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The Left Aborts Its Right To Be Called
Tolerant … Or Intelligent

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Posted By: RockyTCB, 6/28/2022 5:50:06 AM

Let’s review the news since Friday’s Supreme Court decision – a decision that gave power back to the people to decide what laws should apply when it comes to abortion. Riots. Arson. Calls to assassinate a sitting justice. Threats of violence against anyone who is pro-life. Here’s a small sampling of headlines. Calls for Clarence Thomas’ assassination spread across social media after Roe reversed Christian Clinic Torched Antifa Packed A Flamethrower For Abortion Riot Man arrested for attempted murder of

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Reply 1 - Posted by: homefry 6/28/2022 7:16:00 AM (No. 1199365)
ABORT??!! Hellfire, they never had any. At least not in decades.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: skacmar 6/28/2022 7:21:48 AM (No. 1199376)
The left appears tolerant and intelligent. Until you dare to disagree with them. Once you think differently, all hell breaks loose. They cannot, and will not tolerate different opinions and any type of intelligent discussion ceases. They will destroy the person for daring to disagree with their required group think ideology.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: Highlander 6/28/2022 7:26:15 AM (No. 1199384)
Donald Trump ripped the mask right off of the Left’s ugly and violent head. As with all evildoers who are exposed, they either run or in this case, drop all pretenses and go full Mao.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: F15 Gork 6/28/2022 7:34:32 AM (No. 1199394)
When Caesar took his legion south of the Rubicon he reportedly said: ”Alea jacta est” (The di are cast). Roughly meaning there ain’t no going back. This all will end badly.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: czechlist 6/28/2022 7:37:15 AM (No. 1199401)
I remember the '60s "Happenings"- gatherings about nothing. I wonder how many of these protesters are true believers and how many just long to be part of something. Young people seeking acceptance and/or something to do. Like social smoking and social drinking; Social protesting? Hopefully they outnumber the nuts.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: JackBurton 6/28/2022 8:28:23 AM (No. 1199458)
Here's the proof of what I've been saying for years. It's the Left that foments the violence. There is NO equivalence on this.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: udanja99 6/28/2022 8:36:30 AM (No. 1199466)
A federal law codifying abortion is unconstitutional and would immediately be thrown out by this SCOTUS. “ How dare the court let the people have a say in such matters!” (Especially if it’s something like the right to same sex marriage, which the SCOTUS also invented out of whole cloth. - something else which needs to be sent back to the states to decide.)
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Reply 8 - Posted by: Krause 6/28/2022 8:56:55 AM (No. 1199498)
Rabid abortionists have no moral or spiritual compass. They live for today. And hooking up.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: Hermoine 6/28/2022 9:25:17 AM (No. 1199537)
There was a great article written yesterday by Nick Nolte at Breitbart. It succinctly laid out 11 ways the Democrats helped bring down Roe v. Wade - all of it through their corrupt actions (Harry Reid nixing the filibuster - allowing us to use that to get our judges on the court) to outrageous comments/actions by Hollywood elites bragging about their abortions to idiots like Ralph Northman admiting, on air, to engaging in infanticide. BUT, of all the things they did or rather didn't do, was to codify Roe v. Wade in 2009 when they had a 60-seat majority in the Senate, had the House and the presidency. They had their precious window of time and blew it -- and why did they blow it -- because they always like to have issues to use to gin up their base of crazies and the "threat" of Roe v. Wade being overturned was a golden goose for them in terms of fundraising and base instigation. They thought they'd always have it to use a political chip. Now, even if they had of codified Roe v. Wade, it could've been overturned, but (and this is my opinion), it would have made it harder to overturn because it was law enacted by a duly elected legislature -- and if a case had been brought in 2010 or 2011, the court leaned their way at that time and most likely would've upheld it. Anyway, the elites running the Democrat party have tied themselves into knots and now they're like one of those rubberband balls and there's no way to underdo it.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: Zigrid 6/28/2022 10:48:23 AM (No. 1199619)
I've noticed a difference in family and liberal friends since roe...they are very curt and none communicating ....they know of my MAGA activity and my support of President Trump...but they chalked it up to "I didn't know better"...NOW...President Trump's judges spoke for me and millions of Trumpsters...and they refuse to concede President Trump's promise to end abortion has happened from Mar a Largo in Florida...and as WE take our victory lap...they riot and call for interesting...while the phony jan 6th is taking place....
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Reply 11 - Posted by: danu 6/28/2022 11:52:02 AM (No. 1199681)
To my mind, there's nothing intelligent about the one-issue voter. The pro-abortion crowd does not study or value or vote on any other issue; they'd vote for Godzilla if he proved himself their ally on the kill humanity platform. Any references to the Founding documents, the Bible, issues of national import to voters, can be swept away if they interfere.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: DVC 6/28/2022 12:02:18 PM (No. 1199691)
The left has never been intelligent or tolerant. NEVER.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: broken01 6/28/2022 12:21:33 PM (No. 1199713)
To me the leftards aborted tolerance and intelligence back in the 90s. I had a fellow sailor that wanted to beat me up because I supported GWB. I told the younger man that it didn't matter (and really was none of his business who I voted for) he was the C-in-C and that was that. He avoided me for the 3 years he was at the command . I also came to see how bad the left was when PDJT beat the PIAPS in 2016. Black democrats in my own family to this day in 2022 still won't speak to me. It's sad that they hate me and people like Justice Clarence Thomas and Dr. Ben Carson but I refuse to let it bother me.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: stablemoney 6/28/2022 12:48:04 PM (No. 1199743)
Being called tolerant or intelligent is not a right. Then, I wonder if being tolerant is a worthy goal. Having someone slap you in the face, or walk over you unchallenged may be tolerant, but it doesn't appeal.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: janjan 6/28/2022 1:38:05 PM (No. 1199782)
Women loudly demanding to kill babies with fake bloody crotches and duct tape over their mouths do not inspire others to take up their cause. Americans, in general, hate this crap. If they want to peacefully protest, fine. If they want to act like Linda Blair in The Exorcist they need to be treated like what they are. Lunatics.
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Reply 16 - Posted by: Zigrid 6/29/2022 10:36:33 AM (No. 1200711)
For all of US who quietly accepted the decision and went about our every day's amazing...but predictable ...riots in democratic held cities and antifa and blm earning soros' in flyover country WE simply went about our business...and here in Illinois...voted with my fellow neighbors...WE will change our government by voting them out...
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Reply 17 - Posted by: garyhope 6/29/2022 10:55:11 PM (No. 1201339)
Excuse me,....I'm just a man, perhaps even a simple man,....but wouldn't birth control for both women AND men be simpler, cheaper and less harmful to a woman's body?. I'd even be in favor of the government giving it away free and yes,....I know that nothing in life is ever really "Free",....somebody, somewhere, some how is paying for it, but it seems to me,....this old simple silly, perhaps even stupid man that NOT getting pregnant is cheaper, better and less traumatic than an abortion. I watched a video on how abortions are done and it seemed quite brutal, ugly and inhumane to me, a simple man. "Can't we all just get along?"
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Let’s review the news since Friday’s Supreme Court decision – a decision that gave power back to the people to decide what laws should apply when it comes to abortion. Riots. Arson. Calls to assassinate a sitting justice. Threats of violence against anyone who is pro-life. Here’s a small sampling of headlines. Calls for Clarence Thomas’ assassination spread across social media after Roe reversed Christian Clinic Torched Antifa Packed A Flamethrower For Abortion Riot Man arrested for attempted murder of
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No doubt about it, the economic news in recent weeks has been relentlessly negative. Indicator after indicator shows activity plunging sharply in key parts of the economy. Now, a widely followed indicator signals economic growth is likely to be zero in the current quarter, after the first quarter’s “unexpected” 1.4% decline. Buckle up, looks like we’re entering a recession, folks. Let’s review just some of the economic carnage of recent days: The Fed raised interest rates by 3/4 of a percentage point on Wednesday, the largest hike since 1994,
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On day 487 in office, President Joe Biden set a new record. He has the lowest approval rating of all presidents at this point in their presidencies since Gallup started tracking this in 1945. According to Gallup’s Presidential Job Approval Center, just 41% approve of the job Biden is doing. That’s worse than Gerald Ford, or Lyndon Johnson, or even Jimmy Carter on day 487. Much worse than Ronald Reagan, the Bushes, Bill Clinton, or Barack Obama. To add insult to his injury, Biden’s approval rating is now lower than Trump’s was at this point in Trump’s first term. Biden’s oh-so-presidential response to his cratering support: he is “seething.”
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Fewer than half of all Americans are convinced that the Democrats’ Jan. 6 Commission is making an honest attempt at discovering the truth about the mostly peaceful political demonstrations that took place on Capitol Hill that day, the latest data from the I&I/TIPP Poll show. Some 44% of Americans said they were either “very confident” (21%) in the committee’s investigation or “somewhat confident” (23%) that the Democrat-dominated Jan. 6 Commission “will make a genuine effort to uncover the truth.” The online poll of 1,310 adults was taken from June 8 to June 10. It has a margin of error of +/- 2.8 percentage points.
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Trump proven unfit for power again 65 replies
Posted by Solid_Oak 6/29/2022 10:53:07 AM Post Reply
Former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson’s Tuesday testimony ought to ring the death knell for former President Donald Trump’s political career. Trump is unfit to be anywhere near power ever again. Hutchinson’s resume alone should establish her credibility. The 25-year-old had already worked at the highest levels of conservative Republican politics, including in the offices of Sen. Ted Cruz (TX) and House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (LA), before becoming a top aide for former Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows.
Meghan Markle says MEN need to be 'more
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Meghan Markle has urged men to be 'more vocal' with their anger at the repealing of Roe v. Wade, as she revealed that Prince Harry's response to the news on Friday was 'guttural'. The Duchess of Sussex, 40, spoke to Vogue magazine in conversation with author and activist Gloria Steinem, 88, and journalist Jessica Yellin. Steinem declared the day after Friday's ruling that she would welcome women traveling to New York for an abortion into her own Manhattan home. She said that her husband was a feminist, and he reacted with anger to the Supreme Court's decision.
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Two-time failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton may campaign for president in 2024 if President Joe Biden decides not to run, CNN’s editor-at-large Chris Cillizza wrote on Tuesday. Citing Friday’s Supreme Court ruling that overturned Roe v. Wade, Cillizza claimed that there were “whispers” that Clinton would make a third attempt to secure the Democrat nomination, adding that another White House run “would be something that would be hard for Clinton to not at least look at” if Biden were to decline to run again.
Geraldo says Hutchinson deserves Medal
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The testimony of former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson regarding former President Donald Trump on Jan. 6 is at best questionable, but proponents of the narrative are so desperate for it to ring true that they will risk any remaining shred of credibility they have left to defend it and their fellow service members on the frontlines of corporate media hackery. Cue Geraldo Rivera. The co-host from Fox News’ “The Five” knows that, as yet, there have been no reported confirmations that any of the claims made by Hutchinson, the aide to then-White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, are true.
Catholic League Blasts Nancy Pelosi’s
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ROME — Catholic League president Bill Donohue slammed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) Wednesday for politicizing the Eucharist by receiving Communion at the Vatican. Pelosi, “who rejects the Catholic Church’s teachings on abortion, marriage and sexuality, received Holy Communion on June 29 at a papal Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica,” Dr. Donohue noted. “The pope was in attendance, but did not give out Communion.” “Pelosi’s stunt was done to undercut her bishop, San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone: he has told her not to present herself for Communion, citing her lust for abortion rights,” Donohue added.
West Hollywood votes to defund sheriff’s
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West Hollywood has voted to slash law enforcement funding, leaving the California city famous for its bustling Sunset Strip nightlife destination with up to five fewer deputies on patrol—despite skyrocketing crime rates in the area. The council passed the budget with a 3-2 vote Monday, with Mayor Lauren Meister and Councilman John Erickson voting against it, reported Meanwhile, the West Hollywood City Council approved keeping bars open until 4 a.m. and increased funding for a Russian arts festival. The vote came just three months after the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department reported that crime in West Hollywood jumped a startling 137 percent in February 2022
US Army Drops High School Diploma Requirement
as Military Faces Unprecedented Challenges
Under Joe Biden
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Posted by Imright 6/29/2022 7:56:04 AM Post Reply
After completely bending the knee to woke ideology and gutting itself with unconstitutional mandates that forced an experimental and dangerous vaccine, the US Military is taking the hacksaw to the standards that are used to find and train new recruits as the Armed Forces struggle through what some officials are calling the “most challenging recruiting year ever.” In addition to lowering almost every single physical qualification for new recruits to pass their initial training, the US Army has now dropped its requirement that recruits must have a high school diploma or a G.E.D. degree
Bed Bath & Beyond CEO ousted as sales
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Bed Bath & Beyond (BBBY) is giving its turnaround CEO the boot after delivering anything but a turnaround. The struggling retailer said Wednesday CEO Mark Tritton is leaving the company and the board, effective immediately. Board member and retail veteran Sue Gove is taking over the retailer on an interim basis. (Snip) Bed Bath saw same-store sales crash 27% at its namesake brand as shoppers pulled back on discretionary purchases while also shunning a more upscale push with fewer coupons at the company. Adjusted operating profits came in at a loss $224 million. The company ended the quarter with a
A Jan 6 witness ludicrously claims Trump
tried to choke his Secret Service agent
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Posted by DW626 6/29/2022 7:32:22 AM Post Reply
The headlines were ominous and the leftist gloating on Facebook was disturbing: It seemed as if the January 6 Committee finally had its smoking gun in the form of an attractive, mid-20s woman named Cassidy Hutchinson. The big excitement came when she recounted a wild tale about President Trump, desperate to get to the Capitol, trying to choke his Secret Service agent as they wrestled for control of Trump’s car, Outside of the kangaroo court, though, actual facts indicate that nothing she said actually happened. The media was in a frenzy of excitement over Hutchinson’s testimony.
New J6 Narrative About Trump And Secret
Service Collapses Hours After Tuesday Hearing
20 replies
Posted by Garnet 6/29/2022 3:53:10 PM Post Reply
House Democrats ginned up another round of blockbuster anticipation Monday night when the Select Committee on Jan. 6 announced a last-minute hearing with a surprise witness. On Tuesday, the nine-member panel brought forward a key aide to former Trump White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, Cassidy Hutchinson, who supposedly possessed intimate knowledge of the administration’s conduct on Jan. 6. The topic of the afternoon hearing remained under seal until Hutchinson took the stand to offer new bombshell evidence allegedly incriminating the former Republican president.
Graphic: Bison goring man at Yellowstone
caught on camera
20 replies
Posted by DVC 6/29/2022 3:09:21 PM Post Reply
A 34-year-old Colorado man is recovering after he was gored by a bison Monday at Yellowstone National Park. According to park officials, he was walking on a boardwalk with his family near the Old Faithful geyser. The group reportedly did not leave the area when a bison charged at them. The bull bison continued to charge and gored the man, causing injury to his arm. He was transported by ambulance to a hospital. Park officials say the matter is under investigation, but language in the news release suggests the man was too close to the bison.
Virginia father kills himself after his
18-month-old son dies in a hot car after
absentmindedly leaving him locked in the
sweltering heat for three hours while
he was at work
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Posted by Imright 6/29/2022 11:59:02 AM Post Reply
A Virginia father kills himself after he found his 18-month-old son dead in the backseat of an overheated car on Tuesday, police said. 'This is a horrible tragedy on so many levels,' Chesterfield Police Lt. Col. Christopher Hensley said. Police speculate the father went to work in the morning for three hours and forgot to drop his son off at daycare during an ongoing heatwave. Temperatures in Chesterfield reached a high of 80F on Tuesday, according to The Weather Channel.
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