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Brian Laundrie’s full autopsy released
with gruesome new details

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Posted By: Hazymac, 2/15/2022 4:40:16 PM

Grisly new details emerged Monday in the death of Brian Laundrie, including that his scattered bones had been gnawed on by rodents and feral dogs after his death. Laundrie, 23, died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head that caused extensive fractures in his skull, according to a newly released report by a Florida medical examiner’s office. The single bullet entered his brain at the left temple and exited through the right, traveling slightly upward, said the full autopsy and forensic report. Authorities recovered “the vast majority of [his] skeleton” — aside from a few bones from his teeth and his face — scattered “in plain sight,” they said.


They all got some. Alas, poor Yorick.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: john56 2/15/2022 4:52:29 PM (No. 1072924)
I hope none of the animals got sick from chewing on this vermin.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: rocket-j-squirrel 2/15/2022 4:52:41 PM (No. 1072926)
At least his death was worthwhile to the flora and fauna of the area. /s
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Reply 3 - Posted by: ussjimmycarter 2/15/2022 4:54:41 PM (No. 1072929)
I have to admit, he must have been a crack shot if he even got close to his brain!
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Reply 4 - Posted by: red1066 2/15/2022 4:56:44 PM (No. 1072930)
Brian Laundrie isn't the only thing that's dead. I understand the Drudge Report has bit the dust as well.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: earlybird 2/15/2022 5:02:18 PM (No. 1072933)
Laundrie set himself up to be charged with Gabby’s murder. Took her (not their) van back to Florida alone, used her debit card fo $1000 purchases along the way. Went about his life with his parents and family in FL for a while. At some point the realization hit him that he was going to be confined for a long time or executed. His parents were complicit all the way. May even have encouraged his suicide. Odd bunch.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: Ribicon 2/15/2022 5:03:22 PM (No. 1072934)
Brian Laundrie (brain wash) and Gabby Petito (small talk). These two misadventurers pushed a lot of other things off the front pages for a while.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: Omen55 2/15/2022 5:20:50 PM (No. 1072957)
Now that's back to Nature.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: jhpeters2 2/15/2022 5:22:39 PM (No. 1072959)
Eaten by the dogs? I seem to remember some Jezebel who had that done to her too.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: GoodDeal 2/15/2022 5:56:37 PM (No. 1072992)
Took the cowards way out. We can be sure that this murdering suicide punk won't be in Heaven. Let the dogs and birds of the air eat his rotten carcass.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: Birddog 2/15/2022 6:27:20 PM (No. 1073015)
His parents wouldn't tell the cops where to look, didn't tell them he took the gun...even when they were told his car was parked out there, they went and got it, didn't tell cops. Everyone claimed it was under water...dogs, coyotes, raccoons and rats don't eat under water. There were also animal remains at the secondary site..what KIND of animal, how did IT die? Had he taken someones pet out there and killed it sometime before?
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Reply 11 - Posted by: Lawsy0 2/15/2022 6:51:32 PM (No. 1073027)
Apparently, the murderer was a good shot!
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Reply 12 - Posted by: GirlwithaCurl 2/15/2022 10:09:59 PM (No. 1073143)
Dingo got his carcass.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: Kumoan 2/15/2022 10:42:58 PM (No. 1073158)
Maybe they will find little dicktator Turdo there in a few weeks. For all we know, his hidey-hole [from those big, bad truckers with their wives and children] is just down the street.
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Brian Laundrie’s full autopsy released
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Grisly new details emerged Monday in the death of Brian Laundrie, including that his scattered bones had been gnawed on by rodents and feral dogs after his death. Laundrie, 23, died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head that caused extensive fractures in his skull, according to a newly released report by a Florida medical examiner’s office. The single bullet entered his brain at the left temple and exited through the right, traveling slightly upward, said the full autopsy and forensic report. Authorities recovered “the vast majority of [his] skeleton” — aside from a few bones from his teeth and his face — scattered “in plain sight,” they said.
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Laundrie's final autopsy released, shows
his body was eaten by animals in reserve
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Posted by Hazymac 2/14/2022 6:49:43 PM Post Reply
The final autopsy report in the death of Brian Laundrie was released Monday. Laundrie was the sole suspect in the death of his fiancé, Blue Point native Gabby Petito. Laundrie autopsy report The report from the Sarasota Medical Examiner's office says Laundrie died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. Retired NYPD Lt. Command Detective Ralph Cilento says it's noteworthy that Laundrie, a right-handed man, shot himself with his left hand. The adjunct professor of police science at John Jay College says, however, it does not necessary suggest anything. Authorities found Laundrie's remains in a Florida nature reserve. Officials say the area had previously been under 3 feet of water, which caused
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The Biden administration is planning to throw Americans’ tax dollars at the Taliban without knowing how the money will be used, according to a watchdog group. “The Biden administration has laid out plans through the U.S. Treasury to open up the U.S. taxpayer dollars spigot back into Afghanistan,” Adam Andrzejewski of the group Open The Books said in a video on the organization’s website. “We run the risk of funding the world’s most dangerous foreign terrorist organization if we open up the U.S. taxpayer spigot through the Department of Treasury,” he said. On Friday, President Joe Biden signed an executive order that freed up $7 billion in funds that
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From the perspective of freedom-loving citizens in this country, the trucker convoys and blockades protesting mask and vaccine mandates are a stirring spectacle of patriotism, civic responsibility, and true grit. They represent the offset to heavy-handed and arrogant government that is using everything in its power to suppress their efforts: threats, fines, police coercion, theft of property, and the manifestly illegal sequestering of funds donated to the truckers by private individuals. A conflict of this nature is often framed as the state versus the nation, the authorities versus the people. Whether it applies to the current situation, as we will see, is problematic.
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Wants You To See After He Invoked The
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Justin Trudeau (who is definitely not Fidel Castro’s son!) cannot explain the legal basis for invoking the Emergencies Act, but he’s got his finance minister out there announcing that banks can freeze your account without a court order anyway if you donate to the truckers. After Trudeau authorized the Canadian government’s use of the Emergencies Act, giving the government much broader powers to deal with anti-vaccine mandate protests in his country, it might be useful to recall that in 2013, asked what country he most admired besides Canada, he selected communist China, even while admitting they had a “basic dictatorship.”
Ex-RNC head says party will regret censuring
Cheney and Kinzinger and describing 'incendiary'
Jan 6 language as 'legitimate political
discourse' because it will damage GOP
chances in midterms
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Posted by Imright 2/16/2022 12:16:15 AM Post Reply
Former Republican National Committee Chair Marc Racicot wrote an open letter to RNC Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel saying that the party may come to regret the censure of GOP Reps. Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger. Racicot, a former Republican governor of Montana, published the letter Sunday in the Billings Gazette, and advised McDaniel to withdraw and dismiss the censure resolution, which was passed by RNC members earlier htis month during the party's winter meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah. 'I must confess, it is difficult to even know where to begin,' wrote Racicot, who ran the party from 2002 to 2003, calling it a 'sad day, indeed.'
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Transgender athlete Lia Thomas heads into the Ivy League women’s swimming championship as the favorite in three events—and the second seed in a fourth race—as the meet begins Wednesday in Boston amid a national debate over fairness and inclusion in women’s sports. The University of Pennsylvania senior secured the No. 1 seed in the 200-, 500- and 1,650-yard freestyle, and the second seed in the 100-yard freestyle. She also is expected to participate in relay events at the end-of-season meet hosted by Harvard University at Blodgett Pool. Thomas dominated the freestyle events in her first year on the women’s team after swimming for three years
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President Joe Biden on Tuesday said he put a "dead dog" on the doorstep of a woman with different political beliefs while he served on a county council. "And I represented a middle-class district to a working-class district, but there was one very wealthy neighborhood," he told the National Association of Counties conference in an introduction to the dog story. Biden served on the New Castle County Council in Deleware for two years in the early 1970s. "I got a call one night; the woman said to me — obviously not of the same persuasion as I was, politically — called me and said, 'There’s a dead dog on my lawn.'"
Banned airline passenger spits at cop,
defecates in patrol car after fleeing
on motorized suitcase
28 replies
Posted by Ribicon 2/16/2022 9:59:19 AM Post Reply
A woman barred from boarding a flight to the Big Apple because she appeared drunk led police on a wild chase on her motorized suitcase–before allegedly spitting at a cop and defecating in a patrol car, according to a report. Chelsea Alston, 32, is seen on the bizarre pursuit in a newly-released body cam video at Orlando International Airport, where she planned to board a Southwest Airlines flight in April 2021, WKMG reported. But a gate agent told her she appeared too intoxicated and refused to allow her to take the flight, according to the outlet, which cited court records. “I don’t want no beef.
Biden says he put a dead dog on a Republican
woman's doorstep while serving as a Delaware
county official and promises to 'work
like the devil' to bring down gas prices
in National Association of Counties speech
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President Joe Biden reminisced about his time spent serving on the New Castle County Council during an address at the National Association of Counties Legislative Conference on Tuesday. Biden told the crowd gathered at the Washington Hilton that, 'I know from personal experience how hard the job you have is.' He recalled how he represented a middle class to working class district, with 'one very wealthy neighborhood' within its confines. 'And I got a call one night, a woman said to me - obviously not of the same persuasion as I was politically - call me and say, "there's a dead dog on my lawn,"
Prince Andrew settles with female accuser
in Epstein-related sexual abuse suit
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Posted by Beardo 2/15/2022 12:29:40 PM Post Reply
Prince Andrew has reached a legal agreement that include(s) an undisclosed settle(ment) with a woman who has accused him in court of sexually abusing her as a teen, according to news reports Tuesday. The settlement with plaintiff Virginia Giuffre will reportedly lead to a dismissal in the case being brought in Manhattan federal court. Giuffre and Andrew will file a stipulation to dismiss the case inside of the next month, according to court papers filed on Tuesday. An unsigned letter included in the settlement filing acknowledged Giuffre has suffered for years as a result of being trafficked by the late Jeffrey Epstein, with whom Andrew consorted for years.
Tech executive fires back at John Durham 26 replies
Posted by Imright 2/15/2022 4:08:42 AM Post Reply
A technology expert shot back at special counsel John Durham in response to claims that he "exploited" access to internet traffic to build a narrative of collusion between former President Donald Trump's 2016 campaign and Russia.As Trump and his allies argue that Durham has found a "far bigger crime" than what happened in the Watergate scandal, “Technology Executive-1," known to be former Neustar Senior Vice President Rodney Joffe, issued a statement via a representative to combat the "allegations" made in the special counsel's recent court filing.
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