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Outrage over George W. Bush 9/11 Speech
Attacking American ‘Extremists’
— ‘Americans Are the New Terrorists’

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Posted By: Imright, 9/12/2021 2:48:20 PM

Many media and political figures expressed outrage online after former President George W. Bush appeared to use his speech commemorating the 20th anniversary of 9/11 to compare January 6 Capitol protesters to the Islamic terrorists who viciously attacked America, killing nearly three thousands innocents and wounding more than double that number.Speaking at the 9/11 memorial service for Flight 93 in Pennsylvania, Bush recalled the September 11 attacks while warning of future terrorist threats to the United States.“We have seen growing evidence that the dangers to our country can come not only across borders but from violence that gathers within,” he said.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: VirtuDawg 9/12/2021 3:02:37 PM (No. 912181)
Another casualty of TDS egged on by the fawning anti-Trump news enemedia. Too bad.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: Petronius 9/12/2021 3:05:24 PM (No. 912184)
Bush helped cover the Saudi's involvement in 9/11, and then attacks American. He is an idiot.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: GTO6.0 9/12/2021 3:09:37 PM (No. 912187)
Call ME a terrorist, Georgie porgy? You simple minded stooge oaf goofy clown! It’s YOU who is part of the domestic scandals!
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Reply 4 - Posted by: earlybird 9/12/2021 3:17:33 PM (No. 912190)
W has gone from being somewhat heroic on 9/11 to being a squish and Dem pawn. Did bro Jeb have something to do with it or did Laura? She seems like one who could be a SJW. In public, anyway.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: mizzmac 9/12/2021 3:23:36 PM (No. 912193)
Shame on you, W. America is not the enemy.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: thatsomewhereplace 9/12/2021 3:23:58 PM (No. 912194)
I was disappointed with some of G's words at Shankville. In particular (my words) there is too much "fighting" amongst us...not the America he knew. I wish he would study the prejudice, fighting etc. and learn that the nastiness comes from the LEFT... Like he put the blame on Trump and followers for creating this meaness. So G. what's your opinion on the mob that burns down cities, businesses, murders? Don't pin it on us- the 50%+ who are law abiding tax payers, business owners, mom and pops. So G, you like the chaos perpetrated by the left? Rethink correctly, man. "Come on, man!"
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Reply 7 - Posted by: PlayItAgain 9/12/2021 3:25:21 PM (No. 912196)
Makes me even more grateful for President Turmp. I'm seeing people much more clearly than I used to.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: Californian 9/12/2021 3:28:41 PM (No. 912200)
I feel bad for George, it sounds like he fell off the wagon again. Is it alcohol, cocaine, something else? How else could he be so stupid in public?
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Reply 9 - Posted by: hershey 9/12/2021 3:32:23 PM (No. 912201)
Guess I'll have to destroy my pics of this wanker...seems like the enemedia is trying to paint all conservatives as terrorists....wonder why that is??? Does Piggylousy still have the National Guard behind fences in D.C.??? Haven't heard about that for awhile...
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Reply 10 - Posted by: Birddog 9/12/2021 3:43:47 PM (No. 912210)
Pssst...he was Talking about violent antifa/BLM mobs burning, looting, terrorizing, defiling and tearing down monuments all across the country....Rigght?
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Reply 11 - Posted by: Italiano 9/12/2021 3:45:50 PM (No. 912211)
W is now allied with the worst that American politics has ever produced. He is now the enemy.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: pixelero 9/12/2021 3:48:07 PM (No. 912212)
This is easy to unwind. George H. W. Bush was Director of the CIA and son of Sen. Prescott Bush, insiders and influencers throughout decades of American involvement in the Middle East, Latin America and Southeast Asia. With a loose cannon like President Trump presiding, a whole history of hidden action, obfuscation and corruption at the highest levels of government would at risk of being revealed. This is merely Deep State protection at work, and of course Bush dynastic legacy-protection, in the form of a policy of damning everyday Americans for their patriotism; to set a cultural tone to discourage Americans’ support for unapologetic American exceptionalists like DeSantis and Trump. President Bush fils is just getting with the program, to protect and conceal globalists’ long term goal of diluting American and Israeli interest in maintaining the paradigm of representative republics funded by mixed economies. President Bush is just fronting for a top-down global sovereignty movement that’s probably been in the works since the early 60s, and a Marxist educational agenda dating from much earlier. Visible in plain sight, in my view.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: F15 Gork 9/12/2021 3:48:46 PM (No. 912213)
He has become an embarrassment not only to Texas but America as well.......
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Reply 14 - Posted by: PeteRieck 9/12/2021 3:49:05 PM (No. 912214)
(Sigh) Another politician that would rather be loved by his enemies that by those who supported him.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: Italiano 9/12/2021 3:57:11 PM (No. 912224)
They aren't his enemies. They never were. We are.
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Reply 16 - Posted by: Daisymay 9/12/2021 4:02:37 PM (No. 912227)
I bet George P Bush put his fist through a wall at his house when he heard his Uncle George H make that stupid Speech. It won't help George P one bit. People who might have taken a chance on another Bush will hear the one they DID take a chance on and look how he turned out. Nope! No more from the BUSH Family. Can't trust them to STAY a Conservative Republican once they're elected to Office!
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Reply 17 - Posted by: Heil Liberals 9/12/2021 4:05:43 PM (No. 912231)
I watched the Apple+ documentary on 9/11. President Bush was prominently featured. One thing I noted about his attitude during the program was his arrogance - not leadership so much - as he remembered that day and what he did as POTUS. He had a smile/smirk on his face during much of the interview. It was disturbing as I tried to figure out if it was time or ego or both that gave him this posture and body language. As I look back, there are many things that in hindsight are very disturbing. But, perhaps the worst one, and the one that let me know who this man is is when he expanded Medicare to prescription drugs. At that point I understood he was no different than the people he campaigned against. The thing that cemented it was when he went on his nation building fiasco. There is NO WAY we would ever, ever be able to establish stable government in Iraq or Afghanistan. They hate Americanism worse than they hate Jews.
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Reply 18 - Posted by: Rolltide 9/12/2021 4:07:23 PM (No. 912234)
I think part of it is that we embarrass him. His daughters probably like him a lot more now that he’s woke and dissing President Trump by calling 1-6 terrorism. I regret my past ardent support for him and the times I took up for him.
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Reply 19 - Posted by: jasmine 9/12/2021 4:07:32 PM (No. 912235)
We saw the 9/11 attacks with our own eyes, through videos and pictures from those who were there. The terrorists were identified and their history illustrated their actions stemmed intolerance and hatred. Alas, the Biden administration somehow managed to confiscate similarly captured evidence from January 6, in what they insist was a deadly "insurrection." Yet the administration is unwilling to share video and photographic evidence with the American people. Seeing "domestic terrorists" at work would be persuasive. Lame comparisons with 9/11 are neither demonstrable, nor believable, which explains why this administration wants the supposed "evidence" kept as far away from the American people as possible. These people just cannot stop lying.
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Reply 20 - Posted by: GoodDeal 9/12/2021 4:08:06 PM (No. 912236)
MAGA hat wearers are the dangerous American extremists. I started watching his speech but it turned my stomach and I changed channels to a Ridiculousness marathon.
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Reply 21 - Posted by: smokincol 9/12/2021 4:11:18 PM (No. 912239)
every time this moron opens his pie hole he inserts his foot and blanks out the truth - he still hasn't gotten over the fact that our President won both elections
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Reply 22 - Posted by: zuker5 9/12/2021 4:12:32 PM (No. 912241)
Maybe this is why President Pop Pop was in such a hurry to bring the troops home from Afghanistan, because the establishment is planning to open up a new front in the war on terror? This time against their political opponents.
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Reply 23 - Posted by: LC Chihuahua 9/12/2021 4:14:08 PM (No. 912245)
We are slowly seeing how Washington works. It took someone like Trump to make them break cover. Two party system? Not really. One party is for big controlling corrupt government, and the other offers no real alternative. Instead they got on the gravy train. Our career politicians enrich themselves, and sell their political services to whomever can afford them. Beyond that, all their energies are focused on staying in power. They are loyal only to themselves, and nobody else. There is nobody looking out for the country or its citizens, That's why the country is 30 trillion in debt. That's why the border is wide open. That's why our country is in so much trouble.
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Reply 24 - Posted by: LadyVet 9/12/2021 4:17:01 PM (No. 912250)
All I can say is that he was a better choice than Al Gore.
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Reply 25 - Posted by: Connor 9/12/2021 4:19:54 PM (No. 912255)
They should have bood him off stage. He is engaged to Obama.
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Reply 26 - Posted by: Ketchuplover 9/12/2021 4:32:26 PM (No. 912265)
I believe the Bush family to be deeply loyal to one another. His brother was to be the heir-apparent to the "throne." Not only did Trump knock him off the steps, he also humiliated him. W can never forget that - nor forgive Trump and his supporters.
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Reply 27 - Posted by: Ribicon 9/12/2021 4:46:18 PM (No. 912274)
“Mr. President, my pledge to you and your government — but, more importantly, the people of Mexico — is I will work as hard as I possibly can to pass comprehensive immigration reform.” President George W. Bush to President Felipe Calderón, Joint Press Conference, Mexico, March, 2007.
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Reply 28 - Posted by: Ribicon 9/12/2021 4:55:34 PM (No. 912276)
Watch Poppy Bush smirk while mentioning that "a deluded gunman" killed JFK, after which he slams "conspiracy theorists" and praises the Warren Commission at Gerald Fords's funeral, of all venues. The groundbreaking ceremony for the Pentagon was on September 11, 1941. Poppy Bush gave his New World Order speech on September 11, 1991.
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Reply 29 - Posted by: slipstik 9/12/2021 4:55:41 PM (No. 912277)
Friends, I smell the fear the elite political class has for the unvaxxed deplorables , don't you???
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Reply 30 - Posted by: Kutchk 9/12/2021 4:59:34 PM (No. 912278)
The people he is speaking of are not terrorists but citizens who are fed up with the crimes and injustices of the SWAMP. So yes ... they are right to be concerned. Jan 6 was a peaceful protest that was ginned up to look and sound like a violent insurrection by the democrat/media with hopes of turning the low info independents against the informed right.
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Reply 31 - Posted by: SALady 9/12/2021 5:00:25 PM (No. 912280)
If W had been talking about Antifa and BLM, I would fully agree with him. They are modern-day terrorists, who use violence and anarchy to push a socialist, anti-America agenda!!! They are no better than ISIS or the Taliban, and have very similar goals for this nation!!! But, sadly, he sold his soul long ago, and so he was talking about patriotic Americans who love this country. So W is officially part of the problem, not part of the solution!!! I think he really believes that this will save him once the Communists take over. No chance. He will be one of the first purged for his past "crimes against humanity".
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Reply 32 - Posted by: EJKrausJr 9/12/2021 5:02:14 PM (No. 912283)
The elite in DC believe us deplorables are the extremists bc we don't believe in the ultimate power being in the hands of the elite in DC. Not a surprise.
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Reply 33 - Posted by: privateer 9/12/2021 5:33:18 PM (No. 912295)
excerpt from Shrub's odious pablum: ...they are children of the same foul spirit... Wasn't it he who called Sick Willie a 'brother from another mother'? More truth in the latter.
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Reply 34 - Posted by: skacmar 9/12/2021 5:42:52 PM (No. 912299)
It seems to have become fashionable among the DC wine and caviar crowd, as well as Democrats and RINOS to blame Americans for everything from terrorism in the Middle East to cloudy days.
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Reply 35 - Posted by: Rumblehog 9/12/2021 6:09:13 PM (No. 912318)
I am ashamed of this fellow Texan. Truly ashamed.
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Reply 36 - Posted by: TXknitter 9/12/2021 6:16:25 PM (No. 912328)
The Bushes are loyal to each other all right just like the mafia families. They were NEVER conservative but pretended enough to get the conservative voters. I liken them to the Kennedy clan who were also masters at crafting a less than truthful family narrative for political purposes. Barbara was brilliant this aspect. Texas GOP in a fight now with MAGA conservatives for control. The Bush globalist style of politics must be defeated.
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Reply 37 - Posted by: bobmadison 9/12/2021 6:17:58 PM (No. 912329)
Once a Bush...always a Bush. He and his daddy set back the conservative movement big time. I remember reading that daddy Bush fired all the Reagan White House staffers. Please read Byron York's excellent article called, "George W. Bush's Dreadful 9/11 Speech."
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Reply 38 - Posted by: Moritz55 9/12/2021 6:28:49 PM (No. 912338)
Sorry, but I think it takes intentional distortion to turn President Bush’s words into an attack on January 6 protestors. These words apply far more to the Woke crowd: “But in their disdain for pluralism, in their disregard for human life, in their determination to defile national symbols, they are children of the same foul spirit. And it is our continuing duty to confront them.” “ A malign force seems at work in our common life that turns every disagreement into an argument, and every argument into a clash of cultures. So much of our politics has become a naked appeal to anger, fear, and resentment. That leaves us worried about our nation and our future together.”
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Reply 39 - Posted by: Agent Orange 9/12/2021 6:52:30 PM (No. 912364)
And to think, I was a big GW Bush supporter at one time in my life. Now I wouldn't pour water on him if he were on fire. And the same goes for his brother and dad. Texas, what's wrong with you? MSgt USAF (ret)
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Reply 40 - Posted by: danu 9/12/2021 7:35:44 PM (No. 912428)
This is coming from the cretin whose portrait was hanging on Epstein's wall--wherein W is shown as an overgrown child playing with tumbled blocks and paper planes [a mockery of his role in 11 Sept. perchance?]
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Reply 41 - Posted by: janjan 9/12/2021 7:49:56 PM (No. 912447)
It is highly doubtful that Bush knows the truth about January 6th. He is speaking from what he heard on CNN. We don’t need his approval.
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Reply 42 - Posted by: immelman 9/12/2021 8:48:33 PM (No. 912517)
Yet another instance of GW misarticulamenting whatever it is he is trying to say.
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Reply 43 - Posted by: Toodles3956 9/13/2021 4:15:58 AM (No. 912716)
I was so proud on 9-11 that GW Bush was my president and I supported him as long as he was in office. It was when he left that my heart was broken by his refusal to support the Republican party and the many nasty comments he made. Boy, was I wrong.
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Reply 44 - Posted by: local500 9/13/2021 12:15:29 PM (No. 913251)
He is a RINO and a tool.
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Posted by Black Conservative Voice 9/13/2021 7:14:16 AM Post Reply
A group of very young Trump supporters hilariously trolled Joe Biden in Shanksville, PA over the weekend – much to the horror of Biden’s handlers. NBC News reported that after attending a memorial event at ground zero, Biden visited the Flight 93 memorial in Shanksville. Apart from being part of the wreath-laying ceremony, the U.S. President also visited the local fire department. It was there when a bunch of kids approached Biden and the U.S. President was pictured surrounded by them.
AOC is slammed as a hypocrite for donning
a custom Aurora James dress with
'TAX THE RICH' scrawled across
it to the Met Gala where tickets
cost $30,000 each
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Democrat Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez made an appearance at the Met Gala wearing a white gown with bright red letters spelling 'TAX THE RICH.' The congresswoman was photographed in the red carpet of the socialite event in New York City, where tickets are up to $35,000 and tables are $250,000. AOC wore an off-the-shoulder custom dress, red heels and a bag that also read 'TAX THE reach', designed by creative director Aurora James, ELLE reported.Brothers Vellies, James' luxury brand, is often worn by celebrities such as Beyoncé, Meghan Markle, Zendaya, Rihanna and Lady Gaga,
Pentagon defends drone strike in Kabul
that reportedly killed civilians
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The Pentagon defended a deadly August drone strike in Kabul on Monday – despite a report that the attack actually killed an innocent man and his family. The second of a pair of drone airstrikes in the waning days of the Afghanistan war is now being investigated by Central Command, but details are scarce and there remains a question of how much information will be shared once the probe is completed. “I would say that the assessment by Central Command is ongoing and I’m not gonna get ahead of that,” Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby said during a news briefing on Monday.
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wears a gown
with a message at Met Gala
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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s outfit at the Met Gala came with a message. The New York congresswoman wore a white gown with the phrase “Tax the Rich” emblazoned in red on the back. The dress was designed by Aurora James, who created a pledge for large corporations to fill 15% of their shelves with products from Black-owned businesses. “When Aurora and I were first kind of partnered, we really started having a conversation about what it means to be working-class women of color at the Met, and we said we can’t just play along, but we need to break the fourth wall and challenge some of the institutions
AOC calls fellow Dem Joe Manchin 'patronizing'
for referring to her as
'young lady' when he said she used
'awful' words to attack his opposition
to $3.5T spending bill and
explained he won't support it because
'it makes no sense'
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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has called Senator Joe Manchin 'patronizing' for referring to her as a 'young lady' as the two Democrats spar over his objections to the party's massive spending bill. Manchin appeared on CNN's State of the Union on Sunday to explain his concerns with President Joe Biden's $3.5 trillion plan for social and environmental spending, denying Ocasio-Cortez's allegation that he has 'weekly huddles' with Exxon executives.'I don't know that young lady that well, I really don't. I met her one time between sets here, but that's it. We've not had any conversations.
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