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Southwest shambles

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Posted By: AltaD, 12/28/2022 11:18:11 AM

Until the Mayo Clinic starts using the Novichok nerve agent in place of anesthesia, Southwest Airlines will retain the corporate award for the most rapid and catastrophic self-destruction of its brand. (Snip) The vast majority of domestic flight cancellations are falling at Southwest's feet. Nor is this about the weather. It's about woeful mismanagement. The other domestic airlines, by and large, have recovered from the recent winter storm. But beset by decades of underinvestment in technology and evidently inadequate management, Southwest has been unable to schedule its crews or handle escalating customer service demands.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: Daisymay 12/28/2022 11:37:05 AM (No. 1366218)
We have flown on SW exclusively for over 30 years and never had one problem with a delay or cancellation or even lost Luggage. That said, we never fly on a Holiday! I feel so sorry for the mess the Passengers find themselves in, many who never made it in time for Christmas with their Loved Ones. I hope SW will fire those in Charge of this mess and get their house in order. I'm betting they will be in a mess for some months to come. I hope they are back on track when we will book to fly from Orlando to Chicago Midway this summer! ( I guess that's if they're still in business then)!
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Reply 2 - Posted by: Bmoc 12/28/2022 11:49:46 AM (No. 1366228)
I'm with Poster 1. If I can't get there by SW, I don't fly. Something tells me there is something else behind this story.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: SALady 12/28/2022 11:59:26 AM (No. 1366239)
Many, many years of excellent and dependable service are not going to be "destroyed" by a freak winter storm and its inevitable delays and cancelations!!!! Other than a couple of trips to Europe, we have flown SWA exclusively for decades. In several dozen trips we have taken on them, we have never had a bad experience!!! And their very friendly, helpful, and humorous flight attendants have always been a huge plus!!! The MSM's love of putting the "gloom and doom" spin on anything (but their lie-beral protected classes) is getting really boring and predictable!!!
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Reply 4 - Posted by: DVC 12/28/2022 12:08:11 PM (No. 1366245)
I ALWAYS choose SW, and they have exemplary service. I'm not going to jump on the "hating SW" bandwagon. I will continue to use SW, although in the "masking" insanity era, we just said "NO", and drove or stayed home. The current system of pilot 'domiciles' allows pilots to live essentially anywhere, often far from their "home base". This is a hugely appreciated lifestyle advantage for pilots, but if the weather gets bad enough to force the cancellation of a lot of flights.....some of those flights were supposed to be bringing a crew to a distant city to fly a flight. So one cancelled flight, can prevent a crew from arriving to fly a different flight, and they were then often supposed to fly a third flight, which can't happen. It's a weather cascade effect. It's just the way things work in the modern air travel situation. A wide enough bad weather system can really screw things up, and until the crews can fly to their starting point, flights can't go. It isn't as simplistic as the author thinks, and it isn't 'bad management'. It's weather. It seems pretty unlikely that there is going to be a sudden change to requiring crews to live within some sort of a short 'driving distance' of their home bases. So, big weather events will continue to have widespread impact on airline travel, and not just SW. Old pilot saying "Better to be on the ground, wishing you were up there, than to be up there, wishing you could get on the ground." Bad weather is not to be trifled with. Modern air transport aircraft deal with weather far better than 25 years ago, and incredibly better than 50 years ago. But flight safety is the key issue. Sometimes it just isn't safe to fly. Unrealistic expectations of "weather doesn't ever affect airline traffic" is just that -- unrealistic.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: lynngirl122 12/28/2022 12:09:16 PM (No. 1366247)
Never EVER fly on a holiday! For heaven's sake, stay home Thanksgiving and Christmas!
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Reply 6 - Posted by: stevendm 12/28/2022 12:21:24 PM (No. 1366256)
While they're at it can they bring back the flight attendant's dress code from the 70's?
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Reply 7 - Posted by: Robert Jones 12/28/2022 12:39:29 PM (No. 1366268)
How much of this is related to the corona virus mandate, laying off pilots? How much is this related to their being woefully short of pilots and attendants?
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Reply 8 - Posted by: econoclast 12/28/2022 12:47:12 PM (No. 1366273)
Clearly too much focus on DEI when hiring and not enough on competence.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: Hermit_Crab 12/28/2022 2:42:10 PM (No. 1366320)
I read an article yesterday saying that the real problem stemmed from their computer scheduling system, unable to handle the weather created delays... Did anyone stop to think it could have been hacked, rather than just being old and inflexible? Plus, the Covid vaccine mandates from the Government have killed and disabled so many of their pilots and flight crews, that any other problems are exacerbated.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: Dodge Boy 12/28/2022 3:16:56 PM (No. 1366342)
Give SW some space. The company had a bad hair day. Every airline on the planet has had one at some point. While this is tough for SW's customers, Bob Jordan and the company know what they are doing. But I am sure former CEO Gary Kelly is providing some crisis management tips to Jordan and the team. Just understand that the msm parasites feeds on bad news like this. My oldest son is a Captain for Frontier. He makes it clear that the meltdown that happened to SW is the top worry of Frontier's executive team every day, and for that matter, all of the other carriers worry about the same thing. Remember what happened to Delta not long ago when their reservations and operations systems crashed? A common thread in this worry is that all of the airlines early-retired too many people during the covid scam. The more junior people who took over for them simply don't know what to do when the unexpected happens. And these risks are not limited to the airline industry. My own company, before I retired, discovered what happens when too many gray-hairs are offered retirement all at the same time.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: bpl40 12/28/2022 5:48:59 PM (No. 1366427)
It seems resignations will not suffice. Harakiri comes to mind.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: YorkieMom 12/28/2022 7:22:23 PM (No. 1366465)
Calm down media. Mayor Pete Buttgig is on the job and will fix everything by firing everyone at SW.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: HicoKid 12/28/2022 7:37:45 PM (No. 1366475)
I used to get a shoe shine at 7:00am on Mondays beside former CEO Herb Kelleherr, at Love Field. He was a real gem of a person. He told me his "top secret" in business. He said, "It's all about people." That's all he he had to say.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: mifla 12/29/2022 5:26:49 AM (No. 1366623)
Southwest Airlines is still run better than our government.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: ussjimmycarter 12/29/2022 6:15:11 AM (No. 1366635)
Southwest has not upgraded their Legacy systems in years! Good luck finding Cobal programmers in todays job market! Mainframes have their place when one needs to move huge amounts of data quickly! Next time the Givernment hands you a wad of cash…spend it on programmers!
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Southwest shambles 15 replies
Posted by AltaD 12/28/2022 11:18:11 AM Post Reply
Until the Mayo Clinic starts using the Novichok nerve agent in place of anesthesia, Southwest Airlines will retain the corporate award for the most rapid and catastrophic self-destruction of its brand. (Snip) The vast majority of domestic flight cancellations are falling at Southwest's feet. Nor is this about the weather. It's about woeful mismanagement. The other domestic airlines, by and large, have recovered from the recent winter storm. But beset by decades of underinvestment in technology and evidently inadequate management, Southwest has been unable to schedule its crews or handle escalating customer service demands.
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A US government-funded nonprofit known as “the mountain retreat for the liberal elite” sponsored a “tabletop exercise” intended to influence coverage of a leak of documents related to Hunter Biden, the latest installment of Elon Musk’s “Twitter Files” reveals. In a series of tweets Monday, independent journalist Michael Shellenberger posted confidential documents from the Aspen Institute’s September 2020 event, which he said was attended by Twitter’s then-head of trust and safety, Facebook’s head of security policy and top national security reporters from The New York Times and The Washington Post.(Snip)“The goal was to shape how the media covered it — and how social media carried it,” Shellenberger wrote.
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Sorry, hipsters. A recent tweet says it all. “Sam Bankman-Fried: I don’t know where $10 billion went. The Pentagon: We don’t know where $2.2 trillion went. The IRS: You just sent $601.37 don’t forget to report it.” The Biden administration is recruiting 87,000 IRS agents, allegedly to keep an eye on billionaires. But all appearances are that it’s aiming at the little fish of the gig economy instead. Taking payments for a side hustle via PayPal or Venmo? Not only is the IRS reminding you those payments are taxable income, it’s deputizing those payment companies to snitch on you. (Snip) The threshold used to be $20,000 but was lowered to $600
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The intolerant leftist mob is coming for Christians everywhere, and we were just the latest target in the way this past Wednesday night. The Family Foundation of Virginia is the largest and oldest pro-family advocacy organization in Virginia. Our team and supporters were denied a meal for our beliefs when Metzger’s Bar and Butchery in Richmond, Virginia, refused to service our pre-reserved event, leaving us scrambling just moments before. (Snip) About an hour and a half before the event was set to take place, one of the restaurant’s owners called our team to cancel. An employee had looked up our organization, and their wait staff refused to serve us.
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A scientist who worked at a controversial research lab in China has claimed that COVID was a man-made virus that leaked from the facility, according to a report. Andrew Huff, who worked for a New York-based non-profit that studied viruses, said COVID leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China two-plus years ago and blamed authorities for the “biggest US intelligence failure since 9/11,” Britain’s The Sun reported Saturday. The lab has been at the center of fierce debates about the origins of COVID, with both Chinese government officials and lab personnel denying that the virus leaked from the facility. Huff, an epidemiologist, said in his new book, “The Truth About Wuhan,”
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I bought a Tesla to help the environment.
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Afew years ago, I bought a used Tesla, not because I’m a car nut but because I had been a hypocrite. For years, I had been outspoken about the dangers of carbon emissions. Yet at the same time, I was driving an old gas-powered heap that got about 25 miles per gallon, and that sounded like a rocket launch every time I turned on the ignition.
'I could not stand him for 10 years':
Michelle Obama says raising 'terrorists'
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Michelle Obama has revealed that she 'couldn't stand' husband Barack while their children were young. The former First Lady, 58, also dubbed her two daughters, Sasha and Malia, as 'terrorists' when they were small. She claims the couple struggled as they were both trying to 'advance their careers' – with her husband going on to become the president. Michelle made the claims about her relationship with Barack, 61, while promoting her new book The Light We Carry.
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This is one of those stories that you’re certain is from the Babylon Bee, and that is stunning in its implications when it turns out to be the truth. In this case, the truth is that, in accordance with UN and WEF climate recommendations, the city of Oxford (home to the famed university) approved plans mandating that citizens may not drive more than 15 minutes distance from their homes without permission. It’s called the “15 Minute City” and is intended to reduce auto emissions. Mostly, though, it will reduce liberty, which is what climate change madness has always been about.
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Biological assimilation into femininity has long been the final frontier for transgender activists — a Rubicon they had not yet been able to fully cross. Aspirational transgenders can get various sordid surgeries to appear more feminine; they can adopt feminine social roles, but they could never really become fully biologically female. This nags at the LGBTQ+++™ community something fierce, as biological reality always belies the religious conviction that “transgender women are women,” full-stop. They wish they could menstruate because, like transgender Pinocchios, they want desperately to be real girls, despite the deep-seated and dysphoric knowledge that their goal is impossible. For instance, transgender TikTok star Dylan Mulvaney explains
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Have you ever wondered why no pictures of Michelle Obama pregnant are available online? The right-wing conspiracies are that there are no pictures of Michelle Obama pregnant at all. But the left wing thinks that they aren’t pictures out there because Michelle Obama wasn’t famous at the time she was pregnant because Obama wasn’t a big deal and paparazzi weren’t hunting them. One recent Twitter, thread sparked a huge controversy!
Book: Joe Biden Doesn’t Trust His Secret
Service, Fears ‘MAGA Sympathizers’
in Ranks
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Posted by Imright 12/28/2022 9:00:38 PM Post Reply
President Joe Biden reportedly does not trust the Secret Service to protect him, even though the agency has appeared to slow-walk disclosing documents related to Hunter Biden’s alleged gun violations. According to Chris Whipple’s new book, “The Fight of His Life: Inside Joe Biden’s White House,” Biden does not trust the Secret Service because some of them allegedly do not support him politically. “A bigger problem was Biden’s discomfort with his Secret Service detail; some of them were MAGA sympathizers. He didn’t trust them,” Whipple wrote. “The Secret Service is full of white ex-cops from the South who tend to be deeply conservative.” Whipple makes Biden appear paranoid
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Posted by Dreadnought 12/28/2022 11:36:44 PM Post Reply
James Cameron has made some of the best action movies ever. Terminator, Terminator 2, Aliens. Even True Lies was pretty good. I thought Titanic sucked, and Avatar was a snooze, but Cameron has a few greats to be proud of. But he isn’t proud of them. In fact, without naming these movies he implies he wished he never made them. They “fetishize” gun violence, and he is done with that. Guns make him sick to his stomach now. He is so done with gun violence, in fact, that he has made a war movie (Avatar 2 is indeed a kind of war movie, in which the human beings
What Christmas crisis? Bidens enjoy Caribbean
paradise after 'blizzard of the century'
killed dozens and Southwest's latest meltdown
stranded tens of thousands across the nation
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Posted by Imright 12/28/2022 11:42:16 AM Post Reply
President Joe Biden is enjoying his tropical vacation in St Croix while thousands of Americans continue to suffer from travel chaos and the deadly blizzard that killed at least 68 people. He will be sunning himself in the 84-degree Caribbean heat at a private home with beach access in the Virgin Islands. He's staying as a rent-free guest at the home of Bill and Connie Neville, who are bigtime Democratic donors. He is joined by first lady Jill, grandkids Natalie and Hunter Jr., and daughter Ashley and her husband Howard for a family vacation. Ashley and Howard even brought their dog for the week-long getaway.
Woke and broke U.S. Army now accepting
recruits with ADHD, other "behavioral challenges"
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Posted by Dreadnought 12/28/2022 6:45:00 PM Post Reply
Being all uber-woke you can be has just about brought the Army to its knees. In this day and age, they’ve fallen so far down the rabbit hole anymore that they can’t get anyone who’s their normal target recruit to sign up to save their lives. Or anyone else’s, for that matter. Their recruiting numbers are dismal. …The service fell 15,000 recruits short of its fiscal 2022 goal and it cut its goal for total number of soldiers in fiscal year 2023 by an additional 15,000, suggesting that it sees a longer-term problem. Only 23% of young Americans meet the fitness, health and other standards required to join the military,
Chinese Travelers Land in Italy, Half
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Posted by Dreadnought 12/28/2022 10:52:41 PM Post Reply
Italy’s decision to take extra precautions with Chinese travelers paid off on Wednesday as two flights from China landed in Milan and half of the passengers tested positive for Covid-19. Italy was one of four countries that announced they would impose coronavirus restrictions on Chinese travelers because a massive wave of coronavirus infections is ripping across China, racking up millions of cases in a single day — but the tyrannical Chinese government decided to abandon almost all of its disease control protocols with almost no preparation for the consequences, loosen up travel restrictions, and begin handing out passports just in time for the Lunar New Year holiday.
‘Extremely Irresponsible’: Expert
Warns China’s Border Reopening Amid
COVID Surge May Trigger Global Pandemic Resurgence
18 replies
Posted by Judy W. 12/29/2022 7:55:06 AM Post Reply
A health expert has sharply criticized the Chinese regime’s lifting of international travel restrictions in the midst of a massive COVID wave sweeping through the country, saying the move is “extremely irresponsible” and could cause a global resurgence of the pandemic. The National Health Commission announced on Dec. 26 that the country would end all quarantine requirements for inbound travelers from Jan. 8, 2023. Travelers will need to obtain a negative PCR test within 48 hours of departure, it said. Currently, travelers entering China need to undergo five days of mandatory quarantine in an approved facility, followed by three days at home.
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