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Sources: White House believes scenes of
slaughter in Afghanistan will boost
support for Biden's withdrawal decision

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Posted By: Dreadnought, 8/20/2021 4:55:33 PM

Incredibly cynical and depressing. And quite possibly correct. “The public opinion is pretty damn clear that Americans wanted out of the ongoing war and don’t want to get back in. It’s true today and it’s going to be true in six months,” said one Biden ally. “It isn’t about not caring or being empathetic about what’s going on over there, but worrying about what’s happening in America.”… White House officials believe Americans’ horror over graphic images of the chaos in Kabul and pleas from Afghans who fear they will be killed

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Reply 1 - Posted by: JustCause 8/20/2021 5:01:47 PM (No. 886594)
Had the scenes of slaughter occurred BEFORE biteme withdrew the troops - maybe Problem is: the horrific scenes are AFTER biteme withdrew. Biteme owns it......
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Reply 2 - Posted by: scottj 8/20/2021 5:02:07 PM (No. 886595)
People aren't stupid. It was Biden's withdrawal decision that caused the slaughter.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: Ida Lou Pino 8/20/2021 5:02:11 PM (No. 886596)
So - - here's the question which no one has yet asked Josef Stolen - - - - "Mr. Stolen - - if you don't know how many Americans are behind the taliban lines - - how will you know when they've all been taken out?" Yeah - - I'd love to see that one asked - - just to see the flummoxed faces of all of those fake "experts."
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Reply 4 - Posted by: planetgeo 8/20/2021 5:06:01 PM (No. 886602)
Once again they keep whining about the straw man argument...withdrawal. Almost nobody is questioning the withdrawal, it's the cowardly and callous way it is being done. And NOBODY is going to ever forget that
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Reply 5 - Posted by: JL80863 8/20/2021 5:06:36 PM (No. 886604)
If they believe we will forget about thousands of Americans abandoned by this so-called administration, they are as deranged as Xiden.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: NeverForget 8/20/2021 5:07:26 PM (No. 886606)
Jawdropping insensitivity.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: jalo1951 8/20/2021 5:12:01 PM (No. 886610)
How can they be this disconnected to human tragedy? Women being killed and beaten because they are not dressed according to sharia law. Men falling from airplanes in the sky. Men dragged from their homes and murdered because they worked with the Americans. Advanced weapons now in the hands of these evil feral monsters. 12 year old girls being taken to become sex slaves. Tens of thousands of people trapped in their homes unable to evacuate to the airport. And joe thinks all is well and good and we are not truly concerned and will just let this slide? OMG, how can the president (?) not know what is happening on the ground? He is right that we were not against leaving but we certainly are against the absolute slaughter and chaos that this administration has unleashed. It is how they are leaving. Everything that flowed from biden's mouth was garbage and those who also spoke lies, it was all garbage. Americans are worn out by that joe has heaped on us. He is so much worse that I thought he would be. Dear, Lord. We need some divine intervention.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: anniebc 8/20/2021 5:12:55 PM (No. 886612)
People who watch the dead news media are stupid, poster #2, and the dems are counting on it.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: FleetUSA 8/20/2021 5:20:01 PM (No. 886624)
Wants blood for a PR boost? Whacked out administration.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: OldDog 8/20/2021 5:31:56 PM (No. 886641)
Baghdad Biden just said the Taliban is letting Afghans go to the airport to escape.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: bighambone 8/20/2021 5:34:30 PM (No. 886644)
The leftist and socialist Democrat operatives who are advising Biden at the White House these days are from a different world then the veterans and current US military members who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Clearly Biden and his operatives want to get out of Afghanistan as soon as possible while ignoring what will happen in Afghanistan after all US Forces are pulled out. Biden and those operatives could care less what happens to the Afghans who were working for and assisting the US military. The veterans and the current US military members who served in Afghanistan staunchly support bringing the Afghans who assisted them, along with their families to the USA. But right now with Biden just wanting to get out of Afghanistan the Taliban have the upper hand. Biden even hinted today that him aiding the Taliban in the future depends on their conduct, in Biden’s old line liberal Democrat World him aiding the Taliban means giving them millions or billions of dollars that in this situation would be a huge bribe. All the talk is about Americans and friendly getting to the Kabul Airport and getting flights out of Afghanistan. That’s not going to happen as most of those trapped Americans and Afghans are in cities and towns hundreds of miles from Kabul. Chances are the Taliban game plan is to allow all US citizens and other foreign nationals who show up at the Kabul Airport to get out of Afghanistan before August 31 after harassing them, as the Taliban never wanted those foreigners to be in Afghanistan in the first place. As far as Afghans are concerned it’s almost certain that the Taliban is not going to allow the USA to take friendly Afghans out of Afghanistan as the Taliban intends to murder those Afghans. What happens after August 31 in Afghanistan is a crapshoot.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: volksford 8/20/2021 5:51:32 PM (No. 886663)
They are absolutely right and those scenes of killings will boost the dems to major victories in 2022...keep up the good work ! yuk yuk
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Reply 13 - Posted by: DVC 8/20/2021 5:53:00 PM (No. 886665)
I wonder what color the sky is on their planet? /s off These morons always believe the precise, 180 degree opposite of reality, don't they?
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Reply 14 - Posted by: curious1 8/20/2021 5:59:15 PM (No. 886674)
This blood isn't just on Whacko-Team JStolen's hands; it's also on Turtle-Boy and every other GOPe, anti-Trump, establishment twit that worked to help the demo-commies steal an election. Elections have consequences. This is one of them. Hopefully another consequence would be seeing everyone of those traitors involved in the election steal being publicly hanged. And left to rot as a warning to other demo-commie bureaucrats.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: Omen55 8/20/2021 6:01:24 PM (No. 886677)
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Reply 16 - Posted by: Geoman 8/20/2021 6:14:23 PM (No. 886686)
This is like Benghazi except this is happening in slow motion and in the light of day. Not even Susan Rice will trot out and claim that the dead on the streets of Kabul, so thick in places as to impede traffic in places, are the victims of spontaneous violence, you know, like Chicago.
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Reply 17 - Posted by: udanja99 8/20/2021 6:15:10 PM (No. 886689)
They truly are insane, aren’t they? Life must be pretty nice in their little bubble.
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Reply 18 - Posted by: Sorosisbehindit 8/20/2021 6:24:52 PM (No. 886695)
So delusional
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Reply 19 - Posted by: edgar 8/20/2021 6:36:10 PM (No. 886715)
I believe most people support the exit. It is the execution of the exit that is all f'ed up. For that, it is all on Joe Biden. C'mon man. Read the room.
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Reply 20 - Posted by: Jethro bo 8/20/2021 6:45:01 PM (No. 886733)
This is to be expected. Biden nd the Dems have their own execution squad know as the Capital Police. With the FBI, CIA IRS and US Supreme Joke of the United States in their hip pockets, the more gore the better. What American will object knowing the FBI can raid you, the Capital Police can execute you, the IRS can financially ruin you, the CIA is constantly monitoring everything you do and th Supreme Joke will rubber stamp anything the Democrats do.
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Reply 21 - Posted by: chance_232 8/20/2021 7:09:51 PM (No. 886772)
Had the images been of Afghan military and the tollybon slugging it out, they would probably be correct. But images of women and children being brutalized.....not so much. If anything, those images would hack off any red blooded American.
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Reply 22 - Posted by: MickTurn 8/20/2021 7:10:23 PM (No. 886774)
These people are truly as big a Font as is printable!
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Reply 23 - Posted by: smokincol 8/20/2021 7:11:18 PM (No. 886777)
what prism of reality are these people looking through because it seems they have no connection with the matter at hand
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Reply 24 - Posted by: Highvoltage 8/20/2021 7:23:28 PM (No. 886795)
Withdrawal is not the issue it’s the catastrophe of ho it was done!
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Reply 25 - Posted by: Heil Liberals 8/20/2021 7:28:13 PM (No. 886800)
So, this depraved, perverted, ghoulish, disgusting senile old bastid thinks that the slaughter of people will boost his image as a man in charge doing the right thing? May the Lord take him early.
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Reply 26 - Posted by: Strike3 8/20/2021 10:04:57 PM (No. 886933)
Keep on telling yourself that if it makes you feel better. When videos of Americans being beheaded are on the Internet, nobody is going to feel better. Biden will blame it on Trump and return to Delaware.
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Reply 27 - Posted by: Aubreyesque 8/21/2021 2:12:40 AM (No. 887061)
Ah, yes. The Bill Clinton Doctrine of Crisis: certain things should happen on a particular watch because the reapening of the benefits would be highest ever and what wouldn't loss of life do for the poll numbers?!
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Reply 28 - Posted by: mifla 8/21/2021 6:25:36 AM (No. 887123)
Not if those being killed are Americans.
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Reply 29 - Posted by: columba 8/21/2021 11:42:51 AM (No. 887442)
The headline seems to say that the DemocRATS would consider and implement a politcal plan to get what they want - a politcal plan that includes using pictures of dead Americans. Perhaps other Americans like you and I can be used for their purposes too.
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Reply 30 - Posted by: rocket-j-squirrel 8/21/2021 12:16:35 PM (No. 887471)
As Rush would say, #29 slid sideways to.the truth. I got to thinking why we were importing Mexicans and Afghanis flat broke into the U.S. and forcing Americans into non-inocculation camps while destroying small businesses and siezing assets of the middle class. They are achieving their age-old dream of elites being served by the plantation slaves.
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Biden's Response to Reporter About Americans
Getting to Kabul Airport Is
Raising a Whole Lot of Questions
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oe Biden gave a horrible briefing on Afghanistan today, where he lied so much that Fox’s Jennifer Griffin said it was hard to keep up with all the misrepresentations. But Joe Biden did actually take a few questions. Unfortunately, his responses were just as bad as his remarks. For example, he refused to commit to staying past August 31 to get Americans if they hadn’t gotten out everyone who needed it by that time. But there was one exchange that really had people asking questions. NPR reporter Scott Detrow asked Biden if he was really saying that there were no circumstances where Americans weren’t able to get to the Kabul airport
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California’s giant ride-hailing and delivery companies suffered a major setback Friday as a state Superior Court judge invalidated a 2020 ballot proposition that allowed Uber, Lyft, DoorDash and other businesses to classify their workers as independent contractors. In a lawsuit brought by the Service Employees International Union, Alameda County Superior Court Judge Frank Roesch ruled that parts of Proposition 22 are unconstitutional because they infringe on the power of the Legislature to include app-based drivers under the state’s workers’ compensation law. Gig economy companies spent more than $220 million last year
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The Biden administration asked the Supreme Court on Friday to overturn a lower court's order that it revive the Trump-era policy requiring asylum-seekers at the southern border to stay in Mexico while their applications are processed. The Department of Justice filed an application for an immediate stay of a judge's order to reinstate the "Remain in Mexico" policy. The order is set to go into effect after midnight Saturday. "It requires the government to abruptly reinstate a broad and controversial immigration enforcement program that has been formally suspended for seven months and largely dormant for nearly nine months before that," the department said in its brief on Friday.
Sources: White House believes scenes of
slaughter in Afghanistan will boost
support for Biden's withdrawal decision
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Posted by Dreadnought 8/20/2021 4:55:33 PM Post Reply
Incredibly cynical and depressing. And quite possibly correct. “The public opinion is pretty damn clear that Americans wanted out of the ongoing war and don’t want to get back in. It’s true today and it’s going to be true in six months,” said one Biden ally. “It isn’t about not caring or being empathetic about what’s going on over there, but worrying about what’s happening in America.”… White House officials believe Americans’ horror over graphic images of the chaos in Kabul and pleas from Afghans who fear they will be killed
Joe Biden Literally Says ‘Knock on Wood’
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President Joe Biden detailed his strategy to get Americans, Afghan allies, and refugees out of Afghanistan on Friday but caveated with “knock on wood” — a superstitious idiom expressing uncertainty about one’s fortunes. “What we’ve done so far is been able to get a large number of Americans out, all our personnel at the embassy out, and so on,” Biden said. “And thank God, so far, knock on wood, we’re in a different position.” The president tried to reassure Americans in Afghanistan that they would get airlifted out of the country, boasting that only the United States could handle the logistics required to do so.
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US general tells British special forces:
Stop rescuing people in Kabul,
you're making us look bad
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Posted by Come And Take It 8/20/2021 11:33:44 PM Post Reply
I understand that the commanding general of the 82nd Airborne Division has told the commander of the British special forces at the Kabul airport to cease operations beyond the airport perimeter. Maj. Gen. Christopher Donahue has told his British Army counterpart, a high-ranking field-grade officer of the British army's 22nd Special Air Service Regiment, that British operations were embarrassing the United States military in the absence of similar U.S. military operations. I understand that the British officer firmly rejected the request.
Marjorie Taylor Greene Tells Biden in
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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) posted a video on social media on Wednesday in which she called President Joe Biden “a piece of sht.” The video was posted on Gettr, a new social media platform launched by former Donald Trump adviser Jason Miller. “Joe Biden, you’re not a president,” she said in the 17-second video filmed at a gym. “You’re a piece of sht. Thousands of Americans are stuck over there in Afghanistan and you’re letting the Taliban kick your ass while you’re lecturing governors about masks and vaccines. Do your job. Bring these Americans home.”
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The cop who fatally shot US Capitol rioter Ashli Babbitt as she stormed the building was exonerated after an internal police investigation, according to a report Friday. “No further action will be taken” in the use-of-force probe of the United States Capitol Police officer, whose name has not been released, NBC reported, citing an internal memo from the department. The Capitol Police’s report clearing him concludes the last remaining law enforcement investigation into the shooting, according to the outlet.(Snip)The internal investigation backs up a statement by the Justice Department in April declaring that no charges will be brought against the cop, who is reportedly a “high ranking”
Kabul chaos: ‘For me to be 10 feet from
US Marines with my son, with
my US passport and not being able
to get through — that’s problematic’
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Posted by Imright 8/20/2021 2:54:07 AM Post Reply
The Biden administration on Thursday struggled to speed up evacuations of as many as 80,000 Americans and Afghan allies — with the suddenly pressing effort being marred by obstacles ranging from red tape and visa paperwork problems to massive crowds and often violent Taliban checkpoints that barred entry.Even American citizens with valid passports fear making the perilous journey to the airport for fear of the armed Taliban fighters who surround the Kabul airport.David Marshall Fox, an American who moved to Afghanistan in 2013, told The Post on Thursday that he’s abandoned hope of getting onto an evacuation flight, saying the danger of his young son getting shot
Is Biden okay? 31 replies
Posted by Dreadnought 8/20/2021 12:22:50 AM Post Reply
Jim Geraghty’s written two posts today making the case that something is up. I’m not sold on his first post. His second is more persuasive. The first post argues that Biden’s chat with George Stephanopoulos was filled with enough contradictions and awkward stammering that, paired with his low visibility lately, we might reasonably conclude that his health has become an issue. Whether you agree comes down to a gut check on how you felt about the interview. I didn’t see it as out of the ordinary for Biden. His answers were emphatically not good but he didn’t seem checked out to me. If anything, he was combative
Sources: White House believes scenes of
slaughter in Afghanistan will boost
support for Biden's withdrawal decision
30 replies
Posted by Dreadnought 8/20/2021 4:55:33 PM Post Reply
Incredibly cynical and depressing. And quite possibly correct. “The public opinion is pretty damn clear that Americans wanted out of the ongoing war and don’t want to get back in. It’s true today and it’s going to be true in six months,” said one Biden ally. “It isn’t about not caring or being empathetic about what’s going on over there, but worrying about what’s happening in America.”… White House officials believe Americans’ horror over graphic images of the chaos in Kabul and pleas from Afghans who fear they will be killed
It’s Worse than We Thought: Taliban
Seized 75,000 Vehicles, 600,000 Weapons
and 200 Aircraft in Afghanistan
Leftover by Biden Admin
27 replies
Posted by Imright 8/21/2021 3:43:37 PM Post Reply
Earlier in the week, it was reported the Taliban now controls approximately 174 humvees, 10,000 rockets and 6 light attack aircraft. (Photo/Info) But it is much worse than that. A report from Fox News on Saturday highlighted the scope of the crisis unfolding in Afghanistan as the network claims the Taliban now control 75,000 vehicles, 200 aircraft, 600,000 weapons, and $85 billion in funding.This is like Obama’s Fast and Furious gun-running scandal on steroids. (Tweet)
AG Barr Told Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer to
Stop Looking Into Truck Driver JesseMorgan’s
Testimony That He Moved More
Than 200,000 Fraudulent Ballots
from NY to PA Before the 2020 Election
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Posted by DW626 8/21/2021 6:57:58 AM Post Reply
This past week, Lt. Col. and President of the London Center for Policy Research, claimed that former Attorney General Bill Barr told him to stop looking into the transfer of ballots from New York to Pennsylvania he uncovered after the 2020 Election. LtCol Anthony (Tony) Shaffer (retired), is the President of the London Center for Policy Research, a New York Times bestselling author, and CIA trained intelligence operations officer with 35 years of experience in global and national security. After the 2020 Election Shaffer was one of many Americans who offered to help investigate the results of the 2020 Election.
Taliban has billions in US weapons, including
Black Hawks and up to 600K rifles
25 replies
Posted by harleynyc 8/20/2021 2:33:37 PM Post Reply
The Taliban has seized US weapons left in Afghanistan worth billions — possibly including 600,000 assault rifles, some 2,000 armored vehicles, and 40 aircraft, including Black Hawks, according to reports. The US gave the Afghan military an estimated $28 billion in weaponry between 2002 and 2017 — including seven brand new helicopters delivered to Kabul just a month ago.
Joe Biden Calls a Lid on Public Appearances
and Remarks Indefinitely
25 replies
Posted by Dreadnought 8/20/2021 12:33:38 AM Post Reply
During the presidential campaign, the Biden administration introduced a new word into the lexicon: a “lid.” His campaign has called a lid countless times without explanation, meaning it was cutting off all media appearances for that day. Joe Biden went on vacation to Camp David just before Afghanistan fell to the Taliban and gave no public remarks on the matter until more than 24 hours after the fall of Kabul. That was a speech Biden delivered from the White House Monday, after which he took no questions from the media. He went silent again, then delivered another speech on Wednesday, this time on COVID. He took no media questions
FBI Destroys Insurrection Narrative‘Scant
Evidence’ Capitol Riots was Coordinated
24 replies
Posted by NHChemist 8/20/2021 10:13:54 PM Post Reply
I doubt the left will stop obsessing over January 6th even as Afghanistan burns. Sources told Reuters the FBI has not found much evidence that proves anyone coordinated the Capitol Hill riot: Though federal officials have arrested more than 570 alleged participants, the FBI at this point believes the violence was not centrally coordinated by far-right groups or prominent supporters of then-President Donald Trump, according to the sources, who have been either directly involved in or briefed regularly on the wide-ranging investigations.
Live Long and Promote Bigotry: Star Trek
Actor Says Religious Americans
‘as Fanatical’ as the Taliban
23 replies
Posted by terrywhite 8/20/2021 3:39:02 PM Post Reply
As we approach the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks it is interesting to look back and see how American culture has changed in that two-decade time span. Back then mainstream culture (sorta) rallied around God and country against our enemy, the Taliban and Al Qaeda. Today the culture sees those same people that believe in God and country as bad or worse than the Taliban.
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