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FDA Must Approve
Hydroxychloroquine Now

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Posted By: Magnante, 3/22/2020 8:29:18 AM

You are being lied to about the drugs that heal COVID19. America's FDA, and National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Dr. Anthony Fauci, are dragging their feet on approving a drug that provides very strong positive effect on COVID19. (snip) Fauci is taking the position that he and the US government should not approve Hydroxychloroquine because it might not be safe and might not be effective, based on his smear of high-quality science as mere anecdote.


Fauci is absolutely wrong to call the evidence "anecdotal." Other nations have adopted the drug he is delaying, to excellent effect.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: felixcat 3/22/2020 8:34:54 AM (No. 353914)
Fauci is a Hillary loving Democrat bureaucrat who is 79 years old and should have retired a decade ago. If President Trump keeps relying on his "advice" and that of the FDA - we are all screwed, the economy ruined and no second term for Trump. So next year when there is another strain of some flu or virus coming from China, we all locked down again? Europe survived the Black Death and this is not the plague.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: MDConservative 3/22/2020 8:39:28 AM (No. 353917)
The question I have for Dr. Anthony Fauci is...So what? So what if it's only anecdotal evidence. The stuff is well-known, any side effects well-documented, and the Government has whipped people into a frenzy that is evidenced by such as the run on TP, the hoarding of canned goods, and the closing or severe curtailment of businesses...despite few cases of actual COVID-19. ("Infections" does not mean one is sick. See Tom Hanks or Prince Albert for how the numbers are misleading.) The use of hydroxychloroquine should simply and immediately be allowed if not approved for COVID-19 prevention and/or treatment.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: franq 3/22/2020 8:39:43 AM (No. 353918)
Dr. Faustus.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: IowaDad 3/22/2020 8:48:33 AM (No. 353927)
Not true! The evidence that plaquenil and chloroquine benefit patients is no more than suggestive. We can complete several blinded randomized trial in about a week. Doctors are perfectly free to prescribe these drugs without FDA approval in the interim if they chose. There are thousands of analogues of these drugs that may be far more effective. Let’s wait for proof before making idiots of ourselves!
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Reply 5 - Posted by: ROLFNader 3/22/2020 8:48:52 AM (No. 353928)
Watching this guy's reaction yesterday to President Trump's use of the phrase " Deep State Department" is all I needed to know about his agenda . Looks and sounds like a cross between Robert Reich and Professor Irwin Cory. Knowing that he admires Hillary Clinton is all we need to know about this 'man'.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: Jethro bo 3/22/2020 8:50:59 AM (No. 353930)
Yes, I remember when retuxamimb was the greatest cure for advanced breast cancer ever. So much so, that it was pushed as standard of care treatmemt. Congress made it Federal law that insurance companies had to pay for it in breast cancer treatment (still a law). ANd when randomize studies came out, guess what, it killed more women and than those not taking it. The FDA even reversed its approval for breast cancer. For generations medicine has tried to find that one miricle drug that will blunt the sepsis mechanism and lead to improved survivial. Some efforts did no good at all. Some made things worse and killed more people than the disease itself. The experience in NOLA with this combination of drugs for Covid-Insane hasn't lived up to the hype from this one anecdotal study in France. If one wants to be part of an experiemental protocol with this combination, fine, go for it. But to say this is a standard of cae without any knowledge of its effectiveness, side effects, and proven benefits is cavalier.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: ARKfamily 3/22/2020 8:52:44 AM (No. 353933)
I want this message to go to Dr. Anthony Fauci. I have been calling him Antonio so I apologize. Americans are resilient and we aren't going collapse and fall like you, the media, Democrats, and Never Trumpers want us to. Our foundation is in God and he is bigger than any of you. We know what you are trying to do. Approve it. You had no problem during the H1N1 and Ebola outbreaks. Read Job again in the Bible. We all know what we can be during prosperous times but we really find out what we are made of during trouble times. President Trump and Vice President Pence are showing us their leadership. My foundation is in God not your gods.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: sw penn 3/22/2020 9:00:41 AM (No. 353936)
Safety First! What is "safe"? Stay in your house to be "safe"... Stay in your house long enough, you starve to death. What is "safe"? Is safety the most important thing in the universe? Did hundred of thousand of Americans die over 200 years so you could be "safe"? Narcissism is a dangerous thing. Never far away, and easily manipulated by those with hidden motives. "After years of Safety First indoctrination, and a front row seat to it's unintended consequences, “Safety Third,” became a slightly subversive way for my crew and I to remind each other that our safety was in fact, our responsibility, and that no amount of compliance could ever keep us out of danger. Safety, I argued, was not a value to be “ranked,” but rather, a state of mind to be maintained. Thus, “Safety Third” became an hour-long special that stirred up a great deal of conversation around personal responsibility, risk equilibrium, and the unintended consequences of ranking Safety above everything else. " Read it all: Safety Third! Thanks Mike.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: LadyHen 3/22/2020 9:00:43 AM (No. 353937)
At this point, what could it hurt? It's a known drug with know side effects. God save us from petty, small minded, partisan bureaucrats!!!!
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Reply 10 - Posted by: davew 3/22/2020 9:04:10 AM (No. 353942)
Here is what I think the FDA and Fauci would respond to this argument. The Gautret study was non-randomized and open label. That means that the researchers picked which patients would get the real treatment and which would get the control. History is full of examples of clinical researchers introducing intentional or inadvertent bias in this process to get the results they want especially when the stakes are as high as preventing a pandemic. Although I doubt this happened and the results are reproducible in a true RCT study, it is a matter of principle to scientists that you must prove something using the gold standard of a randomized placebo controlled trial with a statistically significant number of trial subjects before you can call a therapy safe and effective. In the mean time, given the good safety profile of hydroxychloroquine with azithromycin it should be approved by doctors off label under the compassionate use provisions of the law.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: DCGIRL 3/22/2020 9:09:39 AM (No. 353950)
Okay, hydroxychloroquine is safe for consumption. So, what would be the worse thing that could happen if given to coronavirus patients? Really, nothing. The only thing that could really happen is put a end to Dr. Fauci 15 minutes of fame. I say it's time to put this man in a closet again where NO ONE can get access to him.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: lakerman1 3/22/2020 9:15:09 AM (No. 353957)
we all should take a collective deep breath here. Dr. Fauci is a lab rat, whose job it is to drag his feet, looking for substantial scientific evidence before giving blanket approval for a particular form of treatment. It would be possible for two separate drugs, each safe by itself, to be dangerous in combination. that happened with a diet drug, phentermine,back in the 1980s,and an anti-depression drug. when combined, the product was dangerous. there is evidence available by identifying those who are taking hydroxochloroquine, like Mrs. Lakerman, for rheumatoid arthritis, and examining their incidence and recovery from Kung Flu. computerization would allow this, along with a change in privacy laws. and the focus could be on NYC pharmacies. As for the Chinese physicians and their treatment modes, it is difficult to trust them, given their government meddling with them.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: Bazi 3/22/2020 9:24:07 AM (No. 353968)
Looked up side effects :"Taking hydroxychloroquine long-term or at high doses may cause irreversible damage to the retina of your eye. Stop taking this medicine and call your doctor at once if you have trouble focusing, if you see light streaks or flashes in your vision, or if you notice any swelling or color changes in your eyes." No hydroxychloroquine for me. I already have Macular Degeneration with visual symptoms.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: Strike3 3/22/2020 9:27:51 AM (No. 353972)
The FDA has ruled the pharmaceutical industry with an iron fist for years to the point where they dictate how computer software is written and who has access to data. The end result is exhorbitant profits, enough to spread around to companies like Merck, Phizer, J&J, etc., hospitals, doctors, pharmacies, insurance companies and of course, the tax man. It's hard to break free of a bureaucracy like that because it is in their blood. They claim the profits are justified but just look at their corporate headquarters, gymnasiums, on-site child care, perfectly landscaped grounds, office furnishings, corporate helicopters, CEOs pulling in double-digit millions in salary and perks and you can see nothing but money.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: SamNJ 3/22/2020 9:30:05 AM (No. 353973)
If this little weasel were fired now, the fakenews media and democRATS would explode with false indignation and he'd be appearing on the alphabet media day and night, attacking the President, ala Comey, Brennan and Clapper; better to keep him on the team and gently sideline him for the duration.
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Reply 16 - Posted by: bpl40 3/22/2020 9:33:11 AM (No. 353980)
PDT should take a second opinion. But then move in at Trump speed.
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Reply 17 - Posted by: Ditto1958 3/22/2020 10:03:47 AM (No. 354011)
The anti-malarial drugs in question are already approved, and are in fact “old.” There is plenty of data out there on them. Doctors should be able to use them “off label” safely. Let’s see if they really do work.
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Reply 18 - Posted by: coyote 3/22/2020 10:10:59 AM (No. 354017)
The medical orthodoxy has played this game for over a century.
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Reply 19 - Posted by: DVC 3/22/2020 10:14:31 AM (No. 354029)
No question this information is NOT anecdotal, it is a small study, without some of the normal scientific requirements, which limit it's certainty. I think Trump recently got a new law passed called "right to try" experimental drugs. Why can't this be under that system? I'll play devil's advocate here for a bit. The normal standard is a double blind (neither the doc or the patient know which drug is which), random test. This test being referred to was "open-label, non random", so the docs and patients knew that they were getting a new treatment. There is extremely well established proof of placebo effect in non-random, non-blind tests. Tell a patient that he is getting a new miracle drug, and magically, a certain number just get well.....even on sugar pills. The fact that this had 100% good outcomes is helpful in pressing the case that it is a real effect. All that said, the drug has been around for a long time, has been used for chronic disease, is apparently extremely well known to be "generally safe". That at least partially eliminates the biggest boogeyman in testing new drugs, you are, in this case, very unlikely to kill someone with the drug. Next is "does it work"? It seems very reasonable to put some caveats around this and approve it for use in some sort of a "large scale testing" mode, with clear notification of patients that this IS NOT A PROVEN, GUARANTEED SAFE TREATMENT, and that they can choose whether to get it or not, with the risk on them. Require a signed consent. But, get the damned FDA bureaucrats out of the way. It is still entirely possible that this will be proven to be only moderately effective, or even, possibly, ineffective. But it could be very effective and save a bunch of lives. I can tell you that if I get this, I will be lobbying my doc to try it.
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Reply 20 - Posted by: Sorosisbehindit 3/22/2020 10:17:36 AM (No. 354032)
Doctors need to tell this Clinton "medical expert" that their patients all need this drug because they are all suspected of having Lupus and proceed with the cure.
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Reply 21 - Posted by: DVC 3/22/2020 10:17:37 AM (No. 354033)
Oh, and IMO, quoting Chinese "science" at this time, on this subject weakens your case rather than strengthens it. I think that everything in China about this is ENTIRELY suspect, and should be just ignored.
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Reply 22 - Posted by: MuncsSister 3/22/2020 10:21:07 AM (No. 354038)
#6, #14: I have taken this drug in the past for RA. It is affordable and has been in use for 70 years. Yes, long term use of this drug can, in rare cases, cause eye damage. That is why rheumatologists require baseline vision tests for people taking it long term so they can catch vision changes and stop taking the drug. The damage is not sudden onset. Nowhere have I seen that people will need to take this drug as long term therapy for the China Virus. The “Malaria drug” headline conjures up all kinds of scary images for people and that’s exactly why the press is using that term. Fortunately, this drug is one of the most well researched drugs ever, given its long history. The same cannot always be said for countless other drugs millions of people take every day without a second thought. Common sense must prevail here!
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Reply 23 - Posted by: HotRod 3/22/2020 10:28:11 AM (No. 354054)
An earlier story explained that President Trump made his fortune by demanding results from his people. He should replace Fauci, who it seems is now nothing more than a bureaucrat, not doing much actual work in the field. Foot-dragging and bureaucratic process has it's (limited) place, but right now we need more action! We need fresh blood in all our agencies.
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Reply 24 - Posted by: greggojo 3/22/2020 10:28:48 AM (No. 354055)
I think this should be a Must Read.
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Reply 25 - Posted by: jeffkinnh 3/22/2020 10:37:41 AM (No. 354069)
With patient approval, give it to people with serious symptoms and also to those with emerging symptoms. See what happens. The false response that some placebo's cause for certain conditions is probably not much of an issue for a viral infection. Say it only works for on 50% of the people who get it. Isn't that pretty good? It doesn't mean that other medications can't continue to be tested or developed. If we COULD have an immediate, highly effective, low complication, low cost, solution for this virus, isn't it worth trying it? You don't even need FDA "approval" just acceptance that the drug is safe for people testing positive for the Chinese virus with some known side effects and with effectiveness still under evaluation. Think of it like this. A man has fallen through the ice on a lake. All you have is a ball of heavy twine. You're not sure the twine is strong enough to pull the guy out. A friend runs back to get a rope but it will be 15 minutes before he gets back and the guy will likely have drowned by then. Do you not use the twine because it might not work or do you give it a try? Duh! Bureaucrats would let the guy drown because the twine is not rated for such rescue work.
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Reply 26 - Posted by: coldoc 3/22/2020 10:46:27 AM (No. 354077)
The FDA has a long history of poo-pooing anything they didnt invent or discover. It looks as if fauci will have blood on his hands.
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Reply 27 - Posted by: MainelySane 3/22/2020 11:02:32 AM (No. 354092)
#14... about blindness with hydroxycholorquine. I'm an optometrist and we follow patients yearly or more frequently for ocular side effects of hydroxy (Plaquenil). It takes years of unattended use of Plaquenil to cause retinal toxicity. Taking it for several weeks or months will not cause retinal toxicity.. and if you really already have macular degeneration and have lost central vision.. you have nothing more to lose... For me... given the choice of painful death or loss of central vision, I'd take loss of central vision before I would die.
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Reply 28 - Posted by: earlybird 3/22/2020 11:03:24 AM (No. 354094)
From the AJMC (American Journal of Managed Care) yesterday: The FDA has approved the first point-of-care test for coronavirus that can get results in 45 minutes, and New York state will conduct a trial of the drug combination that could be used to treat the novel coronavirus COVID-19.
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Reply 29 - Posted by: thethirdruffian 3/22/2020 11:17:36 AM (No. 354107)
I took some version of HQuin almost every day for 8 years in Vietnam. It’s safe. Better than the stuff that made our urine blue.
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Reply 30 - Posted by: Tusker 3/22/2020 11:31:31 AM (No. 354130)
Welcome to this thread: a circular firing squad of blabbering “talking heads” all of whom have been inside too long eschewing faith, flailing around trying to beat death. The same goes for Mini Doc, in spades who has NO solution and is not looking for one. Meanwhile...tick, tick, tick.
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Reply 31 - Posted by: JackBurton 3/22/2020 11:33:25 AM (No. 354135)
China has made chloroquine a standard treatment. Infections are down. Deaths have stopped. Recoveries are almost total. It's what the good doctor calls anecdotal.
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Reply 32 - Posted by: jj1319 3/22/2020 11:48:25 AM (No. 354158)
Thanks, #8. Very well done. I tell my guys, "Safety last. Right after quality and productivity." So, essentially, safety third. We're all grown men who know a bit about responsibility.
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Reply 33 - Posted by: Jesuslover54 3/22/2020 11:48:48 AM (No. 354159)
Hydroxychloroquine has been an approved drug for decades. This is just using it off-label.
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Reply 34 - Posted by: Skeptical1 3/22/2020 12:05:32 PM (No. 354174)
Quite a rant. Yes, Fauci should have said "investigational" instead of "anecdotal", and lost some crredibility as a result. But if you read the Belgian guidelines, they only want it to be used on patients who have been hospitalized already. Which is a little late if the problem is lack of hospital beds (although obviously reduction in length of stay, not to mention mortality, would be a very good thing). Anyway, with all that's happening, if the drug really works as hoped, we'll know very quickly. And you can bet that DJT will steamroller any FDA foot-dragging.
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Reply 35 - Posted by: Chuzzles 3/22/2020 12:09:50 PM (No. 354181)
Given that he has been exposed as a Hildabeest fan this weekend, why has that man not been fired? Delay of vital therapies is so wrong, and so democrat. Trump is so weak in hiring people, then not getting rid of them when their skeletons are exposed. Why does Wray still have a job? Now this guy.
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Reply 36 - Posted by: Chuzzles 3/22/2020 12:11:13 PM (No. 354186)
#2, that is not the Feds doing the whipping, that is the MEDIA. Sounds like the Feds have too many swampers who still believe what they hear in the media.
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Reply 37 - Posted by: john56 3/22/2020 12:12:11 PM (No. 354187)
Having sold Plaquenil (and chlorquine) in a past life, the major side effect is macular degeneration. The labeling on the product clearly states that patients should be tested for this at the time they start taking the drug and at least annually. Of course, that's for the treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis, a chronic condition. Probably would be a good idea to have an eye test anyway to rule out any pre-existing condition, but as I understand it, the use of this drug and the arthrimoax (antibiotic) is a short term issue, only a few days or weeks of treatment. Both those drugs are anti-malarial. Their RA effects were found when missionaries, sent to Africa and other areas with the drug, that had RA felt a relief of their RA. When the missionaries returned home and stopped the anti-malarial drugs, their symptoms returned. When they resumed taking the drugs, the symptoms were lessened.
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Reply 38 - Posted by: FormerDem 3/22/2020 12:14:45 PM (No. 354193)
Fire Fauci.
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Reply 39 - Posted by: MainelySane 3/22/2020 12:53:12 PM (No. 354245)
Google this: Hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin as a treatment of COVID-19 IHU Méditerranée-Infection select video.. the first hit should be the English language interview with the French Dr. who shared his results last week. His cocktail works by changing the pH of the lung environment making it an inhospitable environment for replication of the virus.
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Reply 40 - Posted by: Ketchuplover 3/22/2020 4:25:02 PM (No. 354448)
Too much instant fame can go to anyone's head. Anybody else remember General Alexander Haig's (Sec. of State) press conference after Reagan was shot? "I'm in control here."
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Reply 41 - Posted by: Rumblehog 3/22/2020 4:36:08 PM (No. 354456)
The FDA needs to be abolished. It's been corrupt to the hilt for decades, as Congress-critters' use it for the personal "ATM" with 'insider trading' bonuses. The FDA does nothing but slow down deployment of much needed drugs. But here's the main reason for shutting it down: "FDA Approval" does NOT eliminate remove the threat that a drug manufacturer can be sued. If having FDA Approval could indemnify from lawsuits then the FDA would add value, but it doesn't. Bottom line is that "big-Pharma" has a much higher exposure to lawsuits in today's litigious environment which keeps them on the straight and narrow. Let the FDA go after the snake-oil hucksters, but leave the major drug companies alone to quickly churn out new medicines in times of crisis.
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Reply 42 - Posted by: Rubinski 3/23/2020 8:18:32 AM (No. 354901)
This is a neutral comment, just meant to inform. FYI: It was the FDA approval system that saved America from the Thalidomide tragedy which saw so many children born in Europe and other parts of the world with deformed or missing limbs. The FDA would not approve its use in the US.
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Reply 43 - Posted by: NotaBene 3/23/2020 5:46:01 PM (No. 355557)
This is a national emergency. Get factories producing enough hydro-Chloroquine. Give it off-label to any patient that wants it. To test for prophylaxis use doctors and nurses double blinded tests and they will use self-medication. Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea and China have this pest beaten. What is the difference with us? They use MASKS of the surgical cheap type. Masks for everyone in the streets will bring social distancing automatically. We need to get back to work! Shorten the recession, this is now a political decision that cannot be up to doctors. Hydro-chloroquine for all ! Testing for all, and we need a serological test to see who was infected and is immune. A vaccine never w
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On Wednesday, New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo issued a teary apology during which he said that he didn’t do anything he was alleged to have done but, if he did in fact do those things, he had no idea that they were bad things. On Thursday, Charlotte Bennett, a 25-year-old former health policy adviser to Gov. Cuomo, told CBS that Andrew Cuomo explicitly propositioned her during an office meeting, in addition to crude, personal questions about her sex life. Cuomo’s going to have a hard time explaining that he didn’t know he’s not supposed to proposition employees almost four decades younger than he is.
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Biden's Incoherence Just Hit Critical Mass,
This Is Scary Awful
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As we reported two days ago, Joe Biden completely made no sense when he was trying to explain the Wuhan coronavirus relief bill. It was really bad and it explains why they’re afraid to have him deliver an address to Congress or do any kind of a real solo press conference, because at this point they have to be afraid this is all going to fall apart if he does anything live and this all becomes too obvious to the American people. But there’s only so long that they can hold this off. And it’s getting worse, as video today revealed. Biden was holding an event to announce the nomination
‘Huge Development’: Democrat Sen. Joe
Manchin Starts To Crack On Filibuster,
Signals Openness To Change
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Democrat Senator Joe Manchin (WV) appears to have started to shift his views on the filibuster with remarks that he made on two news shows on Sunday morning.The shift from Manchin comes after he has repeatedly stated that he would not vote to end the filibuster, despite pressure from the far-Left. During the interviews on Sunday, Manchin repeatedly claimed that he was not open to ending the filibuster because he did not want to strip the minority party of their power in the Senate, but signaled that he was open to changing it.Fox News host Chris Wallace asked Manchin if he would consider “reforming the filibuster” if “Republicans
Evangelicals For Biden ‘Feel Used And Betrayed’
By Biden Fulfilling His Radical Abortion Promises
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In an open letter released Sunday, Pro-Life Evangelicals for Biden urged him to “honor his commitment” and include the Hyde Amendment in Democrats’ $1.9 trillion COVID-19 spending package, writing “we feel used and betrayed.” The letter states: We are very disappointed about the COVID-19 relief package’s exclusion of the Hyde Amendment, a longstanding bipartisan policy that prevents taxpayer funding for abortion. [snip] As pro-life leaders in the evangelical community, we publicly supported President Biden’s candidacy with the understanding that there would be engagement [with] us on the issue of abortion and particularly the Hyde Amendment
Meghan Markle reveals her true
self in Oprah interview
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If you had any doubts that Meghan Markle is a manipulative piece of work, her bombshell Oprah interview Sunday night dumping on the British monarchy would set you straight. Prince Harry’s American wife accused his family of hateful racism against her baby, claimed they refused to protect her and drove her to the point of suicide.She made the incendiary and implausible charge that when she was pregnant with Archie, the royal family decreed that her unborn son would be denied the title of “prince” because her mixed race meant he might have dark skin.
Biden’s German Shepherds Shipped Back
to Delaware After ‘Biting Incident’
Involving White House Security
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Joe and Jill Biden’s German Shepherds were shipped back to Delaware after a “biting incident” involving White House security, CNN reported.Major was adopted by Joe Biden and his handler wife Jill in 2018 from an animal shelter.Major and Champ moved into the White House in January and they’re already gone. The condition of the victim was not disclosed but it was serious enough to remove both dogs from the White House.CNN reported: The two German Shepherds belonging to President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden were returned to the Biden family home in Delaware last week
Pelosi’s HR1 bill a blatant power grab for Democrats 30 replies
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Nancy Pelosi’s top priority is to turn America into a one-party nation ruled by Democrats. Her bill HR 1 trashes the U.S. Constitution in an attempt to rig the system and make it virtually impossible to elect a Republican president or Congress again. It’s a power grab. The bill eviscerates state voting laws and forces all the states to conform to a set of rules that includes automatic voter registration. Anyone who goes to a DMV or applies for food stamps, Medicaid or other social services, or attends a public college will be automatically enrolled to vote. Noncitizens are obligated to identify themselves and opt out,
Biden seems to forget defense
secretary’s name, calls him
'the guy who runs that outfit'
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President Biden on Monday seemed to forget Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s name at a White House event—calling the Pentagon chief “the guy who runs that outfit over there.” Biden was announcing the nomination of two female generals to lead US military combatant commands. “And I want to thank the sec—the, the, ah former general. I keep calling him general, but my, my—the guy who runs that outfit over there,” Biden said.(Snip) Earlier at the event, Biden mentioned the Defense Department leader by his name, “Secretary Austin,” while appearing to read from a teleprompter.
Oprah interview bombshells: Meghan claims
she was suicidal when she was five months
pregnant, Kate made HER cry and Royals
refused to make Archie a prince because
they were worried how 'dark' he would be
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The Royal Family was left reeling this morning after Meghan Markle tearfully revealed that the stress of royal life made her suicidal when she was five months pregnant, claimed Archie was denied the title of prince because he is mixed-race and said Kate Middleton made her cry before she married Harry in a bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey.The couple also chose to reveal that they are having a baby girl to the tens of millions of people watching the CBS show broadcast in the US before accusing the Royal Family of racism and revealing the deep rift 'Megxit' has caused with Prince Charles and Prince William.
Meghan Markle openly
accuses the Royals
of racism
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I’m probably second to none in my dislike for Meghan Markle. There’s something unattractive about a mature woman marrying into the British Royal family with one of the world’s most expensive weddings, hanging out with the Queen, living in insane luxury…and then whining non-stop about the horror of her life. There’s something even less appealing when that woman accuses the Royal family of race hatred. And the problem is that, when it comes to that left-wing diva, Meghan Markle, it’s hard to believe most of what she says. After weeks of hype, CBS finally televised Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s interview with Oprah.
Watch: John Solomon Gives Stunning Update
in Durham’s ‘Russiagate’ Investigation
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Without question, the vast majority of Americans who support former President Donald Trump were angry and frustrated throughout 2020 passed with barely a mention of then-U.S. Attorney John Durham’s criminal investigation into the FBI’s fraudulent “Russiagate” counterterrorism operation directed at his 2016 campaign.In the weeks before the November election, word got out that then-Attorney General William Barr wasn’t going to announce any indictments or even a report on Durham’s investigation because he did not want to influence the outcome.So far, in fact, the only indictment to come out of the Durham probe is that of former FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith, who essentially got a slap on the wrist
Democrats renew calls to remove
J. Edgar Hoover's name from FBI building
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Rep. Steve Cohen vowed to renew the push to remove former FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover’s name from the bureau’s downtown Washington headquarters, according to an interview released Monday. Appearing on Yahoo! News’ Skullduggery podcast, the Tennessee Democrat said the effort is getting a fresh look after the release of a new movie highlighting the FBI’s secret program to discredit civil rights activists. The Washington Times in 2019 first reported Democrats’ bid to strip the longtime FBI director’s name from the bureau’s headquarters. Mr. Cohen said the impetus to revive the bid is the new movie, “Judas and the Black Messiah.” The movie details
Jill Biden, the Meghan Markle
in the WH, is egregiously
guilty of elder abuse
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“There must have been a moment, at the beginning, when we could have said –-no. But somehow we missed it.” Tom Stoppard The millions of Americans who were paying attention throughout the 2020 election campaign all became painfully aware of the fact that Joe Biden’s cognitive abilities were slipping and slipping fast. His wife, as the person closest to him, should have been the one to call the campaign quits in order to reduce stress on the man. Instead, apparently so anxious to become the First Lady by any means necessary, Mrs. Biden continued to push her failing husband’s campaign forward as if he were mentally qualified.
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