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Barack Obama Urges Americans to Unite
Behind Joe Biden and Embrace Economic
Pain for Ukraine

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Posted By: Dreadnought, 2/24/2022 9:47:02 PM

Former President Barack Obama issued a message of support for President Joe Biden on Thursday, urging Americans to unite behind economic sanctions against Russia. “Every American, regardless of party, should support President Biden’s efforts, in coordination with our closest allies, to impose hard-hitting sanctions on Russia,” Obama said in a statement sent to reporters, defending Biden’s sanctions as a serious attempt to put “a real price on Russia’s autocratic elites.” Obama’s statement of support for Biden follows his own failure to stop Putin from annexing Crimea in 2014 when he was president. The former president also urged Americans to embrace any economic pain that they would suffer

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Reply 1 - Posted by: Venturer 2/24/2022 9:54:29 PM (No. 1081956)
Wy is he calling them Biden's sanctions.? They are Obama's sanctions that Obama told Biden to do.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: daisey 2/24/2022 9:55:53 PM (No. 1081958)
Barry is building his 3rd mansion in Hawaii and wants the rest of us to suck it up and bare the pain of higher prices for energy. Talk about an out of touch elitist bastxxx. That headline made me so mad I could spit.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: greyseal 2/24/2022 9:59:12 PM (No. 1081960)
Follow the Dear Leader. Unite, for we've always been at war with Eastasia. W.A.G. T.H.E. D.O.G. greyseal
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Reply 4 - Posted by: vrb8m 2/24/2022 9:59:37 PM (No. 1081964)
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Reply 5 - Posted by: Dodge Boy 2/24/2022 10:02:39 PM (No. 1081967)
Obie who?
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Reply 6 - Posted by: itsonlyme 2/24/2022 10:03:10 PM (No. 1081968)
While Hussein and his wife, the Always Angry Wookiee, dine of caviar and fine wine. The Chosen One and his divine self-appointed birthday party czar.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: SALady 2/24/2022 10:03:47 PM (No. 1081969)
If Donald Trump was still president (as he was actually elected to be), Russia would not be invading Ukraine today. It's that simple. Putin is an evil man, but a great leader. Biden is an evil man, and a weak and impotent leader. Trump is a good man, and a great leader. That is why Putin didn't pull this garbage under Trump, but knows he has nothing to fear from Biden no matter what Putin does!!!
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Reply 8 - Posted by: Nimby 2/24/2022 10:04:01 PM (No. 1081970)
FU! Let the 81 million who voted for this deranged fool take over the economic burden. Leave the other 7- million who did not vote for Biden alone
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Reply 9 - Posted by: jhpeters2 2/24/2022 10:05:28 PM (No. 1081973)
0bama is a post turtle being fed marching orders and feeding those same orders to Xiden
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Reply 10 - Posted by: montwoodcliff 2/24/2022 10:07:36 PM (No. 1081977)
From the guy who cadged $100,000,000!
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Reply 11 - Posted by: Nimby 2/24/2022 10:11:03 PM (No. 1081979)
* sorry- meant 71 miilion*
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Reply 12 - Posted by: Omen55 2/24/2022 10:23:30 PM (No. 1081991)
What are you willing to sacrifice BO?
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Reply 13 - Posted by: Jethro bo 2/24/2022 10:25:31 PM (No. 1081992)
Let's go Obambi. We've suffered enough pain for the Democrats and Diaper Joe. Tired of suffering for others gain.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: mizzmac 2/24/2022 10:29:54 PM (No. 1081996)
Obama? Who 'dis?
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Reply 15 - Posted by: 24tea@Mag 2/24/2022 10:38:15 PM (No. 1082000)
Got to be kidding - unite under Joe! Ha!
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Reply 16 - Posted by: Sanchin 2/24/2022 10:38:50 PM (No. 1082001)
Echoing the the supposed words and sentiment of another person in history: Eat cake peasants! We know what is best for you as we are your masters.
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Reply 17 - Posted by: TLCary 2/24/2022 10:38:58 PM (No. 1082002)
Proof positive that this is intended to prop up Biden's poll numbers. Not going to happen.
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Reply 18 - Posted by: Oldenoughtoknowbetter 2/24/2022 10:45:23 PM (No. 1082008)
Is Biden going to give up his pudding? Is Hunter giving up his monthly "salary"?
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Reply 19 - Posted by: TJ54 2/24/2022 10:47:44 PM (No. 1082010)
Hey Bozo, Americans are already feeling economic pain with Biden following your policies
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Reply 20 - Posted by: stablemoney 2/24/2022 10:52:03 PM (No. 1082012)
I am not getting behind Biden or Obama for any reason. I don't follow fools.
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Reply 21 - Posted by: Trump'sCousin 2/24/2022 10:54:51 PM (No. 1082013)
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Reply 22 - Posted by: Trump'sCousin 2/24/2022 10:56:25 PM (No. 1082015)
Oblowme the POOF. FBHO
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Reply 23 - Posted by: cold porridge 2/24/2022 11:03:00 PM (No. 1082016)
#s 4 and 21 beat me to it. My reaction is FBHSO (F Barry Hussain Soetoro Obama)
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Reply 24 - Posted by: PChristopher 2/24/2022 11:24:54 PM (No. 1082024)
Whatever Obama, the other illegal president, urges should be vehemently rejected!
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Reply 25 - Posted by: cireskul 2/24/2022 11:29:14 PM (No. 1082025)
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Reply 26 - Posted by: Bison65 2/24/2022 11:33:56 PM (No. 1082026)
Jug ears building his second water front mansion (guess he hasn’t heard from stolen valor Kerry, the climate hoaxer) now wants us to sacrifice. Guess Jug Ears will give up his weekends in Boyztown.
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Reply 27 - Posted by: ussjimmycarter 2/24/2022 11:57:18 PM (No. 1082035)
Ok Barry! You first! Sell your mansion in Hawaii and give the dough to Brandon! He’ll take care of it for you and Mike!
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Reply 28 - Posted by: ladydawgfan 2/25/2022 12:00:18 AM (No. 1082036)
Stand behind Dementia Joe?? After what he did to Camilla and the Pope??? Not sure friggin' chance, Jug Ears!! YOU stand behind him if you are so impressed!! I prefer to stay FAR away from the line of fire!! Besides, Dementia Joe is an ignorant senile old putz. I only stand behind people who love their country and don't steal elections from legitimately elected Presidents!!
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Reply 29 - Posted by: PostAway 2/25/2022 4:08:09 AM (No. 1082098)
Mansions in Kalorama, Martha’s Vineyard and Hawaii and the cry, “Let ‘em eat bugs!”. If you watch closely enough you’ll find that the media is gearing up to promote the eating of insects in lieu of meat. If successful, this will mark a sea change in Western attitudes. I miss PDJT. He was a good man and good leader. He spoke sanely loudly and was hated for it.
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Reply 30 - Posted by: Trigger2 2/25/2022 4:26:58 AM (No. 1082107)
The Won is giving orders now. Another reason not to comply.
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Reply 31 - Posted by: Osprey21 2/25/2022 5:09:02 AM (No. 1082129)
Suck it, Barry.
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Reply 32 - Posted by: doctorfixit 2/25/2022 5:29:07 AM (No. 1082141)
I have no argument with Russia. Washington DC is my enemy. Americans should unite behind ridding the world of the malevolence of Obama & Biden.
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Reply 33 - Posted by: 5 handicap 2/25/2022 5:46:09 AM (No. 1082145)
The Kenyan is TOO STUPID for words! Goddamn his useless soul!
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Reply 34 - Posted by: Krause 2/25/2022 6:12:52 AM (No. 1082150)
And This is the guy that told us that Biden was going to be a terrible president. ‘Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f**k things up.’ Barack Obama
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Reply 35 - Posted by: TCloud 2/25/2022 6:44:09 AM (No. 1082162)
Trump Peace vs Obama/Biden FUBAR and WAR!
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Reply 36 - Posted by: Strike3 2/25/2022 7:32:31 AM (No. 1082189)
FBO & FJB. Give up your Wagu beef you big-eared coconut head.
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Reply 37 - Posted by: HPmatt 2/25/2022 7:35:48 AM (No. 1082192)
You sell either your Kalorama spy house, or your global-warming Martha Vineyard estate, or your global-warming Hawaii ocean-wall Estate first, and give the proceeds to the USO.
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Reply 38 - Posted by: F15 Gork 2/25/2022 7:38:52 AM (No. 1082194)
O’Bama? Must be some Benjamin’s involved in there somewhere.....
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Reply 39 - Posted by: LLAMA 2/25/2022 7:41:34 AM (No. 1082199)
Obama has now told us that he is not an "America Firster"; that we must sacrifice our nation's economy and the well-being of our citizens to benefit others. He's trying to tell us he is a globalist and wants to abolish national borders and promote worldwide equity, and we should believe him.
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Reply 40 - Posted by: marbles 2/25/2022 7:43:08 AM (No. 1082202)
The American people that are already suffering due to the actions and inactions of a fraudulent administration should say yes to further suffering to save joey's *ss ? No, not interested, stuff it stinky.
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Reply 41 - Posted by: MickTurn 2/25/2022 7:53:05 AM (No. 1082213)
FBO and above all FJB! These two Communists need to go to Ukraine to be body shields for the Brave Citizens, PERIOD...and they can take their fellow Comrades with them!
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Reply 42 - Posted by: LadyChurchillUSA 2/25/2022 7:53:37 AM (No. 1082215)
Sorry, Barack the American people have had enough of foolish democrat wars. You guys are great at getting us into them but never have any plan to win or get out of the mess you have created. We all know how you feel about this country, you hate it, you have hated it since you were a child and nothing has changed. You will do anything and everything to embarrass us and make us weak but the moron in the White House cannot and will not change our hearts or our minds. We are Americans and as individuals we stand united against oppressors like you and your ilk. We have seen you try to step all over us for 2 yrs feigning a plague that was little more than a bad flu season when you actually look at the data. Your desire for complete control of this nation is every bit as bad as Putin trying to impose his will on the Ukraine. The only difference between that dicatator and the wannabe dictator that you are is that he at least loves his country. We know that you never have and never will love this one.
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Reply 43 - Posted by: a man way over thirty 2/25/2022 8:06:42 AM (No. 1082230)
Obama can shut the hell up. His foreign policy was America Last and To Hell With Capitalism. Besides, who are we kidding - Obama's orchestrating everything his old sidekick is doing - this is Obama's second term. No wonder everything is f&%ked up.
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Reply 44 - Posted by: Kafka2 2/25/2022 8:07:25 AM (No. 1082231)
Americans rally around the flag when attacked. But, they don't rally around an idiot. Especially, when that idiot's bumbling has precipitated a war. Democrats like wars because Americans don't like to switch horses in mid stream. It helps them get reelected. But, I think they will make an exception in this case. At least I hope so. We do not need another disaster like the Afghanistan retreat.
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Reply 45 - Posted by: janjan 2/25/2022 8:11:03 AM (No. 1082237)
Who does Obama think he’s talking to? There are very few people left anywhere on the political spectrum who are willing to unite behind Biden for any reason, especially another foreign policy disaster totally created by Democrats. If Obama wants to be known as the master pulling Biden’s strings he needs to study his poll numbers and the complete mess he has made of this country. This looks more like sabotage.
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Reply 46 - Posted by: aripeny 2/25/2022 8:14:20 AM (No. 1082245)
FJB FBO Let's go Brandon!
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Reply 47 - Posted by: jimboscott 2/25/2022 8:14:54 AM (No. 1082249)
Well... if there is one thing Obama and Biden know how to do... it is economic pain.
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Reply 48 - Posted by: RayLRiv 2/25/2022 8:15:58 AM (No. 1082251)
I'll do you one better, Barry. I won't care at all about YOU or Ukraine. How's that?
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Reply 49 - Posted by: Marzipan4 2/25/2022 8:20:51 AM (No. 1082261)
Easy Rubric , perhaps simplistic, I’d Bammels is for it, I’m against it.
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Reply 50 - Posted by: The Remnants 2/25/2022 8:22:27 AM (No. 1082265)
Not a likeable guy.
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Reply 51 - Posted by: udanja99 2/25/2022 8:27:43 AM (No. 1082270)
Oh, you mean like how the left united behind Bush on the Iraq and Afghanistan wars? Sorry. Payback and all that. Oh, and… FBO
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Reply 52 - Posted by: broken01 2/25/2022 8:42:31 AM (No. 1082289)
There are still Blacks in this country including most of my relatives who still think that Obama was a great president. It boggles my mind and now that idiot wants us to unite behind president Life Alert. You can firmly put me in the not column on that one. As far as I'm concerned for what they've done and are continuing to do to my beloved country both Obama and Biden can go pound sand. FBO, FJB Let's Go Brandon.
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Reply 53 - Posted by: Firebase 2/25/2022 8:45:46 AM (No. 1082295)
Biden helped Russia by destroying domestic American oil production and now we, specifically, are to inflict pain(mutual) on them? Most Americans are not buying it, for all we know Biden and Obama are all for the invasion of Ukraine and the victory of communism. The administration talking manikins, such as Mr Blinken and the buffoon general, were doing play by play of the early stages of Ukraine invasion, as it they were sports announcers. It was/is a disgrace.
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Reply 54 - Posted by: Smartypants1122 2/25/2022 8:46:41 AM (No. 1082298)
How stupid do you think we are OB?
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Reply 55 - Posted by: Sully 2/25/2022 8:57:06 AM (No. 1082310)
No Oblabber is right. I am following his lead and limiting myself to 3 mansions and flying only on private jets.
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Reply 56 - Posted by: Speedypetey 2/25/2022 9:09:24 AM (No. 1082314)
This is code for $5/gallon gasoline, home electric/gas/fuel oil bills to rise along with everyday staples. And the blame; Russia, again. The 50 million that VOTED for Biden's handlers are going to feel it big time.
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Reply 57 - Posted by: Son of Grady 2/25/2022 9:11:21 AM (No. 1082318)
Rich. Coming from the fool that got all wee-weed up and stood aside when Russia took Crimea.
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Reply 58 - Posted by: OZZCAR 2/25/2022 9:14:45 AM (No. 1082323)
We don't have a dog in this fight, the Ukraine is just another conflict we need to stay away from. We have a habit of getting involved in these things at the cost of many American lives. We occupy them for years and eventually leave and in every instance the innocent people of those countries are worse off. We've got our own war here between Americans and the Marxist usurpers who are destroying America.
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Reply 59 - Posted by: Bassman1911 2/25/2022 9:19:42 AM (No. 1082331)
Democrats always want to inflict and endure hardship and despair. They’re never upbeat or positive about anything. They just love to wallow in misery. Pathetic people and they should never be given the reins of power.
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Reply 60 - Posted by: padiva 2/25/2022 9:53:45 AM (No. 1082365)
'Embrace Economic Pain for Ukraine' US citizens are forced into higher taxes/inflation in the name of Ukraine BUT, in reality, a few people siphon up all the money. (Haiti, BLM,etc)
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Reply 61 - Posted by: Lawsy0 2/25/2022 9:55:58 AM (No. 1082370)
Merely the same song, second verse of Obama's mantra, ''At some point you have enough money!''
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Reply 62 - Posted by: FJB 2/25/2022 9:58:19 AM (No. 1082373)
Thank God you're back, Barry! Surely you realize how your Magic has been missed throughout the land? Or haven't you really been gone?
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Reply 63 - Posted by: J. Arthur Brown 2/25/2022 9:58:47 AM (No. 1082374)
Barack "four houses and counting" Obama is the most shamelessly greedy former President since Gerald Ford. When Barack Obama tells me what "economic pain" he and his family are going to "embrace" I'll take him seriously, but not until then.
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Reply 64 - Posted by: thatsomewhereplace 2/25/2022 10:12:35 AM (No. 1082395)
"...Embrace Economic Pain for Ukraine..." 0bama, the Russians (Putin) should "embrace economic pain " for the invasion and ruination of Ukraine. The people of Ukraine are suffering economic pain given to them by Putin. 0bama, take a hike down your nice sandy beach. Embrace the lovely volcanic sand by sticking your head into the beach. Take FJB with you.
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Reply 65 - Posted by: navybrat 2/25/2022 10:45:40 AM (No. 1082441)
He is not going to embrace any economic pain with his three mansions and continual vacations.
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Reply 66 - Posted by: snowoutlaw 2/25/2022 10:47:34 AM (No. 1082443)
Russia has nothing we need so why would any sanctions on Russia cause any Americans' economic pain? The answer is the fjb sanctions are designed to hurt the west, not to hurt Russia. With fjb its always America last.
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Reply 67 - Posted by: Highvoltage 2/25/2022 10:48:21 AM (No. 1082444)
Obama doesn’t tell me what to do! And no I do not support displays of weakness as displayed by Joe Biden.
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Reply 68 - Posted by: Zigrid 2/25/2022 10:53:04 AM (No. 1082453)
Another red line...?...sounds tough but it's red blows with the wind...obama was a nightmare when he was in office...because Americans felt sorry for he does his third term in the White House WE can see what's he's doing...he wants a war so Americans will take their eye off the middle east and his buddies in Iran...and the chi/coms got their name off the front pages regarding the pathetic olympics with Putins's like a game of chess...with the world at stake...wish I had listened to my darling husband when he tried to teach me chess....thank God President Trump is a master chess player...
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Reply 69 - Posted by: columba 2/25/2022 11:03:04 AM (No. 1082470)
Obama is not to be listened to. Rather he deserves to be tried for Treason.
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Reply 70 - Posted by: red1066 2/25/2022 11:20:47 AM (No. 1082493)
Unite this Obozo.
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Reply 71 - Posted by: GirlwithaCurl 2/25/2022 11:23:26 AM (No. 1082498)
FBO! The now Pecan-colored Barry Obo looking ready for another wrestle in the waves with a rich white guy. F YOU! FJB!
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Reply 72 - Posted by: dman 2/25/2022 11:41:30 AM (No. 1082516)
We know where this is leading: "Don't change horses [$$e$] in the middle of the stream."
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Reply 73 - Posted by: edgar 2/25/2022 11:42:15 AM (No. 1082518)
So, what is the Obama/Biden goal? Is it to allow Putin to take the two provinces? All of Ukraine? All of the former Soviet Union? Or to stop Putin from expanding at all? How am I to back up the unknown? Especially with Puddinhead Joe as our leader.
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Reply 74 - Posted by: smokincol 2/25/2022 12:12:57 PM (No. 1082565)
#*&% you, barak hosingyou obama!!! - an avowed communist, former president, former senator, former community organizer, current traitor and hater of the United States!!!
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Reply 75 - Posted by: Starboard_side 2/25/2022 12:34:54 PM (No. 1082585)
This was almost too quick to not be part of the coordinated agenda.
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Reply 76 - Posted by: udanja99 2/25/2022 1:09:37 PM (No. 1082614)
Um, #63, I think you mean Bill (and Hillary) Clinton as the most shamelessly greedy ex (co) presidents.
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Reply 77 - Posted by: dwa 2/25/2022 2:02:57 PM (No. 1082657)
Why should we listen to one idiot telling us to support another demented idiot. The world was a much more dangerous place when Obama left office than it was when he entered so he hardly has credibility on international matters. And, the world is a much more dangerous place after Biden's year in office than it was when he took office. Don't recall any other president that lost two countries within the first year in office. Pretty sad.
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Reply 78 - Posted by: Are You Serious 2/25/2022 2:12:36 PM (No. 1082671)
I would like to call B.O'Rama a stupid ass, but I would not want to offend the stupid asses of the world
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Reply 79 - Posted by: Red Ghost 2/25/2022 2:15:13 PM (No. 1082672)
Okay Hussein. I will support Joe Biden EXACTLY the way Biden, Obama and all democrats have supported President Donald J. Trump. How does that grab ya?
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Reply 80 - Posted by: Strike3 2/25/2022 2:41:42 PM (No. 1082691)
Obie, the flip-flop artist who told the whole world that Biden is guaranteed to fkkk things up now wants us to stand behind Joe and help him fkkk things up as only he can. I would be happy to stand with almost any group who will actively oppose Biden during the remainder of his miserable string of errors AKA his presidency.
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Reply 81 - Posted by: Ned Scott 2/25/2022 3:49:59 PM (No. 1082722)
Didn’t the late, great P.J. O’Rourke say that the Obama administration was just like the Carter administration, but with better sweaters?
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Reply 82 - Posted by: enemyofthestate 2/25/2022 4:24:32 PM (No. 1082743)
Yeah, we would not have that "economic pain" if it were not for policies inflicted upon us by the 0bama and Biden administrations. Meanwhile, they live on cushy government salaries and retirements. You "embrace the pain" first, Stinky. Open the Keystone pipeline now!
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Reply 83 - Posted by: hope27 2/25/2022 4:39:16 PM (No. 1082755)
Because it can't be said enough, FBHusseinO
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Reply 84 - Posted by: Geoman 2/25/2022 5:35:58 PM (No. 1082787)
Obama just tossed the democrats a meme for Americans suffering under democrat-generated inflation. Our economic woes will now be blamed on the Russia and the Ukraine. Might as well add "the" back to Ukraine. It was how the country was referred to before it threw off Russian dominance.
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Reply 85 - Posted by: GoodDeal 2/25/2022 6:31:46 PM (No. 1082824)
We are already embracing economic pain here so F them and F you too.
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Reply 86 - Posted by: homefry 2/25/2022 6:51:13 PM (No. 1082830)
Damn Obama.
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Reply 87 - Posted by: rochow 2/25/2022 8:01:13 PM (No. 1082875)
Punk, just go away!!!!!!!!! NOW!
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Reply 88 - Posted by: earlybird 2/25/2022 9:53:00 PM (No. 1082945)
While he and Mooch and the girls whale watch on a luxury yacht in Hawaii...
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Reply 89 - Posted by: watashiyo 2/25/2022 9:53:05 PM (No. 1082946)
Bet Doorknob Hussein gave his millions for the cause.
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Reply 90 - Posted by: mifla 2/26/2022 6:35:07 AM (No. 1083180)
Make you a deal Barry. You go enlist the the Army of Ukraine and I will think about your offer. Take your wife with you.
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Posted by Dreadnought 2/25/2022 12:51:31 PM Post Reply
Moscow - Russia said on Friday it was partially limiting access to Meta Platforms Inc's (FB.O) Facebook, accusing it of "censoring" Russian media, the latest in a series of steps against U.S. social media giants. Moscow has been trying to exert tighter control over the internet and big tech for years, something critics say threatens individual and corporate freedom, and is part of a wider crackdown against outspoken opponents of the Kremlin. The state communications regulator said that Facebook had ignored its demands to lift restricts on four Russian media outlets on its platform - RIA news agency, the defence ministry's Zvezda TV and websites and
Report: Joe Biden Got Absolutely Played
by China on Russia and Ukraine
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Posted by Dreadnought 2/25/2022 12:31:32 PM Post Reply
As intense fighting in Ukraine continues as a result of Russia’s invasion, a new report offers some shocking details about how inept Joe Biden’s strategy was in trying to prevent the current carnage. Per The New York Times, the Biden administration actually gave classified intelligence to the Chinese communists in an effort to gain their support against Vladimir Putin. Predictably, that completely backfired and only helped Russia in its march toward war. Over three months, senior Biden administration officials held half a dozen urgent meetings with top Chinese officials in which the Americans presented intelligence
How do Democrats deal with Joe Biden?
They've quit reading the news
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Posted by Dreadnought 2/25/2022 12:23:33 PM Post Reply
Joe Biden is about as hideous a failure as any president has ever been in United States history.  He bests Jimmy Carter, he bests Barack Obama, he bests Warren Harding, he bests Franklin Pierce and James Buchanan for his sheer cowardice, corruption, inability to read the mood of the country, and senescence.  Every last thing he's done has been a failure, and some of them big failures indeed.  He's truly the worst president we have ever had, and that's becoming a bipartisan consensus. So how do Democrats deal with this?  According to the Washington Examiner: Attention to national news is on the decline overall, but for the first time in four years, Democrats are reporting less interest in it
Ukrainian Defense Ministry Urges Citizens
to Fight Back with Molotov Cocktails as
Russians Enter Kyiv
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Russian troops entered the outskirts of Kyiv on Friday morning, and Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense urged citizens to make Molotov cocktails in advance of the expected battle. The Defense Ministry told citizens to “prepare Molotov cocktails” but remain indoors in a Facebook post. Instructions for how to make Molotov cocktails were broadcast on local television. Kyiv was rocked by missile strikes early on Friday morning, with one rocket striking a residential building, the New York Times confirmed. Ukrainian and Russian troops were fighting in the streets by Friday
Russia-Ukraine war | 'Ghost of Kyiv':
Unconfirmed videos of fighter jet give
Ukrainians hope
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Posted by Dreadnought 2/25/2022 9:15:17 AM Post Reply
With Russian forces having laid siege to Ukraine’s capital Kyiv, Ukrainians are now clinging on for dear life to every bit of ‘good news’ that they can find. Amid such a situation, the news of the ‘Ghost of Kyiv’ — a fighter jet that has reportedly shot down six Russian aircraft — has brought hopes to Ukrainians and is motivating them to fight back. Videos of the ‘Ghost of Kyiv’ are now going viral on social media. Many are calling the pilot the “first European Ace since World War II”. In aerial warfare terminology, an ‘ace’ is a pilot who has shot down at least five aircraft
Report: Russia Fails to Reach Objectives
for First Day Amid Brave Ukrainian Defense
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Posted by Dreadnought 2/24/2022 11:46:35 PM Post Reply
The Russian invasion of Ukraine isn’t going as easily as I think Vladimir Putin thought it would go. As we noted earlier, they are facing some tough fighting from the Ukrainians as well as thousands of protesters in Russia who have come out against the war. That’s quite something, given the oppressive state of Russia and how they would face immediate retribution. Yet, protesters have come out anyway. Ukraine fought back to recapture an airport the Russians had taken. So, Russia isn’t going to be able to do what they wanted because they haven’t met the goals they were trying to meet by now – which was to seize all
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Biden to nominate Ketanji Brown Jackson
to Supreme Court
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Posted by shalimar 2/25/2022 9:27:50 AM Post Reply
President Joe Biden will nominate federal Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson on Friday to replace Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, which would make her the first black woman on the high court's bench should she be confirmed by the Senate. Breyer announced his retirement last month after 28 years on the Supreme Court, effective when the current term ends this summer. That paved the way for Biden to fulfill his 2020 campaign promise of nominating a black woman as a Supreme Court justice.
Report: The Chickens Come Home to Roost
for Chris Wallace
31 replies
Posted by Imright 2/25/2022 12:00:12 AM Post Reply
Back in December when longtime broadcast journalist Chris Wallace announced he was leaving Fox News and the coveted anchor perch he had held there for some 18 years, speculation ran high that the “new adventure” he hinted at heading off to involved a stint at CNN, which is Public Enemy Number One as far as Fox News viewers and a growing number of cable news watchers across the country are concerned.Sure enough, not long after Wallace revealed his departure from Fox, a statement was issued noting he would soon be joining CNN+, the paid streaming version of CNN which is expected to debut before the end of March.
Secret Service says it can't find Hunter
Biden travel records for 2010, 2011, or 2013
29 replies
Posted by Skinnydip 2/25/2022 7:35:14 AM Post Reply
The Secret Service is telling Republican investigators that it cannot find communications related to Hunter Biden’s travels for 2010, 2011, or 2013 — when President Joe Biden was the vice president. Republican Sens. Chuck Grassley of Iowa and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin sent the Secret Service a letter last month seeking unredacted records tied to Hunter Biden’s travels between January 2009 and January 2017. They asked for full travel records and criticized the agency for years of “inappropriate redactions” — especially related to a controversial Kazakhstan trip in 2014. The senators also lamented that three years of documents seemed to be missing entirely.
Biden heads to Delaware for weekend as
Russians advance on Kyiv
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Posted by Ribicon 2/25/2022 7:27:37 PM Post Reply
President Biden on Friday afternoon scrapped plans to stay at the White House and prepared to depart for his home in Delaware for the weekend. He changed his plans as chaos reigned in Ukraine with Russian troops battling to take control of the country’s capital, Kyiv. The White House released a daily schedule confirming that Mr. Biden will travel to Wilmington in the evening. He had no public events scheduled for Saturday or Sunday.(Snip)The president will also have a meeting with his national security team in Wilmington on Saturday, she said. “Every president can work from everywhere they are because that is how presidencies are equipped,” Ms. Psaki said.
Yes, Tucker, There Is a US Security Interest
in Ukraine
24 replies
Posted by Judy W. 2/25/2022 8:25:43 AM Post Reply
In an ideal world, maybe we could ignore what's happening in Ukraine but we have to see the world as it is, not how we want it to be: Russia is calling and wants its Ukraine back. I generally appreciate Tucker Carlson, but every time he discusses Ukraine and Russia, I bristle — especially when he contends that America has no interest in Ukraine. I know some of you might agree with Carlson, but you can be a solid conservative who is just as war-weary as the next guy and still see a security interest in Ukraine without being a neocon.
Jeopardy! champ Amy Schneider announces
engagement to Genevieve Davis: 'She's
my fiancée!!!'
23 replies
Posted by konocti95 2/25/2022 7:53:29 PM Post Reply
Jeopardy! champ Amy Schneider is engaged to partner Genevieve Davis. Schneider, a 42-year-old software engineer, took to Twitter on Thursday to announce the big news, accompanied a photo of their hands with engagement rings on. 'I have an announcement: Genevieve is no longer my girlfriend… she's my fiancée!!!' the Oakland, California native said. 'I couldn't be happier or more proud to spend my life with the very best person in the entire world.'
Another Win for the Radical Left: Graham
Blasts Biden's Choice for SCOTUS
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Posted by Imright 2/25/2022 11:45:43 AM Post Reply
Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, who sits on the Judiciary Committee, is blasting President Joe Biden for choosing D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Ketanji Brown to replace Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer. (Tweets) Fellow South Carolina Senator Tim Scott is also expressing disappointment. (Tweets) Meanwhile Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who voted against her confirmation to her current position on the D.C. Circuit, is also weighing in. "I congratulate Judge Jackson on her nomination. I look forward to meeting with her in person and studying her record, legal views, and judicial philosophy," McConnell released in a statement Friday.
Biden is slammed for saying 'no one expected
sanctions to prevent anything' after freezing
all Kremlin assets in America.... but
leaves Putin's rumored $200bn fortune Untouched
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Posted by Imright 2/25/2022 12:35:01 AM Post Reply
President Joe Biden has been criticized after he stated outright that 'no one' expected sanctions that were imposed on Russia 'to prevent the invasion' of Ukraine.He made the candid remarks during Thursday afternoon's press conference over the situation in Eastern Europe. Reporters were quick to take the president to task over what appeared to be a changing stance on whether sanctions, economic or otherwise, were effective in any way. 'No one expected the sanctions to prevent anything from happening,' Biden said in what was a complete reversal to what he had said previously.
Joy Behar Complains Russia-Ukraine War
Making Her European Vacation Plans Uncertain
21 replies
Posted by JrSample 2/25/2022 7:35:59 AM Post Reply
It’s a frustrating thing about wars: In addition to death, destruction and displacement, there’s also disruption to your European vacation plans. At least that’s how Joy Behar of "The View" saw things Thursday. The show’s panelists were discussing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine when Behar said she feared yet another missed travel opportunity after two years of the coronavirus pandemic.
Putin may have overplayed his hand by
invading Ukraine, experts say: 'Massive miscalculation'
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Posted by Moritz55 2/25/2022 3:16:29 AM Post Reply
President Vladimir Putin may have overplayed his hand by invading Ukraine as opposition to the war grows in Russia, experts told Fox News Digital. This is a massive miscalculation," said University of Wisconsin-Madison Professor Yoshiko Herrera, who is an expert on U.S-Russian relations. "This action yesterday was just another level of crazy. It’s a ruination of Russia for decades, so damaging for Ukraine and so costly all around." More than 1,700 demonstrators in Russia protesting the unprovoked attack on Ukraine have been arrested, according to OVD Info, a Russian human rights organization.
Russia barred from entering Eurovision
Song Contest following Ukraine invasion
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LONDON — The European Broadcasting Union says that Russia will not be allowed an entry in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. The union said in a statement Friday that given the unprecedented crisis in Ukraine, the inclusion of a Russian entry would bring the competition into “disrepute.″ “The EBU is an apolitical member organisation of broadcasters committed to upholding the values of public service,” the union said on Twitter. “We remain dedicated to protecting the values of a cultural competition which promotes international exchange and understanding, brings audiences together, celebrates diversity through music and unites Europe on one stage.” This
Washington Post columnist mocks Pope Francis'
'empty gesture' for peace in Ukraine
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Posted by AltaD 2/25/2022 3:49:11 PM Post Reply
Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin took to Twitter Friday to mock Pope Francis' attempt to halt the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. "[A]s empty gestures go, impressive," the left-wing columnist tweeted, responding to NBC News reporter Richard Engle confirming a report that the pope had made an effort to sue for peace directly with Russia. In an unprecedented gesture, Francis visited the Russian embassy in Rome earlier on Friday to express his concern over the war. According to the Associated Press, officials at the Vatican said they knew of no previous initiative by the pope to end a conflict in such a way.
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