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Texas Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson latest
Democrat to announce retirement

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Posted By: Imright, 11/21/2021 12:43:40 AM

Texas Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson is set to retire from Congress in January, the latest in a line of Democrats calling it quits in Washington, DC.Johnson, 85, announced Saturday she will not seek re-election after serving nearly three decades in the Lonestar State’s 30th District, which includes a large part of Dallas.Johnson was raised in the segregated South and became the first black woman to represent Dallas in the Austin statehouse early in her political career.In Washington, she was the first woman of color to chair the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology.“There is a good reason I should stay: I am a personal friend to the president,

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Reply 1 - Posted by: DVC 11/21/2021 1:01:49 AM (No. 984056)
Good riddance. Got her offshore accounts all filled up, time to bail.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: DaBigGuy 11/21/2021 1:02:43 AM (No. 984058)
Good riddance. When she walks away, I hope it's with SJL under one arm and Al Green under the other.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: GoodDeal 11/21/2021 1:16:09 AM (No. 984067)
What was her biggest accomplishment???? …… crickets… apparently 30 years of sitting on her phatass and that’s it.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: NotaBene 11/21/2021 2:48:01 AM (No. 984091)
Africans are more susceptible populations to the rats-leaving-the-sinking-ship syndrome. Probably that is why they are offered the Regeneron Monoclonal instead of Whites. Congratulations, you succeeded in destroying America for now. It won’t last: 100 seats for 100 years.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: Trigger2 11/21/2021 3:03:55 AM (No. 984104)
The sewer rats are fleeing the sinking ship. How many voted for Joey's ruinous over-bloated and worthless spending bills?
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Reply 6 - Posted by: Strike3 11/21/2021 3:20:04 AM (No. 984120)
Where else but government can you collect a big paycheck for doing absolutely nothing? Teddy Kennedy, Dianne Fieinstein, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Robert Byrd, Arlen Specter, Maxine Waters, Bernie Sanders. Some of the above are dead but who can tell the difference?
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Reply 7 - Posted by: DCGIRL 11/21/2021 6:50:54 AM (No. 984211)
She's 85. This bimbo should have been in retirement 20 years ago. I guess she saw the writing on the wall.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: lakerman1 11/21/2021 7:05:13 AM (No. 984218)
Her district is majority-minority, so her retirement has nothing to do with the balance of power. Her career was unremarkable.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: watashiyo 11/21/2021 7:23:20 AM (No. 984234)
85 years old?!!! TERM LIMITS!!! She used the government for her personal senior care. And the voters who kept her in the office are morons.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: Oldenoughtoknowbetter 11/21/2021 7:37:50 AM (No. 984244)
#6 And the dead ones are still voting Democrat.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: broken01 11/21/2021 10:08:54 AM (No. 984422)
Great news as this leftist, racist dolt is pushing 90 so it is time for her to go. Now Texas if you can get rid of the other idiot Shelia Jackson Lee then you can get a twofer.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: anniebc 11/21/2021 12:27:24 PM (No. 984591)
There is absolutely no good reason for her to stay; she should have been going decades ago. I'm so sick of hearing about these career wannabe rulers. They all need to be prosecuted for the damage they've done to this country. Most people leave a position when they can no longer offer anything of value; not these greedy dogs.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: cedar 11/21/2021 7:04:56 PM (No. 984894)
Adios pendeja.
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Waukesha Christmas parade attack victims
include members of ‘Dancing Grannies’
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Posted by Imright 11/22/2021 7:36:48 PM Post Reply
Four of the five people killed in the Waukesha Christmas parade attack on Sunday were affiliated with a dancing group of older women called the Milwaukee Dancing Grannies. Virginia “Ginny” Sorenson, 79, LeAnna Owen, 71, and Tamara Durand, 52, were members of the Dancing Grannies, known for carrying pompoms and entertaining crowds with synchronized routines, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Victim Wilhelm Hospel, 81, was helping the group because his wife Lola is a member, his brother told The Post. A fifth victim, Jane Kulich, 52, was a Citizens Bank employee who was killed walking along with the company’s parade float, according to reports and a bank statement
NEW: Trump Reacts To Wisconsin Tragedy
With Firm Statement; Meanwhile, Biden
“Waits For More Info”
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On Monday, President Trump released a firm statement after an unhinged rapper plowed his SUV through a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Tragically, 5 people have been confirmed dead and many more are injured. killing at least five people and injuring scores more.“The whole world is watching the tragedy which just took place in Waukesha, Wisconsin, it is devastating, horrible, and very very sick!” Trump said in a press release. “My heart goes out to the people of this great, beautiful, and hardworking community.”“We must find the answers to this terrible crime, and stop these violent and depraved acts from happening again.
Milwaukee ‘Dancing Grannies’ Release
Statement After Terrorist Plows Through
Their Dance Troupe in SUV at Waukesha
Christmas Parade
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Posted by Imright 11/22/2021 5:48:16 PM Post Reply
Multiple people were injured after a person driving an SUV plowed through a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin on Sunday evening.There are also reports of gunshots being fired by police at the SUV.According to eyewitnesses, the terrorist mowed over several elderly women called “The Dancing Grannies.”A FOX 6 reporter said the person driving the SUV plowed through a dance team of girls between the ages of 9 and 15 years old. The driver also plowed through the Dancing Grannies who were marching in the parade.
Milwaukee County DA admits it was a mistake
to grant $1,000 bail to SUV-driving felon
days before he smashed into Xmas parade:
Darrell Brooks was freed after running
over mother of his child and is now charged
with homicide after killing five
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Posted by Imright 11/22/2021 5:42:00 PM Post Reply
The shamefaced Milwaukee District Attorney's Office admitted on Monday it was 'inappropriate' for convicted felon Darrell Brooks to be allowed out of jail on a $1,000 bond three weeks ago after trying to run over his ex-girlfriend, as he was charged with five counts of murder for the lives he took at the Waukesha Christmas Parade on Sunday night. Brooks, 39, was taken into custody in Waukesha, Wisconsin, on Sunday night after police found his red Ford SUV parked neatly in a driveway five blocks from where he drove through crowds of kids and elderly dancing groups. The amateur rapper has a long criminal history dating back to 1999
SCOTUS Could Rule on Texas Abortion Ban
As Early as Monday: Report
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The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) could rule as early as Monday on Texas’ ‘heartbeat’ law, S.B. 8, banning abortions after about six weeks gestation, the Associated Press reported.On Nov. 1, the high court heard oral arguments for two separate cases surrounding the law – Whole Woman’s Health v. Texas and United States v. Texas. The latter is the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) lawsuit against the state over the constitutionality of S.B. 8.As the AP notes, SCOTUS put both cases on a “rarely used fast track,” which heightens the expectation that decisions on the cases would “come sooner than the months the justices usually spend
Pictured: 'Rapper' SUV driver, 39, who
plowed through crowds at Waukesha Christmas
parade 'killing five and injuring 40'
TWO DAYS after being released on $1,000
bail for battery
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Posted by Imright 11/22/2021 10:54:45 AM Post Reply
The 'person of interest' in Sunday's SUV attack in Waukesha, Wisconsin is Darrell Brooks, a 39-year-old amateur rapper from Milwaukee who was bailed out of jail days before allegedly plowing through crowds at a Christmas parade, killing five people and injuring dozens more. Brooks was detained shortly after a red SUV ploughed into the annual Christmas parade in the town of Waukesha, leaving at least five people dead and 40 injured - including at least 12 children on Sunday night.
Pentagon officials ‘remain baffled by
Chinese hypersonic missile technology’
after Beijing tested weapon that could
deploy a nuke while travelling at five
times the speed of sound
36 replies
Posted by Imright 11/22/2021 5:23:24 AM Post Reply
A hypersonic weapon test carried out by China in July featured a missile fired at five times the speed of sound - a technological feat which no other country has demonstrated, according to US intelligence. The hypersonic glide vehicle - a spacecraft with the ability to carry a nuclear warhead - fired a missile mid-flight over the South China Sea, catching Pentagon scientists unawares.Experts at Darpa - the Pentagon's advanced research agency - are apparently still baffled at how China was able to defy the constraints of physics to fire a weapon from the vehicle travelling at hypersonic speed, the Financial Times reports.
Rittenhouse Protesters Chant For Communist Revolution 25 replies
Posted by Imright 11/22/2021 3:50:14 AM Post Reply
Protesters in opposition of the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict chanted for a “communist revolution” on the streets of Chicago Saturday.Political activist and Baptist pastor Rev. Jesse Jackson and the Rainbow PUSH coalition led the march throughout the city with calls for the Department of Justice to investigate the verdict, according to CBS Chicago.Footage captured a crowd of people marching the streets with a sign that called Rittenhouse a “white supremacist” and demanded to end the “fascist USA.” The crowd chanted in support of a communist revolution.
Boom: Alan Dershowitz Offers To Help Kyle
Rittenhouse Sue The Living Daylights Out
29 replies
Posted by Imright 11/22/2021 2:41:12 AM Post Reply
On Friday evening, Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz offered his own personal research of CNN’s slanderous coverage of Kyle Rittenhouse so the 18-year old can pursue legal action against them.“All three of us agree that based on the law and evidence in this case, it was the right outcome. What do you think?,” Hannity asked Dershowitz.“Critics and people who support the conviction just heard a different case,” Dershowitz began.“They heard a case of white supremacists crossing state lines with an AR-15 who had no business being in the place that he went to.
Matthew McConaughey is frontrunner for
Texas governor: Hollywood star would is
ahead of Greg Abbott by EIGHT points AND
beats Beto O'Rourke two-to-one new poll finds
22 replies
Posted by Imright 11/22/2021 2:30:35 AM Post Reply
A new poll suggests that actor Matthew McConaughey could defeat either incumbent Republican Greg Abbott or Democrat hopeful Beto O'Rourke in a race for the Texas governor's office.The poll from the University of Texas and Dallas Morning News found that McConaughey is preferred in both one-on-one matchups, but that Abbott would win in a three-way race. McConaughey, who lives in Austin, has teased a run for governor for months but has not said whether he would make one as a Republican or a Democrat. The 52-year-old Oscar-winning actor keeps his political views close to the vest, but his prior remarks suggest that he is moderate to conservative-leaning.
Lack of accountability for Steele dossier
coverage shows media collusion
11 replies
Posted by Imright 11/22/2021 12:03:27 AM Post Reply
Axios says there’s a media “reckoning” over coverage of the Steele dossier after the partisan oppo document’s primary source was charged with lying to the FBI. “It’s one of the most egregious journalistic errors in modern history,” writes Sara Fischer, “and the media’s response to its own mistakes has so far been tepid.” “Tepid” is a nice way of putting it. While The Washington Post “corrected” some of its discredited dossier reporting, removing portions connecting former President Donald Trump to Russia,
New Trump book does $1M in sales in first
24 hours
4 replies
Posted by Imright 11/21/2021 11:12:29 PM Post Reply
Even for former President Donald Trump, the fast pace of sales of his first post-White House book has been impressive.His new publisher, Winning Team, said that the sales of Our Journey Together crossed $1 million in the first 24 hours after Secrets revealed the new Trump project. They also said over 9,000 hardcover copies have been preordered.Winning Team Publishing President Sergio Gor told us Sunday, “We have seen such an incredible response to President Donald Trump’s newest book. Selling a million dollars' worth of books in 24 hours is just extraordinary.”Gor, who formed the new publishing company with Donald Trump Jr., added that the sales were
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Mike Pence reportedly set to speak in
New Hampshire, fueling potential presidential run
82 replies
Posted by Imright 11/21/2021 12:13:15 PM Post Reply
Former Vice President Mike Pence will reportedly travel in December to New Hampshire, the state that typically holds the first primary election in the country during the presidential race. Pence will headline a fundraiser for New Hampshire Senate Republicans on Dec. 8 in Manchester, Fox News reported on Sunday. He’s also expected to appear at another event in the state — his second trip to the Granite State this year.The former vice president spoke at a Hillsborough County Republican Lincoln-Reagan Day dinner in June, in a speech that was interrupted by numerous standing ovations.
2 Fox News employees resigned over Tucker
Carlson's January 6 documentary, citing
concerns it may incite violence
61 replies
Posted by WhamDBambam 11/22/2021 7:41:31 AM Post Reply
Fox News contributors Jonah Goldberg and Stephen Hayes have resigned following the release of Tucker Carlson's documentary on the January 6 Capitol insurrection, "Patriot Purge," citing concerns about the documentary's potential to incite violence and the cable news outlet's direction of coverage in the post-Trump era, The New York Times reported.
Psaki says Harris being acting president
for 85 minutes during Biden’s colonoscopy
is historic
52 replies
Posted by Imright 11/21/2021 6:41:27 AM Post Reply
Kamala Harris became the first woman ‘acting president’ on Friday when President Joe Biden underwent a brief, routine medical procedure in what press secretary Jen Psaki called, a moment “that will be noted for many women, young girls across the country.” Harris, who is the first female Vice President, served as acting president for a whole hour and 25 minutes while Biden was under anesthesia for a colonoscopy and medical exam at Walter Reed Medical Center.Harris technically became the first female in the country’s history to hold the commander-in-chief’s office– however brief it may have been. (Tweet)
CNN kneejerk piece on Rittenhouse verdict:
‘There’s nothing more frightening
in America than an angry white man’
49 replies
Posted by Imright 11/21/2021 11:32:09 AM Post Reply
One of CNN’s responses to Kyle Rittenhouse’s acquittal on murder and reckless endangerment charges Friday was to publish a lengthy column by a black senior writer and producer declaring that the “angry white man” is “more frightening in America” today than anything else.“…[A]s I’ve watched three separate trials about White male violence unfold across the US these past few weeks — the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, the Ahmaud Arbery death trial and the civil case against organizers of the 2017 Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville — I’ve come to a sobering conclusion: There is nothing more frightening in America today than an angry White man,” wrote John Blake
Multiple people are killed and 28 injured
- including 12 children - after red Ford
SUV plows into Wisconsin Christmas parade
sending 'bodies flying everywhere': Person
of interest in custody
48 replies
Posted by Dreadnought 11/21/2021 11:42:06 PM Post Reply
A car traveling at high speed plowed into a holiday parade in suburban Milwaukee, Wisconsin, killing several people and leaving at least 27 others injured, including 12 children. Terrifying video posted to social media shows a speeding red SUV collide with a group of people marching in the middle of the street during the annual Christmas parade in Waukesha, some 20 miles west of downtown Milwaukee. A person of interest is now in custody, according to police. Despite earlier reports of gunshots, police said they do not believe the driver was armed. The head of the fire department said that 11 adults and 12 children
Gang of EIGHTY crowbar-wielding looters
in ski masks ransack California Nordstrom
and fill 25 cars with designer goods in
raid lasting less than one minute
48 replies
Posted by Ribicon 11/21/2021 11:03:04 AM Post Reply
Eighty looters ransacked a Nordstrom store in California's Bay Area on Saturday night, injuring at least three employees in a raid that lasted less than a minute. The large group,wearing ski masks and carrying crowbars, rushed the Walnut Creek store, stole an undetermined amount of merchandise and fled in their vehicles. During the theft, two Nordstrom workers were punched and kicked, while another was sprayed with pepper spray.(Snip)The brazen robbery comes as Bay Area businesses reduce their hours due to a spate of brazen shoplifting incidents. Locals are also slamming woke San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin over his failure to prosecute thefts.
If the Vaccines Work, Why Aren't They Working? 44 replies
Posted by Magnante 11/22/2021 3:24:28 AM Post Reply
In the movie Moneyball, Oakland Athletics general manager Billy Beane queries his team of scouts when discussing a prospective player, “If he's a good hitter, why doesn't he hit good?” The scouts all have solid explanations, at least in their minds (snip) What if we ask the same question about COVID vaccines, rephrased as “If the vaccines work, why aren’t they working?” (snip) The CDC on its website claims, “Research provides evidence that COVID-19 vaccines are effective at preventing COVID-19.” Yet cases in highly vaccinated locations are surging, now almost two years into the COVID pandemic. As Billy Beane might say, “If the vaccines work, why aren’t they working?”
Black People Need a Safe State in America—Let’s
Make It Georgia
43 replies
Posted by NorthernDog 11/22/2021 11:08:59 AM Post Reply
The trial of the three men accused of slaying Ahmaud Arbery has Black Americans walking on pins and needles once again. Whatever the jury decides, I’m afraid, will fail to address a damming question that the tragic incident symbolizes: How can Black people ever be secure in America? Executed by three strangers while jogging in a white neighborhood, Arbery’s killing reflects the mindset of domination in the culture of white supremacy: the belief that any random white person has the right to accost and detain a Black person with impunity. Authorities are ready to accept their claims of righteous endangerment–even
Rittenhouse: ‘I’m Not a Racist Person
— I Support the BLM Movement’
40 replies
Posted by Dreadnought 11/21/2021 7:26:27 PM Post Reply
Kyle Rittenhouse, who was recently acquitted by a Kenosha, WI jury on multiple charges, including murder, told Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson that he actually supported peaceful demonstrations and the Black Lives Matter movement. He also insists he is not racist during a preview of an interview set to air on Monday on FNC’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” “This case has nothing to do with race,” Rittenhouse said. “It never had anything to do with race. It had to do with the right to self-defense.” “I’m not a racist person,” he continued. “I support the BLM movement. I support peacefully demonstrating. I believe there needs to be change
Pentagon officials ‘remain baffled by
Chinese hypersonic missile technology’
after Beijing tested weapon that could
deploy a nuke while travelling at five
times the speed of sound
36 replies
Posted by Imright 11/22/2021 5:23:24 AM Post Reply
A hypersonic weapon test carried out by China in July featured a missile fired at five times the speed of sound - a technological feat which no other country has demonstrated, according to US intelligence. The hypersonic glide vehicle - a spacecraft with the ability to carry a nuclear warhead - fired a missile mid-flight over the South China Sea, catching Pentagon scientists unawares.Experts at Darpa - the Pentagon's advanced research agency - are apparently still baffled at how China was able to defy the constraints of physics to fire a weapon from the vehicle travelling at hypersonic speed, the Financial Times reports.
Joe Biden Stabs Kamala Harris in the Back,
as Democrats Scramble for a Way Out
35 replies
Posted by Dreadnought 11/21/2021 1:32:43 AM Post Reply
The relationship between Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and their respective staffs has been on rocky ground for months. As RedState previously reported, the vice president and her camp have complained about being abandoned, even blaming racism as a possible factor, while the White House has fretted at Harris’ sheer incompetence and inability to garner support on her own. Those tensions have led to lots of speculation about what exactly happens in 2024. Harris is clearly a terrible candidate, something she showed during the 2020 presidential primary, but she’s also the heir apparent until Democrats forcibly remove her from that position.
The new normal? Bay Area is hit by THIRD
consecutive day of looting as 50-strong
hammer gang storms mall jewelry store
- with Macy's and Lululemon stores also
targeted: Thieves take advantage of woke
'misdemeanor' law
34 replies
Posted by Ribicon 11/22/2021 12:51:19 PM Post Reply
San Francisco Bay was hit by a third day of shocking looting, with a gang of thieves smashing glass cases at a jewelry store and emptying them as staff screamed in terror. The latest incident happened at a Sam's Jewelers store at the Southland Mall in Hayward around 5:30pm PST Sunday evening, and was caught on camera. Robbers—said to have been part of a gang of around 40 to 50 teens who entered the mall—wielded hammers to smash display cases at Sam's, before making off with goods. Dramatic footage shot from a nearby store showed shop workers screaming with fear as the disturbing scene unfolded.
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