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That Was Quick: DeSantis Donors Reportedly
Recommending DeSantis Sit This One Out

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Posted By: Imright, 3/26/2023 12:43:16 PM

The donors behind Ron DeSantis for President in 2024 are now asking him to sit this one out, according to recent reports. (We heard this rumor last week that the big money behind DeSantis for 2024 were abandoning ship.) According to CF:Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’s donors and supporters are beginning to question if the potential 2024 Republican presidential candidate should run in the next election cycle — a bid that would put him against former President Donald Trump — or wait until 2028, according to reports. According to a report from NBC News, donors and supporters of DeSantis are having second thoughts on the prospect of the governor’s potential presidential bid.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: Jesuslover54 3/26/2023 12:50:56 PM (No. 1433821)
They're only being reasonable. DeSantis should see that.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: zephyrgirl 3/26/2023 1:00:37 PM (No. 1433830)
Given Florida's laws, he'd have to resign to run against Trump. Not a good look for a sitting governor to resign so soon after being reelected in 2022. The "never Trumpers" and Bushes (but I repeat myself) will have to find another candidate to take Trump on. Maybe the Jebster can try again, or the postman's son from Ohio.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: bpl40 3/26/2023 1:00:44 PM (No. 1433831)
That is what the rank and file is saying too. I think, when push comes to shove, DeSantis will heed that.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: Citoyen 3/26/2023 1:08:00 PM (No. 1433839)
Wait a minute. Haven’t we been told that the anti-Trump big money guys are all for DeSantis? Has Sundance missed the boat? Are these donors now on the Trump train? If so, how can we trust Trump? If not, whom will they now shower with money?
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Reply 5 - Posted by: mindsport 3/26/2023 1:13:58 PM (No. 1433842)
There is a lot of support for Ron DeSantis among women in Washington state. They sight the drama and cringe worthy comments Trump still makes. Being a blue state it doesn’t mean much, but they do plan to donate to his campaign.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: DVC 3/26/2023 1:21:26 PM (No. 1433851)
I agree, not your time DeSantis.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: 49 Ford 3/26/2023 1:30:51 PM (No. 1433857)
I really do hope Governor Ron sits this one out. A Trump vs. DeSantis contest would benefit no one. But I will say that all this palaver about DeS' donors puzzles me. Guess what? They all need huge donors in order to be viable candidates on the national stage. A man like Trump is the rare exception. .
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Reply 8 - Posted by: EQKimball 3/26/2023 1:39:58 PM (No. 1433859)
In 1976 Ronald Reagan was not damaged by running against, and losing to, President Gerald Ford. When Ford later lost to Jimmy Carter, Reagan became the Republican heir apparent.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: Rinktum 3/26/2023 1:41:08 PM (No. 1433860)
#7, and I would argue that because Trump doesn’t require big donors to support him in order to win, that is exactly why the people should vigorously support him. Chase the King makers out of the game and let the people decide. We can fund his campaign and then we know that the money will be put to good use and not forwarded to an elite globalist war monger.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: John Farson 3/26/2023 2:21:53 PM (No. 1433877)
It seems to me that Trump DeSantis should declare a truce and in 2024 have Trump president and DeSantis VP. Then in 2028 have DeSantis run as President. And again in2032. 12 years of the Trump doctrine would be the best that could happen to the United States.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: happywarrior 3/26/2023 2:27:08 PM (No. 1433879)
It would be great if they could declare a truce and run together in 2024. Unfortunately Ron DeSantis’s wife will not allow that. She’s a very ambitious woman and does not like Donald Trump.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: MDConservative 3/26/2023 2:34:57 PM (No. 1433885)
And then what? After trashing him, FPDT can hardly choose him for his running mate. MAGA Nation won't accept a certified globalist and establishment tool, molester of underage girls and (psst!) maybe gay running mate who refused to back Trump in his hour of need. Trump's pick will be his successor to MAGA Nation's adoration in '28. Now, who's that going to be? DeSantis is not the one in '28, either.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: GustoGrabber 3/26/2023 3:05:59 PM (No. 1433900)
2028 belongs to whoever works hardest to get Trump elected. not someone who stood in the way, or undermines what DJT is trying to accomplish. No Bushies. No establishment go betweens. No Paul Ryan.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: Rhh0nda 3/26/2023 3:26:50 PM (No. 1433909)
The 'Coup" failed this time. MAGA routed the R.I.N.O. wing of the Uni-Party out into the open pretty quick this time. 75 million verified, certified MAGA warriors just Trump thumped the Republican Uni-Party hard! Gov. Ron Con can go back to the Florida Swamp $7,000,000 Foxy News bucks richer and his Wife gets to keep that yellow full length ballgown!
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Reply 15 - Posted by: 49 Ford 3/26/2023 4:15:44 PM (No. 1433920)
Seems to me after reading the last half a dozen or so posts that "Maga Nation" is going to have to figure out to whom it can appeal and how to win a national base large enough to overcome Democrat cheating. After an election - fair or crooked, as we all know the 2020 election was stolen - things become fluid. Trump received 75 million legitimate votes last time. Great, but how many millions of those who supported him in 2020 will do so again in 2024? Most will, but there will be serious fall off this time around because passions cool, Biden has the advantages of incumbency, and many people who really don't know what the hell they're voting for will simply believe what they are spoon-fed by the media and opt for the devil they know. And DJT's latest statements and tirades will not endear him to Suzy Suburbia. Bottom line: "Maga Nation" is not as strong and appealing as we wish it were.
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Reply 16 - Posted by: YorkieMom 3/26/2023 4:41:05 PM (No. 1433939)
Here îs something I’ve been pondering. I think we all know whoever gets the nomination, they probably need at least 5% more votes to combat the cheating democrats. I believe Trump will be our nominee. He runs against creepy Joe again. What if he “loses” again? Will he want to run again in 2028? Will he and DeSantis battle it out again, or will a totally new candidate get the nomination. I cannot bear the thought of 4 or 8 more years of the evil, lying democrats winning again. We need to stick together and that may not be enough to oust even Biden/Harris.
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Reply 17 - Posted by: Toodles3956 3/26/2023 8:04:00 PM (No. 1434074)
I saw an article that the George Bushes were backing DiSantis. Not a good idea, Ron.
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Reply 18 - Posted by: paral04 3/26/2023 8:40:19 PM (No. 1434093)
Governor DeSantis needs to firmly establish his changes made here in Florida and then run in 2028 for president.
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Reply 19 - Posted by: 49 Ford 3/26/2023 8:47:39 PM (No. 1434098)
Well # 17, whoever is nominated is going to need the support of the entire Republican party to have any realistic chance in the general election. That includes GOPe, RINO's and the whole cast.
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Reply 20 - Posted by: SALady 3/26/2023 9:51:45 PM (No. 1434118)
I have been saying the same thing for the last 2 years. DeSantis has nothing to gain from running in 2024 and everything to gain by waiting until 2028!!!! He simply can't beat Trump in 2024 (way too many MAGA voters out there for DeSantis to overcome in the Republican primaries), but he can be the huge frontrunner for 2028 if he plays it smart. DeSantis needs to play the long game. Swallow his pride and become Donald Trump's biggest cheerleader for 2024. Make all sorts of public appearances for Trump, make commercials and ads supporting Trump, appear at every Trump rally he can to fire up the voters, etc, etc. Then, for 2028, he gets the wave of MAGA Trump voters 100% behind him in reward for his loyalty in 2024, and he gets the support and financial backing of Trump. It's a win/win for Trump and DeSantis (as all sane Americans too). I pray he is smart enough to realize that.
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Reply 21 - Posted by: john56 3/27/2023 12:45:29 AM (No. 1434180)
DeSantis is not going to be Trump's VP UNLESS Trump changes his state of residency. The Constitution does not allow electors to vote for a President and Vice President from the same state (it could be that the FLORIDA electors could not vote for both Trump and DeSantis, but with a close election the last thing we need is a split Pres/VP; it would make the vote for speaker look like a Saturday picnic). As for the Florida law, the Republicans could change that law if DeSantis wants it changed. Part of me says that it often helps a candidate to have a dry run before being the nominee. It worked for Reagan in 1976 (we lost that year with Ford, but Reagan won in 80), but it didn't work for McCain (2000-2008), or Romney (2008-2012), so that theory is questionable. The nice thing about being a customer at the Republican ice cream shop is there is a wonderful selection of flavors. Certainly better than the Democrat ice cream shop, where they have out-of-date inventory and rotten flavors like liver-and-onions and brussels sprouts.
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Reply 22 - Posted by: Adam 3/27/2023 5:56:43 AM (No. 1434240)
Some Trump supporters doth protest too much, methinks. If Trump is so powerful and inevitable, who cares if others enter the race? Or do you secretly think he can’t win unless he runs unopposed? Even if Trump were an incumbent, there would still be nothing wrong with challenging him in the primaries. It’s how our system works. Y’all sound like Hillary supporters from 2016 who acted like Bernie was committing an act of lese-majeste by running. Reagan challenged Ford in 76, Kennedy challenged Carter in 80, Buchanan challenged Bush in 92, and those were races against an incumbent President. The Republicans don’t even have an incumbent
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Reply 23 - Posted by: felixcat 3/27/2023 7:41:44 AM (No. 1434289)
Gov DeSantis is young and he can run in 2028. Does he really want to put his wife and young children through the gladiatorial sport of running for President at this time? He just won re-election for crying out loud. Mark my words, if he runs and wins the nomination, the Dems will dig and/or create some young female sailor who was harassed/ assaulted, etc by a drunken young LT DeSantis ... We all know the Dems playbook. And this country needs more strong conservative Governors like DeSantis to take over where the federal government ends. Let Trump establish (again) a strong America First foreign policy while R governors manage their states and the blue states fall apart.
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Reply 24 - Posted by: Quigley 3/27/2023 7:42:04 AM (No. 1434290)
I hope that's the decision. If he runs, it would seem potentially very destructive for the Republican party. And for what? If he doesn't run now is he risking that he'll be a nobody in 4 years? That running now against the Republican frontrunner is a better idea than running in 4 years with the frontrunner's support? Trump is running and to think he would run against Trump under the constellation of facts that have evolved over the last 7 years would make me definitely question his judgment and motives (eg, only resume advancement). Even if somehow he is the better candidate which is a yuge question he won't be after putting the republican party through a full on carnage. The view and all the other dim ladies will find something to hate desantis for before election time- he put a dog on the roof of his car, he went to a party in high school at which some bimbette remembers something that was real bad, he brags that he has binders full of women. Something. Or he makes a deal with the swamp for them not to prosecute him for running for president. After all, what did desantis do to stop the january 6 event? Have his texts been examined? Wait 4 years. Or persuade Trump to support desantis.
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Reply 25 - Posted by: Venturer 3/27/2023 7:46:10 AM (No. 1434297)
De Santis is a good governor IMO, I believe he should stay a good governor and learn to stay away from the Bush's.
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Reply 26 - Posted by: fysammy 3/27/2023 9:07:52 AM (No. 1434370)
If Trump cannot get his EGO out of the way and shut up, he will not win. See Waco audience response to his childish, anti-DeSantis screed. He was a great President and I voted for hi twice, but I’m getting tired of his antics. For God’s sake, who’s advising him?
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Reply 27 - Posted by: Zigrid 3/27/2023 11:18:38 AM (No. 1434464)
If sanctimonious ever wants to be president...he needs to step back and consider how he will ever win with all of US MAGA voters not happy with his decision....I crawled over broken glass with mccain and romney because I was told WE had to support the candidate...never again....I will vote for the candidate that is honest and loves America.....
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Reply 28 - Posted by: mc squared 3/27/2023 11:28:19 AM (No. 1434478)
I strongly feel DeS should not take a VP position with anyone. It's a ceremonial insurance policy and rarely wins a POTUS election after 4 or 8 years. The public wants a change, and the VP is put out to pasture with book signings. Don't waste DeS. (and we need him here in FL)
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Reply 29 - Posted by: ronniethek 3/27/2023 12:03:41 PM (No. 1434520)
I continue to read this nonsense about Trump and Desantis being on the same ticket. That could only be viable if Trump moves to another state. The Constitution prohibits electors from the state of the candidates residence to vote for BOTH president and VP who are residents of THAT state. I assume Sedan his is not relocating and Trump is Unlikely. Its plainly stated in the Constitution and recently-- Dick Cheney relocated from Texas to Wyoming for that very reason.
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Reply 30 - Posted by: enemyofthestate 3/27/2023 2:02:42 PM (No. 1434687)
If Trump wins the nomination, I'll vote for him. If DeSantis wins the nomination, I'll vote for him. Meanwhile: Ronald Reagan's Eleventh Commandment.
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Reply 31 - Posted by: Lawsy0 3/27/2023 3:09:11 PM (No. 1434758)
I found out too late that any money I could send to the dirty-rotten GOP would not automatically go to Donald Trump, but to the least of the entire GOP roster of andidates. That ruined it for me. (And this knowledge came after all those years my sister and I supported Dubya.) If there was ANY way to be sure that only Trump would get the donations, I would be delighted to join in. Unless and until, etc., etc.
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Reply 32 - Posted by: TurtleDove 3/27/2023 4:04:05 PM (No. 1434808)
I would love a Trump/DeSanmtis ticket but from what I've read they despise each other. Would be nice if they could set their differences aside - it would be great for the country!
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Reply 33 - Posted by: Hybernicus 3/27/2023 6:07:21 PM (No. 1434897)
Trump's treatment of DeSantis has been disgusting. And that of some of his disciples (I'm talking about on Twitter) has been just as bad. Trump's ego and mudslinging turn most people off. He hasn't earned four more years. He demands loyalty but doesn't reciprocate. He harps on draining the swamp but settles for just exposing it. He praises people then turns on them. We need a combination of diplomacy and action. 2024 will not be 2016. Trump is not entitled to a coronation. Politicians need to constantly earn our support as they work for us, not the other way around. There's more than a year until the primaries. God help the USA.
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Reply 34 - Posted by: NeonVortex 3/27/2023 7:55:39 PM (No. 1434998)
All you DeSantis fan boys and girls on this site ought to be embarrassed that you so quickly took to the shiny new object and threw Trump under the bus. Are you going to wake up now and realize he's the only person capable of turning this thing around? Or are you going to stay stuck on stupid?
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Reply 35 - Posted by: Deborah Grannet 3/27/2023 10:00:47 PM (No. 1435103)
For #12 and all the other pearl-clutchers worried about primary carnage between Trump and DeSantis.. you might find it less worrisome after googling Reagan, Bush, and voodoo economics--
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Posted by Imright 3/28/2023 4:44:05 AM Post Reply
On Monday evening, former President Barack Obama tweeted his response to the Nashville Christian school shooting by repeating the left’s false claim that guns are the number one killer of children. On March 23, 2023, Breitbart News reported that actor Billy Porter made the same false claim, screaming that “the leading cause of death in children are guns” during an appearance on ABC’s The View.Porter’s claim, which is now Obama’s claim as well, became a common one among leftists and non-fact-checking moderates in the summer of 2022 after
Report: U.S. Marshals Were Told Not to
Arrest Protesters Outside Supreme Court
Justices’ Homes
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U.S. Marshals assigned to guard Supreme Court justices during the controversy over Roe v. Wade last year were reportedly told not to arrest protesters that gathered outside their private homes. Last year, individual Supreme Court Justices were targeted by protesters after an illegal leak of a draft decision aiming to overturn Roe v. Wade before it had been officially decided. At the time, even the left-wing Washington Post admitted such protests were likely illegal according to Title 18, Section 1507, of the U.S. Code.
Liz Cheney: ‘Spend Less Time Banning
Books’ and More Stopping Gun Violence
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Former Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) called on Republicans to spend less time on the banning of books in schools and more time stopping gun violence. Cheney issued her comments in praise of Jenna Bush Hager, the daughter of former President George W. Bush, who said on NBC that Republicans need to worry more about making kids safe.“I have a friend in Nashville. So I knew of one of the little girls. Who is 9. Who went to school yesterday and who didn’t get to come home. So, when Henry came home from work, I said, ‘Did you see this?’ I had to whisper, because I have a 9-year-old,”
Tolerance and Acceptance Were Never Going
to Be Enough for the Trans Crowd
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I try to bring humor to everything. I’m a comedian. As my wonderful friend and mentor Stephen Kruiser can tell you, comics find humor in the worst of conditions. Not only can I not see the “funny” in the Tennessee shooting, I don’t want to seek it. The trans movement asked for tolerance, then acceptance. Then they just wanted to use the restroom of their preference for their safety, despite a lack of violence against trans people and a bushel full of trans attacks on kids. We allowed it. I regret that. A lot.
Why Governor Ron DeSantis won't run in 2024 28 replies
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The entire nation is waiting for the day when Governor Ron DeSantis announces whether or not he will be running for president in 2024. The media are definitely on the edge of their seats. Speculation is flying, and so is the chatter concerning how he will stack up against former president Trump. Plenty believe "quite well." Thus, they anticipate an announcement revealing that Governor Ron DeSantis will be running. I don't agree, however. In my opinion, Governor Ron DeSantis will sit 2024 out. No doubt, I am one of the very few,
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