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American carnage: These aren't
protests — they're riots. Someone
must end the lawlessness.

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Posted By: Pluperfect, 6/3/2020 5:03:07 AM

Police sirens wailed up and down 8th Avenue in Manhattan, and New York Police Department helicopters hovered overhead Monday night. The rioters, according to my social media feeds, were several blocks away from my home, pillaging a clothing outlet. A family member sent me a photo he took, from his window, of a jewelry store being ransacked, with no cops in sight. New York City, like so many others across the country, is under siege. The police here are not in control of the streets. Anyone can turn on the television or open up social media and see rioters chanting profanely, destroying public and private property, or even attacking women shop owners.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: DCGIRL 6/3/2020 5:38:23 AM (No. 430460)
If New York can't get their state under control, then the President must step in. NO more Federal money for these states. Let them crumble and collapse. The Governors created this mess by imposing continued unrealistic lockdowns then allows the destruction by these animals. The h3ll with them. They are on their own.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: DaddyO 6/3/2020 5:58:21 AM (No. 430467)
Ha. Ha. Ha. Wallow in the mess you created, NY.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: NancyD 6/3/2020 6:26:51 AM (No. 430479)
And the idiot Gov's from the rioting blue states want the US to bail them out? Are you kidding me? Stop the juvenile leftist behavior and take responsibility for your actions.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: LaVallette 6/3/2020 6:29:49 AM (No. 430482)
The modern system of policing if there is a violent demonstration especially by politically correct identified groups : withdraw the police to "avoid confrontation" and at the same time avoid any political fall out from accusations of further "victimization" of the groups concerned, in the hope that by letting them vent and destroy and loot whatever they want eventually their anger and energy will run it and the problem will go away. Unfortunately that very attitude has emboldened the more determined to overthrow the entire social and economic system by the "Direct Action" of the use of force, pillage, looting and causing widespread economic and social chaos by taking advantage of such political protection for public "protest. These emboldened revolutionary groups are large in number, pervasive, well organized and well funded by their sponsors and are prepared for long term street warfare until they either win or the authorities and law enforcement wake up and crush them. The weak political and policing "softly softly" approach is, as it inevitably would, turning around and biting those responsible in their backside very very hard. Violent people regardless of their background and their cause respect/fear only one thing: forceful resistance with all the powers available to the society.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: Lazyman 6/3/2020 6:31:02 AM (No. 430484)
Let's get back to the slow motion riots that is more normal.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: janjan 6/3/2020 6:32:26 AM (No. 430485)
We keep hearing about what’s going to happen if this doesn’t stop. It’s time. The blue state mayors and governors have had more than enough time. Bring in the military now and stop talking about it.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: LesUNo 6/3/2020 6:42:24 AM (No. 430490)
The mobs have been rioting snd burning and looting for eight straight nights. It long past time for SOMEBODY to do SOMETHING!
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Reply 8 - Posted by: Sorosisbehindit 6/3/2020 6:55:09 AM (No. 430493)
The police are following their orders from liberal mayors and governors .... to let Rome burn.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: planetgeo 6/3/2020 7:26:54 AM (No. 430511)
The one good thing we've learned from these not-so-peaceful protests is what the really big looters (i.e., the Democrats) and their paramilitary arm (i.e., people colored by perpetual grievance - PCPGs) really want. And I might add that this revelation becomes blazingly clear with only a minor edit to some of their favorite, professionally printed spontaneous protest signs. 1. NO JUSTUS, NO PEACE! (In other words, if you fools vote in anybody but us Democrats, we are never going to give you a single moment of peace and/or quiet. We're going to break things, set things on fire, beat you and your cops up, and worst of all, we're never going to shut up. You hear me, you futhermuckers? Not. One. Moment.) 2. ONLY BLACK LIVES MATTER! (If you don't believe we really mean this, just watch when some fool thinks he can safely say "All Lives Matter." Didn't need that job, did he? Also, check out the actual statistics of "race vs race violent crimes" (black-on-white wins by far) and "deaths at the hands of police, by race" (many more whites). Ever hear of any riots, looting, or week-long protest fests and tearful politician/media/entertainer sobbing/scolding for any of that? Me neither.) So, thanks for letting us finally know exactly what it is you want in order to finally just shut the F up.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: Daisymay 6/3/2020 7:28:21 AM (No. 430512)
I don't think Trump should step in and take over. New York has made it clear they do not need help. They do not want the National Guard. So, Let them handle it. New Yorkers have just been through hell with the Pandemic and the Lock Down. Now comes the Riots and Looting. Most people would think that would be enough for the VOTERS to say, time for a change and vote for Republicans to clean up the mess Democrats have created. But don't count on it. If I had to bet, I would put my money on those very same New Yorkers voting in more of the same! So, let them figure out how they are going to pay for the damages to their city. Don't ask for the taxpayers in the rest of the country to bail them out, once again, because of the poor Leadership they have chosen when voting in their Governor and Mayor!
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Reply 11 - Posted by: gone2pot 6/3/2020 7:57:25 AM (No. 430551)
The deep state used and/or purposely staged Flynn's indictments; the Carter Page FISA warrants; the Russia hoax-Mueller investigation; Kavanaugh; Ukraine and Trump's impeachment; Chicom virus; and now the national race riots that make '68 Chicago and LA look like walks in the park. Sorry, but it ain't black helicopter nor tin foil hat to surmise that the eight minute video of a white police officer mortally restraining a hand cuffed black man with three police officers doing nothing about it and then the EMT's doing nothing about it was done on purpose as yet another target of opportunity for the deep state. Literally NO ONE is investigating that maybe, just maybe wanton racism by Minneapolis police is NOT the motivation for Floyd's death. Like the FISA warrant and like the Flynn-FBI blackmail, you could easily "insert name here" and anyone in Carter's or Mike's place WOULD HAVE been mistreated in the exact same way. The motivation for Floyd's death was to make sure race riots happened. NO ONE has investigated where Floyd got the counterfeit twenty he used in the convenience store that led to the eight plus minute video that I believe was planned and staged in order to make sure all this chaos happened. Not even Boss Hogg would be dumb enough to make sure he was being videoed by several people from several angles for over eight minutes, proving without doubt, the "white cops murder innocent black men" meme was perfectly performed, knowing full well riots would break out on cue nationally. Sorry, but my turnip truck wounds healed in 1995-this national race riot was planned. Since we know without question, the deep state did and will get away with doing all of the above mentioned six events with their associated hoaxes for the purposes of destroying a Constitutional Republic, staging a white cop/innocent black victim is a piece of cake for them. THAT is the story.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: edgar 6/3/2020 8:07:32 AM (No. 430561)
Disappointed to see many PD's rolling over and 'taking a knee' at the order from BLM 'protesters'.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: Rinktum 6/3/2020 8:23:31 AM (No. 430585)
It just occurred to me as I read this article that as a kid the police in my small town were tough with little or no politically correct actions or language. However, even the poorest sections of town were relatively safe. That all changed in the 60’s. People became less civil and more belligerent, and here we are today with many individuals openly hostile to police or anyone in authority. Respect for others is reserved only for those in your own group and sometimes even that is lacking. We have become a selfish and egocentric society. It’s all about the individual. I don’t believe we are as divided between race as we are divided between ideologies. There is a vast amount of Americans of all races who are throwbacks to the time when respect was given, authority was recognized, and kindness was offered to all. These are traditional Americans who believe in the American Dream, hard work, the rule of law, and the concept of the Golden Rule, love of God and country which are simple truths that give meaning to our lives. This leaves the rest of the country who reveres government, self, forced equality and forced outcomes. It is very difficult to reconcile these two very different philosophies. Now it is even more difficult. As we see in these democrat run cities, the leaders find it impossible to lead or make the right decisions for the good of their citizens because their philosophy of governing is so flawed. Instead of decision making, they rely on the best political outcome for their party. Leading requires courage, rational thought, common sense and strength. It just cannot be done with the mindset of a liberal, at least not today’s liberal. They are failing their citizens and more importantly are making a bad situation even worse and failing the country at large. This will not change until the citizens wake up and realize that leadership matters and the leadership they voted in is a failure. The President should offer help but refrain from stepping in until the people of these cities demand that he do so. If he sends in help, all he will get in return is anger and resentment. Democrats are not ready to admit they have failed in their choice of leadership. Let them come to that conclusion first.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: chillijilli 6/3/2020 8:25:58 AM (No. 430587)
The problem is once again the media. I live in a Grade B city and was shocked to read that my city was included in those with massive revolts. I was able to find local coverage of the riots I didn't know about that were happening in my backyard. There were 14 people carrying signs and about 200 police and that was that. 2 protesters were yelling. The media kept playing the same clip of 14 people over and over again, sometimes from different angles. That's how they distort the news. So yes, there WERE protesters. But NO, there WEREN'T rioters. And nothing has happened since. One time. 14 people. In a city of 1 million. Yet the coverage implies that we are exactly like NYC. Think about what the media is doing. THEY are inciting violence. Suppose there was a riot and no media came. What has happened to Covid19? Did it go away or something?
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Reply 15 - Posted by: udanja99 6/3/2020 8:25:58 AM (No. 430588)
“ And the Minneapolis police report that they have found water bottles filled with gasoline hidden in bushes throughout neighborhoods where fires were set.” Did anyone else see the report on the bus found in Columbus, OH which was filled with, among other weapons and arson materials, meat cleavers and axes? MEAT CLEAVERS???? That’s how evil these thugs are - we’re heading into ISIS territory now where people get hacked to death in the street. Bring in the Marines and the Army Rangers! With live ammo.
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Reply 16 - Posted by: udanja99 6/3/2020 8:27:48 AM (No. 430590)
Forgot to add, don’t look at the political cartoons after the article if you want to keep your blood pressure at its normal level.
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Reply 17 - Posted by: Dodge Boy 6/3/2020 8:45:31 AM (No. 430609)
If beheadings start happening, it is over for the cities, the dim party, and for America.
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Reply 18 - Posted by: little guy 6/3/2020 9:39:56 AM (No. 430687)
So I guess this is the first time in recorded history that masses of people have rioted and looted, huh? Afraid not. One thing recorded history does show us about mad crowd control (and not just here in the USA but Asia, Europe, etc. --- all the way back to Roman times) is that all past societies have contained & controlled riots the same way. With fast and painful force. Yes --- shock troops get sent in immediately and they take no prisoners or make arrests. The first three rioters to get shot coming out of a Walmart store, whether fatally hit or not, would discourage everyone else real quick. In fact, the record shows that the rioting crowd will drop what they are carrying so they can run faster for their lives. Sadly, our feckless politicians have misunderstood the real issue (payback Trump's whitey supporters) while the extent of the damage is understated. No one performing bad behavior will voluntarily stop if they feel they can get away with it --- not a five year old, a teenager, a rapist or murderer or any latter day Nazi/fascist. If you don't stop them quickly, and force is usually needed instead of reason, then you can expect the bad/evil behavior to continue and increase.
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Reply 19 - Posted by: rytwng 6/3/2020 9:53:34 AM (No. 430707)
Substitute the name Democrat for protestor, rioter, looter, thug etc.
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Reply 20 - Posted by: Zumkopf 6/3/2020 9:59:34 AM (No. 430717)
There’s a method to this madness. Blue states and their major cities were already in trouble due to years of profligate spending and taxpayer flight. The Wuhan virus and the shutdown overreactions made things worse. But there was little chance of a further Federal Government bailout. When the rioting started, the Blue politicians saw their opportunity: Congress and Trump might not pay for underfunded pension plans, or bloated city/state payrolls, but they could hardly refuse to pay for post-riot rebuilding. And so they let it burn.
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Reply 21 - Posted by: Strike3 6/3/2020 10:17:08 AM (No. 430734)
These animals need to be staring into the gun barrels of troops willing to shoot them if they don't follow orders. They have lost all respect for cops in blue cities. They think they might have won a victory after all of this rioting but what "White Supremacist" is going to hire one of these dreadlocked morons after this display of ignorance and destruction? African American employment enjoyed a brief spike thanks to Donald Trump but they just screwed themselves for a number of years.
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Reply 22 - Posted by: Foghorn 6/3/2020 10:34:29 AM (No. 430759)
They released 250 arrested for violent actions then released them for lack of evidence. Celebrities are providing millions to post bonds for the violent protestors. Stop all of this by suspending habeas corpus as Lincoln did before the Civil War. This would hold the violent criminals until the rampage settles down. Releasing people back into the community is just reigniting the riots.
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Reply 23 - Posted by: mc squared 6/3/2020 10:54:12 AM (No. 430784)
Thank you #15. I googled it and found this short item: Guess it hasn't made it to the MSM yet.
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Reply 24 - Posted by: MissileMan742 6/3/2020 11:00:20 AM (No. 430798)
I hope they brought some Active Denial System units with them.
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Reply 25 - Posted by: Krause 6/3/2020 11:03:21 AM (No. 430805)
So the people who are looting, smashing windows, throwing rocks at police, setting cop cars and buildings on fire, stealing, beating people up.....these are the people we should be sympathetic to? I have to say, I don't think it's a good look for them.
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Reply 26 - Posted by: doctorfixit 6/3/2020 11:27:13 AM (No. 430850)
Federal government stay out of it. Let the socialists destroy themselves. They want chaos, let them have chaos. Keep them locked down & quarantined until they've burned themselves to the ground.
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Reply 27 - Posted by: ARKfamily 6/3/2020 12:04:07 PM (No. 430909)
Just read an article where a woman was asked by a Black Lives Matter member to kneel because of her white privilege. I am outraged. I want to know where I can protest. I have had a mother, father, and brother die from various forms of cancer. My sister and I have been diagnosed with breast cancer and I would have to kneel because of my white privilege? I want to know where that privilege is - my family has worked hard, paid our taxes, tried very hard not to be a burden on society but because of my race, I am privileged? Yeah, right.
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Reply 28 - Posted by: NotaBene 6/3/2020 12:11:33 PM (No. 430912)
The Los Angeles 1992 riots organized by Maxine Waters to elect Clinton were 28 years ago and the Capital of the Pacific is not fully recuperated yet. Good morning Minneapolis! President Trump should do nothing. Let them burn their own cities. Although I confess I was very offended by watching them looting Macy’s with impunity. One day the Cultural Marxists-Democrats will be voted out. Law and Order. No more affirmative action.
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Reply 29 - Posted by: DVC 6/3/2020 1:22:04 PM (No. 430968)
Blue State problem. Talk to your mayor and/or governor about it Not happening in the sane parts of America.
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Reply 30 - Posted by: KatieJo 6/3/2020 2:03:39 PM (No. 431012)
Actually, ADS is pretty terrifying #24. It falls within the frequency range of the new 5G technology--only, presumably, the 5G will be at lower intensity/power levels. I am extremely concerned about 5G already, this only intensifies that concern. The deep state has so many levels and so many operatives, that I don't think it matters who's president. There are serious health considerations that are not being studied or tested for. The tech companies, the government regulatory agencies and the media are all ignoring the health risks. They won't have to take our guns.
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Reply 31 - Posted by: Right Time 6/3/2020 2:50:19 PM (No. 431062)
Where is Chris Wray and the FBI? This is organized rebellion and is interstate. Start arresting Antifa andss expose their Lawfare legal help as the revolutionaries they are. Bankrupt them with Justice Dept investigations and lawsuits. Expose their funders. The FBI was all over the Viet Nam protests with undercover agents and snitches in the ranks of the rioters. Why not now for this? Why aren't we hearing about ANTIFA arrests? If Wray won't do his job, fire him and give the job to Rick Grinell
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Reply 32 - Posted by: slsusnr 6/3/2020 7:07:16 PM (No. 431371)
Buck Sexton says to bring in local and state police, or military forces. There is no third option. There is one. The thugs have said they "will take it to the suburbs." I say, let them come. They are clueless as to what awaits them. I have been considering picking up an AK-47 for quite some time, and now might be the time. (This is not about the merits of AK vs. AR. Let's not go there.) I checked three nationwide gun dealers on the 'net, and knew what I would find: Out of Stock. But not to worry, I have three shotguns. Let them come.
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Reply 33 - Posted by: TCloud 6/3/2020 7:37:39 PM (No. 431405)
Soros $$$$ Matters!
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Reply 34 - Posted by: or gate 6/3/2020 8:01:34 PM (No. 431422)
Our President is trying. They left want the whole country in smoking ruin.
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Reply 35 - Posted by: or gate 6/3/2020 8:07:24 PM (No. 431427)
Burn where it is ok to burn.... baby
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The sudden plunge in the unemployment rate just reported for May is a reminder of — for all the setbacks of the past few months — the extraordinary power of the Trump economy and the American free enterprise system. The economy added 2.5 million jobs last month, bringing the jobless rate down to 13.3% from the 14.7% recorded in April. Given that expectations were running closer to 20%, or more, it’s just a remarkable report. It would be imprudent to make too much of this. There’s a long way to go. Yet it would also be unwise to fail to mark such good news as there is.
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The United States is calmer, though still threatening, following days of rioting that spread with lightning speed across the nation, with murderous assaults on police officers and civilians and the ecstatic annihilation of businesses and symbols of the state. Welcome to a real civilization-destroying pandemic, one that makes the recent saccharine exhortations to “stay safe” and the deployment of police officers to enforce outdoor mask-wearing seem like decadent bagatelles. This particular form of viral chaos was inevitable, given the failure of Minneapolis’s leaders to quell the city’s growing mayhem. The violence began on May 26, the day after the horrifying arrest and subsequent death of a black man
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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — The Florida Supreme Court is blocking an assault weapons ban from going to voters in 2022, saying in a Thursday ruling that the ballot summary is deceptive because it doesn't clearly state that a grandfathering clause applies to the owner, not the gun itself. A group called Ban Assault Weapons Now sponsored the proposed constitutional amendment, inspired by the mass shooting at a Parkland high school that left 17 people dead. It would have banned the possession of any semiautomatic rifle or shotgun capable of holding more than ten rounds of ammunition.
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Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union.” former Secretary of State Colin Powell called President Donald Trump “dangerous” to our country.Powell said, “I never believed that the constitution was under threat until recently. I have concerns about that. We should all be attentive right now to how the rule of law is being administered in this country.”He continued, We have a constitution. We have to follow that constitution. The president’s drifted away from it. I’m so proud of what these generals and admirals have done, and others have done.”He added, “The first thing that troubled me is the whole birther movement.
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OBERLIN — Twenty-three faith leaders from a range of traditions — Baptist, Quaker, Catholic, Presbyterian, Unitarian and more — are calling for the censure of President Donald Trump.(Snip)Oberlin ministers issued a statement Friday, saying “these acts of self-glorification on the part of our nation’s leader must be condemned as blasphemous and unconstitutional.”(Snip)The Oberlin ministers, who represent mostly Christian congregations, are calling on Ohio Sens. Sherrod Brown and Rob Portman as well as Rep. Jim Jordan to begin formal censure proceedings. Censure is a formal reprimand from the House of Representatives, the Senate or both for presidential conduct that does not befit the Oval Office.
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Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) on Thursday praised former Defense Secretary James Mattis, who, on Wednesday, offered a blistering critique of President Trump as a divisive leader. "Gen. Mattis’s letter was stunning and powerful. Gen. Mattis is a man of extraordinary sacrifice. He's an American patriot. He's an individual whose judgment I respect, and I think the world of him," Romney told reporters. "If I ever had to choose somebody to be in a foxhole with, it would be with a Gen. Mattis. What a wonderful, wonderful man," Romney added. Corrections*

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Posted by kreeger 6/7/2020 9:59:29 AM Post Reply
The US National Football League is embroiled in a standoff with President Donald Trump after it said players would be allowed to “take the knee” during the American national anthem in protest against racism. After the NFL announced its U-turn, Trump tweeted late on Friday night: “We should be standing up straight and tall, ideally with a salute, or a hand on heart. There are other things you can protest, but not our Great American Flag – NO KNEELING!”
Looney Tunes remake will see Elmer
Fudd without his rifle as creators
declare 'we're not doing guns'
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Posted by Ribicon 6/7/2020 1:18:52 PM Post Reply
Elmer Fudd is still hunting wabbits, but now he hasn’t got a wifle. The Looney Tunes cartoons have been remade for a modern audience, and Fudd is no longer allowed to have a gun. Warner Bros has commissioned a new animation series featuring the classic characters, including Bugs Bunny, which sticks close to the spirit of the originals. But viewers may notice a difference when it comes Fudd—whose catchphrase was: “Shhh. Be vewy, vewy quiet. I’m hunting wabbits.” In response to US gun violence, the showrunners will not include firearms in Fudd’s arsenal.(Snip) “We’re not doing guns,” said Peter Browngardt,
Joe Biden’s mental decline
sadly evident twice yesterday
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Posted by Magnante 6/6/2020 10:01:24 AM Post Reply
How will Joe Bide be able to handle presidential debates? Or campaigning beyond his basement? I almost hate to point this out because I do have compassion for anyone facing the mental challenges of aging. (snip) Keep Joe Biden feeding the geese at his lavish estate in Delaware and I will gush with sympathy (snip) despite repeatedly looking down to his notes, he repeats the same basic point three times within 45 seconds (snip) The clip below is even worse. He drifts off into utter incoherence, a classic word salad.
Minneapolis Mayor Asks Trump For Aid After
Riots Cause At Least $55 Million In Damage
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The Minneapolis mayor is asking for federal help cleaning up and rebuilding his city after rioters caused at least $55 million worth of damage through looting, burning, and defacing public and private property. That cost estimate is likely to increase in the coming days as government officials continue to tally the damage done in the wake of George Floyd’s death, Mayor Jacob Frey said according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz and the state’s congressional delegation are also pushing the Trump administration and Congress for funding. On Tuesday, city officials released an initial estimate of $55 million in damage done to at least 220 buildings.
Measure to create Chicago Reparations
Commission advances to City Council
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Amidst winds of change as America confronts its race issue, a reparations resolution dismissed by many as the stuff of dreams, was unanimously passed by a City Council committee Friday and is scheduled to go before the full council June 17. The resolution would establish a “Chicago Citizens of African Descent Reparations Commission” to investigate how one of the most segregated cities in the nation could best make amends for the impact of slavery. Up for discussion by the Committee on Human Relations Thursday, black and Latino aldermen called the resolution timely and necessary, in the aftermath of the cellphone-recorded
California lawmakers need federal
bailout to plug budget holes
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California’s Legislature now has a pandemic-battered budget plan: Pray, wait and hope for the best. More seriously, Democratic leaders want to postpone the pain carried in Gov. Gavin Newsom’s proposed spending cuts to meet a looming $54.3 billion shortfall. Both the governor and his counterparts in the Legislature know the depth of the problem: a crashing economy, rising jobless and health bills, and no end in sight for the coronavirus threat. Both are leaning on the thin wish that more federal stimulus money will ride to the rescue though that brewing bailout is stalled in Washington. Thank the Republicans in the Senate for refusing
Fleeing the Collapsing Imperium 37 replies
Posted by Boni 6/6/2020 8:34:20 AM Post Reply
I’ve been thinking that the US is in a May 1968 moment, but that’s probably too optimistic. A reader who is a prominent Washingtonian (he identified himself, and I verified it; I’m not using his name to protect him) wrote this morning to say that he and a number of people he know are leaving the city for good in the wake of this past week’s violence. He writes, and I quote with his permission: I’m out.
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