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More Evidence Obama In Charge – Holds
Call With Dems In Congress W/O Biden

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Posted By: Imright, 2/14/2022 7:44:38 PM

From President Biden’s first week in office, after asking what he was signing during a live event, the question of who is actually in charge has been up for debate.I have been arguing that former President Barack Obama has been running the current administration, from his home down the street from the White House, an “Obiden” administration.Back on Nov 30, 2020, before Biden was sworn in, Obama actually laid out what conditions he would need in order to run for a third term. The left says it was hyperbole, I believe reality. A Manchurian candidate who would be a conduit for him

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Reply 1 - Posted by: Condor44 2/14/2022 7:53:53 PM (No. 1072115)
Of course. Biden is too stupid and feeble to think for himself. FBO, FJB!
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Reply 2 - Posted by: Northcross 2/14/2022 8:22:57 PM (No. 1072130)
Baloney! Obama is not the puppet-master. Someone higher pulls his strings.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: Kate318 2/14/2022 8:30:28 PM (No. 1072133)
We’ve all known this. The style of this administration is pure Obama: arrogant, mean-spirited, in-your-face vengeful , corrupt to the core with complete disregard for the rule of law or the Constitutional limits of its power. All of it wrapped up in a nice social justice bow. I so look forward to seeing Obama blindfolded before the firing squad, enjoying his last cigarette on Earth.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: vrb8m 2/14/2022 8:31:32 PM (No. 1072134)
I was listening to the radio on inauguration day and heard some pundit -- Stephanopoulos, I think -- describing Obama's demeanor at the thing. GS said something I will never forget, for when he said it the goose walked over my grave: "Just look at that smile. That is one happy man."
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Reply 5 - Posted by: Hugh Akston 2/14/2022 8:32:01 PM (No. 1072135)
Correction - Barry the Fraud's handlers and cabal are in charge of Biden's handlers/cabal.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: bighambone 2/14/2022 9:34:47 PM (No. 1072172)
First the leftist, progressive, and socialist Democrats will have to engineer the majority of the Supreme Court Justices to rule that Obama can still run for a third term. But no matter how you look at it, that would be an unconstitutional move and even the Supreme Court does not have the authority to change the clear wording of the US Constitution. What Biden and his operatives could do however is get rid of Harris before the November election and pick Obama to replace her with an OK from the current Democrat run House of Representatives. But if they do that after the November election with the wimpy Republicans controlling the House of Representatives you would think that the wimpy Republicans would figure out that Biden picking Obama to succeed him would be an attempted end run around the US Constitution and that they might not go along, but if the Democrats play the race card against the wimpy Republicans it will be anyone’s guess! In that way Obama might be able to finish Biden’s first term but would not be constitutionally eligible to be elected in his own right for another Presidential term.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: Dr. Constant 2/14/2022 9:36:15 PM (No. 1072174)
Except The Obamanation of Desolation, as bad as he was, was not this incompetent!
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Reply 8 - Posted by: Rich323 2/14/2022 10:35:51 PM (No. 1072195)
When President Trump is elected for the third time, the most important question that has to be answered is this: Who was actually running the country during Biden’s fake presidency? Deep state? Soros and Davos people? Obama and Jarret and Rice? We have to know who was behind all of this even if they don’t go to jail. We need to know who are enemies are in this debacle!
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Reply 9 - Posted by: walcb 2/14/2022 11:12:56 PM (No. 1072209)
Makes sense--Obama or Obama handlers in charge. That would explain all of the stupid policy moves recently that even Obama would not want credit for so let the dummy Biden take credit.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: JimBob 2/15/2022 12:27:41 AM (No. 1072238)
The HairSniffer is nothing more than a hand puppet, and a not very good one at that. That Zero is one of the people 'Behind the Green Curtain' has been very likely from the beginning, as that way Zero can continue to wreck the America that we love, and escape any blame. But as others have noted, someone else... likely Soros, and behind him the ChiComs, are in turn pulling Zero's strings.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: judy 2/15/2022 1:07:02 AM (No. 1072255)
Obama is doing everything he wanted done during his term with Joe taking the blame. Obama did executive orders, Biden is Obamas puppet. He reads & signs everything they write & place in front of him. Obama...the only President who never left DC.....and W Bush loves him???
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Reply 12 - Posted by: bighambone 2/15/2022 2:21:50 AM (No. 1072271)
If you want to know who is really in charge at the White House just identify all the senior operatives now employed there, along with their histories of previous employment before the Biden era at the White House and elsewhere in DC. An understanding of those factors will tell you the story.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: Trigger2 2/15/2022 5:03:59 AM (No. 1072312)
No one, absolutely no one, elected that arsehole to be secret President. Bring him up on charges.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: anniebc 2/15/2022 7:44:28 PM (No. 1073055)
That weakling ain't running anything. He didn't even run himself when he was illegally squatting in our WH. This is all bull!
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Spotify's deal to secure exclusive rights to The Joe Rogan Experience is worth at least $200 million, double what was previously reported. According to two people familiar with the transaction, Spotify had spent more to get Joe Rogan back in May 2020 than it did on buying entire companies, like Gimlet Media and The Ringer, the New York Times reported. As Rogan faces controversy over alleged COVID-19 misinformation and repeated use of the n-word, Spotify is in damage control and has promised to contribute $100 million for works by creators 'from historically marginalized group.'
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Kevin McCarthy on Thursday endorsed Harriet Hageman in her bid to unseat Republican traitor Liz Cheney in her at-large Wyoming district, the minority leader's campaign confirmed to'The most successful Representatives in Congress focus on the needs of their constituents, and throughout her career, Harriet has championed America's natural resources and helped the people of Wyoming reject burdensome and onerous government overreach,' McCarthy said in a statement on the endorsement .
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NEW YORK—Former President Donald Trump must answer questions under oath in New York state’s civil investigation into his business practices, a judge ruled Thursday. Judge Arthur Engoron ordered Trump and his two eldest children, Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr., to comply with subpoenas issued in December by New York Attorney General Letitia James.Trump and his two children must sit for a deposition within 21 days, Engoron said.Engoron issued the ruling after a two-hour hearing with lawyers for the Trumps and James’ office.“In the final analysis, a State Attorney General commences investigating a business entity, uncovers copious evidence of possible financial fraud, and wants to question, under oath,
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Kathryn Limbaugh took Fox News into the home she shared with the great Rush Limbaugh for an exclusive interview one year after the death of the talk radio giant. “Fox & Friends” co-host Ainsley Earhardt interviewed Kathryn about her husband’s legacy in a touching segment that will not leave a dry eye across Dittohead Nation.Kathryn has been gracious in sharing her grief with Rush’s audience, who also feel that they’ve lost a family member. “I’m doing well for the most part,” said Kathryn. “It’s been very difficult, but knowing how many people are out there praying for me, praying for Rush, I very much think this was the nation’s loss.”
Hillary Clinton brushes Durham controversy
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Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton delivered remarks at the 2022 New York State Democratic Convention in New York City amid the Special Counsel John Durham probe controversy. During her speech, Clinton accused Fox News of lying about her in an attempt to spread disinformation regarding the Durham probe."We can't get distracted by the latest culture war nonsense or a new right wing lie on Fox or Facebook," the former presidential candidate said. "By the way, they are after me again lately, in case you may have noticed.""It's funny. The more trouble Trump gets into the wilder the charges and conspiracy theories about me seem to get."
Papadopoulos sheds light on Hillary’s
‘master class’ in deception. ‘Just
wait until you see’ what’s coming,
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Former Trump campaign foreign policy adviser George Papadopoulos slammed the original Russia probe against former President Donald Trump as a “masterclass in deception” on Wednesday during an interview with Fox News in response to Special Counsel John Durham’s latest explosive filing. Papadopoulos asserted that the original investigation was all about “manufacturing a situation” that involved Trump and his associates in order to falsely tie them to Russia, according to Fox News.
Jury in Sarah Palin Defamation Suit Against
NYT Learned of Judge’s Decision to Dismiss
Case Before Verdict
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Jurors in the recent defamation lawsuit by former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) against the New York Times learned of the judge’s decision to dismiss the case even though they were deliberating at the time and were not supposed to find out. As Breitbart News reported earlier this week, U.S. Judge Jed S. Rakoff of the Southern District of New York announced that he believed Palin had not met the evidentiary burden of showing “actual malice,” necessary in the case of a public figure.The jury then returned a verdict the following day that the Times was not liable
Will Biden Veto HUNTER? 2 replies
Posted by Imright 2/17/2022 10:21:56 AM Post Reply
Last week brought us another unforced error by the Harris/Biden administration. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) decided that its current slate of crises isn’t enough and it decided to step in another pile of crap. The mission of the department is to:Enhance the health and well-being of all Americans, by providing for effective health and human services and by fostering sound, sustained advances in the sciences underlying medicine, public health, and social services.We’ve got skyrocketing healthcare costs, an NIH that may have helped create a pandemic, vaccines that may kill you, booster shots that only boost the bottom line of big pharma,
Joe Biden heads to Ohio with endangered
Democratic rep. to tout $1 billion in
bipartisan infrastructure funding flowing
to the Great Lakes region
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Posted by Imright 2/17/2022 8:14:58 AM Post Reply
President Joe Biden is traveling to the Cleveland area Thursday to tout $1 billion flowing from the bipartisan infrastructure law to cleaning up Great Lakes waterways. As he did last week in Virginia, Biden's trip is to the current Congressional district of an endangered Democrat: Rep. Marcy Kaptur, a 40-year veteran of the House of Representatives. Kaptur plans to travel with Biden from Washington back to her district, her office told'She has been looking forward to welcoming President Biden to Ohio to highlight how the Jobs & Infrastructure Bill will invest in good-paying jobs throughout the region,' her spokesperson said.
Must See: President Trump Releases New
Video – “Justice Is Coming for Hillary”
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Posted by Imright 2/17/2022 7:57:25 AM Post Reply
On Wednesday President Trump released a new video “Justice is Coming for Hillary.”This past weekend Special Counsel John Durham released proof that revealed the Hillary Clinton campaign and Democrats were spying on Donald Trump’s campaign and later the Trump White House.The video exposes not just Hillary Clinton but the wicked and dishonest mainstream media in this country. (Video) Trump spokesperson Liz Harrington posted this cartoon tonight from The Spectator.
GOP Backs Donald Trump Against ‘Biggest
Crime in U.S. History’, Calls for ‘Total
Clean Out’ of Washington Political Class
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Republicans are expressing fury over allegations Hillary Clinton operatives paid a contractor to spy on former President Donald Trump during his 2016 campaign and into his presidency.They are calling it the “biggest crime in U.S. history” while demanding “a total clean out of the political class in Washington.”Taking to social media, Republican lawmakers offered critical reactions, with Trump calling the scandal “worse than Watergate,” after Special Counsel John Durham filed a motion in federal court in Washington D.C. on Friday alleging Hillary Clinton’s political allies paid a contractor to spy on the former president — both as a candidate, and as president.
Biden Had Firm at Center of Trump Hacking
Scandal on Campaign Payroll
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Posted by Imright 2/17/2022 7:51:53 AM Post Reply
The Biden campaign paid nearly $20,000 to a cybersecurity firm at the center of Special Counsel John Durham’s investigation into the origins of the Trump-Russia probe.The campaign paid Neustar Information Services in 2020 for accounting and compliance work, according to Federal Election Commission records. According to Durham, Neustar’s chief technology officer, Rodney Joffe, accessed sensitive web traffic data that the company maintained on behalf of the White House executive office in order to collect "derogatory" information about Donald Trump. Joffe allegedly provided the information to Hillary Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann
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A Texas A&M women's basketball assistant coach hit back after facing backlash for wearing pink leather pants and stilettos to a game. 'I'm unapologetically myself every day, I could care less if anybody thinks that I'm being extra,' Sydney Carter said in response to her critics. 'I'm not gonna turn up turn my light off because somebody else is offended or intimidated by the fact that I embrace myself.' The 31-year-old Aggies assistant coach believes race plays a major factor in the criticism. 'I just think that people are uncomfortable with a black woman being in a power position,' she told Yahoo. 'When you see a black woman
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I was shocked not long ago when I read a piece on the Newsweek website. The headline read “Nearly 40 Percent of U.S. Gen Zs, 30 Percent of Young Christians Identify as LGBTQ, Poll Shows.” (snip) That tells you a lot about the state of America today. (snip) It’s guaranteed that you won’t find this absurdity in nations where people struggle for food, water, shelter and freedom (snip) we have 40 million or more young people who have the luxury of navel gazing themselves out of the most basic of biological truths.
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Canada’s Justice Minister, David Lametti, has told Trump supporters who donated to the “Freedom Convoy” to “be worried” about having their bank accounts frozen. Speaking with CTV News, when Lametti was asked if regular citizens who donated to the “Freedom Convoy” protests in opposition to the vaccine mandates should be worried about having their assets frozen by the government, Lametti singled out pro-Trumpers. The reporter asked: You just compared people who may have donated to this to the same people who maybe are funding a terrorist. I just want to be clear here, sir. A lot of folks say, ‘Look, I just don’t like your vaccine mandates and I donated
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What exactly has happened to the formerly must-read Drudge Report? It may seem like yesterday to old Washington hands, but it was actually more than a quarter-century ago that a manager of a gift shop in a television network building in greater Hollywood, a 20-something with a thirst for movie star gossip, signaled the end of the establishment media’s chokehold on the American public. He started an amateurishly formatted website featuring links to important but under-the-radar online articles, to go along with his own mysteriously obtained scoops. It was, let us never forget, Matt Drudge who broke the Monica Lewinsky
‘The brand is so toxic’: Dems fear
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SMETHPORT, Pa. — Some Democrats here in rural Pennsylvania are afraid to tell you they’re Democrats. The party’s brand is so toxic in the small towns 100 miles northeast of Pittsburgh that some liberals have removed bumper stickers and yard signs and refuse to acknowledge their party affiliation publicly. These Democrats are used to being outnumbered by the local Republican majority, but as their numbers continue to dwindle, the few that remain are feeling increasingly isolated and unwelcome in their own communities. “The hatred for Democrats is just unbelievable,” said Tim Holohan, an accountant based in rural McKean County who
Lia Thomas enters Ivy League women’s
swimming championships as No. 1 seed in
3 events
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Posted by Ribicon 2/16/2022 12:04:15 PM Post Reply
Transgender athlete Lia Thomas heads into the Ivy League women’s swimming championship as the favorite in three events—and the second seed in a fourth race—as the meet begins Wednesday in Boston amid a national debate over fairness and inclusion in women’s sports. The University of Pennsylvania senior secured the No. 1 seed in the 200-, 500- and 1,650-yard freestyle, and the second seed in the 100-yard freestyle. She also is expected to participate in relay events at the end-of-season meet hosted by Harvard University at Blodgett Pool. Thomas dominated the freestyle events in her first year on the women’s team after swimming for three years
Ex-RNC head says party will regret censuring
Cheney and Kinzinger and describing 'incendiary'
Jan 6 language as 'legitimate political
discourse' because it will damage GOP
chances in midterms
35 replies
Posted by Imright 2/16/2022 12:16:15 AM Post Reply
Former Republican National Committee Chair Marc Racicot wrote an open letter to RNC Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel saying that the party may come to regret the censure of GOP Reps. Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger. Racicot, a former Republican governor of Montana, published the letter Sunday in the Billings Gazette, and advised McDaniel to withdraw and dismiss the censure resolution, which was passed by RNC members earlier htis month during the party's winter meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah. 'I must confess, it is difficult to even know where to begin,' wrote Racicot, who ran the party from 2002 to 2003, calling it a 'sad day, indeed.'
Awkward anecdote? Biden tells county officials
he once put dead dog on woman’s doorstep
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Posted by Garnet 2/16/2022 2:56:11 PM Post Reply
President Joe Biden on Tuesday said he put a "dead dog" on the doorstep of a woman with different political beliefs while he served on a county council. "And I represented a middle-class district to a working-class district, but there was one very wealthy neighborhood," he told the National Association of Counties conference in an introduction to the dog story. Biden served on the New Castle County Council in Deleware for two years in the early 1970s. "I got a call one night; the woman said to me — obviously not of the same persuasion as I was, politically — called me and said, 'There’s a dead dog on my lawn.'"
COVID Dead Could 'Poison' the Living Due
to Groundwater Pollution
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Posted by Hazymac 2/17/2022 3:09:11 PM Post Reply
Experts are warning that an increase in buried bodies as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic could be having an impact in the environment. In the U.S. alone, the number of people who have died with COVID-19 exceeded 900,000 this month and the number is increasing all the time. Around the world, the death toll is over 5.8 million according to the World Health Organization (WHO), though some estimates of excess mortality—a measure comparing all deaths recorded with those expected to occur—have put that figure close to 20 million. What this means is that burial facilities have faced unprecedented pressure as they attempt to allocate space and resources to store the bodies
Banned airline passenger spits at cop,
defecates in patrol car after fleeing
on motorized suitcase
29 replies
Posted by Ribicon 2/16/2022 9:59:19 AM Post Reply
A woman barred from boarding a flight to the Big Apple because she appeared drunk led police on a wild chase on her motorized suitcase–before allegedly spitting at a cop and defecating in a patrol car, according to a report. Chelsea Alston, 32, is seen on the bizarre pursuit in a newly-released body cam video at Orlando International Airport, where she planned to board a Southwest Airlines flight in April 2021, WKMG reported. But a gate agent told her she appeared too intoxicated and refused to allow her to take the flight, according to the outlet, which cited court records. “I don’t want no beef.
Biden taps non-binary drag queen to look
after nuclear waste: MIT graduate and
'kink activist' says it will be 'enormous
challenge' to take on top level Department
of Energy role
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Posted by Ribicon 2/16/2022 5:38:02 PM Post Reply
The Biden administration has hired the first non-binary person to a federal government leadership position, according to Sam Brinton, who will now serve as deputy assistant secretary of spent fuel and waste disposition in the office of nuclear energy for the Department of Energy. Brinton, who uses the pronouns they/them, said in a post on LinkedIn that they believe they will be the 'first gender fluid person in federal government leadership.'(Snip)Brinton has been unapologetic about LGBTQ+ rights, and has a history of promoting sexual fetishes and kinks related to animal role-playing. They gave a talk on 'kink exploration' at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 2017.
Los Angeles lags on building electrification.
Now is the time to ban new gas hookups
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Posted by NorthernDog 2/16/2022 9:41:48 AM Post Reply
Appliances are not as obvious polluters as power plants or diesel trucks, but the gas-fueled stoves, water heaters, furnaces and clothes dryers that predominate in California homes and businesses are a major source of health-damaging and planet-warming emissions. To avert disastrous climate change and protect people’s health, they must be replaced with electric models powered by renewable energy. Yet natural gas consumption in California homes and buildings has been rising in recent years. And because there has been a lack of leadership at the state level to electrify buildings, the effort to ban gas and change building codes has been
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