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Pray for Pelosi

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Posted By: Beardo, 5/28/2022 12:02:33 AM

Nancy Pelosi is in serious trouble. And not the kind of trouble associated with such petty, earthly concerns like her party losing its majority in a humiliating and historic fashion this coming November. And with that loss, her loss of the speakership for the second time in a dozen years. No, Nancy Pelosi has some serious trouble with the disposition of her soul. And she needs our prayers, even if she doesn't believe it herself. Last week, her Archbishop, the aptly named Salvatore Cordileone, notified Pelosi that she should no longer present herself for the Holy Eucharist when attending Mass.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: DVC 5/28/2022 12:53:34 AM (No. 1168233)
She deserves to burn in hell for all eternity.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: Catherine 5/28/2022 1:09:25 AM (No. 1168244)
Nope. No prayers for this woman. She deserves whatever she gets after she dies.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: Howard Adams 5/28/2022 2:24:09 AM (No. 1168271)
Yes. "Pray for those who persecute you".
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Reply 4 - Posted by: ussjimmycarter 5/28/2022 2:33:40 AM (No. 1168274)
I’m struggling with this one! I know what Jesus taught…but I’m not The Lord God! I will need to pray for a more forgiving heart!
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Reply 5 - Posted by: Rand Al'Thor 5/28/2022 5:07:00 AM (No. 1168301)
I figure she's going to get what's coming to her. Say hi to Ted, Nancy.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: mifla 5/28/2022 5:08:25 AM (No. 1168302)
I pray she has a change of heart, much like Abby Johnson, and uses the rest of her life to protect the unborn.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: DCGIRL 5/28/2022 6:04:57 AM (No. 1168326)
If the catholic church is serious about this, then they need to deny her the last rights on her death bed. May she burn in hell.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: chumley 5/28/2022 6:55:30 AM (No. 1168354)
If she ever had a soul it left long ago. I would rather not wait till she croaks for justice. I'd rather see it administered during life, as painfully and prolonged as humanly possible. I'd make the Hildebeast watch, with the full knowledge that she is next. Then they can both feed the vultures in full public view.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: Trump'sCousin 5/28/2022 7:28:27 AM (No. 1168374)
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Reply 10 - Posted by: Hazymac 5/28/2022 7:43:48 AM (No. 1168386)
Been saying this for a long time: Pelosi Galore is demon infested from top to bottom. She is in league with the prince of darkness, and he's got her by the soul and by the butt. He owns her. Such as it is, her "Catholicism" will not save her; she's a CINO. She's going down. Miserable, lying woman.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: SkeezerMcGee 5/28/2022 8:12:51 AM (No. 1168408)
Pelosi is the exact opposite of an honest, constructive elected member of the U.S. Congress. The sad truth is that it's people like her who always rise to the top leadership in the Democrat Party. Ted Kennedy and Chucky Schumer are two others who readily come to mind.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: Strike3 5/28/2022 8:15:39 AM (No. 1168411)
Pelosi has no regard for anyone but herself and her entire political career has been spent in tearing down others to enrich herself. I hope her predecessors have a nice reception planned for her.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: Cynical Backstory 5/28/2022 8:16:41 AM (No. 1168413)
Yes I need to pray for this woman. But I’ve watched those people use this admonition against us all my life. We are exhorted to pray for, forgive, understand, blah, blah all the while they grind our faces into the filth they produce and chortle gleefully while doing it. At what point do we get to stop acting the spineless, understanding and forgiving fool. I keep remembering it wasn’t prayers and lamentations that stopped the ravening hoards of Muslims from overtaking Europe long ago, it was Christian men with swords and spears and an indomitable faith in OUR Lord that stopped them. I want those men back.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: downnout 5/28/2022 8:34:59 AM (No. 1168437)
I pray for her demise because I know she loves a warm climate.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: hoosierblue 5/28/2022 8:36:50 AM (No. 1168440)
Pray for Pelosi. Now that is a tough thing to do.
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Reply 16 - Posted by: wakeupcall 5/28/2022 9:08:56 AM (No. 1168476)
One cannot be a practicing Christian and be a practicing democrat. As Zell Miller an ex democrat of Georgia stated when he left his seat in the senate years ago. "I did not leave the democrat party. The democrat party left me." No true Christian, or decent, honest, person, can be a democrat who's Party Platform bans the mention of God, period.
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Reply 17 - Posted by: udanja99 5/28/2022 9:16:07 AM (No. 1168483)
I might be able to pray for her if she had taken the Archbishop’s words even a tiny bit seriously. But instead she was obstinate and very vocal about it, calling out Cordileone on national television and rubbing her evil in his face. And in the faces of all Catholics. Sorry, can’t do it. She refuses to repent and change and the results of that are all on her.
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Reply 18 - Posted by: columba 5/28/2022 11:32:43 AM (No. 1168595)
It takes only 2 seconds to ask God to help Nancy. Many canonized saints acceted God only when they had no other choices. I have asked the people who attend my church on Sundays to pray for Nancy - mostly so she can choose life instead of death for children. How many people would chose life if Nancy did ?
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Reply 19 - Posted by: snowoutlaw 5/28/2022 11:37:35 AM (No. 1168600)
John W. Creasy: "Forgiveness is between them and God. It's my job to arrange the meeting.” From Man on Fire.
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Reply 20 - Posted by: Vaquero45 5/28/2022 11:37:54 AM (No. 1168601)
No, do not pray for her. Whatever awaits her, she deserves it.
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Reply 21 - Posted by: zephyrgirl 5/28/2022 12:18:43 PM (No. 1168639)
I'll pray for Nancy to admit her wrongs and repent. Until then, it is between her and the almighty.
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Reply 22 - Posted by: mre 5/28/2022 12:45:20 PM (No. 1168663)
BS theology in this article. Pelosi is not committing a mortal sin by her advocating for choice versus compelling every pregnant woman everywhere to carry every pregnancy to term. Were she herself to get an abortion, she’d be guilty of a mortal sin. That’s not what she’s doing. Also, “Let a man examine himself, and so eat of the bread and drink of the cup. For anyone who eats and drinks without discerning the body eats and drinks judgment upon himself." is about discerning that all at the Agape meal are members of the Lord’s Body and not to slight or ignore the poorer members. It’s not about eating a hocus-pocus magic cracker (that’s another subject) with proper discernment or thinking a piece of bread and a cup of wine magically become flesh and blood. As I said, BS. :rolleyes:
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Reply 23 - Posted by: doctorfixit 5/28/2022 1:39:39 PM (No. 1168733)
If I did pray I would pray for her to do something that would contribute to the death of socialism.
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Reply 24 - Posted by: Timber Queen 5/28/2022 3:01:29 PM (No. 1168788)
#22 - There are many documented instances of consecrated hosts and wine turning into flesh and blood. The oldest dates from 750 a.d. These miracles have occurred all of the world and all through the centuries. Many have been scientifically analyzed. All of the analysis shows the flesh to be of cardiac tissue, and the blood RH negative; no matter the point in history in which it occurred or where on earth. Also, the blood on the Shroud of Turin has tested as RH positive. Since the science of blood types is a modern invention, how could "hoaxers" in the Middle Ages know?
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Reply 25 - Posted by: Italiano 5/28/2022 3:03:43 PM (No. 1168789)
I think not. I'm sure that I 'll get chewed out for it, though.
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The Department of the Navy this week released its strategy for how it will deal with climate change and proceed toward the government’s goal of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. “Climate change is one of the most destabilizing forces of our time, exacerbating other national security concerns and posing serious readiness challenges,” Navy Secretary Carlos Del Toro said in the introduction to the 32-page report. (snip) Setting the department on a course to combat climate change is a main priority of Del Toro’s tenure. He called the issue “existential” for the Navy and Marine Corps.
Mattel’s Transgender Barbie Doll of
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Mattel recently launched a new transgender Barbie doll to honor trans celebrity Laverne Cox on the occasion of Pride month. But reading the fine print on the box reveals the doll is manufactured in Indonesia, where gay and transgender people still experience widespread discrimination and same-sex marriage is illegal. The “Laverne Cox Barbie Tribute Collection” doll, which is intended for ages six and up, features a posable likeness of the Orange Is the New Black star wearing a red ball gown with a translucent skirt that reveals Cox’s legs. The collector’s item retails for $40.
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The 86th Airlift Wing at Ramstein Air Base in Germany has announced it will no longer host a Drag Queen reading session for children at the base library after an advertisement about the event was posted to social media. The cancellation has drawn criticism from LGBT activists who claim the cancellation shows disrespect for transgender people, according to a report in the military media outlet, Stars and Stripes. (snip) Among the critics of the event who called for its cancellation is Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), who penned a letter to the Air Force:
“2000 Mules” Investigator Gregg Phillips
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Multinational Player and Federal Agencies
Involved in Operation – A “Multinational
Deal Involving Billions of Dollars” (VIDEO)
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Posted by Beardo 5/28/2022 9:59:36 PM Post Reply
Earlier this month Dinesh D’Souza and Salem Media released the much-anticipated movie “2000 Mules” on the 2020 presidential election heist. (snip) Gregg Phillips: "We have a few issues coming up that are more explosive than the (2000) Mules, that are more likely to divide this country even further. (snip) There is irrefutable evidence. We’ve been involved in a major counterintelligence operation that’s very mature in this country, involving federal agencies and us. (snip) it’s going to make everybody forget everything about the mules, and it’s going to bring into question everything we think we know about these elections. Everything. I can say that with 100% certainty."
Paul Ryan campaigning with GOP rep who
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Former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan will campaign for a Republican representative who surprised the political world by voting to impeach then-President Donald Trump last year, a development underscoring the fundamental divide between the pre- and post-Trump GOP. Ryan will stump for South Carolina Rep. Tom Price this week; Price, the representative for South Carolina’s 6th Congressional district, is among the 10 Republicans who voted to impeach Trump a second time in January of 2021. “Tom Rice is a man of principle, a man of conviction, and a leader who always puts South Carolina’s interests first,” Ryan said to media this week.
Israel Launches Devastating Drone Strike
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A military strike that utilized quadcopter drones launched from inside Iran hit the top-secret Iranian military base at Parchin. It’s believed the strike targeted Iran’s drone research and development complex and not its missile or nuclear research facilities. No nation has claimed responsibility for the attack, but both Iran and the U.S. say that it fits the pattern of past attacks by Israel. The attack follows an assassination of a colonel in the Revolutionary Guards last week. Analysts believe the Israelis intended it as a warning to Iran to stop targeting Israeli citizens abroad.
Daily Beast releases apology to Hunter
Biden’s laptop repairman
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Posted by Beardo 5/28/2022 12:07:40 AM Post Reply
The Daily Beast has issued an apology to the Delaware computer repairman who acquired Hunter Biden’s laptop for wrongly claiming in a past story that the computer was “stolen.” The apology to John Paul Mac Isaac appeared in a Wednesday editor’s note attached to a story the Daily Beast published in Dec. 2020 alleging the laptop was pilfered, Fox News reported. “An earlier version of this story mistakenly referred to Hunter Biden’s laptop as ‘stolen.’ We have removed that word, and we apologize to Mr. Mac Isaac for the error,” the editor’s note reads.
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We’re stuck with COVID on ‘chronic’
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COVID is here to stay, the country’s top infectious disease expert said Sunday. The persistence of the virus means yearly vaccine booster shots could be in store for everyone, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the White House chief medical adviser, told PIX 11 in an interview. “We’re going to be dealing with this virus on a chronic basis,” Fauci said. “We really hope … it will reach a level low enough that it doesn’t disrupt us to the extent that it has over the past couple of years.” In recent weeks, COVID case numbers have been increasing nationwide.(Snip)All Americans can expect to get regular boosters in the future, according to Fauci,
Pelosi's husband arrested for DUI 41 replies
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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's (D-CA) husband, Paul Pelosi, was arrested late Saturday night for driving under the influence. Paul Pelosi, 82, was booked in Napa County, California, for one count of driving under the influence and driving with a blood alcohol content level of 0.08 or higher, according to a booking record first reported by TMZ. "The Speaker will not be commenting on this private matter which occurred while she was on the East Coast,” Drew Hammill, a spokesman for Speaker Pelosi, told the Washington Examiner.
Abortion-Communion controversy: Pope Francis
elevates bishop who defended serving pro-choice politicians
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Posted by Beardo 5/30/2022 2:43:20 AM Post Reply
Pope Francis on Sunday named as cardinal San Diego Bishop Robert W. McElroy, a Roman Catholic leader who had spoken out against the calls for bishops to exclude pro-choice politicians like President Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi from Holy Communion over their stances on abortion. The move comes in the wake of San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone's announcement earlier this month that he would bar Pelosi from receiving Holy Communion due to her stance on abortion. In naming McElroy, Francis passed over Cordileone, who holds a higher rank.
Jackson Lee: If a Shooter Has ‘Weapons
of War’ and an ‘Automatic Weapon,’
‘a Good Guy with a Gun’ ‘Doesn’t Work’
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Posted by mc squared 5/29/2022 10:31:10 AM Post Reply
On Friday’s broadcast of CNN’s “Don Lemon Tonight,” Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) argued that it has been proven that if a shooter “has weapons of war, and has the unbelievable automatic weapon,” then a law-abiding citizen with a gun responding “doesn’t work.” Jackson Lee said, “We have no universal background checks here in the United States or Texas. And so, right in my district, in the NRA convention, they were selling guns without background checks at the private gun shows. They don’t care about domestic abuse. They don’t care about intervention on violence, no laws. And they don’t have any red flag laws and they certainly have not banned assault
DOJ says it WILL investigate the police
response to the Texas school shooting
after it emerged cops waited outside for
40 minutes while children were still alive
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Posted by Imright 5/29/2022 6:49:26 PM Post Reply
The Justice Department said Sunday it will review the law enforcement response to the shooting in Uvalde, Texas, that left 19 students and two teachers dead.The review comes amid mounting pressure and questions about the shifting and at times contradictory information about what happened in the shooting last Tuesday at Robb Elementary School and how police responded.Justice Department spokesman Anthony Coley said the review would be conducted in a fair, impartial and independent manner and that the findings would be made public.The review is being conducted at the request of Uvalde´s mayor,
Biden called again to mourn with a city
stricken by grief
29 replies
Posted by Imright 5/29/2022 12:03:17 PM Post Reply
UVALDE, Texas— President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden are hoping to console a city stricken by grief and anger when they meet with families affected by the mass shooting at a Texas elementary school that killed 19 students and two teachers.The visit to Uvalde on Sunday is Biden’s second trip in as many weeks to comfort a community in mourning after staggering loss. On May 17, he was in Buffalo, New York, to meet with victims’ families and condemn white supremacy after a shooter espousing the racist “replacement theory” killed 10 Black people at a supermarket.
If gas costs too much, then why are people
still burning it in their assault trucks?
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Posted by Big Bopper 5/29/2022 9:23:10 AM Post Reply
As I pumped about $70 worth of liquid gold into my tank in preparation for the three-day weekend established to memorialize three-day weekends, I noticed that the guy next to me put quadruple that into his. His was attached to one of those ginormous RV things that always seem to be in front of me on the mountain passes of Colorado. A friend has one of these. He says they get about six miles to the gallon. I think he’s got that reversed. Those monstrosities are a pet peeve of mine,
Democrat Sen. Chris Murphy says he's 'in
touch' with Republicans for 'serious'
talks on gun reform after Uvalde school
shooting: Ex-Sandy Hook lawmaker reached
out to GOP Sen. Rick Scott about how he
handled Parkland massacre as Florida governor
27 replies
Posted by Imright 5/29/2022 6:45:03 PM Post Reply
Democrats and Republicans in the Senate have begun 'serious' negotiations on finding a bipartisan solution to rising gun violence, Senator Chris Murphy confirmed on Sunday. The Connecticut Democrat said he was 'in touch' with members of the GOP including Senators John Cornyn of Texas, Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania and others on both sides of the aisle in the wake of a horrific mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas where a gunman with an assault rifle killed 19 elementary school students and their two teachers.'We have continued to work throughout the weekend,' Murphy said on ABC News' This Week.
Biden's Weekend of Lies: Lying About Naval
Appointment, More Falsehoods at U of Delaware
27 replies
Posted by Imright 5/29/2022 3:24:34 AM Post Reply
On Saturday, Joe Biden spoke at his alma mater, the University of Delaware, for their 2022 graduation ceremony.The day before, he spoke at the U.S. Naval Academy and told some despicable lies. He claimed he had received an appointment to the Academy in 1965, when in fact he was graduating from the University of Delaware in 1965, so that couldn’t possibly be true. He also claimed that he didn’t go to the Academy but chose to go to Delaware instead because the Academy had “Staubach and Bellino” there.“I didn’t come to the Academy because I wanted to be a football star. And you had a guy named Staubach
Adam Kinzinger: I’m Open to an Assault
Weapons Ban Now
26 replies
Posted by Imright 5/29/2022 11:49:48 AM Post Reply
Representative Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) said Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union” that he is now open to some sort of assault weapon ban following the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, TX.Anchor Dana Bash said, “Congressman, you do still oppose a ban on the kind of assault weapons that were used in this shooting. Can you explain why private citizens need weapons of war?”Kinzinger said, “Look, I have opposed a ban, you know, fairly recently. I think I’m open to a ban now. It’s going to depend on what it looks like because there’s a lot of nuances on what constitutes certain things.
Models show off firearms tucked into their
UNDERWEAR during concealed carry fashion
show at NRA convention in Houston - just
days after 19 kids and two teachers were
killed in school shooting
23 replies
Posted by Ribicon 5/29/2022 10:44:46 AM Post Reply
The National Rifle Association put on a concealed carry fashion show at its Houston fashion show where models displayed guns tucked into their underwear just four days after the Uvalde shooting. Two women proudly showed off hand guns strapped to their chest area as they pulled up their shirts with big smiles on their faces. Another blonde woman wearing a beige pencil skirt and an off-the-shoulder top gave a mischievous grin as she lifted up her shirt to reveal a black gun tucked tightly into a white lacey undergarment. Other women wore their concealed weapons in less provocative places, such as under their armpits and stashed in fashionable purses.
Can America’s Colleges and Universities
Be Saved?
22 replies
Posted by Imright 5/29/2022 8:02:32 PM Post Reply
American colleges and universities continue to lose students steadily.The latest statistics confirm their continuing decline. Here’s some headline numbers: The number of total enrolled postsecondary students declined 3.3 percent year-over-year, the most significant rate of decline in enrollment since 1951. This number has declined nearly 10 percent since 2010, from 21 million to 19 million. College enrollment totaled 15.9 million undergraduate students nationwide in Fall 2020, a 4.3 percent decline year-over-year. This number has declined more than 12 percent since 2010, from 18.1 million to 15.9 million. Full-time college enrollment has declined more than 11 percent since 2010, from 13.1 million to 11.6 million.
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