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Laughing Harris in Poland: We're united
to confront Russia on what we know they've
done, and what we don't know they've done

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Posted By: Garnet, 3/10/2022 11:15:12 AM

And now a little comic relief from our esteemed Veep, right when and where comic relief would be least appreciated. Kamala Harris flew to Poland to shore up NATO unity after a 72-hour fiasco in which the Biden administration encouraged and then refused a deal to send older Soviet-era MiGs to Ukraine. Poland, it should be noted, is on NATO’s eastern flank, a point which one would expect that Harris would get right the first time in her prepared remarks:Overall, the message of unity managed to eke out of these proceedings, but not with much clarity: “I want to be very clear

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Reply 1 - Posted by: TarAndFeathers 3/10/2022 11:34:06 AM (No. 1095828)
Harris‘s patter could use a brush-up by the ghost of ‚Professor‘ Irwin Corey, the World‘s Greatest Authority, whose sesquipedalian nonsense could always produce a chuckle.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: Vaquero45 3/10/2022 11:51:37 AM (No. 1095845)
This woman is a walking, talking faux pas. Her conduct is atrocious. I’m insulted not only that she went to Poland, but that she wastes perfectly good air that they could otherwise use.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: Edgelady 3/10/2022 11:58:34 AM (No. 1095850)
She's trying so hard to sound pithy like Donald Rumsfield......and she's failing miserably.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: VirtuDawg 3/10/2022 12:07:40 PM (No. 1095858)
Mattressback: A walk-in’ talking’ SNL skit
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Reply 5 - Posted by: DVC 3/10/2022 12:20:27 PM (No. 1095873)
She's a buffoon with a 85 IQ and no skills at anything other than as a sex toy.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: Scramus 3/10/2022 12:23:10 PM (No. 1095876)
She is only in Poland to be as far away from Jussie Smollett's day in court as is physically possible. He had a tickle in his throat too or so I've been told. One tweet from her doesn't deserve another for sure.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: stablemoney 3/10/2022 12:33:02 PM (No. 1095889)
Biden and Harris can confront Russia by themselves. I do not support them on anything.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: laurenc 3/10/2022 12:57:59 PM (No. 1095914)
I saw the clip of her laughing when she got a question regarding Ukrainian refugees. I could only think "What the F is wrong with this woman?"
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Reply 9 - Posted by: red1066 3/10/2022 1:04:06 PM (No. 1095921)
It's hard to believe that the citizens of any other country in the world could hate the people running their government more than the majority of Americans hate theirs right now. This isn't incompetence. It's being done on purpose to destroy the country.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: Luandir 3/10/2022 1:04:08 PM (No. 1095922)
People more psychologically astute than I have suggested that she is displaying a reflexive nervous laugh - a deflecting response to mask an inability to respond with substance. A competent State Department would have already discussed the possibility of accepting Ukrainian refugees. Given the State Department we actually have, that is still probably 75% likely to have occurred. Any conclusions reached by that process would have been summarized and sent to Ms. Harris for pre-trip preparation. There the trouble begins. Kommie-la-la is notorious for not studying the briefing materials she is sent. (I suspect that they are simply too difficult for her to assimilate.) So she is unprepared for a question everyone below her anticipated, and the Creepy Veepy Reflex kicks in. The U.S. is once again shown to be without leaders up to the task facing them.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: Ribicon 3/10/2022 1:11:10 PM (No. 1095928)
FTA: "Duda clearly expected Harris to answer her part of the question first, but instead Harris began laughing and said, “A friend in need is a friend indeed,” looking to Duda to rescue her from the question." What she really meant to say was, "a friend with weed is a friend indeed, tee hee," but she got tripped up after a long night of service doing her thang.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: formerNYer 3/10/2022 1:23:43 PM (No. 1095937)
VP Hyena and President Potted Plant what a pair.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: Are You Serious 3/10/2022 1:28:40 PM (No. 1095945)
She should return to the profession she was good girl.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: GoodDeal 3/10/2022 1:48:57 PM (No. 1095962)
Kamala Harris is no Mike Pompeo.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: judy 3/10/2022 1:53:53 PM (No. 1095967)
I’m trying to figure out who is more embarrassing..Kamala or Joe…
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Reply 16 - Posted by: snapper451 3/10/2022 2:00:02 PM (No. 1095972)
Our national embarrassment is now our international embarrassment. Dementia Joe can send her to the moon and she would be our lunar embarrassment.....
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Reply 17 - Posted by: Highvoltage 3/10/2022 2:08:06 PM (No. 1095977)
Harris begins most of her public statements with "let me be clear" which she never is clear. However she does have the correct gentiles and skin color. Therefore, it doesn't matter that the space between the ears is quite hollow.
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Reply 18 - Posted by: Italiano 3/10/2022 2:12:42 PM (No. 1095981)
You have to admit that she's a unifier, though. Everyone across the political spectrum hates her.
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Reply 19 - Posted by: rochow 3/10/2022 2:34:20 PM (No. 1096013)
OMG, was that an embarrassing moment with this unmade bed??? Cackling, talking rubbish, waving her elbows. Hey Kamel, we know you are stupid, do you have to demonstrate it to the planet every time when you appear??? Unkempt, messy hair, the same awful pantsuit, that hideous cackly trying to hide her empty brainbox! I guess next week there will be a mass resignation from her staff that is desperately trying to cover up that she is one of the dumbest on the planet. Who knows, perhaps she is just aping her boss?
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Reply 20 - Posted by: Rich323 3/10/2022 5:03:53 PM (No. 1096155)
She has a psychological problem that causes uncontrollable laughter. She should never be in any position to make a decision, because the meds required to fix her condition alter you reasoning ability, but no loss, she never had any to begin with.
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Reply 21 - Posted by: mifla 3/11/2022 5:15:38 AM (No. 1096552)
God help us. Our enemies are taking all this in.
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Laughing Harris in Poland: We're united
to confront Russia on what we know they've
done, and what we don't know they've done
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Posted by Garnet 3/10/2022 11:15:12 AM Post Reply
And now a little comic relief from our esteemed Veep, right when and where comic relief would be least appreciated. Kamala Harris flew to Poland to shore up NATO unity after a 72-hour fiasco in which the Biden administration encouraged and then refused a deal to send older Soviet-era MiGs to Ukraine. Poland, it should be noted, is on NATO’s eastern flank, a point which one would expect that Harris would get right the first time in her prepared remarks:Overall, the message of unity managed to eke out of these proceedings, but not with much clarity: “I want to be very clear
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You trust the Kremlin’s spokesman to be candid about Russia’s intentions, don’t you? “Some progress has been made,” foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said during a press briefing, referring to three rounds of talks with Kyiv… She also said Moscow does not intend to occupy Ukraine or overthrow its government.The army’s aim is “not to occupy Ukraine, or the destruction of its statehood, or the overthrow of the government. It is not directed against the civilian population,” Zakharova said. The Russian army has been shelling cities like Kharkiv and starving cities like Mariupol for days. The claim that its offensive isn’t directed against civilians is a breathtaking lie even by Russian standards.
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Who wants to tell them? Now that Joe Biden has gotten pushed into an embargo on Russian oil imports — with Senate Democrats doing a considerable amount of the shoving — the inevitable problem of consumer shock at gas prices will have to get tackled next. The ban on Russian oil will definitely keep those prices escalating, unless the US can find much more production to replace it. And that has Senate Democrats panicking in a midterm cycle that already looked like a disaster: The economic reverberations of a proposed ban on Russian oil and gas imports are fueling angst among Democratic lawmakers who are wrestling
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Biden’s Bizarre SOTU Proves He’s Unfit
for Office
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Posted by Garnet 3/4/2022 12:41:27 AM Post Reply
Much has been written about President Biden’s surreal State of the Union address, but the commentariat has studiously ignored the real problem with the speech. The trouble with this unnerving oration isn’t that much of it was fiction or that it revealed a vision of the nation that isn’t shared by most Americans. Its scariest feature is that it was filled with semi-coherent gibberish delivered by a man who is cognitively impaired and obviously unfit to carry out the duties of his office. If Biden were your father, you would relieve him of his car keys, yet he possesses the authority to launch a thermonuclear strike
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The most ominous detail here is that it was Putin who called Macron, not vice versa. If Macron had initiated the call, it would have been a plea for peace. With Putin initiating the call, the purpose was almost certainly to warn the west of escalation.The tsar’s pride is at stake and so many Ukrainians will have to die:(Snip for tweet)We’re at an odd stage of the war in which the tide seems to be turning towards Russia but Russia also seems to be turning more desperate. The now famous Russian military convoy outside Kiev has curiously stalled out over the past three days,
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A Western intelligence report shows signs that senior officials in China has at least some level of knowledge regarding Russia’s plans to invade Ukraine before it began last week, senior Biden administration officials and a European official told The New York Times.President Vladimir Putin had met with President Xi Jinping on February 4, shortly before the opening ceremony of the games. "Moscow and Beijing issued a 5,000-word statement at the time declaring that their partnership had 'no limits,' denouncing NATO enlargement and asserting that they would establish a new global order with true 'democracy,'" The New York Times reported.
State of the Union: World on edge, US
economy teetering, Biden to make most
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President Biden will give his first State of the Union address Tuesday night, marking the most consequential speech of his lifetime as U.S. inflation soars and Eastern Europe devolves into war. While State of the Union speeches tend to concentrate on domestic issues, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision to launch a full-fledged invasion of Ukraine despite Biden’s repeated threats of economic sanctions has brought the U.S. president’s foreign policy agenda into central focus.Putin ordered his nuclear forces on high alert Sunday after the U.S. and other Western nations announced that they would remove selected Russian banks from the SWIFT international financial messaging system.
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Jussie Smollett, who faked a hate crime against himself in Chicago, was sentenced Thursday. Smollett was found guilty back in December, after he conspired with two men to make it seem as if Trump supporters had attacked him and tied a noose around his neck at 2:00 AM, in the middle of a polar vortex. While he received an initial outpouring of support, including from Vice President Kamala Harris, it quickly became apparent that his story wasn’t adding up. Why was he out after midnight getting a sandwich in sub-zero temperatures? Why didn’t he call the police right away? Why did he leave the noose on until police got there?
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President Joe Biden warned lawmakers attending the House Democratic Caucus Issues Conference Friday in Philadelphia that he'll have far less power next year if the Democrats lose Congress.'This off-year election, in my view, may be the most important off-year election in modern history. Because we know what happens, we know the fundamental change that shifts if we lose the House and Senate,' Biden told House Democrats. 'The only thing I'll have then is a veto pen.'Precedent and polling make Republicans look poised to take back control of the House, and possibly the Senate too,
Biden says Putin will pay a 'severe price'
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President Joe Biden announced on Friday he will revoke Russia's 'most favored nation' trade status over its invasion of Ukraine, another step in the series of harsh economic sanctions he and U.S. allies have imposed on Moscow. And he vowed Russian President Vladimir Putin would pay a 'severe price' if he uses chemical weapons in the Ukraine and said U.S. troops would not join the fight as not to provoke World War III. Biden announced Russia's change in status of a trade partner in lockstep with the fellow G7 nations to make it an even heavier burden on Moscow to carry. The move will also deny Russia the ability to borrow money
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CNN continues to undergo massive changes coinciding with AT&T’s corporate handoff to new owner Discovery and the ouster of former company president Jeff Zucker. Zucker left, Chris Cuomo left, and sundry employees did the same as disgusting allegations of pedophilia came to light. Ratings have been in a freefall ever since Brandon was inaugurated and over-the-top, fake news about Donald Trump couldn’t be manufactured for its unthinking viewership anymore. Covid panic porn has likewise lost its luster. So, in a battle for survival, the “news” network’s owners are realizing that simply making up hysteria after hysteria might not be a viable long-term plan.
LOL: Biden Makes a Bold Prediction About
the 2022 Midterms
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Posted by Hazymac 3/11/2022 2:19:09 PM Post Reply
Conventional wisdom is that the 2022 midterms will be a political bloodbath for the Democrats. For starters, historically speaking, the party in power typically loses seats. But on top of that, Biden’s poor approval ratings are dragging down his entire party, and more than 30 House Democrats have announced their retirements. Nevertheless, during the Democratic National Committee’s winter meeting on Thursday, Biden insisted his party could defy history. How? All they’ve got to do is replicate their 2020 enthusiasm. “If we do that, we’re going to keep the House and keep the Senate — and add seats,” he claimed. Good luck with that. I suppose it’s Biden’s job
‘It’s hilarious’: Asst. principal
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‘I Need a New Butt’ to second-graders
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Posted by Beardo 3/11/2022 12:53:58 PM Post Reply
Mississippi elementary school assistant principal Toby Price was shown the door last week after, in what the superintendent called “a lack of professionalism,” he read a second-grade class a book called “I Need a New Butt.” The book, written by Dawn McMillan, is a “silly” story about a young boy’s quest to find a new butt because his “has a huge crack.” “Will he choose an armor-plated butt?” the Amazon description asks. “A rocket butt? Find out in this quirky tale of a tail, which features hilarious rhymes and delightful illustrations.”
University Of Michigan Accidentally Sends
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The University of Michigan’s diversity, equity, and inclusion lead accidentally sent an email to students “committing” to advancing anti-Semitism, according to email correspondence reviewed by the Daily Caller. In an email to students, Vice Provost for Equity and Inclusion Robert Sellers listed goals for the university’s culture to strive towards in light of the university achieving phase one of its five-year DEI strategic plan. Accidentally included in that list was the word “anti-Semitism.”
EXCLUSIVE: AOC-backed candidate facing
run-off with Texas congressman Henry Cuellar
had steamy fling with her high school
teacher 23 years her senior, texts reveal,
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Posted by Beardo 3/11/2022 8:36:37 AM Post Reply
The 28-year-old AOC-backed candidate facing a run-off against centrist Democrat Rep. Henry Cuellar had a long-term affair with her former high school teacher, can exclusively reveal. Jessica Cisneros was in a sexual relationship with educator-turned-lawyer John Balli, now 51, and called him 'babe' in a 2011 text professing her love when she was 18 — and he was 41. The ultra-liberal would-be Congresswoman began a sexual relationship with him after he began dating his future second wife Sandra Ramirez in May 2011. But the secret lovers had a painful split when Balli and Ramirez wed in July 2011.
European Parliament votes to cut funds
to Hungary and Poland for not pushing
LGBT agenda
21 replies
Posted by earlybird 3/11/2022 6:43:01 PM Post Reply
The European Parliament overwhelmingly voted Thursday to withdraw funding from Hungary and Poland over the two countries refusing to bow to the bloc’s pro-LGBT stance. Members of the European Parliament (MEP) passed the resolution by a huge 478 votes in favor to 155 against, with 29 abstentions, to withhold funding from European Union (EU) member states that violate the “Rule of Law Conditionality Mechanism.” The mechanism “makes the receipt of financing from the Union budget subject to the respect by the Member States for the principles of the rule of law,” effectively making any funding from the bloc subject to alignment with the EU’s core “values” of the day, including LGBT
Treasury secretary warns of ‘very uncomfortably
high’ inflation for next year
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Posted by Ribicon 3/11/2022 10:47:56 AM Post Reply
Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen warned that Americans should expect to continue paying increased prices on everyday goods for the next year, offering a reversal from her previous forecast that record-high inflation would soon subside. The main culprit, she told CNBC’s “Closing Bell” on Thursday, was Russia’s war against Ukraine. Ms. Yellen‘s claim that Russian President Vladimir Putin is to blame for America’s inflation woes echoes that of the Biden administration writ large, which has received criticism for dubbing the phrase “Putin’s price hike.” “I think there’s a lot of uncertainty that is related to what’s going on with Russia in Ukraine,” Ms. Yellen said on the network.
Obama White House Doctor Calls For Immediate
Biden Resignation: ‘Not Cognitively
Capable Of Leading’
20 replies
Posted by Imright 3/11/2022 10:03:46 PM Post Reply
Former White House physician Ronny Jackson, who served in the role under the Obama and Trump administrations, said on Friday that Democrat President Joe Biden needed to immediately resign to spare putting the country through more suffering because Biden is not mentally fit to be president. “Biden doesn’t know what’s going on with Ukraine,” Jackson tweeted. “He doesn’t know what’s going on with ANYTHING! He’s not cognitively capable of leading. He needs to RESIGN before our country suffers any more.” (Tweet)
'The View' blames Kamala Harris criticism
on racism, misogyny: 'There's a racial
aspect to it'
20 replies
Posted by NorthernDog 3/11/2022 7:27:36 PM Post Reply
The co-hosts of ABC's liberal daytime talk show "The View" complained Friday the criticism leveled against Vice President Kamala Harris over her performance while in Europe has been rated in racism and misogyny. (Snip) After a reporter asked a question about Ukrainian refugees, Harris and Duda appeared confused about who would answer the question, leading to Harris laughing while saying, "A friend in need is a friend indeed." Duda then offered to respond first and began speaking. Harris was ripped by critics following the exchange, accusing her of looking to Duda for help answering the question and slamming her for
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