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Two Things Scare Me About the Midterms

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Posted By: ladydawgfan, 11/6/2022 1:26:29 PM

Everything I’m reading and hearing about the Tuesday midterm elections is a “massive red wave.” “Panic in New York.” “Blake Masters Takes Razor Thin Lead.” “Majority of Voters Support J.D. Vance.” “Red Wave Tuesday? Final Rasmussen Poll: GOP Leads Generic Congressional Ballot by 5 Points.” “The Democrats are in Trouble.” “Hispanics Across Arizona, Florida, Texas Abandon Democrats.” (Snip) Two things about the election Tuesday scare me. One, so many of the races are so close. Nearly all the important Senate races are neck and neck: Pennsylvania, Arizona, Nevada, New Hampshire, and Georgia, all so very tight. Why? How can Americans look at the country and not slaughter the Democrats?


I have to agree completely with this article. Vote!! Vote on Tuesday and take another Conservative with you!!

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Reply 1 - Posted by: MindMadeUp 11/6/2022 1:33:30 PM (No. 1326502)
Perfect analysis.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: JHHolliday 11/6/2022 1:38:32 PM (No. 1326506)
Lewis makes a good point. I think the "red wave" will give the house to the GOP. Not so sure about the Senate. We might pick up a seat or two, but the Dems will be cheating in the tight races, and we might not pick up enough to offset the traitors like Romney. At a minimum, the GOP needs a four to five seat edge. Vote fraud is just about all the Dems have left, and they will use it everywhere they can. I look for Walker to be ahead at midnight Tuesday, but his lead will have magically disappeared by morning
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Reply 3 - Posted by: JonR 11/6/2022 2:02:04 PM (No. 1326518)
Great article! I agree completely that the democrats will cheat, steal and lie their way to victory on any close race! Why not? There were no consequences for a stolen election last time!
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Reply 4 - Posted by: john56 11/6/2022 2:09:15 PM (No. 1326528)
Problem is a wave election usually is a bunch of 55-45 wins. This time it may be a bunch of 51-49 wins and a couple of them could be 49-51.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: ms1234 11/6/2022 2:16:09 PM (No. 1326534)
In order for a Republican to win ANY election, they need to be at least 7-8% ahead of the Democrat. It is well understood that 5-6 fraudulent percentage points are added to the Democrats. None of the "close" races have the Republican 7-8% ahead. Therefore they WILL NOT win. Sorry to burst your bubble but nothing can prevent Democrat voter fraud except massive Republican over voting. Hopefully enthusiasm may be on the Republicans side.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: mc squared 11/6/2022 2:22:12 PM (No. 1326537)
Just finished corresponding with an old friend and we were stumped at this question too. FTA: How can Americans look at the country and not slaughter the Democrats? Hannity and a couple of other pundits Friday night said that less than 100,000 total votes in all of those states could decide the makeup of the Senate. Again, how can these races be so close? Well, I hate to be ugly, but one of my long-held mottos is “never underestimate the stupidity of the American electorate.” That certainly seems to be the case this year. Based on Democrat campaigning, they already KNOW how stupid some of us are, but I find them insulting.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: BeatleJeff 11/6/2022 2:24:26 PM (No. 1326539)
Another room and gloomer. And I have no patience for doom and gloomers.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: formerNYer 11/6/2022 2:28:17 PM (No. 1326540)
Maybe I'm an optimist, but I don't think it will that close, Republican are always undercounted in the polls by 1-4% if not more. And there is a bunch of core D'Rats that don't believe this is the D'Rats fault, just read some of the comments and you'll see every excuse in the world. Russia, Saudis, Trump, it's a "world' problem. Blah blah blah
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Reply 9 - Posted by: TJ54 11/6/2022 2:34:19 PM (No. 1326542)
Reagan carried 49 of 50 states when winning re-election. This could not have happened without a lot of Democrats voting for Reagan. I think most voters are practical, not ideological. Only a true leftwing nut would vote for the Dems in this election.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: Quigley 11/6/2022 2:34:52 PM (No. 1326543)
I agree completely and remain in a neutral mindset about the outcome. I know several people who are 100% in the bidet camp. They believe trump was a monster and eagerly watch the jan 6 committee hearings. They are adults-seniors- and property owners. One longterm friend told me of the Sup Ct decision that apparently happened Saturday which would “allow those people to be given the money. It’ll go right back into the economy. They’ll buy houses or refrigerators.” Not wanting to risk war, i did not ask ‘why just those people and not everybody else?’ Or ‘that’s the current problem, too much money being created which bids up the price of goods.’ No, it was just unquestioning obeisance to the Dim marketing scam. These people will never vote against a dim. There are more of them than makes sense in the adult world.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: Robert Jones 11/6/2022 3:07:00 PM (No. 1326556)
Also, can anyone name a society in the world or past when the rulers were as addled and clueless as Biden or Federman? Much as I don’t like some of these: Obama, Bill Clinton, Gov Edwin Edwards were untrustworthy but quite savy.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: downnout 11/6/2022 3:12:13 PM (No. 1326558)
The same feeling has been haunting me the past few weeks. The races shouldn’t even be close. What in blazes is wrong with people? Are they really that unengaged and poorly informed?
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Reply 13 - Posted by: jalo1951 11/6/2022 3:32:32 PM (No. 1326563)
And FJB got 81 million. Really? You just never know. Hoping, hoping for a wave.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: Lanetam 11/6/2022 3:43:21 PM (No. 1326566)
A couple points: 1) I believe that most polls over sample democrats. Remember Hillary was supposed to beat Trump by 12 to 16 points. 2) Since Biden's DOJ declared Republicans "domestic terrorists," I don't talk to anyone about my political opinions that I don't know. I definitely believe that a silent majority is in play here. Maybe I am just being optimistic.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: thekidsmom66 11/6/2022 3:54:57 PM (No. 1326569)
What? You mean 100% of voters are not going to vote Republican?? You mean there are still brain-dead Democrats??? Well, then we should DEFINITELY give up all hope. Good grief.
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Reply 16 - Posted by: davew 11/6/2022 4:26:47 PM (No. 1326593)
A key tell will be when you start seeing precincts that are not reporting for a long time. These are the ones that will be used to tip the totals in key races for the Democrats using "uncertifiable" ballots. Also remember, any precinct that does not report its final totals before midnight on election night is in violation of the SCOTUS Foster v. Love decision and must be voided by the SoS. If they do not follow the law again, all bets are off.
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Reply 17 - Posted by: Phantomll 11/6/2022 4:47:40 PM (No. 1326607)
With the state of our country, I don't see how any sane person could vote for a 'Rat! I don't understand how these polls could even be close.
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Reply 18 - Posted by: chumley 11/6/2022 5:18:19 PM (No. 1326626)
What scares me is that half of our countrymen, including all the dead ones, illegals and felons, vote for the communist party despite its 100% track record of death and despair. We all had stupid kids in history class, but half? Half were asleep or stoned? And those who arrange all that cheating do so without a single pang of guilt, with the righteous indignation of religious zealot. Win or lose, we are still in serious trouble.
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Reply 19 - Posted by: FJB 11/6/2022 5:42:33 PM (No. 1326635)
That any American would vote to continue any part of China Joe and Obama's regime — as indicated by the closeness of these elections — shows one or two things about Democrats. Their stupidity or their criminality. MAGA
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Reply 20 - Posted by: NorthernDog 11/6/2022 6:21:33 PM (No. 1326659)
I'm not worrying so much. It will be harder for Dems to cheat when they know everyone is watching. When polls are wrong they almost always overestimate in favor of Democrats. There are lots of ''undecided'' people who plan to vote Republican but don't want to say so out loud. Most of the races that look razor thin will be decided by 4-6 points.
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Reply 21 - Posted by: lakerman1 11/6/2022 7:27:15 PM (No. 1326690)
Fetterman is sort of a freak of recent history. He comes from a wealthy family, even though he claimed for years that because his parents wed as teens, they struggled. He is not stupid. He earned a degree in Finance hile playing football for them, a difficult major for an athlete with limited study time. He went on to earn an MBA for Connecicut, I believe, and an MA in Public Policy from Harvard. And he worked for Chubb in Pittsburgh for two years as an underwriter. He left Chubb and did one of those domestic peace corps tours of two years, a sketchy government program. And he ran for mayor of a neighborhood but called a city, Braddock, Pa., and won the dimocrat primary by one vote. Since Braddock is almost all dimocrat, he won the election, serving as a part time mayor for 150 dollars a month, and a city manager to manage the neighborhood. Then he was contacted and seduced by an illegal alien african-brazilian named Gisele. He married her, and his daddy (and maybe George Soros) supported him handsomely. That's enough history for now.
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Reply 22 - Posted by: Mr. Know-It-All 11/6/2022 7:59:46 PM (No. 1326712)
Normally I would expect a certain pubbie sweep this week. But the dems cheated in 2020 and got away with it with narry a complaint from the Republican "leadership" and will no doubt do it again. Pardon me for being pessimistic about what happens on Tuesday.
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Reply 23 - Posted by: Lawsy0 11/7/2022 12:47:40 AM (No. 1326846)
Vote. Pray. Pray on the way to vote. Pray on the way home from voting. A radio preacher years ago opened his program with ''Prayer Changes Things.'' What it changes the most is the petitioner. After you pray, then pull the lever, let go of it. (You guessed correctly if you know I am preaching to the choir!)
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Reply 24 - Posted by: tootall 11/7/2022 8:45:33 AM (No. 1327031)
Polls are notoriously wrong, mostly favoring Dems. I won't tell anyone what I think or how I vote. Down the ticket is very important as well. State Legislatures and Governors will determine election reform before the '24 election. Vote! But know who you are voting for first. In Ohio Ryan is running on Trump principles while his voting record shows he voted Left 100% of the time. Others are doing this as well
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Everything I’m reading and hearing about the Tuesday midterm elections is a “massive red wave.” “Panic in New York.” “Blake Masters Takes Razor Thin Lead.” “Majority of Voters Support J.D. Vance.” “Red Wave Tuesday? Final Rasmussen Poll: GOP Leads Generic Congressional Ballot by 5 Points.” “The Democrats are in Trouble.” “Hispanics Across Arizona, Florida, Texas Abandon Democrats.” (Snip) Two things about the election Tuesday scare me. One, so many of the races are so close. Nearly all the important Senate races are neck and neck: Pennsylvania, Arizona, Nevada, New Hampshire, and Georgia, all so very tight. Why? How can Americans look at the country and not slaughter the Democrats?
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It’s times like these when you yearn for the perfect words to explain not only how important it is to vote Tuesday, but also to properly describe just how awful the people you’re running against are. In the case of Democrats, unfortunately, the words needed to describe them tend to contain four letters and generally are slang for body parts or directions for action involving them. That makes them unusable in a family-friendly column, but I’m going to try to get around that as best I can and paint as accurate of a picture as possible about why we should be grateful for these horrible Democrats.
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The new Florida election crimes unit is on the job sniffing out fraud with the all-important midterm elections only days away and has announced the arrest of a woman who faces felony charges for casting ballots in two states in the same election cycle. On Friday, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement announced that 55-year-old Cheryl Ann Leslie of Loxahatchee, a registered Democrat, was charged with voting in both Florida and Alaska in the 2020 state and federal primary elections. According to an FDLE press release, “Inspectors with FDLE’s Election Crime Unit today arrested Cheryl Ann Leslie, 55, of Loxahatchee, on two counts of casting more than one ballot in an election.
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The Biden Administration will be known to history for many things: an open border and its deadly consequences, the abandonment of Afghanistan, weakness that led to catastrophe in Europe, skyrocketing inflation, and the use of federal law enforcement to target political opponents. The catalog of infamy goes on. Above all, though, this administration may be remembered for its duplicity — its continual, shameless “gaslighting” of the American people. Biden, his team, and his sycophantic media supporters repeatedly tell us that “all is well” where it manifestly is not. No matter how bad things become in the nation, no matter how many people suffer, reality has no purchase
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On Monday morning ahead of Tuesday’s almost certain Republican tsunami at the ballot box, ABC’s Good Morning America (GMA) and CBS Mornings moved away from a fixation on abortion or vague warnings about the fate of democracy if voters choose incorrectly. Instead, they engaged in voter suppression by hinting a vote for Republicans could be enabling violent individuals who’d cause violence and/or cause serious doubts to be raised about our country’s future. GMA co-host Amy Robach didn’t mince words, insisting there are “rising voting threats” as “[i]ntelligence officials say extremists could target election infrastructure, personnel, or even voting sites.”
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Democrat Pennsylvania Senate candidate John Fetterman said in a memo to reporters to “buckle up for a long week” because the ballot counting process could take “several days.” Why? The only reason why Democrats need to count ballots for several days after Election Day is to overcome the Republican candidate’s vote count and steal the election. Fetterman used the 2020 election as an example in his memo to reporters and recalled how Trump was ahead by more than 700,000 votes at midnight on Election Day in Pennsylvania but still lost after the Democrats counted ballots in secret for Joe Biden for 2 weeks.
Video: Joe Got Scared By His Own Shadow
And Almost Fell But Another Strange Detail
On Biden’s Podium Raised Even More Questions
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Posted by Black Conservative Voice 11/7/2022 7:49:26 AM Post Reply
Biden’s handlers have dragged him around the country in a last-minute campaign blitz to help Democrat lawmakers with their elections. He was in Westchester County, New York to deliver remarks at a Democrat campaign event. But things went downhill yet again! Joe Biden is almost 80 years old and he cannot keep up with a grueling schedule. It seems that Biden got scared by his own shadow.
Politico Suggests Election Fraud Could
Cost Democrats the Election
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Posted by Dreadnought 11/7/2022 11:13:10 AM Post Reply
As the lull before the storm continues prior to election day, the takes continue to get dumber. Republicans have begun a new round of dooming based on what can only be called a late vibe shift (i.e. not backed by real data), but Democrats aren’t exactly exhibiting confidence either. Enter Politico, which decided it’d be a great idea to drop an article about election fraud on the eve of voters going to the polls. Guess which party they think is going to try to “steal” the election this time and then try not to break your ribs from laughing so hard.
Meta Madness: Facebook Parent to Lay off
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n yet another sign of the Big Tech industry’s woes, social media giant Meta Platforms, Inc., the parent company of Facebook, is planning on laying off thousands of employees as early as Wednesday, according to the Wall Street Journal. This follows news that Twitter boss Elon Musk ordered wide-scale layoffs at his company last week, cutting staff by 50 percent from about 7,500 to 3,750. (Weirdly, there are reports circulating Sunday that he’s already asking some of them to come back.) These will be the first large-scale terminations in the history of the 18-year-old company. Employees were told to cancel nonessential travel beginning this week, according to reports.
Whoopi Goldberg and Gigi Hadid DELETE
their Twitter accounts after Elon Musk's
takeover - but a string of woke celebs,
including Shonda Rhimes and Toni Braxton
have kept theirs open despite vowing to leave
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Posted by Imright 11/7/2022 7:44:00 PM Post Reply
Whoopi Goldberg has quit Twitter - and becomes the latest woke celeb to leave since Elon Musk’s takeover. Goldberg, 66, closed her account following a monologue on the The View in which said the social media platform was a ‘mess’. Her departure came hours after supermodel Gigi Hadid deactivated her profile and moaned Twitter has become ‘more of a cesspool of hate & bigotry’. They join a string of other high-profile, and left-leaning, figures who’ve said they’ll quit
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