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Dutch election promises tight race and
new era in politics

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Posted By: 4250Luis, 11/21/2023 4:14:31 AM

There really is a sense of a new era beginning in Dutch politics in Wednesday's snap parliamentary election. Not only is a brand new party among the front-runners, but the Netherlands could be about to welcome its first female prime minister too. It has been only two years since the last vote, but many of the leaders standing are new, including Dilan Yesilgöz, the woman tipped to lead the country and the new head of Mr Rutte's liberal-conservative VVD.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: NamVet70 11/21/2023 8:03:34 AM (No. 1602415)
"liberal conservative VVD" - does that mean something like RINO, or is the word "liberal" used in the true sense of the word? The socialists have co-opted that word for so long that it really doesn't seem to mean anything.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: Strike3 11/21/2023 8:55:35 AM (No. 1602460)
It's about time. Holland is an islamic terrorist playground and most of the rest of Europe is right on their heels.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: DVC 11/21/2023 9:14:42 AM (No. 1602482)
Trying to destroy farmers and prevent development of massive Dutch natural gas fields, while importing millions of 7th century barbarians isn't wildly popular? Gee, I wonder why not? /s off Leftists want to destroy everything good in the world for "climate change" which has NO human component, or for totalitarian thuggery related to open borders and destruction of European and American values.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: FL_Absentee_Voter 11/21/2023 10:00:18 AM (No. 1602521)
Stick it to the Muslims, Holland, and vote for the Kurdish female.
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Jihad on Churches in France 5 replies
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A map, published by, which marks with a red pin every spot where a church in France was attacked between just 2017-2018, looks like a war zone. Virtually the entire map of France is covered in red. Even Snopes, which presents itself as the final arbiter on what is real or fake news, admitted the accuracy of the map, while trying to minimize its findings... One wonders if [Snopes] would be so casual if a Christian vandalized a mosque, or broke into a mosque while screaming Christian slogans?
Democrats’ Dishonesty Over Military Holds 4 replies
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Senators of both parties appear poised to take unprecedented procedural steps to break the months-long hold on hundreds of military nominations by Senator Tommy Tuberville, R-Ala., over his opposition to President Biden’s decision to change abortion policy in the uniformed services without the consent of Congress. The Senate stayed past midnight on Wednesday of last week in an attempt by a handful of Republican senators to break the logjam and confirm some of the nominations before adjourning for Thanksgiving, but were rebuffed by other Republicans who stood by their colleague in his procedural move.
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Republican Celeste Maloy beat state Sen. Kathleen Riebe, a self-described moderate, to win Utah's special election Tuesday night, filling the last remaining open seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. The Associated Press called the race at 8:36 p.m. local time. The election, which was held in Utah's 2nd Congressional District, was triggered by the resignation of former Republican Rep. Chris Stewart, who left Congress in September due to his wife's unspecified illness.
How did America become a deadlier place
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Equality has always been an American preoccupation, right from the words “all men are created equal” in the Declaration of Independence. And even that phrase is not egalitarian enough by today’s lights — feminists have long objected to the gendered language of “all men.” Thomas Jefferson didn’t mean to commit a microaggression: In 1776, “all men” meant women, too. We know that because the Founding Fathers — must we say Founding Parents? — argued about the mismatch between their philosophy and the endemic inequalities of their time,
How many aid groups knew Hamas was hiding
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Hamas used Gaza City’s Shifa hospital as a base of terror operations. That’s the obvious conclusion following Sunday’s discovery of a large terror tunnel under the hospital along with videos of Hamas bringing Israeli hostages inside. Now comes an important question for Congress: Which US-funded international organizations knew the truth about Shifa and helped Hamas conceal its war crimes? The Israel Defense Forces this weekend discovered a tunnel beneath Shifa hospital that extends 10 meters down and 55 meters across — leading to what might be a booby-trapped door. Special units that specialize in handling explosives have been summoned to break through to the next section.
Dutch election promises tight race and
new era in politics
4 replies
Posted by 4250Luis 11/21/2023 4:14:31 AM Post Reply
There really is a sense of a new era beginning in Dutch politics in Wednesday's snap parliamentary election. Not only is a brand new party among the front-runners, but the Netherlands could be about to welcome its first female prime minister too. It has been only two years since the last vote, but many of the leaders standing are new, including Dilan Yesilgöz, the woman tipped to lead the country and the new head of Mr Rutte's liberal-conservative VVD.
Palestinians: 'Extreme' Support for Terrorist
Group Hamas, Israel's Destruction
10 replies
Posted by 4250Luis 11/20/2023 9:02:17 AM Post Reply
A public opinion poll published on November 14 showed that 75% of Palestinians support Hamas's murder spree, including rape and beheadings, as opposed to only 13% who disapprove. Surprisingly, the poll found that support for Hamas and its "military operation" is even higher in the West Bank, where Abbas's Palestinian Authority is based, than in the Gaza Strip. If such a large number of Palestinians in the West Bank support the murder of Israelis and Hamas, it is safe to assume that a new "Palestinian state" would be controlled by Hamas or another genocidal, antisemitic terror group.
So -- It Wasn’t the Sidewalk After All 15 replies
Posted by 4250Luis 11/19/2023 7:08:42 AM Post Reply
Murder and Mayhem ,l This week the Ventura County Sheriff arrested Professor Loay Abdelfattah Alnaji in the death of Paul Kessler, a 69 year-old man who had been standing on the sidewalk peacefully supporting Israel. Alnaji, who bashed Kessler with a megaphone, was charged with involuntary manslaughter and battery causing serious bodily injury and both these charges contain special allegations that Alnaji “personally inflictedgreat bodily injury.” This comes as no surprise to most of us who get their news online but it must have been news to those who read headers which said he died after falling and hitting his head on the sidewalk.
When Neutrality is Immoral: Israel, Hamas,
and the Problem of Moral Equivalence
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Posted by 4250Luis 11/19/2023 7:02:50 AM Post Reply
While many the world over had the integrity to condemn "the hideous crime, naming its perpetrators and acknowledging Israel's basic right to defend itself against the atrocity," the Patriarchs and Heads of Churches were unable to muster up such moral clarity. While the IDF goes out of its way to minimize civilian casualties, Hamas and other Palestinian terror groups do their utmost to maximize them — not only by indiscriminately murdering Israelis, but also by hiding among their own civilian population and using them as human shields, resulting in disproportionately high numbers of Palestinian casualties, caused -- deliberately -- by Hamas.
Judge finds Voting Rights Act violation
in North Dakota redistricting for two tribes
7 replies
Posted by 4250Luis 11/17/2023 1:54:10 PM Post Reply
North Dakota’s 2021 legislative redistricting plan violates the rights of two Native American tribes because it dilutes their voting strength, a federal judge ruled Friday. U.S. District Chief Judge Peter Welte said the redrawn legislative districts violated the Voting Rights Act of 1965. The ruling came months after a trial held in June in Fargo. In his ruling, Welte said the plan approved by the state Legislature to redraw voting districts in accordance with the latest census data “prevents Native American voters from having an equal opportunity to elect candidates of their choice” - a violation of the landmark civil rights law.
Senate Democrats block bipartisan House
Israel aid bill
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Posted by 4250Luis 11/17/2023 1:52:39 PM Post Reply
Senate Democrats blocked a stand-alone Israel aid package led by Sen. Roger Marshall, R-Kan., Tuesday after a lengthy debate on the chamber floor. Marshall sought unanimous consent for the House's version of the package, which passed the lower chamber with bipartisan support Nov. 2 and would earmark $14.3 billion reallocated from funds meant for the IRS in President Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act. Senators Marshall, Ted Cruz, JD Vance and Mike Lee introduced the Senate version last month. But Democrats shot down the effort because the package does not include aid to Ukraine. A handful of Republican senators argued the two emergency aid packages should be split up and voted on separately.
Owner Of California Biolab Tied To Chinese
Government And Military, House Report Finds
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Posted by 4250Luis 11/15/2023 4:52:30 PM Post Reply
The recently-arrested owner of a California biolab allegedly has ties to the government of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and a program related to its military, the House Select Committee on the CCP announced Wednesday. Jia Bei Zhu, 62, allegedly served as a “corporate officer” within Chinese “military-civil fusion organizations,” according to materials shared by the Select Committee on the CCP. Zhu was arrested in October for “manufacturing and distributing misbranded medical devices in violation of the federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act (FDCA) and for making false statements to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA”
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Pope Francis Invites 44 Transgenders Who
Work as “Prostitutes” to Vatican for
Lunch (Video)
32 replies
Posted by Imright 11/22/2023 6:21:30 PM Post Reply
The commie Pope invited a busload of 44 transgenders to the Vatican for lunch. “On Sunday, the women — many of whom are Latin American migrants and work as prostitutes — joined over 1,000 other poor and homeless people in the Vatican auditorium as Francis’ guests for lunch to mark the Catholic Church’s World Day of the Poor,” AP reported. In July, Pope Francis told a transgender that “God loves us as we are.” Also, earlier this month, the Vatican’s doctrinal office announced that transgender people can receive baptisms, serve as godparents and be witnesses in religious ceremonies in the Roman Catholic Church.
MSNBC Contributor and Former Democrat
Senator Says Trump Is More Dangerous Than Hitler
29 replies
Posted by rememberwhen 11/22/2023 5:15:43 PM Post Reply
MSNBC contributor and former Democrat U.S. Senator of Missouri, Claire McCaskill, recently went on air and wrongly claimed Donald Trump is “even more dangerous” than dictators Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler. While on MSNBC’s Dateline, McCaskill stated, “A lot of people have tried to draw similarities between Mussolini and Hitler and the use of the terminology like ‘vermin’ and the drive that those men had towards autocracy and dictatorship.” She continued, “The difference, though, I think makes Donald Trump even more dangerous, and that is he has no philosophy he believes in.”
Breaking: Israel Agrees to 4 Day Ceasefire
with Hamas – Deal Includes Release of
50 Israeli Hostages and May Extend Extra
Days for Each 10 Hostages Released
28 replies
Posted by Imright 11/22/2023 3:50:56 AM Post Reply
The Gateway Pundit’s Richard Abelson reported earlier Israel has reached a deal with Hamas for a temporary cease-fire in return for the release of some of the hostages, Arutz Sheva reports. The deal is expected to go into effect Thursday, with 12 Israelis being freed every day. All the children and 13 moms are said to be involved in the deal. The right-wing parties oppose the deal, but Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will go ahead and pass it with the votes of the left-wing parties. “A political official presented this evening (Tuesday) the outline for the deal to release dozens of hostages from Hamas captivity and emphasizes that
Two terror suspects drove car at 100mph
toward Rainbow Bridge's second checkpoint
before going AIRBORNE and crashing into
fireball: Buffalo airport closes and FBI
shuts all four US-Canada land crossings
20 replies
Posted by OhioNick 11/22/2023 3:49:54 PM Post Reply
A suspected terror attack on Rainbow Bridge at Niagara Falls today saw a car explode, causing a massive explosion at a toll checkpoint that killed the vehicle's two occupants. Fox News cites law enforcement sources who say the intention was a larger attack to kill more an the FBI Terrorism Task Force is investigating but officials are yet to confirm the motive. Two men who had been traveling in the vehicle both died in the explosion. Their identities remain unknown and there were no other serious injuries.
JFK assassination: 60 years later we know
the truth about the real killer
18 replies
Posted by Moritz55 11/22/2023 3:39:09 AM Post Reply
On Nov. 22, 1963, we lost not only a popular young president, but we also lost our national innocence. We lost our trust in government. Once lost, it has not returned and never will. The rifle shots fired at the president’s motorcade changed my own life as I watched TV coverage of my bloodied "friend" Lee Harvey Oswald dragged into the Dallas Police Station. When the Secret Service knocked on my door the morning after the assassination, they came for me as someone identified as a "known associate" of the presumed JFK assassin. My involvement with Lee and Marina Oswald began in June 1962.
‘No Sign of Terrorist Activity’ in
Vehicle Explosion at U.S.-Canada Border,
Hochul Says
17 replies
Posted by Dreadnought 11/22/2023 9:19:54 PM Post Reply
The vehicle explosion that occurred near a U.S.-Canada border crossing Thursday afternoon is not believed to be the result of terrorism, New York governor Kathy Hochul said early Wednesday evening. Two passengers are reported dead after a vehicle exploded near the Rainbow Bridge border crossing separating the United States from Canada. A border agent was also reportedly injured in the attack. Sources told Reuters that it is now likely believed that the blast was the result of reckless driving, contrary to earlier assessments of a terrorist attack initially reported by Fox News.
House Ethics Committee Makes Decision
Regarding Jamaal Bowman Pulling Fire Alarm
16 replies
Posted by Imright 11/22/2023 6:18:17 PM Post Reply
On Wednesday, the House Ethics Committee voted against opening an investigation or a report into Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY), who, on September 30, pulled the fire alarm while the House was voting to avert a government shutdown. Doing so is a violation of the DC code, and Bowman was charged by the DC Attorney General and pled guilty last month. The Department of Justice (DOJ) declined to charge Bowman for "obstructing an official proceeding," despite how the congressman pulling the fire alarm when there was no such emergency disrupted the vote.
Biden fails to congratulate Argentina's
new president, libertarian Javier Milei
16 replies
Posted by Dreadnought 11/22/2023 10:10:09 AM Post Reply
Joe Biden has always been Johnny-on-the-spot whenever a radical leftist has gotten elected in Latin America. But for Argentina's new president, elected by a ten-point-plus margin? Crickets. He's said nothing at all to Javier Milei, Argentina's first libertarian president, on his quite truly historic victory in an undoubtedly free and fair election, with 30 million hand-counted ballots, their validity approved by both parties and delivered on election night, that made Milei president. He could have congratuated just the election if he couldn't stand Milei, which we know he can't as a fair-minded formality, but of course, he didn't. The White House web site is bereft of any pretense
Gov. Josh Shapiro Has Bizarre Theory For
Why Trump Is Leading Biden In The Polls
14 replies
Posted by Imright 11/22/2023 6:13:23 PM Post Reply
Democratic Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro has a unique explanation for why former President Donald Trump is ahead of President Joe Biden in recent polls. NBC News interviewed Shapiro for a story published Wednesday and asked him to explain Trump’s polling lead against Biden. Shapiro attributed Trump’s lead to “brain fog” from voters, and he expects it to clear up ahead of the 2024 presidential election.“I’m not sure folks remember just how chaotic it was, how divisive it was, how he was just in your face in your living room every day,” Shapiro told NBC News. “I don’t think people want to go back to that.”
Will Stars Align for Haley in Bizarre
GOP Contest?
14 replies
Posted by Attila DiMedici 11/22/2023 4:15:27 PM Post Reply
The political world spends a lot of time discussing former President Donald Trump's lead over the Republican field in national polls -- currently at 45.4%, according to the RealClearPolitics average of polls. But, of course, the race will unfold as a series of state contests, beginning in Iowa on Jan. 15, New Hampshire on Jan. 23, Nevada on Feb. 8 and South Carolina on Feb. 24. By then, Republicans should have a pretty good idea who their 2024 presidential nominee will be.
NY vehicle explosion at Rainbow Bridge
border crossing is attempted terror attack: sources
14 replies
Posted by Imright 11/22/2023 2:33:43 PM Post Reply
The FBI is investigating a vehicle explosion Wednesday at the Rainbow Bridge border crossing between the U.S. and Canada in what sources tell Fox News was an attempted terrorist attack. Explosives were in the vehicle at the time and two people who were in the car are dead, the sources told Fox News. A border officer was injured. The vehicle was driving from the U.S. to Canada and were attempting to drive toward the border officer building, the sources said.
FBI Investigating 'Vehicle Explosion'
at U.S.-Canada Border Crossing
14 replies
Posted by ladydawgfan 11/22/2023 1:57:44 PM Post Reply
A vehicle exploded at the Rainbow Bridge between Canada and the United States in upstate New York on Wednesday afternoon according to state and federal officials — though additional details remain unknown at this time. At least one individual, a 27-year-old male, has been hospitalized after being injured in the explosion, according to reports. [Tweet] A statement from the FBI said that agents from its Buffalo field office are "investigating a vehicle explosion at the Rainbow Bridge, a border crossing between the U.S. and Canada in Niagara Falls." [Tweet] The FBI added it is "coordinating with our local, state and federal law enforcement partners in this investigation"
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