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Barack Obama’s Joe Biden’s America. An IRS agent showed up at the home of ‘Twitter Files’ journalist Matt Taibbi on the same day he testified before Jim Jordan’s Committee on Weaponization of the Federal Government. How convenient.On March 9, Matt Taibbi dropped a Twitter Files ahead of his testimony to Congress: THE CENSORSHIP-INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX Journalists Matt Taibbi and Michael Shellenberger appeared before Congress later that day. The FTC had already been harassing Elon Musk and demanding he “identify all journalists” granted access to the Twitter files.
Liberal College Professor Placed on Leave
for Suggesting it’s OK to Murder Conservative Speakers
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A professor at Wayne State University has been placed on leave after suggesting on social media that rather than shouting down conservative speakers on campus, it’s OK to murder them instead. Higher education in America has become completely dominated by the radical left. That’s likely why this person felt free to make these comments. The left does not want to debate ideas. They want conservatives silenced.
Breaking: Police Release Shocking Footage
of Trans Shooter Inside Nashville School
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Posted by Imright 3/28/2023 4:03:33 AM Post Reply
On Monday evening, the Metro Nashville Police Department released security camera footage that shows transgender shooter Audrey Hale going through the halls of his former The video begins with an exterior camera showing Hale driving his/her car through the parking lot of the church at 9:53 a.m. local time. Hale then parks the vehicle just outside the scope of the cameras and approaches the school. The video then switches to an interior camera, where Hale can be seen shooting the glass of the entry doors and entering the building. WATCH: (Tweet/Video)
'I think I just lost my daughter': Anguished
words of transgender Nashville shooter's
mom, as her Facebook posts decrying school
shootings and calling for gun control emerge
13 replies
Posted by Imright 3/28/2023 3:56:25 AM Post Reply
The mom of the transgender school shooter who murdered six people including three nine-year-olds at a Nashville private school Monday said 'I think I just lost my daughter' - as her own calls for increased gun control emerged. Norma Hale spoke to ABC News shortly after her daughter Audrey Hale, 28, was named as the shooter. She said: 'It's very, very difficult right now. I think I lost my daughter today.' Norma then requested privacy as her family struggles to cope with the magnitude of her late daughter's actions.
Cops share snap of school door Nashville
shooter blasted to gain entry and car
she drove to scene with plans inside,
as it's revealed murdered head of school
worked there alongside her daughter
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Posted by Imright 3/27/2023 10:43:19 PM Post Reply
Nashville police have shared a photo of the car used by the private school shooter who killed six, including three nine-year-old children and three staff members. Audrey Hale, 28, is a transgender woman and alumnus of the school who wrote out their plans in a detailed manifesto. Police shared a picture of the Honda Fit she drove to The Covenant School and announced they'd found 'additional material' written by Hale from the manifesto she'd left.
Breaking News: Trans school shooter may
have been driven to kill by 'RESENTMENT'
at having to attend Christian academy
she targeted, police chief says, as cops
share images of her terrifying arsenal
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Posted by Imright 3/27/2023 10:16:26 PM Post Reply
A photo has emerged of the transgender 28-year-old who mapped out and carefully planned Monday's shooting at a Nashville Christian school, before being shot dead herself. Audrey Hale was killed by police less than 15 minutes after opening fire inside The Covenant School in the Tennessee capital, killing six. Police said Hale was transgender, although they haven't specified further details. She was born female, but a LinkedIn profile believed to be hers uses he/him pronouns, suggesting Hale was living as a man.
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Michelle Obama was spotted looking less than impressed following a ritzy beachside dinner with husband Barack in Sydney on Monday, as the pair continues their visit Down Under for a scheduled speaking tour. The former First Lady and President were photographed outside fine-dining restaurant Bathers' Pavilion in Balmoral on Sydney's north shore, after arriving in the city Sunday night by private jet. Likely famished from their long flight, the couple enjoyed a seafood lunch at the waterside venue, where sprawling floor-to-ceiling windows offer a stunning view of Sydney Harbor.
Chris Christie Suggests He’ll Run To
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Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie suggested to an audience on Monday that he may enter the 2024 presidential race to torpedo former President Donald Trump. Christie made the remarks while speaking at St. Anselm’s College in New Hampshire. Christie campaigned in New Hampshire more than any other GOP candidate in 2016 and was blown out there, leading him to suspend his campaign. “You better have somebody on that stage who can do to him what I did to Marco because that’s the only thing that’s gonna defeat Donald Trump,” Christie said in reference to him going hard after Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) during the debates.
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At a rally in Waco, Texas, former president Donald Trump spoke to thousands of fans about what he believes are the biggest issues of the day. If you were to pay attention to the news cycles and the American people’s biggest concerns, you might think Trump spent hours talking about persistent inflation, a minor financial crisis, border security, the fentanyl epidemic, China, Russia, energy independence, etc. None of that really seemed to be on Trump’s agenda Saturday night, however. Instead, what we got was an airing of grievances from the former president. It was a rally focused on his personal enemies – the Department of Justice, Ron DeSantis, Joe Biden, Mitch McConnell,
Warriors Don't Want to Fight for a Woke,
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The House Armed Services Subcommittee for Military Personnel held a hearing last week to discuss the growing national security crisis arising from the military's cratering recruitment numbers. (snip) Intentionally dividing Americans against each other and pouring salt in old wounds obliterate personnel cohesiveness. As Representative Elise Stefanik succinctly concluded: "Biden's woke agenda comes at the expense of our military's readiness." Listening to high-ranking Defense Department bureaucrats bloviate and spin lies just as effortlessly as the politicians in D.C. always puts a bad taste in my mouth.
ESPN Recognizes Lia Thomas in Women’s
History Month Special
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ESPN recognized Lia Thomas in a TV special dedicated to Women’s History Month, sparking outrage from female competitors who swam against the transgender-identifying man from the University of Pennsylvania. The segment honored Thomas for being the first transgender athlete to win a NCAA Division I championship title by winning the 500 freestyle race. “Thomas made her debut as a member of the women’s team in December 2021,” the network said in a glowing highlight, complete with uplifting instrumental music, of the student’s collegiate swimming career. Thomas was on the men’s team until sophomore year, after which he began transitioning.
Trans female former student, 28, armed
with two assault rifles and a handgun,
kills three nine-year-old kids and three
staff members at Nashville private Christian
school after writing manifesto and drawing
maps of church campus
23 replies
Posted by Imright 3/27/2023 6:13:59 PM Post Reply
Six people - including three children - are dead after a transgender female shooter opened fire at a private school in Nashville, killing three nine-year-old children and three staff members. The shooter was 28-year-old Audrey Hale, who at one time attended the school. Police said she identified as transgender, and online profiles show Audrey used 'he/him' pronouns.At around 10.13am, she opened fire at The Covenant School, shooting and killing nine-year-old Evelyn Dieckhaus, Hallie Scruggs and William Kinney. Substitute teacher Cynthia Peak, 61, head of school Katherine Koonce, 60, and custodian Mike Hill, 61, were also killed.
Kamala's mission to make Africa REJECT
China: VP is greeted by dancers as she
lands in Ghana armed with $55BN to persuade
leaders to rebuff Beijing's growing influence
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Posted by Imright 3/27/2023 12:10:24 PM Post Reply
Kamala Harris landed in Ghana on Sunday to begin a three-nation African tour designed to counter the growing influence of China on the continent. Accompanied by her husband Doug Emhoff, Harris was greeted at the airport by a group of brightly-clad dancers performing traditional welcome dances. Senior administration officials, previewing her visit, said Harris will be asking the leaders not to 'choose' between the U.S. and China - but to 'expand' their options.
After Dianne Feinstein: as a political
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Posted by FlyRight 3/27/2023 6:15:58 AM Post Reply
When Dianne Feinstein arrived in Washington in 1992, her home state of California was solidly purple and Republican Pete Wilson occupied the governor’s office. More than 30 years later, as the oldest member of Congress and California’s longest serving senator prepares to retire, her state is arguably the most reliably blue in the US. Feinstein’s protracted career as a senator also charts the rise of California as a political power player on Capitol Hill, whose 55 electoral votes – the largest block by far, with Texas and Florida as distant seconds – have helped guarantee a Democrat in the White House for six out of the last eight terms.
Elizabeth Warren announces 2024 Senate
reelection campaign
22 replies
Posted by Ida Lou Pino 3/27/2023 11:13:48 AM Post Reply
Massachusetts Democrat Sen. Elizabeth Warren on Monday announced plans to run for reelection in 2024. "We've won some big victories for working families in Massachusetts and across the country, but there's a lot more to do" Warren said on Twitter as a caption to a campaign ad featuring endorsements from voters and fellow Massachusetts Democrats. "So today I'm making it official: I'm running for re-election to keep up the fight."
John Kerry Says More Climate Mandates
Coming From Biden Regime, Including Executive
Orders and “Changes on Automobile, On
Light Truck, Heavy Truck…” (Video)
22 replies
Posted by Imright 3/27/2023 4:26:13 AM Post Reply
Joe Biden’s Climate Envoy John Kerry sat down for an interview with Yahoo News Senior Climate Editor Ben Adler to discuss climate change. The interviewer began by admitting Biden’s so-called ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ is actually a Marxist ‘Climate Change’ bill. Ben Adler asked John Kerry if the Biden Regime will be taking more aggressive climate action in addition to what is already in the ‘Inflation Reduction Act.’
IRS Targets Twitter Files Journalist Matt
Taibbi! IRS Agent Showed Up Unannounced
to Taibbi’s Home on Same Day He Testified
Before Congress
21 replies
Posted by Imright 3/28/2023 4:21:03 AM Post Reply
Barack Obama’s Joe Biden’s America. An IRS agent showed up at the home of ‘Twitter Files’ journalist Matt Taibbi on the same day he testified before Jim Jordan’s Committee on Weaponization of the Federal Government. How convenient.On March 9, Matt Taibbi dropped a Twitter Files ahead of his testimony to Congress: THE CENSORSHIP-INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX Journalists Matt Taibbi and Michael Shellenberger appeared before Congress later that day. The FTC had already been harassing Elon Musk and demanding he “identify all journalists” granted access to the Twitter files.
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