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Major black leaders come out
in support of voter ID, slam
'totally oblivious' white liberals

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Posted By: Ida Lou Pino, 4/18/2021 8:43:06 PM

A coalition of black leaders on Friday came out strongly in support of voter ID laws, arguing that most black voters feel the same way and rebuking what they said was the "oblivious" and "opportunistic" denial of those opinions by progressive leaders. The coalition — which includes U.S. Rep. Burgess Owens, former Florida Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll, former Texas state Rep. James Earl Wright, and former mayor of Cincinnati and U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Commission on Human Rights Ken Blackwell — declares at RealClearPolitics that "liberal orthodoxy" dictates that "all Blacks think alike


Oh - - so - - so I guess Delta, United, Coca-Cola, American Express, and all the other corporations which groveled before BLM - - will now realize how idiotic they were - - and support the Georgia voting law. And - - of course - - the All-Star game moves back to Atlanta. This will happen in 7 - - 6 - - 5 - - 4 - - - -

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Reply 1 - Posted by: reefdiver 4/18/2021 8:54:30 PM (No. 758943)
Typical that white guilt liberals think they speak for minorities just to pretend they care...HA!
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Reply 2 - Posted by: bogeegolf 4/18/2021 8:55:20 PM (No. 758945)
Good for them! I’ll take anything. Keep fighting!
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Reply 3 - Posted by: enemyofthestate 4/18/2021 9:00:51 PM (No. 758949)
It's about time that black leaders police their own.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: FL_Absentee_Voter 4/18/2021 10:17:26 PM (No. 759014)
Useless article. They're all conservative Republicans, not the "black leaders" from which most blacks take their cue.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: Heraclitus 4/18/2021 10:38:18 PM (No. 759029)
Not "useless", #4! We finally have some wonderful Black conservatives speaking out boldly ...actually, they join several (thinking Project 21, and many others I started to list until I realized I'd forget too many) who for years have tried to break through the media blockade. We need to celebrate when people risk virtually everything when they go against the ideology demanded by the thugs in Left leadership.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: NotaBene 4/19/2021 5:14:31 AM (No. 759168)
Right on, some, of my best friends are Blacks. What do you have to lose with Trumps’s Peace and Prosperity America First ideology?
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Reply 7 - Posted by: DCGIRL 4/19/2021 6:13:13 AM (No. 759192)
You know, if I was a black person and listening to those progressive loonies, I would be angry as hell. This is all about everyone showing ID to vote in George. Are these progressives saying that black people are to damn stupid to get ID? What other explanation can they provide if they are saying it is racist? The real reason behind this crap with Georgia with the progressives is Stacy Abrams. This new law will prevent her cheating and stuffing the ballot box for her run for as governor. This is the very reason that they are doing everything they can to prevent the audit in Fulton County. Even looks like Raffensperger could be involved in this ballot fraud.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: anniebc 4/19/2021 6:18:32 AM (No. 759196)
Leftists whites don't care about people; they only care about policies, and policies that allow them to run things, own things, and boss people. They're a bunch of incompetents who can only win by lying, cheating, and stealing. Decent white people should police their racist brothers and sisters in the political arena. /s
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Reply 9 - Posted by: skacmar 4/19/2021 6:29:32 AM (No. 759200)
Its great that black leaders are speaking up if favor of voter ID. Unfortunately it is not the leadership that the media, journalists, and big tec social media companies think that the public should listen to. Unless the leadership follows the ID is racism narrative, their opinions will be suppressed by those with an interest in continuing the everything is racism narrative.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: RedWhite&Blue2 4/19/2021 6:45:16 AM (No. 759211)
If only the ones procreating at a 73% illegitimate rate would be scolded by these black leaders instead of clamoring for 50% of the tv commercials we are conditioned to watching and wondering why it looks like half of America is’s NOT. In fact, if those 73% illegitamate-producers used birth control their race would be 3% of us instead of it THAT hard to take your pill or use a prophylactic??????
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Reply 11 - Posted by: BaldGuy 4/19/2021 7:32:38 AM (No. 759239)
check out a video by Ami Horowitz in 2016 where he went to Berkeley and asked all the white kids what they thought of voter ID, then he went to's priceless...
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Reply 12 - Posted by: Strike3 4/19/2021 8:03:09 AM (No. 759257)
How did this information get past the censors? It's about time black leaders told us what they really want instead of relying on liberal buttheads to tell us what black people want and need.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: LLAMA 4/19/2021 8:04:50 AM (No. 759258)
There is only one reason to be opposed to voter ID, and that is to be able to, or induce others to cast illegal votes. Case closed.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: homefry 4/19/2021 8:18:54 AM (No. 759271)
The black people who are the ones who are totally oblivious. They keep voting for racist dim-0s. WHY do dim-0s think blacks cannot get a valid ID?
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Reply 15 - Posted by: VietVet68 4/19/2021 9:18:52 AM (No. 759362)
The democrat party can't let this stand, they can't allow voter ID. They know full well that national voter ID spells the end of the democrat party.
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Reply 16 - Posted by: bigfatslob 4/19/2021 9:29:54 AM (No. 759375)
Blacks should be insulted that the white guilt woke liberals call them too stupid to obtain an ID card. They are people like everyone else and vote also so why not follow the rules. Disenfranchisement is a lie by whites to portray blacks as ignorant and stupid when you have as many whites that are. This is a weapon and a lie to beat republicans over the head with the word and keep dumb blacks riled up.
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Reply 17 - Posted by: NeverVoteDem 4/19/2021 9:33:24 AM (No. 759379)
Yes #15 that is why they want no borders. It is about votes.
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Reply 18 - Posted by: Jobe 4/19/2021 9:39:02 AM (No. 759385)
It has long been an unspoken truth that "white liberals" seek to improve the cause of "white liberals" by sweet talking black liberals. I have talked to many black young people during my 50 year career as a teacher and coach and have found that those who demonstrated at least a modicum of political awareness are very much attuned to the phony white support that they receive due to their skin color. The really intelligent blacks are aware of their (white liberals) using the racial divide to improve their political fortunes. A century and a half of white pandering to "Black Leaders" who have stood by, improving their political positions and chances at the expense of the black constituency they were supposed to be helping.
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Reply 19 - Posted by: Lawsy0 4/19/2021 9:47:13 AM (No. 759393)
You can tell the people and the organizations who do NOT respect Black customers by the deeply ingrained groveling they perform.
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Reply 20 - Posted by: Zigrid 4/19/2021 10:23:02 AM (No. 759449)
I guess the black community saw through their little liberal game and decided they had a better chance with President Trump...based on performance... NOT rhetoric... oh how sweet it is... to my black brothers and sisters...get out of the city plantations and join US here in ..."anything is possible" world....WE welcome your ideas and will support your efforts...Herman Caine must be smiling up there...
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Reply 21 - Posted by: czechlist 4/19/2021 5:06:14 PM (No. 759866)
"...“The worst enemy that the Negro have is this white man that runs around here drooling at the mouth professing to love Negros and calling himself a liberal...Our problems will never be solved by the white man.” Malcolm X
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Reply 22 - Posted by: Aria 4/19/2021 6:26:42 PM (No. 759927)
I would be REALLY angry and insulted if someone inferred that I was too stupid to get an ID....or too fearful to actually use it. It's amazing that the rats aren't called out for what they are by the blacks themselves - RACISTS.
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Major black leaders come out
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'totally oblivious' white liberals
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A coalition of black leaders on Friday came out strongly in support of voter ID laws, arguing that most black voters feel the same way and rebuking what they said was the "oblivious" and "opportunistic" denial of those opinions by progressive leaders. The coalition — which includes U.S. Rep. Burgess Owens, former Florida Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll, former Texas state Rep. James Earl Wright, and former mayor of Cincinnati and U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Commission on Human Rights Ken Blackwell — declares at RealClearPolitics that "liberal orthodoxy" dictates that "all Blacks think alike
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George Floyd might be alive had former President Barack Obama not, for eight years, consistently play the anti-cop race card. Despite receiving more white votes than 2004 Democratic candidate John Kerry, Obama said: "The legacy of slavery, Jim Crow, discrimination in almost every institution of our lives -- you know, that casts a long shadow, and that's still part of our DNA that's passed on. We're not cured of it. ... Racism -- we are not cured of it."
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Prince Harry is preparing to return to the UK for the first time since leaving Royal duties after the death of Prince Philip - but questions remain over whether Meghan will join him. Harry's grandfather's death comes weeks after they gave an interview to Oprah alleging racism in the Royal Family which aired while Philip was in hospital. The Sussexes, who faced calls to postpone the interview because Philip was unwell, accused an unnamed royal, not the Queen nor the duke, of raising concerns about how dark their son Archie's skin tone would be before he was born.
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Public university officials violated the constitutional rights of a Christian student group and will now face a trial to set the compensatory damages for that violation, a court ruled this week. InterVarsity Christian Fellowship had operated continuously at Michigan's Wayne State University "since the 1930s" — until campus officials stripped its recognition in 2017 for "requiring that its faith leaders profess to be faithful," U.S. District Judge Robert Cleland wrote in a scathing 83-page ruling.
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The White House is downplaying the national security implications of two suspected terrorists being arrested at the southern border as federal officials struggle with a surge in migrant crossings under President Joe Biden. It is "uncommon" for border agents to apprehend known or suspected terrorists, White House press secretary Jen Psaki insisted Tuesday. "While this is rare, this is a reflection of them doing their jobs," Psaki told reporters, referring to Border Patrol and other federal officers
U.S. State Department backs
away from the idea of a
Beijing Olympics boycott
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WASHINGTON – The State Department denied Tuesday evening that it was considering a joint boycott alongside allies of the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing. “Our position on the 2022 Olympics has not changed. We have not discussed and are not discussing any joint boycott with allies and partners,” a senior State Department official wrote in an emailed statement to CNBC. Department spokesman Ned Price had initially suggested during a press briefing earlier on Tuesday that a boycott of the Olympic Games was among the possibilities for addressing China’s human rights abuses.
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A GOP political organization dedicated to electing Republicans to state offices across the nation is highlighting what it calls a "record" first quarter fundraising haul in an off-election year. The Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC) announced on Monday that, along with its strategic policy partner, the State Government Leadership Foundation, it hauled in a combined $4.2 million in fundraising during the January-March quarter, which the RSLC said is the most it’s ever brought in in the first quarter of an odd year.
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A bipartisan group of lawmakers is warning that the national debt –– now estimated to total $85,210 per person –– poses an imminent threat, especially if interest rates spike. The U.S. government has spent around $6 trillion during the coronavirus pandemic, in addition to regular government appropriations. The $6 trillion figure does not count the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan that President Biden signed a few weeks ago. The deficit set a record in FY2020 at $3.13 trillion. And the national debt has hit a record $28 trillion.
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Former President George W. Bush said Sunday during an interview with “CBS Evening News” anchor Norah O’Donnell that he felt former President Donald Trump lacked the “humility” necessary to be an effective leader. In the interview that aired on “CBS Sunday Morning,” O’Donnell said, “Though he has refrained from criticizing his successors, he told us there’s a clear difference between him and former President Donald Trump.” Discussing Trump, Bush said, “I feel a responsibility to uphold the dignity of the office. I did then, and I do now. And I think it’s undignified to want to see my name in print all the time.” CORRECTION*
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CNN host Chris Cuomo began his Friday monologue with a frustrated rant about a lack of police reforms following the shootings of two young black males, saying that nothing will change until white children start getting killed.As he began, Cuomo recounted several recent shootings, including one in Indianapolis at a FedEx facility on Thursday in which the young white male gunman, Brandon Hole, killed eight people and wounded several others before killing himself, before going on to suggest that the frequency of the incidents has created an ‘us versus them’ mentality that is now gripping much of society.Cuomo then told the audience they are aware of what will really change
Dominion Advisor Met With John Podesta
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In case you missed this report after the election— (Photo) An email previously released by WikiLeaks reveals that a Dominion Voting advisor met with John Podesta during Hillary Clinton’s campaign to discuss ways that they could help to defeat Donald Trump.In 2018, Dominion Voting announced that it had been acquired by its management team and Staple Street Capital, a New York-based private equity firm, who was being advised by Kirkland & Ellis LLP.During Clinton’s campaign, according to an email chain released by WikiLeaks, Kirkland & Ellis LLP partner Kamran S. Bajwa met with John Podesta while offering “anything” to help defeat Donald Trump.
Fauci Opines On U.S. Gun Violence,
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Dr. Anthony Fauci opined Sunday about the surge of gun violence in the United States and described the spike in shootings as an issue of public health. Speaking to CNN host Dana Bash on “State of the Union,” Fauci was asked to comment on whether he believes gun violence is a public health emergency. “Myself, as a public health person, I think you can’t run away from that,” Fauci replied. “When you see people getting killed, I mean, in this last month it’s just been horrifying what’s happened. How can you say that’s not a public health issue?"
Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene calls for
Rep. Waters' expulsion from Congress for
inciting riot in Minnesota
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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-G announced an effort Sunday to expel Rep. Maxine Waters from Congress after she told protesters in Minnesota to "get more confrontational" if Derek Chauvin isn't convicted of murdering George Floyd. In a statement released by her office, Taylor Greene accused the California Congresswoman of inciting "Black Lives Matter domestic terrorists to fire gunshots at National Guardsmen in Minnesota" after she spoke in Brooklyn Center, which has become a flashpoint for protests following the fatal police shooting of Daunte Wright. "I'll be introducing a resolution to expel Rep. Maxine Waters from Congress for her continual incitement of violence," a statement from Taylor Greene's office reads.
Pelosi says Waters shouldn't apologize for
'confrontational' remark, claims she wasn't inciting violence
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Posted by Moritz55 4/19/2021 4:41:07 PM Post Reply
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi defended Rep. Maxine Waters urging protesters to "get more confrontational" over the weekend in the event that Derek Chauvin is acquitted of murder for the death of George Floyd, saying the Democratic congresswoman does not need to apologize. Over the weekend, Waters, D-Calif., said protesters in Minnesota should "stay on the street and get more active."
Signs that 2021 rioters
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wealthy neighborhoods
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Posted by Magnante 4/19/2021 8:27:25 AM Post Reply
Rioting is a frequent phenomenon, complete with a professional traveling cadre that moves into a city when a spark ignites anger – as most recently happened in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota. (snip) Poor Blacks burning their own neighborhoods hurts the (nonprofessional) rioters and their families and is a burden that does not affect most people. It also doesn’t win a lot of friends among the supposedly oppressed people the itinerant professional rioters seek to lead. Now, we are seeing signs that the urge to riot will be directed from above at the affluent and comfortable, a property destruction analog of the slogan “Eat the rich”
Joe Biden Explores Canceling Federal
Student Debt Without Congress
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Posted by Imright 4/19/2021 3:53:22 PM Post Reply
President Joe Biden is currently exploring the idea of canceling federal student loan debt, awaiting memos on how much he can do legally.The Biden White House tasked Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona to explore the issue, effectively stalling immediate action on the issue as activists increasingly push for him cancel the debt. White House chief of staff Ron Klain said Biden has not made a decision on the issue either way, as he is waiting for the policy memos.“Hopefully we’ll see that in the next few weeks, and then he’ll look at that legal authority; he’ll look at the policy issues around that and he’ll make a decision,”
Ace New York Times reporters pin
vaccine hesitancy among conservatives
to their belief in 'hoaxes'
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Posted by PageTurner 4/19/2021 7:52:25 AM Post Reply
Remember Pauline Kael? She's the famous Manhattan film critic who apocryphally said that she couldn't understand how anyone could vote to re-elect President Nixon in 1972, because she didn't know anyone. (Actually -- she did know one, but lost track of him.) She "lived in a rather special world," as she put it. Well, the New York Times still lives there, and appears to like being mired in the same Mr. Magooism. Latest nonsense from those heights comes from a big data-journalism-driven piece with three bylines and four contributors on vaccine hesitancy around the U.S., concluding that it's all those troglodytes who voted for President Trump
Biden and nation bracing for possibility of
'not guilty' verdict in trial of Derek Chauvin
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Posted by NorthernDog 4/19/2021 1:25:08 PM Post Reply
As the trial of former Minnesota police officer Derek Chauvin wrapped up with closing arguments, the nation braced itself for a verdict: guilty or not guilty of killing George Floyd, the 46-year-old Black man who died during an arrest after Chauvin pressed his knee to Floyd's neck for 9 minutes and 29 seconds. The 12 jurors on the panel have as much time as they need to deliberate, but there is a possibility of a hung jury, which is a failure to reach at least one unanimous verdict. Chauvin is facing three charges, including second-degree murder, third-degree murder and second-degree
Chomsky: GOP ‘Dedicated with Passion to
Ensuring that the Survival of Organized Human
Society Will Be Impossible’
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Posted by Dreadnought 4/19/2021 12:20:03 AM Post Reply
Ahead of this week’s planned virtual Earth Day Summit, leftist political activist Noam Chomsky slammed the modern GOP’s stance on climate change. Chomsky, in the past, has railed against the Trump administration for its lack of action addressing climate change, calling former President Donald Trump worse than Adolf Hitler. According to the MIT professor, the Republican Party is “dedicated with passion to ensuring that the survival of organized human society will be impossible.” He said the GOP is the “only organization in human history” that has acted that way. “They are the only organization in human history that is dedicated with passion to ensuring that … the survival
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Thirteen of the nation’s leading electricity companies are pledging to work with President Biden to slash carbon emissions ahead of Thursday’s international White House summit on climate change. On Friday, the companies sent a letter to Mr. Biden urging the administration to design a wide-reaching energy agenda to curb carbon emission more than 80% below 2005 levels by 2030. “A federal policy framework can be designed to support the power sector’s deployment of strategies that are technically feasible, ensure reliability, and maintain affordability for customers,” the companies wrote.(Snip) Among the 13 firms signing the letter was the Exelon Corporation, which is the largest regulated
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