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Solomoon: A New Trend Where Newlyweds Spend Their Honeymoon Away From Each Other replies
Posted by NHChemist 3/17/2019 9:17:39 PM Post Reply
A couple’s wedding day is typically followed by their honeymoon. But there’s a new trend where newlyweds actually spend their honeymoon away from each other. In the early days of honeymoons — early 1800s — it was a time for couples to travel and visit relatives who couldn’t make it to their wedding. So it was zero alone time, which is quite the departure from this new trend. Take the honey out of the moon and you’ve got a solomoon. On Instagram, almost 1,500 posts display the reality of this new trend, where newlyweds decide to vacation alone or with
Five adults from infamous New Mexico compound are charged with terror, kidnapping offenses replies
Posted by NHChemist 3/18/2019 8:19:41 PM Post Reply
Last summer, FBI arrested five Muslim extremist suspects connected to the New Mexico compound where eleven malnourished children found and the remains of a missing three-year-old boy were discovered. The children were allegedly being trained to conduct school shootings. Federal authorities later destroyed the compound. Now, the 5 are being charged by federal authorities with terror, kidnapping and firearms offenses.
Kamala Harris wants to use federal funds to augment teacher salaries replies
Posted by NHChemist 3/24/2019 12:29:37 PM Post Reply
I´m a little puzzled. Is there any Democratic candidate for president who has an idea that doesn´t involve a massive increase in federal spending? Kamala Harris isn´t one of them. Harris has proposed using federal funds to augment teacher salaries, proposing "the largest federal investment in teacher salaries in the history of the United States." Washington Examiner: "We are a society that pretends to care about education, but not the education of other people´s children. And we´ve got to deal with that," Harris told the crowd of 2,400 people. "We are not paying our teachers their value... That ain´t right!"
Former Sen. Hassan Aide Stole Gigabytes Of ‘High Value’ Data replies
Posted by NHChemist 4/6/2019 12:28:03 PM Post Reply
A former IT aide to New Hampshire Democratic Sen. Maggie Hassan mounted an “extraordinarily extensive data-theft scheme” against the office, the culprit’s plea agreement states. The plot included the installation of tiny “keylogging” devices that picked up every keystroke. Between July and October 2018, former IT aide Jackson Cosko worked with an unnamed accomplice, a then-current Hassan employee, who repeatedly lent him a key that he used to enter the office at night and who allegedly tried to destroy evidence for him.
Felicity Huffman admits she ‘betrayed’ daughter, will plead guilty to fraud replies
Posted by NHChemist 4/8/2019 5:43:16 PM Post Reply
Oscar-nominated actress Felicity Huffman broke her silence this afternoon for the first time since her March 12 arrest in the “Operation Varsity Blues” college cheating scandal to acknowledge she “betrayed” her oldest daughter and will shoulder that shame for the rest of her life. “I am in full acceptance of my guilt, and with deep regret and shame over what I have done, I accept full responsibility for my actions and will accept the consequences that stem from those actions,” the Emmy Award-winning star of the TV series “Desperate Housewives” said in a statement. “I am ashamed of the pain
Epping principal issues apology after student was told to cover Trump shirt replies
Posted by NHChemist 4/13/2019 12:58:21 PM Post Reply
The principal of Epping High School has apologized after a freshman was told to cover up her “Make America Great Again” Trump T-shirt earlier this week during the school’s America Day. In a letter addressed to the school community on Friday, Brian Ernest admitted his mistake when Ciretta MacKenzie was told to cover her shirt. Ernest said he met with Ciretta’s family and offered his apologies. “We have begun to draft a plan to move forward to promote civil discourse and diversity in our schools. In retrospect, I want to fully acknowledge my error in judgement (sic) and sincerely apologize
Veritas investigation may stem from 2016 Sanders videos replies
Posted by NHChemist 4/13/2019 10:14:06 PM Post Reply
The founder of Project Veritas, who was subpoenaed last week to testify before a grand jury, believes that the Attorney General’s office is investigating whether members of his organization broke the state’s wiretapping law. James O’Keefe and other members of the provocative political activist organization met with officials from the Attorney General’s office on Tuesday to show them a video they recorded in which a 77-year-old Atkinson man admitted to accidentally voting in two states in the 2018 election. After leaving that meeting, O’Keefe said, two criminal investigators working for the agency handed him a subpoena ordering him to testify
Middlebury College Cancels Conservative Philosopher’s Lecture on Totalitarianism replies
Posted by NHChemist 4/17/2019 5:34:45 PM Post Reply
Middlebury College has canceled a campus speech by conservative Polish Catholic philosopher Ryszard Legutko in response to planned protests by liberal activists. A professor of philosophy at Jagiellonian University and a member of the European Parliament, Legutko was scheduled to speak Wednesday at the Vermont college´s Alexander Hamilton Forum, delivering a lecture entitled "The Demon in Democracy: Totalitarian Temptations in Free Societies." A member of the anti-Communist Polish resistance during the Cold War, Legutko warns that western democracy is also susceptible to creep towards totalitarianism. (SNIP) The chairmen of both departments denied the activists requests, defending the event on grounds of
Meet the Mt. Washington snow rangers. They make the forecasts that save skiers´ lives replies
Posted by NHChemist 4/20/2019 9:05:26 PM Post Reply
Frank Carus peers through the windshield of the Piston Bully snowcat as it approaches the top of the Hermit Lake caretaker’s cabin near the base of Mount Washington’s Tuckerman Ravine. He notes a small slide near the bottom of the ravine, observes variations of shading in snow color across the wide bowl of Tuck’s, studies the nuances of the terrain from afar. A light layer of new snow has brightened the mountain to dazzling white. Beyond, the mid-April sky is an impossibly deep blue. The sun is shining, and the temperature hovers just above freezing. It’s the kind of day
Ice Out officially declared on Lake Winnipesaukee at 5:24 a.m. Wednesday replies
Posted by NHChemist 4/24/2019 6:55:21 PM Post Reply
GILFORD -- Ice Out on Lake Winnipesaukee was officially declared Wednesday at 5:24 a.m. That´s according to Dave Emerson of DAE Aviation Enterprises, who wings his way over Lake Winnipesaukee regularly to keep track of the progress of spring. Ice Out is the day when the M/S Mount Washington cruise ship can safely navigate between its ports of call: Weirs Beach, Alton Bay, Center Harbor, Meredith and Wolfeboro. "I went out early this morning because last night at 6:30 we went up there and it looked like it was going to go out," Emerson said Wednesday. "I got there before
Feminist, Vegan Restaurant That Charged an 18% ‘Man Tax’ Closes replies
Posted by NHChemist 4/24/2019 9:34:35 PM Post Reply
I’m shocked, SHOCKED that an eatery which discriminated against half the population couldn’t hack it. Handsome Her, a feminist vegan restaurant in Melbourne Australia closed its doors April 14. When it opened in 2017, it made global headlines for charging an 18% ‘man tax’ to male patrons in order to highlight the non-existent gender wage gap. The tax was charged for one week each month. (Snip) It’s been a wild journey to say the least. When we opened Handsome Her in 2017, we expected that perhaps we might make a stir through our brazen public discussions of structural inequality and
At this shop, the finishes
reflect a passion for
classic wooden boats
Posted by NHChemist 5/19/2019 12:29:39 PM Post Reply
WOLFEBORO — The sounds of power and hand tools echo through the 4,500-square-foot main shop of Lakes Region Wooden Boats near downtown Wolfeboro. Amid a sparkling union of polished chrome, varnished mahogany and gilded lettering, its four craftsmen can work on six to seven boats at a time. (Snip) After negotiating the $75 purchase, the elder Lawrence asked the seller if he wanted some help unloading the boat that was already on the trailer. “He told him, ‘No, if you want to buy the trailer, you have to take the boat,’” Rob said.
Judge upholds Dem subpoena
for Trump financial records
Posted by NHChemist 5/20/2019 5:29:16 PM Post Reply
A federal judge upheld a congressional subpoena seeking President Donald Trump’s financial records from an accounting firm, dealing a blow to the president’s efforts to resist Democratic investigations. U.S. District Court Judge Amit Mehta’s ruling means that Mazars USA must comply with the House Oversight and Reform Committee’s subpoena for eight years of Trump’s financial records, though the president is certain to appeal the ruling. The president filed suit last month to block the subpoena, arguing that it amounted to an abuse of congressional authority.
Farmer saved himself by cutting
off his leg with a knife
Posted by NHChemist 5/20/2019 8:00:25 PM Post Reply
Kurt Kaser had no time to consider his options. The 63-year-old farmer had stepped into a grain auger, the blade violently twisting and twirling to carry corn to a storage bin on his farm in northeastern Nebraska — and, in an instant, his left foot was sucked into the machine. He scrambled as the corkscrew-style blade inside cut off his foot and continued to pull at him, leaving him to wonder when or whether it would stop, he said. “I can remember telling myself, ‘This is not good. This is bad,’ “ he recounted Monday in a phone interview with The Washington Post.
How the Left is saving me money replies
Posted by NHChemist 4/26/2019 10:50:40 AM Post Reply
Although the Left in recent years has elevated my blood pressure, increased my gastric acidity, and made family gatherings a bit more rancorous, I am truly grateful to the Left for improving my bank account. The Left´s recent trashing of the American icon and patriot, Kate Smith, is my best recent example.(snip)So, I thought, what else has the Left ruined for me, and in the process saved me money? Well, I no longer contribute a dime to my college alma mater, and haven´t since they invited the buffoon, Chris Matthews, as their commencement speaker. Second, I attend the movies hardly
The Lo-Fi Voices That Speak for America replies
Posted by NHChemist 4/28/2019 10:18:09 PM Post Reply
For decades, AM radio has felt as commonplace as a utility, such a basic fact of life that it’s taken for granted. But that’s changing: Across America, AM radio stations are dwindling in number and profitability, as better-sounding FM signals become cheaper to broadcast and would-be listeners turn to the internet for entertainment. Yet even in decline, it has a strength that politicians and media insiders who want to understand America would do well to heed. In 2019, thousands of AM stations remain on the air, many of them thriving—in part because they serve unique sets of people whose voices
‘Queer Feminist Mermaid’ Surfaces to Challenge Susan Collins replies
Posted by NHChemist 4/29/2019 5:38:12 PM Post Reply
Sensing the lack of a Democratic candidate willing to challenge Sen. Susan Collins (R., Maine), a "queer feminist mermaid" named Bre Kidman—politically mobilized by the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation fight—has filed to enter the race. Collins has represented Maine in the Senate since 1997, and each of her three reelection fights have ended with double-digit margin victories. But Democrats responded to her deciding vote to confirm Kavanaugh by vowing to make her run for a fifth term a real challenge, expecting a crowded field of candidates to step up to the plate.
500 former Justice Dept. officials sign statement saying Mueller report would justify obstruction charges if Trump were not President replies
Posted by NHChemist 5/6/2019 9:13:06 PM Post Reply
Almost 500 former Justice Department officials said on Monday in a joint statement that the Mueller report´s findings would justify obstruction charges against President Donald Trump if he were not currently occupying the White House. Attorney General William Barr has said he found insufficient evidence in Mueller´s report to conclude that Trump obstructed justice. Special Counsel Robert Mueller himself made no formal finding one way or the other on that question. "To look at these facts and say that a prosecutor could not probably sustain a conviction for obstruction of justice? ... runs counter to logic and our experience," said
How Chinese Spies Got the N.S.A.’s Hacking Tools, and Used Them for Attacks replies
Posted by NHChemist 5/6/2019 10:54:20 PM Post Reply
Chinese intelligence agents acquired National Security Agency hacking tools and repurposed them in 2016 to attack American allies and private companies in Europe and Asia, a leading cybersecurity firm has discovered. The episode is the latest evidence that the United States has lost control of key parts of its cybersecurity arsenal. Based on the timing of the attacks and clues in the computer code, researchers with the firm Symantec believe the Chinese did not steal the code but captured it from an N.S.A. attack on their own computers — like a gunslinger who grabs an enemy’s rifle and starts blasting
Mammoth Mountain to Stay Open
Into August After Recording Its
Snowiest May Ever
Posted by NHChemist 5/24/2019 7:55:52 PM Post Reply
After receiving a record amount of snow for May, Mammoth Mountain on Friday announced it would be extending its ski and snowboard season into August. With one week left in the month, Mammoth has already received 29 inches of snow, the most ever recorded in the month of May. The total beats the previous record of 28 inches, set in May 2015. The latest storm brought an additional 9 to 10 inches of snow to the snow, including another three inches in the past 24 hours.
A tantrum over Tubman:
Shaheen steamed over Jacksons
Posted by NHChemist 5/28/2019 9:00:19 PM Post Reply
New Hampshire’s Sen. Jeanne Shaheen is among those incensed that Donald Trump has spiked plans to put Harriet Tubman’s likeness on the U.S. $20 bill. It would be in place of President Andrew Jackson who, like Shaheen, was a Democrat. Trump has said that the Tubman effort is just “pure political correctness.” Sort of like the political correctness Shaheen’s party has been engaged in recently to rename events (such as Jefferson-Jackson Day fundraisers) because those Democrats were slave owners.
Islamic State claims deadly attack
in east Congo's Ebola zone
Posted by NHChemist 6/4/2019 10:49:57 PM Post Reply
GOMA, Congo, June 4 (Reuters) - Islamic State claimed responsibility on Tuesday for a deadly overnight attack in an area of eastern Congo hit by an Ebola epidemic, although its account of the violence differed from local reports. The deputy mayor of Beni in the eastern Democratic of Congo said 13 civilians were killed late on Monday in an attack by the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) - a group thought to be linked to Islamic State. "The victims were killed by bullets and others by bladed weapons," Mayor Modeste Bakwanamaha told Reuters. In a statement on the messaging website Telegram, Islamic State said it was behind the attack.
Manchester union local to
represent Elizabeth Warren campaign workers
Posted by NHChemist 6/6/2019 10:20:34 AM Post Reply
More than 200 workers on Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign, including 36 in New Hampshire, have agreed to unionize and designate a Manchester union local to represent them. The 206 workers chose the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 2320, according to its business manager, Steve Soule. “The next step in this process is we move to a collective bargaining session” to reach a contract, Soule said Tuesday. Workers on Bernie Sanders presidential campaign became the first campaign to unionize. They chose the United Food and Commercial Workers Local 400.
Quite a catch! 10,000 lbs of lost fishing
gear hauled up from ocean floor
Posted by NHChemist 6/7/2019 9:00:19 PM Post Reply
The Gulf of Maine is 10,000 pounds lighter and cleaner after divers and fisherman worked to haul a giant mass of lost and abandoned fishing gear from the ocean floor. The Ocean Conservancy along with the Global Ghost Gear Initiative and the Gulf of Maine Lobster Foundation all worked together Friday, June 7, for more than seven hours to haul the debris from the ocean floor to the shore. The debris was found off the coast of Cape Elizabeth, located by fishermen who noticed the mass on sonar
N.J. hiker dies following summit
rescue; hours later Ohio man,
80, left behind by family survives
Posted by NHChemist 6/14/2019 11:27:48 AM Post Reply
SARGENT'S PURCHASE – A New Jersey woman died after suffering an unknown medical condition while climbing the Tuckerman Ravine Trail Thursday afternoon with her family. (Snip) Park staff arrived with warm, dry clothing for all three hikers as the plan was to ascend to the summit, where at the time it was 12 degrees with a sustained 60-mph wind, rain and dense fog creating ice, they said. Lee was alive, but no longer mobile. While one State Park rescuer stayed behind to care for her, the two family members were assisted to the summit.
Fish and Game weighs charges against
family that left 80-year-old hiker
Posted by NHChemist 6/15/2019 9:05:20 PM Post Reply
After leading the harrowing rescue of an 80-year-old hiker whom family members had left to fend for himself on Mount Washington, Fish and Game officials might ask state prosecutors about pressing criminal charges. The family will likely get a bill from the agency to cover the cost of this all-night life-saving operation, officials say. The incident, which occurred last Thursday, has people in the White Mountains hiking community up in arms, among them Mike Chermin, a guide from North Conway, who was appalled that a slower hiker who is a senior citizen was left behind in what he said was a dangerous, and potentially lethal, breach of hiking etiquette.
Truck driver in horrific crash
faces 7 charges of negligent homicide
Posted by NHChemist 6/24/2019 2:37:54 PM Post Reply
The driver of the truck involved in the fiery crash in Randolph that killed seven motorcyclists and injured three others on Friday was arrested Monday morning on seven charges of negligent homicide. Volodymyr Zhukovskyy, 23, was arrested at his home, 90 Newbridge Street, West Springfield, Mass., about 8 a.m. on Monday by Massachusetts State Police Fugitive Apprehension Unit, according to a statement issued by Deputy Attorney General Jane E. Young, Coos County Attorney John McCormick and New Hampshire State Police Colonel Christopher J. Wagner.
Laws must be applied equally
or they don’t matter
Posted by NHChemist 6/25/2019 8:16:19 PM Post Reply
Volodymyr Zhukovskyy is what happens when you stop enforcing all the laws, for all the people. If you tell one group of individuals that, for whatever reason, there are certain laws they no longer have to abide by, it’s not long before everybody else begins to believe that there’s no reason they should be held accountable for any crimes they commit either. Here’s the deal for any society: either all the laws have to be enforced for everybody, across the board, or pretty soon they’re not going to be enforced for anybody.
Journalist Andy Ngo Assaulted by
Antifa Protestors in Portland
Posted by NHChemist 6/29/2019 10:05:08 PM Post Reply
Journalist Andy Ngo was assaulted by Antifa protestors in Portland Saturday afternoon, according to video taken of part of the assault and Ngo himself. (Snip) The video showed Ngo, editor of Quilette, being punched and kicked by masked assailants dressed in black and then being hit by various containers of liquid as he is retreating. He later live-streamed a video of himself describing the assault. His face is scratched and he has blood on his neck. A police officer is heard interviewing him on the livestream. “I just got beat up by the crowd, with no police at all, in the middle of the street,” Ngo said during the livestream.
Hassan Likely Didn’t Notify Constituents
Whose Data May Have Been Exposed,
Despite Pushing Law Requiring It For Companies
Posted by NHChemist 6/30/2019 9:33:28 PM Post Reply
Sen. Maggie Hassan’s computer system was hacked in what prosecutors called the “largest data theft in Senate history,” yet there is no evidence she informed constituents who may be at risk of identity theft as a result — despite being one of the most vocal advocates for laws requiring hacking victims to do just that. (Snip) One of Hassan’s key issues in the Senate has been requiring companies to notify Americans whose personal information they fail to protect.
3,000 riders honor the "Fallen 7" who
died in Randolph MC crash
Posted by NHChemist 7/6/2019 9:29:45 PM Post Reply
RANDOLPH — Thousands of motorcyclists from New Hampshire and surrounding states took to the roads Saturday to honor and remember seven riders, five of them Marines, who died in a horrific crash on June 21 in Randolph. The Ride for the Fallen 7 began Saturday in the sunshine in The Weirs and ended in a muddy field off Route 2 here. In the teeth of a violent thunderstorm, participants remembered the seven members and supporters of the Jarheads Motorcycle Club who died on that first evening of summer.
Britain warns Iran of 'serious consequences'
if British-flagged oil tanker
not released
Posted by NHChemist 7/20/2019 7:24:02 PM Post Reply
LONDON — Britain's Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt warned Iran of "serious consequences" if it does not release a British-flagged oil tanker it seized in the strategic Strait of Hormuz waterway on Friday, although he ruled out "military options." Hunt announced later in a tweet that he had spoken with Iranian foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and "expressed extreme disappointment" that Iran had "behaved in the opposite way" of trying to deescalate the situation. The seizing of the "Stena Impero" potentially marks the most significant escalation in tensions between Iran and the West since they began rising in May,
Dems want Trump to
cancel upcoming NH rally
Posted by NHChemist 8/7/2019 10:57:59 PM Post Reply
Political infighting in the wake of two mass murders wore on as Democratic presidential candidate Cory Booker’s campaign called on President Trump to cancel his planned New Hampshire rally next week and to focus on getting gun control legislation through Congress. “What’s overwhelmingly clear is that Trump coming to New Hampshire will only stoke further dangerous acts and threaten Americans’ safety. Our country deserves better in the Oval Office,” said Erin Turmelle, Booker’s New Hampshire campaign director, on Tuesday. Turmelle said Trump’s rally on Aug. 15 at SNHU Arena in Manchester will fan flames of intolerance and the state should be spared of that right now.
Sununu vetoes gun control bills,
says current laws are 'well-crafted
and fit our culture'
Posted by NHChemist 8/10/2019 12:59:30 PM Post Reply
Gov. Chris Sununu dashed the hopes of gun control advocates Friday, vetoing all three pending bills by concluding current laws were “well-crafted and fit our culture of responsible gun ownership and individual freedom.” “New Hampshire is one of the safest states in the nation, and we have a long and proud tradition of responsible firearm stewardship. Our laws are well-crafted and fit our culture of responsible gun ownership and individual freedom,” Sununu wrote in his veto message.
BREAKING: California Court Overturns
Gun Conviction Against Illegal Immigrant
In Kate Steinle Case
Posted by NHChemist 8/30/2019 8:56:39 PM Post Reply
The San Francisco Chronicle reports that a California Appeals court has overturned the gun conviction against the illegal immigrant who killed the young American woman, Kate Steinle, in 2015. Jose Inez Garcia Zarate had already been acquitted of murder charges in 2017 related to the case after the court ruled his actions as an accident. (Snip) On Friday, the “1st District Court of Appeals...overturned a gun conviction against Jose Inez Garcia-Zarate because the judge failed to instruct the jury on one of his defenses.”
'Footsteps in the Snow' rescuer says
human connection makes the difference
Posted by NHChemist 9/11/2019 9:51:50 PM Post Reply
Pam Bales, 70, is a veteran rescue hiker who spent years on the Pemigewasset Valley Search and Rescue Team, bailing out hikers in dangerous situations. But on Wednesday, Bales said years of back-country experience and wilderness first aid aren’t necessary to help people — we just need to exercise some human compassion. “I think everyone in this room has some rescuer in us,” Bales said. “We are human and we care.”
Nobody wants to be
governor of New Hampshire
Posted by NHChemist 10/15/2019 9:09:59 PM Post Reply
KEENE — The Free State activist and former mayoral candidate who legally changed his name to Nobody now has his eyes on a bigger job. Nobody, formerly Rich Paul, told radio personality Mike Hsu that he intends to run against Gov. Chris Sununu in the New Hampshire gubernatorial primary. “The system is rigged, so that only Democrats and Republicans have a chance,” Nobody said. “I’m doing my best to co-opt their party and subvert it.” A Sununu representative declined to comment on Nobody’s candidacy.
Gun Owners: Here's Why You
Should Think Twice Before Posting
Pictures of Your
Firearms on Social Media
Posted by NHChemist 10/23/2019 10:30:49 PM Post Reply
It's no secret that technology plays an important role in our lives. Almost every single aspect of our life is ruled by technology, from smart phones to computers and the internet. That's why it's not surprising to know that Google and Facebook are keeping tabs on gun owners' firearms. According to The Firearms Blog (TFB), the two tech giants are scanning users' pictures to look for serial numbers. They're then creating an index of every person's firearms based on the image scans. If you've posted a picture of your firearm on a social networking site and didn't smear out the serial number, chances are it's indexed on Google images.
UNH poll infers 70% favor giving FBI
all NH license photos
Posted by NHChemist 10/31/2019 10:54:40 AM Post Reply
DURHAM — A survey released by the University of New Hampshire claims to show that an overwhelming majority of residents support sharing driver’s license photos with the Federal Bureau of Investigation for inclusion in a national facial recognition database. New Hampshire officials do not share Department of Motor Vehicle photos with the FBI, but 21 states do support of the agency’s efforts to build a massive database of over 400 million photos.
Firearms Coalition Fires Back
At Swastika Banner Complaint
Posted by NHChemist 11/11/2019 10:50:09 PM Post Reply
The New Hampshire Firearms Coalition blasted the Democratic Party for filing an election law complaint against the banner with Nazi swastikas they brought to a legislative committee meeting on the Red Flag bill. Former state Rep. JR Hoell, who is the Coalition’s secretary, said the complaint was a publicity stunt on the part of Democrats. “This is a frivolous complaint designed to catch attention on the day Vice President Pence was visiting the State House,” Hoell said. “There is no merit to the complaint and the Constitution is extremely clear in Part 1, Article 30 about freedom of speech.”
Tree Lighting Removed From Annual
Holiday Celebration In
Durham, NH After Complaints
Posted by NHChemist 11/14/2019 12:03:36 PM Post Reply
A Durham, New Hampshire celebration scheduled for the beginning of holidays is undergoing some changes this year in an effort to remove religious overtones. Formerly called the Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony, the newly named Frost Fest will include the absence of a formal tree lighting. (Snip) Town Councilor Sally Tobias says the changes came about after some controversy last holiday season.
Raccoon, sent as a Thanksgiving
dish to the Coolidges, became
a White House pet instead
Posted by NHChemist 11/26/2019 4:38:26 PM Post Reply
A Mississippi resident sent a raccoon in a top-slatted soap box to the White House in November of 1926. The idea was that the animal would be slaughtered and prepared for a Thanksgiving feast, according to news reports. But President Calvin Coolidge didn’t care for raccoon meat. Turkey would suit. Also this was, first lady Grace Coolidge later wrote, “no ordinary raccoon.” The animal was lively and seemingly tame. So instead of eating her, the Coolidges, who adored animals, kept the raccoon as a pet. They named her Rebecca,
Voter residency law
to take effect for presidential primary
Posted by NHChemist 11/28/2019 9:33:58 PM Post Reply
CONCORD — A federal judge has denied a motion to stop a new residency law from being implemented before the New Hampshire primary. The law, known as HB 1264, was passed in 2018. It slightly changed the definition of “residency” in one section of New Hampshire law to eliminate the requirement that a person plan to live in New Hampshire “for the indefinite future” to be considered a resident. (Snip). The ACLU argued the law was unconstitutional because it will make voting more burdensome for students and new residents.
What's Working: Fuzzy math used for
move-to-Vermont cash giveaway
Posted by NHChemist 12/21/2019 9:19:24 PM Post Reply
Vermont spent nearly a half-million bucks this year to increase its population by 341 people. That math might work for Vermont since it had seen its resident count grow by a mere 555 over most of this decade. New Hampshire, meanwhile, gained nearly 40,000 people during that same time frame. “And we haven’t paid one to come,” Taylor Caswell, the state’s economic development chief, said in an interview last week.
Transportation and Climate Initiative:
Caution lights are flashing
Posted by NHChemist 1/11/2020 10:13:12 PM Post Reply
The Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI) has generated lots of buzz recently. Understandably so.Organizers of the proposed initiative to reduce carbon emissions from the transportation sector recently unveiled a draft memorandum of understanding (MOU). Initiative participants include a dozen Northeastern U.S. states.(snip) There is no readily available source of an alternative fuel for cars, trucks, buses and other modes of transportation.
NH bill limits women's sports
to girls born female
Posted by NHChemist 1/15/2020 10:16:24 PM Post Reply
Legislation to prevent students born male from competing on female sports teams drew passionate testimony Tuesday, with supporters defending it as a way to ensure fairness and opponents decrying it as a violation of state anti-discrimination law. Victoria Galla of Chesterfield told the House Education Committee she moved from Massachusetts and New York City to get away from the gender-identity politics she believes are destroying the lives of confused young people. (Snip) The bill would prevent transgender girls from competing in primary, secondary or college sport teams for women. The bill would still let transgender males try out for any boys team.
Governor calls on sheriff to
resign over DWI conviction
Posted by NHChemist 1/16/2020 7:43:57 PM Post Reply
Gov. Chris Sununu called for the resignation Thursday of Merrimack County Sheriff Scott Hilliard, who was found guilty this week of drunken driving. “The sheriff has been convicted of a serious crime and should resign immediately,” the governor said in a statement. (Snip) Although his arrest was later deemed unlawful since a warrant was not obtained, this did not invalidate the consent Hilliard provided to test his blood. His blood-alcohol content was .246 — three times the legal limit.
No charge: More electric vehicle
charging stations coming
to a highway near you
Posted by NHChemist 1/19/2020 5:41:16 PM Post Reply
CONCORD — The state of New Hampshire plans to install electric-vehicle “fast” charging stations along six major highway corridors. And it won’t cost taxpayers a dime. The state will fund the project with $4.6 million from Volkswagen settlement money, paid out to states by the automaker after it was caught cheating on federal emissions tests with its diesel vehicles. Rebecca Ohler, administrator of the technical services bureau in the air resources division at the state Department of Environmental Services, said the VW settlement money offers “a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity” for New Hampshire.
Dad chokes coyote to death
after it attacks young son
Posted by NHChemist 1/20/2020 9:31:31 PM Post Reply
KENSINGTON — A dad choked a coyote to death Monday after it tried to bite his 2-year-old son in what police believe was a series of attacks by the animal on people and dogs. (Snip) The coyote was sent to the Fish and Game Department, where it will be tested for rabies, Cain said. He said the coyote bit down on the boy’s jacket before the child’s father “went into full protection mode.” “He grabbed the coyote and strangled it to death,” said Cain. “I’m sure I would have done the same thing in that situation; you do what you need to do to protect your family.”
Coyote killed by Kensington father
had rabies and
there may be more of them
Posted by NHChemist 1/22/2020 12:38:43 PM Post Reply
A coyote choked to death by a Kensington dad after it attacked his son Monday was rabid — and it might not be the only rabid coyote in the area, state officials said. “Based on all the evidence we have collected and in talking with several people who recently reported seeing coyotes acting erratically, we don’t believe this is the only coyote in the Exeter area that may have rabies,” Fish and Game Col. Kevin Jordan said in a statement Tuesday. (Snip) Fish and Game officials are reminding residents and visitors that wild animals should be left alone, with one reason being the possibility of rabies.