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Turns Out all You Need is 38,000 Demons
to Destroy the World

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Posted By: Judy W., 3/19/2023 7:56:22 AM

The brutalism of government during the last three years was anomalous in western democracies. First of all, it was irrational, it contravened common sense, which almost everyone possesses, and it destroyed millions of household economies and small businesses. It impoverished and starved a billion people in the developing world. It killed the old, brutally, refusing them affection in their last days. (Snip) But this niggled at me. Who drew up the plan, instituted it in every country, bullied every citizenry, devised the advertising, instituted the protocols? What operation has that level of power, of discipline? Only one answer: McKinsey. McKinsey innovated and executed the whole damned thing.


This explains a lot, such as why the branch of the wonderful company I worked for in the early 1980s was suddenly shut down so that we found all the doors locked when we went to work one morning. Our branch was run by human beings, and its products were for people who wanted to live a life closer to nature, gardening, and self-sufficiency. Oh, and the headquarters people also fired the beloved visionary founder of the company. Now I see where that bewildering (to us) action came from. Demonic is the right description.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: franq 3/19/2023 8:16:00 AM (No. 1428493)
Very good. The only conspiracy is with the demonic hordes and leftists.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: Encore 3/19/2023 8:32:10 AM (No. 1428505)
So, how does one take the head off of this snake?
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Reply 3 - Posted by: J F Ackerman 3/19/2023 8:50:29 AM (No. 1428525)
Stand. Just stand and pray. Satan is extremely powerful just now.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: czechlist 3/19/2023 10:04:01 AM (No. 1428571)
Don't forget the influence of Jack Welch. My department management at the aerospace company where I was working in the late 90s adopted Welch's management philosophy resulting in the loss of many of our experienced employees and top performers. Combined with AGore's reinvention of government, affirmative action and diversity the results were crippling. It took nearly a decade to reorg, purge, hire and train to regain our prior efficiency.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: Strike3 3/19/2023 10:09:35 AM (No. 1428574)
Nonsense. The kicker comes at the end when the author plugs a book and/or subscription. The power-hungry elites of this world have been attempting to make this a one-world dictatorship with them in charge since before WW1. All of the college professors who have read the Communist Manifesto and made it their bible carry the torch. Adolph Hitler and his wet dream of a master race. People like Henry Ford, Taylor and Gilbreth elevated efficiency in business in importance over good workers. In the latter half of the last century it was people like Ross Perot's EDS and Jack Welch who attempted to squeeze the last penny out of the cost of producing goods at the expense of people. Today, our problems are created by the fantasies of madmen. Climate Change is only the most popular of the bad ideas. Using cheap labor from developing countries has been going on for fifty years or more. The only mistake this lady gets right is that Diversity as a religion is a company-killer. As for the pandemic, democrats saw it immediately as a way to seize power. "Experts" like Fauci, Birks and Rachel Levine saw it as a way to get out of their dusty little cubicles and practically take over this country. Trudeau is a nasty little twit who saw the same opportunity. Our Deep State has been on the lookout to kill the American dream ever since Obama saw America as evil because of his own mental illness and hatred of whites. The lazy parasites on the left side of the Bell Curve have never had it so good, no house payment, no food bill, all the drugs you can consume, unlimited shoplifting and theft, all the statues you can topple and all of the buildings you can burn. We see the old teaching taking hold in our once-great universities. Today's crop of students are no longer the best and the brightest, quite the opposite. Laziness, unearned wealth and lawlessness do not have to be taught by consultants, many people are born like that. They are the ones who need to be controlled.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: weirdone 3/19/2023 10:51:02 AM (No. 1428614)
All the major problems we have today are the result of government, Ronald Reagan was right, "Government is the problem." I can see clearly now. As a concerned citizen looking at all of the major problems in the country today, I have come to some conclusions. All of these problems can be traced directly to the insane policies of Government... The problems: 1: 31 trillion National Debt: The Obama Administration spent more money than all of the previous administrations combined, and the Biden Administration is following those policies, giving billions to the Ukraine in a proxy war against Russia. The presses run 24/7 printing worthless money to pay for it. 2: Continuing inflation: Inflation is defined as "too much money chasing too few goods. The increase in the money supply since 2020 is shown in the following chart. The Biden budget promises even more spending, and higher taxes to pay for it. 3: Rising interest rates: In order to avoid recession, the Fed has raised interest rates from their low of 1.4% at the end of the Trump era to a FED rate over 5.30%, home loan rates as high as 7.o8%. These policies have had little effect, and the FED promises further rate increases. 4: Recession: The economy is “strong as hell,” President Joe Biden. Hard landing, soft landing or no landing, the argument rages on in the government and the press though they refuse to admit there is a recession. There has been 2 quarters of negative growth, the very definition of recession. Apparently, they haven't been to the grocery store or filled a car with gasoline. "White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan downplayed the bombshell report by the Wall Street Journal that found the Department of Energy has concluded the COVID-19 pandemic most likely developed from a lab leak. "COVID mandatory vaccination has resulted in 95% vaccination compliance according to December 9, 2021, report, down from a previous 99.9% reported. I do not believe either number. VARS report: "670 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines were administered in the U S from December 14, 2020, though February 2022, 15, 2023, VAERS received 19,319 reports of death and tens of thousands of other adverse effects." And still the CDC pushes the death jab! 7: Open boarder: "Fiscal year 2022 ended with a record of more than 2.3 million migrant encounters by federal authorities at the southern border and another nearly 600,000 who are known to have evaded Border Patrol. At the rate things are going at the southern border, there will be roughly 9.7 million migrants crossing during Biden’s time in office," according to American Enterprise Institute scholar Mark Perry’s analysis. Yet Biden and Homeland Security Sec. Mayorkas continue to maintain the border is closed. 8: Opioids crisis: "Fentanyl now drives drug overdose deaths in U.S. Prescription painkillers—the previous front-runner in U.S. drug overdose deaths —accounted for about 17,000 deaths in 2016, and heroin roughly 15,000, A study showed. According to Linda Richter, director of policy research and analysis with the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse. Fentanyl deaths topped 100,000 in 2021 at 106,699 and continues to accelerate." Most of the fentanyl, manufactured in China, crosses the southern border that Biden and Mayorkas continue to maintain is closed. 9: Rampant crime: The crime rate in the U S increased 28.64% in 2020 and continues to rise. The rise of BLM, ANTFI and Defund the Police, along with the failure to prosecute looters, rioters and arsonists has had a great impact on the crime rate. No consequents, no deterrent. Hundreds of charges have been dropped in cities across the U S "In Houston and Los Angeles, The Guardian found, 93 percent of charges were either dropped or never filed; in some cities like Dallas and Philadelphia, that number rose to 95 percent of charges dropped or never prosecuted. Meanwhile, in San Francisco, 100 percent of 127 cases related to "peaceful protesting" were dropped. In St. Louis, the District of Columbia, Philadelphia and New York, serious charges against hundreds of people arrested for stealing and torching property have been dismissed. Those dismissals have come from the federal level in the nation’s capital, from district attorneys elected with millions in campaign cash from left-wing activist George Soros, and in New York from a bail reform measure that went into effect this year." 10: Homelessness: The homeless, for the most part, are the addicted and the insane. Government in the seventies opened the asylums and put the insane on the street, it became illegal to incarcerate and treat them against their will. Government has provided crack pipes, needles and so-called "safe places" for the drug addicted to indulge their addiction. The Biden Administration's open boarder policies have aided the flood of drugs entering our southern border. 5: Bank failures: The failure of SVB, and no doubt others, was caused by interest rate hikes to fight inflation, and the trillions of dollars borrowed by the Biden Administration to finance their ill-conceived 4 trillion-dollar COVID stimulus program. The monetary policies of the Obama and Biden Administrations have jeopardized the entire banking system. 11: Weakened military: During the Obama Administration the military was gutted. He fired 197 generals and admirals while he was in office, countless middle rank officers were also dismissed. The military became a social experiment instead of a fighting force. It was downsized to the point that regular forces and National Guard units were required to do 4 or 5 tours in combat zones. The rules of engagement were changed, and troops went into combat with their hands tied behind their backs. The Biden Administration has further weakened the forces with Covid Vaccine Mandates. The abandonment of Afghanistan, leaving 2 1/2 billion dollars of military equipment, and the country in the hands of the Taliban, have contributed to a recruitment crisis in all branches of the military. COVID 19 vaccinations, and dismissal of those who refuse to comply, along with WOKE BS has further compounded the problems. 12: The price of gasoline: In some area's gasoline is over $6.00 a gallon and diesel is even higher. Fuel prices are so high because government policy has declared war on fossil fuels and limited drilling, fracking, canceled pipelines, canceled drilling permits and refuses to permit new refineries. Biden's budget proposes high taxes on oil companies. Energy prices will go up increasing inflation. 13: 401k's: 401k's have lost 1.5 trillion since 2021, due to fear of continued inflation, rising taxes, rising interest rates and supply chain problems caused by COVID lock downs. Biden's budget proposes a tax on unrealized investment profits. 14: Education failing. Because of Government lock downs, violence in the schools and continuing "Social Promotions." Teaching of gender identity and other WOKE BS instead of the 3R's and critical thinking. Schools have ban books such as Tom Sawyer and To Kill a Mockingbird allow pornography such as " “Nick and Charlie,” written by Alice Oseman, begins with two early teen boys stealing wine from their parents and proceeding to experiment sexually with one another. " In New York taxpayer funds support sending drag queens into city schools — often without parental knowledge or consent. The teacher Unions support Queer Affirmation and Transgender Affirmation in public schools, parental knowledge or consent not required. According to a Northwestern University study, average I Q in the4 U.S. has fallen 7 points in recent decades and only 16% of people are above average. 15: Stock market. The S&P 500, DOW Jones Industrial and the NasDaq all down over 2% at the close on Feb 24, 2023, all down over 8% from their all-time highs. I wonder if I can claim unrealized losses on my tax return!!! 16: Covid 19: For over two years the Biden government has refused to admit that the Covid 19 virus originated from a leak at the Wu Han lab in China. Today, "According to an exclusive report in The Wall Street Journal published Sunday, the United States Department of Energy has concluded that COVID most likely arose from a laboratory leak." The lab funded by Fauci and the NIH. And still the
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Reply 7 - Posted by: LC Chihuahua 3/19/2023 11:30:45 AM (No. 1428646)
There are destroyers out in the world. Satan may nudge humanity in a certain direction, but then he steps back and lets humanity do the rest. You will find out Satan's evil pales in comparison to the evil perpetrated by humanity itself. For the most part, we do this to ourselves. People have to be taught to be civilized. Otherwise, they are mindless savages and cannibals filled with hate and greed capable of committing any atrocity. Parents and our education are responsible. Teach your children to think. Teach them the difference between right and wrong. All too often, that is not happening these days. Then society reacts in shock and horror when junior grows up and kills. Also, you have to give people hope. A person with no hope finds life becoming pointless. Everyone has their story. Everyone sees what's going on. All too often, evil has touched them. Two neighbors feuding. One stabs the other, and the other shoot out the windshield of a car. Somehow, we got sucked into their problems when one of them torched our house while we slept in it. We knew immediately it was blatant arson. Parents taught us to get an education and the value of hard work. Both my brother and I received a college education in spite of poverty. We both started to work when we were in grade school. Both of us went to work at the same multi-national doing work that was meaningful to us. Too bad it wasn't meaningful to the corporation. That's where we learned the term cash cow. You milk the business but don't invest. That company employed over 300k people in the US. By the time we left, that company employed less than 100k in the US. Offshore employment rose by over 200k. The corporation did not value anything. My brother became a lefty. I just quit working and live on my savings. Employment isn't worth it if you have enough saved up. This is what society has become.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: Tallgrass Palms 3/19/2023 11:39:34 AM (No. 1428652)
"Niggled" and "Niggling"------haven't seen those words in a while. They remind me of another word so I plan to use them at every opportunity. Most of all, they remind me of the corrupt, Soros-funded Manhattan District Attorney.
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Turns Out all You Need is 38,000 Demons
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The brutalism of government during the last three years was anomalous in western democracies. First of all, it was irrational, it contravened common sense, which almost everyone possesses, and it destroyed millions of household economies and small businesses. It impoverished and starved a billion people in the developing world. It killed the old, brutally, refusing them affection in their last days. (Snip) But this niggled at me. Who drew up the plan, instituted it in every country, bullied every citizenry, devised the advertising, instituted the protocols? What operation has that level of power, of discipline? Only one answer: McKinsey. McKinsey innovated and executed the whole damned thing.
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There are many ways for the CDC and FDA to regain the trust of Americans. This article lists 20 ways. I was not asked to speak at the conference, so I thought I’d prepare my list for people who attend. 20 ideas for how to restore trust 1. Stop lying to people 2. Stop ignoring people who disagree with you: Answer questions/engage in meaningful dialog from people who disagree with you 3. Support data transparency: Show us all the data that you’ve been hiding instead of making us spend millions in lawsuits to release it (v-safe data for example). Don’t force us to use FOIA to have you release the
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One dark December afternoon several years ago, while others were hanging mistletoe and holly and buying last minute gifts, Prof. Josephine K. was meeting with students. The very last student to arrive was Brett, a white athlete from a comfortable suburb. “This is not a research paper.” “You told us to write a research paper.” “Yes, yes I did. And I told you what a research paper is – ” “This is my research paper!” “We’ve been going through the process in class for the past two months. (Snip) “you were absent or you sat in the back and tried to hide the fact that you were sleeping, texting on your
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Escape from New York may be a work of fiction no longer. In El Salvador, the government plans to crush crime by opening a new prison that is quite literally the size of a city. Two thousand suspected gang members have been moved to a new mega-prison in El Salvador, built as part of President Nayib Bukele’s self-proclaimed “war on crime.” … The mega-prison, officially called the Center for the Confinement of Terrorism (CECOT), was built to hold 40,000 prisoners. Bukele unveiled the center in January, saying it is “a fundamental piece to completely win the war against gangs.” The prisoners transferred to the CECOT are reportedly members
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Americans have been living with the idiosyncrasies of arbitrary racial classifications for almost five decades. These are now deeply entrenched and serve to drive political agendas while understandably fomenting divisiveness and resentment. That is the subject of David E. Bernstein’s impeccably researched book Classified: The Untold Story of Racial Classification in America. In his review of the history of American racial classification, Bernstein, a professor of law at George Mason University, brings clarity to the contentious discrimination debate which began in earnest with the Statistical Directive 15 of the Office of Management and Budget of 1977, creating five inconsistent and haphazard racial categories: American Indian or Alaskan Native; Asian or
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Maybe it's age, but I'm starting to warm up to the God of the Old Testament big-time. That's the one you're not supposed to like. The one you're supposed to feel embarrassed by. Even outraged. (Snip) My immediate response is: okay—maybe he was unpleasant at times. Who isn't? And besides, anyone who ever does anything big is "unpleasant" every once in a while. Goes with the territory. Nice guys finish last, remember? Sometimes you have to kick ass to get stuff done. Everyone knows that. And in this case, we're talking about the Being who created the heavens and earth, and everything therein. You want big? That's big.
Elon Musk Is Planning a Texas Utopia—His
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AUSTIN, Texas—Elon Musk is planning to build his own town on part of thousands of acres of newly purchased pasture and farmland outside the Texas capital, according to deeds and other land records and people familiar with the project. In meetings with landowners and real-estate agents, Mr. Musk and employees of his companies have described his vision as a sort of Texas utopia along the Colorado River, where his employees could live and work. (Snip) They say Mr. Musk and his top executives want his Austin-area employees, including workers at Boring, electric-car maker Tesla Inc. and SpaceX, to be able to live in new homes with below-market rents.
Dear Conservatives, I Apologize 30 replies
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There is no way to avoid this moment. The formal letter of apology. From me. To Conservatives and to those who “put America first” everywhere. It’s tempting to sweep this confrontation with my own gullibility under the rug — to “move on” without every acknowledging that I was duped, and that as a result I made mistakes in judgement, and that these mistakes hurt millions of other people like you all, in existential ways. (Snip) The proximate cause of this letter of apology is the airing, two nights ago, of excepts from tens of thousands of hours of security camera footage from the United States Capitol taken on Jan 6, 2021.
NBC Reporter Goes To Crimea, Shocks Viewers
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Mainstream media correspondents for major US networks rarely, if ever, report from inside Crimea and certainly are nowhere near Russian-held territory in eastern Ukraine. However, this week NBC News chief international correspondent Keir Simmons went to Sevastopol, surrounded by a significant Russian military presence given it is home to the Russian Navy's Black Sea Fleet, and in a live segment admitted that it's not at all realistic Zelensky and Ukrainian forces can ever hope to take Crimea. This is especially as the "the people there... view themselves as Russian." Simmons noted that "This is the closest that any US news crew has got to the Russian Black Sea Fleet
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The day that Donald Trump proclaimed he’d be arrested is upon us. Will he or won’t he be processed and taken into custody on a weak attempt to relitigate the Stormy Daniels payoff? All we can do is wait, and since there is no timeline for grand jury deliberations, that wait could drag on. In the meantime, Trump is keeping his eye on the ball in the face of possible jail time. No, he’s not focusing like a laser beam on Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg. He’s insinuating Ron DeSantis is gay. [Tweet] Those are just two of the posts Trump put on on Desantis on Monday. His sons also spent
University of Helsinki gives Greta Thunberg
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Climate Change is a religion. We all know that. The University of Helsinki has decided to make that official by giving Greta Thunberg an honorary Doctorate of Theology at the ripe old age of 20. Pretty sure she hasn’t graduated from High School, but maybe I am wrong. I thought she dropped out to become a climate change activist. Now that she is Dr. Thunberg she can glue herself to Volkswagens or something. Isn’t that what activists with Ph. D.s do these days?
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Ford has unveiled its new 'trailblazer' Explorer electric SUV with a range of more than 300 miles from a single charge and a moveable touchscreen inside that conceals a James Bond-style hidden compartment. The new family-friendly crossover - which will be in showrooms next year - is described as the first in a new breed of 'stylish, smart and road-trip ready' all-electric Ford vehicles with clever storage and sharp design designed to appeal as much to women as men. And the only thing it appears to share with the larger outgoing internal combustion engine Ford Explorer SUV (which is more than half a metre longer than
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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has finally taken the gloves off and launched a blistering attack on his former mentor President Donald Trump. In an exclusive wide-ranging interview with me airing on Fox Nation’s “Piers Morgan Uncensored” on Thursday, he said “stay tuned” about his widely expected announcement that he’s running for president and declared: I have what it takes to be president and I can beat Biden. But it’s what he said about Trump that will ignite a firestorm in the Republican Party. For months, DeSantis has said nothing as Trump’s escalated his verbal attacks on him, branding his ex-protégé “Ron DeSanctimonious” and “Meatball Ron.” On Monday, Trump went nuts
California Reparations Task Force member
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A member of the California Reparations Task Force vowed the committee’s "recommendations will be breathtaking." Lisa Holder, a task force member and president of the far-left Equal Justice Society, published an opinion piece advocating for the reparations committee and writing that Californians "must be prepared for remedies on a scale approaching the Great Society programs of Medicare and Medicaid." "Reparations is a paradigm for understanding harm and repair as it relates to people who suffered a human rights injustice because of government action," Holder wrote. "Harm and repair are the two sides of the spectrum." She added that reparations will
It slowly dawns on the West that Ukraine
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Posted by Dreadnought 3/21/2023 4:30:10 PM Post Reply
Writer David Goldman, who writes as the brilliant "Spengler" at Asia Times, foresees an ending of sorts to the Ukraine conflict, based on the West's inability to supply the resources to keep an extended war coming. In his latest Asia Times piece, he noted the private thinking going on of people who make up the foreign policy community: A gloomy assessment of Ukraine’s prospects for victory against Russia emerged from a recent private gathering of former top US soldiers, intelligence officials and scholars with resumes reaching from the Reagan to the Trump administrations. Short of trained personnel and ammunition, one speaker argued, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky might consider a Chinese peace plan,
Brazil's Socialist President Orders Nationwide
Gun Grab After Surge in Sales
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Posted by Hazymac 3/21/2023 7:46:18 PM Post Reply
Brazil’s recently inaugurated leftist President Lula Ignacio Da Silva has initiated a process of taking back guns from citizens after a surge in sales toward the end of Jair Bolsonaro’s presidency. The Wall Street Journal detailed in a report on Tuesday how Lula has already reversed looser gun restrictions from the Bolsonaro era and plans to force owners to register their firearms or face arrest. “It’s time to put down your weapons, weapons that should never have been wielded,” Lula said after winning last year’s presidential election in contentious circumstances. “Guns kill and we choose life.” Lula has now given owners an ultimatum of March 31 to bring their guns to
Dr. Jill Shoots Joe Biden a Look as He
Claims He’s “A Student of the Persian
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For the record, Joe Biden was raised in a Puerto Rican community, attended a black church when he was a teen and apparently he’s also a student of Persian culture. Joe and Jill Biden on Monday hosted a reception at the White House celebrating Nowruz, the Persian New Year. “You know, the Persian culture is amazing!” Biden said. “As a student of the Persian culture, not a practitioner, but a student,” Biden said.
Attorney Robert Costello Speaks Out after
Testimony: “It Was Clear to Me the Manhattan
Grand Jury Did Not Want to Get to the
Truth” (Video)
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Posted by Imright 3/21/2023 7:54:09 AM Post Reply
Robert Costello, the former legal adviser to Michael Cohen, spoke to Tucker Carlson on Monday night after he testified to Manhattan Grand Jury investigating President Donald Trump. Costello told the FOX News audience that he testified for two hours in front of Alvin Bragg’s Manhattan Grand Jury. Robert Costello told Tucker Carlson, “I spoke to the jury for two hours… It was clear to me the Manhattan Grand Jury did not want to get to the truth.”Robert Costello: I just spent 2 hours or so testifying before the grand jury in downtown Manhattan, and I got my point across. Although it was clear to me that the Manhattan DA’s office did not
Los Angeles schools to close Tuesday as
strike goes forward; negotiations at a standstill
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Posted by Dreadnought 3/21/2023 12:01:24 AM Post Reply
The massive Los Angeles Unified School District will be closed Tuesday – and possibly Wednesday and Thursday – because of a planned strike by tens of thousands of teachers and other school employees. "All schools across LAUSD will be closed tomorrow," Superintendent Alberto Carvalho, leader of the nation's second-largest school district, said at a Monday afternoon news conference. "Tomorrow will be a difficult day." Carvalho, who oversees about 600,000 students at more than 1,000 schools, expressed frustration with the union representing workers including bus drivers, custodians, cafeteria workers, campus security and teaching assistants. The union said talks with the school district broke down Monday
The 'Serial Pooper' Strikes Against Hillary Clinton 13 replies
Posted by Imright 3/21/2023 7:12:57 PM Post Reply
As we await to see if Donald Trump will get arrested today, let’s talk about some crime stories involving Hillary Clinton. No, the body count hasn’t increased, there have been no suspicious real estate purchases, and Bill Clinton didn’t allegedly sexually assault anyone. If anything, it would appear that the former first lady and her daughter, Chelsea, were potential victims of a scatological incident at the Shubert Theater. The two women attended the venue to watch a rendition of ‘Some Like It Hot,’ only to discover someone defecated in the aisle near them.
DeSantis Proclaims He Can Beat Trump,
‘Win Presidency’
13 replies
Posted by Dreadnought 3/21/2023 6:28:48 PM Post Reply
Governor Ron DeSantis (R., Fl.) told Piers Morgan in an interview that he believes he can prevail over Donald Trump and lead the Republican Party to victory in the 2024 presidential election over President Joe Biden. “I can win [the] presidency,” the Florida governor told Piers Morgan in an exclusive interview that aired Tuesday afternoon. Although DeSantis alluded to challenging Trump for the Republican presidential nomination, the governor explained that much of his attention will be geared towards President Biden. “If I were to run, I’m running against Biden,” DeSantis said. “Ultimately you know the guy I’m gonna focus on is Biden because I think he’s failed
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