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Non-Partisan Elections Are Non-Existent

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Posted By: Imright, 10/13/2022 10:09:07 AM

In today’s very partisan environment, where Democrats and Republicans have completely opposed views on critical issues, it is imperative to know the political registration of all people running for local offices — especially city councils and school boards. For most Americans, the political party they are registered with is an introduction to their personal values and core beliefs. Learning a city council and school board candidate’s party affiliation should be the first step in reviewing their bona fides. However, we can no longer assume party affiliation is enough information.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: WV.Hillbilly 10/13/2022 12:05:08 PM (No. 1303468)
West Virginia's Supreme Court used to be a far left institution. So much so that the state was for years named a judicial hellhole. The makeup of the court changed in 2005 and became much more conservative. After Republicans took control of the West Virginia Legislature in 2014, one of the first things they did was to make judicial elections non-partisan. An unbelievably stupid ans shortsighted move.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: Proud Texan 10/13/2022 1:20:23 PM (No. 1303544)
In a town of just a couple of thousand in rural Texas, one would think that people could get past part. Unfortunately the author is correct and Democrats want to destroy everything, everywhere.
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Here We Go… GOP US Senate Candidate’s
Name Omitted from Ballots in Illinois County
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Posted by Imright 10/15/2022 3:51:03 AM Post Reply
Here we go… Republican US Senate Candidate Kathy Salvi released a statement this week after the Schulyer County ballots omitted her name. Kathy Salvi said: “On Tuesday, October 11th, it was brought to my attention that ballots drafted by the Schuyler County Board of Elections, and approved by the Illinois State Board of Elections, incorrectly listed one of my primary opponents as the Republican nominee for United States Senate. Our campaign legal team immediately took action and worked with the Schuyler County State’s Attorney. While we came to the best remedy – to sequester the hundreds of ballots that were distributed
Heilemann: ‘Blown Away’ by ‘Cool’
Collected Pelosi on January 6
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Posted by Imright 10/15/2022 3:35:58 AM Post Reply
MSNBC’s national affairs analyst John Heilemann said Friday on MSNBC’s “Deadline” that he was “blown away” by the actions of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) during the riot at the Capitol on January 6, 2021. Heilemann said, “People used to mock. I think some people on the right still do mock when people say our democracy was under attack, that we were close to losing our democracy. When you see every iteration of these videos but particularly this one, this iteration, you realize like it’s not hyperbole.”
Fire Department Drops Joe Biden With Some
Facts About the Fire at His Home
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Posted by Imright 10/14/2022 11:38:18 PM Post Reply
Joe Biden has exaggerated and lied about so many things in his political career, frankly, it’s hard to keep up with them all. But one of the things that he has frequently exaggerated about in the past year has been a fire that occurred in his home in 2004. His story has changed every time he tells it, as is typical with Joe Biden’s stories. When you’re not telling the truth, you can’t keep up with the lie that you told before. So it’s been an ever-evolving story. When we first covered it in November of last year, Biden claimed his house had burnt down “with my wife in it,” and that
Oregon counties will vote on secession
from leftist state to become part of Idaho
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Posted by Imright 10/14/2022 11:22:39 PM Post Reply
Conservatives in Oregon are gathering forces to vote on secession from the state in a concerted effort to join Idaho, which shares their values and political beliefs including those on Critical Race Theory, supporting the police, and bail laws. (Video) The Greater Idaho movement is pressuring state legislators as well as those in Idaho to redraw Oregon’s border so that the eastern two-thirds of the Beaver State becomes part of the Gem State, known for potatoes, gorgeous mountains, lakes, lower taxation, and conservatism. Nine eastern Oregon counties have already backed secession. Two others are getting ready to vote in November on whether they want their representatives to
“You Pat Yourself on the Back, But Families
are Starving!” – Herschel Walker ABSOLUTELY
EVISCERATES Anti-American Socialist Raphael
Warnock at Georgia Debate — Video
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Posted by Imright 10/14/2022 11:14:33 PM Post Reply
Former professional football player and businessman Herschel Walker is holding his first debate with Raphael Warnock tonight in Georgia. And as the debate goes on it is clear that Herschel Walker is destroying the Georgia Socialist. Warnock has voted with the Pelosi-Schumer-Biden agenda that has destroyed our economy, or foreign policy, our schools, our freedoms, and our way of life. When you fill up your gas tank, check out at the grocery store, or pay your electricity — You can thank Raphael Warnock.
Analysis: ABC, CBS Spent More Time on
January 6, Leaks Against Trump than Inflation
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Posted by Imright 10/14/2022 7:00:10 PM Post Reply
The networks ABC and CBS together on Thursday spent more air time on the last January 6th hearing and leaks against former President Donald Trump than citizens trying to keep their heads above water financially in President Joe Biden’s (D) America. The Media Research Center’s (MRC) NewsBusters reported: All told (and when you add in NBC), ABC’s Good Morning America, CBS Mornings, and NBC’s Today spent a total of 12 minutes and 50 seconds on January 6 and the Mar-a-Lago raid and 11 minutes and 50 seconds on inflation. It should be noted nearly three quarters of the inflation total (eight minutes and 34 seconds)
Judge tosses charge against Steele-dossier
source Igor Danchenko in John Durham-led trial
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Posted by Imright 10/14/2022 6:54:09 PM Post Reply
A judge has thrown out one of the five charges brought by special counsel John Durham against Igor Danchenko, who is accused of lying to FBI agents about the anti-Trump Steele dossier. District Judge Anthony Trenga dropped a charge related to the allegation that Danchenko lied to the FBI about speaking with Democratic operative and Clinton family ally Charles Dolan about the dossier. The judge ruled in court on Friday, the fourth day of Danchenko’s trial, that the charge was too weak to send to the jury, Fox News reported.
Is the J6 Committee Decision to Subpoena
Trump About to Backfire?
15 replies
Posted by Imright 10/14/2022 5:36:41 PM Post Reply
On Thursday the January 6th Committee unanimously voted to subpoena President Donald Trump for testimony in a last ditch effort for relevancy before the 2022 midterm elections. (Tweets) But President Donald Trump isn't opposed to testifying and could hijack the process. (Tweets) Trump sent a lengthy letter Friday morning to Committee Chairman Bennie Thompson officially responding to the subpoena vote. "Despite very poor television ratings, the Unselect Committee has perpetuated a show trial the likes of which this country has never seen before. There is no due process, no cross-examination, no “real” Republican members, and no legitimacy since you do not talk about Election Fraud or
Wawa Closes Two Stores In Philadelphia
Due To Crime. The Mayor Says It’s ‘Not
A Bad Omen At All.’
11 replies
Posted by Imright 10/14/2022 5:19:03 PM Post Reply
Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney reacted to the closure of two Wawa convenience stores struggling with crime by denying that the move is a “bad omen.” Wawa, which has locations in multiple states along the East Coast, announced on Thursday that the company would close two locations in Center City, the main business district in Philadelphia and home to City Hall. Both stores had been contracting private security services due to an increase in thefts. “Despite reducing hours and investing in additional operational measures, continued safety and security challenges
House Democrats Struggle To Raise Funds
As Republicans Continually Break Records
7 replies
Posted by Imright 10/14/2022 5:16:40 PM Post Reply
Democratic House candidates are struggling to find funding in heavily contested districts while Republicans continue to break fundraising records all over the country, according to Politico. Heavily contested House districts in Texas, California, Arizona and Pennsylvania have reported that they are not receiving funding from Democratic PACs just three weeks from the midterms, Politico reported. Meanwhile, Republican PACs have ramped up their funding pouring millions of dollars into various races across the country.
Republicans to Investigate If Democrats
Pressured National Archives into Pursuing
Donald Trump
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Posted by Imright 10/14/2022 1:12:18 PM Post Reply
Two leading Republicans wrote a letter Friday to the National Archives demanding communications and documents addressing the possibility Democrats pressured the institution into investigating former President Donald Trump. House Oversight and Reform Committee Ranking Member James Comer (R-KY) and House Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Jim Jordan (R-OH) wrote the missive, obtained by Breitbart News, to Acting Archivist of the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) Debra Steidel Wall over the possibility that House Oversight Committee Democrats have pressured NARA into investigating Trump.
100,000 tulip bulbs to be planted on South
Side vacant lots
25 replies
Posted by Imright 10/14/2022 12:58:13 PM Post Reply
Green Line riders passing by Washington Park this weekend should look for a bustle of activity down below. Several vacant lots around Prairie Avenue and 53rd Street are being turned over on Saturday and 100,000 red tulip bulbs will be planted. Late this week, there were stakes in place, outlining where the bulbs will go. From ground level, it’s hard to tell, but seen from the L, it becomes apparent the tulips are being planted with a bigger picture in mind. “We’re planting the tulips in the shape of houses that should exist,” said Amanda Williams, the artist behind the project.
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“I’m Going To Punch Him Out…And
I’m Going To Be Happy”: New Video
Shows Nancy Pelosi Tells Staffers She’s
Willing To Go To Jail For Assaulting Donald Trump
44 replies
Posted by BeautifulForSpaciousSkies 10/14/2022 10:51:29 AM Post Reply
In a new video being hailed by the left for its depiction of Nancy Pelosi as a defender of freedom and democracy, quite the opposite is actually being revealed. For one, we see her true violent colors; she twice states she wants to punch Donald Trump. This, of course, gets her laudits, but can you imagine if the former president said he wanted to wallop the Speaker?
Watch — Pelosi on January 6: If He Comes
to the Capitol, I’ll Punch Trump and
Happily Go to Jail
39 replies
Posted by Imright 10/14/2022 1:58:15 AM Post Reply
Thursday on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360,” during footage seen for the first time taken on January 6, 2021 by Alexandra Pelosi, her mother, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), said she would happily go to jail for punching President Donald Trump if he came to the Capitol. During his speech on January 6, Trump said, “And after this, we’re going walk down, and I’ll be there with you. We’re going walk down to the Capitol.” Pelosi said, “Tell him if he comes here, we’re going to the White House.” A staff member said, “The Secret Service said they have dissuaded him from coming to Capitol Hill.
Flu off to an early start as CDC warns
about potentially severe season
34 replies
Posted by Ribicon 10/14/2022 1:21:17 PM Post Reply
Reports of flu and other respiratory illnesses are higher than what would normally be seen in the U.S. at this time of year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Thursday. "We've noted that flu activity is starting to increase across much of the country," especially in the Southeast and south-central U.S., the CDC's director, Dr. Rochelle Walensky, told NBC News. "Not everybody got flu vaccinated last year, and many people did not get the flu. So that makes us ripe to have potentially a severe flu season."(Snip)"Flu is on the rise, but it's also all of these other viruses that got knocked off kilter," Esper said.
100,000 tulip bulbs to be planted on South
Side vacant lots
25 replies
Posted by Imright 10/14/2022 12:58:13 PM Post Reply
Green Line riders passing by Washington Park this weekend should look for a bustle of activity down below. Several vacant lots around Prairie Avenue and 53rd Street are being turned over on Saturday and 100,000 red tulip bulbs will be planted. Late this week, there were stakes in place, outlining where the bulbs will go. From ground level, it’s hard to tell, but seen from the L, it becomes apparent the tulips are being planted with a bigger picture in mind. “We’re planting the tulips in the shape of houses that should exist,” said Amanda Williams, the artist behind the project.
Joe Biden: $7 a Gallon Gas in California
‘Always Been the Case’
24 replies
Posted by Ribicon 10/14/2022 1:28:12 PM Post Reply
President Joe Biden during a visit to Los Angeles on Thursday dismissed gas prices in California reaching nearly seven dollars a gallon. The president spoke with reporters briefly after getting tacos with local Democrats in Los Angeles. When asked to react to prices reaching nearly seven dollars a gallon in California, Biden replied, “Well, that’s always been the case here.” Biden argued that gas prices were still down nationwide from the previous highs in the summer, even though they have gone back up as much as 30 cents a gallon in some areas. “You know, it’s not, what, nationwide, they came down about $1.35,” he said. “And they’re still down
Gisele Fetterman Wants to Know Why Journalist
Dasha Burns Isn’t Facing ‘Consequences’
for Interview With Husband John Fetterman
23 replies
Posted by NorthernDog 10/14/2022 6:54:04 PM Post Reply
On her podcast, Fast Politics, author and journalist Molly Jong-Fast asked Gisele Barreto Fetterman, wife of Democratic Pennsylvania Senate candidate, John Fetterman, about an interview of her husband that resulted in controversy and accusations of ableism this week. Mrs. Fetterman expressed outrage that the reporter has not faced any “consequences” for it. (Snip) Fetterman made it clear she felt there should have been punishment and shared her consternation that there hasn’t been. “I don’t know how there were not consequences, right?” she said. “I mean, there are consequences for folks in these positions who are any of the -isms. I
Anti-oil environmentalists pour tomato
soup on Van Gogh 'Sunflowers' painting
23 replies
Posted by Moritz55 10/14/2022 10:50:19 AM Post Reply
A pair of climate protesters hurled tomato soup on a Vincent Van Gogh painting at London's National Gallery Friday — the latest in a series of attempts to vandalize famous artwork to speak against oil. London’s Metropolitan Police said officers arrested two people on suspicion of criminal damage and aggravated trespass. The duo were supporters of the activist group Just Stop Oil, which engages in publicity stunts to bring the public’s attention to climate change.
CNN writer frets Americans care more about
'cost of French fries' than 'compelling'
Jan. 6 committee
23 replies
Posted by NorthernDog 10/14/2022 9:07:33 AM Post Reply
A new CNN analysis fretted that American voters might care more about the cost of their food than they do about the Jan. 6 hearings. Noting Thursday’s Consumer Price Index data which showed inflation reaching 8.2% in September, as well as a cost-of-living index at its highest level since 1982, CNN's Stephen Collinson noted polling has repeatedly reinforced that the economy is the top concern to voters heading into the midterm elections. The data included information about frozen potato products, as well as pork products, which have increased 10% and 5.5%, respectively. "While it would be too simplistic to say
‘Implicated’: The Biden family could
be in serious legal jeopardy, former prosecutor says
22 replies
Posted by Imright 10/14/2022 1:54:48 AM Post Reply
A former federal prosecutor told Fox News host Mike Emanuel that the Biden family faces serious legal jeopardy from Hunter Biden’s alleged business dealings. “[President Joe Biden] should be worried, I think, obviously should be worried about his son who has had a very troubled past, but in terms of the investigation, I think the talk that we are hearing now about the possibility of a disposition of the case with tax charges and maybe the full statement that you refer to, could be a choreographed event, what is swept under the rug is the thing that is of consequence to the country, which is the fact that foreign regimes…
Quelle surprise: Biden renews COVID "emergency"
for another 90 days
20 replies
Posted by Dreadnought 10/14/2022 12:17:08 AM Post Reply
Never let a crisis go to waste, Rahm Emanuel once advised. Add to that this new axiom: Never let your emergency powers expire. As incompetent as Joe Biden might otherwise be, he’s proven adept at following both. Again: The Biden administration extended the Covid-19 pandemic’s status as a public health emergency for another 90 days, preserving measures such as expanded Medicaid and higher payments to hospitals. The decision follows comments President Biden made in September describing the pandemic as over. Some Republican lawmakers said afterward that the administration should wind down its pandemic response and the emergency designation.
‘Powder keg’ for ‘disaster’: As
migrant surge sweeps NYC, here’s where
they’re being housed
18 replies
Posted by Imright 10/14/2022 2:48:27 AM Post Reply
Queens is taking the largest share of migrants into emergency shelters set up by the city — fueling what the borough’s president on Thursday called a “powder keg” of crises and creating a “recipe for a social and economic disaster.” Queens was housing 4,782 migrants, or 32% of the total 14,777 placed in emergency shelters as of Wednesday, according to data compiled by the Department of Homeless Services and obtained by The Post on Thursday. That share is more than one-sixth greater than the 27.3% that Queens residents contribute to the city’s total population, according to 2020 census data. “It’s a powder keg in Queens at this point,”
Hochul orders probe into Pride flags ban
at Long Island high school
17 replies
Posted by Ribicon 10/14/2022 4:25:58 PM Post Reply
A woke Long Island teacher was forced to remove two Pride flags from her classroom after students complained that one of them made them “uncomfortable”—prompting Gov. Kathy Hochul to launch an investigation. The flag flap erupted when Sarah Ecke, a math teacher at Connetquot High School in Bohemia, refused to take down a Rainbow flag and a Progress Pride flag, Newsday reported. Some of the students had complained that the Progress flag—which has more colors than the traditional version—left them “feeling uncomfortable,” according to the news outlet.(Snip)LGBTQ advocates accused the district of violating the state’s Dignity for All Students Act by ordering the flags removed
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