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Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner
Impeached. He Blames Racism.

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Posted By: ladydawgfan, 11/18/2022 1:51:02 AM

The Pennsylvania House of Representatives voted on Wednesday to impeach controversial Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner (D-PA). Five lawmakers, including three Republicans and two Democrats with constituencies in Philadelphia, formed a committee to investigate Krasner earlier this year. Members of the lower chamber voted by a margin of 107 to 85 in favor of impeaching Krasner, enabling the Pennsylvania Senate to remove the official with a two-thirds majority. “We put ourselves on the record that we stand with the people of Philadelphia who have been living in fear for their lives and the safety of themselves and their families,” Pennsylvania House Majority Leader Kerry Benninghoff (R-PA) said in a statement.


Sounds like someone is throwing a temper tantrum!!

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Reply 1 - Posted by: Trigger2 11/18/2022 3:03:46 AM (No. 1336380)
Oh sure, blame it on racism - the tried and counted on demonrat rant.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: 5 handicap 11/18/2022 5:40:41 AM (No. 1336427)
How about we charge him as a co-conspirator in all the new murders and other crimes committed by those whom he failed to prosecute or let out of prison?
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Reply 3 - Posted by: mifla 11/18/2022 6:48:07 AM (No. 1336459)
Dem's houseplant dies after he forgets to water it, he blames racism.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: andyboy 11/18/2022 7:38:52 AM (No. 1336499)
You'd think that a GOP-controlled legislature that can do this could also tighten up Pennsylvania election laws to prevent ballot fraud.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: John Moses Browning 11/18/2022 8:43:21 AM (No. 1336563)
This is the best news I have heard in forever. Finally something good happens in American politics.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: MickTurn 11/18/2022 10:38:52 AM (No. 1336720)
A Criminal has NO Skin Color, so Shut the Hell UP!
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Reply 7 - Posted by: Strike3 11/19/2022 8:19:50 AM (No. 1337466)
Stupid people blame their failures on racism. The alternative is too hard for them to swallow.
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The Biden Administration is desperately trying to restore its failing $400 billion student loan forgiveness plan after it keeps getting blocked by federal judges. According to a legal filing, the Biden Administration plans to ask the Supreme Court to reinstate the president's canceled student loan debt program. In the court documents, President Joe Biden is warning the Supreme Court that if it doesn't reverse the cancellation of the plan, millions of Americans will face a financial burden when the payments are scheduled to start again in January.
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With thin margins, most major decision desks have called the Arizona gubernatorial race in favor of Democratic Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, but Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake announced Thursday morning that she’s not yet ready to concede. In a video message posted to her Twitter account, captioned with “Arizona, we are still in the fight,” Lake addressed what she described as a “broken election system” and vowed to continue to fight to prove that something seems to have gone terribly wrong. “When we called for Katie Hobbs to recuse herself a year ago, they ridiculed us. It turns out we were right. The fox was guarding the henhouse,
Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner
Impeached. He Blames Racism.
7 replies
Posted by ladydawgfan 11/18/2022 1:51:02 AM Post Reply
The Pennsylvania House of Representatives voted on Wednesday to impeach controversial Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner (D-PA). Five lawmakers, including three Republicans and two Democrats with constituencies in Philadelphia, formed a committee to investigate Krasner earlier this year. Members of the lower chamber voted by a margin of 107 to 85 in favor of impeaching Krasner, enabling the Pennsylvania Senate to remove the official with a two-thirds majority. “We put ourselves on the record that we stand with the people of Philadelphia who have been living in fear for their lives and the safety of themselves and their families,” Pennsylvania House Majority Leader Kerry Benninghoff (R-PA) said in a statement.
Federal Judge Suspends ‘Stop WOKE Act’
In Florida
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A federal judge on Thursday temporarily halted enforcement of a law known as the “Stop WOKE Act” at Florida universities. Chief U.S. District Judge Mark Walker issued a preliminary injunction against the “Stop Wrongs to Our Kids and Employees (W.O.K.E.) Act,” officially dubbed the Individual Freedom Act. The judge’s move means that the law cannot be enforced on college campuses for now. “This is positively dystopian,” Walker wrote in his order. “The law officially bans professors from expressing disfavored viewpoints in university classrooms while permitting unfettered expression of the opposite viewpoints.” The law, which the Florida legislature passed in March, prohibits public K-12 schools and universities from teaching eight concepts that constitute “discrimination”
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Did you notice that there have been many stories breaking recently that are inconvenient to the left-wing narrative? I did. And I noticed that they came out after the midterm elections were over — when they’d have no impact on the vote. Wasn’t that nice and convenient? Here are five of those stories. Newsom’s budget deficit After back-to-back years of running surpluses, this week we learned that California is back in the red. Back in May, the Golden State had a nearly $98 billion surplus, but new projections show that California will have a $25 billion deficit in the 2023-2024 fiscal year. Luckily for Gov. Gavin Newsom,
Progressive ‘Journalists’ Claim Georgia
Is Limiting Voting to Celebrate Robert
E. Lee - One Problem With That
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Posted by ladydawgfan 11/17/2022 2:25:01 AM Post Reply
The activist media is at it again. This time, they are employing yet another “Everyone we don’t like is racist” tactic against the state of Georgia. Apparently, after their Jim Crow 2.0 narrative fell through, they had to figure out another way to claim the Peach State is raaaaycisss. MSNBC’s Joy Reid, during a recent segment, played a clip of Sen. Raphael Warnock, who will be facing his Republican challenger, Herschel Walker, in the runoff election. Said Warnock: “We should be striving to give the people of Georgia fair access to the ballot box.
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Stick a fiscal fork in ’em: These student loan debtors are done. As they contend with a second legal setback to President Biden’s estimated $430 billion student debt cancellation plan, some exasperated borrowers told The Post they won’t ever pay another penny toward their massive tabs — regardless of how it might impact their future finances. (Snip) Four distraught debtors, meanwhile, told The Post they’ll become student loan scofflaws amid widespread uncertainty and growing calls for Biden to extend the payment pause yet again.
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Joe Biden, the military-industrial-congressional complex, State Department neocons, the War Party comprised of all Democrats and many corporate Republicans, and Western globalist elites have the United States and NATO in a Ukrainian proxy war against Russia. The warmongers are obsessed with destroying Russia. To achieve it, they are determined to fight to the last Ukrainian. In eight months, Congress has wasted $69 billion of American taxpayer money to fund their proxy war. That’s about $8 billion more than Russia’s entire annual military budget. And to the delight of the American arms industry, there is no end in sight. Biden is soon expected to request another $50 billion.  CORRECTION*
Michelle Obama’s philosophy on marriage:
‘You have to be prepared to have long
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In her new book “The Light We Carry,” Michelle Obama gets personal. The former first lady discusses her dad being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, the importance of nurturing friendships, and the challenges of childcare. She also delves into relationships, not only her own but what she sees happening with the younger generation. In an interview on NPR’s Life Kit podcast, she shares the advice she tells any young adult who asks her about marriage: “You have to be prepared to have long stretches of discomfort,” she said. “And [by] long I mean it lasts for years.” ‘Marriage is never 50/50’
What in the wide, wide world of sports
is going on with the Paul Pelosi story?
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Posted by Imright 11/19/2022 12:57:30 AM Post Reply
I know they’re going to try to run out the clock on this so they can pull the “What does it matter?” card when Speaker Nancy Pelosi no longer wields Thor’s hammer, but we’ve had to deal with how many years of this woman’s arrogance and running roughshod over truth, decency, justice, and the American way? Oh, no, no no. Inquiring minds have had it up to HERE and it’s time for public questioning and open discussion, even if we’re short on answers at the end.
Biden agrees to pay climate Reparations:
US will pay up to $1BN to compensate developing
countries for global warming - but gas-guzzling
China Won't have to pay into global fund
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Posted by Imright 11/19/2022 7:00:10 PM Post Reply
The United States will take part in the creation of and contribute to a fund that will pay developing nations to tackle climate change. The fund, negotiated at the United Nations' COP27 Summit, was originally known as a 'loss and damage' fund and had been blocked by previous American administrations.  With a final climate accord already more than a day overdue, representatives of nearly 200 nations were anxious for an agreement they could bill as a step forward in the fight against climate change. 
Republican Murkowski Takes Slight Lead
In Alaska’s Election Results
26 replies
Posted by Imright 11/19/2022 2:56:01 PM Post Reply
10 days after the Midterm Elections, Alaska is still counting votes. However, as the voting comes closer to an end, Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski has taken a slight lead over GOP challenger Kelly Tshibaka by 968 votes. Murkowski has 112,519 votes, 43.3 percent of the total vote share, and Tshibaka has 110,861 votes, 42.7 percent of the votes. Alaska goes by a rank-choice voting system which allows voters to list four candidates who advanced from a jungle primary in order of who they prefer to win. However, if no candidate receives a majority of first-choice votes on Election Day, the counting proceeds to a second round
Report: Senate Republicans Start Amnesty
Talks with DACA Illegal Aliens
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A handful of Senate Republicans reportedly started talks with illegal aliens enrolled in and eligible for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program as House and Senate Democrats, along with corporate special interest allies, hope to pass an amnesty in the lame-duck Congress. This week, DACA illegal aliens and open borders activists descended on Washington, DC, in their efforts to lobby ten Senate Republicans to join Democrats in passing an amnesty — before the GOP takes control of the House — (Snip) According to Politico, Sens. John Cornyn (R-TX), Mike Lee (R-UT), Mike Rounds (R-SD), and Pat Toomey (R-PA) held meetings with DACA illegal aliens to discuss potential amnesty plans.
Bill Barr: DOJ Prosecutors ‘Probably
Have the Basis for Legitimately Indicting’ Trump
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Posted by Imright 11/19/2022 9:04:44 PM Post Reply
Former Attorney General Bill Barr said Friday on PBS’s “Firing Line” that the Department of Justice seems to “have the basis for legitimately indicting” former President Donald Trump. Partial transcript as follows: BARR: If a former president commits a crime, you know, especially a serious crime, they should be indicted for it. If the Department of Justice can show that these were indeed very sensitive documents, which I think they probably were, and also show that the president consciously was involved in misleading the department, deceiving the government, and playing games after he had received the subpoena for the documents, those are serious charges. That’s serious.
“We Get Maced, Beaten for Singing the
National Anthem” – J6 Political Prisoner
And Veteran Army Combat Medic Billy Chrestman
Writes Heartbreaking Letter To The Gateway
Pundit After Spending Two Years In DC
Gulag Hellhole
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Posted by Imright 11/19/2022 11:20:09 AM Post Reply
Being detained in the DC gulag for nearly two years in the DC Gulag has taken a toll on J6 political prisoners William Chrestman‘s faith, family, and mental health. In a recent letter to TGP, Chrestman describes the “inhumane” conditions he is subjected to while living in a “third-world hell.” “I feel gross, depressed, and angry about how I’ve been treated. And that’s not even mentioning the violent abuse we J6ers suffer at the hands of racist and hateful corrections officers,” Chrestman wrote. “We get maced for no reason, beaten for singing the National Anthem.”
Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes sentenced
to 11 years in prison for fraud
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Elizabeth Holmes, the disgraced Theranos founder who was once compared to Steve Jobs before she was convicted of defrauding investors who backed the now-defunct blood-testing company, was sentenced to more than 11 years in prison on Friday. The pregnant Holmes, dressed in a dark blouse and black skirt, was given 135 months behind bars by US District Judge Edward Davila in the same San Jose, Calif., courtroom where a jury convicted her on four counts of investor fraud and conspiracy in January.
Blaming Trump for the Midterms 20 replies
Posted by GustoGrabber 11/19/2022 7:25:33 AM Post Reply
In the days following the 2022 midterms, some self-anointed conservative thought leaders, who were never all that pro-Trump to begin with, have officially thrown the 45th President under the bus. These spineless conservatives have frolicked over to the DeSantis camp in a way that almost seems as if it was choreographed. Just like that, Trump is yesterday’s news -- he is to be discarded and forgotten about. ‘We need to move on from Trump!’ they’ll sheepishly exclaim. To that I say: pathetic… absolutely pathetic. This kind of thinking, to put it euphemistically, is unsound and illogical. While it’s hard to put a positive spin on the mediocre midterm results,
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