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The CDC's Hysterical Delta Flip-Flop
Might Be its Final Undoing

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Posted By: Garnet, 7/28/2021 4:13:34 PM

The crazy, convoluted, mixed up messaging from the CDC – it's been this way from the beginning of the pandemic until now – has taken yet another turn. Now the CDC is recommending masks not just for the unvaccinated but for the vaccinated too. This is supposedly because of the discovery that the variant known as Delta is making an end-run around the vaccines, causing not only infections but infectious spread. So we have an odd situation developing. The layperson’s understanding of a vaccine is that it protects a person against infection, like measles or smallpox. In other words, you won’t get Covid, exactly as President Biden accidentally

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Reply 1 - Posted by: jimboscott 7/28/2021 4:17:59 PM (No. 860404)
I would bet dollars to donuts that the Delta variant was CAUSED by vaccinations...
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Reply 2 - Posted by: jinx 7/28/2021 4:20:53 PM (No. 860409)
The left is using the Covid pandemic just like they use Climate Warming: to control the people. It's another hoax. If it weren't, they would not be running around in circles changing their tunes every day. It's a global war on us all.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: Nimby 7/28/2021 4:29:56 PM (No. 860424)
For all the bull cr@p CDC spreads around, they have not provided an iota of scientific data that tells me vaccinated people carry the viral load enough to infect non-infected. More importantly, CDC has NOT provided the numbers of breakthrough infections that lead to hospitalizations. This clown of CDC director, cannot even critically read and understand science.The entire agency should be shut down.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: Surroundedbyblue 7/28/2021 4:30:32 PM (No. 860425)
The “Delta variant” is probably the vaccinated’s bodies reacting to the delayed reaction some scientists claimed would occur months down the road.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: bpl40 7/28/2021 4:32:50 PM (No. 860427)
The article just touches upon it. But the real goal is a China style social credit score . Unsaid of course is that it will be a scheme of "wokeness ranking controlled by Democrats. There is already talk of re-education camps for Trump supporters.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: usawatcher 7/28/2021 4:33:00 PM (No. 860429)
Deleted. Chatting is not permitted, and LDotters are not rude to other LDotters.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: MFM 7/28/2021 4:49:22 PM (No. 860443)
Bannon's War Room interview with Robert Malone earlier today who invented the mRNA technology and has been strongly against its use a Covid "vaccine". Malone provides a clarification on the last 24 hour signals coming out from NBC, Fauci and the CDC. The interview from earlier today is not good news at all, we are in dangerous times as a society. Bottom line the vaccines are doing way more harm than good.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: Schnapps 7/28/2021 4:51:20 PM (No. 860447)
The Delta variant supposedly originated in India and is more virulent. If so, why is India's death rate from Covid-19 plummeting? (Hint: Iverm_ _ _ _ _ )
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Reply 9 - Posted by: vhs68 7/28/2021 4:53:38 PM (No. 860449)
Here's the solution to the vaccination rate........... Have joey go out and tell everyone 'to not' get vaccinated. Walla....vaccinations spurt up starting the next day.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: hershey 7/28/2021 4:57:03 PM (No. 860452)
They should have been undone a long time ago....
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Reply 11 - Posted by: LeeBertie 7/28/2021 4:57:34 PM (No. 860453)
Steven Miller on Kudlow's show just now: You want more people to get the vaccine? There is one person on earth who can get it done. If social media revokes their ban on Trump, Trump who is all in on the vaccine, who set in motion the vaccine with Operation Warp Speed, goes on social media to push the still reluctant population to get vaccinated, we could get enough to do it that facemasks will take their place in the past, variants or no variants. But any Dim saying let's enlist Trump to help getting the American people to do what the Dims say they want the American people to do? LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL
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Reply 12 - Posted by: jimboscott 7/28/2021 5:09:32 PM (No. 860476)
Reply edited by Staff. No chatting. Survival of the fittest at work. The vaccines will result in the eradication of MOST viruses, but just like the overuse of antibiotics, the few that survive do so by virtue of mutation and, having survived, THEY are the ones to achieve dominance in a new strain.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: DVC 7/28/2021 5:18:30 PM (No. 860489)
So, we are finding that, just like the lab animals in the mRNA experiments.....the "vaccine" causes Antibody Dependent Enhancement, or ADE. ADE killed 100% of the lab animals, but lab animals aren't the same as humans, but they give a lot of hints. What percentage of humans will have ADE bad enough to kill them, CAUSED by the "vaccine" (which isn't really a vaccine).? Scary times, and my sincere best wishes for all who have taken this shot. I very much hope that I am wrong about this. But Dr. Lee Merritt warned about this ADE issue many months ago.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: Starboard_side 7/28/2021 5:40:32 PM (No. 860519)
Ah, #6 is back wanting to discount anyone's opinion. Remember, the particles are so small, we have been told, that only certain masks are okay. I heard someone mention, if you can smell someone's passed gas, your mask isn't protecting you. Can't say that's true, but was funny to read. The majority who aren't vaccinated skew to the Hispanic community and African-American community. And now the Democrats are forcing public employees to be vaccinated or be fired. Wonder if they know many of their own work-force aren't vaccinated, and wonder how they know that private medical information.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: DVC 7/28/2021 5:47:26 PM (No. 860531)
No chatting. Poster has been warned before. I think Steve Miller is a great man, and I also would vote for Trump if ever given another chance. But if Trump says that I should get their damned shot, I will NOT do it, and Trump will be diminished in my eyes by doing that.
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Reply 16 - Posted by: franq 7/28/2021 6:02:01 PM (No. 860546)
Sorry, there's not a human alive that will persuade me to get this shot.
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Reply 17 - Posted by: rochow 7/28/2021 6:03:05 PM (No. 860547)
# 1, just recently within the last week or so an article was posted that the very people who had received their 'jabs' were the ones who spread the Delta virus!!! 'nuff said!!!! Masks on, masks off, people who had their jabs are safe, don't need masks, now they need them indoors, Pfizer wants you to have a booster shot.....on and on the lies continue! Give us a break from this insanity!!!
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Reply 18 - Posted by: earlybird 7/28/2021 6:08:27 PM (No. 860550)
Rochelle Walensky, head of CDC, is a wild-eyed, hysterical, very dangerous woman. She should be furloughed and replaced, but the whole crowd at CDC seem to be demented. A former assistant director or whatever was spouting the same tired propaganda this morning. Hopeless?
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Reply 19 - Posted by: jimincalif 7/28/2021 6:56:45 PM (No. 860586)
It SHOULD be CDC's final undoing, but it won't be. The powers-that-be want to perpetuate the hysteria forever. Here's an article from ABC News, just two days ago, that says cumulative symptomatic breakthrough infections are just 0.098% of fully vaccinated people.
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Reply 20 - Posted by: MickTurn 7/28/2021 9:57:52 PM (No. 860746)
CDC, Communist Democrap Crackheads!
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Reply 21 - Posted by: dickiedeeb 7/28/2021 11:35:34 PM (No. 860836)
Are there any 3 letter federal agencies that shouldnt be undone? Pick your letters
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The CDC's Hysterical Delta Flip-Flop
Might Be its Final Undoing
21 replies
Posted by Garnet 7/28/2021 4:13:34 PM Post Reply
The crazy, convoluted, mixed up messaging from the CDC – it's been this way from the beginning of the pandemic until now – has taken yet another turn. Now the CDC is recommending masks not just for the unvaccinated but for the vaccinated too. This is supposedly because of the discovery that the variant known as Delta is making an end-run around the vaccines, causing not only infections but infectious spread. So we have an odd situation developing. The layperson’s understanding of a vaccine is that it protects a person against infection, like measles or smallpox. In other words, you won’t get Covid, exactly as President Biden accidentally
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It’s easy to understand the dejection that prompted Ben Stein’s recent American Spectator column, “Goodbye, America.” But despair is a distorted lens through which the future always appears bleak. The Biden administration is indeed colluding with Big Tech to crush dissent. But like all previous Democratic attempts to suppress free speech, such as the Sedition Act of 1918, they will ultimately fail. SCOTUS moves at an excruciatingly glacial pace. Yet the Roberts Court, for all its faults, has issued an impressive series of rulings that have bolstered the First Amendment. Republicans in Congress and the state legislatures have been dilatory in responding to the threat, but they are taking action.
Democrats, double standards,
and the Capitol riot committee
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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she barred Representatives Jim Jordan and Jim Banks from the Capitol riot investigating committee because the two Republicans "had made statements and taken actions that I think would impact the integrity of the committee." Pelosi said Jordan and Banks also "made statements and took actions that just made it ridiculous to put them on such a committee seeking the truth." But what about Pelosi's Democratic choices for the committee? Might some of their statements and actions in the past impact the integrity of the committee? And have some of them said and done things that were so at odds
Read my lips: We’re not
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Posted by Garnet 7/23/2021 10:52:19 AM Post Reply
Are we really doing this again? Are we really talking about returning to masking? Again? Last weekend, Los Angeles County reinstituted its mask mandate for indoor settings. More than 60 percent of the county is fully vaccinated, but the mandate applies to both vaccinated and unvaccinated people. The move is absurd in several ways. For starters, it throws shade on the vaccines. If vaccination works, why do the vaccinated need to be masked? And if we do still need to be masked post-vaccine, why would anyone take the jabs?
Democrats Rush to Rescue
Fauci After Rand Paul
Wrecks Him Again
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Posted by Garnet 7/21/2021 10:30:09 AM Post Reply
Senate Democrats swooped in to rescue Dr. Anthony Fauci during a hearing on Capitol Hill Tuesday morning after he was confronted by Republican Senator Rand Paul about his role in funding dangerous gain of function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Paul also asked Fauci if he lied to Congress about his role in the research. "There will be responsibility for those who funded the lab, including yourself," Paul said. "You are obfuscating the truth." "I totally resent the lie that you are now propagating Senator," Fauci fired back.
Backlash in states starts
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Posted by Garnet 7/21/2021 10:23:17 AM Post Reply
At the very moment today that President Joe Biden’s Presidential Commission on the Supreme Court of the United States was meeting to consider adding likely Democratic justices, an effort started in Wisconsin to lock in the current makeup of the court — and 150 years of history. Newly elected Wisconsin state Sens. Julian Bradley and Eric Wimberger and Rep. Tony Kurtz said they started to circulate a resolution to block expanding the court beyond nine judges. While some other states have passed simple resolutions on the issue, their plan, dubbed “Wisconsin Keep 9 Resolution,” calls for a constitutional convention to debate an amendment that would require nine states.
Doctor says: Stop the panic
over the Delta variant
13 replies
Posted by Garnet 7/21/2021 10:18:57 AM Post Reply
Delta is now the dominant variant in the US of the virus that causes COVID-19. It is more transmissible than earlier variants and has led to an increase in cases nationwide. Los Angeles and Las Vegas have responded with indoor mask mandates, even for those who have been vaccinated. New York City Council Health Committee chairman Mark Levine says New York City should follow their lead. Public health officials should disregard these exhortations and calls for even more restrictive measures. Delta is not the existential threat that the media is making it out to be.
Critical Race Weary 3 replies
Posted by Garnet 7/20/2021 12:27:37 PM Post Reply
Much of the recent attention on Critical Race Theory (“CRT”) has been a result of the increase in Zoom teaching during the COVID-19 school shutdowns. Parents became aware of the kind of identity-politics indoctrination forced on their kids. Students who hadn’t even reached high-school age were being told that they were part of systematic oppression based on their skin color. It has been known for a long time that academia is riddled with CRT nonsense, and college campuses have been demanding that students worship at the altar of “Diversity and Inclusion.” But corporate America has also been infiltrated with similar politically correct brainwashing. The Marxist rot of CRT has spread
The only reason the media
tries to cancel Joe Rogan:
He terrifies them
4 replies
Posted by Garnet 7/20/2021 12:21:03 PM Post Reply
Joe Rogan is staying one step ahead of Cancel Culture, but not if the media has anything to say about it. The host of “The Joe Rogan Experience,” the podcast sensation who joined Spotify last year following a jaw-dropping $100 million deal, is under near-constant attack from his woke critics — and, sadly, journalists who pledge allegiance to the new woke order. The short list of complaints against Rogan? He’s too willing to speak to fringe players like conspiracy monger Alex Jones. He’s too willing to give “problematic” voices like Abigail Shrier, a critic of the trans agenda, a platform.
Speaker of Georgia House demands
investigation into Fulton County
election irregularities
5 replies
Posted by Garnet 7/19/2021 10:29:19 AM Post Reply
Georgia's Speaker of the House David Ralston is demanding an investigation to "determine if any irregularities or willful fraud occurred" in the state's largest metropolis last November, saying recent revelations about problems with vote counting in Fulton County merit an independent probe.Ralston sent a letter late last week to Fulton County election officials requesting that the Georgia Bureau of Investigation be allowed to conduct the investigation. The request comes after Just the News reported last month that an independent observer for Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger noted two dozen pages of irregularities in the Atlanta vote counting center last Nov. 3, including double scanning of ballots, insecure transportation of ballots
Will CRT Flip Congress in 2022? 7 replies
Posted by Garnet 7/19/2021 3:07:20 AM Post Reply
The greatest danger facing the Democrats in the 2022 midterms has little to do with the state election reforms that President Biden has ridiculously compared to Jim Crow. It is instead the increasing frustration of parents who don’t want their children force-fed critical race theory. The advocates of CRT insist that it is nothing more than an arcane academic discipline that isn’t taught to K-12 students. That was proven false this month by the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) and the National Education Association (NEA). Both unions clearly intend to infect the nation’s schoolchildren with this toxic ideology despite the angry objections of their parents.
Democrats plan to to slip immigration
changes into $3.5T budget bill,
pass without GOP votes
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Posted by Garnet 7/17/2021 11:11:40 AM Post Reply
Expected to be included in the Congressional Democrats' $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation bill is language that will advance the party's goals for immigration reform. Working with the White House, a group of top Capitol Hill Democrats are workshopping placing a handful of immigration measures into the spending bill that will likely be passed via budget reconciliation, that is with no Republican support.For years, efforts to reform the American immigration system have stalled as Democrats and Republicans fail to make any sort of meaningful bipartisan progress on the issue. Now, Democrats are opting to strategically move forward potentially without the need for bipartisan agreement.
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Andrew Cuomo: We Must Knock on Doors,
Put People in Cars, ‘Drive them
and Get that Vaccine in Their Arm’
60 replies
Posted by Come And Take It 7/28/2021 12:08:49 AM Post Reply
Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) on Monday said it is the community’s mission to get more people vaccinated, previewing his administration’s desire to knock on doors, put unvaccinated people in cars, and drive them to “get that vaccine in their arm.” “I wear a mask because I care about you. I get a vaccine because I care about you,” Cuomo said, framing compliance to various methods of government coercion as an expression of selflessness. “We understand that we are all in this together. We understand that as goes one goes all in this city where we all live together and in this state where we all live together,” he continued.
Biden raises eyebrows with claim
he 'used to drive' 18-wheeler truck
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Posted by NorthernDog 7/28/2021 10:28:28 PM Post Reply
Forty-eight-year political veteran President Biden raised eyebrows on Wednesday when he claimed to have driven an 18-wheeler truck — a claim the White House struggled to defend. Biden was visiting a Mack Truck facility in Pennsylvania when he made the claim to have driven the massive trucks before, which require a special kind of license. "I used to drive an 18-wheeler, man," Biden said on Wednesday in a video posted to Twitter. "I got to." (Tweet) There is scant evidence that Biden has ever driven an 18-wheeler truck. When asked if the president had ever driven such a truck, a White
Breaking: Biden DOJ Steps In – Issues Guidelines
Cautioning States Performing Audits of Election
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Posted by ladydawgfan 7/28/2021 7:26:50 PM Post Reply
Unreal! The Biden DOJ put out a warning to states who choose to audit the fraudulent 2020 election results! First, they threatened Arizona. Now they’re threatening the rest of the country! ABC News reported: The Justice Department on Wednesday released guidance intended to caution states embarking on so-called post-election ‘audits’ of vote counts for the 2020 presidential election that they must not run afoul of federal voting laws. The guidance, previously previewed last month by Attorney General Merrick Garland in his policy address on voting rights, outlines federal statutes that the department says elections officials must adhere to during such “audits,” such as preserving all federal elections materials
America had its first show trial
on Tuesday and it was loathsome
41 replies
Posted by Magnante 7/28/2021 3:35:51 AM Post Reply
Perhaps it’s because I grew up surrounded by extraordinarily tough people, but I found myself singularly unmoved by the spectacle in the House on Tuesday, which reminded me of a bad mash-up of Dr. Phil, Oprah, and BLM-produced soap opera, rather than a legitimate inquiry into an event that Democrats have seized upon to consolidate their power by destroying their opposition. As sobbing congressmen and Capitol Police officers took turns talking about their psychic injuries, I was alternately embarrassed for them if they were really that weak, and frightened of them if they were that sociopathic as a pathway to power.
Sympathy for Simone Biles 35 replies
Posted by Magnante 7/28/2021 10:29:23 AM Post Reply
Simone Biles, the main reason anyone wants to watch the Olympics, given her thrilling artistic gymnastics, has pulled out of the U.S. team events, and since then, even the individual all-around event, citing her mental health (snip) Certain people on the right, who shall be nameless, criticized her as a "quitter." Others said she was too self-focused, and still others said she was a wokester or snowflake. But that's not fair to her, given that she wanted to win. Her decision was practical and quite selfless in that in pulling out she gave the rest of her team the placement to win the silver
Seattle mayor begs for more cops after
six weekend shootings, 250 officers
gone in 17 months
34 replies
Posted by Imright 7/28/2021 5:22:19 PM Post Reply
Democrat Seattle Mayor Jenny Durken is calling for more police after six shootings over the weekend and a loss of 250 officers within the last 17 months has left her city in chaos.Five of the six weekend shootings occurred within blocks of one another and left four people dead and seven injured in their wake.“As a city, we cannot continue on this current trajectory of losing police officers,” Mayor Durkan said at a press conference. “Over the past 17 months, the Seattle Police Department has lost 250 police officers which is the equivalent of over 300,000 service hours. We’re on path to losing 300 police officers.”Like other Democrat-run metropolitan cities
Female athletes grab spotlight at Olympics
with political and social demonstrations
33 replies
Posted by NorthernDog 7/28/2021 6:40:01 PM Post Reply
When it comes to political and social demonstrations during the Tokyo Olympics, 2021 is the year of women. Female athletes have attracted the spotlight on the international stage by championing racial equality and taking ownership of what they wear during competitions. "Historically, we've seen the role of patriarchy sort of supersede ... the voices, lived experiences of girls and women on the Olympic stage," said Akilah Carter-Francique, executive director of the Institute for the Study of Sport, Society and Social Change at San Jose State University. "What we're seeing now is an acknowledgment of their value in their perspective on many
Hate Crimes Documented by Police
Disproportionately List Black
People as Attackers: Report
32 replies
Posted by Ribicon 7/29/2021 11:46:21 AM Post Reply
Hate crimes documented by police disproportionately list Black people as attackers, according to a new report by several civil rights groups for better protections under hate crime laws. Released Wednesday, the report is a comprehensive national review of hate crime laws that shows where laws variate.(Snip)Though the majority of hate crimes in the U.S. are committed by white people, motivated by racial or ethnic bias, the crimes disproportionately reported Black Americans as the attackers. In at least 13 states, Black Americans were listed by law enforcement as the perpetrators in hate crimes at a rate roughly 1.6 to 3.6 times greater than the size of the state's
"I'm terrified": Millions in U.S. face
eviction as moratorium nears end
31 replies
Posted by NorthernDog 7/29/2021 2:36:45 PM Post Reply
Lavita Harvey is well aware the federal moratorium on evictions ends Saturday. The Las Vegas mother of two teenagers lost both of her jobs during the coronavirus pandemic and has been unable to pay her $900-per-month rent. "I'm terrified. Job offers are coming in but they're coming in very slowly," she told CBS News. "It's the hardest thing to see in the world when you know that you're a single mother and you have no one to turn to, you'll be homeless." Harvey has been approved for more than $9,000 in federal rent help through a local program but the
Olympics ads portray blacks
as America's good and dominant race
31 replies
Posted by Big Bopper 7/28/2021 11:56:37 AM Post Reply
My TV has been broken for over a year (OK, maybe I don’t know how to work the remote) but I watched a little of the Olympics at a friend’s house this week. I learned something from the advertisements. I learned that most people in this country are black, and all of the good ones are. Blacks, who comprise about 13% of the U.S. population, comprise most of the actors in the advertisements. Aliens in faraway worlds receiving television signals from earth are apt to conclude that the most powerful culture on Earth is run by good black people.
San Francisco shoplifting: Women caught
on video allegedly bolting from CVS with
bags full of stolen goods
30 replies
Posted by Imright 7/28/2021 10:48:13 AM Post Reply
A witness captured a group of women running out of a San Francisco CVS Pharmacy with bags allegedly stuffed full of stolen items as a spree of retail thefts continue to plague the city. The incident, first reported by KTVU FOX2 reporter Henry K. Lee, happened around 5 p.m. Monday at the drugstore located at Van Ness Avenue and Jackson Street.Witness Steve Adams told Lee that the four women were "picking the place dry" and that when he asked store employees if they were going to call police, "they just shrugged."
Simone Biles Withdraws From
Individual All-Around Competition
30 replies
Posted by Black Conservative Voice 7/28/2021 4:52:59 AM Post Reply
Simone Biles, the superstar gymnast from the U.S., will not participate in the individual all-around competition at the Tokyo Games and will instead focus on her mental well-being, USA Gymnastics said in a statement early Wednesday. The decision comes a day after she pulled out of the team all-around competition. Jade Carey, who finished ninth in qualifying, will take Biles’ place in the individual all-around competition.
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