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Game 1 of NBA Finals sees lowest viewership
in recorded ratings history

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Posted By: MDConservative, 10/1/2020 9:29:43 PM

A trend of low ratings throughout the NBA postseason has now reached the NBA Finals. And hit it hard. Game 1 of the Finals between the Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat brought in only 7.41 million viewers to ABC, according to The Hollywood Reporter. That is reportedly the lowest viewership seen for the Finals since at least 1994, when total viewers began to be regularly recorded.


Reality is coming home to the "woke" NBA. Someone will be asking for their money back when sponsors find they were shorted in the promised eyeballs.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: Republic Can 10/1/2020 9:32:34 PM (No. 559066)
What goes around, comes around.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: Mauigirl 10/1/2020 9:33:58 PM (No. 559067)
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Reply 3 - Posted by: DARling 10/1/2020 9:40:53 PM (No. 559074)
I used to call basketball Thugball. Now it is Thug1, football is Thug2 and baseball is getting dangerously close to being Thug3. I have no use for any of them anymore.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: larry_bud_melman 10/1/2020 9:42:17 PM (No. 559075)
Hey Lebron, we're just not that into you
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Reply 5 - Posted by: scottj 10/1/2020 9:49:18 PM (No. 559077)
I think it's going to get worse and people are rightly going to blame that racist Lebron James for it.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: Rotten in Denmark 10/1/2020 9:52:00 PM (No. 559079)
I used to follow NASCAR. Now it’s NOOSECAR and dead to me.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: droopydog 10/1/2020 9:52:46 PM (No. 559080)
Lakers and Celtics, 1980s. It's been downhill since. Since LeBron, off a cliff.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: Kowgirl 10/1/2020 9:55:56 PM (No. 559084)
Best ... news ... ever.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: snapper451 10/1/2020 9:57:14 PM (No. 559085)
The fix has been in all along - the NBA is so corrupt- Lee-Bron wins again, Why would anyone watch?
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Reply 10 - Posted by: HPmatt 10/1/2020 10:01:02 PM (No. 559087)
Does that include the 2 billion chinese watchers?
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Reply 11 - Posted by: thatsomewhereplace 10/1/2020 10:03:10 PM (No. 559090)
Har de Har Har!!!
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Reply 12 - Posted by: DVC 10/1/2020 10:04:58 PM (No. 559093)
Let these obnoxious, anti-American racists play their damned game in China.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: Tet Vet 68 10/1/2020 10:05:41 PM (No. 559094)
Get woke go broke you anti American idiots! May you go bankrupt.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: Tet Vet 68 10/1/2020 10:09:21 PM (No. 559100)
Get woke go broke idiots! No one cares about your idiots causes--just play the game--no politics
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Reply 15 - Posted by: a man over thirty 10/1/2020 10:16:19 PM (No. 559105)
Yahoo doesn't think the NBA's politics has much to do with the decline in viewership and to make sure majorities don't disagree with them, Yahoo has turned off comments - - for quite a while now. Yahoo knows half OR MORE of their readers disagree with their BS wokeness so they just don't want to hear it.
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Reply 16 - Posted by: Dodge Boy 10/1/2020 10:22:51 PM (No. 559111)
Playing in front of card board posters instead of real life fans comes with a price, NBA. Suffice to say fans don't like the sports product being spoon fed to them. Disapproval of a product is never a good thing.
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Reply 17 - Posted by: TJ54 10/1/2020 10:23:11 PM (No. 559113)
Wait until they start cutting salaries! The screeching will be humorous
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Reply 18 - Posted by: Grounded 10/1/2020 10:23:28 PM (No. 559114)
The NBA is playing the Finals? Could have fooled me.
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Reply 19 - Posted by: Highlander 10/1/2020 10:36:42 PM (No. 559124)
LeBron James is a total lunkhead.
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Reply 20 - Posted by: Sgtglh 10/1/2020 10:39:54 PM (No. 559126)
LaBrown is a hater that no one wants to see or hear. I remember when NBA stood for "National" basketball association. Buh bye
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Reply 21 - Posted by: DaBigGuy 10/1/2020 10:42:13 PM (No. 559127)
It's worse than they are admitting. The old numbers counted only households. The new numbers include OOH (out of household) such as restaurants, bars, etc. It serves them right. Their foolish advertisers too.
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Reply 22 - Posted by: Blizzard 10/1/2020 10:51:08 PM (No. 559135)
I will never watch an NBA game ever again, and the only news I'll watch about the league is when they go out of business.
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Reply 23 - Posted by: stablemoney 10/1/2020 10:55:38 PM (No. 559138)
I despise the NBA, NFL, and MLB. The commissioners, owners, players, and media have treated fans horribly. They acted like they didn't care about the fans, and now many fans don't care about them.
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Reply 24 - Posted by: crashnburn 10/1/2020 10:59:30 PM (No. 559141)
It's basketball season, already? And the finals have started? Good, I don't have to worry much longer about accidentally surfing into one of their 'games'! At least all they did was pre-empt summer reruns. I wouldn't miss NBA if it went belly up and blew away.
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Reply 25 - Posted by: Omen55 10/1/2020 11:19:36 PM (No. 559162)
The best part about our revenge is that it costs US nothing. But in the end it will cost dem everything. Trump 2020
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Reply 26 - Posted by: Newtsche 10/1/2020 11:26:15 PM (No. 559165)
Eat it, NBA.
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Reply 27 - Posted by: wildcat1 10/1/2020 11:55:01 PM (No. 559178)
Ex viewers are woke.
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Reply 28 - Posted by: seamusm 10/2/2020 12:15:12 AM (No. 559184)
It was THAT high. There are really 7.4 million fools in America?
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Reply 29 - Posted by: JHHolliday 10/2/2020 12:30:37 AM (No. 559188)
I would like to say I am boycotting the NBA but I haven’t watched a game in 20 years. Ever since the refs started permitting traveling so the players could take four or five steps before jamming the ball and all the deliberate fouling to stretch the last five minutes into half an hour. It’s the most boring game on earth. The same now with all the tv timeouts and endless commercials in the NFL. Pro sports have become a boring snooze fest. Forget all the stupid BLM political posturing. I think the games no longer appeal to a lot of Americans. Good riddance is what I say.
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Reply 30 - Posted by: Safari Man 10/2/2020 12:39:36 AM (No. 559193)
You couldn’t pay me enough to watch. Okay, maybe $25,000 per game, but don’t ask me who won at the end.
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Reply 31 - Posted by: smokincol 10/2/2020 12:47:54 AM (No. 559195)
why would anyone want to watch any sports event today anyway? not exciting and too political.
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Reply 32 - Posted by: SALady 10/2/2020 12:53:10 AM (No. 559197)
I have never really cared for basketball. I have always found it extremely boring. But I still rooted for the San Antonio Spurs, since they were the local team and were pretty classy back in the days of "the admiral". But then they got woke, and their coach got massively infected with Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS). Threw away my Spurs t-shirt and haven't watched a game, and definitely have not even considered attending one in person, since he opened his pie hole and spewed anti-Trump garbage that first time. Didn't miss it for 2 seconds either!!!
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Reply 33 - Posted by: OhioNick 10/2/2020 1:11:14 AM (No. 559209)
When LeBron retires from the NBA, don't be surprise if he's appointed the commissioner of an NBA-operated league in China.
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Reply 34 - Posted by: watashiyo 10/2/2020 1:16:29 AM (No. 559213)
Soon the club will re-negotiate their salary to minimum hourly wages. .....wishful thinking. Here's another wishful thinking, ....the players' salary should be based on their IQ scores. Score of 1 = $1000.00. At least all will be assured a guaranteed $28,000 per season.
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Reply 35 - Posted by: GoodDeal 10/2/2020 2:21:47 AM (No. 559254)
Tried watching a game a while back and saw more Black Lives Matter t shirts than team jerseys. I’m done with it.
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Reply 36 - Posted by: udanja99 10/2/2020 8:37:12 AM (No. 559454)
Maybe it’s time to buy a hundred gallons of paint remover and get the BLM propaganda off the court floor. Oops. WAY too late for that.
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You can call me Pollyannish, but I am beginning to believe I may have underestimated the silent Trump vote in my previous posts. This is why. I mentioned the 2020 Cato Institute poll before, which discusses the high percentage of conservatives who are afraid to express their political views. Something I failed to consider was: Nearly two‐​thirds of Latino Americans (65%) and White Americans (64%) and nearly half of African Americans (49%) have political views they are afraid to share. Why would 65% of Latin voters and 49% of Black voters be afraid to express their political views, especially if 70-90% of them, respectively, are voting for Biden?
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France has been struck by two terror attacks within hours of each other as three people were killed—two of them beheaded—in an attack inside a cathedral in Nice before a gunman was shot dead by police in Avignon. The first attack began around 9am at the Notre Dame cathedral in Nice where a knifeman beheaded an elderly female parishioner and a male church warden, fatally stabbed a second woman, wounded several others, and was then shot and arrested by police. Two hours later, a gunman threatened people on the streets of Avignon—120 miles from Nice—while shouting 'Allahu Akbar' before he was fatally shot by police.
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