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Donald Trump Sues CNN in $475 Million
Defamation Lawsuit

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Posted By: Black Conservative Voice, 10/4/2022 8:39:06 AM

Former President Donald Trump is suing CNN in a $475 million defamation lawsuit, according to a complaint filed in federal court on Monday. The lawsuit focuses on the network’s characterization of Trump as being a “racist,” “Russian lackey,” “insurrectionist,” and its “persistent association” of Trump to Adolf Hitler and Nazism. “[T]he time has finally come to hold CNN responsible and legally accountable for their willful deception and defamatory statements made about me and both, directly and indirectly, my strong, devoted, and patriotic supporters,” Trump said in a statement released shortly after his attorneys filed the lawsuit.


I mean is this long overdue or what??? I pray Trump shuts fake and censored networks down. He's still America's most popular and loved president/Leader. Trump 2024

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Reply 1 - Posted by: Pammie 10/4/2022 9:02:55 AM (No. 1294950)
YEA....THIS IS GREAT NEWS! President Trump's October timing is PERFECT! Sue ALL the democratic, liberal, marxist F@@@tards! Place ALL of them in the Washington D.C. hellhole after releasing the innocent American PATRIOTS! GO Trump!
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Reply 2 - Posted by: jntsrgn 10/4/2022 9:04:04 AM (No. 1294952)
It will be thrown out by some Democrat appointed judge.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: Dodge Boy 10/4/2022 9:04:08 AM (No. 1294953)
Ruh roh, Fox News and Rupert. You still really want to buy this bad apple known as the Collapsing News Network?
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Reply 4 - Posted by: Cindiana 10/4/2022 9:11:46 AM (No. 1294960)
Ooooh....EXCELLENT point, #3. What a cunning way to stick it to FOX. Muddy up the product known as CNN and put huge caution lights in front of the possible acquisition. We have no way of knowing if that's a factor in the timing of the legal action, but it certainly has to impact what FOX would do moving forward. If it IS a factor, then standing ovation to PDT, King of 3-D Chess Moves!
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Reply 5 - Posted by: LC Chihuahua 10/4/2022 9:15:32 AM (No. 1294968)
Haven't watched CNN in years. Don't want to waste my time. Sadly, this won't go anywhere.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: john56 10/4/2022 9:24:04 AM (No. 1294977)
You know, I come to think that some people, as a hobby, collect stamps. Some are into fly fishing. I kinda get the idea that Donald Trump is into lawsuits as a hobby. To each his own, I guess. I remember seeing an ESPN story on the old USFL (early 80s). Trump joined the group in the second year as the owner of the New Jersey Generals and wanted to move the league to the fall to compete with the NFL.. They filed an antitrust suit against the NFL. And won. But the jury only awarded the USFL $1 and as an anti-trust suit, it was tripled. In the interview, the ESPN guy showed Trump the $3 plus interest check. Assuming a RAT infested judge doesn't throw this out, discovery and trial would be really fun to watch.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: broken01 10/4/2022 11:57:12 AM (No. 1295181)
I still remember watching CNN back in the 80s after it came on the air. It was interesting watching 24 news and they became must see news TV. That changed when BJ Clinton became president especially during his second term when he was caught having relations with that woman Ms. Lewinsky. They already treated Clinton like they now treat our current presidential idiot with good coverage. They went overboard with how they treated him and his administration when he got impeached. He was great and Republicans like Newt Gingrich were seen as the Devil incarnate. Fast forward to the 21st century with their treatment of PDJT especially during his two impeachments. Democrats like that drunkard witch Pelosi were on the side of the angels while he was worse than the Devil. I think that it's hilarious he's sticking it to that dumpster fire of a network because they deserve all of the bad news coming their way.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: mobyclik 10/4/2022 12:11:14 PM (No. 1295197)
He's just fighting back against the liberal liars in the so-called media. ''Fighting Back'' are two words 90% of the cowardly republicans should try and understand.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: DW626 10/4/2022 1:00:23 PM (No. 1295242)
5 will get you 10 the judge, or a judge, will dismiss this case for having no standing.
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Donald Trump Sues CNN in $475 Million
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Former President Donald Trump is suing CNN in a $475 million defamation lawsuit, according to a complaint filed in federal court on Monday. The lawsuit focuses on the network’s characterization of Trump as being a “racist,” “Russian lackey,” “insurrectionist,” and its “persistent association” of Trump to Adolf Hitler and Nazism. “[T]he time has finally come to hold CNN responsible and legally accountable for their willful deception and defamatory statements made about me and both, directly and indirectly, my strong, devoted, and patriotic supporters,” Trump said in a statement released shortly after his attorneys filed the lawsuit.
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ere’s how MSNBC started their article yesterday: Florida’s GOP governor is a constant menace to the Biden administration and migrants seeking refuge in Florida. A hurricane had him singing a different tune. In just a week’s time, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has gone from menacing troll to docile figurehead. Evidently, it takes a natural disaster to put a (temporary) stop to his political terrorism. It’s clearly been fun for DeSantis to treat Florida like his own fiefdom, boastfully signing laws restricting the right to vote, curbing teachers’ ability to discuss inequality in class
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Bill Maher has floated the idea of dumping Vice President Kamala Harris from the 2024 Democrat presidential ticket, noting that she remains deeply unpopular across party lines and is a “bad politician,” to boot. On Friday’s episode of HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher, the comedian praised President Joe Biden, saying he will likely be the party’s nominee in 2024. But he suggested the president’s running mate remains up in the air.
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Watch your mouth, Joe! President Biden stunned viewers of a Hurricane Ian recovery briefing Wednesday by saying into a hot mic that “no one f—s with a Biden” shortly after he told devastated residents of southwest Florida that he can commiserate due to a minor house fire that destroyed an “awful lot” of his own home almost 20 years ago. The 79-year-old president made the unexpected vulgar remark about family loyalty to Fort Myers Mayor Ray Murphy after taking several questions from reporters. “You were raised the same way I was,” Biden told the mayor. “I was, I was,” Murphy said, as Biden continued speaking.
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With polls tightening and the U.S. Senate race coming down the wire in Pennsylvania, Democrat John Fetterman has resorted to ad hominem attacks to distract from his sorry record -- and the stupider and pettier, the better. He's down to calling his Republican rival, Mehmet "Dr. Oz" Oz a puppy killer, a bad doctor, a guy who looks like some character in The Simpsons, and heaven forfend, a man who drinks red wine instead of beer at tailgates: (Snip for tweet) Which didn't go over well with regular Pennsylvanians, who drink wine and beer at tailgate parties, and didn't particularly like being stereotyped rather narrowly as beer-drinking hardhats. On Twitter,
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Polish Foreign Minister Zbigniew Rau has signed a note to Berlin demanding WWII reparations, an issue which Germany says was settled in 1990. Warsaw has estimated possible reparations at €1.3 trillion. Polish Foreign Minister Zbigniew Rau signed a diplomatic note on Monday describing Warsaw's demands for reparations from Germany for World War II. Rau's announcement comes ahead of a visit to Poland by German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock, who is set to take part in German Unity Day celebrations on Monday at the German Embassy in Warsaw.
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Jean-Pierre lectures reporter when asked
if Biden is responsible for gas prices
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took credit for them going down
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White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was asked Tuesday if President Joe Biden was responsible for gas prices going back up - after taking credit for them going down this summer. 'So it's a lot more nuanced than that, right?' she told Fox News Channel's Peter Doocy who posed the query. 'Peter, you know this.' Jean-Pierre pointed to the 'global challenges' that the U.S. and other countries have had to deal with since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. 'There's been the pandemic and there's been Putin's war,' she noted.
Joe Biden in Florida: ‘Biggest Thing’
Ron DeSantis Did During Hurricane Ian
Was Recognize Global Warming
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President Joe Biden met with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on Wednesday and toured neighborhoods in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian, but he immediately pivoted to global warming. “I think the one thing this has finally ended is the discussion about whether or not there’s climate change, and we should do something about it,” Biden said shortly after beginning his remarks. After his speech, Biden spoke to reporters about his visit and again brought up global warming. “First of all, the biggest thing the governor’s done and so many others have done is recognized this thing called global warming,” he said.
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