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Interesting Segment – Trey Gowdy
Discusses FBI Investigation and
The Flynn-Kislyak Transcripts He Has Read…

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Posted By: Ida Lou Pino, 5/23/2020 10:08:02 AM

On the topic of the FBI capture and use of the December 29, 2016, Flynn-Kislyak phone call… First we had a hunch; then it became a suspicion… that evolved into a likelihood… that has now become a strong probability. The capture of the December 29th phone call, which generated the raw “CR cuts“, was an FBI summary, modified for a specific interpretation. Much like the missing 302 there is now a very strong probability the FBI ‘CR cuts’ do not represent the actual call content. In this short interview segment Trey Gowdy alludes to one issue, and speaks directly to another.


This Just In! Before he tackles the four-year-old Russia Hoax - - Fey Wray will conduct an in-depth investigation of the Hindenburg explosion. "We need to know exactly what happened in New Jersey in 1937 before we can begin reforming the FBI," he explained.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: jinx 5/23/2020 10:31:45 AM (No. 419676)
I just hope that Gen. Flynn can and will sue the pants off of the Obama gang for the 6 million dollars it cost him to defend his name and reputation. There ought to be a law...
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Reply 2 - Posted by: Readaholic 5/23/2020 10:49:31 AM (No. 419690)
Tucker Carlson has Trey Gowdy's number and so have we.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: Ming 5/23/2020 11:08:27 AM (No. 419706)
So who is the most blind, stupid, and inept investigator one has ever heard about, real or fiction: Inspector Jacques Clouseau or Trey Gowdy? Bet the over on Gowdy.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: jeffkinnh 5/23/2020 11:16:44 AM (No. 419711)
"I wonder why he waited to say that…" Because it is becoming too embarrassing to play stupid and not takes sides. In other words, he is a cowardly politician and has been waiting to see which way the wind is blowing. Nunes, in contrast, has been out there with the truth, getting flayed by the media and countered by the psychotically lying Schiffty. He has been doing it long before it has become fashionable.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: bighambone 5/23/2020 12:18:49 PM (No. 419754)
Anyone who has had any dealings with the Russians would know that all telephone calls between a high ranking member of the Russian Government such as the Russian Ambassador to the USA, and the incoming National Security Advisor to the President of the USA would have most certainly have been recorded by the Russian intelligence service. So while it looks like the FBI may well have edited down their telephone transcript, that should be immediately publicly released, to meet the corrupt Obama political objective of ensuring that General Flynn did not remain as President Trump’s National Security Advisor, a position where Flynn would be able to upset the applecart containing corrupt and incompetent Obama Administration doings. It is the Russians who most likely retain the unaltered and unedited version of the telephone calls in question. Since the Russians have no love lost for Obama and his cabal, someone with some go-power should ask Russian President Putin to release the Russian version of the telephone recorded conversation. You have to figure that the Russians have to be laughing their butts off at all the problems that they have caused to the US Government and the American political establishment by giving their Ambassador the “OK” to talk with General Flynn on the telephone.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: whyyeseyec 5/23/2020 12:36:37 PM (No. 419768)
Paul Ryan told Gowdy to investigate, but don't find anything. That's how it works there.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: DVC 5/23/2020 1:43:59 PM (No. 419833)
I heard Gowdy say that reading the transcripts of the calls would "bore you out of your mind".
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Reply 8 - Posted by: john56 5/23/2020 2:00:36 PM (No. 419852)
6 million in the civil suit of Flynn vs Comey et al? Maybe 6 billion. Flynn (and Sidney Powell, off contingency fees) are gonna be rich folks. Maybe not recompensation for the h-e-double-hockey-sticks those folks did to separate Gen Flynn and his family from their constitutionally protected rights, but it should be a decent start.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: MDConservative 5/23/2020 3:59:56 PM (No. 419951)
Flynn pleaded guilty. DOJ says there was a crime, but now it cannot present the evidence. Flynn admitted to it, although he would like to withdraw his TWICE SWORN plea. So, let's fast forward to Flynn vs US DOJ in civil court...anyone want to guess the first question posed Flynn if he testifies? It may go to the heart of his claim...and his veracity. What would a jury think?
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Reply 10 - Posted by: Sully 5/23/2020 4:04:09 PM (No. 419958)
Gowdy is of no use. He wonders what took Wray so long??? Well. Maybe he should have ISSUED SOME SUBPOENAS WHEN HEW WAS IN CHARGE OF THAT to find out in real time. Gowdy's good at wielding the pinata stick at a witness in the dock. Then he lets the witness go with all his candy. Gowdy, you may leave. No, please leave.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: DVC 5/23/2020 5:04:40 PM (No. 419990)
Conservative sure means something entirely different in Maryland than in Kansas and other states that I visit often.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: Sully 5/23/2020 11:41:31 PM (No. 420189)
#9 Flynn's plea was coerced with a threat against his family and by withholding Brady material. This is why we have laws against coercion. The first question will be: "Why did you lie to the court in your plea?" To which Flynn will say, "Although I did not believe I lied during the ambush interview, because the prosecution withheld all exculpatory materials I believed at the time that i was technically in breach of the law." A victim of perseutorial abuse cannot be held liable for a coerced plea. That is the point of laws against coercion.
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Interesting Segment – Trey Gowdy
Discusses FBI Investigation and
The Flynn-Kislyak Transcripts He Has Read…
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Posted by Ida Lou Pino 5/23/2020 10:08:02 AM Post Reply
On the topic of the FBI capture and use of the December 29, 2016, Flynn-Kislyak phone call… First we had a hunch; then it became a suspicion… that evolved into a likelihood… that has now become a strong probability. The capture of the December 29th phone call, which generated the raw “CR cuts“, was an FBI summary, modified for a specific interpretation. Much like the missing 302 there is now a very strong probability the FBI ‘CR cuts’ do not represent the actual call content. In this short interview segment Trey Gowdy alludes to one issue, and speaks directly to another.
FBI Director Wray opens internal
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The FBI announced Friday that Director Chris Wray has ordered an internal review of the handling of the bureau’s investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn, which will include examining whether current FBI employees "engaged in misconduct." “FBI Director Christopher Wray today ordered the Bureau’s Inspection Division to conduct an after-action review of the Michael Flynn investigation,” the bureau said in a statement. The review will be handled by the bureau’s Inspection Division, the FBI said. That division is similar to an internal affairs office in a police department.
Virginia governor spent 65 days
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On a Saturday night in the dead of August last year, Virginia taxpayers footed the bill as a state-operated plane roared from Richmond to one of North Carolina’s desirable beach destinations. The King Air 350 turboprop made the journey twice in six hours. The VIP passengers? Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam and his wife, Pamela, the first lady of Virginia. The listed purpose for a back-and-forth jaunt? The Northams took a brief break Aug. 31, 2019 from their Outer Banks beach vacation home in Manteo, N.C., to attend a horse race at the Colonial Downs track
Comey mum on email suggesting
move to freeze out Flynn,
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A newly declassified email that former National Security Adviser Susan Rice sent herself on President Trump’s inauguration day has raised new questions about James Comey’s role in the outgoing Obama administration’s treatment of Michael Flynn -- but the former FBI director has not yet publicly commented on the contents of the memo. The email Rice sent to herself on Jan. 20, 2017, documented a Jan. 5 Oval Office meeting with former President Barack Obama and others
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Acting spy chief Richard Grenell's reign as a prodigious declassifier is set to end with the full Senate poised to vote on the nomination of Rep. John Ratcliffe. The vote, set for noon on Thursday, appears to be happening sooner than previously expected. The Washington Post reported Tuesday morning that congressional aides believed a vote would likely take place after Memorial Day. But the Associated Press reported Wednesday that Democrats are allowing the process to be completed more expeditiously without procedural hurdles, even as they voice opposition to Ratcliffe's nomination.
'Where is Christopher Wray?'
GOP lawmakers say FBI director
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Reps. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, and Mike Johnson, R-La., on Monday night said FBI Director Christopher Wray "has declined to respond" to their May 4 letter seeking information and interviews with key FBI officials after the bombshell revelations in the Michael Flynn case -- prompting the lawmakers to take matters into their own hands. "Because Director Wray has declined to respond to our request, we are forced to write to you directly," Jordan and Johnson wrote in an extraordinary letter to FBI agent Joe Pientka
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Fauci: Data shows no evidence
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Anthony Fauci on Wednesday said there's no evidence that shows the anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine is effective at treating COVID-19. "Clearly the scientific data is really quite evident now about the lack of efficacy for it," Fauci, the nation's top infectious disease doctor, said during a CNN interview. Fauci said evidence also shows the likelihood that the drug can cause severe irregular heart rhythms. "There was suspicion of that for a while, but as data comes in, it becomes more clear," Fauci said. The pronouncements mark Fauci's strongest warnings yet against the drug and puts him at odds with President Trump, who has embraced the drug as a "game changer" and a "miracle."
Looter is shot dead by pawn shop owner and stores are
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A suspected looter has been shot dead outside a pawn shop after protests over the death of George Floyd descended into chaos Wednesday night and rioters vandalized stores across the city. Minneapolis Department Police Chief John Elder confirmed in a midnight press conference that one person was shot and killed and that another person was being held in custody. (Snip) Stores including Wendy's, Target, Walmart and AutoZone were looted, ransacked and some set alight before rioters tried to bust open an ATM, as many ignored pleas from the Floyd family's lawyer and Minnesota Governor Walz to protest peacefully Wednesday night. Videos showed what was reported to be an apartment building
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Bill Clinton is accused of having an affair with Ghislaine Maxwell during trips they took on pedophile Jeffrey Epstein's private jet, an explosive new book claims. The details of the alleged affair between the former president and the British socialite are detailed in a new book - A Convenient Death: The Mysterious Demise of Jeffrey Epstein. In an excerpt of the book, obtained by the New York Post, sources said Clinton would have sex with Maxwell during overseas trips on Epstein's Lolita Express plane and he would visit her at her Manhattan townhouse. The former president has denied having the affair with Maxwell.
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There’s a great deal to be upset about regarding the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police officers under color of authority, but it’s quite another thing for protesters to turn into rioters and steal stuff under cover of righteous indignation. That’s what happened in Minneapolis Wednesday night after Police Chief Medaria Arradondo announced that four police officers involved in the stop on Sunday night were fired. Floyd died in custody Sunday night after getting stopped for forgery. Floyd was held down at his neck by an officer using his knee. Onlookers recorded the hold for minutes as Floyd protested he couldn’t breathe
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As the “official” tally of COVID-19 deaths tops 100,000 in the U.S., we keep hearing how that number is likely a low-ball estimate. But there’s far more evidence that the death count has been knowingly exaggerated – possibly by a very wide margin. A recent Seattle Times article pretty much lays out the charade going on. The headline reads: “Washington state’s actual coronavirus death toll may be higher than current tallies, health officials say.” But the story itself leads one to the exact opposite conclusion. Well down in the article, the reporter reveals that: “The rapid onslaught of this coronavirus forced
Mitt Romney Defends ‘Friend’ Scarborough
From Trump Attacks
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RRepublican Utah Sen. Mitt Romney defended MSNBC host Joe Scarborough Wednesday from President Donald Trump’s accusations that he was involved in the death of former congressional intern Lori Klausutis. “I know Joe Scarborough. Joe is a friend of mine. I don’t know T.J. Klausutis. Joe can weather vile, baseless accusations but T.J.? His heart is breaking. Enough already,” Romney tweeted.
With Unemployment Rate at 15% – Nine
RINO Senators Including Lindsey Graham
Push President Trump to Offer More Work
Visas to Foreigners (Video)
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Posted by Imright 5/27/2020 6:22:25 PM Post Reply
The unemployment in the United States today is at 15%.There are over 39 million Americans who have lost their jobs due to the coronavirus.And yet on Wednesday nine US Republican Senators wrote President Donald Trump telling him not to restrict work visas for foreignors.Lindsey Graham was one of nine RINOs who want to bring in more foreign workers when there are 39 million Americans out of work.These people are soulless.These RINOs insist it will be good for the economy.
NY Dems Nadler, AOC & Co. Ask Cuomo
to Release ‘Significant Amount’ of Prisoners
to ‘Surely Save Lives’ — Or Something
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Posted by earlybird 5/27/2020 10:14:03 AM Post Reply
Jerry Nadler, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and 11 other New York members of the House of Representatives have sent a letter to NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo asking him to release prisoners — to protect them from the Wuhan virus. A “significant amount” of them, no less. (Snip)By April 10th, the number of prisoners released from NYC jails due to the virus grew to more than 1,500. Six days later, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that the city was “buckling down,” after having experienced “some recidivism” among released criminals. Unbelievably, de Blasio called the crimes committed by previously-convicted criminals “unconscionable”:
Report: Silicon Valley Billionaires Join
Forces Behind Joe Biden; Plans Include
‘Partisan News Sites’
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Left-wing “explainer” website Vox reports Wednesday that leading billionaires in Silicon Valley are joining forces to build a digital campaign around former Vice President Joe Biden, who is holed up in his Wilmington, Delaware, home. Biden and the Democrats are considered far behind their rivals in building digital tools for the 2020 presidential campaign — and Biden’s technological ineptitude has become a subject of public mockery. So others are stepping in, according to Theodore Schleifer of Vox’s “Recode”:
MSNBC phony mask-shaming
busted on live TV
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Posted by Magnante 5/27/2020 8:56:28 AM Post Reply
If you love seeing progressive, phony propagandists devastatingly embarrassed, this video, less than a minute in length, is a moment to save and savor. And send to you friends who are cowering in fear of encountering a mask-free human being while outdoors in the sunshine, where coronavirus transmission is almost impossible unless French kissing somebody. It happened during a live shot in which anchor Katy Tur was expressing shock (“Are the people out there are just not worried, Cal?”)
Coronavirus may never go
away, even with a vaccine
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Posted by NorthernDog 5/27/2020 9:43:37 PM Post Reply
There’s a good chance the coronavirus will never go away. Even after a vaccine is discovered and deployed, the coronavirus will likely remain for decades to come, circulating among the world’s population. Experts call such diseases endemic — stubbornly resisting efforts to stamp them out. Think measles, HIV, chickenpox. It is a daunting proposition — a coronavirus-tinged world without a foreseeable end. But experts in epidemiology, disaster planning and vaccine development say embracing that reality is crucial to the next phase of America’s pandemic response. The long-term nature of covid-19, they say, should serve as a call to arms for
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Appearing Wednesday on the Fox News Channel, network senior judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano said he will “defend to the death” Twitter’s right to fact check President Donald Trump.(Video) A partial transcript is as follows:SANDRA SMITH: There’s so many questions. You look out into the social media atmosphere about this debate over social media, and Twitter now fact-checking the president. Can they do this? ANDREW NAPOLITANO: The short answer is yes, the longer answer is that the president is right about the bias in social media
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