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Support flips against impeachment
as Trump approval rating jumps: Poll

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Posted By: NorthernDog, 11/22/2019 10:52:55 AM

A new poll shows support for the impeachment of President Trump has declined since public hearings have started. The Emerson poll released Thursday found support for impeachment has dropped from 48% to 43% since October, while opposition to impeachment has risen from 44% to 45%. Independents are key in the shift, with 49% opposing impeachment and only 34% supporting impeachment. In October, 48% of independents supported impeachment and 39% opposed. The poll also showed Trump's approval rating rising to a net positive. Forty-eight percent approved of the president while 47% disapproved. His approval rating was only 43% a month ago.


Epic Fail. And if Dems vote to impeach anyways, the Senate trial will spotlight all their dirty dealings.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: DoneinCalif 11/22/2019 10:55:41 AM (No. 242166)
The question I have is what will the dims do when Trump gets acquitted. I figure they'll go after his taxes.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: golden 11/22/2019 11:46:01 AM (No. 242237)
How many times do these people think they can get away with this one trick poney. Aren't reasonable dems awake yet? They do nothing. NOTHING but stew in hate for our president.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: MDConservative 11/22/2019 11:48:14 AM (No. 242242)
Soon to move on to Plan B (or C or D)...maybe a quick censure resolution voted along party lines, suitable for framing. Gives the shillls something to peddle. Watch for a shift to go after Don, Jr. and/or Kushner. In baseball, it's called changing the eye level.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: LanceLink1 11/22/2019 12:06:46 PM (No. 242263)
I guess more and more of us peasants don't understand Nancy's facts.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: jacksin5 11/22/2019 12:59:09 PM (No. 242306)
I am looking forward to seeing how they slide out from under this steaming pile without getting dirty. They can't risk getting laughed out of the Senate, and they can't end the hearings in the House without coming to some resolution. An interesting conundrum, don't you think?
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Reply 6 - Posted by: bad-hair 11/22/2019 3:07:54 PM (No. 242437)
I love using their own quotes against them.. James Carville …. It's the economy stupid.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: M2 11/22/2019 4:22:21 PM (No. 242501)
That’s really got to rot their socks.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: jeffkinnh 11/22/2019 4:26:59 PM (No. 242505)
The shift among independents is the signals of a disaster for the dems. What they are illustrating for independents is that they will do and say anything to get Trump and after exhaustive and completely unfair processes, Trump STILL comes out clean. That innocence is almost unbelievable since all of us, especially powerful people, have some skeletons in our closet but, here we are. And the Leftist dems are ... nowhere. Their singular goal was to eradicate Trump and they failed. Under BO, they failed at Economy 101. Failed at dealing with terrorists. Failed at healthcare. Failed at immigration. Failed at constraining the budget. Corrupted the IRS, EPA, CFPB, State, DOJ, FBI, intelligence agencies, and probably far more that we haven't uncovered. Anyone looking, and independents ARE looking, see dem corruption and incompetence and the polls are starting to show that some of the independents may be making up their minds thanks to the dems insistence on exercising their egos and creating a spectacle of their own failure and unfairness. Once their opinion gels, it will be VERY hard to change it, especially since the media has been neutered through a similar process of ego driven incompetence and failure. There is no dem candidate that stands much opposed to the Leftist herd so it really doesn't matter which of them wins. They are all losers. Independents split Clintoon 42/Trump 43 in 2016. If Trump gets a few more points from independents, it's all over. Depending on WHERE those votes come from, it could trigger a BIG electoral win.
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Support flips against impeachment
as Trump approval rating jumps: Poll
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A new poll shows support for the impeachment of President Trump has declined since public hearings have started. The Emerson poll released Thursday found support for impeachment has dropped from 48% to 43% since October, while opposition to impeachment has risen from 44% to 45%. Independents are key in the shift, with 49% opposing impeachment and only 34% supporting impeachment. In October, 48% of independents supported impeachment and 39% opposed. The poll also showed Trump's approval rating rising to a net positive. Forty-eight percent approved of the president while 47% disapproved. His approval rating was only 43% a month ago.
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Voters voice doubts over impeachment
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ATLANTA - As public impeachment hearings enter a second week, a majority of Americans have said their opinions on the impeachment of President Donald Trump were formed weeks ago, and many question whether anything will change when the process concludes. "I'm not a politician. I can't say that he should be removed, but he's guilty," Robin Walton told ABC News on her way to Sunday services at Ebenezer Baptist Church in downtown Atlanta. "You cannot extort or bribe a foreign government into getting dirt on a political opponent to sabotage our free elections." More than two-thirds of Americans in a
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House Intelligence Committee member Mike Conaway, R-Texas, criticized Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., as Conaway completed his questioning of witnesses during Tuesday's impeachment inquiry hearing. Conaway made a "personal request" that Schiff clearly state the legal reasoning for keeping the Ukraine phone call whistleblower "immune" from testifying, even in a secure, closed-door environment that would protect his identity. "[I want] you and/or one of the members of the committee that are lawyers to put into the record the federal statute that provides for the absolute immunity or right to immunity that you've exerted over and over and over," Conaway told
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Presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg's night-and-day campaigns in Iowa and South Carolina clearly show both why he's such a formidable opponent and also why he remains a longshot to win the nomination. In Iowa, he surged into first place after hitting Elizabeth Warren hard on how she would pay for her massive Medicare expansion. In South Carolina, he's navigating troubling accusations that his campaign grossly overstated black support for his sweeping platform for African Americans. Here's what it means in the short term. For the first time, he's going to have a target on his back when he walks onto the
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Top officials in the US Navy threatened to resign or be fired should President Trump follow through with an order to keep disgraced Navy SEAL Edward Gallagher in the service, The New York Times reported. The threats from Navy Secretary Richard Spencer and Rear Adm. Collin Green, who leads the SEALs, left the Department of Defense scrambling for a compromise, the paper reported. Spencer says Gallagher should be judged by his peers. (Snip) Gallagher was convicted in July of illegally posing with the dead body of an ISIS fighter. The decision resulted in a rank and pay-grade demotion — and potentially the loss of his Navy SEALs Trident Pin.
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Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) said lunch with President Trump was “delightful” despite a history of clashing with the president that stretches back to the 2016 presidential primary. Romney and Trump shook hands at the White House lunch Thursday, and Romney said there didn’t appear to be any signs of lingering tension between the two of them, even though Trump slammed the senator last month as a “pompous ass.” Romney, for his part, blasted Trump last month for calling on China and Ukraine to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden as "wrong and appalling
FNC’s Napolitano: ‘Overwhelming’
Evidence to Justify 3 or 4
Articles of Impeachment Against Trump
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In an interview with Reason’s Nick Gillespie on Friday, Fox News analyst Andrew Napolitano said there was “overwhelming” evidence of impeachable actions by President Donald Trump. Napolitano said, “The Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee have unearthed enough evidence, in my opinion, to justify about three or four articles of impeachment against the president. We have to start this conversation by underscoring the fact that impeachment is not legal, it is political. Its only Constitutional base is treason, bribery, or other hard crimes and misdemeanors.”
Joe Biden: Lindsey Graham Will ‘Regret’
Investigating Me ‘His Whole Life’
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Former Vice President Joe Biden threatened Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) for launching an investigation into his activities with Ukraine while in the Obama White House, stating the Republican will “regret” the move his “whole life.” On Thursday, Graham sent a letter to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo requesting documents to aid in determining whether Biden pushed for the firing of Ukrainian Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin to squash a sweeping probe into Burisma Holdings, the Ukrainian energy giant where his son, Hunter Biden, served as a board member. The younger Biden was compensated generously, making up to $83,000 a month for several years while on the Burisma’s board.
Peggy Noonan Reminds
Us Why Trump Won
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Three years after outsider Donald Trump blew up the political world with his implausible victory over the consummate insider, Hillary Clinton, many establishment Republicans still don’t get it. From their elite cocoon, they continue to indulge the hauteur that put off ordinary voters who had grown tired of a fossilized political class that serially ignored their interests, and seemed more concerned with their own insider perks and privilege, rather than in repairing the damage that decades of bipartisan progressive technocracy had inflicted on the Constitutional order. The grande dame of the disgruntled NeverTrump Republicans has been the Wall Street Journal’s Peggy Noonan, whose columns on Trump
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Warren told pro-school-choice activist
she sent her kids to public school,
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On Thursday, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., told a school choice activist in Atlanta that she had sent both of her children to public school. On Friday, her campaign told a different story. In a video that was originally uploaded on social media, Sarah Carpenter of the Powerful Parent Network challenged Warren's opposition to charter schools, at one point saying: "We are going to have the same choice that you had for your kids because I read that your children went to private schools." "My children went to public schools," Warren told Carpenter.
CNN’s Don Lemon Calls
Trump supporters ‘mental’
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Posted by M2 11/22/2019 7:06:45 AM Post Reply
On Tuesday, November 19th, CNN anchor Don Lemon made a mind-boggling statement. He said, of the ongoing impeachment hearings, “I think on this one, the Republicans are on the wrong side of history, and they are the most hypocritical. I’m not a partisan. I know people think that I’m some liberal Democrat. I’m not.” He went on to say, “I don’t think the Republicans are serving themselves well.” Talk about hypocrisy! If Lemon isn’t “partisan,” neither were Hitler or Stalin. Lemon is to hypocrisy as Macy’s is to Thanksgiving Day parades. And it is the Democrats who are demonstrably damaging themselves with this carefully—if bizarrely-- orchestrated farce.
Fiona Hill Testifies that Obama
Was Putin's Puppet
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While the fake news media are trying to convince you that Trump investigating the obvious and blatant corruption of the Biden family in Ukraine is a crime, one of their witnesses declared that Obama danced to Putin's tune.Fiona Hill testified that Obama refused to give military aid to Ukraine despite the fact that the "interagency" — the unelected wonks like Vindman who think they not Trump should run foreign policy — said that the U.S. should provide weapons to Ukraine to defend themselves against the Russian invasion.Hill testified that Obama refused to provide lethal aid to Ukraine so as to not upset Putin.
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