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Zelensky Sent Out Government Decree to
Destroy ALL INFORMATION on Hunter Biden’s
Metabiota Company on Same Day as Russian
Invasion – Then Fire Spotted Outside
Intel Headquarters

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Posted By: Imright, 1/31/2023 9:17:14 PM

Ukrainian President Zelensky ordered government officials to destroy all information on Hunter Biden’s Metabiota Company on the same day Russia invaded the country. Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022. Zelensky sent out this document on February 24, 2022. DC Draino reported on this development today. (Tweet) Zelensky sent out a decree on February 24, 2022 for government officials to destroy all information on the Ukrainian Research Anti-Plague Institute, Mechnikov Institute of Health of Ukraine, and the Zhytomyr Regional Laboratory Centers of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine,

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Reply 1 - Posted by: Kate318 1/31/2023 9:29:55 PM (No. 1391735)
As I have suspected from the beginning. There is more to Russia’s plan here than meets the eye.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: EJKrausJr 1/31/2023 9:36:08 PM (No. 1391739)
Kiev $$$ Laundering LLC. Big Guy's cut 10%. Coverup. Corruption. Hunter. Lame Duck. Zelensky. No surprises here.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: rochow 1/31/2023 9:54:36 PM (No. 1391749)
Now we know why Zelensky gets all his 'requests' delivered!! Crook delivering to another crook! McCarthy better get on to this immediately and stop given this Ukrainian dictator another dime.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: mean Gene 1/31/2023 10:02:33 PM (No. 1391756)
Z sees the writing on the wall. His American sugar daddy is about to lose power and position. Wonder what Z's exit strategy is.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: DVC 1/31/2023 10:06:12 PM (No. 1391758)
It does NOT say what the headline says. The article is a straight up lie. Read the plain words of the letter. It says to destroy the "personal files" of various employees. Probably to protect them from being used by the Russians to kidnap research scientists.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: janjan 1/31/2023 10:47:48 PM (No. 1391768)
Have to agree with #5. There is no mention of Hunter Biden anywhere, or any evidence of what they’re claiming. GP can be a bit of a tabloid. I wouldn’t jump feet first into their drama without doing a little more research.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: formerNYer 1/31/2023 10:58:32 PM (No. 1391777)
Does anybody still not understand why biden started the Russia-Ukrainain war?
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Reply 8 - Posted by: mc squared 1/31/2023 11:06:33 PM (No. 1391782)
Of Course! I said that from Day One.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: Newtsche 1/31/2023 11:29:41 PM (No. 1391786)
How very Churchillesque.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: BRDG 2/1/2023 12:24:06 AM (No. 1391788)
May 20 Biden authorizes first 13.7 Billion to Ukraine May 21 Zelensky authorizes crypto trading in FTX ANOTHER stolen election
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Reply 11 - Posted by: FJB 2022 23 24 2/1/2023 1:32:35 AM (No. 1391793)
America is Ukraine's cash cow and Biden's personal money tree, billions stolen from us to line the pockets of these thugs in the name of fighting against Putin. Zelensky and Biden bleeding the American people dry, and depleting our own national defenses.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: Lawsy0 2/1/2023 3:19:33 AM (No. 1391804)
Whomp, there it is!
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Reply 13 - Posted by: SweetPea3 2/1/2023 4:41:52 AM (No. 1391820)
Where there's smoke, there's fire. We've got the fire already. I guarantee, NOTHING will come of this.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: DiegoDude 2/1/2023 5:04:24 AM (No. 1391828)
Putin's invasion was going to expose the length & depth of corruption that runs from Kiev to DC. So now, it looks like the Comedian and Biden are getting nervous.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: watashiyo 2/1/2023 6:02:51 AM (No. 1391848)
He was corrupt as a comedian and a criminal as a President.
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Reply 16 - Posted by: WhamDBambam 2/1/2023 6:43:01 AM (No. 1391867)
Extorting a sitting President seems to pay pretty well.
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Reply 17 - Posted by: ToryWhite 2/1/2023 6:52:35 AM (No. 1391873)
To those here who deny the validity of this article: go back home, to the Washington Post, or NYT.
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Reply 18 - Posted by: Rinktum 2/1/2023 7:14:52 AM (No. 1391879)
Do you understand how it is so easy for the media to create a false narrative even as dangerous as the one that has been revealed now? The media sets up the lie and it becomes saturated into the national conversation before you know it. The media choose the good guys and bad. Then the political class hop on board throwing their two cents into the narrative. Before you know it, billions in cash and equipment are headed to Ukraine. There has been no real debate on giving billions to a nation that is known for its corruption. Now, there is zero accountability and Ukrainians are beginning to tell us the money is not going where it should nor can they or will they account for it. The US economy is tanking but that seems to be irrelevant when our political class is determined to ignore American suffering to give to Ukraine. Where is NATO? Is anyone in their right mind demanding accountability from Zelensky? It appears not, whatever he wants, he gets. No questions asked. Nah, that’s not fishy at all. Biden, the most corrupt leader in this nation’s history who has a criminal past with this well known crooked country and no one questions why billions keep flowing to it with zero oversight. Now the destruction of all records from what we assume are his son’s business dealings with a Ukrainian company and absolutely no curiosity from the media. I cannot believe the hubris of this administration. They don’t even hide their corruption because they believe they are untouchable and by every indication, they are.
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Reply 19 - Posted by: NancyD 2/1/2023 7:20:30 AM (No. 1391882)
#17 people are entitled to their opinion. Those posters have been here for a while and I've been here for several decades. I have to wonder about Gateway's "facts" as well.
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Reply 20 - Posted by: Patchy Groundfog 2/1/2023 7:37:38 AM (No. 1391893)
Say what you like about De Gaulle but he at least pretended to make it look like he was trying to fight off an invasion.
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Reply 21 - Posted by: paral04 2/1/2023 7:55:04 AM (No. 1391902)
He would only do that if he was covering up something for himself and or his "allies".
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Reply 22 - Posted by: Strike3 2/1/2023 8:12:30 AM (No. 1391917)
We should have kept our nose out of Ukraine until it fell and then helped pick up the pieces. More Americans will die due to Biden greed, incompetence and interference.
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Reply 23 - Posted by: Ida Lou Pino 2/1/2023 8:14:08 AM (No. 1391918)
Posters #5 & #6 claim that the letter doesn't mention Humper by name - - and they're correct. It only mention's Humper's COMPANY by name. Yeah - - that's a real big difference! Gee - - we dumb L-Dotters have really been fooled.
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Reply 24 - Posted by: Dodge Boy 2/1/2023 8:43:21 AM (No. 1391941)
This is exactly why we must take the time to read the article and not rely on the story headline alone for forming our opinions.
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Reply 25 - Posted by: udanja99 2/1/2023 9:02:30 AM (No. 1391955)
Why would Zelensky destroy the very files that he is using or can use to blackmail Joe? Makes no sense. Also, why burn documents on a public street? Doesn’t the government in Ukraine have shredders which could be used in the privacy of their own offices instead? This is all just too fishy.
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Reply 26 - Posted by: GoodDeal 2/1/2023 10:23:13 AM (No. 1392033)
Zell owns the Bidens. This is why Joe keeps sending billions $$$ over to keep the cover up going.
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Reply 27 - Posted by: Zigrid 2/1/2023 10:50:52 AM (No. 1392058)
Something is not right here...I'm starting to think that zelensky is not what WE've been told he is...and the war is lining his pockets with American taxpayers paying the he lined up with the Russian oligarchs in some way...this war...with millions of Ukrainians suffering is a game for the pentagon ruling elite and the corrupt politicians world wide to control the lithium market for china...they need lithium for batteries and Washington is forcing electric cars on US...if it quacks like a duck...and walks like a's a duck...
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Reply 28 - Posted by: Speedypetey 2/1/2023 10:54:01 AM (No. 1392065)
Did the FBI and DOJ send a team to help?
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Reply 29 - Posted by: Geoman 2/1/2023 11:18:09 AM (No. 1392101)
It should be clear by now that the Hoft brothers are modern day carnival barkers. Believe little of what's in their articles and even less of what is in their headlines.
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Reply 30 - Posted by: Turninggrey 2/1/2023 11:49:24 AM (No. 1392127)
Actually #5 and #6, with all due respect, it specifically demands that Metabiota documents are to be destroyed..........except for the documents Zelinski himself already has squirreled away.
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Reply 31 - Posted by: mc squared 2/1/2023 12:09:30 PM (No. 1392151)
The article does say this: showing decree from Zelensky to destroy all files on Ukrainian defense service members, employees and staff of the state, and any involvement with Hunter Biden’s biolab METABIOTA, on 02/24/22, the same day the air strikes on Ukraine began. Although his name isn't mentioned his INVOLVEMENT is. Z may have been too smart to include a Biden name. Of course, I'm only guessing that the Bidens are involved in a Ukraine biolab.
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Reply 32 - Posted by: red1066 2/1/2023 12:10:46 PM (No. 1392154)
The documents were destroyed because Zelinsky didn't want the Russians to get their hands on it. The Russians would have used that info to keep the U.S. out of supplying Ukraine by black mailing Biteme.
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Reply 33 - Posted by: moebellini3 2/1/2023 12:49:44 PM (No. 1392200)
Gee, ya think our president, the "BIG GUY" is compromised or what. Looks like a classic case of blackmail, paying billions of taxpayer dollars to that weasel in Ukraine. And to think, the FBI knew about this when they got hold of Hunter Biden's laptop two years ago and did nothing. They knew the Bidens were compromised and did nothing. Again, Trump has been right all along. The deep state is deeper than anyone thought. Wake up.
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Reply 34 - Posted by: Hermit_Crab 2/1/2023 2:50:47 PM (No. 1392266)
Hmm, I wonder if Fauci and/or Gates have any Metabiota stock too. Looks like Metabiota is really into Ebola research, and they did both threaten that Ebola would soon be unleashed in a major pandemic.
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Reply 35 - Posted by: janjan 2/1/2023 7:26:31 PM (No. 1392416)
I don’t normally post twice but thank you #19 for pointing out that we are all entitled to our own opinion here. You’re also free to disagree but please do so respectfully with actual information. Please stop acting like liberals.
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House Oversight and Accountability Committee Chairman James Comer, R-Ky. is investigating Special Presidential Envoy for Climate (SPEC) John Kerry for his role in the Biden Administration and for his secretive negotiations with the Chinese Communist Party to combat climate change. Kerry’s cabinet-level role of “climate envoy” was created by President Joe Biden soon after his 2021 inauguration, and although the position doesn’t require Senate approval, the SPEC office has an estimated $13.9 million budget and approval for a staff of 45.
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Hunter Biden is going on the offense with his lawyers now asking the Justice Department to investigate former President Donald Trump's allies, who peddled his laptop's hard drive to media outlets in the run-up to the 2020 election.  The first son's lawyer Abbe Lowell asked the DOJ to probe former Trump strategist Steve Bannon, campaign lawyer and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Giuliani's lawyer and the owner of the Wilmington computer repair shop, John Paul Mac Isaac, who obtained the laptop in April 2019. 
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Nikki Haley is reportedly going to announce her presidential campaign on February 15 - Trump's former UN ambassador joined the former President on his bid for the Republican nomination.  On Wednesday, supporters of the former South Carolina governor will get an email invitation to a February 15 launch event in Charleston, at which she plans to announce her campaign, according to a person familiar with the plans but not authorized to speak publicly about them told The Post and Courier.  When she enters the race, Haley will be the first contender to join the contest against her former boss, who is currently the sole Republican seeking his party's 2024 nomination.
He’s Shot: Joe Biden: “More Than Half
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Joe Biden on Thursday delivered remarks to mark the 30th anniversary of the Family and Medical Leave Act. Former president Bill Clinton joined Joe Biden at the White House to mark the 30th anniversary of the law he signed in 1993.(Photo) Biden told the usual lies during his speech in the East Room such as “wages are up” and his economic plan is making “real progress” with the working class.What’s left of Biden’s brain also malfunctioned. Joe Biden welcomed Bill Clinton to “the United States Congress” – as he welcomed the former president to the White House.
Trump's line of attack on DeSantis is
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Posted by Garnet 2/2/2023 1:50:15 PM Post Reply
Donald Trump is not stupid. His opponents have always underestimated him because of the colloquial way he talks–sounding vastly different than most people in the highly educated class. Not sounding educated, they assume he isn’t and by extension isn’t smart. But in recent weeks Trump has been acting as if he is stupid, and I have to say I am surprised. Trump has been attacking Ron DeSantis on the COVID lockdown issue, arguing that the governor’s reputation as a freedom fighter is unearned. Trump even implies that DeSantis was something of a COVID fascist, while Trump himself was fighting to reopen the American economy. That is a profoundly stupid line of attack.
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WASHINGTON — Outgoing White House chief of staff Ron Klain broke down in tears over and over again Wednesday while handing over power to his successor Jeff Zients — going so far as to praise President Biden as a role model for parenting and Vice President Kamala Harris as a great officemate. “This is the best job I ever had,” the 61-year-old Klain blubbered as he began his remarks at an East Room transition celebration, forcing his 80-year-old boss to supportively rub his shoulder as he regained his composure. In the moments when he wasn’t crying, Klain seemed to confirm that Biden is running for reelection in 2024
House Votes to Remove Ilhan Omar from
Foreign Affairs Committee over Antisemitic Remarks
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Posted by Dreadnought 2/2/2023 1:05:26 PM Post Reply
The House of Representatives voted Thursday to remove Representative Ilhan Omar (D., Minn.) from the Foreign Affairs Committee over her history of making antisemitic remarks. The resolution, which passed 218-211 largely along party lines, was introduced by Representative Max Miller (R., Ohio.), one of two Jewish Republicans in the House “Omar has disqualified herself from serving on the Committee on Foreign Affairs, a panel that is viewed by nations around the world as speaking for Congress on matters of international importance and national security,” he said in announcing the resolution. Omar “cannot be an objective decision-maker
Cringe: Kamala Harris Roasted For Her
Description of Astronaut’s Space Launch (Video)
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Posted by Imright 2/1/2023 9:51:29 AM Post Reply
She’s one heartbeat away from the presidency. Kamala Harris on Tuesday presented the Congressional Space Medal of Honor to former NASA astronauts Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley. The two astronauts were honored at the White House for piloting the NASA SpaceX Demonstration Demo-2 mission back in 2020. Harris delivered remarks at the ceremony on Tuesday and she sounded like she was talking to a room full of kindergarteners.
‘She’s doomed!’ Greg Kelly pulls
up blast from Nikki Haley’s past, says
her candidacy is ‘D.O.A.’
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Posted by Imright 2/2/2023 11:07:40 AM Post Reply
For as much as politicians love the clever soundbites they spew to the salivating press, it is downright amazing how they forget that the internet is forever the moment they deliver them. Take former South Carolina Governor and ex-United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley, who is expected to officially announce her bid for the White House on Feb. 15. It’s a move Newsmax host Greg Kelly called a “big, big, big mistake” given her previous remarks. (Video)“This is Nikki Haley and she thinks she can be president,” Kelly began. “Wow big, big, big mistake,” he said. “I mean, these career politicians, right? They really stand for nothing,
Joe Biden Offered Vladimir Putin 20 Percent
of Ukraine to End War: Report
26 replies
Posted by Moritz55 2/2/2023 4:14:04 PM Post Reply
CIA Director William Burns reportedly offered Russian President Vladimir Putin a fifth of Ukraine's territory to end the war as part of a peace plan drawn up on behalf of President Joe Biden. Burns is believed to have submitted the plan in mid-January to put an end to the war, which began on February 24, 2022. The story was reported by Swiss-German newspaper NZZ on Thursday, citing high-ranking German foreign politicians. Both Kyiv and Moscow reportedly rejected the proposal. According to the newspaper, the proposal offered "around 20 percent of Ukraine's territory"—approximately the size of Ukraine's eastern Donbas region.
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