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The Unspoken Wisdom of the Second Amendment

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Posted By: DVC, 6/5/2022 6:57:39 PM

The Second Amendment is again being scrutinized as the recurrent gun control/gun rights debate heats up. Gun control advocates emphasize the words "well-regulated militia," and gun rights–supporters highlight "shall not be infringed." The significant meaning and philosophical foundation of the amendment, however, is found in a phrase that gets relatively little attention: "necessary to the security of a free State." A free state implies necessary restraints on the armed agencies of government that are vested with the authority to use force. These restraints lessen the risk that such entities will become agents of tyranny,


A good discussion of the broad issue that is behind and entwined with out Second Amendment rights.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: BarryNo 6/5/2022 7:47:45 PM (No. 1177070)
Let me give all you frothing, liberals a clue. If the 2nd Amendment is in place and restrainingbyour totalitarian tendancies , we humor you. If you actually try to remove it, thats the signal to kill you all. Isnt that easy? The existance of the Second Amendment means you get to live.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: jimincalif 6/5/2022 9:08:42 PM (No. 1177110)
I see the democrat talking point has gone out, they’re recycling the “common sense” gun law line. This is rich, coming from the people without enough common sense to distinguish a man from a woman!
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Reply 3 - Posted by: weejun 6/6/2022 4:53:34 AM (No. 1177303)
The hunting and personal safety arguments for the 2nd Amendment are strawmen compared to the real reason it was included in the Constitution: to prevent tne very tyranny we are currently witnessing from “professional” polticians - primarily Democrats but also some Republicans - whose sole mission is gaining and maintaining power over the American people and its huge economy. They seek to satisfy two evil desires as old as mankind: control over others and wealth. The Founders understood these basic human flaws and recognized an armed citizenry was the best way ultimately to hold thses two evils in check. And while we are again debating whether or not a civilian ought to be allowed to own an AR-15 and why anyone needs such a “weapon of war,” the rationale for individual ownership of ARs and other semi-automatic rifles is simply to give the citzenry at least some chance of countering the vast firepower of the federal government should things go completely south. Fighting against tanks and fully automatic weapons would be infinitely more difficult with bolt action rifles and revolvers - although Americans in 1776 and now Ukrainians demonstrate how the desire to maintain one’s freedoms can be a huge force multiplier.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: Paperpuncher 6/6/2022 7:52:14 AM (No. 1177432)
All you need to do is look at what is happening in New Zealand, Australia and Canada (once free nations). The fact that the United States has a second amendment and has heavily armed free citizens deters the federal government from disarming the masses because there are enough of us to put up a fight. I do not see the military getting into this as the average volunteer soldier would most likely disobey an illegal order as a good patriot should do.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: bigfatslob 6/6/2022 8:40:09 AM (No. 1177481)
I was waiting for the 'common sense' gun laws for the left's mantra joined by a few RINOs. The problem is a person with no common sense and decency purchased guns legally, followed all the federal laws then killed children. The real problem is he told people before, but it wasn't acted on by the FBI much like other school shootings. Citizens have to listen to gun control nonsense suffering the consequences because of the murderer. Next word to come out will be 'loophole'. I expect this from no commonsense democrats but I really don't trust republicans.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: ArizonaGal 6/6/2022 9:35:21 AM (No. 1177539)
And please know that AR does not stand for "assault rifle". It stands for ArmaLite rifle--the developer of the rifle.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: marbles 6/6/2022 9:41:13 AM (No. 1177551)
The left is big on phases, big on style over substance. They have a wining slogan for everyone one of their failures. war on poverty , war on drugs, black lives matter, commonsense gun laws , build back better, , green new deal, etc.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: Zigrid 6/6/2022 10:16:24 AM (No. 1177606)
I lived in Canada for several years...and was never sure why the canucks were so docile in their thinking...and now the commie Trudeau is using all his authority to take away the remaining started with the Canadian truckers that were beat and financially ruined by the Canadian banking's a note to Trudeau...I wouldn't be messing with the Windsor citizens...transplants from Detroit ...and now the mob from Detroit can smuggle guns into Canada...just as Canadians smuggled booze into America in the prohibition....that's how Kennedy's family made their fortune...
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Reply 9 - Posted by: Rumblehog 6/6/2022 2:23:13 PM (No. 1177903)
"We need common sense gun laws!" is the rallying cry for leftists after any tragic shooting. First Order of Business: Prove to ME that YOU who are in the Legislative Branch of government actually have ANY "common sense!" - Is it "common sense" to stage an abrupt pullout from Afghanistan after a 9 year occupation? - Is it "common sense" to give away FOR REAL "Assault Rifles" to your enemy, the Taliban? - Is it "common sense" to send $40 billion to Ukraine with absolutely NO accountability? - Is it "common sense" to ignore actual Immigration Laws while actively importing 10 million ignorant, impoverished, Indians from outside the U.S. to clothe, house, and feed, at a time that we have the highest level of homelessness in our nation's history? - Obviously, this list could go on and on and on and... Please note: the only time the leftist Media finds tragedy with the >20 shootings per weekend in Chicago, Detroit, Newark, and any other Democrat run third-world hellhole, is IF a child is killed in the cross-fire between rival drug-dealers, gang-bangers, etc. Otherwise, minority "feral youth" deaths are generally ignored by the leftist Media, regardless of weapon types used.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: Dodge Boy 6/6/2022 5:18:52 PM (No. 1178054)
Lefties, premises here well protected with 2A and with lots of lead. I regard guns as a high-speed communications device that requires no batteries or wi fi to operate.
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The Unspoken Wisdom of the Second Amendment 10 replies
Posted by DVC 6/5/2022 6:57:39 PM Post Reply
The Second Amendment is again being scrutinized as the recurrent gun control/gun rights debate heats up. Gun control advocates emphasize the words "well-regulated militia," and gun rights–supporters highlight "shall not be infringed." The significant meaning and philosophical foundation of the amendment, however, is found in a phrase that gets relatively little attention: "necessary to the security of a free State." A free state implies necessary restraints on the armed agencies of government that are vested with the authority to use force. These restraints lessen the risk that such entities will become agents of tyranny,
Neighbor blasts Uvalde School Police Chief
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The Texas cop under scrutiny for how he handled the response to the Uvalde school massacre stayed out of sight under police protection Saturday — while an angry neighbor slammed him as a “coward.” Uvalde School District Police Chief Pete Arredondo made the call that the carnage at Robb Elementary School on Tuesday had gone from an “active shooter” situation to a “barricaded suspect” standoff, which a top state cop admitted was “the wrong decision.” State investigators are probing whether Arredondo even had a police radio on him when he made the decision, a law enforcement source told The Post. Police waited more than a half-hour to breach the door to two classrooms
Don't assume school shooters are mentally ill 20 replies
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There is a lot of mumbo-jumbo psych talk circulating around the dead bodies in Uvalde, a town I knew pretty well because I consulted frequently with their hospital administrator. I want to remind readers of the problem of personality disorders (P.D.) and distinguish P.D. from mental illness. P.D. is a pattern of anti-social or dysfunctional behavior caused not by mental illness, but by bad manners and bad social adaptation. There are three groups of personality disorders. In the emergency medicine part of my life, I taught residents that P.D.s are the weird, the wild, and the withdrawn.
Forget the Marxists: Here's the Real Enemy
of America
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To win any fight, we must first know our enemy. There are those who argue we are in a struggle with Marxism, though in reality, we battle the organizational and operational tenets of the Marxist tree, not the ideology itself. We know that this is not a Marxist movement because it ignores Marxism's core clientele: the workers. In fact, these people despise the Marxist's traditional constituents. Instead, they toil for a small minority of the "marginalized" in society whom middle Americans find to be fringe and anathema to their core values. Even then, their movement doesn't seek a revolution of the marginalized.
Tesla Bursts Into Flames at Stoplight,
Driver Forced to Kick Out Window to Escape
Electric Car Fire
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One minute, Jamil Jutha was driving his 2021 Tesla Model Y through North Vancouver. The next, he was battling to escape its smoke-filled interior. The incident took place Friday when the eight-month-old vehicle suddenly shut down, cutting power to all of its electronic parts, according to CTV News. “The doors wouldn’t open. The windows wouldn’t go down,” Jutha said. Smoke began to fill the interior. Although Teslas have a mechanical release for emergencies, Jutha said it was not easy to use, particularly amid the panic of a potentially life-threatening incident.
Soviet-style apparatchiks at the NLRB
blocked from killing ‘The Federalist’
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In Old Hollywood, they understood something important about communists: Like all tyrants, they have no sense of humor. Ben Domenech, who publishes The Federalist, found this out the hard way when he made a joke about unions at The Federalist, only to have his company swept into a three-year-long Kafka-esque nightmare. Now, though, the Third Circuit has finally put a stop to the administrative madness. In 1939’s Ninotchka, Greta Garbo played the eponymous humorless Soviet operative sent to Paris to recover a handful of rogue Russians. It’s only thanks to Melvyn Douglas’s relentless charm, along with Paris’s own charms, that Ninotchka learns to laugh
What the Blue-State Left-Coasters Don't
Understand about Culture
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Posted by DVC 5/21/2022 2:34:12 PM Post Reply
Yesterday, I met a man from Mumbai. He happened to mention that he was new to Idaho, so I asked how new, and it turned out he'd been here for only a month and a half. He spoke good English, and I learned he'd gone to an English-speaking school, which made his getting a job here in Idaho possible. I asked him what he thought about Boise, and he said he loved it here better than Mumbai. People don't care about you in a big city, he said. Whether you live or die makes no difference to them.
Kansas town reverses decision removing
'In God We Trust' from police cars after uproar
21 replies
Posted by DVC 5/18/2022 6:23:54 PM Post Reply
The city council of Haven, Kansas, voted 3-2 on Monday to reverse a unanimous decision they made May 2 to remove "In God We Trust" decals from the city's police cars, following an uproar from some in the community. The city attorney said the Haven City Council's previous decision emerged from a desire to maintain a separation between church and state, according to local KWCH. The follow-up vote on Monday was not on the original agenda of the city council, which had to move their weekly forum to a nearby community center because of how many attended. Seven people spoke at the typically uneventful meeting, where all but one supported the decals.
Authorities Say Gunman in SoCal Church
Attack is Chinese Immigrant Motivated
by Hate For Taiwanese
6 replies
Posted by DVC 5/16/2022 6:30:57 PM Post Reply
As TGP’s Kristinn Taylor reported, the Geneva Presbyterian Church in Laguna Woods was the target of a mass shooting Sunday afternoon with five wounded, one person killed and a suspect in custody. On Sunday it was reported that a large portion of the parishioners were Taiwanese. The shooter, 68-year-old David Chou of Las Vegas, was booked on one count of murder and five counts of attempted murder. According to authorities, David Chou is a Chinese immigrant motivated by hate for Taiwanese. Expect this story to disappear very quickly now that it doesn’t fit Big Media’s narrative.
Why Mao Zedong Didn’t Invade Taiwan 12 replies
Posted by DVC 5/15/2022 2:20:33 PM Post Reply
Chiang Kai-Shek, who succeeded Sun Yat-sen as head of the Kuomingtang (KMT), the nationalist, anti-communist party behind the Republic of China (ROC), dedicated his life to building a unified and modern China. By 1949, though, he’d lost the long war on the mainland against communism and was forced to retreat with his followers to establish the ROC on Taiwan. From that day forward, Mao Zedong wanted to destroy the ROC. His generals prepared for a Battle of Taiwan, something Xi Jinping apparently still desires. Xi may discover, though, as Mao did, that the ROC and Taiwan aren’t easy to destroy.
High school counselor arrested for sexual
conduct with minor
12 replies
Posted by DVC 5/15/2022 1:29:09 PM Post Reply
The Tucson Police Department Child Sexual Assault Unit responded to an inappropriate relationship between a school counselor and 15-year-old student on May 3, 2022. The counselor worked at Tucson High School, which was attended by the student, but actions took place off school property. The counselor has been identified as 29-year-old Zobella Brazil Vinik. On May 11, 2022, Vinik turned herself in to detectives. Vinik faces one count of Sexual Conduct with a Minor and was booked into the Pima County Jail. Tucson Unified School District Superintendent informed students parents and guardians. On May 4th, 2022, detectives from the Tucson Police Department Sexual Assault Unit informed the administration of Tucson High
When it comes to America's food supply,
leftist ideals clash with reality
17 replies
Posted by DVC 5/14/2022 5:14:24 PM Post Reply
The illogical leftist mind contradicts its own ideas without a care for their destructive nature. On the one hand, the greenies want everyone to eat a plant-based diet because meat and milk from animals are evil. On the other hand, they want to eliminate commercial fertilizers and return completely to "organic" agriculture. See any problems with these two disparate goals? Fertilizer shortages are making news these days, and not just here in the USA. Of course, the shortage is being blamed on our catch-all, ubiquitous "supply chain" issues and Putin, especially since many of these products are made of components from overseas.
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Oreo Cookies Tout ‘Pride Pack’ for
June Pride Month
37 replies
Posted by Beardo 6/6/2022 12:24:03 AM Post Reply
Oreo Cookies joined the woke corporate trend this week by celebrating Pride Month with special packaging. Partnering with the organization PFLAG, Oreo created its own limited edition “Pride Pack,” which comes “covered with words of love and support from real allies of the LGBTQ+ community.” (snip) Oreo has been pushing corporate wokeism since 2012 when the company released a gay pride Oreo cookie ad. “We are excited to illustrate what is making history today in a fun and playful way,” Basil Maglaris, a spokeswoman for Kraft Foods wrote at the time.
Biden wants to get out more, seething
that his standing is now worse than Trump’s
35 replies
Posted by Dreadnought 6/6/2022 12:14:13 PM Post Reply
President Joe Biden and his aides have grown increasingly frustrated by their inability to turn the tide against a cascade of challenges threatening to overwhelm the administration. Soaring global inflation. Rising fuel prices. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. A Supreme Court poised to take away a constitutional right. A potentially resurgent pandemic. A Congress too deadlocked to tackle sweeping gun safety legislation even amid an onslaught of mass shootings. In crisis after crisis, the White House has found itself either limited or helpless in its efforts to combat the forces pummeling them. Morale inside 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. is plummeting amid growing fears that the parallels to Jimmy Carter
Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg
tests positive for COVID
33 replies
Posted by Ribicon 6/6/2022 2:47:08 PM Post Reply
Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has tested positive for COVID-19 and is experiencing “mild symptoms.” The 40-year-old Democratic rising star says he work from home in accordance with Centers for Disease Control guidance until it’s safe for him to return “to the office and the road.” Buttigieg visited Michigan for two official events late last week but it’s not clear how he contracted the virus. There was no immediate word if his husband, Chasten, has also tested positive. Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D-Mich.), who spent time with Buttigieg on his trip, said Monday she was negative.
GOP sharpens a new attack line: What Biden
is doing to America is 'intentional'
33 replies
Posted by Judy W. 6/6/2022 7:06:32 AM Post Reply
Rep. Jim Jordan is never one to mince words. (Snip) After more than a year of attacking Biden as a commander in chief who is bumbling, incompetent, prone to foot-in-mouth, rambling until he is lost, and mentally challenged, Republicans have changed tack as they head into crucial midterm elections that will determine control of Congress. Now, the most unpopular features of the current American scene — high gas and food prices, transgender mandates and the open border among them — are relentlessly painted as part of the president's and Democrats' deliberate policies. "The wide-open 'border' is no accident," columnist and London Center fellow Deroy Murdock wrote in a Memorial Day weekend column.
Prince Harry looks gloomy arriving in
Calif. after Platinum Jubilee exit
27 replies
Posted by Ribicon 6/6/2022 10:43:46 AM Post Reply
Prince Harry arrived back in the US looking glum late Sunday after taking off from his grandmother’s Platinum Jubilee on a private jet before the celebrations came to a close. Harry—who was booed alongside wife Meghan Markle during their only official appearance in their rare UK trip—looked notably somber as he was photographed after arriving back in his new home in California’s swanky Santa Barbara.(Snip)“There was no fanfare, they just went,” one insider told the Sun of the trip that was the first time in the UK for Harry’s daughter, Lilibet.(Snip)Their private jet was estimated to cost about $200,000, according to the Sun,
Ron DeSantis beat Trump soundly in a straw
poll —again— on how much conservatives
would like each man to be their 2024 candidate
26 replies
Posted by Solid_Oak 6/6/2022 11:23:44 AM Post Reply
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis claimed another clean win over former President Donald Trump in a recent straw poll of self-identified conservative conference-goers who were asked who they'd like to be the 2024 presidential nominee. According to the poll, DeSantis received the thumbs-up from 71.01% of voters, while Trump received approval from 67.68% of those who answered the poll.
Malia Obama, 23, is the epitome of California
cool in a fitted red tank top and high-waisted
black shorts as she enjoys a meal with
friends at a Spanish tapas restaurant
in Santa Monica
25 replies
Posted by Imright 6/6/2022 9:14:13 PM Post Reply
Former First Daughter Malia Obama enjoyed an early dinner with friends in Santa Monica on Saturday as she continues to embrace her new life on the West Coast. The 23-year-old, who is a writer on Donald Glover's upcoming Amazon project, 'Hive,' was spotted with a group of her pals at Manchego, a cozy Spanish tapas restaurant located just blocks from the Pacific Ocean. Malia was the epitome of California cool in a fitted red tank that she wore tucked into high-waisted black shorts. To keep from getting a chill, she threw on a long-sleeve maroon shrug.
President Biden will appear on 'Jimmy
Kimmel Live' this week for first in-person
interview on late-night show since being
sworn into office
25 replies
Posted by Imright 6/6/2022 6:11:10 AM Post Reply
President Joe Biden will make his first in-studio late-night appearance as president when he sits down for an interview on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' later this week. 'Our very elected President @JoeBiden visits @JimmyKimmelLive Wednesday night,' host Jimmy Kimmel tweeted on Sunday. 'No malarkey.'Biden’s interview will air at 11:35 p.m. ET on Wednesday, June 8 on ABC. This will mark the Biden's first in-studio appearance on a late night talk show since he was sworn into office in January 2021. (Tweet/Photo) Kimmel tweeted the news on Sunday during Jimmy Kimmel Live: NBA Finals Game Night.The interview will be filmed at the studio at El Capitan Entertainment Centre
Pete Buttigieg’s tour de force of fatuousness,
dishonesty, and backdoor socialism
23 replies
Posted by Magnante 6/6/2022 9:13:38 AM Post Reply
Pete Buttigieg took questions on Sunday from George Stephanopoulos. This little man with the carefully tweezed eyebrows, sleazy 5:00 shadow, Alfred E. Neuman mien, and orator’s voice hid behind fatuous, hackneyed political babble even as he discretely revealed the hardcore totalitarianism that drives him and, indeed, drives the entire Biden administration. In many ways, Buttigieg is like a Stepford politician. There’s something eerily unreal about the man as, no matter the question, he responds with administration talking points rather than substantive information.
Packin’ heat: Nude Hunter Biden cavorts
with hooker, illegal gun in latest mess
for president
21 replies
Posted by Ribicon 6/6/2022 1:45:17 PM Post Reply
Hunter Biden shows himself to be a real first son-of-a-gun in the latest embarrassing personal video leak for President Biden’s scandal-scarred offspring. A naked Hunter casually waves around a handgun and even points it at the camera while partying with a prostitute in 2018, the video shows, according to a report Monday. The 52-year-old Hunter got cheeky in front of a camera during a twisted session with a sex worker in October 2018, Radar Online reported, citing leaked photos and videos from the first son’s iPhone.(Snip)Hunter Biden, who has battled serious drug addiction for years, bought a .38-caliber revolver in Delaware
Biden will trigger DPA, waive tariffs
for two years on solar panels to boost productions
21 replies
Posted by Ribicon 6/6/2022 10:18:31 AM Post Reply
President Biden will invoke the Defense Production Act to spur domestic production of clean energy technology and order a two-year tariff exemption on solar panels imported from Southeast Asian countries in a bid to tackle rising energy prices. The move will accelerate production of solar panel parts, building insulation, heat pumps that more efficiently regulate the climate in buildings and equipment for making fuel cells and other electricity-generated fuels. Mr. Biden also will waive tariffs on solar panels imported from four Southeast Asian countries in a move to nudge Americans toward green alternatives amid rising energy prices.(Snip)The tariff announcement comes after a months-long investigation
Joy Behar Slams Republicans for Being
Uncooperative: “All They Care About
Is Making Biden Look Bad”
20 replies
Posted by Imright 6/6/2022 6:41:03 PM Post Reply
Joy Behar ripped Republicans on Monday’s episode of The View, going after the party for their pessimistic approach to policy. During a conversation about the ongoing baby formula shortage in the U.S., Behar slammed conservatives for refusing to cooperate with Democrats, claiming they are too focused on making President Joe Biden “look bad.”Her comments came as The View panel discussed the recent re-opening of America’s largest baby formula plant. Before Behar blasted the party, her co-host Whoopi Goldberg pointed out that in May, 192 Republicans had “voted against easing the baby formula shortage with $28 million in emergency spending,” while only 12 voted in favor.
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