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“He Has a Team” – WHOA! Karine Jean-Pierre
Confirms Biden is Not the First Person
Contacted if Pentagon Detects Incoming
Nuke in Middle of the Night (VIDEO)
Posted by ladydawgfan 7/9/2024 9:17:04 PM Post Reply
White House reporters on Tuesday continued to pepper Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre with questions about Biden’s cognitive decline. Fox News reporter Peter Doocy asked KJP who the Pentagon contacts if they detect an incoming nuke late at night past Joe Biden’s “8 pm window.” According to The New York Times, Biden recently told Democrat governors that his ‘health is fine,’ “it’s just my brain.” Biden is also reported to have told the governors that he needs to get more sleep, work fewer hours and not do events after 8 p.m. Peter Doocy asked Karine Jean-Pierre about Biden’s early bedtime and the ‘3 am phone call.’ “Well, [Biden] also said he’s the sharpest before 8 pm,
House Judiciary Releases Detailed Report
on “How Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg and
Judge Merchan Violated the Constitutional
and Legal Rights of President Trump”
Posted by ladydawgfan 7/9/2024 9:12:05 PM Post Reply
In a bombshell release, the House Judiciary Committee, led by Chairman Jim Jordan, has unveiled a comprehensive report titled “Lawfare: How the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office and a New York State Judge Violated the Constitutional and Legal Rights of President Donald J. Trump.” This interim staff report, a result of extensive investigations by the Committee and the Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government, exposes the egregious violations of President Trump’s rights by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg and Judge Juan Merchan. The report scrutinizes Bragg’s 34-count criminal indictment against Trump, which was announced on April 4, 2023. The charges involved allegations of falsifying New York business records
Software Expert: Thousands of Duplicate
Ballots Were Counted in Georgia 2020 Election (VIDEO)
Posted by ladydawgfan 7/9/2024 6:59:55 PM Post Reply
On Tuesday software expert Phillip Davis testified that thousands of duplicate ballots were counted in the 2020 election in Georgia. Davis testified on how election workers were cheating by counting ballots numerous times using different tabulators. Phillip Davis: You’ll see that they took batches from tabulator 794, batches 8 through 11. They brought it to tabulator 791. They then started grabbing pieces of those four batches. And with those four pieces, they met up brand new batches for tabulator 794. Some of the ballots were in reverse order. They were from multiple batches. In the very first one, you can see that they took batch 22, 20 ballots in reverse,
Democrat NBC Neurologist Lands a DEATH
BLOW on Biden Narrative: 'He Definitely
Has It'
Posted by Hazymac 7/9/2024 6:35:42 PM Post Reply
Did you have this on your 2024 Bingo card? I sure didn't. A Democrat neurologist who treats Parkison's patients went on NBC News — NBC NEWS!! — to talk about Joe Biden's condition — and it was very, very bad for the president. Dr. Tom Pitts works with Parkinson's patients in a clinical setting in Dayton, Ohio. His specialty is listed as Neurology Clinical Interpretation, and although he has never met Biden, he said he could diagnose him with Parkinson's disease "from across the mall" — it's that obvious. "Oh, yeah, I see [patients like Biden] 20 times a day in the clinic. I mean, it's ironic because
The Supreme Court upended gun laws nationwide.
Mass confusion has followed.
Posted by DVC 7/9/2024 6:10:28 PM Post Reply
Semiautomatic weapons. Large-capacity magazines. Guns with scratched-off serial numbers. Ghost guns. Guns in bars and restaurants. Guns in the hands of people who have threatened to kill themselves or someone else. Which firearms are legal and who can have them all expanded in the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark decision two years ago in New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen, which strengthened Second Amendment rights in America and launched hundreds of lawsuits challenging gun restrictions nationwide. This summer, the Supreme Court said it had been misunderstood: Courts were taking too far Bruen’s guidance that gun laws must align with U.S. “history and tradition.”
Baby Boomers Bring Big Bucks to Tempting
Texas Town
Posted by Dreadnought 7/9/2024 5:36:26 PM Post Reply
Too many people have all kinds of weird things pop into their heads when you mention the word "wealth." So when an article appears that mentions (almost certainly correctly) that Baby Boomers are at the moment the wealthiest generation and reveals how they are apparently flocking to a town in Texas with wheelbarrows full of cash (almost certainly an exaggeration), it's easy to spot some of those misconceptions. Georgetown, Texas, is the place to be, at least if you're of a certain age. Thanks to a surge in baby boomers moving into the city just 40 miles north of Austin, it's the fastest-growing city in America.
Momentum: Haley Releases Her 97 Delegates,
Urges Them to Vote for Trump
Posted by ladydawgfan 7/9/2024 5:35:51 PM Post Reply
Former ambassador to the United Nations, South Carolina governor, and '24 GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley says she has not been invited to the Republican convention which starts July 15, but she’s releasing her 97 delegates and urging them to vote for presumptive nominee Donald Trump anyway. She said we can’t afford to continue watching our country’s decline under a befuddled leader: “The nominating convention is a time for Republican unity,” Haley will say in a statement. “JOE BIDEN is not competent to serve a second term and KAMALA HARRIS would be a disaster for America. We need a president who will hold our enemies to account,
US Marshal Shoots Wannabe Carjacker Outside
Justice Sotomayor's DC Home
Posted by ladydawgfan 7/9/2024 5:28:12 PM Post Reply
Important safety tip for criminals: Don't pull a gun on a United States Marshal. That's the lesson learned on July 5th by one Kentrell Flowers, 18, who walked up to a vehicle containing not one but two U.S. Marshals and pulled a gun in what appears to have been an attempted carjacking. The Marshals were parked outside of, and providing security for, the home of Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor. Flowers ended up being shot and later treated for non-life-threatening injuries. A deputy US Marshal shot a suspected carjacker who pulled a gun on two marshals guarding Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s home in Washington, DC, officials said.
There He Goes Again: Paul Krugman Caught
With Egg on Face As the SS Biden Continues Sinking
Posted by ladydawgfan 7/9/2024 5:08:24 PM Post Reply
As the New York Times editorial board went on record in the immediate aftermath of Joe Biden's disastrous debate performance by calling for him to step aside in the 2024 presidential race, many on the paper's roster of left-leaning/leftist columnists were echoing the same point. We reported on some of them at the time. Among them was Thomas Friedman, who wrote the infamous May 2022 column where he dished on having lunch with Biden. In it, he wrote: "For all you knuckleheads on Fox who say that Biden can’t put two sentences together, here’s a news flash: He just put NATO together, Europe together
Chuck Schumer Has a New Plan to Throw
Donald Trump in Jail
Posted by ladydawgfan 7/9/2024 5:01:33 PM Post Reply
Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has a new plan to ensure Donald Trump spends the rest of his days in prison. Amid the battle over Joe Biden's senility among Democrats, Schumer moved to a different topic, pledging to legislatively declare Trump's actions surrounding January 6th as "unofficial." That comes after the Supreme Court delivered a mixed opinion on the matter in late June, stating that "official" acts are indeed subject to presidential immunity while "unofficial" acts are not. That set up a long legal battle whereby the special counsel prosecuting Trump must litigate each action to determine what category they fall under. Naturally, Democrats were not pleased
'Like a Funeral' 'Shell-Shocked,' Endless
'Tears': This House Dem Meeting on Biden
Was a Mess
Posted by ladydawgfan 7/9/2024 4:33:06 PM Post Reply
Everyone was in a glass case of emotion. It seems clear that overtures of a megadonor rebellion, heavyweight Democrats saying he should step aside, and House Democrats adding to the chorus would not pressure Joe Biden to do so following his June 27 debate. The president’s disastrous debate with Trump sparked the Democrats’ sprint into the panic rooms, which has yet to subside. Biden took days to collect himself, probably because he forgot he was president, to declare he wasn’t going anywhere. That wasn’t what Hill Democrats, who are panicked over their races, latched onto an unpopular president whom 75 percent of the country feels is too old to be in office.
Over 100 People Were Shot in Chicago Last
Weekend. Here's Who the Mayor Blamed.
Posted by ladydawgfan 7/9/2024 4:09:18 PM Post Reply
This week, Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson (D) blamed late President Richard Nixon (R) for rampant violence in his city. Nixon died in 1994. Over Independence Day weekend, over 100 people were shot in the Windy City. Nineteen of these shootings were fatal, according to multiple reports. Johnson’s response to that was to blame a former president instead of acknowledging that the city’s soft-on-crime policies, among other things, contributed to the fatal shootings. “Black death has been unfortunately accepted in this country for a very long time. We had a chance 60 years ago to get at the root causes and people mocked President Johnson. And we ended up with Richard Nixon.
MSNBC Host Calls For Biden Aides To Be
Allowed ON STAGE With Him At Next Debate
Posted by Hazymac 7/9/2024 4:00:48 PM Post Reply
MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell has called for allowing Joe Biden to have aides with him on stage to speak for him and help him sound coherent. Yes, really. This is where we are now. O’Donnell said that it would be good to “Allow the candidates to have as many staff as they want, join them on the stage throughout the debate, and make sure that all of them have microphones.” He added that “the candidates should be allowed to turn to their staff and confer with them about anything at any time in the debate.” “And we should be able to hear everything they say. So we can hear if the candidate has competent
Dems Scrambling to Find a 'Plan B' After
Initial Effort to Make the Race About
Trump Takes a Nosedive
Posted by ladydawgfan 7/9/2024 3:35:08 PM Post Reply
For ten years, Donald Trump has haunted the dreams of Democrats. They couldn't beat him in 2016, and in 2020, they had to weaponize a pandemic and invent scandals to defeat him. But in 2024, the strategy of making Donald Trump the primary issue of the campaign has backfired. The Biden "basement campaign" of 2020 can't be duplicated because there's no current pandemic to keep the president hidden from public view. And putting Biden out in the open where his infirmities are on full display has proven to be a disaster. So Democrats are running around with their hair on fire looking for a winning strategy.
Harris vs. Trump—The Race America Need replies
Posted by rememberwhen 7/9/2024 3:31:17 PM Post Reply
Biden still has time to guarantee a win for his party and his place in history. YOU KNOW YOU’RE READY TO MOVE ON when you start envisioning a Kamala vs. Donald campaign and it makes you smile. At least I know that’s when I’m ready. For more than two years, I’ve been on a Joe Biden rollercoaster. Now, amid a national outbreak of debate PTSD, there are signs that change may come. Daily polling trauma. Donors hitting pause. One report after another about Biden’s limited energy and cognitive lapses, past and present. Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) trying to assess support for asking him to leave the race.
Joe Accidentally Just Gave Himself a New Nickname replies
Posted by ladydawgfan 7/9/2024 3:06:30 PM Post Reply
On a campaign stop during which Joe Biden mumbled and the smattering of acolytes pretended to understand him and cheered when he yelled at the end of a sentence, the president — unwittingly of course — bestowed upon himself a new nickname. And this time, unlike New York Times White House reporter Peter Baker, we don't need an electronic translator to attempt to understand what he said. The message was clear even if Joe was befuddled. Joe's fans want "Dark Brandon" to come back. The Dark Brandon nickname, of course, comes from three of the most wild-eyed, inappropriate speeches Joe Biden has given.
France Just Committed Suicide replies
Posted by 4250Luis 7/9/2024 12:40:42 PM Post Reply
"Each one hopes that if he feeds the crocodile enough, the crocodile will eat him last," is how Winston Churchill, just months away from becoming Britain's wartime Prime Minister, described the appeasement that led to World War II. "All of them hope that the storm will pass before their turn comes to be devoured. "The same could be said of France's snap election, in which everyone from French Stalinists to the country's business interests banded together to defeat the country's "far right" at the polls. But the far right is not the threat, and the crocodile snapping at everyone's heels is the accelerating Islamification of France.
Expecting people to be on time is part
of ‘white supremacy culture,’ Duke
Medical School claims
Posted by mc squared 7/9/2024 12:34:25 PM Post Reply
Duke Medical School claims it is “white supremacy culture” to expect people of color to be on time in a strategic plan for creating an “anti-racist workforce.” The medical school said its goal is to “catalyze anti-racist practice through education” in a 2021 plan titled “Dismantling Racism and Advancing Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in the School of Medicine.” The guide — praised by the school’s dean — called out what it deemed “white supremacy culture,” with its purported nitpicking about being on time, dress code, speech and work style. It also contains a series of negative terminology vis-à-vis white culture.
It Was a Lot Easier Being Black in Donald
Trump's America
Posted by 4250Luis 7/9/2024 12:12:17 PM Post Reply
Black men will deliver Donald Trump to the White House in November. In any other year, this statement would have been written off as wishful thinking at best and wholly delusional at worst. But from where I stand today - as a 21 year old young black man reared in the Deep South of Georgia - I see it as all but inevitable. Go to any black church or patronize any black barbershop and the feeling is palpable. Black men are tired of being used and abused by a political party that doesn’t give a damn about them.
The government’s Epstein problem replies
Posted by DW626 7/9/2024 12:08:50 PM Post Reply
I’m not going to rehash the details surrounding the Epstein … thing, because I don’t have any. Nobody seems to. And what details we do know make absolutely no sense whatsoever. The official story sounds like a Millennial giving his boss an excuse for why he was late for work; complete horse manure. It was described by American media as “the most prolific pedophile ring in American history”… yet only one person went to jail … and that person is, a British woman. (One person does not a “ring” make … nor two, for that matter.)
Illegals are indeed getting immediate
Social Security, contrary to Democrat claims
Posted by DVC 7/9/2024 12:08:34 PM Post Reply
Who needs U.S. citizenship, or for that matter, legal authorization to live in the U.S. when you've got Joe Biden's open borders? That looks like the story with illegals receiving Social Security benefits, a lifetime benefit that until recently had been perceived as nominally reserved for U.S. citizens, not illegal border crossers, and which Democrats are now trying to debunk. At the debate, NewsNation reported that Trump said: “Social Security … he’s destroying it because millions of people are pouring into our country and they’re putting them onto Social Security,” Trump said. “They’re putting ‘em onto Medicare and Medicaid. Putting them into hospitals.
Jim Inhofe, Long-Serving GOP Senator from
Oklahoma, Dies at 89
Posted by Dreadnought 7/9/2024 11:28:14 AM Post Reply
Former U.S. Senator James Inhofe, an outspoken conservative and the longest-serving Senator in Oklahoma history, has died at 89. Inhofe represented Oklahoma in the U.S. Senate for 36 years following his election in 1994, including as chairman of the Senate Armed Services and Senate Environment Committees. Before his time in the upper chamber, Inhofe served as mayor of Tulsa, a legislator in both chambers of the Oklahoma statehouse, and a representative in the U.S. House.
Third in line to presidency calls on Biden
to 'seriously consider' the future
Posted by earlybird 7/9/2024 10:35:31 AM Post Reply
Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., third in line to the presidency, said President Biden must "seriously consider" how to secure his legacy for the future as calls grow among Democrats for Biden to drop out of the 2024 presidential race over concerns about his mental fitness. Murray, who as president pro tempore is third in line to the presidency, said in a statement on Monday that Biden needs to be "more forceful and energetic" on the campaign trail to prove to voters that he is more fit for another term in the White House than former President Trump. "President Biden has to lead the charge in making that case," Murray said.
Retailers now charging upwards of 35%
interest on credit cards
Posted by NorthernDog 7/9/2024 10:05:41 AM Post Reply
SAN DIEGO — Interest rates on retail credit cards are on the rise, and the numbers may surprise you. Macy’s just sent letters to its card users announcing the interest rate on their Macy's card is jumping to 34.49%. Industry experts told CBS 8 the increase is part of a nationwide trend. “I mean, I follow this so closely that I'm not shocked, but on the face of it, yeah, that's a really high interest rate," said Ted Rossman, a senior industry analyst at Bankrate. Rossman says retail stores already have the highest APRs, and those rates have been climbing
LOL Alert — The Dems Wanted Fiery Joe
Biden, They Got Fiery Joe Biden
Posted by Hazymac 7/9/2024 9:13:53 AM Post Reply
Happy Tuesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. (Snip) There have been a lot of things to revel in whilst watching the Democrats' forced acknowledgement of Joe Biden's mental decline. We're not monsters; we don't celebrate the age-related decline of a man in the twilight of his life. We are merely enjoying the fact that the Dems have to admit that we've been right (Right) all along. In 2024, all involved with propping up The Myth of Joe Biden pointed to his State of the Union Address. The common refrain from the Democrats' flying monkeys in the mainstream media was that President LOLEightyonemillion was "fiery."
Now They’re Gaslighting Us About Biden’s ‘Accomplishments’ replies
Posted by RockyTCB 7/9/2024 8:54:44 AM Post Reply
Yesterday, we pointed out how the press and Democratic Party politicians and operatives have started calling President Joe Biden a “good man,” despite all evidence to the contrary. Now the media are trying to convince the public that Biden has been a great president who racked up big accomplishments, which is another insult to our intelligence. “Objectively speaking, President Joe Biden has presided over some significant, even historic, accomplishments,” is how the Atlantic put it. The Atlantic writer could name only three.
The Case for Draining the Swamp Is Stronger
Than Ever
Posted by 4250Luis 7/9/2024 7:21:53 AM Post Reply
The latest official employment report finds once again that the federal government and state-local hiring spree is still in full gear. Over the past year, health care and government hiring has outpaced every private sector industry. It isn't just the IRS bringing on thousands of new workers. The bloat is everywhere. So even though there are a lot more government workers, good luck finding them or getting them on the phone. This is because so few of them are actually physically on the job. What's happening in the federal government ("Club Fed") these days borders on the absurd -- or should I say the obscence,
Bibi-Trapped replies
Posted by 4250Luis 7/9/2024 7:19:15 AM Post Reply
It has been nearly nine months since Hamas began its war against Israel. During this time, our prime minister has given almost no interviews to journalists from his country, limiting himself to the occasional exchange with a reporter from abroad or a local admirer. There are simply too many questions that Benjamin Netanyahu doesn’t want to answer. So I decided to interview a book he wrote—a memoir published a year before the war. I read it looking for insight into a leader whose approval rating hovers around 30 percent, but who believes, still, that he alone can save Israel.
DNC to launch billboards, bus signs in
Milwaukee for RNC hitting Trump over Roe, democracy
Posted by FlyRight 7/9/2024 7:17:25 AM Post Reply
The Democratic National Committee (DNC) will launch eight billboards in Milwaukee during the Republican National Convention next week, making the case that reproductive rights and democracy are on the ballot in November. On the billboards, first shared exclusively with The Hill, Milwaukee will see “Democracy is on the ballot, folks” and “Restore Roe? Vote for Joe!! “Joe Biden will: restore Roe, fight for freedoms, defend democracy,” another billboard reads. The billboards will be in English and Spanish and aims to remind “Milwaukee that Biden is the only candidate defending democracy and freedoms,” according to the DNC.
Iran’s New ‘Reformist’ President
Is Anything But
Posted by 4250Luis 7/9/2024 7:14:08 AM Post Reply
If you saw the headlines in the Western press about Iran’s election over the weekend, you might have thought it had yielded a miracle: the country’s new president, Masoud Pezeshkian, is a “reformer.” Spoiler alert. He is not. But it’s worth examining why so many media outlets, including The New York Times and NPR, have leapt at the chance to declare Pezeshkian a liberal. On the campaign trail, Pezeshkian was critical of the morality police who enforce the regime’s policy requiring all women to cover their hair. The 69-year-old heart surgeon, who has served as health minister in Iran’s parliament,
America Last: NYC Mayor Blows Another
$2.6 Million Taxpayer’s Money on Pre-Paid
Debit Cards for Illegal Aliens — Bringing
Total Spending to a Whopping $2 Billion
Posted by 4250Luis 7/9/2024 7:12:08 AM Post Reply
Mayor Eric Adams’s administration has reportedly injected another $2.6 million of the city’s budget into a controversial program that distributes pre-paid debit cards to illegal immigrants. According to the Office of the NY State Comptroller (OSC), by May 31, 2024, the city reported spending $1.47 billion in Fiscal Year 2023 and $2.72 billion in Fiscal Year 2024 on expenses related to “asylum seekers.” This latest cash infusion brings the total expenditure on this initiative to an eye-watering $2 billion, according to the New York Post.
Problems with forcibly removing Biden replies
Posted by 4250Luis 7/9/2024 7:10:30 AM Post Reply
It looks like Joe Biden is refusing to step down from the Democrat presidential ticket. Putting aside the legal issues and deadlines resulting from late ballot changes and the undesirability of Kamala Harris taking over, there are problems with removing Biden by force. Let’s take a look at them: 1. Removing Biden at the convention: The delegates are already pledged to Biden. This would require 300 delegate signatures and would be very messy at best, with Michelle Obama (assuming she is their savior) having to compete with other potential candidates. An alternative plan,
New York Times Columnist Says What Other
Leftists Are Thinking but Don't Dare Say
Posted by FlyRight 7/9/2024 7:07:30 AM Post Reply
Let me tell you about far leftists. They are different from you and me. If ordinary people publicly threatened to assassinate the president or a presidential candidate or wished that someone else would do so, those people would have to answer to the law. But leftists? Even when they show the world how low they really are, they still think that they are better than we are, and with good reason: no matter how criminal their deeds or words are, they suffer no consequences. They are different.
Global News Round-up: Let them Eat Bugs replies
Posted by Judy W. 7/9/2024 7:04:24 AM Post Reply
South China MorningPost Asia/Southeast Asia Singapore approves 16 insect species as food, including grasshoppers, silkworms, crickets (Snip) “With immediate effect, [the] SFA [Singapore Food Agency] will allow the import of insects and insect products belonging to species that have been assessed to be of low regulatory concern,” the agency said in a circular addressed to processed food and animal feed traders. The article then goes on to mention that “The farming of insects for human food and for animal feed has been promoted by the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization for their benefits as a sustainable form of protein.”
Furrowed Brow Speaks About Need to Replace
Biden on Behalf of the State Dept Who
are Worried About Losing Ukraine Money
if Trump Wins
Posted by Mercedes44 7/9/2024 6:44:01 AM Post Reply
The U.S. Department of State (DoS), the umbrella agency for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), outlines their policy toward the American public through CNN. This truthful perspective is why all foreign governments regard CNN and CNNi as “state run” media. In essence, everyone around the world -except the American public- know that CNN is the State Dept. From that perspective, the viewpoints of CNN then begin to take on an accurate context. Now, having said that, keep in mind CNN is not necessarily always in alignment with the executive branch, even though the DoS is a silo within the executive branch of government.
Is It ‘Undemocratic’ to Replace Biden?
Plus. .
Posted by Mercedes44 7/9/2024 6:35:10 AM Post Reply
Our senescent president had an uncharacteristically busy—and rather Trumpian—start to the week yesterday. First, Joe Biden called into his favorite cable show, Morning Joe, to complain about his party’s “elites” who think “they know so much more.” Then, he—or whichever anonymous adviser does this kind of thing on his behalf—sent Democrats in Congress a two-page letter underscoring his determination to stay in the race. In it, he reminded lawmakers that he won the Democratic primary.
Adopt Deterrence: US Waning Support for
Ukraine, Israel and the Philippines Is
a Threat to the Free World
Posted by Mercedes44 7/9/2024 6:27:18 AM Post Reply
The US neglect of vital security issues, from waning support for Ukraine and Israel, to its refusal to acknowledge the threat posed by Iran's nuclear programme, is inflicting serious damage to America's status as a global superpower. America's alarming non-confrontational policy towards the mullahs -- even asking Europe not to censure Iran for its growing nuclear weapons program -- has been a mainstay of both the Biden and Obama administrations. Their encouragement of Iran to acquire nuclear bombs has led the mullahs and their proxies to expand their malign activities throughout the region.
White House admits Parkinson’s expert
has examined Biden – but says only for
his annual physicals
Posted by Mercedes44 7/9/2024 5:53:44 AM Post Reply
The White House admitted Monday that a Parkinson’s expert who’s visited the executive mansion eight times in as many months has evaluated President Biden — but said the exams only took place during the president’s annual physicals. The revelation was disclosed in a letter from Biden’s personal physician Dr. Kevin O’Connor hours after White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre refused to explain the flurry of recent visits from the Parkinson’s specialist, Dr. Kevin Cannard. “Dr. Cannard was the neurological specialist that examined President Biden for each of his annual physicals,” O’Connor wrote in the letter.
The Biden Family Tries the Ralph Northam Strategy replies
Posted by Beardo 7/9/2024 2:04:56 AM Post Reply
On the menu today: The American people don’t deserve to be in this mess. (snip) This is the Ralph Northam strategy. It’s a spectacularly selfish, reckless, risky, destructive, and legacy-ruining tactic: effectively declaring that the Bidens will only leave office kicking and screaming, their fingernails digging into the carpet of the Oval Office as they’re dragged out. (snip) Every now and then, some elected official gets caught in a serious scandal and then attempts to just wait out the storm. (snip) Think of Ted Kennedy, John Murtha, Barney Frank, David Vitter, or Charlie Rangel. Idaho GOP senator Larry Craig rescinded his resignation and finished out his term.
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