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Nikki Haley Embodies What’s
Wrong with the Republican Party

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Posted By: Harlowe, 11/12/2019 3:36:51 PM

In January, 2016, Nikki Haley, who was then the first female governor of South Carolina, delivered the Republican response to Barack Obama’s final State of the Union address. She dutifully criticized the two-term President, trotting out a few G.O.P. talking points on the national debt, health-care reform, and the threat of terrorism. (Snip) When the interviewer, Norah O’Donnell, asked whether Trump would ultimately be impeached and removed from office, Haley’s reply was entirely dismissive. “No. On what?” she said. “You’re gonna impeach a President for asking for a favor that didn’t happen

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Reply 1 - Posted by: bamapreacher 11/12/2019 3:49:18 PM (No. 233244)
If the New Yorker thinks she's wrong, she's obviously right.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: hurricanegirl 11/12/2019 3:51:46 PM (No. 233246)
As for Haley--not no, but you-know-what NO!
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Reply 3 - Posted by: DVC 11/12/2019 4:01:01 PM (No. 233251)
I violated one of my guidelines, which is "never bother with ANY publication with
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Reply 4 - Posted by: thethirdruffian 11/12/2019 4:12:00 PM (No. 233264)
Nikki should thank the New Yorker for this endorsement!
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Reply 5 - Posted by: pensom2 11/12/2019 4:21:24 PM (No. 233275)
The half-blind writer of this garbage suggests that Trump should be impeached for, among other things, "Threatening to abandon a vulnerable ally to the mercy of Vladimir Putin’s Russia." Huh? When Putin invaded the Crimea, the Ukrainians begged for help, and Obama sent them meals-ready-to-eat and other non-lethal aid. Did this writer or the dems demand Obie's impeachment?
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Reply 6 - Posted by: rinohunter 11/12/2019 4:23:32 PM (No. 233278)
Just another limp wristed, lisping, light in the loafers new york liberal demonstrating why NYC has gone down the crapper the last 10 years and still going....I've paid no mind to the spewings of libtard, masterminds like she-male Cassidy.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: winnie1 11/12/2019 4:25:15 PM (No. 233282)
Nikki speaks with a fork tongue. She is sucking up to Trump so if he wins in 2020 he will dump Pence. Don't trust this woman she got rid of southern flags and statues un-American.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: FunOne 11/12/2019 4:47:31 PM (No. 233322)
As governor of South Carolina, she took down the Confederate flag that had flown for over a hundred years. Had a liberal democrat discarded the history of that state in an act of feel-good warm fuzzy, I would understand. But I was surprised that a Republican governor would do this. I could not vote for Nikki--she is not genuine.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: Krause 11/12/2019 4:56:40 PM (No. 233330)
The writer apparently doesn’t see the elephant in his room.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: DVC 11/12/2019 4:57:58 PM (No. 233333)
Hmm. I wonder where the rest of my post #3 went? I violated one of my guidelines, which is "never bother with ANY publication with any form of New York in the title. It is a good guideline, the author is full of beans and Haley is correct. Read the transcript. Nothing out of line was said.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: volksford 11/12/2019 4:57:59 PM (No. 233334)
I didn't know the President discussed Hillary on that phone call , maybe John knows something the rest of us don't know. Perhaps John is thinking of the Crowdstrike what in the world would that have to do with Hillary ?? I think the President has every right to inquire about the Bidens , the money that coke head received indirectly came out of our pockets. Kinda like laundering dontcha think ? The Ukraine was a cash cow for a number of democrat crooks and I wouldn't be surprised if schifty wasn't one of the key benefactors.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: msts 11/12/2019 5:35:54 PM (No. 233358)
I know i am in the minority on this but i think every statue and plaque commemorating the Confederacy, along with its flag should have been taken down and discarded fifty years ago as part of a Republican initiative to get rid of all vestiges of the war the South fought to keep slavery. All that nonsense was to make the democrat southerners feel like they were noble in defeat and with it came Jim Crow, lynchings and the KKK.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: janjan 11/12/2019 5:46:23 PM (No. 233364)
Further proof that the liberals cannot make a logical or even honest argument against Trump.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: DVC 11/12/2019 6:33:27 PM (No. 233379)
You believe all the propaganda that the Civil War was "about slavery" eh, #12. Hogwash. You should read more and get past your Yankee indoctrination.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: doctorfixit 11/12/2019 6:53:33 PM (No. 233392)
No one person can embody all that is wrong with the GOP. When you consider the overlapping, intertwining vines and tendrils of Washington corruption, looking for individual villains is a parlor game. It's a culture of corruption, a universe of corruption in which we all play a role. .
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Reply 16 - Posted by: Jennie C. 11/12/2019 6:56:53 PM (No. 233400)
#7: why would DJT "dump" Pence after he won. Or even before? You make no sense.
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Reply 17 - Posted by: JHHolliday 11/12/2019 9:04:46 PM (No. 233525)
#12 is indeed in the minority here. Most of us are a little better versed in accurate history than he is.
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Reply 18 - Posted by: judy 11/13/2019 5:21:54 AM (No. 233671)
I like Nikki. She's more like Trump than any republican. Her response to Kelly & Tillerson's so called denial...well neither one denied what I said was incorrect.
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Real collusion 0 replies
Posted by Harlowe 11/12/2019 10:28:36 PM Post Reply
If you are paying attention to the Washington circus that is the impeachment inquiry into President Trump's handling of the much maligned Ukraine call, this is what real collusion looks like: a media largely committed to advancing the goal of Democrats to severely damage or remove him from office, a series of at first private testimonies by people who appear to have similar motives and connections to Democrats and/or anti-Trump forces, and now a new book by "Anonymous," which claims the president has a bad attitude and is difficult to work with. Where to start? "Anonymous" is a self-admitted coward.
Nikki Haley Embodies What’s
Wrong with the Republican Party
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Posted by Harlowe 11/12/2019 3:36:51 PM Post Reply
In January, 2016, Nikki Haley, who was then the first female governor of South Carolina, delivered the Republican response to Barack Obama’s final State of the Union address. She dutifully criticized the two-term President, trotting out a few G.O.P. talking points on the national debt, health-care reform, and the threat of terrorism. (Snip) When the interviewer, Norah O’Donnell, asked whether Trump would ultimately be impeached and removed from office, Haley’s reply was entirely dismissive. “No. On what?” she said. “You’re gonna impeach a President for asking for a favor that didn’t happen
Did Nikki Haley Tell Trump? 6 replies
Posted by Harlowe 11/11/2019 10:35:01 PM Post Reply
RUSH: In addition, we got Nikki Haley. I have one question for Nikki Haley. Did you tell Trump what Kelly and Tillerson were doing, or did you save it for the book? And if you didn’t tell Trump and you only saved it for the book – (interruption) what do you mean, you know about the book? Right here in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers, Nikki Haley, former U.N. ambassador — and, by the way, I need to remind everybody that our impressions of Nikki Haley were great from the beginning of the Trump administration.
Get Ready for a Kavanaugh-Type Week 6 replies
Posted by Harlowe 11/11/2019 10:24:10 PM Post Reply
RUSH: Okay, folks, stiffen up out there. It’s gonna be a big, big, challenging week out there, because what we’re faced with, the Democrats are going for everything this week. They’re moving too fast here. They’re going for everything this week. They’re not gonna be able to contain themselves. And what we’re gonna get is a repeat of the Kavanaugh strategy. As every effort they make blows up, they’re gonna have another one right in line behind it. We are gonna be overwhelmed with people stepping forward claiming Trump has been a bad actor since day one. It’s gonna be oppressive.
VIDEO — Gibson’s Bakery v. Oberlin
College: Identity Politics on Trial
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Posted by Harlowe 11/11/2019 10:03:13 PM Post Reply
To understand the case, you need to understand the history of social justice warfare and complicit administrative reactions. My lecture for the James Wilson Institute held at the Hillsdale College center in D.C. On November 1, 2019, I gave a lecture for the James Wilson Institute, titled Gibson’s Bakery v. Oberlin: Identity Politics on Trial. The lecture was held at the Hillsdale College center in D.C. JWI delivered a special treat for attendees, Gibson’s Bakery cookies! (Snip) The video of the lecture is below. I don’t have a transcript.
Cleveland Media Seek Access To Gibson’s
Bakery Store Clerk’s Sealed Facebook
Records in Oberlin College Case, But Why?
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Posted by Harlowe 11/10/2019 6:01:04 PM Post Reply
The court already ruled against Oberlin College’s attempt to unseal the records of a Gibson family member who wasn’t a party and didn’t testify. So why are Cleveland media outlets trying to rescue Oberlin College’s post-trial public relations effort? Do you believe in coincidences? This may just be a huge coincidence, but it certainly is another very curious twist in the Gibson’s Bakery v. Oberlin College case.(Snip)On November 1, 2019, WEWS-TV (News 5 Cleveland), Advance Ohio (, and the Ohio Coalition for Open Government Access (created by the Ohio News Media Foundation), filed a Motion to Unseal Allyn D. Gibson’s Facebook records.
A protest against racism, and a
$31.5 million defamation award
9 replies
Posted by Harlowe 11/4/2019 3:31:10 PM Post Reply
The initial confusion, recorded on a police body camera, bordered at times on chaos. "Are you serious?" The student cried out. "Oh, my God, why? I really didn't. Why are you arresting me? Why are you arresting me?" White cop, black suspect. A scene many of us might be tempted to process through our own, personal biases: (Snip) At court, roughly nine months later, the young man, a student at Oberlin College in Ohio, received a reduced sentence after pleading guilty to attempted theft, essentially confirming the police report of what had happened.
Ted Koppel: Despite verdict, Oberlin College
President still “makes allusions to a pattern
of racist behavior” by Gibson’s Bakery
8 replies
Posted by Harlowe 11/3/2019 11:24:27 PM Post Reply
The smear campaign against Gibson’s Bakery continues in interview during CBS Sunday Morning segment about the case. One of the most disturbing aspects of the Gibson’s Bakery v. Oberlin College case has been the almost obsessive demonization of Gibson’s Bakery and its owners by the college. It started not just during the protests and pre-litigation interactions that gave rise to the lawsuit, but in the Answer filed by the defendants in response to the lawsuit. (Snip) Oberlin and Raimondo seek to portray the College as the victim in this scenario, including the confessed shoplifters. I can’t imagine, based on what is publicly available, this will work.
I interviewed the Trump family for
two years and THIS is what I found
11 replies
Posted by Harlowe 11/3/2019 11:19:25 AM Post Reply
Like others, I have enjoyed reading the titillating, racy stories that have issued forth from bestselling books about the Trump White House. At times I felt nagging pangs of doubt, wondering why the stories always have come from anonymous sources. (Snip) What I discovered inside the Trump bubble was quite different from what had been reported. No, Melania and Donald were not estranged, they were tender lovers, who playfully teased each other. On almost any subject--North Korea, China, Mueller--the president brought up her name.
Science Says: How daylight
saving time affects health
23 replies
Posted by Harlowe 11/2/2019 10:50:21 PM Post Reply
Office workers bemoan driving home in the dark. Night owls relish the chance to sleep in. As clocks tick toward the end of daylight saving time, many sleep scientists and circadian biologists are pushing for a permanent ban because of potential ill effects on human health. (Snip) Research shows the springtime start of daylight saving time may be more harmful, linking it with more car accidents, heart attacks in vulnerable people and other health problems that may persist throughout the time change.
CBS News report on Gibsons v.
Oberlin College case to air Sunday
9 replies
Posted by Harlowe 11/1/2019 10:55:00 AM Post Reply
CBS News will run a special report on the court case between Gibson's Bakery and Oberlin College at 9 a.m. Sunday. A CBS representative said the show is expected to air that morning, but viewers should check their local listings for specific times. Award-winning broadcast journalist Ted Koppel was in Oberlin in early October conducting interviews for a CBS News Sunday Morning special on the November 2016 protests that led to a court case and $32 million judgment against the college last spring.
Fox News’s Catherine Herridge
Contract Lapses, Heads To CBS
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Posted by Harlowe 10/31/2019 2:25:28 PM Post Reply
Catherine Herridge, a beloved investigative correspondent at Fox News, is leaving the network after 23 years to go to work for CBS News. (Snip) The Congressional Medal of Honor Society recently gave Herridge a prestigious award. Media insiders tell me the CBS offer was just too good to pass up. Over the summer, Herridge’s contract lapsed and she was sorting out her future. Everyone I spoke with stressed how well-liked she is within Fox News.
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Hillary Clinton: I’m Facing ‘Enormous Pressure’
to Enter 2020 Race — I Want to ‘Retire’ Trump
52 replies
Posted by ladydawgfan 11/12/2019 2:04:40 PM Post Reply
On Tuesday, former Secretary of State and 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton told BBC Radio 5 Live she was under “enormous pressure” to consider a 2020 White House run. When asked about her future in politics, Clinton said, “I feel a sense of responsibility partly because you know my name was on the ballot, I got more votes, but ended up losing to the current incumbent in the White House who I think is really undermining our democracy in very fundamental ways. And I want to retire him.” When asked if she is absolutely ruling out a 2020 run, Clinton said, “I, as I say never, never, never say never.
NFL Arranges Private
Workout For Colin Kaepernick
40 replies
Posted by Pluperfect 11/13/2019 4:46:56 AM Post Reply
The NFL has put together a private workout for Colin Kaepernick. According to Adam Schefter, the former 49ers quarterback will go through a training session in Atlanta on Saturday for teams, and interviews can be conducted afterwards.Video of the session will be given to all 32 teams, which are all also invited to attend in person to watch the man who refused to stand for the anthem throw footballs.(Snip)This is comical. This is just straight up comical. Does anybody honestly believe Kaepernick will ever play in the NFL again?
Horowitz Report Will Be Damning.
Criminal Referrals Likely.
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Posted by StormCnter 11/12/2019 3:30:58 PM Post Reply
Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s much anticipated report on his investigation into the FBI’s probe into President Trump’s campaign is expected to be made public before Thanksgiving and the outcome is alleged to contain several criminal referrals, according to sources who spoke with Horowitz’s investigation on the bureau’s probe into the now debunked theory that Trump colluded with Russia in the 2016 presidential election will more than likely result in the declassification of documents — requested by senior Republican lawmakers for more than several years. These are the same documents President Trump turned over to Attorney General William Barr in May,
American Psychological Association
Demands Using Plural Pronouns For
Nonbinary Individuals
36 replies
Posted by M2 11/13/2019 5:53:00 AM Post Reply
In what appears to be one of the most remarkable examples of irony in left-wing “progress,” the LGBT left is celebrating the American Psychological Association’s style guide adopting “they/them” as the official pronoun designation for nonbinary people. LGBTQ Nation tweeted, “With this move, the APA is recognizing the existence of nonbinary people and inviting others to understand them better.” This change follows the highly publicized revelation of British singer Sam Smith changing his personal pronouns to “they” and “them” and stating, “I hope you can see me like I see myself now.”
Hillary Clinton: 'I would have been a much better,
more successful president'
32 replies
Posted by tisHimself 11/12/2019 11:30:36 PM Post Reply
Hillary Clinton revealed Tuesday that she thinks “all the time” about how she would have made a better president than Donald Trump. I think about the kind of president I would have been all the time,” the twice-failed presidential candidate told the BBC. “I think about what I would have done — how, obviously, I would have been different. How I think I would have been a much better, more successful president.”
Steve Schmidt: ‘Overwhelming Chance’ Trump
Will ‘Dump Pence’ in 2020, Replace Him with
Nikki Haley
32 replies
Posted by ladydawgfan 11/12/2019 1:47:51 PM Post Reply
Steve Schmidt, John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign manager, during Tuesday’s “Morning Joe” on MSNBC predicted former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley could be on President Donald Trump’s ticket for reelection in 2020. Schmidt said Haley is “clearly angling for the job” with her new book “With All Due Respect,” adding Trump “has an enormous problem with women” that would be solved by the former South Carolina governor being his running mate. “It’s about currying favor. She wants to be vice president. She wants to be vice president on the Republican ticket in 2020,” Schmidt stated.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg misses Supreme
Court arguments due to illness
30 replies
Posted by DVC 11/13/2019 1:42:11 PM Post Reply
Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was absent from oral arguments before the high court Wednesday morning due to an illness. The court said Ginsburg, 86, remained home because of a stomach bug. While not having the opportunity to question attorneys during the arguments, she will be involved in deciding the cases. "Justice Ginsburg is unable to be present today. She is indisposed due to illness, but she will participate in the consideration and decision of the cases on the basis of the briefs and the transcripts or recordings of the oral arguments," Chief Justice John Roberts said from the bench.
LGBTQ Activist Students Walk Out
of Class to Protest Chick-Fil-A
Food Cart at Football Games
30 replies
Posted by M2 11/13/2019 6:52:06 AM Post Reply
While one group of students at West Linn High School in Oregon walked out of class to protest the presence of Chick-Fil-A food carts at their school’s football games, another group walked out waving bags of the chicken franchise’s offerings and sporting MAGA (“Make America Great Again”) hats. The dueling walkouts took place on Friday, local station KATU reports: “The (school’s) Gay-Straight Alliance is upset that a Chick-Fil-A food cart is allowed at high school football games. They say Chick-Fil-A supports anti-LGBTQ+ organizations.D
Homeless man hurls bucket of diarrhea
at woman near Hollywood Walk
of Fame
30 replies
Posted by Imright 11/12/2019 2:37:48 PM Post Reply
A homeless man dumped a bucket of “hot” diarrhea on a Los Angeles woman near the Hollywood Walk of Fame — an unprovoked attack that’s left her with PTSD, she said this week. Heidi Van Tassel said she about to drive home from a Thai restaurant near the famed tourist trip in April when the alleged assailant, Jere Blessings, dragged her out of her vehicle, news station NBC4 reported. He then pulled her into the middle of the street, where he dumped a bucket of feces over her head, she said. “It was diarrhea. Hot liquid,” Heidi Van Tassel told NBC4. “I was soaked,
'He wanted me to continue this fight':
Widow of Maryland Rep. Elijah Cummings
and key figure in Donald Trump's
impeachment inquiry announces campaign
for her husband's seat a month after
the civil rights activist died
30 replies
Posted by Imright 11/12/2019 11:05:41 AM Post Reply
The widow of Democrat Elijah Cummings has announced she will run for the Baltimore seat he left vacant when he passed away last month aged 68. Maya Rockeymoore Cummings announced her candidacy Monday night, saying that her late husband 'wanted me to continue this fight.' Maya, who until now has been chair of the Maryland Democrat Party, said her husband had urged her to run for the seat as his health declined.
Why Pete Buttigieg Is The Most
Destructive Candidate For Christianity
28 replies
Posted by MissMolly 11/12/2019 5:03:21 AM Post Reply
There’s nothing like seeing #PeteForPresident trending in fourth place nationwide on Twitter to remind you Pete Buttigieg is still very much in this presidential race. In the crowded field of Democratic contenders for the White House in 2020, Buttigieg is near the top, polling behind only Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders. According to RealClearPolitics’ latest aggregate of polls, in the early primary state of Iowa, Buttigieg trails only Warren, holding 17.5 percent support — and for good reason. Buttigieg’s resume glows with accolades and qualifications. He is a Harvard University graduate, a military veteran, and a Rhodes scholar, and each time
The worst thing about Trump's
.'fake news' warning
27 replies
Posted by WhamDBambam 11/12/2019 6:34:25 AM Post Reply
There’s something my former CBS News colleague Lesley Stahl said a while back that continues to haunt me. It was something she says President Trump told her, off camera.... She says she told him that his constant bashing of the media was tiresome. “Why are you doing it?” she says she asked him. According to Stahl, (he) responded with this: “I do it to discredit you all and demean you all so when you write negative stories about me no one will believe you.”
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