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Why are COVID Cases Spiking? Again…

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Posted By: Magnante, 11/15/2021 3:43:25 AM

Watching the news, one sees constant stories about COVID numbers rising, yet again, now almost two years into this pandemic, with COVID hospitalizations in some states higher than they have ever been except for the spike last December. In my state of Colorado, the test positivity rate is almost 10 percent, with 1 in 48 infected and if the current trend continues, this will be the worst COVID spike the state has seen. On the surface, that doesn’t make sense, since nearly 80 percent of eligible Coloradans have received at least one vaccine dose, suggesting the vaccines are not working as well as they should or as advertised

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Reply 1 - Posted by: coldoc 11/15/2021 4:29:32 AM (No. 977874)
Too many vaccinated "super spreaders".
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Reply 2 - Posted by: HisHandmaiden 11/15/2021 4:56:40 AM (No. 977886)
Interesting article… A word to the wise here, friend got her shot booster and I tested positive five days later at local outpatient express care, though no symptoms. Thankfully, busy monoclonal infusion site nearby, got an appointment and after a 45-min drip, and a few days rest was fine. Godspeed fellow Patriots.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: Rinktum 11/15/2021 5:00:27 AM (No. 977889)
How about using some drug therapies that have been pooh-poohed by the government’s vaccine Nazi’s? I would be more inclined to use these drugs having seen that they have worked very well in countries that have used them. My opinion is that democrats want this crisis to continue so they can advocate for Mail-in voting which is their chosen vehicle for election theft. Sounds absurd to normal people but democrats, as we have well seen, are not normal. They have no conscience when it comes to getting what they want. They will not allow a mere election to stop the agenda they have moving along at quite a fast pace. The easiest means to prevent a fair election is to use Covid to enable them to steal what they could not win. If democrats truly wanted this virus to end, they would have allowed physicians to prescribe drug therapies for their patients that were working in other countries. The worst part of this whole Covid crisis is that democrats have so politicized it, few people trust what they say. I don’t trust the NIH, CDC or any of the other agencies this administration presents as experts. Frankly, I do not trust this government in the least. They have lied, prevented dissenting opinions and data. Who knows what to believe?
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Reply 4 - Posted by: DCGIRL 11/15/2021 5:10:42 AM (No. 977894)
Cases vs deaths. Big difference. Since COVID is not a big killer, they want to set fear in people by the number of cases. This is very much like the flu. Let's move on.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: dickiedeeb 11/15/2021 5:44:07 AM (No. 977905)
Why? Shut up idiot Or do you just play one for Minitrue rope for all of you
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Reply 6 - Posted by: lakerman1 11/15/2021 6:03:08 AM (No. 977917)
I call it the Sabin Effect, honoring the work of Dr. Sabin and his oral polio vaccine, which spread polio in some settings.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: Toby Ten Bears 11/15/2021 6:25:06 AM (No. 977923)
Because that's how they want it... got a cold? = Covid. Got the flu? = Covid. Stub your toe? = Covid related... I'm tired of this sick game they are playing. Get jabbed and keep wearing those anxiety napkins... have you noticed it gets worse when you follow Mengele's (Fauci's) advice?
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Reply 8 - Posted by: planetgeo 11/15/2021 6:30:23 AM (No. 977930)
COVID is spiking again in the same way that "colds" spiked seasonally every dang year but there were no paranoid daily "case counts" needed to control all the sheep.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: dst4life 11/15/2021 6:42:03 AM (No. 977931)
#2, thanks for sharing. I hate to rain on your parade, but even monoclonal antibody infusion centers appear to be rife with discrimination and inconsistencies. I know of a place that gave an infusion to someone with no symptoms and who was FULLY VACCINATED. (Remember, Lindsey Graham told us that he was reinfected but that since he was fully vaccinated his symptoms would be less serious. So why is a fully vaccinated, asymptomatic person getting monoclonal antibodies? Am I missing something?) I tried to get a friend in for the same therapy who WAS symptomatic, was higher risk owing to a history of COPD, and who was declined. Everything is a crap show.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: 3XALADY 11/15/2021 6:44:55 AM (No. 977932)
OT but I recently saw a meme that said 'Unvaxxed semen will be the new Bitcoin.' I'm concerned about the blood supply also.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: Freedom1 11/15/2021 7:19:36 AM (No. 977963)
There have been several nurses coming forward, claiming vaccine injured patients in hospitals are being diagnosed as Covid positive and not reported to VAERS. Plus the vaccinated are testing positive for Covid in large numbers. Hospitals are reimbursed at much higher rates for a Covid diagnosis. Every American should have a stash of Ivermectin and/or HCQ, and use them at the first symptom of a virus or prophylactically. DON'T get tested unless they don't work. Our medical system is corrupt. The fact that hospitals are willing to let staff go if they won't accept the vaccine is very telling. They're making money on the diagnosis regardless, in my opinion. And take your vitamin D people!
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Reply 12 - Posted by: KayJayMac 11/15/2021 7:25:12 AM (No. 977964)
My guess at the positive testing rate is because, unlike at the beginning of this thing, asymptomatic people aren’t testing every day. My fully vaccinated brother is recovering from the virus right now. With the number of faxed people getting the virus, can herd immunity be far off? Viruses do what viruses do.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: Maggie2u 11/15/2021 7:36:34 AM (No. 977972)
Six years ago my husband had to have emergency open heart surgery. This was Thanksgiving week. That week-end the nurses were talking about that there were no ICU beds on the 1-5 corrider in washington between the Canadian border and the Oregon border. So this sounds like it's not unusual
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Reply 14 - Posted by: homefry 11/15/2021 8:00:47 AM (No. 977980)
ANOTHER election coming up.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: Clinger 11/15/2021 8:07:40 AM (No. 977985)
Oddly enough they are going up but not in Florida where they went up in the.....brace yourself.....hint summer weather. Now that most of the country is getting cold it's going up again but not Florida. Golly could it be that it goes up when we go inside?
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Reply 16 - Posted by: Chiritwo 11/15/2021 8:17:32 AM (No. 977990)
biden keeps the numbers up by sending covid infected illegals where they're needed. Very creepy of him. FL down - send in more illegals in the middle of the night. Why aren't the republicans connecting the dots as we are?
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Reply 17 - Posted by: Sorosisbehindit 11/15/2021 8:36:19 AM (No. 978008)
The vaccine is the Delta variant. Who knows what variant they loaded up in the booster.
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Reply 18 - Posted by: Laotzu 11/15/2021 8:37:35 AM (No. 978009)
Author is applying reason to a public health issue in the Age of Propaganda. It's like explaining electricity to your dog.
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Reply 19 - Posted by: bigfatslob 11/15/2021 9:06:10 AM (No. 978036)
A poster mentioned about 'blood supply'. I had a minor/complicated surgery three weeks ago before surgery I signed a one page document about agreeing or not for blood transfusion in pre-admission stage. When we got home I told my wife I wouldn't want blood from a person who received the jab, I panicked at the thought. This is something to consider now in surgery situations. Prior to two separate surgeries in a year I was tested a day before with the chop sticks in the nostrils both times it was negative. Carry on, stay safe and don't believe everything you hear like this article.
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Reply 20 - Posted by: LC Chihuahua 11/15/2021 9:13:18 AM (No. 978046)
Why is COVID spiking? The vaccine does not guarantee protection. Winter is coming, and summer is over. People are in closer proximity. Want to avoid COVID? Limit contact with people. Especially crowded venues. Live in a warmer climate.
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Reply 21 - Posted by: red1066 11/15/2021 9:32:41 AM (No. 978076)
Because the news that Covid cases were declining was becoming to wide spread. So new methods of creating new Covid cases out of thin air were needed. Perfect example was Rogers who was held out of playing football simply because he tested positive for Covid, but never had any symptoms of Covid. So they used a test that is at best fifty percent accurate to state he had Covid, and state he was Covid positive.
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Reply 22 - Posted by: czechlist 11/15/2021 9:43:02 AM (No. 978094)
who is accumulating and reporting the data? government agencies with agendas.
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Reply 23 - Posted by: Strike3 11/15/2021 9:53:28 AM (No. 978116)
Tests are faulty or deceitful, COVID cases are misdiagnosed. Would you like your government payoff in cash or by check?
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Reply 24 - Posted by: stablemoney 11/15/2021 10:00:22 AM (No. 978131)
The hospitals are being overrun because people put things off for 2 years and there is a huge backlog. And as the article points out, Biden and hospital administration has caused doctors, nurses, and support staffing to retire or resign, leaving them without staff.
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Reply 25 - Posted by: WV.Hillbilly 11/15/2021 10:43:02 AM (No. 978192)
I don't know how it it in the rest of the country, but I would assume it's pretty similar to the numbers the state of Ohio has been reporting for hospitalizations.There covid numbers are flat while non covid patients are increasing. It's interesting and surprising that these would be reported.
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Reply 26 - Posted by: MickTurn 11/15/2021 10:56:47 AM (No. 978217)
#1 has it...Super Spreaders are the Morons that fell for the LIE!
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Reply 27 - Posted by: Come And Take It 11/15/2021 11:00:18 AM (No. 978227)
People are starting to wriggle free from the iron boot of the controlvirus, so its time to crush the move towards freedom before it gets out of hand. Since we are getting close to what used to be flu season, what better time? Which variant are we up to this time? Or have all variants suddenly gone away again, and we are back to just calling it COVID?
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Reply 28 - Posted by: NamVet70 11/15/2021 11:19:41 AM (No. 978250)
Just a guess, but could the Covid infection rate be influenced by the number of illegals streaming across the wide open southern border and getting free transportation into cities throughout the USA? These people aren't getting tested on entry but they probably do get tested where they are released and also they probably spread the infection into the communities where they are seeded. This may be the intent of the Biden regime. The longer they can prolong this crisis the more they can exploit it for election fraud.
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Reply 29 - Posted by: columba 11/15/2021 11:27:06 AM (No. 978260)
Could it be that the people who compile the statistics are using Dominion machines?
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Reply 30 - Posted by: JimBob 11/15/2021 11:45:17 AM (No. 978281)
Gee, don't look now, but here in 'backward, unvaccinated' Mississippi, the 'regular' WuFlu peaked and died out, and now the so-called 'Delta variant' has also peaked and is rapidly dying away. Here's the graph:,21995,420,873.html
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Reply 31 - Posted by: Luke21 11/15/2021 11:47:51 AM (No. 978286)
Because it's flu season, and they count colds and flu as the coof.
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Reply 32 - Posted by: DVC 11/15/2021 1:10:29 PM (No. 978390)
Because the vaccine is a bust, does not prevent getting the disease, does not prevent spreading the disease, does not prevent hospitalization, does not prevent death from the disease. And the fools at CDC are still blocking the effective early outpatient treatment with HCQ or ivermectin and antibiotics. This is terrible, it is literally killing people.
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Reply 33 - Posted by: NYbob 11/15/2021 1:42:54 PM (No. 978426)
Encouraging open borders and then flying the illegals all around the country, gives us old diseases, new diseases, crime and parasites for life. Thanks blue wave morons.
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Reply 34 - Posted by: udanja99 11/15/2021 7:23:05 PM (No. 978725)
#19, if you can schedule your surgery several weeks ahead of time, some hospitals will let you donate your own blood to be held for you in the case of needing a transfusion. Then, if you don’t need it, you can donate it to your local blood bank.
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Watching the news, one sees constant stories about COVID numbers rising, yet again, now almost two years into this pandemic, with COVID hospitalizations in some states higher than they have ever been except for the spike last December. In my state of Colorado, the test positivity rate is almost 10 percent, with 1 in 48 infected and if the current trend continues, this will be the worst COVID spike the state has seen. On the surface, that doesn’t make sense, since nearly 80 percent of eligible Coloradans have received at least one vaccine dose, suggesting the vaccines are not working as well as they should or as advertised
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Up until Friday, the Kyle Rittenhouse trial was very clear: Easily understood videos and witness testimony (including testimony from the prosecution witnesses) showed that Kyle, despite trying hard to avoid conflict, was attacked by a crazed child rapist, whom Kyle shot as the rapist was grabbing Kyle’s gun, at which point a mob went after Kyle. He then shot and killed a domestic abuser (snip) On Thursday, however, the court allowed prosecutors to enter into evidence a fuzzy photo from a late-produced drone, an image prosecutors argue shows Kyle “provoking” the attacks against him. Provocation destroys Kyle’s assertion that he acted in self-defense.
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What's up with Kamala Harris on her five-day official visit to France representing the United States of America? Seems she's up to this: Truly, what is wrong w this woman?! She’s mocking them as though her prep for this trip involved watching Pepe LePew cartoons. Kamala using a fake French accent to talk to French people. (snip) Which is pretty juvenile. Going to a foreign country and mocking the locals in their own accent is no way to make friends or project U.S. influence abroad. In fact, it's not something anyone with any manners at all would do, let alone jet into someone's country to do.
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Rittenhouse jury to begin deliberations
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The jury in the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse will retire to consider their verdict on Tuesday at 9am, as the city of Kenosha braced for protests ahead of the verdict.Rittenhouse, 18, is charged with first-degree intentional homicide and other counts for killing Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber and wounding Gaige Grosskreutz on August 25, 2020. On Tuesday deliberations will begin in the case that has stirred fierce debate in the U.S. over guns, vigilantism and law and order.The jury has not been sequestered. (Photos) Eighteen jurors have been hearing the case; the 12 who will decide Rittenhouse's fate and the six who will be designated alternates will be
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The otherization of unvaccinated people
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Posted by Magnante 11/16/2021 4:35:10 AM Post Reply
In America, a medical ethicist says it’s fine for primary care practitioners to refuse to treat unvaccinated people. In France, older people who don’t get their boosters will be denied access to amenities. And in Austria, unvaccinated people will be confined to house arrest. For a disease with a minimal mortality rate for healthy people under 60, the race to otherize them continues unabated. (snip)You’d think all the rules that applied to AIDS would apply here: Doctors must take all comers, nobody gets judged for being sick, and a patient’s health status is private. But no.
RNC chair apologizes to committee members
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Posted by Come And Take It 11/16/2021 7:44:21 AM Post Reply
Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel emailed an apology Monday evening to the GOP's 168 committee members, acknowledging she could have done a better job communicating a new initiative to recruit gay voters that upset some in the party's Christian evangelical base. McDaniel's email was sent a few hours after she tried to quell a rebellion inside her ranks, holding a conference call with RNC members that delivered talking points supporting the new GOP Pride coalition but refusing to take questions. She blamed the risk that news media members may have dialed into the call for skipping a Q&A.
University professor sparks fury after
claiming sexual attraction to children
isn't always immoral: Wants to destigmatize
pedophilia and use term Minor Attracted
Persons instead
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Posted by Ribicon 11/16/2021 11:18:34 AM Post Reply
A university professor has sparked outrage after claiming it is not immoral for adults to be sexually attracted to children and saying pedophiles should be called 'minor-attracted persons'. Allyn Walker, who teaches sociology and criminal justice at Old Dominion University in Virginia, has penned a controversial book attempting to destigmatize pedophilia titled A Long Dark Shadow: Minor-Attracted People and Their Pursuit of Dignity.(Snip)'. Walker, who is transgender and uses the pronouns they/them, had said in an online interview with the Prostasia Foundation, a child protection organization: 'A lot of people when they hear the term "pedophile", they automatically assume that it means a sex offender,
Iran releases footage of helicopter approaching
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Iranian media on Monday published video Monday purporting to show a military helicopter come within yards of the USS Essex, an amphibious assault ship sailing in the Gulf of Oman.The Pentagon accused Iran of "unsafe and unprofessional" conduct after the naval helicopter got within 25 yards of the Essex and circled the ship three times.(Tweet/Video) "Without getting into specifics, the crew of the Essex took the appropriate force protection measures they felt that they needed to, and they acted in accordance with international law," John Kirby, the Pentagon press secretary said. The incident occurred on Nov. 11. Kirby said there was no impact on the ship’s operations.
‘Detox’ routines won’t undo Covid
vaccine, experts tell anti-vaxxers
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Posted by Ribicon 11/16/2021 12:24:56 AM Post Reply
Medical experts are speaking out against Covid-19 vaccine “detoxes” that some inaccurately claim can remove the effects of vaccinations received under mandates and other public health rulings. In one TikTok video that has received hundreds of thousands of views, Carrie Madej, an osteopath based in Georgia, falsely claims a bath containing baking soda, epsom salts and the cleaning agent borax will “detox the vaxx” from anyone who has received a jab.(Snip)Angela Rasmussen, a virologist and adjunct professor at the University of Saskatchewan in Canada, told NBC News: “Once you’re injected, the lifesaving vaccination process has already begun. You can’t unring a bell. It’s just not physically possible.”
Kenosha Police Are Letting BLM Assault
People Right In Front Of The Courthouse
During Rittenhouse Trial (Videos)
23 replies
Posted by Black Conservative Voice 11/16/2021 4:12:52 PM Post Reply
The outcome of the state’s charges against Kyle Rittenhouse is now in the hands of the jury, and ahead of a possible verdict, authorities in Kenosha are asserting they are prepared. “The Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department and Kenosha Police Department understand and recognize the anxiety surrounding the Kyle Rittenhouse trial,” said a statement released Tuesday by the agencies. Authorities added that they currently have no reason to close roads, enact curfews or ask the community to modify daily routines.
The US city run by Muslim Americans 21 replies
Posted by FL_Absentee_Voter 11/16/2021 10:28:23 AM Post Reply
A walk down the main street in Hamtramck, Michigan, feels like a tour around the world. [snip] This month, the Midwestern city of 28,000 has reached a milestone. Hamtramck has elected an all-Muslim City Council and a Muslim mayor, becoming the first in the US to have a Muslim-American government. Once faced with discrimination, Muslim residents have become integral to this multicultural city, and now make up more than half its population.
Team Cheney Mocks Wyoming GOP Vote To
Stop Recognizing Her As Republican
20 replies
Posted by Imright 11/16/2021 12:26:34 PM Post Reply
The camp of Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) called the weekend move by the Wyoming Republican Party to no longer recognize her as a member of their party “laughable.”In a tight 31-29 vote on Saturday, the state’s Republican Central Committee’s decision is mostly symbolic as it will not strip away any power from the lawmaker. Still, Cheney is up for re-election next year, and the vote reinforces the party’s disapproval of Cheney. But Cheney spokesman Jeremy Adler said in a statement that it is “laughable to suggest Liz is anything but a committed conservative Republican,” according to CBS News.
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