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It's Going Down, Antifa. Uncle Sam Just
Started Delivering Payback for Terror Riots

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Posted By: Pluperfect, 6/14/2020 4:32:53 AM

The Department of Justice has filed what looks to be the first tranche of charges against violent antifa protesters from coast to coast following weeks of rioting in the wake of the killing of George Floyd by police. As antifa itself would say, “It’s going down.”(Snip)More than 50 people have been indicted on various charges in La Mesa, Calif., Minneapolis, Austin, Dallas, Baton Rouge, Philly, St. Paul, and Tacoma.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: chumley 6/14/2020 4:38:08 AM (No. 444057)
Meanwhile, Soros, the Hildebeast, Comey, all Epsteins pedo friends and all the others are still running around free as birds and thumbing their noses at the justice system, us and the president. But the low life nobodies are getting prosecuted. Gee thanks for all that equal justice.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: stablemoney 6/14/2020 5:59:36 AM (No. 444065)
No indictments of those paying the rioters, or their many organizations. Some of those financing those organizations are our largest corporations, the CEO's that run them, and for hundreds of millions of dollars. The DOJ, the Congress, none of the politicians, are going after the funders, because those funders also fund them.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: DCGIRL 6/14/2020 6:04:31 AM (No. 444069)
This is the first step and this is great. They are being charged and tried by the Federal government. Otherwise, they would have been let free if it was up to the liberal states (NY, MN, CA, WA, OR, PA, NJ, etc) no one who have been indicted. My bet, they are starting to locate and dry up their money. The only way to cripple a terrorist organization is to kill their finances. Chaz is ran by both BLM and Antifa. I read that they are demanding money from the residents. This means that something happened to their financial support. Both terror organizations were well financed. Maybe just maybe the government is working overtime to put them out of business. Next I hope to hear that they are indicting individuals that are funding these terror organizations.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: anniebc 6/14/2020 7:05:33 AM (No. 444101)
Someone from Tacoma! arrested, but no one in Seattle, where they've taken over a whole six blocks and kicked out the police? I guess we should be happy that they're doing something in the midst of nothing being done, or we should be three-four years patient while AG Barr and PDT finally get to the real culprits behind the rioting and overthrow. What am I thinking?
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Reply 5 - Posted by: Rinktum 6/14/2020 7:16:15 AM (No. 444116)
Why is it common knowledge who is funding these violent organizations but the government appears to be unaware? Surely, they have been under the watchful eye of DOJ and FBI for years or have all their resources been focused on the Trump administration? Let’s get real here. Soros and his cabal have friends in high places that they are paying to protect them. The democrat party and, no doubt, many in the Republican party have been recipients of this blood money. It seems there is far too little appetite to go after the people who are funding this insurrection. The same people running the conspiracy to commit sedition are behind the insurrection on display now. Makes me wonder what would have happened if those investigations Into sedition had moved along at a quicker pace that maybe we would not be experiencing the violence we are today. Possibly the cabal would have had too much on their plate to incite this insurrection. Clearly, the appetite for justice is weak in this country and look what that has wrought. What good is justice if it comes too late and the country is destroyed? Could this have been prevented by the swift execution of justice? Are we being played again?
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Reply 6 - Posted by: janjan 6/14/2020 7:21:56 AM (No. 444122)
We’re complaining now that ‘lowlife nobodies’ are getting prosecuted? Why all the anger? What should the Feds be doing? Sitting there with their thumbs up their behinds like the liberal so-called leaders of these communities? These lowlife nobodies are criminal maggots who have decimated these cities and need to pay the consequences. Put them in cells right next to the DC cabal that tried to overturn the Presidency. Get them all.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: franq 6/14/2020 7:27:07 AM (No. 444127)
Why, #6? Deep State. They're all in on it. Just trying to buy time scurrying around and covering their tracks. A bloated, useless class of people has burgeoned in the last fifty years - they won't give up easily.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: Socio 6/14/2020 7:31:16 AM (No. 444132)
Sorry just don't trust the DOJ; if they don't use these indictments to fry bigger fish, threaten them with terror related charges work their way to the top and lop off all the heads of this hydra then this just a dog an pony show, where they take out some low hanging fruit to appease them masses, make it appear like they are doing something while doing a greater injustice to this country than Antifa could ever hope to do.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: udanja99 6/14/2020 7:47:44 AM (No. 444145)
I notice that the crime of murder is not being pursued. Why not?
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Reply 10 - Posted by: rytwng 6/14/2020 7:48:12 AM (No. 444146)
It's about time these Democrats were prosecuted.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: GO3 6/14/2020 7:57:58 AM (No. 444154)
Another article with a display of tweets from various characters. Please stop, and write a decent article, Victoria.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: MMC 6/14/2020 8:04:19 AM (No. 444162)
I read widely.. one source I read is a Chinese Marketing Newsletter.. the overall way China sees situation with BLM - “America says they are leaders of human rights? Hypocrites. “ I also see how this whole BLM can be a tool for marketing ideology in Communist countries. I sure ‘it is going down’ and legal charges are brought to funding source and those pawns carrying out the bidding on the ground. There must be a bird in the group to sing-
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Reply 13 - Posted by: Yuban 6/14/2020 8:31:21 AM (No. 444180)
I am not holding my breath.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: Dodge Boy 6/14/2020 8:42:20 AM (No. 444191)
There is indeed, sanitized justice being applied against the rioters and the antifa ring leaders. Such a timid response is rather stunning. To openly support the overthrow of the country's leadership here should be met with arrest and imprisonment for a very long time. The United States Code very specifically states what should happen to individuals committing sedition.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: fayebeck 6/14/2020 8:54:04 AM (No. 444200)
#5 In case you haven't heard, the locals are the peaceful folks and it's those "outsiders" doing the riots. It's been all over the news from New York to Texas to California. Californians are the busiest in the rioting gigs however. Rioting Texans riot in New York and rioting New Yorkers riot in Texas is how it works. Think of it as a "sister city" type thing.
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Reply 16 - Posted by: bigfatslob 6/14/2020 9:21:53 AM (No. 444219)
Let these domestic terrorist know that as terrorist they will not be kept on American soil they go straight to Gitmo with other terrorist prisoners. No homeland incarceration treat them like the terrorist they are 10 years for each charge should be sufficient and no possibility of parole.
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Reply 17 - Posted by: Rumblehog 6/14/2020 9:52:37 AM (No. 444250)
I call I can see are win-win situations for the Judicial system. First, the Defense Attorneys will get plenty of work for their court-appointed lawyer work and second, the prosecutors will be very busy for the foreseeable future. I would recommend setting up courts in mobile courtrooms in the form of trailers be brought into the actual area of the crimes and trials before Judge, who must walk into the war zone every single day to see the crime scene, first-hand. Upon judgement coming down simply march the anarchist from the courtroom and hang them in the public square for all to see.
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Reply 18 - Posted by: SpentPenny 6/14/2020 10:36:31 AM (No. 444293)
Not even close to sufficient. DOJ is spitting back at people firing weapons. The civil war has begun and our side is not fighting back. How sad that it would requuire a 70 year old ex-cop to see the truth and be willing to fight, but that would be a bad joke and I realize it. Age, health - lots of reasons I can't fight the real fight so I wring my hands along with every one else here. How pathetic - and I include myself in that because I cannot fight the fight that we need. But good Lord are there no younger people willing to do what is required to win this? President Trump cannot take up a rifle and defend the nation. He is dong the best that he can from his battle station but "We the People" seem to have turned our backs to him now. Sickening.
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Reply 19 - Posted by: Arby 6/14/2020 11:19:40 AM (No. 444345)
We need to hear more about this. The bottom line is that actions have consequences. When the snowflakes believe that they can act out with impunity they act out. When they see their snowflakes-in-arms carried off to the slammer it concentrates their thinking. The media tells one story; we need to tell the true story.
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Reply 20 - Posted by: DVC 6/14/2020 11:25:38 AM (No. 444352)
Let's hope that this is just the tip of the iceberg. If they want to pursue the domestic terrorism thing, via antifa thugs being identified as a terrorist organization, the NSA has all the necessary phone calls, e-mails, etc to connect the dots on this and roll up the larger organization and the people funding this. The question is one of will. Is this a show of force, or an actual effort to roll up antifa thugs and their leadership? Is Chris Wray going to go 'full throttle' on this, or just enough to keep Trump off his back? I tend to thing that latter, sadly. I don't trust Chris Wray one bit.
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Reply 21 - Posted by: bubby 6/14/2020 12:00:06 PM (No. 444381)
I will wait to see what convictions are made and what the jail sentence will be before I get too excited. Right now arrests are just a start nothing more. How many plea bargains will be offered, how many will get off due to legal technicalities etc!
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Reply 22 - Posted by: Ketchuplover 6/14/2020 12:12:17 PM (No. 444396)
Waiting for governors and mayors to be prosecuted.....
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Reply 23 - Posted by: Geoman 6/14/2020 12:19:17 PM (No. 444407)
The headline of the article is enough to quash any belief that "payback" is imminent. It is only pablum for those who refuse to acknowledge that government at all levels is failing to 'preserve, protect, and defend.' For too many years, a large segment of conservative Americans have continued to put the fate of their country on the words of well-meaning politicians like Issa, Gowdy, Nunes, and even Trump but despite the rhetoric and "bombshell" headlines, often containing the word, "Boom," to emphasize the pretend significance of what amounts to nothingness, the anti-Americans gain ground. While illegal aliens continue to pour into this country unabated, the coup plotters, serial impeachment mongers, and run-of-the-mill communists walk free while their agenda dominates the news as American cities burn and self destruct. Violent felons are promoted as modern heroes by a thoroughly corrupt mass media that no longer even resembles "the press," cited in the Constitution. Anything to keep the dwindling numbers of American citizens who love their country from rising up to tidy up appears to be the order of the day, while eyes that should be looking down a gunsight are focused on "November," as if November 2016 wasn't the start of the hyper-active, in-your-face deep state rebellion, which now includes senior military leaders, uniformed and civilian. The people of this country will, by their action or inaction, determine whether our constitutional republic goes down the tubes or survives.
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Reply 24 - Posted by: Omen55 6/14/2020 12:30:46 PM (No. 444425)
This is how it always starts. You go up the food chain,not down.
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Reply 25 - Posted by: RedWhite&Blue2 6/14/2020 1:24:10 PM (No. 444495)
Tell us who pays you? Who gives the marching orders? Follow the $$$$$$$ $ORO$.......
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Reply 26 - Posted by: RuckusTom 6/14/2020 2:01:02 PM (No. 444523)
40 or 50 year sentences for arson, looting and rioting will get anyone's attention - even the Antifa and BLM types. There's a big leap from living in mom's basement, playing XBox and smoking pot and checking your social media account all day long, to being Bubba's wife for 50 years in the federal pen because your burned down a Wendy's.
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Reply 27 - Posted by: JackBurton 6/14/2020 2:14:50 PM (No. 444532)
I'm seeing requests on Face Book for people to identify rioter/looters caught on store video cams. I dunno who will rat someone out but it should put a chill on looting.. And... It will be a boost for facial recognition advocates. Find 'em. Arrest 'em. Charge 'em. If you wanna say that crime doesn't pay, MAKE IT NOT PAY.
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Reply 28 - Posted by: ussjimmycarter 6/14/2020 3:26:11 PM (No. 444567)
Throw the Soy Boys into big boy prison and mix them in well with the general population! Now...sit back and enjoy the trauma visited upon these “thugs”!
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Reply 29 - Posted by: Butch 6/14/2020 4:05:30 PM (No. 444589)
Simply fantastic! This is what happens when real law enforcement officers are in charge. I want to see a lot more just like this -- and something tells me we shall.
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Reply 30 - Posted by: leonardo 6/14/2020 10:24:21 PM (No. 444833)
These LEFTIES need to PAY for their insurrection, in a BIG way. Maybe these basement-dwellers can be "persuaded" to steer investigators to the money that is funding the insurrection.
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The FBI has reached out to an election integrity researcher for evidence of potential crimes in the 2020 election, according to the researcher, who is also a former Trump campaign official. The evidence was collected by the Voter Integrity Project (VIP) led by Matt Braynard, former data and strategy director for President Donald Trump’s 2016 election campaign. “The @FBI has proactively and directly requested from me the VIP findings that indicates illegal ballots,” Braynard said in a Nov. 29 tweet. “By Tuesday, we will have delivered to the agency all of our data, including names, addresses, phone numbers, etc.”
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As allegations of fraud and irregularities in the election mount in overwhelming numbers, a retired and highly decorated Air Force General came forward to expose the CIA on vote hacking.  Retired Lieutenant General Thomas G. McInerney, a former US Air Force Assistant Vice-Chief of Staff, said that the CIA might be behind the efforts to sabotage the election. In an interview with One America News Network reporter Pearson Sharp, Lt. Gen. McInerney exposed what could be the largest blow in the presidential election.  The former Air Force general disclosed two software called “Hammer” and “Scorecard” used by the leftists as a superweapon in sabotaging the votes.  Correction*

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And just like that, it’s gone.Last week, a group from the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources dispatched to count sheep spied a shiny monolith in the middle of nowhere. It stood about 10 to 12 feet tall and had been expertly planted into the ground.Now, poof, it’s disappeared.“We have received credible reports that the illegally installed structure, referred to as the ‘monolith,’ has been removed,” the state’s Bureau of Land Management (BLM) said in a Facebook post on Saturday.Who took it? “An unknown party,” the BLM said.
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President Donald Trump urged Joe Biden to ‘Get well soon’ after the former Vice President injured his foot Sunday. (Tweet/Video) “Get well soon!” Trump wrote on Twitter sharing news footage of Biden leaving an orthopedic office in Deleware. Biden’s office said “on background” that the former Vice President “slipped while playing with his dog Major, and twisted his ankle” while at his home in Delaware. Biden was taken to an orthopedist for an examination and an x-ray.
What's Biden hidin'? Biden team
won't let fawning media off bus
to cover his dog-broke-my-foot story
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Posted by Dreadnought 11/30/2020 10:12:36 AM Post Reply
It might be called a metaphor -- Joe Biden getting off to his purported presidency -- on the wrong, or broken, foot. Which might explain why Biden didn't want to let the news get out. Biden blocked reporters from taking pictures of him and his broken foot, something he claims to have sprained with hairline fractures while playing with his dog named 'Major.' According to RedState, which has an excellent curation of various reporter tweets, Biden attempted to hide from press scrutiny of his condition, this time by refusing to allow reporters to get off the bus. Here's a screenshot sample
Maria Bartiromo gets an earful after asking
Trump, where are the DOJ and FBI?
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Posted by Imright 11/29/2020 6:23:46 PM Post Reply
Appearing on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures,”, President Donald Trump took aim at the FBI and even U.S. Attorney John Durham for their apparent refusal to exact justice against wrongdoers, including those allegedly responsible for voter fraud and impropriety in the 2020 race.“Where are they with Comey, with McCabe, with Brennan, with all these people? They lied to Congress, they leaked, they spied on our campaign. I see Carter Page is bringing a lawsuit. That’s good news. Where are they with all of this stuff, and what happened to Durham? Where’s Durham?” he asked incredulously.
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