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Shock: Milley *Confirms* Reporting on
How He Undermined Trump, Committed Treason

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Posted By: Imright, 9/16/2021 12:26:55 AM

On Wednesday, General Mark Milley confirmed reporting of his two conversations with the Chinese military where he committed treason by promising to notify them if then-President Donald Trump were ever to launch a military strike.Milley broke the chain of command in these calls as he took matters into his own hands, breaking the law and committing treason.In a shocking statement on Wednesday, Milley confirmed the reports of his conversations but claimed everything he did was legal and “within his authority in the lawful tradition of civilian control of the military and his oath to the Constitution.”

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Reply 1 - Posted by: DVC 9/16/2021 1:01:57 AM (No. 915970)
And who will arrest the traitor and try him for his admitted treason?
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Reply 2 - Posted by: XCenturion 9/16/2021 1:20:47 AM (No. 915986)
I this kind of abhorrent conduct occurred during WWII General Milley Mouth would have been court-martialed then shot for treason.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: pensom2 9/16/2021 1:47:55 AM (No. 916002)
I say we enter into negotiations with the Taliban to deliver all their American hostages in trade for General Milley in handcuffs. If those fools tried hanging him from a Blackhawk, he'd probably bring it down.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: Rinktum 9/16/2021 4:26:07 AM (No. 916020)
This is the behavior of someone who has been involved in a successful coup d’etat that is never spoken of. While it is not a foreign entity driving the coup, its results are the same. Democrats have done what we thought impossible. They have taken over the country under the guise of an election that they stole and then set about destroying the country as we know it and as it was founded. We are being governed by an enemy who has worked inside our borders for decades to do what they have done. Is anyone being prosecuted for any of their crimes? These are not just policies differences we are experiencing. It is as if a foreign enemy now holds the reins of power. I will grant you they are not using physical force yet, but you can see that is coming down the road. With a possible win in California by Larry Elder, I thought we might have a ray of hope, but that dissolved with the results that happened. Democrats intend to do this again in 2022 and there is not a thing we can do about it. How can we be bested by such an openly corrupt party who never suffers any consequences for their illegal actions? Milley’s treason is a perfect example. Republicans may huff and puff but we all know they are nothing but paper tigers and that is on a good day. The fact that democrats are still defending Milley tells me they have abandoned everything that has defined us for two centuries and a half. They have turned the page and do not intend to circle back to the Constitution and rule of law.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: The Remnants 9/16/2021 5:25:00 AM (No. 916035)
#4 - Well said.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: Jesuslover54 9/16/2021 5:32:00 AM (No. 916042)
That jerk s confident in his impunity, but, tempi cambi.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: EJKrausJr 9/16/2021 5:32:16 AM (No. 916043)
Milley is not MacArthur. Milley thinks he is Julius Caesar incarnate. Milley is that arrogant and stupid. Biden wont fire him. Biden is complicit in Milley's insubordination. Austin won court martial Milley. The military is now not subordinate to civilian control. America is a Banana Republic. It only took eight months.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: Krause 9/16/2021 6:20:41 AM (No. 916064)
These are things that happen when you have a dishonest two-bit politician as president.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: planetgeo 9/16/2021 6:21:39 AM (No. 916065)
Milley should have been removed and placed under arrest yesterday. The fact Biden expressed "confidence" in him is telling. Apparently Miley is exactly the kind of woke, China-leaning, patriot-purging general that Biden and Pelosi want leading America's military. Should be even more interesting when China makes a move on Taiwan. I wonder if their General Li will call his good friend Milley to let him know in advance that they're about to attack Taiwan so stay the heck away...or maybe even help provide air cover? Also noticed that all the major enemedia didn't think that a treasonous US general was any big deal yesterday and instead gave nonstop coverage of Simone Biles' testimony. Still covering for Biden and the Treason Cabal.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: Standlow 9/16/2021 6:41:40 AM (No. 916078)
Milley is Dr. Strangelove incarnate.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: F15 Gork 9/16/2021 7:24:05 AM (No. 916105)
Show us the transcript. At least Benedict Arnold was a pretty good general until he was turned to the dark side. Other than preening and strutting yourself around DC, what have you done?
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Reply 12 - Posted by: dman 9/16/2021 7:59:24 AM (No. 916141)
There are times in life when your worst fears are confirmed. The E-word and T-word are now front and center. Pray for our Republic. Tomorrow is Constitution Day. Let us dedicate ourselves to restoring it.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: Strike3 9/16/2021 8:01:15 AM (No. 916143)
Now Milley drags out the Constitution when it benefits him. Sorry, General, you gots to go.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: Lazyman 9/16/2021 8:07:03 AM (No. 916148)
More and more they are ruling as if they are a permanent one party-system with no need to compromise or include the other side.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: Otis Gill 9/16/2021 8:17:55 AM (No. 916159)
Mike Pompeo was on Faux News last night saying "We need to get to the bottom of these allegations against General Milley immediately." Nothing against Mike, but how exactly is that going to happen? Who is going to get to the bottom and what will happen when they do? The answer is, no one and nothing. WE already know the general is a traitor and Marxists control our government. WE are getting screwed and We are tired of all the talk and no action. Let's deal in reality, Mike. You could have, at the very least, named him a traitor and called for his arrest.
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Reply 16 - Posted by: Oldenoughtoknowbetter 9/16/2021 8:24:42 AM (No. 916166)
Milley, a legend in his own mind, will become a man without a country. To milley someone will become a verb. He will probably write a book called How to Lose a War in One Easy Lesson, then a TV tour etc. China used him. The Taliban laugh at him. What company would endorse him? At least Benedict Arnold went back to England.
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Reply 17 - Posted by: Socio 9/16/2021 8:35:18 AM (No. 916174)
Of course he does and is probably laughing his butt off about it, like the other political elites he knows he is above the law, that there is no one that can or will do anything about it, except perhaps some bloviations from a few congressional figures. Any fear to commit the highest crimes in the land is gone.
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Reply 18 - Posted by: Speedypetey 9/16/2021 9:13:32 AM (No. 916217)
What happens when world events take a turn for the worst, maybe another Chicom/NIH engineering feat, and the SHTF! When the "chain of command" is ignored will the Fascist Democrats then blame it on President Trump?
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Reply 19 - Posted by: Venturer 9/16/2021 9:18:17 AM (No. 916223)
Of course Biden has confidence in Milley. Why shouldn't he. Milley has proven himself to be on the side of the Democrat party and their objective of destroying our country.
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Reply 20 - Posted by: Lawsy0 9/16/2021 9:21:34 AM (No. 916228)
Another chapter in the docudrama of ''The Many Loves of Mark Millie: None of Which is the United States of America.'' The saga may knock the ''Tacky Prince and Princess'' soap out of the daytime Emmys. This guy is a bigger drama queen than 'arry's wife of Windsor. Neither saga will end with the subject crawling over broken glass to kiss the ring of the head of state.
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Reply 21 - Posted by: Zigrid 9/16/2021 9:30:39 AM (No. 916242)
I think using the 25th Amendment on general milley is a better plan...he was out of his mind and should be removed from an appointed office...WE the people didn't elect him...history will give an accounting of his treason...mark my words...even now the swamp is looking for a way to push him'll get a book deal worth millions and then he'll retire to write a book about President Trump...just as bolton did trashing our beloved MAGA President Trump...follow the money folks...
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Reply 22 - Posted by: petrichor 9/16/2021 9:56:54 AM (No. 916291)
Ha! What makes this so funny is that Bernstein considered this a slam on Trump.
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Reply 23 - Posted by: bighambone 9/16/2021 10:44:53 AM (No. 916347)
Democrats like Milley don’t resign, what they do is make up all sorts of excuses and gaslight the American people directly and through their media propagandists over time, until the wimpy Republicans finally get the chance to ask Democrats like Milley questions that he will either in response either filibuster or give a false answer. To give cover to Milley and herself who probably instigated his going behind Trump’s back to collude with a Chinese Communist Army General, we will probably hear Pelosi and other Democrats claim that Trump is “crazy” and start calling out the wimpy Republicans as being racists of the worst kind. The Democrats know that bogus Democrat defense has always in the past sent the wimpy Republicans scurrying to hide under their mattresses until the smoke clears.
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Reply 24 - Posted by: paral04 9/16/2021 10:54:31 AM (No. 916357)
He needs to be shot at dawn for his treachery. This is not to be tolerated and will send a chilling message to the rest of the Swamp.
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Reply 25 - Posted by: Bluefindad 9/16/2021 10:57:22 AM (No. 916363)
Milley believes he is impervious to prosecution because he is a co-conspirator and his comrades hold the reigns of power. If they act against him he will give them up. We can only hope that some members of the military and congress demonstrate true courage and take the necessary actions.
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Reply 26 - Posted by: MDConservative 9/16/2021 11:28:28 AM (No. 916406)
The CINC should have sacked Milley, and the military justice system should have him under arrest at Fort Myer to face charges. This is a serious and untenable challenge to civilian command of US military...but who cares?
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Reply 27 - Posted by: PrayerWarrior 9/16/2021 11:39:24 AM (No. 916419)
Interesting that this revelation of Milley's treason is coming to light at this time. It brings to mind what Jesus said in Luke 8:17 NKJ For nothing is secret that will not be revealed, nor anything hidden that will not be known and come to light. v.18 Therefore, take heed how you hear.......
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Reply 28 - Posted by: bighambone 9/16/2021 12:11:13 PM (No. 916451)
The way the Democrats operate it’s entirely possible that Milley is being set up as the scapegoat to take the blame for the Biden ordered Afghanistan retreat and surrender to the 7th Century tribal Taliban debacle. But the Biden crew has to be careful in their dealings with Milley, as he knows the true story about the retreat and surrender by Biden in Afghanistan, and if he were to be forced out, he could write a book telling the whole story, that of course Biden and his crew would try to suppress, claiming the book contained “classified information”.
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Reply 29 - Posted by: rochow 9/16/2021 1:29:44 PM (No. 916542)
With a first vegetable in the WH selling us out to the tolly-ban and China added to that a General who believes he stands above everybody so what's a little treason, what could possibly go wrong with this country!?!?!? The noise that I am hearing is that Chinese and Russians slapping their thighs??? Wonder why!!!!??
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Reply 30 - Posted by: little guy 9/16/2021 1:47:37 PM (No. 916563)
Folks .... we are not in America anymore. There are so-o-o-o many truly disturbing things here that one really has trouble wrapping their heads around it. Milley Vanilli is not General Jack D. Ripper from the movie "Dr. Strangelove" (Sterling Hayden) but he is more like General Buck Turgidson (George C. Scott). Milley is crazy like a fox .. or a thief in the night. He did this because he knew ... in advance ... that he could get away with it! His ultimate plan to seize control the government by effectively removing the Commander-in-Chief was approved in advance by Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Shumer. And I'd bet $1,000 that Mitch McConnell knew all about it too. Notice that the Republicans in Congress are not demanding a vote of "No Confidence" in General Throughly-Modern-Milley? Even with a 50/50 split, let's see who agrees and who doesn't that this general over-stepped his legal bounds! BTW --- Mitch could do this vote of disapproval against Milley from the well of the Senate by using a parliamentary trick. All Mitch has to do is make sure all 50 Republicans are present on the Senate floor and the first time a Demo-rat is missing due to a trip or illness or just walks away to lunch that means the Republicans have a majority. Mitch immediately takes to the floor and demands a non-binding show of hands and just a voice vote against Milley and his actions. But Mitch won't do it --- because he, too, knew ahead of time that the General was doing this behind Trump's back!
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Reply 31 - Posted by: LadyVet 9/16/2021 1:50:57 PM (No. 916568)
#11 makes a good point that at least General Arnold was a fighting man whi had won significant military victories. We should not forget that Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer were conspiring with him. They deserve an equivalent amount of scorn heaped on their heads. Note to the costuming department: Put General Milley's uniform on Joe Biden and with those aviator sun glasses, you will have the perfect looking tin-horn dictator. Maybe just give Joe's sunglasses to Gen. Milley, to make things easy.
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Reply 32 - Posted by: Noj15 9/16/2021 2:24:04 PM (No. 916596)
"All calls from the Chairman to his counterparts, including those reported, are staffed, coordinated and communicated with the Department of Defense and the interagency." Name them and then interrogate them, then indict them, then convict them, and then hang them. On CNN.
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Reply 33 - Posted by: AIRFORCE1 9/16/2021 3:12:47 PM (No. 916644)
a 4 Star POS. He should be court martialed for treason and sentenced to life in jail.
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Reply 34 - Posted by: FilAm 9/16/2021 3:30:05 PM (No. 916652)
Gen.Milley Vanilli is a woke creature. He is now protected class. If the regime has no more use for him, this is what he will say " i have become a distraction for our dear leaders noble plans,i will now retire from my illustrious carreer and spend time with my family" next day CNN hires him as a military anchor then becomes a consultant providing woke training for our troops.
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Reply 35 - Posted by: deerejon 9/16/2021 5:57:14 PM (No. 916780)
If you have a D next to your name,you get a free pass to do anything you it's legal Illegal treason or whatever.Just show the Democrat free pass card and your good to go.No accountabilty,No Investigations,No nothing.
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Reply 36 - Posted by: MickTurn 9/16/2021 7:34:24 PM (No. 916852)
Mr. Milley (demoted to civilian and forfeit retirement). You're FIRED! Oh by the way, you are totally forbidden from working in any media company. Hope you have a good time With BUBBA in your cell for the next 50 years...
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Reply 37 - Posted by: LonestarM3 9/16/2021 9:19:44 PM (No. 916968)
I took the same oath 59 years ago. I don't recall the name of the Officer administrating it, but I still remember his face as well as the cadets standing on each side. I also remember the oath. If General Milley says it gives him the authority to commit treason he is a a fool, a traitor, a liar or all three. And the recognition that I was never relieved of that obligation upon separation from the service does not make me some kind of potential terrorist. it is just that I think the founder's idea of a Constitutional Republic is still a good idea. It was explained to us in training that an officer is not obligated to obey an unlawful order, as in the most extreme cases imaginable, such as an order to execute a captured enemy soldier or to obey an order to participate in treason. General Milley's subordinates might give that last one some thought.
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Reply 38 - Posted by: Italiano 9/16/2021 9:24:55 PM (No. 916971)
I'm familiar with the concept of a "Citizen's Arrest." What about a "Citizen's Execution For Treason?"
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Reply 39 - Posted by: berthabutt 9/16/2021 10:27:43 PM (No. 917015)
Who's gonna play Frederic March, Kirk Douglas & Edmond O'Brien if the General dreams he's Burt Lancaster? All of DC wants to emote & pretend they're something other than the attention swilling, self aggrandizing Facists they really want to be.
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Reply 40 - Posted by: Goose 9/17/2021 9:22:17 AM (No. 917379)
Isn't this what Gen Flynn went to jail for??
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General Mark Milley on Friday defended his calls to his Chinese counterpart during the final months of Donald Trump's presidency as 'perfectly within the duties and responsibilities' of his job as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.Milley made his first public comments on revelations he called Gen. Li Zuocheng of the People's Liberation Army to reassure him the U.S. was not going to suddenly attack China. The general was blasted by the former president and several conservatives for his conversations, including being accused of 'treason'
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Shock: Milley *Confirms* Reporting on
How He Undermined Trump, Committed Treason
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Posted by Imright 9/16/2021 12:26:55 AM Post Reply
On Wednesday, General Mark Milley confirmed reporting of his two conversations with the Chinese military where he committed treason by promising to notify them if then-President Donald Trump were ever to launch a military strike.Milley broke the chain of command in these calls as he took matters into his own hands, breaking the law and committing treason.In a shocking statement on Wednesday, Milley confirmed the reports of his conversations but claimed everything he did was legal and “within his authority in the lawful tradition of civilian control of the military and his oath to the Constitution.”
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Posted by Imright 9/16/2021 2:19:34 PM Post Reply
A Virginia Tech professor is under fire after she allegedly apologized to her students for being a straight, white woman.Dr. Crystal Duncan Lane, who taught human development and family science, is accused of using her Human Development 1134 course syllabus to push her students into addressing inherent biases and racism, according to Campus Reform. 'I am a Caucasian cisgender female and first-generation college student from Appalachia who is of Scottish, British, and Norwegian heritage,' Duncan Lane, whose Virginia Tech faculty page has been deleted,
COVID Politics Takes a Dark Turn, Biden
Administration Takes Control of
Monoclonal Antibody Drugs in Order
to Block Treatments in Red States
and Ration Equitable Treatment
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When Joe Biden’s Health and Human Services made the announcement earlier this month (LINK) that they were taking full control over Monoclonal Antibody drugs (mAb) in order to begin rationing the highly effective treatment for COVID-19 infection, several people sounded alarm bells as there was the potential for rationing of COVID treatment based on political ideology. Representative Chip Roy of Texas was one of the first to raise concerns (link). The change in HHS approach followed republican governor Ron DeSantis of Florida promoting the use of mAb and opening up dozens of treatment centers throughout his state. Other governors quickly took notice of the effective action plan
Furious China issues bone-chilling warning
subs deal could 'make Australia
a potential target for a NUCLEAR strike'
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Chinese state media has warned Australia will become a 'potential target for a nuclear strike' after it acquires nuclear-powered submarines.As part of a new three-way alliance with the UK and US, Australia will be given the technology to build at least eight nuclear-powered - but not nuclear armed - submarines as the West counters China's growing assertiveness in the Indo-Pacific region.Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said the 'AUKUS' alliance 'seriously damages regional peace and stability, intensifies the arms race, and undermines the Treaty
Something wicked this way comes -- the
midterms will be a Democrat apocalypse
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t will be a catastrophe of Biblical proportions. Think fire and brimstone. The Four Horsemen of Joe, Kamala, Nancy and Chuck riding off a cliff. Cats like AOC sleeping with dogs like Bill Clinton (OK, that’s not odd, but it’s sure icky). Locusts. Hillary’s persistent pestilent pantsuits. The first midterm elections during a presidential term are a test that he/she/they/it usually fails. Democrats do particularly badly, since most Democrat voters are not aware of midterm elections of their House and Senate representatives. Heck, they don’t even know who their representatives are.
Nearly 200 People To Be Released From
Rikers Friday After Gov. Hochul Signs
‘Less Is More Act,’ Calls
N.Y.’s Incarceration Rate ‘A
Point Of Shame’
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NEW YORK — Gov. Kathy Hochul signed the Less is More Act into law Friday, giving more leniency to parolees. “New York State incarcerates more people for parole violations than anywhere in the country. That is a point of shame for us, and it needs to be fixed. It’s going to be fixed today,” Hochul said. (Snip) Lt. Gov. Brian Benjamin and state Assembly member Phara Souffrant Forrest, who co-sponsored the bill, celebrated its signing, along with other elected officials and criminal justice reform advocates. “When women rule, how things can change, how we can find compassion and understanding and
GOP Redistricting Group Names Chris Christie,
Mike Pompeo and Karl Rove
to Leadership
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Just because the buttons on the GOP vending machine say Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Fanta and Root Beer, doesn’t mean the machine slots are filled with anything except diet ginger ale. Cue the audio visual demonstration…. WASHINGTON – […] The National Republican Redistricting Trust (NRRT), in an announcement shared first with Fox News, said that former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie will serve as national co-chairs of the organization, with longtime GOP strategist Karl Rove joining the group in the role of senior adviser. NRRT president and executive director Adam Kincaid highlighted that Pompeo and Christie “will be tremendous assets as we raise
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