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We Are Needlessly Devastating Our Country

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Posted By: Pluperfect, 4/17/2020 4:58:37 AM

Over the last week, I have been emailing with an Ivy League professor who is deeply concerned about the damage being done to our country by governments’ reaction to the COVID-19 virus. Today she sent me this eloquent email, which I am posting with her permission. I just thought I’d send a few more thoughts your way, for whatever value they might be. I’m just so anguished by what is happening in the country. The policy response is so far disproportionate to the threat and is wreaking such unthinkable damage on our society and our economy. I don’t have the readership you have (or any non-academic readership,

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Reply 1 - Posted by: stablemoney 4/17/2020 5:16:21 AM (No. 382414)
The economy should never have been 100% shut down. Who came up with that idea? I want to know the names. Credit should be given--or condemnation if that is the case.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: DCGIRL 4/17/2020 5:53:07 AM (No. 382429)
I listened to President Trump yesterday evening with his three plans to open the nation. Maybe I was reading more into it, but I turned to my husband and said the pitch he just gave about Drs. Fauci and Brix was their pink slip. These two will be remembered as the quacks that destroyed this nation and President Trump knows it. In my opinion, that was their farewell appearance. Here in PA we are fighting for survival. Our crazy liberal governor has banned with six other crazy liberal governors as a region (NY, PA, NJ, MA, CN, RI, DE). Cuomo is speaking for this so call region. People in PA are not going to stand for this. A protest is planned and THOUSANDS are going to rally at the steps of the PA State Capital. He have had it. Alll the democrat Governors destroying the economy hoping that we will eventually blame President Trump. Well, it's not going to work. Here's the article about the region. Pray for us in PA because we are not going to stand for this any longer.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: Urgent Fury 4/17/2020 5:59:43 AM (No. 382433)
I am praying for you #2, that's my home state and my whole family over there is suffering under the jackboot of Weasel Wolf and some psycho medical advisor, name escapes me. I guess there's a FB group called ReOpenPA or something that's putting protests together. Good luck!
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Reply 4 - Posted by: judy 4/17/2020 6:07:11 AM (No. 382436)
2 states will re-open May 1st.. Ohio & ND..both republican governors...let's see how many follow...extremely bad idea to shut the government down, it gave the governors tooooo much power. One red flag to Trump ...the media loves the shut down...From what I read & saw Fauci & Birx were the ones who recommended the closings... One thing for sure the democrat governors gained no voters ..people are not happy. My guess is a number of dems will change parties.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: JL80863 4/17/2020 6:24:22 AM (No. 382447)
Where is some of that hindsighted-foresight when we need it. It's easy to criticize when you are not the decision maker. Lead, follow or just get the hell out of the way.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: Bur Oak 4/17/2020 7:33:39 AM (No. 382473)
I was a child before the polio vaccine was available. There were never draconian measures like we see today. The ruling elite have gone dangerously mad and power hungry. Satan is pleased.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: MMC 4/17/2020 7:38:43 AM (No. 382480)
We are held hostage in Michigan to the draconian whims of a crazy for power please pick me for VP governor. Closed till May 1- but loved to outdo liberal gov everywhere- so maybe longer. The people of Michigan are not quiet on displeasure either..
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Reply 8 - Posted by: Dodge Boy 4/17/2020 8:54:22 AM (No. 382572)
Go for it, #2. And be safe and healthy. And wash your hands...constantly and wear your mask. Over here in the People's Republic of Colorado, the state remains in lockdown especially in the Denver area where most of the infection is. The only thing positive about the outbreak here is it forced the dim-controlled legislature to suspend its spring session and prevents them from taking away any more of our liberties...for now. The state is supposedly to re-open on April 26th. We'll see. If not, the governor and his husband might want to go hide somewhere.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: otaval 4/17/2020 8:55:19 AM (No. 382574)
#2 you are correct. this dictator even closed the liquor stores. Remember he was in the Peace corps so someone else had to take his place in Vietnam. I will be there at the statehouse
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Reply 10 - Posted by: MuncsSister 4/17/2020 9:38:23 AM (No. 382613)
#2, prayers and solidarity! I had that thought about the states banding together yesterday, has any action like that been taken in the US since 1860? We are under siege down here in NC too. Our idiot democrat governor won’t even comment about opening up. He is actually staying away from the media— his strategy has been to sign the orders and then disappear. Meanwhile, we have been abandoned by our republican officials at the county, state, and congressional level. They should be standing on the steps of the capitol in Raleigh forcing the governor to own this shutdown, but they are largely silent with the exception of the occasional “we are in the together” platitude. And they expect to be elected in the fall? My friends in other states more sane states are starting to have a hard time relating to it and it is very frustrating.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: ToryWhite 4/17/2020 9:51:39 AM (No. 382627)
This is all hindsite and therefore not fair or correct. It COULD have been 1-2 million USA deaths. That's enough of a reason to shut it down for a few months. It'll come back, then these same so-called wise folks will change their tune and pretend they never critized the shut down.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: franq 4/17/2020 10:02:32 AM (No. 382636)
So you say, #11. Has the rate of contagion ever been proved? 2 people? 10 people? 59,000 people? (one Drudge line item)
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Reply 13 - Posted by: janjan 4/17/2020 10:18:03 AM (No. 382647)
I was scheduled for surgery a month ago and it was cancelled due to this virus. There are currently 36 cases in our entire county. I was told that my condition is not immediately life threatening but will become so if I don’t get it fixed. I don’t pretend to be more important than everyone else but this is alarming. And my local hospital is laying off nurses due to a lack of patients. WTH
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Reply 14 - Posted by: bpl40 4/17/2020 10:23:34 AM (No. 382651)
The initial 2.2 million based on Dr. Fauci's 'model' quickly came down to 200.000 (a factor of 10), then down to half that. Now below 50,000. What we have is 33,000 which is an inflated number with 91% comorbidity. What is the real number over and above the seasonal 'flu? Something they will never tell you or admit if you thrust it in their faces. IMO, PDT went along as apolitical reality. He is no health expert and the risk of resisting in face of mounting deaths worldwide, was too much. That is water down the bridge. Now is the time for firm action. To echo the famous call to action - Lets roll!
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Reply 15 - Posted by: little guy 4/17/2020 10:27:10 AM (No. 382660)
We have sent a very bad message to our main enemy China. We have shown that: 1) we can be easily panicked and will fight with each other, 2) we are afraid to take any risk, like trying to fight a battle without casualties, 3) we are very soft mentally & physically while they are draconian. We destroyed a multi-trillion dollar economy worried about mostly our very old and frail (accounting for 90% of the deaths) while they merrily just let everyone fend for themselves. The vulnerable should have been quarantined and the rest allowed to "live with it", 4) we have no main system of authority and our politics can't transcend a crisis --- thus Nancy & Chuck can blackmail taxpayers to get what they want, 5) most governors were unprepared despite billions in their budgets 6) Trump has been so lied to and stabbed in the back so much he was unprepared due to a lack of info and lastly, 7) we will not fight back against China in any way. We should throw everything out from that country and refuse to buy it again (we did that with German & Japanese products!) Make the saying "Made in China" as pejorative as "Made in Japan" was in the 1950's This was a dry run. The next one ... or two ... will be much worse. China will "help" ... if we give them positions in our government, on company boards, make them Board members of our charities, etc. That's all they'll want (for now!) in exchange for a vaccine they probably already have. We have burned the entire country down in order to save a small village.
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Reply 16 - Posted by: Trump'sCousin 4/17/2020 10:29:00 AM (No. 382664)
One thing America and her citizens have proven during all of this is that we can rise to any ocassion. We have also proven we have the knowledge, will, talent and ability to manufacture on a large scale. Time for big companies to leave the filthy cesspool that is China and come home. Additionally any and all debt to China has been paid in full with interest. The rest of the world should follow suit and without hesitation consider their debts paid in full. China did this intentionally. They are evil. They cost countless lives and forced a world economic shut down. I hope leaders are considering these ideas. As for most favored nation status, would the world rather deal with a strong generous America producing quality products fir them, or the filthy duplicitous Chinese? Not a difficult choice. Open the country Mr President we are eager to work. To all those politicians who would keep us locked down in our homes and out of work remember you are public SERVNTS. We hire you and pay your salaries. Many of you are going to lose your jobs for this.
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Reply 17 - Posted by: Justcurious 4/17/2020 11:08:10 AM (No. 382720)
The cure has officially become worse than the disease.
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Reply 18 - Posted by: DVC 4/17/2020 11:49:20 AM (No. 382776)
#1, "100% shut down" is a huge exaggeration, at least in Kansas. All home stores and hardware stores are open, all food stores and gas stations are open. Here, the only things that are actually closed seem to be restaurants and big offices - and my friends who work in manufacturing and my broker are working normally at home. One friend works in a 25 person manufacturing company, they are working completely unchanged. Many restaurants are doing take-out, which I doubt does more than a fraction of their business, and I am sure they are still really hurting - which is why we regularly have done take-out from a couple of favorite restaurants. Very far from "100% shut down" around here. But we need to get it back to normal, ASAP. Personally, I intend to eat out a LOT when this comes off, to help the restaurants out.
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Reply 19 - Posted by: mc squared 4/17/2020 12:07:55 PM (No. 382792)
#18, sounds like here in FL. But commerce is dependent on all the states functioning. I needed a new battery for my truck this week and had to shop three auto stores before I found one. The other two said they hadn't gotten deliveries recently. If this lasts longer who knows what wont be delivered.
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Reply 20 - Posted by: Red Ghost 4/17/2020 12:09:57 PM (No. 382797)
We are witnessing the enormous and nearly uncontrollable power of elites when they ban together to revoke a decision made by the will of the people.They were in the process of transforming the country (remember that phrase) and then Donald J. Trump was elected vowing to Drain the Swamp, and they had to do something. A failed coup, a failed impeachment and now destruction of the country's economy. These elites, powerful and rich Dems and Republicans, the media, and high powered elected officials, all have their jobs and are financially secure enough not to be ravaged by this epidemic. They know cures and anti-dotes are readily available to them and their families. Thus, they will be minimally inconvenienced by this catastrophe. Starting with specious Armageddon modeling numbers, they ushered in a Kafkaesque new social norm called "social distancing" whose logical conclusion culminated in the deliberate collapse of America's spectacular economy and thus diminishing President Trump's most powerful reason for re-election. This is the By Any Means Necessary edict taken to its extreme. In addition to the economic collapse, this "epidemic" has wrought a very frightening assault on our civil liberties with, I fear, more serious assaults such as ID cards for people either immune or with anti-bodies or whatever taking hold. Moreover, there is a serious attempt to totally transform our elections, thus giving the elites even more power to direct and influence the outcomes. The elites were gaining total control incrementally and had Hillary become president the transformation would have been complete. The ONLY way to fight back is for the people to rise up with more and more demonstrations. This is the revolution we have all be talking about over the last few years that I pray will not get violent. Thankfully, God has blessed us with President Trump.
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Reply 21 - Posted by: Harlowe 4/17/2020 1:07:49 PM (No. 382885)
#6- “Satan is pleased.” --- As it may apply to the mainstream media and certain politicians, Revelation 12:10-11 (“...for the accuser of our brothers has been thrown down, who accuses them day and night before our God...” may be worth contemplating at this point in time considering the unrelenting vicious accusations against President Trump since he announced his candidacy for the presidency in 2016. The essence of the Scripture verses: “Human accusers echo the accusations of the accuser, Satan. The condemnation of Satan means condemnation for all who serve his purposes, whether intentionally or unintentionally.”
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Reply 22 - Posted by: NotaBene 4/17/2020 1:25:59 PM (No. 382924)
President Donald J. Trump is always ahead of the curve. Has the Democrats on the side of the ChiCom Virus. We must open up the beaches, parks, fish, enjoy the Spring and our work. Hard to believe Americans elected so many Democrat governors in 2018. Now we pay the price for our decisions.
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Reply 23 - Posted by: RedWhite&Blue2 4/17/2020 1:33:47 PM (No. 382938)
Enlightening Informative Educational A salute to all fellow Ldotters today Thank God for this fine salon! I love the spirit of America right here
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Reply 24 - Posted by: vinegrower 4/17/2020 1:40:43 PM (No. 382953)
#18 I am happy for you that your area has not been hit hard. I live in the Napa Valley and we are completely shut down except for essentials, food, gas, banks, hospital, EMTs, fire and police. All the wineries, restaurants, bars and many hotels are completely shut down. That is the crux of our economy in this county. Some of the larger wineries are of course selling on line, and of course alcohol sales are way up. This will change our economy here for a long time, many of the businesses will not be reopened. This is a devastating and outrageous take over by the government and I pray that lawsuits are filed and we will get clarification on how, when or if this could ever happen again. Also because we are in CA who knows when Newsom will open the state. If they do it by county Napa will be one of the last, too many tourists.
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Reply 25 - Posted by: vinegrower 4/17/2020 1:43:40 PM (No. 382958)
I apologize to the staff for second post, but I needed to add this. We have complete shut down in Napa Valley and we have 39 cases of Covid 19.
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Reply 26 - Posted by: DVC 4/17/2020 3:00:33 PM (No. 383037)
#24, it sounds like your restrictions are much the same as ours....but that your county has primary industries (vineyards) which are very different, and being harmed much more. My sympathy and I hope that your county opens up rapidly. I totally agree that shutting down for 39 cases in the county is a very bad idea, way out of line. Why couldn't workers make an effort to stay 6 ft apart, check temperatures each day before starting work and just continue on? And if only 5% of jobs are lost - if it is YOUR job or YOUR business, it is 100% to you. I did note that 5 counties in California had zero cases a few days ago. That is ESPECIALLY terrible to shut them down for literally nothing. I think there needs to be some serious discussion with local politicians after this - along the lines of "If you expect my vote, you damned well better commit to not doing this again."
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Reply 27 - Posted by: MarkSeven 4/17/2020 5:00:03 PM (No. 383131)
First post! Lurked for decades! I'm worried for my allies. Are people aware of how deadly this can be?
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Reply 28 - Posted by: cny 4/17/2020 8:17:32 PM (No. 383237)
Agree with #24. It's not just restaurants.... medical clinics, dentists, optometrists, hair salons, nail salons, massage therapists, gift shops, malls... it affects real estate, car dealerships, book stores, movie theaters....on and on. Online business, too, as many people don't have money coming in anymore. Chick fil A, McD, and the other quick service restaurants are doing a good drive-thru business, but drive-thru was good before, too, and now they're losing all the sit-down business.
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For months now, it has been clear that Biden family corruption will be a campaign issue. The impeachment focused attention on ties between the vice president’s son, Hunter, and the corrupt Ukrainian oil and gas giant Burisma. But Hunter had equally close, equally profitable ties to Chinese state-owned banks. Those connections were formed when Joe Biden was leading the Obama administration’s policies toward both China and Ukraine. Cozy, profitable, and possibly corrupt connections with the Chinese government are the last thing Americans want to hear about their politicians right now. Those voters are closeted at home, worried about their future, thanks to a virus
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" We may or may not have flattened the curve," Fox News's Brit Hume said recently, "but we've certainly flattened the economy." With that, Hume captured the fundamental dilemma of the nation's response to the coronavirus crisis. The methods federal and state officials chose to reduce the spread of infection — stay-at-home orders, closing "nonessential" businesses, limiting the size of gatherings — have involved enormous damage to the economy. After a period of early optimism in which some believed the disease could be conquered and then — presto! — the economy quickly turned back on, a more sobering reality has set in. What lies ahead is a long period of restoration,
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In a shocking essay for Harvard Magazine, a professor of law and director of Harvard Law School’s child advocacy legal clinic, claims homeschooling is a threat to children’s rights, a method of promoting white supremacy, and a drain on democratic society — and even goes so far as to suggest a national “presumptive ban” on the practice.Harvard is playing host to a “homeschooling summit,” slated to take place (at least digitally) June 18-19, according to the Daily Caller News Foundation. But Harvard’s concern isn’t so much whether homeschooling is a viable, cost-effective, and comfortable method of education for many Americans, but rather whether homeschooling is (and homeschooled children are)
Illinois Dems' $41 Billion Demand
Includes $10 Billion Pension Bailout
That Has Nothing To Do With Coronavirus
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Illinois Democrats are demanding $41 billion from the federal government for coronavirus relief, including $10 billion for Illinois's cash-strapped and underfunded public pension plan. The most fiscally mismanaged state in the union that has criminally neglected funding its public pension fund for two decades wants Washington to pull its chestnuts out of the fire? Certainly, states should get something. But what Illinois is asking for is shocking. Chicago Sun-Times: “I realize I’ve asked for a lot, but this is an unprecedented situation, and we face the reality that there likely will be additional, unanticipated costs that could result in future requests for assistance,”
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Testicles may make men more vulnerable
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The coronavirus could linger in the testicles, making men prone to longer, more severe cases of the illness, according to a new study. Researchers tracked the recovery of 68 patients in Mumbai, India, to study the gender disparity of the virus, which has taken a worse toll on men, according to a preliminary report posted on MedRxix, which hosts unpublished medical research papers that have not been peer reviewed. Dr. Aditi Shastri, an oncologist at Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx, and her mother, Dr. Jayanthi Shastri, a microbiologist at the Kasturba Hospital for Infectious Diseases in Mumbai,
Rob Reiner Says Trump ‘Will Lose in a Landslide
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Posted by ladydawgfan 4/19/2020 2:53:12 PM Post Reply
Left-wing Hollywood director and actor Rob Reiner is predicting that President Donald Trump will lose his reelection this November because “Americans will literally be voting for their lives.” While Reiner’s remarks are an apparent reaction to the Chinese coronavirus pandemic, the director did not clarify how exactly he arrived at his prediction. “Trump will lose in a landslide because Americans will literally be voting for their lives,” tweeted the Misery director on Saturday. [Tweet] Saturday’s tweet is not Reiner’s only prediction about the president. In January, The Jerk actor suggested that National Security Advisor John Bolton could be of major value for Democrats during the president’s impeachment trial
How the Obamas could easily win
eight more years in the White House
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Posted by MissMolly 4/19/2020 4:16:09 AM Post Reply
As the president of the United States shelters in place with the White House press corps, and Joe Biden gibbers senselessly into the GoPro camera in his Delaware basement, this fall’s national election has been thrown into a cocked tricorn by the coronavirus. Many of Donald Trump’s retail-politicking strengths — the huge rallies, his command of crowds — have been neutralized, and while he still has control of the narrative from his bully pulpit in the West Wing, the national media remains dead set against him, and puts the worst possible spin on every word he speaks.
Ex-mayor in California who quit after
criticizing Trump dies in plane crash
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Posted by earlybird 4/19/2020 4:35:30 PM Post Reply
The former mayor of a Northern Californian city who stepped down after he harshly criticized President Donald Trump and his supporters, died Saturday in a plane crash, the Sacramento Bee reported. Dr. Bill Kirby, who was the mayor of Auburn, died in the crash Saturday morning near the Auburn Municipal Airport, (Snip)Kirby gained notoriety last week after social media posts criticizing Trump’s response to the coronavirus pandemic and comparing the president’s supporters to KKK members. Kirby’s posts and statements created an outcry and calls for his recall. He told the Auburn Journal a week ago that his Facebook posts were made on a personal page
Neiman Marcus to file for BANKRUPTCY
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and skipping interest payments worth
millions– becoming the first major US
department store to shutter amid the
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Posted by earlybird 4/19/2020 4:41:14 PM Post Reply
Neiman Marcus Group, one of the largest retailers in the United States, is reportedly ready to file bankruptcy amid the COVD-19 pandemic after defaulting millions in bond payments last week and furloughing 14,000 employees. Neiman Marcus would become the first major US department store to crumble amidst the economic set backs from the coronavirus outbreak. Reuters reported the company had few options after the coronavirus spurred lockdowns that shuttered non-essential businesses, including all 43 of their stores. This includes Last Call stores and its two New York City Bergdorf Goodman department stores.Neiman Marcus has struggled to stay afloat with brick-and-mortar stores as consumer shopping increasingly shifts online.
Miami Herald Columnist: Packed Beaches
Will ‘Work Nicely to Thin The Ranks’
Of Trump And DeSantis Supporters
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As some Florida beaches reopened under social distancing guidelines, Miami Herald metro columnist Fabiola Santiago tweeted on Sunday that Florida residents packing beaches “should work nicely to thin the ranks” of supporters of President Donald Trump and Gov. Ron DeSantis.Santiago tweeted that “packed beaches should work nicely to thin the ranks of Trump/DeSantis/Gimenez supporters in #Florida who value money over health.” Packed beaches should work nicely to thin the ranks of Trump/DeSantis/Gimenez supporters in #Florida who value money over health.
Dem Sen. Coons Calls for $3.6 Billion Vote-by-
Mail Funding — ‘We Ought to Be Able to Do This’
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In a Sunday interview with MSNBC’s “Kasie DC,” Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE) called for $3.6 billion in funding to allow vote-by-mail in 2020 amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Coons noted people in the military and diplomats vote via mail and that President Donald Trump requested an absentee ballot for the upcoming election, advising if some states can vote entirely by mail, then it should not be an issue while there are shelter-in-place orders. “It would ask us to give some flexibility to states in terms of match requirements and some dramatic additional resources, $3.6 billion,” argued Coons.
They Can’t Stop Us
from Re-Opening America
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We’re going to come out of this nightmare whether the Democratic politicians like it or not. The pandemic is subsiding, so America is done with this lockdown nonsense, and the inevitable re-opening is coming. It will start out slow, then get faster, then get very, very fast, and then get finished. That’s how these things happen. But it won’t happen without #resistance. The lib establishment and its media gerbils clearly think it’s in their interest to have the Bat Gobbler flu crisis continue indefinitely. They think it hurts Trump, plus they really love wielding power over you. Just look into the dead doll eyes of Governor Karen (D-Minncounsinigan)
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