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Putin throws MORE ground forces at Kyiv:
Satellite images show THREE mile-long
convoy heading towards capital after failing
to take the city

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Posted By: FormerDem, 2/27/2022 5:59:35 PM

Satellite imagery taken today showed a large deployment of Russian ground troops moving in the direction of the Ukrainian capital Kyiv from approximately 40 miles (64 km) away, a private U.S. company said. (snip) a deployment comprised of hundreds of military vehicles and extending more than 3.25 miles (5 km). (snip) As Russian troops draw closer to the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv's mayor is filled with pride over his citizens' spirit but remains anxious about how long they can hold out.


Please, Lord, help the defenders. This is no way to give glory to God, by killing the innocent. Not by strength...

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Reply 1 - Posted by: msjena 2/27/2022 6:12:52 PM (No. 1084856)
I think Putin is insane. It is frightening to think he has the power to launch nuclear weapons.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: DVC 2/27/2022 6:18:21 PM (No. 1084860)
Lets hope that those extra anti-tank weapons get their quickly.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: udanja99 2/27/2022 6:30:16 PM (No. 1084870)
Meanwhile, TaliBiden spent the day having a nap, an IV cocktail and an ice cream cone. Demonrats must be so proud.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: Scribelus 2/27/2022 6:37:35 PM (No. 1084881)
Three miles of traffic? What a dozen A-10s could do with that!
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Reply 5 - Posted by: Italiano 2/27/2022 6:39:48 PM (No. 1084882)
We just mothballed some A-10's. They would have come in handy.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: GirlwithaCurl 2/27/2022 7:02:40 PM (No. 1084897)
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Reply 7 - Posted by: LC Chihuahua 2/27/2022 7:41:24 PM (No. 1084933)
Pray for Ukraine.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: Dodge Boy 2/27/2022 8:00:32 PM (No. 1084957)
This is it, Ukraine. Destroy the column and its soldiers. Your big chance to give Putie a russkie-style whooping. Biden you cheater, you still hiding at home getting your dementia IV?
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Reply 9 - Posted by: snowoutlaw 2/27/2022 8:16:51 PM (No. 1084968)
If we know they know. Look like nice easy targets, Putin is an idiot.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: Cherrybark 2/27/2022 9:08:48 PM (No. 1085013)
Please take a minute to read the ConservativeTreeHouse article linked by @GirlwithaCurl. Much of what we are seeing is psyops and fake news. Yes, Russia has certainly invaded and clearly intends to secure their historic warm water port. Biden's major concern should be the records of money laundering through this most corrupt of governments. I think it's frightening to realize that Biden has the power to launch nuclear weapons. JFK turned down his advisors' encouragement to invade Cuba. Biden...pfft.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: Tusker 2/27/2022 9:19:03 PM (No. 1085021)
A 3-mile ling target; too bad nobody either planned for it, or put in place the solution for taking it out, but rather have simply jawboned. Yeah another example of domestic and international stupidity in dealing with the obvious, or rather, ignoring dealing with the obvious. “What fools these mortals be!”
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Reply 12 - Posted by: SALady 2/27/2022 9:22:14 PM (No. 1085025)
The one thing I fear most in this is that Ukraine is arming civilians. As evil as Putin is, so far he has pretty much avoided most civilian targets -- or the civilian death toll would be thousands, not a couple of hundred, in a full-scale invasion. When you arm civilians, and get them to do guerilla warfare (like Molotov Cocktails), you make all civilians into "enemy combatants". That is all the excuse Russia needs to feel totally justified in targeting all civilians. And if this stretches out for too long, they will go "scorched earth" and target everybody -- using everything this side of nukes to do it.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: Omen55 2/27/2022 9:35:50 PM (No. 1085044)
You got that right #4. The Warthogs would be feasting. It would look like the road of Death from Desert Storm.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: kono 2/27/2022 9:58:13 PM (No. 1085072)
I was just about to express my wish that this ominous 3-mile-long convoy would become like Saddam's long convoy of military vehicles that was beating a retreat... Remember this? And when looking up references to cite for that, I noticed reports that what I was wishing is exactly what has happened. Wonder if those reports are real or fake...
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Reply 15 - Posted by: Amanoftwistsandturns 2/27/2022 10:48:14 PM (No. 1085131)
The Russkies know about urban warfare and how bad it can be for the attacker. They are to lay siege to the city and pound it with artillery. The Ukrainians need to attack before the Russians can get a perimeter in place.
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Reply 16 - Posted by: Birddog 2/27/2022 10:55:39 PM (No. 1085144)
Against arming civilians??? ASK THEM! They are not pawns on anyone's board, this is their HOME. Anyone that tried to tell ME to "Not fight back" for MY home? I'd just shoot, don't need someone like that anywhere near me/mine. I particularly like THIS guys attitude...
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Reply 17 - Posted by: swarfer 2/28/2022 1:59:56 AM (No. 1085205)
Beware media reporting and analysis. Russia has not failed to take Kyiv. In order to take it they would have to destroy it, think Berlin 1945. I haven’t seen any evidence when they pan the cameras during broadcasts, except for the errant missile. This is day FOUR of the conflict, we could have weeks, months or years to go, think Afghanistan. More importantly, has anyone noticed that we have seen nothing from the Russians? The Ukrainians are feeding the media constantly. What happened to the Ukrainian armor out in the field? The Russians made it to Kyiv, what happened to Ukrainian resistance on the way? Have Ukrainian forces on the Donbas been cutoff, surrounded, bypassed? Do Ukrainian forces control anything outside cities in the east? Some blown up tanks and vehicles is exactly what happened to the US in Iraq due IEDs and RPGs but it didn’t change the end result. The Russians may not be running a Blitzkrieg, but they don’t have to. Ukraine cannot drive out the Russians but they can make it dangerous in the cities and for the careless airman. They say Putin is getting desperate. It seems to me handing out automatic weapons and Molotov cocktails to untrained civilians to face heavy machine guns and tanks is the very definition of desperate.
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Reply 18 - Posted by: DVC 2/28/2022 2:38:38 AM (No. 1085228)
The Ukrainians are flying Turkish stealthy drones with missile firing capability. I have seen several videos of them destroying armored vehicles from overhead. This armored column could be a juicy target for that system. A-10s needed, the Bayraktar TB2 drones with apparently capability to carry four strike missiles on each drone are there. One video showed a missile strike on a Buk SAM missile launcher vehicle. These are solid fuel rockets, and have at least four of these large rockets ( 18 ft long x 15" diam) often with reloads stored below the four ready to launch rockets. The solid rocket fuel blew up and it burns furiously, just like when powering the rocket, hideous incendiary, impossible to extinguish, it has it's fuel and oxidizer mixed in, will NOT go out until all consumed. You don't want to be near this if hit. A Buk missile is what shot down the airliner over part of Ukraine's captured area a few years back. NATO designation is Gadfly SA-11.
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Reply 19 - Posted by: mifla 2/28/2022 5:39:10 AM (No. 1085289)
Anyone know if Ukraine's air force was completely wiped out? A troop column is a prime target.
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Reply 20 - Posted by: HotPatty 2/28/2022 9:48:13 AM (No. 1085463)
A10 time ???
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Putin throws MORE ground forces at Kyiv:
Satellite images show THREE mile-long
convoy heading towards capital after failing
to take the city
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Posted by FormerDem 2/27/2022 5:59:35 PM Post Reply
Satellite imagery taken today showed a large deployment of Russian ground troops moving in the direction of the Ukrainian capital Kyiv from approximately 40 miles (64 km) away, a private U.S. company said. (snip) a deployment comprised of hundreds of military vehicles and extending more than 3.25 miles (5 km). (snip) As Russian troops draw closer to the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv's mayor is filled with pride over his citizens' spirit but remains anxious about how long they can hold out.
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Russian forces have launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine on Feb. 24 [snip] The following is a live blog of the Russian attacks on the third day of the invasion, Feb. 27. (snip.) 8 p.m. Ukraine: Air strike alerts declared in Kyiv, Chernihiv and Cherkasy. City residents are asked to take shelter immediately. Nova Kakhovka, Kherson Oblast: Ukrainian authorities of Nova Kakhovka, a small town not far from Kherson, negotiated the evacuation of civilian residents with Russians. The enemy temporarily took control over the city, says city mayor Volodymyr Kovalenko. Civilians to be evacuated today, on Feb. 27.
'We are here, in Kyiv, defending UkrainePresident
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'We are here, in Kyiv, defending Ukraine': President Zelensky posts video of himself as Russian troops advance on capital 'We're all here. Our military is here. Citizens in society are here. We're all here defending our independence, our country, and it will stay this way,' Zelensky said as he stood outside the presidency building in Kyiv with his prime minister, chief of staff and other senior aides. Last night, Zelensky warned EU leaders that 'this might be the last time you see me alive' after the embattled president was told that Russian special forces were hunting him down to assassinate him.
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Vice President Kamala Harris' prediction about the Virginia governor's race may come back to bite her and her fellow Democrats. Back when she was campaigning for former Gov. Terry McAuliffe, Harris said, "What happens in Virginia will, in large part, determine what happens in 2022, 2024, and on."  CORRECTION*
Another prison massacre in Guayaquil leaves
30 dead, some beheaded, in latest drug
gang violence
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Prison officials at the Guayaquil Litoral Penitentiary say more violence is possible following Tuesday’s riot that left 30 dead and at least five beheaded. Another 48 were reported injured. “We still lack control of parts of the facility and further violent can still happen,” police commander Fausto Buenaño said early Wednesday morning. [[,,,] In comments to a Guayaquil radio station, an unnamed police captain described the scene as “horrible beyond belief” [...] My people were overcome by the carnage and some vomited at what they saw,” he said.
American Trapped in Kabul Explains 'Bogus'
Visa Email Sent to Thousands:
'Brain Worms'
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An American citizen trapped in Kabul, Afghanistan, recently spoke about receiving a "bogus" generic visa document from the U.S. State Department, which he said was sent out to thousands of others. David Fox, who runs a marketing firm in Kabul, told ABC News on Thursday that he recently tried to travel back to the U.S. but was unable to do so because of the massive crowds of people at Kabul's airport following the Taliban's takeover of the country.
Lara Logan Carries a Big Trumpet About
Afghanistan – If The U.S. Government
Wanted it to be Different,
It Would Be
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Posted by FormerDem 8/19/2021 11:27:59 AM Post Reply
Oh boy, Lara Logan appeared for an interview with Tucker Carlson and shouts a big trumpet. In essence, Ms. Logan points out the current situation in Afghanistan is exactly the outcome those controlling the Biden administration want. There is a benefit to someone or some group in the current outcome; because if there wasn’t, the outcome would be different. I happen to agree with this perspective because there are so many options that could have been taken before this point in the crisis was reached. We have seen this play out before [Bathtub Principle] where a crisis is created because the crisis has a purpose.
Prince Harry to write
'intimate and heartfelt' memoir
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Posted by FormerDem 7/19/2021 9:07:35 PM Post Reply
The Duke of Sussex is to publish an intimate memoir of his life, which he has vowed will be “accurate and wholly truthful”. The book, to be released late next year, will share the “definitive account” of his “experiences, adventures, losses, and life lessons”, publisher Penguin Random House announced on Monday night. It marks the first time a senior royal has ever written such a personal account of their life and the prospect of yet further damaging revelations is likely to send shockwaves through the Royal family.
Trump Offers to Let National Guard
Stay at the Trump Hotel D.C.
After Parking Garage Outrage
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Posted by FormerDem 1/22/2021 4:41:31 PM Post Reply

Former President Trump has reportedly offered to let the National Guardsmen still stationed at the Capitol stay at his Trump Hotel in Washington D.C. [snip] As American Greatness previously reported, some 5,000 Guardsmen were moved to the parking garage after being told that they were no longer allowed to rest in certain designated rest areas of the Capitol complex, including the visitors’ center and the cafeteria.” The soldiers were forced to bunk in an unheated space in 38-degree temperatures with only one small bathroom and one electrical outlet CORRECTION*

Trump Pledges to Make Juneteenth Federal
Holiday in Bid for Black Voters
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Posted by FormerDem 9/26/2020 9:53:41 AM Post Reply

ATLANTA   - President Donald Trump made a series of promises at a campaign event in Atlanta on Friday in a bid to woo Black voters, including establishing Juneteenth, which commemorates the end of U.S. slavery, as a federal holiday. Trump, who announced the promises less than 40 days before the November presidential election, also pledged to designate two groups as terrorist organizations: the white supremacist Ku Klux Klan and the amorphous movement known as antifa that opposes fascism. He also promised to increase access to capital in Black communities, create more jobs, support Black-owned businesses and expanding opportunity zones.   Corrections*

China offers $1 billion loan
to Latin America and the Caribbean
for access to its Covid-19 vaccine
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Posted by FormerDem 7/25/2020 11:20:57 AM Post Reply
Mexico City (CNN)Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi announced a $1 billion loan to Latin America and the Caribbean for Covid-19 vaccine access during a virtual gathering with his Latin American counterparts on Wednesday, according to a statement released by the Mexican Foreign Affairs Ministry. "China's Foreign Minister said that the vaccine developed in his country will be a public benefit of universal access, and that his country will designate a loan of $1 billion to support access [to the vaccine] for the nations of the region," the statement said.
It’s not possible to return
to full lockdown, Romo says;
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Interior Minister Maria Paula Romo said Friday it is not possible to return to the red light quarantine restrictions that Ecuador maintained for more than two months. (Snip) “We believe we have mitigated the worst effects of the Covid outbreak and we must continue on the path of restoring our normal way of life.” (Snip) “We have not only suffered severe economic impacts, with at least 200,000 people losing their jobs, but there has been extreme social and psychological damage as well,” she said. “The number of women and children injured and killed in the past three months is at record levels.”   Corrections*

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Biden says he hopes his legacy 'is that
I restored the soul of this country'
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Posted by Dreadnought 2/27/2022 9:15:36 PM Post Reply
President Biden said in an interview broadcast on Saturday that he hopes his legacy “is that I restored the soul of this country.” In a wide-ranging interview with progressive political host Brian Tyler Cohen, Biden said that he hoped he would be remembered for restoring “some decency and honor to the office” of the presidency, rebuilding America’s middle class and repairing partnerships with other countries.“I hope my legacy is that I was able to restore some decency and honor to the office; I was able to bring the middle class back to a place where they had real opportunity, given an even chance to succeed; and I was able to reconstruct our alliances
Joe Biden Claims He Has Made the Economy
Better But People Are Still “Psychologically”
Unable to “Feel Happy” (VIDEO)
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Posted by ladydawgfan 2/27/2022 12:11:41 AM Post Reply
Joe Biden sat down for a face-to-face interview with social media influencer Brian Tyler Cohen on Friday to discuss Putin, Covid and challenges Americans are facing due to his horrible policies. Biden claimed that he has made the economy better but people are still “psychologically” unable to “feel happy.” “There’s a phenomenal negative psychological impact that Covid has had on the public psyche and so you have an awful lot of people who are not withstanding the fact that things have gotten so much better for them economically that they are thinking,
The American Trucker Convoy Is a Really
Bad Idea
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Posted by Dreadnought 2/28/2022 12:04:28 AM Post Reply
Sometimes an opinion pops into my head that I know probably isn’t going to go over very well with some of the readers here at RedState, but hey, what kind of writer would I be if I was that easily swayed? So, if you disagree with what I’m about to say, live and let die on this one, and our minds will meet back up on the next one. And on that note, the American trucker convoy headed toward Washington, D.C., to disrupt Joe Biden’s State of the Union address is a really bad idea. I know, I know, but hear me out. No doubt, I was a strong supporter of the Freedom Convoy in Canada.
George Soros: U.S. Must ‘Do Whatever’
Possible to Back Ukraine Against Russia
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Posted by Ribicon 2/27/2022 7:03:45 PM Post Reply
Billionaire Democrat megadonor George Soros says the United States, and other transatlantic nations, must “do whatever is in their power” to back Ukraine against Russia in the ongoing conflict overseas. After Russia first invaded Ukraine on February 24, Soros says the U.S. and its allies ought to have as much involvement in the conflict as possible even as Americans overwhelmingly oppose U.S. involvement. “I have witnessed Ukraine transform from a collapsing part of the Soviet Union to a liberal democracy and an open society,” Soros wrote in a series of statements online. “It is important that both the transatlantic alliance (the United States, Canada, the European Union, and the United
EXCLUSIVE: UPenn, Philly DA ignore complaints
about Lia Thomas's male nudity in women's
locker room
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Posted by Amanoftwistsandturns 2/27/2022 1:10:02 PM Post Reply
Imagine you are a parent to a female college student-athlete. Now, imagine, what would you do if your daughter told you that someone who was a man and still had male genitalia was frequently naked in front of your daughter every day after practice. How would you feel as a parent?
Amy Klobuchar Says Its 'Offensive' for
Republicans to Criticize Biden's SCOTUS
Pick as 'Far-Left'
34 replies
Posted by Imright 2/27/2022 10:01:33 PM Post Reply
Democratic Sen. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota said Sunday that she finds it "offensive" for Republicans to call President Joe Biden's Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson "far-left."After "Fox News Sunday" guest host Harris Faulkner pointed out that some Republicans have taken issue with the Supreme Court pick for being "far-left," noting attorney Jonathan Turley saying recently that "this is a political deliverable, a good one for President Biden" because the other potential nominees were not as far-left, Klobuchar said the ideological term is "offensive" to her.
Senator Dianne Feinstein Husband, Richard
Blum, Dead at 86
32 replies
Posted by Imright 2/28/2022 12:49:13 PM Post Reply
Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein on Monday announced her husband of more than 40 years, Richard Blum, died of lung cancer at the age of 86.“My heart is broken today. My husband was my partner and best friend for more than 40 years. He was by my side for the good times and for the challenges. I am going to miss him terribly,” Feinstein, 88, said in a statement.“Dick was incredibly devoted to his family, particularly his daughters and his grandchildren, and my heart is with them and everyone who Dick encountered.
1619 founder Nikole Hannah-Jones blasts
media for 'insidious racism' and claims
they only care about 'Europeans with blond
hair and blue eyes' after heavy coverage
of Ukraine compared to other conflicts
31 replies
Posted by Ribicon 2/27/2022 8:44:50 PM Post Reply
The left-wing New York Times reporter and creator of the controversial 1619 Project accused the media of depicting 'insidious racism' in its heavy coverage of Russia's invasion of Ukraine—compared to other conflicts—and accused some journalists only have concern for 'Europeans with blond hair and blue eyes.' 'Every journalist covering Ukraine should really, really look internally. This is why I say we should stop pretending we have objectivity and in instead acknowledge our biases so that we can report against them. Many of us see the racialized analysis and language,' Nikole Hannah-Jones tweeted Sunday. Hannah-Jones, whose 1619 Project initiative aims to reframe American history by placing
Democrats are using the 14th Amendment
to threaten Republican candidates
27 replies
Posted by ladydawgfan 2/27/2022 5:26:03 AM Post Reply
As the midterm 2022 elections approach, the expectation is that, with thirty Democrat House retirements and the continued unraveling of the Biden Administration, the Dems are about to experience historic losses in both the House and Senate. However, the evil geniuses within the Democrat party have identified the Fourteenth Amendment as a vehicle to thwart Republican dreams of achieving a massive political realignment. Therefore, it may be shortsighted to count the one-time party of Jefferson as down-and-out until the last glimmering frenzy has been extinguished. In 1868, the Fourteenth Amendment was amended to add Section 3, also known as the Disqualification Clause.
Stephanopoulos Pleads With Cotton to Denounce
Trump for Saying 'Putin Is Smart' and
'America Is Stupid'
26 replies
Posted by AmericaFirstAlways 2/28/2022 8:50:26 AM Post Reply
While I have no way of knowing — or giving a damn — if ABC “This Week” host George Stephanopoulos woke up on the wrong side of the bed Sunday morning, I do know that by the time he got to the studio, he was ready to do battle with Arkansas Republican Senator Tom Cotton over his favorite target: Donald Trump. Unfortunately for Stephy, Cotton was more than ready to dismiss him and his stage four TDS nonsense. As reported by NewsBusters, Stephanopoulos did his damnedest to frame Putin as an egomaniacal dictator
Jen Psaki's Preview of What to Expect
at Biden's SOTU Shows How Delusional This
Administration Is
26 replies
Posted by Imright 2/27/2022 9:56:17 PM Post Reply
White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki made an appearance on ABC's "This Week," where she offered a preview of what to expect from President Joe Biden's State of the Union address, to be delivered this Tuesday. (Tweet/Video) To close out her segment, host George Stephanopoulos brought up a stark reality that Biden is facing right now. "Finally, the president is approaching his State of the Union in a pretty difficult political position right now, 37 percent approval rating, Democrats trailing badly in the midterm polling. A majority in our recent poll out this morning even question the president's mental capacity," Stephanopoulos mentioned,
I’m Having a Problem Using “President”
In Front Of “Biden”
25 replies
Posted by Rush Was Right 2/28/2022 8:58:02 AM Post Reply
I’m having a problem using the president’s formal title and name together. It’s not a matter of Republican disrespect for a Democrat. I referred to both Barack Obama and Bill Clinton by their presidential titles. It’s a matter of legitimacy. Over half of all Americans now believe that fraud affected the outcome of the last Presidential election. The Arizona election audit didn’t prove that the Donald won, as many hoped. But it did prove that we don’t really know who won that state. Given the election shenanigans around the country in November 2020, there is certainly justification to question the outcome.
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