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Savor the Democrats’ Humiliation

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Posted By: Judy W., 1/25/2022 5:36:16 AM

There’s no sense in pretending that we don’t take pleasure in the total failure of our Marxist-curious party of the left. Through a combination of outright fraud, procedural irregularities, plus the total support of the garbage establishment and its failed institutions, the Democrats took power by the thinnest of margins and have proceeded to fail on a level comparable to Heaven’s Gate, New Coke, and the Weekly Standard. There’s no shame in enjoying their total rejection by all decent Americans. In fact, you should enjoy it without hesitation or mercy, especially since it means more than just us cons getting our jollies.


This is great fun to read, but I wish I could be as confident as he is that the Dems will just accept their humiliation. If they can’t hold power legally I am afraid they will use some other path to hold it. I’m delighted that most Americans now seem to despise them, but I’m not counting our chickens before they’re hatched.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: lakerman1 1/25/2022 5:57:41 AM (No. 1049968)
Take a look at the photo of Biden, at the top of the article. There is something about dementia that causes a disconnect between brain and facial expressions. We saw that with my late best friend, who took on more and more weird facial expressions as his condition worsened. I am seeing the same thing with Biden. Even the different parts of his face are in conflict. Dementia Jo's handlers can, to some degree, control some of what he says, but they cannot do anything about the facial expressions. We are in for a rough ride.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: F15 Gork 1/25/2022 6:20:04 AM (No. 1049979)
The good news, if there is any, is that the Dems can’t change course and will continue to double down on stupid. Even the people who pay attention to nothing will sooner or later realize what their vote for Brandon has given us.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: pros7767 1/25/2022 6:30:13 AM (No. 1049984)
I'm hoping that the upside to this is that all those 20-30 year old wokesters are going to see first hand what socialism brings and finally open their eyes to reality.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: andyboy 1/25/2022 7:44:45 AM (No. 1050048)
Great piece by the always-entertaining, always insightful Schlichter and a reminder that it is always darkest before the dawn. We suffered through Carter and got Reagan. We suffered through Obama and got Trump. We are now suffering through Biden and will soon get something very good indeed.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: homefry 1/25/2022 7:44:59 AM (No. 1050049)
I love it! Any time that dim-0s are humiliated, is a good time for America.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: Echohawk 1/25/2022 7:49:45 AM (No. 1050058)
This is a fun, must read.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: WhamDBambam 1/25/2022 8:05:14 AM (No. 1050078)
I am not interested in humiliation, I want utter, crushing defeat, with the ground salted afterwards.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: montwoodcliff 1/25/2022 8:27:47 AM (No. 1050114)
Schlicter asks what will Republicans do once in power, go for the kill or reach across the aisle. Here’s a word of warning; in New Jersey many moons ago (a little Indian lingo I had to throw in) there was a governor by the name of Flim-Flam Florio, who raised taxes after he promised not to. As a result, the General Assembly and Senate became veto-proof Republican. And what did these Republicans do? They went squishy, and it wasn’t long before the Democrats were back. After Florio, Trump hater Christy Whitman came in, and even after cutting taxes as promised, appointed a liberal woman as Chief Justice to the State Supreme Court. So pay attention to the person you vote for in the primary. As Schlicter said, it's a blood sport.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: Rinktum 1/25/2022 8:28:56 AM (No. 1050117)
I hear you #7. It does sound harsh but it also sounds like nothing but what they deserve. They have cost actual American lives simply because they are more interested in their globalist agenda than they are the people who are suffering because of it. I also want every media talking head that perpetrated nothing but lies to support this awful administration to never be able to walk outside without being reminded what charlatans they are. I don’t want democrats to have a moment’s peace. When you undertake to steal what you cannot win and then enact blatantly anti-American policies to feed some godless desire in your soul to control the rest of us, I want you to feel the pain. I want them to go to jail for the crimes they have committed regardless who they are, even Republicans who are caught up in making themselves rich at the expense of obeying our laws. Most of all, I want them to know that they will not ever be considered for political office. Bottom line, I want them to pay and pay dearly for what they have done to this Republic.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: john56 1/25/2022 9:33:11 AM (No. 1050179)
I believe our friend Kurt may be on to something here, but I'm going to play the skunk at this garden party for a moment. Never in my life have I seen the gross and public misuse of the rights and liberty of those who oppose the current Regime. Never have I see the blatant and public misuse of the ballot box. Never have I seen the willing ascent support of what is supposed to be a free and independent press. I have no doubt that those in power will not continue to use that power to keep "the people" from the free excercise of their rights as given to us by our Creator and through the US Constitution. Normally, I'd say that we tend to rock back and forth politically. There have been several times on my various journeys around the sun when I have read that the past election was the death knell for the Republican OR Democrat party. And somehow, often within 2 to 4 years of that dire warning, that party rises from the grave like Lazarus. And I expect it will happen a couple more times before my ride around the sun comes to an end.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: Strike3 1/25/2022 9:41:50 AM (No. 1050191)
Oh good, I was hoping that my Christian standing would not be damaged every time I laugh when Joe falls into the pile of Schiff that he has created for himself and causes Raggedy Ann and half of his administration to apologize and "clear up" everything he says and does. It's only fitting that a stolen election would result in complete failure. America is tough, we will recover.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: Leathernuts 1/25/2022 9:58:05 AM (No. 1050220)
Bravo #9, but I would change one word, "especially the Republicans need to go to jail" for getting rich on our backs
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Reply 13 - Posted by: Lucky5 1/25/2022 10:27:15 AM (No. 1050248)
The stock market is doing horrible and that always affects the dumb ones. Blame Biden for everything bad, just like they did to President Trump.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: Gordon Mills 1/25/2022 10:39:40 AM (No. 1050259)
Nonsense. Once the left was successfully able to steal the last Presidential election there is no stopping them now.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: Hugh Akston 1/25/2022 10:46:50 AM (No. 1050268)
I'm with #7,9 - Severe consequences. Loss of freedom, loss of assets, and in some cases, loss of life. There are waaaay more than 2 that deserve option #3.
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Reply 16 - Posted by: Highlander 1/25/2022 11:50:45 AM (No. 1050384)
Remember the term, “My esteemed colleague across the isle?” No more of that crappola!
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Reply 17 - Posted by: mc squared 1/25/2022 12:17:44 PM (No. 1050421)
A half-empty guy here. The Commiecrats aren't going away after waiting for decades. I expect all hell in the next 2 elections. Lawsuits, re-re-counts, more looting and fires,and maybe National Guard. They have nothing to lose.
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Reply 18 - Posted by: Kumoan 1/25/2022 1:58:18 PM (No. 1050534)
I am not interested in humiliation, I want utter, crushing defeat, with their wounds salted afterwards.
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Reply 19 - Posted by: doctorfixit 1/26/2022 12:49:43 AM (No. 1050989)
The left are sociopaths, and unfortunately for us, sociopaths are incapable of feeling humiliation, shame, or guilt. No matter how horrible their behavior is, it's always someone else's fault. Sociopaths are incapable of accepting responsibility for their actions. They cannot be "cured". The only solution is to isolate them and remove them. Permanently. So you can't savor their humiliation, because they aren't humiliated. All you can do is get as far away from them as you can.
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oe Biden and his Democrat allies wasted no time trying to make political hay out of a bridge collapse in Pittsburgh, a city Biden had just arrived in to discuss his infrastructure bill: The collapse happened just hours before President Biden traveled to the area to speak at a previously scheduled event about the $1 trillion infrastructure bill he signed into law last year. "We have been so far behind on infrastructure for so many years it's just mind-boggling," Mr. Biden told a group of elected officials and first responders during a visit to the collapse site. "...We used to be number one in the world."
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T-Mobile US Inc. will fire corporate employees who are not fully vaccinated against Covid-19 by April 2, according to a memo to staff obtained by Bloomberg News. In the email to U.S. employees, the wireless carrier’s human resources chief also said that office employees who haven’t received the first dose of a vaccine by Feb. 21 will be placed on unpaid leave. The policy applies to all employees who need “regular or occasional” access to T-Mobile’s offices, which the company says includes almost all staff.(Snip)The vaccine rules and decision to terminate unvaccinated employees won’t apply to field technicians and most in-store retail roles,
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