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Biden Wants $75 Mil for Gaza/Hamas and
$30 Mil for UNRWA/Hamas

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Posted By: OhioNick, 5/25/2021 4:41:00 PM

Good news, folks. Joe Biden decided Americans have too much money so he's going to send a bunch of it to Hamas. Over in Israel, Secretary of State Blinken announced that Biden wants to reopen a consulate in Jerusalem catering to the PLO. Prime Minister Netanyahu is resisting, but it's bound to happen anyway. [SNIP] Blinken added the Biden administration would be asking Congress to approve an additional $75 million dollars in assistance for the reconstruction of Gaza in 2021 and another $30 million dollars for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine refugees.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: deerejon 5/25/2021 4:48:37 PM (No. 796533)
Yeah well,People in hell are screaming for ice water too.But the Uniparty will approve it.Whatever Biden wants ,Biden gets.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: Rotten in Denmark 5/25/2021 4:49:13 PM (No. 796534)
Beyond mad. All the great work of the last legally elected ( not installed/selected/dumped on us ) President down the drain, or circling. This addled stick figure is an embarrassment to America.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: Omen55 5/25/2021 4:58:04 PM (No. 796537)
Reconstruction? Yeah,reconstructing their tunnels to attack Israel. At least the Mossad will be monitoring that for the next missile strikes.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: Ruthless 5/25/2021 5:06:27 PM (No. 796545)
After only a few months under this idiotic loser's reign, it is undeniably obvious that the objective is to totally bankrupt our country so as to "Build Back Better." Our beloved Country is now on life support, and I fear the prognosis is of a terminal nature. May God have mercy on us all!!
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Reply 5 - Posted by: bad-hair 5/25/2021 5:12:40 PM (No. 796549)
Won't be long before Israel simply tells Gaza resident to leave (or not) and then levels the place. Believe me the Iranians will blink.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: Ida Lou Pino 5/25/2021 5:14:10 PM (No. 796551)
Jews are being bombed, attacked, murdered, and beaten - - but not a word yet - - not a peep - - from the "jewish" Senate Majority leader. Chuckie is deathly afraid of AOC, Tlaib, and the rest of the "squad" - - so he's completely forgotten that he was once "jewish."
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Reply 7 - Posted by: DVC 5/25/2021 5:28:24 PM (No. 796571)
Nothing for terrorists.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: jinx 5/25/2021 5:33:24 PM (No. 796574)
I want to know where money grows on trees. I want to plant a few. Biden is hooked on OPM. It never stops.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: padiva 5/25/2021 5:41:54 PM (No. 796589)
Hey, Joey! Here's a great idea. Why don't you use your family's money. You can find an empty place over there and build a town/city and name it after yourself. Biden City.......Bidenville Bidentown Name the major streets after your grandkids The streets in the shady part of town can be named after Hunter's flings. Imagine the possibilities
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Reply 10 - Posted by: BarryNo 5/25/2021 6:01:13 PM (No. 796603)
Israel, America in Biden's hands, is not your friend. Crush Hamas. Crush Iran. Only then will you have breathing room. These asses can't give money to the dead. They can try, but it will be meaningless.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: stablemoney 5/25/2021 6:09:38 PM (No. 796614)
How do we have representative government when nothing the government does represents my views.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: bad-hair 5/25/2021 7:05:51 PM (No. 796659)
The usual. 100 million for Hamas (less 10% for the big guy).
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Reply 13 - Posted by: anniebc 5/25/2021 7:57:49 PM (No. 796682)
Why are we rebuilding Gaza and paying for refugees? WHY????
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Reply 14 - Posted by: DVC 5/26/2021 2:46:57 AM (No. 796863)
#8, at the US Mint it flies off the presses page after page of $100 bills, IIRC 32 bills to a sheet, coming off of ONE press at about 1 sheet per second. So in one minute, one press makes $192,000 or $11.5 million per press, per hour. For the irresponsible Corruptocrats....they're just pieces of paper. Toss around as many pallets as you feel like tossing around.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: mifla 5/30/2021 5:22:15 AM (No. 800591)
Can you throw in a few thousand for my home mortgage? Thanks.
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School officials at a Michigan high school have reversed course and allowed the valedictorian to reference her faith in her graduation address in the wake of a letter First Liberty Institute sent to the school principal. The legal organization that primarily defends religious liberty announced Thursday Hillsdale High School reversed its decision that blocked senior valedictorian Elizabeth Turner from making a reference to the significance of her faith in Jesus Christ in her address. “We are grateful to school officials for acting swiftly to ensure that religious students can freely exercise their right to express their faith in a graduation speech,” said Keisha Russell, counsel for First Liberty Institute.
Police investigate 'refuse service to
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Police are asking for help to identify the person or people who posted a sign in a fast-food drive-through saying the business "will reserve the right to refuse service to white people." The sign was posted at the Popeyes located at 6475 Ronald Reagan Drive in Lake Saint Louis. The Lake Saint Louis Police Department says several drive-through menus have also been vandalized with spray paint earlier this month. A photo of the sign quickly spread through social media and on Wednesday the restaurant closed, but people were reportedly still going through the line to see the viral sign.
Patti Smith, Questlove among 600
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On Thursday, more than 600 musicians from around the world issued a letter addressing the recent violence between Israel and the Palestinian group Hamas and calling on musicians "to publicly assert their solidarity with the Palestinian people." The letter, published by the organization Musicians for Palestine, was signed by artists including Patti Smith, Rage Against the Machine, Run the Jewels, Pink Floyd's Roger Waters, the Strokes' Julian Casablancas, System of a Down's Serj Tankian, Noname, the Roots' Questlove and Black Thought, Royce da 5’9" and Cypress Hill. "As musicians, we cannot be silent. Today it is essential that we stand with Palestine."
Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot is SUED
by white reporter from Daily Caller after
she said she would only give one-on-one
interviews to black or brown journalists
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Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot is now on the receiving end of a lawsuit following backlash for her declaration that she would only give interviews to journalists of color. Lightfoot, who assumed office in May 2019, announced last Tuesday that she would only grant one-on-one interviews to 'black and brown' reporters to mark her two-year anniversary in office. Her announcement about the temporary policy sparked anger from reporters of all colors, but Lightfoot doubled down on her decision the next day, insisting it was part of her lifelong battle for diversity and inclusion.
Rush's replacements revealed:
Limbaugh's radio slot to be taken over by
Clay Travis, 42, and Buck Sexton, 40,
whose show will be broadcast on more
than 600 stations across the nation
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The three-hour radio slot left vacant by the death of conservative talk-show host Rush Limbaugh is to be filled by a lawyer-turned-sports journalist and a former CIA counter-terrorism expert-turned-political commentator. The Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show will be broadcast on hundreds of stations across the country from June 21st. Limbaugh died in February from lung cancer at the age of 70. Travis, 42, founded the sports website while Sexton, 40, is an ex-CIA and New York police officer. At one stage, conservative commentator Dan Bongino was thought to be the front-runner, but now he will front his own show to compete directly with Travis & Sexton.
Great New Lefty Policy Idea: Let's
Destroy Highways
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Posted by OhioNick 5/27/2021 3:28:30 PM Post Reply
My way or the highway. Biden just proposed $1.8 trillion in deficit spending. He's talking a lot about infrastructure, but only a little over $100 billion is actually going to roads, bridges, tunnels, and highways. More than that will be going as sweetheart subsidies for electric cars. Instead, Dems have begun insisting that everything is infrastructure. Like massive lies and theft. Those are now very definitely infrastructure. There's a good reason why the Dems talk about infrastructure, but don't fund it. They want to get rid of it. The elimination of suburbs is high on the lefty agenda of forcing everyone to cram into cities where they can be tightly controlled.
Lebanon is first city in Ohio to ban
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Posted by OhioNick 5/26/2021 2:31:39 AM Post Reply
The Lebanon City Council voted unanimously Tuesday night to approve an ordinance that bans abortion in the city and also declares the city of 20,000 in Warren County, north of Cincinnati, a "sanctuary city for the unborn." Councilman Doug Shope, who introduced the abortion ban, said he is a conservative Christian and makes his decisions based on his faith. He added religion should guide his vote and encouraged those who agree to vote for him and those who don’t to not vote for him. Councilwoman Wendy Monroe said her support is speaking up for individuals who are not yet born. Councilmember Mark Messer said he considers protecting the vulnerable an emergency.
Biden Wants $75 Mil for Gaza/Hamas and
$30 Mil for UNRWA/Hamas
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Posted by OhioNick 5/25/2021 4:41:00 PM Post Reply
Good news, folks. Joe Biden decided Americans have too much money so he's going to send a bunch of it to Hamas. Over in Israel, Secretary of State Blinken announced that Biden wants to reopen a consulate in Jerusalem catering to the PLO. Prime Minister Netanyahu is resisting, but it's bound to happen anyway. [SNIP] Blinken added the Biden administration would be asking Congress to approve an additional $75 million dollars in assistance for the reconstruction of Gaza in 2021 and another $30 million dollars for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine refugees.
FBI investigate after Rand Paul receives
death threat to his Kentucky home with
white powder with note 'I'll finish what
your neighbor started you motherf**ker'
just one day after rocker Richard Marx
tweeted praise for senator's 2017
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The FBI has launched an investigation into a suspicious package containing a white powder and a threatening letter that was sent to Rand Paul just a day after Richard Marx praised the man who assaulted the senator from Kentucky in 2017. The package which arrived at Paul's home also contained a doctored image of the Republican who is seen heavily bandaged and walking with the aid of a crutch as a rifle appears aimed at his head. ‘I’ll finish what your neighbor started, you motherf**ker,’ the message on the package reads. News of the threat was first reported on Monday by Fox News.
Biden Brings in Islamic Activists to
Investigate U.S. Military for 'Extremism'
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Posted by OhioNick 5/24/2021 2:30:13 PM Post Reply
A decade ago, Hina Shamsi was fighting on behalf of the Holy Land Foundation whose leaders had been convicted of providing material support to Hamas. As the head of the ACLU’s National Security Project, Shamsi, a Pakistani citizen, had fought fiercely for the Islamic terrorists at Guantanamo Bay. “We all must pledge — not one person more in Guantanamo, not in our names,” she recently declared. But now the Pakistani advocate for Islamic terrorists has a new job: going after our soldiers. Shamsi (pictured above left) is one of the terror lawyers who appears on a list of partners for the Biden administration's crackdown on "extremism" in the military.
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Jeff Flake: GOP Needs to ‘Shun This Conspiratorial
Fringe Element of the Party,’ Including Trump
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Friday on CNN’s “At This Hour,” former Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) urged the GOP to “shun” the “conspiratorial fringe element of the party” if it wants to win elections moving forward. Flake, who has long been vocal about his disdain for former President Donald Trump, emphasized that Republicans should break from Trump and his supporters like Reps. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) and Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) and instead turn to someone like former House Speaker Paul Ryan. “I do believe … that most Republicans out there want to get back to a party that believes in ideas, the kind that Paul Ryan described.
Shock Video: Capitol Police Started Shooting
at Peaceful Trump Crowd on Jan. 6—
Fired Flash Grenades and Rubber Bullets on
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On Jan. 6 Capitol Police started firing flash grenades and rubber bullets at peaceful protesters with US and MAGA flags.From the video you can see the protesters are NOT on the Capitol steps and were behind barriers.There were children and seniors in the crowd.The protesters were NOT breaking any laws.This was before protesters entered the US Capitol — many of them entering after police gave them the OK.Julie Kelly from American Greatness released a second video
Fauci: I Trust Scientists in China to Be
Truthful and Forthcoming on COVID
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Posted by Imright 5/29/2021 1:05:16 AM Post Reply
During an interview aired on Friday’s broadcast of SiriusXM Urban View’s “The Joe Madison Show,” White House Chief Medical Adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci said that he trusts scientists in China to be honest about the origins of COVID-19 and that you have to make a distinction between scientists in China and the country’s government.Host Joe Madison asked, “Do you trust the scientists, your colleagues? You have to work with them in China. Do you trust them to be honest and forthcoming?” Fauci responded, “Well, yeah. Yeah, I think that you have to have a difference between the scientists in China and the Chinese government. I don’t have much insight \
Washington Square Park ‘drug den’
horrifies Greenwich Village neighbors
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A lawless, drug-infested Washington Square Park is horrifying even famously free-spirited Greenwich Village residents. “We may be liberal but this has gone too far,” lamented Steven Hill, who has called the neighborhood home since 1980. “There have always been drugs in the park, mostly pot, but what’s emerged this spring is like nothing we’ve ever seen before.” (Snip) He added, “De Blasio seems like the worst mayor ever. The city is just going down the sewer.” Neighbors said they were told during a recent community meeting with police that manpower at the 6th Precinct is down 50 percent over the past year. The NYPD would not confirm that figure.
Feds say employers can require
workers to get COVID vaccine
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Posted by Ribicon 5/29/2021 5:03:31 PM Post Reply
It’s the jab or the job. Employers are allowed under federal law to require workers to get a COVID-19 vaccine before they can physically return to the workplace, according to updated guidance issued by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Friday. But they must provide “reasonable accommodations” for workers who refuse the shots because of a disability—including pregnancy—or for religious reasons, the agency said. The decision may mean unvaccinated employees could be required to wear masks, or to work remotely. The EEOC’s rules also gave the green light to companies offering incentives as a means of encouraging staffers to get vaccinated,
Watch: Joe Biden to Veteran’s Daughter: ‘I
Love Those Barrettes in Your Hair,’ ‘Looks
Like She’s 19-Years-Old’
23 replies
Posted by Imright 5/29/2021 1:10:44 AM Post Reply
In the middle of a speech to military personnel Friday in Hampton, Virginia, President Joe Biden said, looking towards the family who was being honored, “I love those barrettes in your hair … She looks like she’s 19-years-old”… with her legs crossed.In the speech, Biden said, “I’m honored to be joined today by Governor Northam and by two great representatives of the Commonwealth: Congresswoman Luria and Congressman Scott.”The president continued to say “thank you” to those who “represent these service veterans” in the Commonwealth.Biden went on to say he was “especially honored to share the stage with Brittney,”
Jen Psaki Claims You're Not Seeing What You
Think You Are With Those Rising Gas Prices
22 replies
Posted by Imright 5/29/2021 6:07:56 PM Post Reply
If you’ve been checking the gas pump and noticing the rising prices as we hit Memorial Day weekend, don’t worry. According to Jen Psaki, you’re really not seeing what you think you’re seeing. Pay no attention to the evidence of your own eyes.According to Psaki, those rising prices you’re seeing really aren’t so bad — and certainly not Joe Biden’s fault.From The Hill: White House press secretary Jen Psaki on Friday said that gas prices have “stabilized” and defended them as “well in line” with recent decades
Democrat pundit Donna Brazile leaves Fox
News for ABC because she's 'accomplished
what she wanted' with Donald Trump losing
presidential election
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Posted by Imright 5/29/2021 4:33:32 PM Post Reply
Former Democratic National Committee chairwoman Donna Brazile has left Fox News after claiming she's 'accomplished what she wanted' with Joe Biden's election win. Brazile has made multiple appearances on ABC News’ Sunday news show This Week and was listed as a contributor with the program on ABC last weekend.'When my contract expired, they offered me an additional 2-4 years,' Brazile told The Daily Beast when asked about her departure from Fox, 'But I decided to return to ABC.'Brazile went on to say that 'all is good' between her and Fox, suggesting that the split was amicable.
Once again, creepy Joe is
obsessing over little girls
22 replies
Posted by Magnante 5/29/2021 9:48:12 AM Post Reply
One of the constants in Joe Biden’s political life for the past 12 years is his completely inappropriate obsession with little girls. Over the years, we’ve seen endless videos of him groping, sniffing, and whispering to prepubescent little girls. Well, he’s back, this time flirting with a little girl and commenting on how old and attractive she looks. There’s a reason we talk about “dirty old men” and Joe is it. There is no evidence that Joe has ever sexually assaulted a child. However, there is evidence that his public behavior with children is creepy and inappropriate.
Number of COVID cases
in Delhi crashes after mass
distribution of ivermectin
21 replies
Posted by Judy W. 5/29/2021 6:36:18 AM Post Reply
India has been suffering horrendously from COVID of late, and the complete death toll may never be known. But in the capital city of Delhi, mass distribution of ivermectin began and the results have been stunning. Stephen McIntyre of Climate Audit posted a Twitter thread that includes this remarkable graph: (Snip to tweet) accodnig to online data, Delhi cases have gone from 24K daily at end of April to 1491 yesterday. Whether it's due to ivermectin or just down phase of Gompertz curve, it's huge and gratifying good news that's mostly unreported in doomcasting media.
Exclusive: COVID-19 'has NO credible
natural ancestor' and WAS created by
Chinese scientists who then tried to cover
their tracks with 'retro-engineering' to make
it seem like it naturally arose from
bats, explosive new study claims
21 replies
Posted by Imright 5/29/2021 1:15:01 AM Post Reply
An explosive new study claims that Chinese scientists created COVID-19 in a Wuhan lab, then tried to cover their tracks by reverse-engineering versions of the virus to make it look like it evolved naturally from bats.The paper's authors, British Professor Angus Dalgleish and Norwegian scientist Dr. Birger Sørensen, wrote that they have had 'prima facie evidence of retro-engineering in China' for a year - but were ignored by academics and major journals. Dalgleish is a professor of oncology at St George's University, London, and is best known for his breakthrough creating the first working 'HIV vaccine', to treat diagnosed patients and allow them to go off medication for months.
Harris slammed for ‘long weekend’ tweet
that doesn’t mention Memorial Day
20 replies
Posted by Imright 5/29/2021 8:16:34 PM Post Reply
Vice President Kamala Harris is being criticized for a tweet telling people to enjoy their weekend without mentioning Memorial Day.“Enjoy the long weekend,” Harris tweeted Saturday, along with a picture of herself. (Tweet) Memorial Day, which is observed on the last Monday in May, is a holiday that commemorates all those who enlisted and lost their lives to defend the country, and some people were quick to remind Harris of that.“And pay tribute to the courageous men and women of our nation’s military who sacrificed their lives in defense of our freedoms and liberties,” Republican Rep. Lee Zeldin tweeted in response.
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