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Your Taxes Paid Thousands Of Government
Staff Covid Unemployment While They Worked
From Home
Posted by Ketchuplover 1/31/2023 1:03:53 AM Post Reply
While millions of jobless Americans struggled to make ends meet during devastating government-mandated lockdowns, thousands of federal employees double-dipped from taxpayer-funded pandemic unemployment funds while mostly working from home. Despite staying on taxpayers’ payroll during the height of the pandemic panic, greedy bureaucrats in the Internal Revenue Service, Transportation Security Administration, Federal Emergency Management Agency, United States Postal Service, Amtrak, and the Secret Service defrauded taxpayers out of millions more dollars under the guise of Covid unemployment fund and wage assistance programs. In the Department of Homeland Security alone, nearly 2,000 ineligible or potentially ineligible employees
Oscar Mayer seeking new class of Wienermobile drivers replies
Posted by Ketchuplover 1/10/2023 8:42:06 AM Post Reply
AUGUSTA, Ga. - Oscar Mayer is now recruiting the next class of drivers for its iconic Wienermobile. The company is searching for outgoing, creative, friendly, enthusiastic graduating college seniors who have an appetite for adventure to be the next “hot doggers.” Not only do hot doggers get to drive the Wienermobile through 20 states, but they also get to serve as an Oscar Mayer spokesperson at more than 200 events during the year. The drivers also document their journeys on social media. Aspiring hot doggers can apply online before Jan. 31. We got to talk to a couple of the hot doggers
‘Now I’m Also A Mom’: Man Legally
Changes Gender To Help Win Custody Of
His Children
Posted by Ketchuplover 1/7/2023 10:33:47 PM Post Reply
An Ecuadorian man has changed his gender from male to female to help him win custody of his daughters due what he claims is his country’s unfair policy of favoring mothers in custody disputes. René Salinas Ramos, 47, claims that his daughters’ mother is abusive and that he hasn’t seen his children in five months. “My actions are not against anyone in particular, but against the system,” (snip) “Being a father in this country, Ecuador, is punished and seen only as a provider,” he continued. He also reportedly La Voz del Tomebamba his new ID card, which identifies him as a woman.
What McCarthy has offered his GOP opponents,
and what’s under discussion
Posted by Ketchuplover 1/7/2023 8:12:37 AM Post Reply
Here are the tentative agreements and offers that Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) has made, and others under discussion, as he aims to woo the 20 Republicans voting against him for Speaker.  Thirteen of those 20 Republicans backed McCarthy in Friday’s vote, edging him closer to the Speakership.   Several said their votes were pending negotiations.   What McCarthy has offered  Motion to vacate: McCarthy has offered to lower the threshold to bring up a move to force a vote on ousting the House Speaker down to just one member, a change from a threshold of five members that was revealed
US sues Arizona over shipping containers
on Mexico border
Posted by Ketchuplover 12/15/2022 6:56:42 PM Post Reply
PHOENIX The U.S. government sued Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey and the state Wednesday over the placement of shipping containers as a barrier on the border with Mexico, saying it is trespassing on federal lands. The complaint filed in U.S. District Court comes three weeks before the Republican governor steps aside for Democratic Gov.-elect Katie Hobbs, who has said she opposes the construction. Ducey told U.S. officials earlier this week that Arizona is ready to help remove the containers, which he says were placed as a temporary barrier. But he wants the U.S. government to say when it will fill any
Democrats should nominate a Republican
successor to Pelosi
Posted by Ketchuplover 11/26/2022 10:50:37 PM Post Reply
Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) will no longer be Speaker of the House of Representatives — but she could nominate the next Speaker. In doing so, she could point the way toward the political accommodations so badly needed in a polarized America. (snip) The nominee would need to be a person who has earned the respect of both parties and demonstrated commitment to finding common ground among partisans, whenever possible. Such people exist. John Kasich, former governor of Ohio and erstwhile chairman of the House Budget Committee, and Paul Ryan, a former House Speaker and vice presidential candidate, would stand high
If Republicans Win On Tuesday, Thank The
Election Integrity Movement
Posted by Ketchuplover 11/6/2022 1:39:23 AM Post Reply
If Republican candidates do as well as expected on Tuesday, they can credit the new, widespread, and coordinated effort to begin securing U.S. elections, helping give candidates the best opportunity possible to win a fair fight in the new voting environment of mail-in balloting. The Republican National Committee, other party entities, and dozens of public interest election nonprofit groups built over the last two years a multimillion-dollar election integrity infrastructure that passed laws improving voter ID and other election security measures, defended those laws from legal attacks by Democrats, and sued states and localities that failed to follow the law.
Last chance for the GOP to save itself replies
Posted by Ketchuplover 10/31/2022 10:10:51 PM Post Reply
Here is a question for Republicans to consider before next week’s midterm elections: How far does former President Donald Trump have to go before the GOP kicks him out of the party? Put another way, will the Republican Party save itself before it has completely lost its soul? It has been deeply disappointing to see so few GOP leaders and Republicans in Congress challenge Trump’s takeover of the GOP. It has been equally disappointing to see so many Americans buy Trump’s “big lie” about the 2020 election. (snip) Trump continues corrupting the party of Lincoln
Former Capitol cop who messaged Jan. 6
rioter guilty in obstruction case
Posted by Ketchuplover 10/30/2022 2:02:30 AM Post Reply
Washington — A former Capitol Police officer who warned a Jan. 6 defendant about a post that said he was inside the Capitol building was found guilty on one count of felony obstruction of justice by a jury on Friday. Michael Riley was indicted in October 2021 on two counts of obstruction of justice and resigned from the Capitol Police force shortly thereafter. At his trial this month, federal prosecutors argued that Riley "betrayed" his oath by sending Jan. 6 defendant Jacob Hiles a Facebook message, warning that the FBI and law enforcement were planning to charge everyone who entered the building.
8-year-old boy becomes youngest person
to climb California’s El Capitan
Posted by Ketchuplover 10/29/2022 11:28:17 AM Post Reply
An 8-year-old boy became the youngest person to finish climbing El Capitan in California’s Yosemite National Park on Friday, according to his father, who has been by his side and cheering him on since the pair began their journey earlier this week. Sam Adventure Baker achieved the feat Friday evening, his father said in a Facebook post. “What an amazing week! I’m so proud of Sam,” Joe Baker wrote in the post. “He completed the youngest rope ascent of ElCap!” (snip) Sam was “in a harness before he could walk,” his father said, adding that his wife is also in love with the sport.
US-linked Chinese military scientist filed
patent for COVID vaccine just after contagion
emerged: report
Posted by Ketchuplover 10/10/2022 2:01:15 AM Post Reply
A Chinese Communist Party military scientist who got funding from the National Institutes of Health filed a patent for a COVID-19 vaccine in February last year — raising fears the shot was being studied even before the pandemic became public, according to a new report. Zhou Yusen, a decorated military scientist for the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) who worked alongside the Wuhan Institute of Virology as well as US scientists, filed a patent on Feb. 24 2020, according to documents obtained by The Australian. (snip) Adding to the intrigue, Zhou later died under mysterious circumstances in May last year
Why Are Democrats so Afraid to Debate
Republican Candidates This Year?
Posted by Ketchuplover 9/24/2022 10:26:38 PM Post Reply
New York is a deep blue state, and Democrat Gov. Kathy Hochul should have no problem getting reelected. Except that may not be the case this year. (snip) Even in races where the outcome seems inevitable, we’ve been used to seeing candidates facing each other in multiple debates, yet now we’re even seeing Democrats in tight races running scared from their Republican opponents. Why is that? I think we can all figure out the reason. Democrats are trying to make this election about abortion because they think it’s an issue they can win on,