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People flouting lockdown as
patience wanes

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Posted By: AltaD, 5/12/2020 12:46:53 PM

We can keep debating the merits of keeping society locked down versus reopening the economy amid the coronavirus. There are no easy answers, as we must weigh economic ruin, increased deaths of despair, and a coming mental health crisis against the potential death toll from a raging pandemic. But at a certain point, the debate becomes null and void when people simply get fed up and stop doing it regardless of what the talking heads on television and bureaucrats in Washington, D.C., have to say about it. A new poll suggests we’re inching closer to that point. On Tuesday morning, the latest Axios/Ipsos poll results were released.


Let the flouting begin.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: MickTurn 5/12/2020 12:56:16 PM (No. 408921)
To explain this so Liberals can understand: Picture a WalMart or Grocery Store, Lots of people, intermingled buying what they need, a very busy congested environment...THAT IS SAFE! Picture an empty Beach, miles of Sand, Ocean etc...NO ONE IS ALLOWED because that is UNSAFE. Is there anyone with a brain that can't see that this is not just STUPID but totally wrong? I rest my case. Democrap Governors have taken it on themselves to make STUPID SAFE/UNSAFE decisions like this that everyone can see make no sense at all, in fact most of those decisions ARE BAD for America and THAT is exactly what these Schifft Head Governors are doing on purpose! THAT is why people have had it and will NOT COMPLY!
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Reply 2 - Posted by: Bur Oak 5/12/2020 12:58:17 PM (No. 408922)
There shouldn't have ever been a lockdown. I suspect the Democrats are keeping it going to push the vote by mail fraud scheme.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: DVC 5/12/2020 1:00:55 PM (No. 408927)
I just finished texting two friends, sorting out plans for our Friday night dinner....long delayed. Restaurants permitted to reopen yesterday, our Village Inn is open, but we normally eat late on Friday nights. I called, they are opening, but will close early at 8 pm. So we will eat early. Best wishes to the still closed states, it is time to stop this stuff.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: DVC 5/12/2020 1:05:04 PM (No. 408932)
I have visited friends, helped working on their cars, etc all along. I can't see how being on a beach is any sort of a risk at all, unless you intentionally get close to someone, like hug them or something. A little bit of space and lots of sunshine should make it perfectly safe. We didn't go out to dinner with friends like I usually do two days a week for the last 30+ years, though.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: privateer 5/12/2020 1:05:35 PM (No. 408933)
We should refer to those living in the progtard slave states as: living behind the 'Viron Curtain'.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: Starboard_side 5/12/2020 1:17:05 PM (No. 408952)
The real problem is lack of good, clean data. They are mostly testing those who have symptoms, which means the figures will increase, just by common sense. Despite all of that, the numbers of recovered should be much higher than the low numbers being provided. After all, if you had tested positive, you likely ran through the virus within 14 days, maybe 21 days. Thus, if you start tracking the numbers from March and April, less 3 weeks, you should have a rather large number of recovered, just from those who tested positive. They should be reporting how many of those who've tested positive are hospitalized, and how many are in an ICU. I don't think they want those numbers because they don't look as scary. Simply state people need to wear face masks, and the chances of infection are reduced to 1.5%, per their own numbers. You don't need to wear a mask in your own car, unless you're sick or infected either.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: nhveritas 5/12/2020 1:24:07 PM (No. 408963)
With all due respect to the so called experts, captain hindsight would have provided the same outcome. They have been behind the curve on this despite the exorbitant amount of taxpayer dollars spent to provide a competent response. Now, the flu is being used as a dem political weapon to shut down the country and destroy the economy to give us 4 more years of the o'biden-bama international and domestic disaster. If people can adjust to grocery shopping and other arbitrarily determined essentials, they can regulate themselves to attend 'non-essentials' of their choice. Our freedom is at risk. I will resist this non-sense in every way I can. MAGA 2020 or we are screwed, again....
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Reply 8 - Posted by: MMC 5/12/2020 1:26:53 PM (No. 408966)
Dr Fauci is a tool. He was wrong on the HIV epidemic- he is wrong on Covid. This is total fear monger omg to manipulate economy and election fraud..
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Reply 9 - Posted by: LadyHen 5/12/2020 1:37:34 PM (No. 408989)
Well, I guess the idiocy of crowded groceries, big box, and hardware stores while keeping parks and beaches closed has finally dawned on the free people of these United States. Our family is headed out to a local veteran owned bierhaus tonight for some beer and grub. We will follow the rules but I personally would like to tell Nashville's mayor what he can do with and the where he can stick his despotic executive mandates.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: planetgeo 5/12/2020 1:40:05 PM (No. 408993)
Everyone can see who is benefitting from the lockdown rules: Government/public employees. They continue to get their checks, so it's an awesome staycay for them, with full pay, benefits, and pension accruals. And don't have to interface with any deplorables. Pretty dreamy. Also, the places they left open are pretty much those THEY want/need to stay cozy, fed, and supplied on their dreamy staycays: grocery stores, big box, home depot, liquor store, marijuana stores, and take-out food. We need to change these cozy little rules for future lock downs. Start with mandatory proportional job cuts and salary cuts for ALL elected and publicly funded employees that are not public safety. Let's see how virtuous they are then about keeping everything locked down.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: dst4life 5/12/2020 1:54:32 PM (No. 409014)
I've not altered my life much since this all started. No mask in public. No frenzied cleaning at my house. I go wherever I want. I still meet with one of my best friends for wine, cheese, and crackers. I simply put a spray bottle of alcohol in my car. And I detest virtue signaling. I'm sick of Cuomo telling the public he cares about lives when he advocates killing babies up until birth. I tune him out. If he can't discern a baby is a human being worthy of protection, why should I trust him on anything else? I'd much rather hear Trump troll fake news reporters. MAGA 2020!!
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Reply 12 - Posted by: rytwng 5/12/2020 1:54:45 PM (No. 409015)
The number of cases keeps going up with all the safeguards in place. What will change?
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Reply 13 - Posted by: Jobe 5/12/2020 1:59:45 PM (No. 409022)
I have been trying in vain to persuade someone, anyone, to explain to me in detail what these "masks" do to protect the public, both wearers and others, I have not gotten a cogent and coherent explanation. I do know that the corona -virus, or whatever name they are calling it now, is microscopic. and I also know that if air can pass through these masks, so also can this virus. I'll accept the idea that staying home, staying six feet or more away from others, and some of the other healthful hints supplied to us by the medical community are of value. I am beginning to believe that these mask wearers who want those who do not wear a mask to be punished. I don't know if punishing these so called "offenders" would be better than explaining to them exactly how a "mask" that freely allows the virus to escape into the open air is protecting us. I strongly suspect that the mask as a cure-all is nothing more than a sugar pill is to cancer. It seems that wearing the mask has become just another way that some of us have of dictating the behavior of others. I hope to find that elusive explanation soon, but meanwhile I will go out and take my admonishments like a man.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: MindMadeUp 5/12/2020 2:04:04 PM (No. 409024)
This was supposed to be "Three weeks shelter in place" to flatten the curve so hospitals wouldn't be overwhelmed. Democrats everywhere suddenly had little light bulbs go off over their little brains as they realized what a windfall this "emergency" is for them. It's a chance to wreck Trump's economy, exercise their fantasies of authoritarian control, and push through the most ridiculous Leftist policies of their dreams. I can only hope it backfires on them as they reveal their true nature as loopy, dangerous Fascists.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: GoodDeal 5/12/2020 2:16:30 PM (No. 409033)
The beatings, sheltering in place, business shutdowns, federal government deficit spending, and unemployment will continue until morale improves.
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Reply 16 - Posted by: JHHolliday 5/12/2020 2:21:17 PM (No. 409039)
I agree with #14. The Dems are now using it as a weapon on Trump and his once soaring economy. They maybe should want to take another look at where their weapon is pointed. State revenues are crashing particularly in the big, overtaxed blue states and several governors have been exposed as petty tyrants at worst and incompetent fools at best. Open it up. I am pushing 80 and if the Lord lets the Chinese flu take me then so be it.
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Reply 17 - Posted by: franq 5/12/2020 6:39:19 PM (No. 409228)
The plan should be obvious by now. Continue the disruption and confusion until November, and have a Presidential election where the mail-in votes give the 'Rat the victory. Only a fool would deny it.
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People flouting lockdown as
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We can keep debating the merits of keeping society locked down versus reopening the economy amid the coronavirus. There are no easy answers, as we must weigh economic ruin, increased deaths of despair, and a coming mental health crisis against the potential death toll from a raging pandemic. But at a certain point, the debate becomes null and void when people simply get fed up and stop doing it regardless of what the talking heads on television and bureaucrats in Washington, D.C., have to say about it. A new poll suggests we’re inching closer to that point. On Tuesday morning, the latest Axios/Ipsos poll results were released.
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Members of Wisconsin’s Republican legislative majority are asking the state’s congressional delegation to oppose using any federal coronavirus relief package money to help bail out Illinois and other states with a history of “reckless budgeting.”(Snip) “After years of failing to fund their overly generous pension system, Illinois is already asking for the federal government to bail them out of these series of poor financial decisions,” the letter said. “Wisconsin taxpayers should not be responsible for funding bailouts for irresponsible states across the country like Illinois, New York and California. Please stand with Wisconsin taxpayers and reject the multi-trillion dollar bailouts being considered by Congress,” it said.
Pritzker defends extended order,
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Why 'temporary' layoffs may be
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In late March, Britney Ruby Miller, co-owner of a small chain of steakhouse restaurants, confidently proclaimed that once the viral outbreak had subsided, her company planned to recall all its laid-off workers. Now? (Snip) Call it realism or pessimism, but more employers are coming to a reluctant conclusion: Many of the employees they've had to lay off in the face of the pandemic might not be returning to their old jobs anytime soon. Some large companies won't have enough customers to justify it. And some small businesses won't likely survive at all despite aid provided by the federal government.
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Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker continues defending the state’s unemployment system. (Snip) Gov. Pritzker’s hesitation to admit significant challenges in the system until Thursday has taken a toll. “And when you have a governor who was saying this past week there were no problems with the system my god,” he said. “He’s in denial that alone. Just festers such anger in you. It really shows how ill-prepared the state was for any kind of catastrophe really.” “And if we have a problem today what’s going to happen next week when other people come in and the situation becomes worse,” said Bob Pardon, an IT professional.
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Chicago Mayor Lightfoot has floated the idea of hiring workers to enforce social distancing as she continues to decide how to safely open the city's lakefront, riverwalk and walking trails amid the coronavirus pandemic. Lightfoot was asked about her plans for reopening the lakefront at a news conference Friday where she announced the city's five phase reopening plan. The mayor stated that the reopening plan must be "guided by science," and she's considering multiple possibilities, such as a phased reopening and employing the use of "social distancing ambassadors." Ambassadors have been added in cities like Seattle to remind people about social distancing and to record data on park usage
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With each day that passes, with each new grim death toll, we learn a little bit more about the nature of this ghastly virus. This week in particular, statistics have come to light showing that obesity is emerging as one of the biggest risk factors for Covid-19. According to data released by the NHS, being overweight raises the chances of dying in hospital from the illness by 40 per cent.(Snip) This is a very tricky piece of information for the Government to handle. Obesity is a highly politicised issue: ‘fat-shaming’ is one of the more heinous crimes against political correctness.
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Republican Sen. Mitt Romny (Utah) on Saturday denounced President Trump's firings of several inspector generals in various federal government offices as a "threat to accountable democracy." "The firings of multiple Inspectors General is unprecedented; doing so without good cause chills the independence essential to their purpose. It is a threat to accountable democracy and a fissure in the constitutional balance of power," Romney tweeted
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Flexing unearned influence has exposed the thirst for control of their citizens. In Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf caught a whiff of his constituents working up the desire to step out and start living their lives once again. The idea of citizens exerting their freedoms and basking in the normalcy of liberty was too much for him to stand. On Monday he sent out a tweet storm, delivering a series of firm commands of how he intends to clamp down on those who might dare get the idea of doing things.
Cops Lecture Parents About 7-Year-Old’s
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There's really nothing worse than neighbors ratting out neighbors. But that's what Democrats are urging citizens to do across the country. And more often than not innocent Americans are getting caught in the crosshairs. Sheila Perez Smith tells the Todd Starnes Show that she was stunned when the police showed up at her home near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Mrs. Smith's 7-year-old son had just completed a zoom class from the den of their home when she received an urgent email from her son's first grade teacher. It just so happened that the little boy had recently been gifted a toy gun
Nancy Pelosi’s $3 trillion coronavirus
‘relief’ bill is purely a political stunt
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Posted by Pluperfect 5/16/2020 4:21:25 AM Post Reply
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is happy to play rank politics with the federal coronavirus response. Exhibit A is the absurd $3 trillion “relief” bill she’s set for floor vote on Friday. It’s the first emergency bill written by one party with zero input from the other. Some Dems say it’s just an “opening bid,” but why waste time crafting 1,800 pages of legislation full of poison pills for the opposition? It seems Pelosi thinks virtue-signaling to her base is worth the trouble. The bill is packed with junk that has nothing to do with the pandemic or the economic chaos the response to it has created.
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Former President Bill Clinton delivered a politically charge commencement address on Saturday as part of CNN’s two-hour primetime special honoring the class of 2020.“I urge you to embrace the challenge. The world needs you. Your country needs you,” Clinton said, warning students across the country that the Chinese coronavirus pandemic has released them “into an uncertain future.” (Tweet/Video) “Even before the outbreak, you knew you were entering a world of growing inequalities, and divisive tribalism, with people pulling away from those who are different from them,” Bill Clinton said. “Seething resentments and a broken information system
NY Tourist Arrested In Hawaii
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A tourist from New York has been arrested in Hawaii after he allegedly violated state regulations that require travelers to quarantine for 14 days upon arrival.Tarique Peters, 23, of the Bronx, arrived in Honolulu on Monday. He then posted photographs on Instagram photos showing himself sunbathing at the beach and carrying a surfboard, state officials said.“He allegedly left his hotel room the day he arrived and traveled many places using public transportation. Authorities became aware of his social media posts from citizens who saw posts of him — on the beach with a surfboard, sunbathing, and walking around Waikiki at night,”
California governor: Shrink prisons
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Gov. Gavin Newsom is proposing to significantly shrink the footprint of California's prison system, partly because of massive budget cuts prompted by the pandemic but also because of philosophy. The revised budget he sent to state lawmakers this week envisions closing two state prisons in the coming years; cutting nearly one in five of the 43 inmate firefighter camps; and eventually closing all three state-run juvenile prisons. He's also seeking unspecified increases to sentencing credits that allow inmates to leave prison more quickly. And he proposes to shorten parole to a maximum of two years, down from five years for felonies, and let ex-felons earn their way off supervision
Reporters Ask Kayleigh McEnany About The
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Posted by ladydawgfan 5/16/2020 5:51:36 AM Post Reply
I have to admit, of all of President Trump’s press secretaries, Kayleigh McEnany is my favorite. She’s regularly demonstrated her ability to handle the media’s gotcha questions and throw them right back in their faces. On Friday, she absolutely crushed it again when she was asked about the Strategic National Stockpile. Associated Press reporter Jill Colvin asked, “How come on January 2020, the stockpile was as low as it was on supplies like face masks and N95s?” “It’s a really important question,” replied McEnany. “Perhaps I should redirect your question to President Obama who left the stockpile empty.” McEnany went on to cite a USA Today fact-check
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