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Report, CDC Expected To Announce Tomorrow
That COVID Vaccines Don’t Work on Delta Variant – Hence,
White House Credits Trump With Vaccine Today

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Posted By: Ruhn, 7/30/2021 5:36:38 AM

The White House would never credit Donald Trump with the vaccine rollout unless there was something negative about the vaccine that is going to hit the newswires; that is a no-brainer. That baseline is why CTH said two months ago to watch for the moment when the White House credits Trump with the vaccine, because that’s the moment when: (1) the vaccine was going to be identified as dangerous; and/or (2) reports would show the vaccine did not work. Today the White House credited President Trump with the vaccine:….And right on cue, the late-evening reporting indicates that tomorrow the CDC will announce the vaccine doesn’t work (against the Delta variant).


Just endorse Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine as a preventative/treatment and move on. Instead, this erratic, lying, and schizophrenic man and administration deflects blame and doubles down on lock-downs and masks (which cause more harm than good).

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Reply 1 - Posted by: SweetPea3 7/30/2021 5:55:30 AM (No. 861905)
Read an article posted here yesterday that a third shot IS effective. Deja vu all over again.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: jalo1951 7/30/2021 6:03:41 AM (No. 861914)
The dems are praying for another lockdown which will give them total control again. They are the special elite and they look upon us as cattle. So much info, not enough info, contradicting info, opinions vs facts, fudge the numbers push the covid porn. If you want the shot get one, if not don't, if you want to wear a mask wear one, if not don't. Personal responsibility should be in our hands and not the hands of biden and the self appointed elite. But then again I have recently been told that the term "personal responsibility" is racist. Since covid is here to stay lets get to working on medications that can be used to treat the disease successfully.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: chumley 7/30/2021 6:20:20 AM (No. 861918)
Fool me once...
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Reply 4 - Posted by: F15 Gork 7/30/2021 6:22:08 AM (No. 861920)
Our government has become a thief and a liar.......believe them at your own risk.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: Califedup 7/30/2021 6:44:03 AM (No. 861928)
The communist death democrats know that the American Giant (We the People) is now rapidly awakening to the fact that the Chinese Wuhan Bioweapon Flu is no worse than a bad flu, indeed now the corrupt CDC is starting to admit that the testing kits for Covid were flawed identifying positive from negative and also could not tell Covid from the regular annual flu virus. The communist death democrats used this bioweapon to stage an election coup and their subsequent attempts to impose a communist dictatorship over our Republic is failing and so not being very bright or creative they are once again trying to use the Chinese Wuhan Bioweapon virus to crush us once and for all with the usual scare tactics aided, of course, by their propaganda media. Everywhere I go, people are openly stating (finally) that they are not going to mask up or meekly submit to another lock down. They are done forever with masks and lockdowns. One question that has never been asked throughout this phony pandemic is did the Communist Death Democrats collude with the Chinese Communist in advance in planning on the release and spread of the Wuhan bioweapon and it's use to impose the totally unconstitutional lock downs? Another question needing to be asked is how come none of the very high at risk ancient Communist Death Democrat leadership like Pelosi, Schumer, Hoyer, Waters etc. never got the Chinese Wuhan Bioweapon and either have become gravely ill or die from it? Remember there was no vaccine during the worst part of the phony pandemic and yet they miraculously kept working to destroy us without missing a beat. Run away inflation is their next attempt to enslave us and strip us of our hard earned wealth. The communist death democrats must be destroyed. Free America!
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Reply 6 - Posted by: singermom9 7/30/2021 6:49:35 AM (No. 861931)
##5 I do not believe that ANY of the dems actually got "the shot". They all got saline.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: BarryNo 7/30/2021 7:16:38 AM (No. 861945)
I think ALL of these 'variants' were predesigned. I think the plan was in place before the last election to release these as earlier varients diminished in newsworthiness. The object is to force everyone to depend on, and fear resisting government edicts. And yes, there is a more lethal varient out there, on hold, to be released on any population who successfully resists this tyranny.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: GO3 7/30/2021 7:30:59 AM (No. 861952)
#2, sad to say I see too many people who act like cattle, so why shouldn't our betters treat them as such?
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Reply 9 - Posted by: Krause 7/30/2021 7:31:19 AM (No. 861953)
The left acts like Trump 'created' the vaccines. He only expedited it's creation. They have to play whiney politics every chance they get. It's so tiresome, and really unbecoming of democrats.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: Nimby 7/30/2021 7:35:52 AM (No. 861959)
Based on what? The faulty unpublished study that used Astrazeneca vaccine?
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Reply 11 - Posted by: montwoodcliff 7/30/2021 7:52:03 AM (No. 861968)
What do Pfizer and Moderna have to say before we jump to conclusions.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: Daisymay 7/30/2021 7:58:08 AM (No. 861969)
I think the fact that 91% of those folks hospitalized with Covid in Florida are Unvaccinated, says that YES, being Vaccinated does work! So take your Dog and Pony Show somewhere where people are going to buy it. Maybe try it out in D.C. They seem to be pretty stupid there!
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Reply 13 - Posted by: DogFacedPonySoldier 7/30/2021 8:03:58 AM (No. 861974)
#11. Why do commercial enterprises whose motivation is money get to decide "the science" without proper testing.?
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Reply 14 - Posted by: LC Chihuahua 7/30/2021 8:36:06 AM (No. 862013)
A new variant. A new strain. A new bug. A new hot spot. A spike in cases. It will never end. They will always be able to cook up something new, and the media will report on it. Are you scared? You should be. You are on Scare Tactics. This is all about control. The peasants are revolting (in every sense of the word), and the government must control them. Heaven forbid they elect Donald Trump (or somebody like him) again. Meanwhile, the people doing this to us are lining their pockets while everyone else is losing their shirt.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: skacmar 7/30/2021 8:44:21 AM (No. 862023)
Watch vaccine rates drop to near zero if this is announced. They would be shooting themselves in the foot if this occurs and nobody would ever believe another word they said.
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Reply 16 - Posted by: udanja99 7/30/2021 8:52:10 AM (No. 862031)
Old course they don’t work! Anyone who has paid attention to virologists and immunologists from all over the world for the last 8 months already knew that this would happen. The “vaccine” will only work on the original virus and will block one’s immune system from attacking any new variant. Hence the need for booster after booster after booster. I’m in the higher risk age group but I’m healthy as can be with no comorbitities. I’d rather take my chance with the virus than anything the leftist government is pushing so hard.
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Reply 17 - Posted by: Kate318 7/30/2021 9:02:50 AM (No. 862042)
#16 speaks for me. I might add that those claiming unusually high numbers of unvaxxed in hospitals should know that, in many hospitals, the vaxxed are not being tested. So, there’s that. Add, false positives into the mix, along with financial incentives and ideological/political motivations, and you have a recipe for a typical narrative from the left, dividing people into groups pitted against one another.
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Reply 18 - Posted by: MickTurn 7/30/2021 9:14:25 AM (No. 862063)
Delta Ja Vu, coming to your's weak and sickly. Everyone that died from it was already dead before crooked government officials put them on the Delta List...Up Yours Xiden!
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Reply 19 - Posted by: edgar 7/30/2021 9:14:48 AM (No. 862064)
DJT solved for the virus when in office. joe took the handoff and fumbled. There is not a problem that joe and kamala cannot exacerbate.
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Reply 20 - Posted by: Christine5 7/30/2021 9:55:54 AM (No. 862131)
And yet our government allows infected illegal immigrants to cross our border and ships them around the country to infect others. Is anyone asking how many of the unvaccinated hospitalized covid patients are illegals?
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Reply 21 - Posted by: DogFacedPonySoldier 7/30/2021 9:58:31 AM (No. 862135)
#19... and still we don't "know" where the virus came from. Which lab or labs, which country or countries, collaborated in creating the virus and allowed it to escape or prevented it from escaping or released it on humanity. Fauci knows.
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Reply 22 - Posted by: bad-hair 7/30/2021 10:07:29 AM (No. 862145)
Statistics is the shortest distance between an unwarranted assumption and a foregone conclusion. Article states that 70% of the population is vaxxed and 70% of hospitalized are vaxxed. Wrong statistic. that could be 10 people hospitalized 7 of whom are vaxxed where total vaccinations are 160 MILLION. What % are total hospitalizations of total population compared to pre vaccine times. Miniscule . Vax works.
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Reply 23 - Posted by: bigfatslob 7/30/2021 11:29:53 AM (No. 862269)
If the vaccine doesn't work masks required even though you are vaxxed then it's back to blame It all on President Trump's 'Warp Speed" saying Fraud Biden inherited this mess. See how it works? Next the vaccine wears off in six months so a booster is needed keep the public in crisis. Control freaks have to control. A heroin addict is not an addict if he has just two injections but he follows up with 'boosters' after that it's the same thing with the Covid vaccine.
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Reply 24 - Posted by: mc squared 7/30/2021 1:04:17 PM (No. 862334)
If the vax works and it's settled science, why have the manufacturers been given special relief from lawsuits?
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Report, CDC Expected To Announce Tomorrow
That COVID Vaccines Don’t Work on Delta Variant – Hence,
White House Credits Trump With Vaccine Today
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Posted by Ruhn 7/30/2021 5:36:38 AM Post Reply
The White House would never credit Donald Trump with the vaccine rollout unless there was something negative about the vaccine that is going to hit the newswires; that is a no-brainer. That baseline is why CTH said two months ago to watch for the moment when the White House credits Trump with the vaccine, because that’s the moment when: (1) the vaccine was going to be identified as dangerous; and/or (2) reports would show the vaccine did not work. Today the White House credited President Trump with the vaccine:….And right on cue, the late-evening reporting indicates that tomorrow the CDC will announce the vaccine doesn’t work (against the Delta variant).
Danger Phase Begins – Biden Angrily Attempts to
Reconcile His Own Contradictions on Mask Mandates,
Announced Mandated Vaccines and/or Testing for
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Earlier today, the installed occupant of the White House announced that all federal workers will be required to undergo vaccinations against COVID-19 or subject themselves to weekly tests to prove their health status. Going a step further, the administration announced all private contractors for the federal government will be held to the same standard as federal employees. “Every federal government employee will be asked to attest to their vaccination status. Anyone who does not attest, or is not vaccinated, will be required to mask no matter where they work, test one or two times a week to see if they have acquired COVID
Oh My, Something About That New York
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Katie Benner sounds like an American girl next door right? Alas, a little digging below the surface reveals something rather specific about the New York Times journalist. Ms. Katie Benner made headlines yesterday by tweeting: “Today’s #January6thSelectCommittee underscores the America’s current, essential natsec dilemma: Work to combat legitimate national security threats now entails calling a politician’s supporters enemies of the state,” the previously little-known Benner wrote. Perhaps the purposeful avatar knocked people off the trail. Yes, the statement is jaw-dropping from a New York Times journalist who is openly calling Trump supporters “enemies of the state,” a tweet she soon deleted once the sunlight poured in. CORRECTION*
The Conservative Case For
Cyberbullying America’s Generals
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Posted by Ruhn 7/27/2021 6:03:41 AM Post Reply
On July 22, Major General Patrick Donahoe, the Commanding General of Fort Benning, reported from his official Twitter account that he was seeing a “surge” in ICU visits among young soldiers due to Covid. He reported that he would mandate the vaccine if he had the power to do so. I replied, pointing out that the DOD has lost a total of 26 out of over 2 million personnel in the last year and a half to the virus. In the fourth quarter of 2020, there was a 25 percent surge in suicides across all services.
The Other Side of the COVID Argument, Video 6 replies
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There is a lot of incoming information from government and the private sector promoting the vaccine. Recently, there has been a significant uptick in compulsory demands for taking the COVID vaccine. This forced vaccination approach has made many people start to question why this coordinated pressure campaign has increased with such ferocity. As a result of such one-side information, people are increasingly skeptical. In this video below you can review the counter-position for why people do not want to take the vaccination shot.
With Narrative Established CDC Announces
Withdrawal of Rapid Response COVID Test to
Belatedly Stop Diagnosing Influenza as
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Well this is seriously sketchy, and feel free to correct me if my interpretation is incorrect, but the CDC has recently released a Lab Alert notifying healthcare providers they are withdrawing their emergency use request of the SARS-COV-2 rapid response diagnostic; and informing test centers to adopt new, modified, COVID testing that does not conflate influenza (the flu) with positive results for COVID-19. This looks like a back-door admission that many of the COVID positive results were actually, perhaps intentionally & purposefully, Flu cases diagnosed as COVID. If so, this would explain why the number of cases of influenza disappeared over the last 18 months…..
Why Afghanistan has Crumbled 19 replies
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Much like Iraq in 2011, the departure of the U.S. military from Afghanistan has created a security vacuum causing the situation in the country to deteriorate at an alarming rate. Emboldened by the U.S. military withdrawal, the Taliban have captured over 120 of Afghanistan’s 387 districts. (snip) Such a massive loss of territory to the Taliban in just sixty days of fighting is sending shockwaves around the world and is reminiscent of the dreadful chaos created by the Islamic State in the Iraq region in 2011 after President Barack Obama withdrew U.S. troops from that country.
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White House worried Iran is plotting assassination
attempts against Trump administration officials
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Posted by Harlowe 1/10/2022 12:59:32 AM Post Reply
Iran’s imposition of “sanctions” on dozens of Americans amounts to an assassination threat against members of former President Donald Trump’s administration, according to a senior U.S. official who threatened “severe consequences” for any harm done to them. “Make no mistake: the United States of America will protect and defend its citizens,” White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan said Sunday. “This includes those serving the United States now and those who formerly served.” Iranian officials have made explicit their interest in killing one of the people involved in the U.S. strike that killed Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Gen. Qassem Soleimani.
Joe Biden Plans Angry Speech in Georgia
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President Joe Biden is planning a dramatic speech on voting rights in Georgia on Tuesday, focusing on the newly passed election integrity laws in the state. The president is expected to use the issue of voting rights to call for reform of the Senate filibuster rules and condemn Republicans, according to a Politico preview of the speech. “We are doubling down, kicking it into another gear, we are going right to the belly of the beast, or ground zero, for voter suppression, voter subversion and obstruction,” White House director of the Office of Public Engagement Cedric Richmond told Politico.
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Texas scientists rolled out a new COVID-19 vaccine, saying it’s patent-free and can be produced by any manufacturer in any country. The vaccine, called Corbevax, was developed by the Texas Children’s Hospital and Baylor College of Medicine. It has successfully passed human trials as safe and effective. The new treatment is based off protein-based technology that has been used in other vaccines for decades and it does not use MRNA. India has already authorized production of 100 million doses per month of the new vaccine. Meanwhile, Texas scientists say not-for-profit vaccines will help defeat COVID-19 quicker.
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An American Airlines passenger has sparked a firestorm by complaining about a pilot whose case bore a sticker critical of Joe Biden. Dana Finley Morrison, a Missouri-based fraternity and sorority worker, was flying from St Lucia to Miami on Saturday when she spotted the pilot's 'Let's Go Brandon' sticker. The slogan began to circulate in September, when a Nascar reporter misheard the chants of 'F*** Joe Biden', and it has since become an anti-Biden rallying cry. Morrison tweeted to American Airlines, saying: 'Y'all cool with your pilots displaying this kind of cowardly rhetoric on their crew luggage when they're in uniform, about to board a plane?
Fox News announces prestigious new role
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Fox News announced on Monday that Jesse Watters has been named the permanent host of the network’s 7 p.m. timeslot. The new program will be titled “Jesse Watters Primetime,” and is set to launch on January 24, replacing “Fox News Primetime,” which has been featuring a rotating list of guest hosts, including Watters. He will remain a co-host “The Five,” one of the top rated cable news shows currently on air, according to FOX News Media CEO Suzanne Scott. At the same time, Watters will relinquish his weekend show “Watters’ World,” with a new 8 p.m. Saturday night program to be announces at a later date.
Black LA residents lack access to guns
as wealthy rush to buy firearms amid crime
wave: Activists
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Posted by Rush Was Right 1/10/2022 11:06:26 AM Post Reply
Los Angeles crimes have seeped into the wealthiest of neighborhoods, rocking residents and being compared to dystopian movie franchise "The Purge." Residents have flocked to the city’s only gun store in response, arming themselves as a last-ditch effort for protection even though the city has a long track record of supporting liberal policies and gun control. "Although that is a part of my living, I get no pleasure whatsoever by having a 60-, 70-year-old woman walk into my store … who looks terrified, and say, ‘I have never liked guns. In fact, I've even hated guns. I would have never considered buying one.
Hollywood's Latest Attempt at a Woke Feminist
Movie Is the Worst Bomb Yet
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Posted by AmericaFirstAlways 1/10/2022 11:49:11 AM Post Reply
Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity? No matter how many times Hollywood tries to push them on us, these films with woke messaging bomb at the box office over and over again. These mistakes cost studios and the companies that back them millions and millions of dollars and yet they continue to pump out these expensive movies, paying giant losses all in an effort to roll out “the message.” This time, the delivery system for “the message” was the movie The 355, an all-female action spy flick that had all the boxes for a woke film checked off. It had a diverse cast of women
Disgraced FBI No. 2 Andrew McCabe Calls
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Like Domestic Terrorists
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Posted by PeterWolosin 1/10/2022 8:23:56 AM Post Reply
Have you ever wondered what disgraced former deputy FBI directors do after trying to stage a coup and lying under oath? Apparently, they give talks about “protecting democracy” at top-rated institutions of higher learning. Indeed, this last Thursday the University of Chicago invited former deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe to join a panel of partisans to discuss the Jan 6 “insurrection.” McCabe was fired as the deputy FBI director for leaking sensitive information about an investigation into the Clinton Foundation and then lying about it under oath.
CDC Finally Admits 75 Percent of COVID
Deaths Happen in Patients “With at least
Four or More Comorbidities”
23 replies
Posted by Ida Lou Pino 1/10/2022 1:47:34 PM Post Reply
This issue has always been at the heart of the internal data that was never turned over for review. For two years people have wanted to know the distinction and general health position of the people who were categorized as dying from COVID. What was their previous health status? For reasons that can only be reconciled by admitting it was purposeful to their objectives, the CDC never released any information showing the background health status of those who were categorized as dying from COVID. However, recently the CDC said they were going to assemble those various subsets of key data for the public.  CORRECTION*
Alan Dershowitz reportedly lobbied Trump
to pardon Ghislaine Maxwell before trial
21 replies
Posted by Imright 1/10/2022 9:16:54 AM Post Reply
Former Jeffrey Epstein attorney Alan Dershowitz lobbied then-President Donald Trump to pardon madam Ghislaine Maxwell before she could face trial, according to a report.The 83-year-old lawyer — himself long accused of having sex with one of late pedophile Epstein’s teen accusers — pushed for the pardon after UK media heiress Maxwell was arrested in July 2020 for the sex-trafficking crimes she was convicted of last month, The Times of London said.The retired Harvard law professor was able to use his close ties to Trump, whom he also represented during his impeachment trial,
Following Retirement Rumors, Republican
Whip John Thune Announces Re-Election Bid
21 replies
Posted by LoveYourCountry 1/10/2022 8:08:07 AM Post Reply
Republican Whip John Thune of South Dakota announced Saturday that he would seek a fourth term in the Senate, following widespread rumors that he would retire from the upper chamber. Thune is seen as a potential heir to Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, and his retirement would have set off a power struggle at the top of the GOP conference. Members from all sides of the conference had expressed support for Thune, with Maine Sen. Susan Collins saying in December that she would be “beside [her]self” if the whip retired.
Schiff Shaken: ‘Catastrophic’ If McCarthy
Becomes Speaker and Boots Him Off Intel Committee
20 replies
Posted by earlybird 1/10/2022 7:32:40 PM Post Reply
House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff’s (D-CA) office said it would be “catastrophic” if Republicans take the House in 2022 and remove him from the intelligence committee, as Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) told Breitbart News he would do in an exclusive interview published Monday. Schiff spokesperson Lauren French responded in a statement to Politico: It is always difficult to take Kevin McCarthy seriously. Nevertheless, allowing McCarty to get anywhere near the Speaker’s gavel would be catastrophic — not just because of his propensity for falsehoods and smears, but because he will exist solely to do Donald Trump’s bidding — even potentially overturning the 2024 results.
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