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The “racial reckoning’s” reckoning

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Posted By: Dreadnought, 11/7/2021 1:05:33 AM

The Washington Post has a lengthy article about how Tuesday’s election has dashed the hopes of black activists. The article begins this way: The summer of 2020 brought a renewed focus on addressing racism, with protesters filling the streets after the police killings of Black men; statues of Confederate leaders coming down from their prominent perches; and the leading Democratic presidential candidate promising systemic changes to right the wrongs of the past on his way to winning the White House. But Tuesday’s election results underscored how much the political winds have shifted since the start of what many activists had hoped was a new national awakening

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Reply 1 - Posted by: Strike3 11/7/2021 2:13:11 AM (No. 969803)
Could've told ya that when the burning and looting began.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: Trigger2 11/7/2021 4:29:55 AM (No. 969831)
According to demonrats, everyone is a racist now. So nobody is a racist. Demonrats can stick that moniker up their arse.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: Strike3 11/7/2021 4:50:24 AM (No. 969847)
How many more centuries will it take before blacks start doing something for themselves instead of trying to force whites to do it for them?
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Reply 4 - Posted by: Come And Take It 11/7/2021 4:55:34 AM (No. 969852)
Someday, blacks will tire of the Democrap plantation. Until they do, stop agitating for handouts and 'racial justice', and pull themselves up, they will never improve their lot in life. Whites, not even smarmy BLM loving white guilt types, cannot do it for them. Blacks will either control their own destiny, or be subservient to someone else's interests.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: Krause 11/7/2021 5:57:37 AM (No. 969890)
wapo buy into the dems racist campaign ploy. To help black people they should deal with the underlying issues of no fathers in the homes, and poor schools. These root causes would be right up camela's alley!.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: JackBurton 11/7/2021 7:13:38 AM (No. 969924)
Remember how homelessness disappeared when a Democrat was elected president and re-appeared when a Republican came in? Same with Blacks, that is violent blacks resisting arrest and acting threatening--Blecchs Lives Matter. They don't get coverage; it would make Biden look bad. I don't think crime has stopped. I DO think that without the coverage, the riots have less purpose. This is also a 'shift in the political winds' but is ignored, rightly, in this article. And, BTW, George Floyd wasn't murdered. The Cops did not pump him with meth and fentanyl, make him overweight, give him counterfeit currency to pass and tell him to resist. I get that Chauvin was sacrificed to spare more bloodshed... doesn't make it right.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: BeatleJeff 11/7/2021 7:24:19 AM (No. 969931)
Yeah, WaPo, I'm racist. In fact, I'm so racist that I voted for and helped elect a Black woman for Lt Governor.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: Cynical Backstory 11/7/2021 8:52:08 AM (No. 970033)
As much as I hate to say it, Democrats “tough on crime” policies worked. And they also emptied out black neighborhoods of their men and filled the prisons with them. What can I say, cause and effect anyone? Twenty years later the democrats are running away from those policies like their asses are on fire. But they worked. I truly believe if the marxists hadn’t taken over the dem party our society would be more stable and civil. But then the rabble rousers would be out of jobs.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: udanja99 11/7/2021 9:26:54 AM (No. 970080)
We should all quit fearing being called a racist. The only reply to that accusation is to ask the accuser, “Is that all you’ve got?”
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Reply 10 - Posted by: DVC 11/7/2021 11:05:15 AM (No. 970204)
The Dems are too far gone to the left to easily move back to any sort of even remote approximation of sanity. They are WAY off in the insane racism, extreme leftist woods and I doubt that they can, with any of their current "leaders" come back to any sort of a law and order, normal sane policy plan. I hope that they will suffer severe electoral defeats for several cycles, to purge this literal, objective insanity from our politics.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: bigfatslob 11/7/2021 11:52:59 AM (No. 970281)
Here my critical race theory before Obama the community organizer came along to fundamentally change everything I never gave race much thought, live and let live. Sixty plus years then Obama was elected not by blacks but by whites to put him into the White House, I thought Oh well it's the way it is. The cracks started soon after in the ugly race baiting that followed. If I wasn't racist all my life I am now for sure. It's what is called triggered by the opposition. I can't believe a nation would let itself become so racially divided but here it is. Teaching children CRT is dangerous which would never let a nation heal if it wasn't healed before at all. It's sure broken now if I oppose the thinking of leftist then I'm racist. FCRT
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Reply 12 - Posted by: ChattyCatsSusan 11/7/2021 12:12:25 PM (No. 970303)
Amazing how much stuff going on right now was predicted by the late, great Rush Limbaugh. He told his listeners that black activists would not be happy that Obama won the WH. He was right. A black former Marine won the Lt. Gov election in VA, defeating a nasty racist opponent. So between her and Youngkin, I am hoping they both make black activists want to eat their own liver in fury.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: Schnapps 11/7/2021 12:38:40 PM (No. 970326)
FTA The woke can of worms has been opened. Sweet-sounding rhetoric won’t put the worms back. Democrats will have to speak specifically about each one of them. The worms even have names: Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Ayanna Pressley, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, Cori Bush, Jamaal Bowman.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: doctorfixit 11/7/2021 4:05:28 PM (No. 970447)
As Republicans sit sucking their thumbs in terror, the radical race baiters push the envelope to where Kendi is preaching genocide in US government schools. I'm not worried. Their culture is collapsing in promiscuity, deviancy and drugs. family structure non-existent, burning down their own cities. Our illegitimate government will learn to stay out of it when they get booted out for meddling in sociai issues.
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We reported earlier about the bombshell testimony at the Rittenhouse trial from Gaige Grosskreutz — the third man shot by Kyle Rittenhouse. He admitted Rittenhouse didn’t fire until he advanced on him and pointed his gun at him. In other words, a perfect example of self-defense in that interaction. Here’s the take showing the position at the time Rittenhouse fired with the Grosskreutz’s gun pointed right at him. It was a perfect television moment, the kind you usually only see on law and order shows, not so much at real trials. Many may have wondered about the comment about a “directed verdict” mentioned in that first video. The defense can move
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Media Reveals Just How Misleading They
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We’ve written before about how the prosecution seems to have been imploding its own case in the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse. There was the opening statement where the prosecutor, Thomas Binger, claimed that Rittenhouse was chasing Joseph Rosenbaum rather than the truth that it was the other way around. Then he questioned his own witnesses without seeming to know what they would answer — with Richie McGinniss saying Rosenbaum lunged at Rittenhouse, said “F**k you!” and grabbed Rittenhouse’s gun and Ryan Balch saying Rosenbaum threatened to kill him and Rittenhouse. Today was perhaps the capper of them all that completely blew up the case. The defense was questioning Gaige Grosskreutz
Boom: The Star Witness for Prosecution
in Rittenhouse Trial Just Blew Up the
State's Case
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The man wounded by Kyle Rittenhouse on August 25, 2020, during the Kenosha, Wisc., riots blew up the state’s case against the accused murderer under cross-examination on Monday afternoon. Though Gaige Grosskreutz spent a couple of hours on the witness stand, the man Rittenhouse wounded that night blew up the state’s case in one short span of cross-examination on Monday. Two other men were killed by Rittenhouse that night. Grosskreutz was a medic and was a peripatetic protester. He lived in Milwaukee and traveled to Kenosha to continue his 75-day protest streak following the death of George Floyd and the wounding of Jacob Blake in Kenosha. He live-streamed
The New York Times does rural America 8 replies
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My friend who reads the New York Times alerted me to this article about rural America’s continued movement away from the Democratic party. I’m glad he did. The article is well worth reading. The most noteworthy thing about the Times’ piece is the numbers it presents from Virginia: In 2008, there were only four small Virginia counties where Republicans won 70% or more of the vote in that year’s presidential race. Nowhere was the party above 75%. This year, Youngkin was above 70% in 45 counties — and he surpassed 80% in 15 of them. Virginia has 95 counties. The Times doesn’t say how many of them are rural,
Exclusive– Kash Patel: John Durham Is
Building a Bigger Conspiracy Case
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Kash Patel, former senior Trump administration official and lead investigator exposing Russiagate, said U.S. Attorney John Durham’s recent indictment of Russian Igor Danchenko suggests he is building a larger conspiracy case. “I think he’s building a bigger conspiracy case, and it’s just going to take time and that’s where he’s going,” Patel said on Sirius XM’s Breitbart News Saturday with host Breitbart News Washington Bureau Chief Matt Boyle. “John Durham’s working hard. He’s only been at for two-plus years. When I was a federal prosecutor, I spent 3, 4, 5 years building some prosecutions, so it takes time, but I think we are heading in the right direction,” he added.
The FBI and the Stolen Diary 22 replies
Posted by Dreadnought 11/8/2021 12:13:43 AM Post Reply
The strangest news story of the last few days relates to multiple FBI raids on the homes of people associated with Project Veritas, including that of founder James O’Keefe. Those who were searched say that the agents were looking for information related to the alleged theft of a diary belonging to Joe Biden’s daughter Ashley, which the New York Times and other news sources have confirmed. The diary dates to 2019, when Ashley was in a drug rehab facility. It left her possession under circumstances that are not clear. Someone offered it to Project Veritas, saying that Ashley had left it in a room at,
New Poll Savages Biden/Harris, but Money
Shot Is What It Indicates for Congress, 2022
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Posted by Dreadnought 11/8/2021 12:10:15 AM Post Reply
Republicans probably wish the midterms were tomorrow, with the results of the elections this week, and now with the results of a latest poll on Joe Biden. It’s not looking good for old Joe and the Democrats. According to a USA Today/Suffolk University poll, taken Wednesday through Friday, many of the 1,000 registered voters contacted by pollsters delivered a very bad message to them — following up on the rebuke they got on Tuesday in the elections. Biden has the worst approval rating of anyone at this point in his term, 38 to 59 percent, except for President Donald Trump who was constantly being assailed by the leftist media,
So now most truck drivers will be exempt
from the vaccine mandates
29 replies
Posted by Dreadnought 11/7/2021 9:02:38 PM Post Reply
That announcement from President Joe Biden about federal vaccine mandates that would affect nearly all workers in the private sector is about as solid as a slice of swiss cheese. Every time we think we’re getting our heads wrapped around it, more changes or exceptions seem to appear. The latest is being hailed by representatives of the trucking industry as “a huge victory” because the Department of Labor has now decided that most truckers will not fall under the mandate. And if they do, they will have the option of submitting weekly negative COVID tests instead of getting the shot if they wish. So what makes truck drivers so special?
Joe Biden Appears to Sneer at Americans’
Intelligence: Questions Collective Ability
to ‘Understand’ Supply Chain Issues
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Posted by Dreadnought 11/7/2021 8:58:25 PM Post Reply
The collective ability of Americans to fully appreciate global supply chain issues was called into question Saturday by President Joe Biden, who asked if “they’d understand” the topic and cut through to the main issues in the same way he does. The presidential observation came at a news conference as he answered a question from a reporter on criticism he drew from Rep. Abigail Spanberger ( D-Va). Spanberger said: “Nobody elected him to be FDR, they elected him to be normal and stop the chaos,” as Breitbart News reported. “I don’t intend to be anybody but Joe Biden, that’s who I am,” Biden affirmed.
Poll: Biden Approval Plummets to Under
38 Percent as Republicans Take Commanding
8-Point Lead in Generic Midterm Ballot
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Democrat President Joe Biden’s approval rating keeps sinking, now down to 37.8 percent in the latest USA Today/Suffolk University poll. The sharp turn against the sitting president comes as Republicans take a commanding lead in the generic congressional ballot, and the public sours on Biden’s agenda. A strong majority of 59 percent disapproves of Biden, with just 37.8 percent approving of his job performance and 3.2 percent undecided. Biden’s support crash, according to USA Today’s article accompanying the release of the polling, comes in large part because he “cratered among the independent voters who delivered his margin of victory over President Donald Trump one year ago.”
'Fifth Wave' of COVID-19 Is Almost Here.
Should We Care?
29 replies
Posted by Dreadnought 11/7/2021 1:26:27 AM Post Reply
According to Axios, Germany is reporting the highest daily number of COVID-19 infections since the pandemic began. New cases across Europe have risen 55% in the past four weeks, according to WHO director Hans Kluge, who says “We are at another critical point of pandemic resurgence.” The WHO says there have been 24,000 deaths and 1.8 million new infections in Europe in just the past week. But most of the serious cases and deaths have occurred in Baltic countries where vaccination rates are low. However, Germany has one of the highest vaccination rates in Europe and is still seeing record numbers of infections. The German government claims
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California Governor Gavin Newsom's wife
deletes tweet telling people to 'stop
hating and get a life' after her husband
disappeared from public view for 12 DAYS
after citing 'family obligations' for
pulling out of COP26
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Posted by Ribicon 11/8/2021 10:54:53 PM Post Reply
The wife of California Governor Gavin Newsom took to social media to defend her husband and call out 'haters without a life' who criticized Newsom's 12-day disappearance from public view in a since-deleted tweet. 'It's funny how certain folks can't handle truth,' California First Lady Jennifer Siebel Newsom wrote. 'When someone cancels something, maybe they're just in the office working; maybe in their free time they're at home with their family, at their kids' sports matches, or dining out with their wife.(Snip)Newsom was last seen in public on October 27, receiving a COVID-19 booster shot in Oakland. He said it was painless and then flexed
Canadian becomes world’s first patient
to be diagnosed as suffering from ‘climate change’
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A Canadian is thought to be the first person in the world diagnosed with a condition caused by climate change. Dr Kyle Merritt examined the senior citizen who suffered from asthma and faced breathing difficulties when they arrived at the emergency department in Nelson, British Colombia. Health workers said poor air quality and heatwaves were responsible for the patient’s symptoms, prompting Dr Merritt to make his first climate change clinical diagnosis. “It’s me trying to process what I’m seeing,” he told Glacier Media. “If we’re not looking at the underlying cause, and we’re just treating the symptoms, we’re just gonna
Obama leaves audience scratching heads
over gaffes at Scotland summit
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Posted by Ribicon 11/9/2021 10:47:14 AM Post Reply
Former President Barack Obama called on world leaders to save the planet, but he couldn’t quite identify which country he was in. Mr. Obama’s speech Monday at the COP26 climate-change summit is being mocked for his reference to host Scotland as part of the “Emerald Isles,” which is a nickname for Ireland. “Since we’re in the Emerald Isles here let me quote the Bard, William Shakespeare,” Mr. Obama said. “‘What wound,’ he writes, ‘did ever heal but by degrees?’” Observers pointed out Mr. Obama actually committed two gaffes in the same breath. Shakespeare is considered the bard of England—yet another country. Scotland’s bard is poet Robert Burns.
Washington scientist admits faking steel-test
results for Navy submarines
42 replies
Posted by Ribicon 11/8/2021 11:40:37 PM Post Reply
Tacoma, Wash.—A metallurgist in Washington state pleaded guilty to fraud Monday after she spent decades faking the results of strength tests on steel that was being used to make U.S. Navy submarines. Elaine Marie Thomas, 67, of Auburn, Washington, was the director of metallurgy at a foundry in Tacoma that supplied steel castings used by Navy contractors Electric Boat and Newport News Shipbuilding to make submarine hulls. From 1985 through 2017, Thomas falsified the results of strength and toughness tests for at least 240 productions of steel—about half the steel the foundry produced for the Navy, according to her plea agreement, filed Monday in U.S. District Court in Tacoma.
Frank Luntz Claims Embarrassing 'Major
Story' About Donald Trump and Republicans
39 replies
Posted by Imright 11/8/2021 11:02:53 AM Post Reply
Is some massive, embarrassing bombshell about to drop on the heads of Donald Trump and Republicans? That’s the claim by Frank Luntz, the grifting political consultant who was once a staple on Fox News.(related Lumpy GOP Consultatant Trashes Nurse Who Refused COVID-19 Vaccine and Gets It Totally Wrong) Per Luntz, a “major story” that will prove “embarrassing” is about to drop and it has something to do with January 20th. That claim is apparently originating with Jon Karl, yet another leftwing media hack who has decided to his allegations are so important that they can be held for a year until his book drops. Can’t you just feel the urgency?
Scientists Fight a New Source of Vaccine
Misinformation: Aaron Rodgers
37 replies
Posted by IowaDad 11/9/2021 6:52:48 AM Post Reply
This spring, he was auditioning to be the host of “Jeopardy!” Nearly every day, he pops up on television ads for national brands like State Farm insurance. And on Sundays this fall, he has led the Green Bay Packers to a division-best 7-2 record. [SNIP] So when news broke that he tested positive for the coronavirus last week and was unvaccinated, Rodgers justified his decision to not get vaccinated by speaking out against the highly effective vaccines and spewing a stream of misinformation and junk science
Granholm’s ‘Shock’ Aside, US Energy
Dominance Is Exactly Where Biden Wants
It — Weakened
36 replies
Posted by Black Conservative Voice 11/9/2021 3:58:34 AM Post Reply
When U.S. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm was asked a direct question about skyrocketing gas prices, her response was as telling as it was disappointing. Instead of offering middle-class Americans an explanation or an apology or a sliver of hope, she let out a hearty laugh. “Oh my…that is hilarious! As you know, oil is a global market. It is controlled by a cartel, that cartel is called OPEC, and they made a decision yesterday that they were not going to increase [production] beyond what they were already planning.”
Boom: The Star Witness for Prosecution
in Rittenhouse Trial Just Blew Up the
State's Case
36 replies
Posted by Dreadnought 11/8/2021 10:15:27 PM Post Reply
The man wounded by Kyle Rittenhouse on August 25, 2020, during the Kenosha, Wisc., riots blew up the state’s case against the accused murderer under cross-examination on Monday afternoon. Though Gaige Grosskreutz spent a couple of hours on the witness stand, the man Rittenhouse wounded that night blew up the state’s case in one short span of cross-examination on Monday. Two other men were killed by Rittenhouse that night. Grosskreutz was a medic and was a peripatetic protester. He lived in Milwaukee and traveled to Kenosha to continue his 75-day protest streak following the death of George Floyd and the wounding of Jacob Blake in Kenosha. He live-streamed
Biden Admin Amassing Millions of Records
on US Gun Owners Amid New Crackdown on Firearms
32 replies
Posted by Skinnydip 11/8/2021 1:13:42 PM Post Reply
The Biden administration in just the past year alone stockpiled the records of more than 54 million U.S. gun owners and is poised to drastically alter gun regulations to ensure that information on Americans who own firearms ultimately ends up in the federal government's hands, according to internal Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) documents obtained by the Washington Free Beacon. [snip] The procurement of these records by the ATF comes as the Biden administration moves to alter current laws to ensure that gun records are stored in perpetuity. Currently, gun shops can destroy their records after 20 years, thereby preventing the ATF from accessing the information in the future.
Should the US pay $2 trillion for climate
loss and damage?
32 replies
Posted by NorthernDog 11/8/2021 8:35:20 AM Post Reply
Poor countries, rocked by storms and flooding from climate change, have spent years trying to hold the big carbon-emitters accountable. While most rich nations have fiercely resisted this liability, attendees at COP26 will give it another try in Glasgow next week. The US is the $2 trillion elephant in the room. That figure is a rough estimate (most likely at the very low end) of how much the world’s largest economy could owe other nations if it accepted liability for the “loss and damage” caused by its historical emissions of carbon dioxide, according to Richard Tol, an economics professor at
Watch: Obama Begins Climate Change Speech
By Talking About Himself For A Full 90 Seconds
29 replies
Posted by Imright 11/8/2021 2:57:27 PM Post Reply
When Obama was President, he couldn’t go more than a few minutes without gushing about himself. Turns out, some things never change.During a fear-mongering speech about how the world will end shortly because of climate change, Obama couldn’t help but talk about himself and his current lifestyle since leaving the Oval Office.“Traffic is a thing again. Music doesn’t play when I walk into the room. On the positive side, I can give a speech like this without wearing a tie and not create a scandal back home,” said the failed 44th President.“I hope. But even though I’m not required to attend summits like this anymore
Capehart: Winsome Sears Not Proof GOP
Victories Weren’t Motivated by Racism
— ‘Whiteness Is a Hell of a Drug’
29 replies
Posted by mc squared 11/8/2021 9:21:44 AM Post Reply
This week on MSNBC’s “The Sunday Show,” host Jonathan Capehart responded to a Wall Street Journal editorial directed at him for claiming Glenn Youngkin winning Virginia’s gubernatorial race would be a win for white supremacy. The editorial, noting that Virginia elected Winsome Sears, a black woman, as lieutenant governor, mocked Capehart’s analysis ahead of the election as a “‘racist’ fail.” Capehart argued Sears’ election doesn’t make his assertion wrong .“Whiteness is a hell of a drug. Fear worked, and Youngkin won in a state President Biden won just last year by 10 points,” Capehart stated. “Nice try, but invoking the name of Winsome Sears
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