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White House abruptly cuts feed of Biden
mid-sentence as he asks question
at wildfires briefing

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Posted By: Moritz55, 9/13/2021 7:00:57 PM

The White House abruptly cut the feed of President Biden's briefing on wildfires with federal and state officials. During Monday's visit to Boise, Idaho, Biden received a briefing about the ongoing wildfires that have plagued several states out west. While Biden spoke for much of the briefing, at one point he said he wanted to hear more from George Geissler of the National Association of State Foresters. "Can I ask you a question?" Biden asked. "Of course," Geissler responded. "One of the things that I've been working on with some others is —" Biden said before being cut off mid-sentence.


Pulling the plug on “Plugs”?

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Reply 1 - Posted by: billa57 9/13/2021 7:17:25 PM (No. 913654)
They don't even bother to hide the fact that he is a Puppet anymore. Scary!
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Reply 2 - Posted by: NorthernDog 9/13/2021 7:20:35 PM (No. 913657)
They need one of those big butterfly nets nearby. When he starts to go off the rails, they can just scoop him up and carry him away.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: snakeoil 9/13/2021 7:23:01 PM (No. 913659)
Don't cut him off in mid sentence. Cut him off when he opens his Tater Trap.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: enemyofthestate 9/13/2021 7:46:57 PM (No. 913686)
What are they afraid of?
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Reply 5 - Posted by: tessie 9/13/2021 7:51:11 PM (No. 913692)
Am I the only one who thinks of Biden whenever Metallica's Puppy Master song is played?
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Reply 6 - Posted by: jalo1951 9/13/2021 8:06:26 PM (No. 913706)
I have visions of psaki with a long hook (the kind they used in Vaudeville) wrapping it around biden's neck and yanking him off stage. The whole time she is whispering in his ear, "Don't worry sir, it's ice cream time, with sprinkles". I would like to be a fly on the wall when his "people" get together and talk about his advancing stage of dementia.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: J. Arthur Brown 9/13/2021 8:06:48 PM (No. 913707)
In previous Administrations, White House staffers who did this would no longer be White House staffers.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: Blue-Z-Anna 9/13/2021 8:17:09 PM (No. 913714)
He's a bad tempered old guy who's just now gotten a big dose of stadiums full of young people eff-bombing him. And it's becoming fashionable. If I know Marxists.....Joe may be headed for a tragic accident.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: Toby Ten Bears 9/13/2021 8:18:10 PM (No. 913716)
... "I've been working, along with others... on destroying the USA as quickly as possible. How do you think we're doing"...
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Reply 10 - Posted by: BarryNo 9/13/2021 8:21:36 PM (No. 913718)
We need to find out who his handlers are and investigate them THOROUGHLY. This isn't funny, anymore. Considering the situation it is highly likely that unelected, and possibly not even appointed person are running the presidency. If the latter - frankly, they should be hunted down and executed.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: BeatleJeff 9/13/2021 8:51:45 PM (No. 913742)
#5, given that Metallica's Master of Puppets is about drug abuse, no, I never think of Dementia Joe when I hear it, because he is isn't on drugs, he's just naturally stupid.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: itsonlyme 9/13/2021 8:55:18 PM (No. 913744)
These are just a few of the handlers: 1. Ron Klain - White House Chief of Staff 2. Susan Rice - Domestic Policy Advisor 3. November 29, 2020 "President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris announced an all-female communications team Sunday aimed at bringing "diverse perspectives" to the White House." "Jen Psaki, a top member of the transition team who served in the Obama-Biden administration, was chosen as White House press secretary. Kate Bedingfield, who was deputy Biden-Harris campaign manager, will be White House communications director."
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Reply 13 - Posted by: Geoman 9/13/2021 9:00:51 PM (No. 913750)
FTA: During Monday's visit to Boise, Idaho, Biden broke into song: "Well, its eight o'clock in Boise, Idaho I'll find my limo driver Mister, take me to the show I done made some plans for later on tonight I'll find a little pre-teeny And I know I can treat her right What's your name, little girl? What's your name? Sniffin' you straight, little girl Won't you do the same?" Apologies to Lynyrd Skynyrd.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: formerNYer 9/13/2021 9:03:35 PM (No. 913752)
Why? He can lie or say the most stupid statement imaginable and the LSM won't let anybody know, they play cya with xiden all the time.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: FormerDem 9/13/2021 9:07:55 PM (No. 913755)
Let's impeach them too. He may have cheated (he did cheat) in the states, but even so he got more Electoral College votes than his staff and they ought to be more respectful. Can we impeach them?
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Reply 16 - Posted by: nerdowell 9/13/2021 9:32:37 PM (No. 913773)
Xiden's handlers? There's been a bit of talk about WestExec Advisors LLC, founded by T. Blinken and others after Trump kicked them out of the Whitehouse. They're in deep with everybody--corporations, governments, deep tech and media. They seem to be deliberately skirting the gray fringe of legality in their dealings; get a load of this from Wikipedia: "...The firm and its partners avoid becoming registered lobbyists or foreign agents so that they can (re)enter government service without delays..." Imagine what a legitimate investigative agency could dredge up from the bottom of that slough. Anyway, my money says they cooked up the scheme, hatched it and (sort of) control it. Consider who's responsible for this mess, and who should, but hasn't, and probably won't resign? Xiden's handlers.
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Reply 17 - Posted by: DVC 9/13/2021 11:08:40 PM (No. 913835)
Under NO circumstances is Traitor Joe permitted to do anything but read from the teleprompter. His bosses do not permit it. He is a puppet, in charge of nothing, including his own bowels.
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Reply 18 - Posted by: SweetPea3 9/13/2021 11:25:44 PM (No. 913848)
There is no doubt in my mind these broadcasts are time-delayed so they have time to cut the feed when he wanders off.
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Reply 19 - Posted by: ussjimmycarter 9/14/2021 12:35:11 AM (No. 913898)
Biden needs a Shock Collar with Susan Rice at the controls! “I remember my first job where I cut down 300ft Redwoods with an ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!” Zap! Poops pants and day is over!
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Reply 20 - Posted by: ochshane 9/14/2021 5:29:25 AM (No. 913944)
Vote for joe the man you know.
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Reply 21 - Posted by: Rinktum 9/14/2021 6:05:17 AM (No. 913958)
Only democrats could produce such a thoroughly embarrassing bumbling fool and carry on as if nothing happens every time he gets in front of a camera. The mind boggling absurdity that comes out of the White House each day is a national disgrace. Serious people do not present mentally unfit people as their leader. This man is a pathetic excuse of a leader. He is a shell of a man who cannot find his way back into the White House even after he is instructed where to go. The people who are okay with this walking embarrassment are evil. In fact, there is something very wrong with a wife’s character who would allow this. I can’t begin to imagine what goes through these people’s minds as they witness this horror show. Anyone who has had a loved with with dementia or Alzheimer’s knows how heart wrenching it is to watch their mental decline. It is a heartless act of selfishness to continue this masquerade. Jill evidently has the kind of lust for power that allows this to continue. You have to really love the spotlight to be able to stand by and watch your husband humiliate himself on a daily basis. This only what they allow us to see. Can you imagine what he is like in an uncontrolled environment?
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Reply 22 - Posted by: dolphin 9/14/2021 7:00:13 AM (No. 913996)
You know, if you put this in a movie, nobody would believe it. I'm continually astonished at how transparently totalitarian these folks are.
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Reply 23 - Posted by: WinterParker 9/14/2021 8:01:11 AM (No. 914051)
Joe Joe forgot the climate grifters changed the name to climate change when they got caught faking data.
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Reply 24 - Posted by: udanja99 9/14/2021 8:02:24 AM (No. 914052)
Perfectly stated as usual, #21. I have tried to imagine what it’s like inside the WH these days. I imagine that Joe spends most of his time locked in the family quarters when he’s not being programmed for his next public appearance. But as to Jill, for someone who wanted the spotlight so badly, she hasn’t been seen much in public recently. Apparently the feces on Joe is rubbing off on her.
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Reply 25 - Posted by: red1066 9/14/2021 8:14:29 AM (No. 914066)
The men in white coats with a straight jacket stand just out of camera range.
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Reply 26 - Posted by: justjoe1237 9/14/2021 8:19:12 AM (No. 914070)
"I've been working, along with others, on getting my Slinky to go down stairs. I don't know if I'm pushing too hard or not hard enough. It flops down three or four stairs and stops. What do you think? While you answer that, I'm going to take a little nap."
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Reply 27 - Posted by: downnout 9/14/2021 8:48:33 AM (No. 914093)
I expect that rather soon biteme will suffer a tragic fall resulting in his untimely death.
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Reply 28 - Posted by: bigfatslob 9/14/2021 8:49:42 AM (No. 914095)
I guess he already said too much for the puppeteers to pull the plug on him. Biden was going to say something that's secret and the handlers knew what was coming.
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Reply 29 - Posted by: little guy 9/14/2021 8:58:33 AM (No. 914100)
Because this un-elected man and his evil regime was installed into the White House in a bloodless coup and are now wrecking the country, I have zero sympathy for his obvious dementia. Yes ... it is sad & pathetic ... but I'll save my tears & concerns and prayers for the real, everyday people this guy and his running-dog supporters and behind-the-curtain manipulators are truly hurting. The businesses that have been crushed by his policies and executive orders, those losing a fortune because of him & his mandates, the dead and maimed who were not just overseas but here as well, and on and on. I hope he goes full-blown crazy and starts talking to the curtains and soiling his pants in public and punching people out on camera. Hey Demo-rats .... you wanted him ... you got him. Now you fix the problem.
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Reply 30 - Posted by: Zigrid 9/14/2021 9:35:48 AM (No. 914124)
OMG...biden thinks he's president...and his question wasn't in the script...he really thinks he's in charge...can you imagine the panic going on behind the the photo/op with the children wearing Trump gear at the ground zero commemoration was priceless....and one little girl said...he put his hands and arm around her waist...not cool groppy touching small girls in a familiar way...naughty mr. president....
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Reply 31 - Posted by: Dodge Boy 9/14/2021 10:06:19 AM (No. 914160)
He still can't finish a sentence without lousing it up. The only thing biden the cheater can still do is sniff women's hair with that perverted beak of his. After the pubbies cave and this "infrastructure" bill is passed and signed into law, let's see if congress pivots away from covid briefly to focus on removing him from office.
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Reply 32 - Posted by: PrayerWarrior 9/14/2021 10:35:11 AM (No. 914186)
The praying patriots that were chased out of CA were there on the scene yesterday in Boise. Prayer is what is exposing the Marxist/Communists' plans for us and Biden just blurts out whatever he's thinking without a filter. As Bongino says they have opened their coat and showed us what they have.
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Reply 33 - Posted by: mc squared 9/14/2021 11:01:01 AM (No. 914214)
First line from Biden's mouth in the video: 'Ya know, we can't continue to ignore reality...". That guy has the driest sense of humor I've ever seen. Probably went right over journalists' heads.
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Reply 34 - Posted by: NotaBene 9/14/2021 12:14:45 PM (No. 914315)
We will have to stop the Democrat-Luciferian Party with a crucifix. They stole the election to cause unbelievable pain to the people in a few months. The importance of the US Military for the Coup was painful, but they did manage to surrender 85 billion in armaments to our Muslim enemies without a glitch. Buck Joe Fiden and his anti-American accomplices.
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Reply 35 - Posted by: jasmine 9/14/2021 1:21:05 PM (No. 914377)
I'm currently watching Sec of State Anthony Blinken testify on Capitol Hill over the Afghanistan fiasco. He appears to be an excellent fit for the Biden administration, given his propensity to avoid giving straight answers. So when a Republican Senator made the point that Americans don't really know who is in charge at the White House, and asked a smirking Blinken if he knows who has the authority to "cut" the feed on President Biden, as happened again yesterday, Blinken pretended to be unfamiliar with any such thing ever happening. To hear him tell it, he knows nothing of any such events yesterday, or any other day.
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As Joe Biden entered office in January 2021, there still roared a left-wing revolution, a woke madness spreading through popular culture and Congress, much of which he indirectly has aided and abetted. It has redefined not just politics but the rules of the presidency. And the eventual casualty of these radical shifts in protocols and customs will be—Joe Biden. Take impeachment, which heretofore had been rare and has still never led to a Senate conviction. Prior to Trump, Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton were the only presidents to have been impeached (Richard Nixon resigned to avoid it), and both were acquitted in the Senate.
State Dept blocking private rescue flights
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Americans engaged in the rescue of U.S. citizens, SIVs and green card holders left behind by President Biden in Afghanistan are horrified by what they describe as inexplicable delays from the State Department that are preventing evacuation flights from leaving the country. The State Department's delays are recklessly endangering American lives, three different individuals involved in the private evacuation effort told Fox News. Rick Clay, who runs the private rescue group PlanB, told Fox News that the State Department is the only thing preventing the flights he's organizing from leaving Afghanistan.
American dominance and values sorely tested 6 replies
Posted by Moritz55 9/4/2021 3:44:34 PM Post Reply
From Twitter to the Taliban, we are witnessing the death of American supremacy. Mere weeks ago, we did the unthinkable: With thousands of our citizens trapped in Afghanistan, the Biden administration asked the Taliban to extend our deadline for withdrawal. They said no. We said OK. The United States of America, capitulating to a medieval death cult. Our posture on the world stage is exemplified by our increasingly weak president, head in hands and bending before the White House press corps, unable to explain or defend this unmitigated disaster.
Taliban spokesperson warns US not to interfere
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A Taliban spokesperson insisted to Fox News on Friday that "there will be no issue about women’s rights" following the militant group’s takeover of Afghanistan, despite widespread international concerns. But Suhail Shaheen also said he opposes Western views that "women should have an education without [a] hijab." "That is a change of culture," he said. "Our culture... they can receive education with hijab. They can work with hijab."
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For many Americans waking up on Thursday, they must have thought that they had experience a real Rip Van Winkle of a snoozer for the last 50 years. Across the spectrum, legal experts were declaring the death of Roe v. Wade after the Supreme Court refused to enjoin a Texas anti-abortion law in an emergency filing. The mainstream media coverage ranged from the outright death of Roe to its being rendered to a vegetative state. The New York Times outright asked "Is this how Roe v. Wade dies?" The answer is no. This is how legal analysis dies.
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It happened again yesterday, twice. Reading through comments on a blog post I found this: "I will never trust another doctor again." I long ago lost count of the number of times I have seen that written. You hear it, too. In private conversations with people they trust, American citizens are heaping contempt on doctors for forcing a narrative on us that had no basis in science. Many of us, perhaps even the majority, immediately recognized this virus for what it is -- a common flu virus
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The Pentagon defended a deadly August drone strike in Kabul on Monday – despite a report that the attack actually killed an innocent man and his family. The second of a pair of drone airstrikes in the waning days of the Afghanistan war is now being investigated by Central Command, but details are scarce and there remains a question of how much information will be shared once the probe is completed. “I would say that the assessment by Central Command is ongoing and I’m not gonna get ahead of that,” Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby said during a news briefing on Monday.
Gen. Mark Milley took secret action to
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after he lost the election and
called China's top military leader
to reassure the country Trump
would not attack in desperate bid
to stay in office, new Bob Woodward
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Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley took a series of extraordinary actions after the Jan. 6th Capitol riot because he was concerned an 'unstable' President Trump might undertake military action in a desperate bid to stay in office, according to Bob Woodward's bombshell new book. The efforts included Milley as the top ranking military officer meeting with top military officials in the Pentagon two days after the MAGA riot and telling them to keep him in the process for all military actions, including the use of nuclear weapons. It also involved outreach to Milley's counterpart in the Chinese military to provide reassurances the US would not strike
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New reporting from The Washington Post, detailing the contents of a new book, shows General Mark Milley reassured China's People's Liberal Army General Li Zuocheng that he would give the communist country a heads up if President Donald Trump launched an attack in the final months of his presidency. He did so in a series of reported phone calls and reassured Li he would stand between Trump and an attack on Chinese assets. In a pair of secret phone calls, Gen. Mark A. Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, assured his Chinese counterpart, Gen. Li Zuocheng of the People’s Liberation Army
Joe Biden's great-great-great-grandfather
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President Joe Biden has often shown pride in his Irish Catholic roots, but on another side of his ancestry, the progressive commander-in-chief's family lineage can be traced back to America's shameful past of slave ownership.Jesse Robinett, Biden's great-great-great grandfather, owned two enslaved people in Maryland in the 1800s, according to a Politico story adapted from a bombshell new book, The Bidens. Biden shares an apparent connection with Robinett through his full name - Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. Another ancestor of Biden's also reportedly owned a slave in Maryland - a 14-year-old boy.
Trump accuses Gen Mark Milley of TREASON
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military officer secretly told
his Chinese counterpart he would
warn him if US was about to go to
war with China
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Posted by Imright 9/14/2021 8:01:13 PM Post Reply
Former President Trump on Tuesday said the United States' top military officer was guilty of treason if he went behind his back and promised to warn China of an impending attack.He was responding to bombshell revelations in a new book claiming that Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, twice called his Chinese counterpart last year over concerns that then President Trump was ready to go to war. 'If it is actually true - which is hard to believe that he would have called China, and done these things and was willing to advise them of an attack or in advance of
The Taliban thanks America for $64million
as part of $1.2BILLION international
aid package but says the
US should 'have a heart' as it pleads
for more
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Posted by Ribicon 9/14/2021 12:38:18 PM Post Reply
The Taliban has thanked the world for pledging more than a billion dollars in emergency aid to Afghanistan, and urged the US to show 'heart' by donating more. Amir Khan Muttaqi, the regime's acting foreign minister, told a press conference the terror group would spend donor money wisely and use it to alleviate poverty. He was speaking a day after the United Nations said a total of $1.2billion in aid had been pledged to Afghanistan, $64million of which came from the US.(Snip)He also asked Washington to show appreciation for the Taliban allowing the US to complete a troop withdrawal and evacuation of more than 120,000 people last month.
The conversation Gen. Milley and Speaker
Pelosi had about Trump launching
a nuclear strike: 'You know he's
crazy' (Update)
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Posted by Imright 9/14/2021 6:38:20 PM Post Reply
Back on January 8, Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced that she had spoken with Gen. Mark Milley about limiting President Trump’s ability to launch nuclear weapons. Here’s how NPR reported it at the time: In a letter to her Democratic House colleagues on Friday, Pelosi said that she had spoken with the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Mark Milley, about “available precautions for preventing an unstable president from initiating military hostilities or accessing the launch codes and ordering a nuclear strike.” Pelosi later told her caucus she had received assurances that there were safeguards in place, according to a source on the call. It is unclear what
Higher taxes are necessary to invest and
compete globally: US Commerce Secretary
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Corporate tax increases are necessary for the U.S. to better compete globally, U.S. Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo told Yahoo Finance Live in an interview. House Democrats are out with a proposal to raise the tax rate on companies with income of at least $5 million to 26.5%. “If American business is going to compete, we need these investments,”
The full Versailles: Met Gala ruling class
pour on the hypocrisy -- led
by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
23 replies
Posted by PageTurner 9/14/2021 9:31:33 AM Post Reply
In the decrepit, doddering Joe Biden era, the odor of decay, decadence and borrowed glory from the entitled ruling class is the order of the day based on what was seen at last night's Met Gala, "the party of the year" according to the New York Times. Nobody embodied that better than Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who wore a custom-designed white evening gown graffitied with 'Tax the Rich' in red spray paint on the back of it, just perfect for an event brimming with the superrich. She knows they like that 'beat me, beat me' vibe. Here she is preening and showing it off for the cameras, every inch the center of attention:
'Thousands' of lawful US residents left
in Afghanistan, Blinken says in testimony
23 replies
Posted by Come And Take It 9/14/2021 12:13:44 AM Post Reply
President Joe Biden’s administration assessed “thousands” of lawful permanent residents of the United States remain in Afghanistan following the tumultuous evacuation of Kabul, according to Secretary of State Antony Blinken. “I think the best estimates are that there’s several thousand green card holders in Afghanistan,” Blinken told the House Foreign Affairs Committee on Monday.
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