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Army base hit with highly contagious disease
as thousands of Afghan refugees
flood into America

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Posted By: happywarrior, 9/8/2021 5:03:41 PM

A case of measles has been identified at Fort McCoy Army Base in Wisconsin as thousands of Afghan refugees are housed there temporarily while they await resettlement in the United States. Fox News was able to view an internal government email on Sunday that confirms a case of measles at Fort McCoy. “All those who had been in contact with the infected person at base have been isolated, and post-exposure prophylaxis and inoculations are in process,” the email stated. Measles is highly contagious and is the primary killer of young children in Afghanistan. It is rampant among the population there.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: Californian 9/8/2021 5:12:07 PM (No. 908105)
I wonder how many other diseases Joe's mass air lift of random unvented Afghanistans will bring to us. Terrorism and useless people who did nothing for us while he left thousand of our friends behind to die is what I've come to expect from Joe. Measles wasn't on my list. Every day these blithering idiots find a new way I hasn't thought of to make it even worse. You couldn't make it this bad if you tried but somehow Joe is.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: Californian 9/8/2021 5:12:40 PM (No. 908107)
Unvetted. Sorry for typo.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: jalo1951 9/8/2021 5:20:47 PM (No. 908112)
Send them to Delaware, all of them. Unvetted health conditions and political affiliation. What could go wrong. And while we are at it let's not forget the southern border. Oh, wait. We no longer have a southern border. Send them to Delaware too.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: Ribicon 9/8/2021 5:21:19 PM (No. 908113)
Tough nuts, guys. You break it, you bought it.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: lynngirl122 9/8/2021 5:25:15 PM (No. 908116)
Measles is no joke. This has to be contained. They HAVE to be vaccinated and by that I mean a REAL vaccine.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: Heil Liberals 9/8/2021 5:45:13 PM (No. 908132)
COVID, TB, Measles, and God knows what other Third World crap is coming our way. This isn’t on accident.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: Catherine 9/8/2021 5:50:01 PM (No. 908138)
Well if everyone in the US is up to date on their measles vaccine, they shouldn't have to worry. Now I know for a fact the vaccine isn't 100% effective, but it's way up there effective. Wonder what else they'll bring in.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: Amanoftwistsandturns 9/8/2021 5:56:23 PM (No. 908145)
Joe Biden is a mean, bitter old man. His son is dead so he could care less about yours. The chanting college students said it all this weekend.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: FL_Absentee_Voter 9/8/2021 6:00:18 PM (No. 908151)
Wait until the young ones begin populating our grade schools.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: Blackbird 9/8/2021 6:05:02 PM (No. 908164)
Thank our idiots in the state dept for their great vetting -or lack of it.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: skacmar 9/8/2021 6:17:54 PM (No. 908183)
When the Afghan's evacuated to Texas, Florida or another Republican run state start to spread diseases (like Measles or worse), will the Biden administration blame the Republican Governors for their poor disease management when the diseases spread to the general population? Biden always neglects to mention that the high Covid rates in Texas & Florida are from unvaccinated ILLEGALS crossing the border or relocated by the Feds. The Federal Government is turning a blind eye to the disease and illnesses being spread by the ILLEGALS and now REFUGEES. Apparently it's ok for them to spread illnesses because of who they are or where they came from.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: danu 9/8/2021 9:52:01 PM (No. 908334)
send. them. back-to pak isi
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Reply 13 - Posted by: judy 9/9/2021 5:34:31 AM (No. 908538)
We have to have vaccines to work, attend sporting events etc but they don't ????
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As American families deal with a shortage of baby formula across the US, a Florida Republican lawmaker has released images of dozens of boxes of the coveted product at a migrant processing facility near the US-Mexico border. Rep. Kat Cammack shared pictures of “pallets” of infant formula at the Ursula Migrant Processing Center in McAllen, Texas on her Twitter and Facebook pages Wednesday. “The first photo is from this morning at the Ursula Processing Center at the U.S. border. Shelves and pallets packed with baby formula,” she wrote in a tweet accompanying side-by-side photographs of full and bare shelves.
2 female employees stabbed at MoMA, suspect
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Police are searching through the Museum of Modern Art in Midtown for a man who stabbed two women who work there.The attack shortly before 4:30 p.m. resulted in a chaotic scene that had patrons running for the exits. “I’m going to get hazard pay!” joked a blood-covered woman, as she was led into an ambulance. The suspect, who is known to police, was believed to be hiding in the museum, senior law enforcement sources said. The building was evacuated and police are searching for the man, who is believed to be a disgruntled former employee who had been barred from the building.
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The Bronx woman who bravely tackled the creep who randomly punched her 4-year-old son in Times Square said her “mama bear” instincts took over as soon as she heard her boy wailing in pain. “I was angry. I sprung into action,” Rafaela Rivera, 42, told The Post on Saturday. “The mama bear in me came out. I did what any mama would do. I see my baby crying, it was like why you hit a 4-year-old?” In a dramatic move captured on surveillance video, Rivera immediately chased the fiend, grabbing him from behind and refusing to let go until police arrived.
Mandatory bicycle helmet law revoked in
Seattle area after finding it was enforced
mainly against homeless or Black riders
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In the face of data showing enforcement has been both minimal and has disproportionately affected people of color and those experiencing homelessness, the King County Board of Health voted to repeal its decades-old mandatory helmet law for bicycle riders. The repeal goes into effect in 30 days. The board, made up of elected officials and medical experts from cities across the county, voiced its support for the voluntary use of helmets, passing a resolution Thursday encouraging riders to don the protective gear. But board member and King County Councilmember Joe McDermott said there are other ways of encouraging helmet use that do not rely on law enforcement
Bipartisan legislators demand answers
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A bipartisan letter demands answers from the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and President Biden's chief medical adviser. The White Coat Waste Project, the nonprofit organization that first pointed out that U.S. taxpayers were being used to fund the controversial Wuhan Institute of Virology, have now turned its sights on Anthony Fauci on another animal-testing-related matter — infecting dozens of beagles with disease-causing parasites to test an experimental drug on them. House members, most of whom are Republicans, want Fauci to explain himself in response to allegations brought on by the White Coat Waste Project that involve drugging puppies.
Texan Tourists Caught on Camera Attacking
NYC Restaurant Hostess After
She Asks for Vaccine Cards
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Posted by happywarrior 9/17/2021 6:42:46 PM Post Reply
It’s been made very clear that, if you want to dine indoors in New York City, you have to have had at least one dose of a COVID vaccine. But that seems to have come as a shock to a group of tourists from Texas who were caught on camera attacking a restaurant hostess after she asked them for proof of their vaccinations. According to NBC New York, the attack happened outside Carmine’s Restaurant on the Upper West Side early Thursday evening. Law-enforcement sources told the news outlet that the hostess was sent to a
Army base hit with highly contagious disease
as thousands of Afghan refugees
flood into America
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Posted by happywarrior 9/8/2021 5:03:41 PM Post Reply
A case of measles has been identified at Fort McCoy Army Base in Wisconsin as thousands of Afghan refugees are housed there temporarily while they await resettlement in the United States. Fox News was able to view an internal government email on Sunday that confirms a case of measles at Fort McCoy. “All those who had been in contact with the infected person at base have been isolated, and post-exposure prophylaxis and inoculations are in process,” the email stated. Measles is highly contagious and is the primary killer of young children in Afghanistan. It is rampant among the population there.
A Lesser-Known Photo of an Iconic 9/11
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the Day’s Memory
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Dan McWilliams made a spur-of-the-moment decision. That morning, hijackers crashed two planes into the twin towers of the World Trade Center in lower Manhattan. By half past ten, both skyscrapers had collapsed. Fires burned and toxic ash choked the air in New York’s Financial District. Nobody yet knew how many people had died—save that the number would be “more than any of us can bear,” as Mayor Rudy Giuliani told reporters that afternoon. McWilliams, a firefighter with Brooklyn’s Ladder 157, was walking past the North Cove marina, just a block from where the towers once stood, when he spotted an American flag on a yacht. Inspiration struck,
Pelosi Blocks Names of 13 Service Members
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A day after the U.S. officially pulled out of Afghanistan, and less than a week after a suicide bomber killed 13 U.S. Service Members, Rep. Carlos Gimenez has just tweeted that Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D) has blocked the names of those dead servicemen and women from being read on the floor of the House of Representatives. Rep. Brian Mast (R), a wounded combat veteran from Afghanistan, tells The Floridian that during a Republican-only “moment of silence,” Speaker Pelosi refused to recognize them to” read names or bring up bills or anything.”
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Kinzinger: Pastors Failing, Christians
Equating Trump to Jesus
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Posted by Imright 8/17/2022 12:29:32 PM Post Reply
Representative Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) said Tuesday on MSNBC’s “Alex Wagner Tonight” that he believed pastors in America are failing their congregations because many Christians are equating former President Donald Trump to Jesus. Kinzinger said, “I’ve come to believe over the last year that people, more than even fearing death, we’re such a tribalistic people that they fear being kicked out of their tribe. So, you accept anything because now Republicanism, conservatism, Trumpism becomes your identity, and so, you’re going to stay.” He continued, “I’m going to say this as a Christian myself, the pastors, many pastors in this country are failing their congregations.
James Carville: 'Majority' of GOP Voters
'Really Stupid' Evil Racists
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Democratic consultant and political commentator James Carville said in an interview with The Hill TV that the “majority” of Republican voters are “stupid” and “evil.” Discussing the brand of the Democratic Party, Carville said, “So much of what has happened to my party is we tend to get defined by some over-educated, totally doofus coastal elites that are out trying to write dictionaries or something unrelated to anybody’s life. And that kind of stuff has a tendency to be very sticky, to stick with people. It is not who the party is. They are a very small part of the Democratic Party.” He continued, “These people have the ability to irritate.
Mike Pence Gets to Work Burning His 2024
Campaign to the Ground
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It’s abundantly clear that former Vice President Mike Pence is going to run for president in 2024. He’s been putting in the leg work lately, with a scheduled trip to New Hampshire coming up. He’s also positioned himself as a Trump foil in the mid-term GOP primaries, taking a contrary position to the former president in several states, most recently in Arizona. For my part, I think Pence’s pursuit is delusional. There is exactly one person in the GOP who would be palatable to Trump voters if Trump himself weren’t the nominee, and his name is Ron DeSantis.
“Liz Cheney Should Be Ashamed of Herself
– Now She Can Finally Disappear” –
President Trump Reacts to Liz Cheney’s
Public Shellacking
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On Tuesday night Liz Cheney was soundly defeated in her Wyoming primary race. Cheney lost by 20% tonight in her primary to challenger Harriet Hageman. An online user put together the most awesome video of Harriet Hageman’s speech spliced in with photos of the Democrat-Socialist leaders who are purposely destroying America. (Video) Tonight President Trump responded to Liz Cheney’s loss. Via Truth Social. Congratulations to Harriet Hageman on her great and very decisive WIN in Wyoming. This is a wonderful result for America, and a complete rebuke of the Unselect Committee of political Hacks and Thugs.
‘End of an Era:’ Dodge Will Stop Building
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Dodge has announced a “last call” for its Charger and Challenger models, as the company is “celebrating the end of an era” and switching to electric vehicles — whether their customers want them or not. “The Dodge Charger and Dodge Challenger, in current form, are coming to an end,” announced Dodge’s parent company Stellantis on Monday. The company added that it plans to release the look of its final 2023 Charger and Challenger models, which will come with a commemorative “Last Call” underhood plaque.
Elon Musk tells Wyoming Republican dinner
that they must be more 'compassionate'
to immigrants and 'stay out of people's
bedrooms' if they want to appeal to as
many voters as possible
32 replies
Posted by Imright 8/18/2022 12:37:59 AM Post Reply
Elon Musk has warned Republicans to 'stay out of people's bedrooms' and be more supportive of migrants if they want to be electorally successful. The 51-year-old billionaire was speaking on Tuesday night at a gathering of Republican donors, hosted by John Nau - chairman and CEO of Silver Eagle Beverages, one of the largest Anheuser-Busch distributors in the nation. Musk was invited by Kevin McCarthy, the House minority leader, whose constituency encompasses the Bakersfield, California location of SpaceX. Musk and McCarthy held what was billed as 'a fireside chat' for the audience, which took place close to where the state's sole US representative Liz Cheney was losing her seat
CDC Admits Its Covid Performance Was Lacking 31 replies
Posted by Dreadnought 8/18/2022 12:44:16 AM Post Reply
Today CDC Director Rochelle Walensky released a video to the agency’s 11,000 employees that was sharply critical of CDC’s covid performance: Dr. Rochelle P. Walensky, the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, on Wednesday delivered a sweeping rebuke of her agency’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic, saying it had failed to respond quickly enough and needed to be overhauled. “To be frank, we are responsible for some pretty dramatic, pretty public mistakes, from testing to data to communications,” she said in a video distributed to the agency’s roughly 11,000 employees. Dr. Walensky said the C.D.C.’s future depended on whether it could absorb the lessons of the last few years,
Ex-VP Pence shuns far-right calls to defund
FBI, likens it to Dems’ calls to defund police
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Former Vice President Mike Pence on Wednesday came out against calls within the GOP to defund the FBI following the raid of former President Donald Trump’s home in Mar-a-Lago. Mr. Pence also left the door open to testifying before the House Jan. 6 committee, saying he “would have to reflect on that.”(Snip)Mr. Pence made it clear where he stood in the debate. “Calls to defund the FBI are just as wrong as calls to defund the police,” Mr. Pence said in response to a question at a “Politics and Eggs” breakfast at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics at St. Anselm College, according to CBS.
Rep. Liz Cheney considering presidential
run after losing Wyoming GOP primary By
Lee Brown
31 replies
Posted by mc squared 8/17/2022 9:51:28 AM Post Reply
Defeated Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney confirmed Wednesday that she is “thinking about” running for the White House to keep her nemesis, former President Donald Trump, “out of the Oval Office.” “It is something that I am thinking about and I’ll make a decision in the coming months,” the 56-year-old daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney told NBC News’ “Today” show. “I will be doing whatever it takes to keep Donald Trump out of the Oval Office.” Cheney insisted the Republican party “has really become a cult of personality” under Trump — who “continues to pose a very grave threat and risk to our republic.” “I think it’s certainly the most important
Biden: ‘Inflation Reduction Act Invests
$369B to Take the Most Aggressive Action
Ever, Ever, Ever, Ever, in Confronting
the Climate Crisis’
29 replies
Posted by Imright 8/17/2022 5:23:35 PM Post Reply
President Joe Biden put special emphasis on the “climate crisis” in the address he delivered on Tuesday before signing the 730-page Inflation Reduction Act. “The Inflation Reduction Act invests $369 billion to take the most aggressive action ever, ever, ever, ever, in confronting the climate crisis and strengthening our economic—our energy security,” he said. “This bill is the biggest step forward on climate ever—ever—and it’s going to allow—it’s going to allow us to boldly take additional steps toward meeting all of my climate goals — the ones we set out when we ran,” he said.
Liz Cheney ‘Thinking about’ 2024 Presidential
Run after Losing Primary to Trump-Backed Challenger
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Posted by Dreadnought 8/17/2022 9:31:15 AM Post Reply
Representative Liz Cheney admitted Wednesday that she is “thinking about” running for president in 2024, hours after losing the Republican primary for Wyoming’s only House seat to Trump-backed Harriet Hageman in a landslide. Hageman, a political newcomer, bested the 56-year-old daughter of former vice president Dick Cheney by more than 30 percentage points with 90 percent of the vote counted, handing former president Donald Trump what is perhaps his biggest victory yet this primary cycle by knocking off his chief antagonist in Congress. Asked about her career plans
Joe Biden's Inflation Reduction Act "Secretly"
Brought To You By Bill Gates
27 replies
Posted by AltaD 8/17/2022 10:46:38 PM Post Reply
The Democrats' "Inflation Reduction Act" - which according to the Congressional Budget Office will raise taxes on the middle class to the tune of $20 billion - not to mention unleash an army of IRS agents on working class Americans over the next decade, was made possible by Bill Gates and (in smaller part) Larry Summers, who have been known to hang out together. (Snip) Gates looks back at the new law with satisfaction. He achieved what he set out to do. “I will say that it's one of the happier moments of my climate work,” Gates said. “I have two things that excite me about climate work.
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